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Chat log

00:00:03Gevomancer -water 0 0 0
00:00:10Dota.Atze get me potm
00:00:11Dota.Atze :)
00:00:14Gevomancer cm 4 meh
00:00:16Kiel doubt it :P
00:00:16Kiel you know you have to buy the chicken right?
00:00:16Dota.Atze yy...
00:00:16Dota.Atze heard about this damn rule :D
00:00:16ESA_93 Kanpu3a, could u pick CM for Gevo?
00:00:16Kiel hehe
00:00:16Kanpu3a no
00:00:16holostoi )
00:00:16Dota.Atze why pauise?
00:00:16Kanpu3a i pick tiny
00:00:16Dota.Atze ?
00:00:16Kiel don't wory, if your an ok player you only have to buy em in the start
00:00:16ESA_93 We're banning 2 heroes.
00:00:16holostoi ????? ???? ? ? ??????
00:00:16Kiel cause they ban
00:00:16Gevomancer 2 heros will be banned
00:00:16Dota.Atze k
00:00:16ESA_93 What u can't pick.
00:00:16Kiel blue and pink ban 2 heroes
00:00:16Dota.Atze yoyo
00:00:16holostoi ????? ??? ? ????? ?? ?????? ??????
00:00:16Kanpu3a lol
00:00:16holostoi ???? ???? ?? ????????
00:00:16Kiel pink is first pick so he has to ban a hero first
00:00:16Kanpu3a ???? ?? ?? ???????
00:00:16ESA_93 geth_prime: You there?
00:00:16Rotkiv i would like to play ud
00:00:16holostoi ? ????
00:00:16Kiel TT
00:00:16holostoi ? ?? ????? ?????
00:00:16Gevomancer just banna
00:00:16Kanpu3a ?????? ? ???????
00:00:16Kiel geth_prime?
00:00:16Rotkiv esa 93 is fucking plugger ..
00:00:16geth_prime xin
00:00:16Kanpu3a ? ????????? ???? ? 6 ???? ? ???? ?????? 1:30
00:00:16Rotkiv he will loose .. he plugs before 10 min
00:00:16Kanpu3a ? ????
00:00:16ESA_93 -Spectre.
00:00:18Rotkiv get ud
00:00:19Rotkiv for me
00:00:23geth_prime then make him belive he wins ;)
00:00:26ESA_93 Pick
00:00:27geth_prime any one es?
00:00:27ESA_93 Lich
00:00:29ESA_93 UD
00:00:30Kiel yeah sure
00:00:32Kiel I'll go es
00:00:33ESA_93 Someone UD?
00:00:40ESA_93 Please?
00:00:43Kiel who u wanna cary with?
00:00:46Kiel krob?
00:00:47AlterMannMitHut cant play him well
00:00:53ESA_93 Lich?
00:00:53Rotkiv get me ud plz
00:00:55Momdsiw go ud aa next
00:00:56ESA_93 Someone?
00:00:57AlterMannMitHut i am a good tiny
00:01:00Kiel pink, who u want
00:01:02Momdsiw take aa
00:01:03AlterMannMitHut potm
00:01:03geth_prime pl
00:01:04Gevomancer tiny cm nice combo :D
00:01:06AlterMannMitHut sven
00:01:13Momdsiw tak eaa
00:01:16Kiel -swap 1
00:01:16geth_prime -swap 3
00:01:16Momdsiw ffs
00:01:17ESA_93 Pick aa
00:01:20ESA_93 and cm
00:01:22Kiel he is cap
00:01:22Rotkiv aa for you momdsiw?
00:01:26Momdsiw y
00:01:28ESA_93 holostoi, play aa
00:01:29Rotkiv k
00:01:29Momdsiw or
00:01:30Momdsiw i uindie
00:01:32Momdsiw i paly his
00:01:33AlterMannMitHut can i go sven?
00:01:34Momdsiw play*
00:01:36ESA_93 sure
00:01:37geth_prime krobe
00:01:38AlterMannMitHut or potm
00:01:43ESA_93 dont go potm
00:01:43Momdsiw just pick for yourself
00:01:51Kiel aa mid?
00:01:54holostoi -??
00:01:54ESA_93 pick sven
00:01:56holostoi -ms
00:01:57Kiel i go bot
00:01:59Kiel but try fb top?
00:01:59Momdsiw my undie is imba mid
00:02:02Kiel k
00:02:06Kiel u go mid undi
00:02:06AlterMannMitHut i have 2 buy chicken?
