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-48 X
-2 TS

93% | 1572 X | 1515 TS

-7 X
-8 TS

74% | 1415 X | 1370 TS

-30 X
-2 TS

67% | 1310 X | 1361 TS

-28 X
-2 TS

57% | 1200 X | 1396 TS

-18 X
-2 TS

53% | 1171 X | 1364 TS

+50 X
+2 TS

85% | 1553 X | 1443 TS

+15 X
+16 TS

82% | 1472 X | 1389 TS

+5 X
+3 TS

75% | 1337 X | 1436 TS

+27 X
+3 TS

53% | 1176 X | 1357 TS

+42 X
+2 TS

51% | 1183 X | 1327 TS

Chat log

00:00:16Rotkiv can ihave ud or pit
00:00:16Domess xin
00:00:16SieMpr3_TeAm3 pick him ud pls
00:00:16ESA_93 He just played it.
00:00:16ESA_93 And he aint good with it.
00:00:16sebralane he will do it again
00:00:16ESA_93 Its your ban bro.
00:00:16Rotkiv ban sd and he will ban xin .. and you take me ud :P
00:00:16-ToKe- bether ban ns
00:00:16ESA_93 Katos Mansikkakin täällä.
00:00:16PeterLars ns
00:00:16mansikka joo :D
00:00:16LetItBe u get xin?
00:00:16PeterLars anyone want xin??
00:00:16ESA_93 I bet he picks UD
00:00:16-ToKe- xin or ud is urs
00:00:16Rotkiv nop i want ud
00:00:16LetItBe xin too imba
00:00:16LetItBe ban him
00:00:16LetItBe imo
00:00:16LetItBe if noone gonna play
00:00:16-ToKe- no
00:00:16ESA_93 Want to play Xin again dontcha?
00:00:16-ToKe- i can
00:00:16-ToKe- banned :D
00:00:16ESA_93 I aint banning it.
00:00:16PeterLars ^^
00:00:16SieMpr3_TeAm3 take undy
00:00:16ESA_93 -UD
00:00:19-ToKe- take xin
00:00:19SieMpr3_TeAm3 xin
00:00:20PeterLars who want him?
00:00:21SieMpr3_TeAm3 for me
00:00:25PeterLars ok
00:00:28ESA_93 pick
00:00:29ESA_93 SD
00:00:30ESA_93 And
00:00:33ESA_93 thrall
00:00:41ESA_93 Shadow Demon.
00:00:41mansikka get sd for me
00:00:42Domess s d ?
00:00:46Domess k
00:00:47ESA_93 Ereedar.
00:00:48LetItBe shredder there too
00:00:51Rotkiv pit ..
00:00:53LetItBe annoying herop
00:00:54ESA_93 Good job.
00:00:54LetItBe :D
00:00:55PeterLars give me pugde
00:00:58mansikka XD
00:00:58ESA_93 someone thrall?
00:00:59Domess pick bara for me
00:01:00PeterLars -swap 2
00:01:01SieMpr3_TeAm3 -swap 1
00:01:07Rotkiv get me pit plz
00:01:07Casberry ill abba
00:01:09-ToKe- rubkic threre
00:01:10ESA_93 I could play Sniper.
00:01:12Domess i cant play s d
00:01:13SieMpr3_TeAm3 take rubick aba
00:01:17Rotkiv tnx
00:01:18LetItBe gimme abba
00:01:18Domess bara for me
00:01:18SieMpr3_TeAm3 last picks
00:01:19ESA_93 Please pick Sniper for me.
00:01:20LetItBe asd
00:01:23PeterLars xin?
00:01:25mansikka -swap 2
00:01:27LetItBe gimme rubick
00:01:28PeterLars u not mid?
00:01:28SieMpr3_TeAm3 y?
00:01:30Domess -swap 3
00:01:32Domess ty
00:01:33ESA_93 sebra, u good thrall?
00:01:37sebralane nop
00:01:39LetItBe -swap 4
00:01:40Rotkiv -swap 4
00:01:41ESA_93 Darn it.
00:01:42SieMpr3_TeAm3 dunno
00:01:43PeterLars go mid with him?
00:01:43Rotkiv -swap 3
00:01:45ESA_93 Let me carry this bro?
00:01:50LetItBe cm
00:01:54ESA_93 ursa
00:01:55mansikka i can play thrall if sebra want sd
00:01:59ESA_93 pick me ursa
00:02:00sebralane i dont
00:02:04sebralane they took pugna
00:02:09mansikka ok
00:02:11PeterLars share
00:02:11ESA_93 pick ursa or sniper
00:02:21ESA_93 casberry
00:02:24SieMpr3_TeAm3 xins second skill destroying bara´s charge ^^
00:02:25ESA_93 make radi
00:02:33PeterLars good
00:02:50-ToKe- can his ulty get out of thrall cage?
00:02:54Domess i pulll
00:02:56PeterLars y
00:02:59sebralane why
00:03:00PeterLars i think
00:03:02sebralane u better lane