00:02:07Kiel imo
00:02:07geth_prime go mid undy
00:02:10ESA_93 y
00:02:12Momdsiw i have heal vs lich
00:02:24ESA_93 luna?
00:02:28ESA_93 maybe u take mid?
00:02:30AlterMannMitHut i can mid aswell
00:02:32Dota.Atze they got good picks
00:02:35ESA_93 dont
00:02:38Momdsiw so do we
00:02:40ESA_93 ill take it then
00:02:42AlterMannMitHut i am a good player
00:02:43geth_prime we need good warding
00:02:44Kanpu3a share
00:02:45Dota.Atze small delay :S
00:02:45AlterMannMitHut trust me
00:02:51Kiel gogo
00:02:55ESA_93 stupid lanes.
00:02:57ESA_93 if u aint listening me
00:03:03AlterMannMitHut just gang a bit
00:03:09Rotkiv rune top
00:03:19ESA_93 gj
00:03:19geth_prime gj
00:03:21Kiel ah yeah :D
00:03:22Gevomancer nah
00:03:27Dota.Atze winwin
00:03:28Dota.Atze arrow
00:03:30Kiel nice arrow
00:03:31Kiel yeah
00:03:33Kiel good one
00:03:34Momdsiw sven mid
00:03:35Momdsiw :D
00:03:40Kiel lich top
00:03:46Gevomancer lol
00:03:52Momdsiw i took so much regen
00:03:54Kiel hahaha
00:04:07Kanpu3a -02
00:04:11ESA_93 yup.
00:04:15ESA_93 top is lost.
00:04:29Dota.Atze !Ping
00:04:31Dota.Atze .ping
00:05:17ESA_93 ss
00:07:09Kanpu3a ss1
00:07:19Kiel omw mid gank
00:07:24Momdsiw im oom
00:07:25ESA_93 s
00:07:26ESA_93 care mid
00:07:34Momdsiw cm mid
00:07:51Momdsiw call misses plz
00:07:55Gevomancer aa go
00:08:04Kanpu3a w8
00:08:22geth_prime told ya
00:08:24geth_prime we need good warding
00:08:27Kiel omw bot
00:08:32AlterMannMitHut ss es mid
00:08:32Kiel buy wards aa
00:08:35Momdsiw sven miss
00:08:38Rotkiv i want boots first ffs
00:09:09Momdsiw c mid
00:09:14Kanpu3a bbb
00:09:19Momdsiw go tiny
00:09:30AlterMannMitHut ss
00:10:19Dota.Atze delay:(
00:10:36Kiel damnit
00:10:41Momdsiw think sven getting farmed also at mid
00:10:54Kanpu3a ss
00:11:41Kiel SS 2 top
00:12:01Momdsiw potm?
00:12:05Kiel come on
00:12:07Kiel more luck plz
00:12:12geth_prime oom
00:12:55Dota.Atze -.-
00:13:01geth_prime still no wards
00:13:04Gevomancer take tower and kill
00:13:05geth_prime i tell ya again
00:13:08Momdsiw are you blind?
00:13:09Momdsiw or what
00:13:09geth_prime but not bot
00:13:14geth_prime we need one here
00:13:21Rotkiv can someone fucking get those wards who got money
00:13:28Kiel buy em
00:13:32Kiel ward em
00:13:37Kiel i got the wards
00:13:38Kiel use em
00:14:42Dota.Atze aa is bad :S
00:14:50Dota.Atze omw
00:14:51Dota.Atze top
00:14:56Momdsiw twr top
00:15:20Dota.Atze close
00:15:21Dota.Atze :S
00:15:23Kiel y :P
00:15:42Momdsiw push it
00:16:13Kiel mana boots \o/
00:16:18Dota.Atze wait
00:16:19Dota.Atze me
00:16:23Momdsiw ah :D
00:16:25Kiel haha
00:16:27Kiel sorry :D
00:16:28Dota.Atze both
00:16:30Dota.Atze failed
00:16:30Dota.Atze :D
00:16:32Kiel y :P
00:16:43Kiel sven roshes
00:16:46Kiel he is there
00:16:57Dota.Atze dont
00:16:58Dota.Atze go
00:17:57ESA_93 cm
00:17:59ESA_93 why are u farming
00:18:23holostoi b
00:18:38Gevomancer lets kill
00:18:38Kiel ss 5
00:18:45Kiel gank
00:18:58Gevomancer tomb
00:19:13Kanpu3a kill they
00:19:15Dota.Atze fuck
00:19:17Dota.Atze missclock
00:19:17Kanpu3a or not tomb
00:19:17Dota.Atze ffs
00:19:36Gevomancer money
00:20:04Gevomancer kill mid
00:20:18Kanpu3a 3333
00:20:20Kanpu3a mid
00:20:21Momdsiw cs pl?