00:03:03SieMpr3_TeAm3 nope
00:03:04ESA_93 I wont win this mid btw.
00:03:10Domess so go pull
00:03:11PeterLars rubick
00:03:14PeterLars u pull
00:03:17LetItBe np
00:03:27PeterLars warded
00:03:28LetItBe warded
00:03:28PeterLars S:_
00:03:36mansikka rune tio
00:03:37mansikka top
00:03:43Domess ye
00:04:47Casberry ffs
00:04:48mansikka lol
00:04:54Casberry so shoirt of shild ..
00:05:01Casberry fucking stupid
00:05:46PeterLars omg
00:05:52LetItBe how can i use my first spell so that i can move the hero?
00:06:00PeterLars use
00:06:00PeterLars x
00:06:25mansikka :d
00:06:28-ToKe- -.-
00:06:49-ToKe- -.-
00:06:56ESA_93 miss
00:06:57sebralane oom
00:06:58ESA_93 care top
00:06:58Domess me b
00:07:04Rotkiv ss
00:07:17ESA_93 haste panda
00:07:18ESA_93 bottom
00:07:21Domess haste
00:07:23Domess bb
00:07:46mansikka ffs
00:08:05LetItBe go abba
00:08:09SieMpr3_TeAm3 no u
00:08:29Casberry goddamit
00:08:29Domess b
00:08:35Casberry raped
00:08:55Domess b
00:09:05LetItBe ss abba
00:09:14Domess didnt see miss
00:09:17Domess ffs
00:09:24ESA_93 tp
00:09:51mansikka tuun mid
00:10:05Rotkiv ss
00:10:06Domess come gang top
00:10:07Domess plsµ
00:10:12mansikka ok
00:10:14ESA_93 miss
00:10:20SieMpr3_TeAm3 ss mid
00:10:22LetItBe ss bot 2
00:10:28Domess wait
00:10:28LetItBe need 400 pudge z0r
00:10:39Rotkiv 4 top
00:10:43Rotkiv 5 top
00:10:48Rotkiv al top :P
00:11:00Rotkiv pugna ?afk
00:11:04-ToKe- srry
00:11:12SieMpr3_TeAm3 need rune
00:11:16Rotkiv guys they all top
00:11:17-ToKe- was turning my dl off in other room
00:11:27sebralane rt trall
00:11:28sebralane ty
00:11:48ESA_93 need wards
00:11:54-ToKe- kill+
00:11:56-ToKe- ?
00:11:58SieMpr3_TeAm3 y
00:12:06mansikka omw
00:12:21-ToKe- wtf
00:12:34ESA_93 b
00:13:03ESA_93 bara
00:13:06LetItBe 3bot
00:13:07ESA_93 gang soon
00:13:09SieMpr3_TeAm3 coming
00:13:09SieMpr3_TeAm3 top
00:13:11SieMpr3_TeAm3 warded
00:13:13PeterLars y
00:13:14SieMpr3_TeAm3 :/
00:13:15SieMpr3_TeAm3 so bot
00:13:17mansikka care
00:13:19Domess so come
00:13:19SieMpr3_TeAm3 ss mid
00:13:25ESA_93 ok
00:13:26ESA_93 go
00:13:33Domess charged
00:13:46SieMpr3_TeAm3 pudg ecome
00:13:53Domess wtf
00:13:54Domess could go
00:13:57Domess coz ur circle
00:14:13PeterLars wtf
00:14:25SieMpr3_TeAm3 need all 5
00:14:25ESA_93 nice lagspike i had
00:14:31sebralane same
00:15:17Domess b
00:15:54ESA_93 timing
00:15:54Domess go
00:16:24SieMpr3_TeAm3 give me aphotic
00:16:25SieMpr3_TeAm3 rubick
00:16:26ESA_93 pretty easy game for u to hook
00:16:27ESA_93 : D
00:16:37Rotkiv fuck
00:16:42LetItBe oom
00:17:10Casberry fuck
00:17:13Casberry sry
00:17:27Domess fix
00:17:36sebralane this was fun
00:18:02Domess b
00:18:23Domess -ma
00:18:40Casberry lucky
00:18:51mansikka they push bot
00:19:00ESA_93 come there
00:19:19LetItBe yepyep
00:19:29PeterLars they all come
00:19:32PeterLars and our team sucks
00:19:40ESA_93 tower
00:19:51LetItBe lost this.. sigh
00:20:20Domess fuck
00:20:55Domess oh
00:20:55Domess lol
00:21:12Domess lol
00:21:27Domess oh
00:21:29Casberry damn
00:21:33Domess attack
00:21:47SieMpr3_TeAm3 need bkb
00:21:48sebralane was oom
00:22:00PeterLars focus
00:22:02PeterLars traLLLLL
00:22:41Domess go
00:22:58ESA_93 COME
00:23:02PeterLars go
00:23:04SieMpr3_TeAm3 bara madnes
00:23:21-ToKe- b
00:23:39Domess wtf
00:24:02SieMpr3_TeAm3 pit???
00:24:07SieMpr3_TeAm3 full hp and mana
00:24:15ESA_93 b
00:24:27ESA_93 aba
00:24:30ESA_93 u should be making carry
00:24:51Casberry well ...
00:24:53Casberry kk
00:25:14PeterLars me char
00:25:31mansikka reg
00:25:34Domess µi take
00:26:03Domess charged
00:26:06Rotkiv ffs
00:26:11-ToKe- what are u doing
00:26:22LetItBe destroying w4rds
00:26:23ESA_93 2 mekas
00:26:24ESA_93 in team
00:26:29ESA_93 ...
00:26:31sebralane img
00:26:32ESA_93 rylai
00:26:33ESA_93 dont do it
00:26:33sebralane i make pipe
00:26:35ESA_93 make pipe
00:26:36ESA_93 y
00:27:06-ToKe- charced
00:27:08Rotkiv xin
00:27:09Rotkiv fs
00:27:09LetItBe invistop
00:27:29ESA_93 b
00:27:44sebralane let me
00:27:48sebralane nvm
00:27:49sebralane bottle
00:27:50sebralane good
00:27:56ESA_93 all mid
00:27:57ESA_93 bara
00:27:57ESA_93 come
00:28:23SieMpr3_TeAm3 rubick
00:28:25SieMpr3_TeAm3 come
00:28:26SieMpr3_TeAm3 on bara
00:28:49sebralane b
00:29:09ESA_93 with 4
00:29:20LetItBe wtfp ugna
00:29:30SieMpr3_TeAm3 50 to bkb
00:29:32Domess ah
00:29:43SieMpr3_TeAm3 ok
00:29:55Domess b
00:30:16Domess -ma
00:31:29Domess t
00:31:35Domess i go pudge
00:31:39Domess fuck
00:31:43ESA_93 push
00:31:44ESA_93 bot
00:31:46ESA_93 with 5
00:31:47ESA_93 now
00:32:00sebralane bkb xin
00:32:01sebralane lol
00:32:05PeterLars def
00:32:05ESA_93 at 30
00:32:18Domess i come
00:32:19ESA_93 come here
00:32:36PeterLars we need pugna wards
00:32:39SieMpr3_TeAm3 yeh
00:33:00Domess b
00:33:03ESA_93 why
00:33:10Domess only form speels
00:34:09Domess we need pipe
00:34:17Rotkiv got pipe
00:34:23sebralane over 1k short
00:34:41Rotkiv car emid
00:35:16Domess wards
00:35:28Domess we must kill rosh
00:35:31LetItBe need new obsi
00:35:50SieMpr3_TeAm3 roshing?
00:35:51Rotkiv stick toghter
00:36:01Domess -ms
00:36:13Domess gogo
00:36:43Rotkiv b
00:36:54mansikka omg
00:36:54sebralane sentry
00:36:57mansikka im so stubid
00:37:14ESA_93 bara
00:37:15ESA_93 u need bkb
00:37:24ESA_93 casberry
00:37:25ESA_93 after
00:37:25ESA_93 sny
00:37:26Rotkiv i gang us
00:37:27ESA_93 make radi
00:37:49Domess b
00:39:00Domess b
00:39:12sebralane pipe
00:39:37sebralane rosh maybe?
00:39:56Domess ahah
00:39:56Domess :SD
00:40:05ESA_93 rosh
00:40:08Domess rosh
00:40:09Domess -ma
00:40:17Domess aegis for me pls
00:40:23-ToKe- thay rosh
00:40:24ESA_93 yup
00:40:43ESA_93 pudhe
00:40:44Domess ty
00:40:46PeterLars b
00:41:40ESA_93 go go
00:42:10ESA_93 tower
00:42:40ESA_93 tower
00:42:41LetItBe gg
00:42:44SieMpr3_TeAm3 f
00:42:47SieMpr3_TeAm3 I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:50LetItBe I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:12Domess :D
00:43:16Rotkiv I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:19Domess :D ty
00:43:20Domess man
00:43:21-ToKe- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:27LetItBe go ff pudge
00:43:37sebralane wtf?
00:43:38Rotkiv soo bad game
00:43:41ESA_93 :D
00:43:42sebralane i requeat u
00:43:44sebralane for sure
00:43:45LetItBe sucked
00:43:49mansikka i am sorry
00:43:49LetItBe harder
00:43:52mansikka i tried myself
00:43:52LetItBe than usual
00:43:57sebralane shit u did
00:43:57Rotkiv yep
00:44:28Domess fck
00:44:32Rotkiv I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:55PeterLars I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:58ESA_93 SKADI
00:44:59ESA_93 FUCK U
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