00:20:25geth_prime 50
00:20:30Kiel use ward aa
00:20:36ESA_93 catch
00:21:03Momdsiw do something?
00:21:09Momdsiw i tank whoel fight there
00:21:32ESA_93 use
00:21:34ESA_93 dust
00:21:35ESA_93 soon
00:21:36ESA_93 in 10
00:21:40ESA_93 go
00:22:02AlterMannMitHut lich what u whant me 2 go?
00:22:07AlterMannMitHut gangersven or carry?
00:22:09ESA_93 carry
00:22:19ESA_93 dust
00:22:24ESA_93 dude
00:22:24ESA_93 wtf
00:23:29ESA_93 b
00:23:29ESA_93 b
00:23:52Dota.Atze dont
00:23:53Dota.Atze stay
00:24:13geth_prime all miss
00:24:14geth_prime care
00:24:15Momdsiw potm ulti and go?
00:24:20Kiel no
00:24:21Dota.Atze got no ulti
00:24:22Dota.Atze :D
00:24:25Momdsiw -.-
00:24:30Rotkiv b rthen
00:24:34Momdsiw should take 1 at lvl 10
00:24:36Dota.Atze b
00:24:38Kiel no undy
00:24:39Momdsiw when 1 leap and arrow and starfall amx
00:24:40Kiel he shoudlnt
00:24:41Kiel and btw
00:24:45Kiel where is your ownage?
00:24:52Rotkiv omfg
00:24:58AlterMannMitHut gj
00:25:08Momdsiw dunno
00:25:20Momdsiw you play so shit in teamfights when i hit tomb you go to wrong targets
00:25:32Momdsiw or potm has been imba
00:25:51ESA_93 dust
00:25:51ESA_93 dust
00:25:52ESA_93 duust
00:25:53Dota.Atze omg
00:25:53Dota.Atze so
00:25:55Dota.Atze unluicky
00:25:56AlterMannMitHut no msan
00:26:09ESA_93 b
00:26:10Dota.Atze .ff
00:26:10AlterMannMitHut gg wp
00:26:13Dota.Atze -ff
00:26:19Rotkiv iam soo soo bad
00:26:20Momdsiw our carry cant do nothing
00:26:25Momdsiw -ii
00:26:32Kiel dont blame cary
00:26:32Momdsiw he havent finished even first item
00:26:34Kiel u went mid
00:26:35Kiel and did nothing
00:26:41Momdsiw i can team fight
00:26:42geth_prime "imba undying"
00:26:46Momdsiw if you could stun correct targets
00:26:46geth_prime see it
00:26:57ESA_93 we should end this soon
00:26:59Kiel btw
00:27:04Kiel they have a ward here
00:27:04ESA_93 or nvm
00:27:08ESA_93 luna has ok farm too
00:27:22Momdsiw move with 5 mby?
00:27:38AlterMannMitHut ^^
00:27:48Kiel nvm
00:27:53Kiel only way we got is turtle
00:28:24holostoi ???? ?????
00:28:32holostoi ?? ????? ???? ?? ?????????)
00:28:36AlterMannMitHut rosh? after?
00:30:01geth_prime roshj
00:30:01Rotkiv k
00:30:02Dota.Atze good
00:30:03Gevomancer lol
00:30:07Dota.Atze but i died again
00:30:07Gevomancer that was stupid
00:30:08Dota.Atze -.-
00:30:14ESA_93 diving in
00:30:15ESA_93 like that
00:30:23Momdsiw you cant hit him pl
00:30:27geth_prime i know
00:30:30Gevomancer this tomb is problem
00:30:30Dota.Atze change boots pl
00:30:40ESA_93 thats why its priority number one
00:30:54holostoi -??
00:30:56holostoi -ms
00:31:25ESA_93 nova
00:31:30ESA_93 bb
00:31:42Kiel dont go
00:32:14Momdsiw potm ult
00:32:20Kanpu3a thx
00:32:21Kanpu3a all
00:32:25Kiel we need that pipe
00:32:26Kanpu3a fucking zzz
00:32:31Kanpu3a more sleeping
00:32:39Momdsiw potm why you dont ulti?
00:33:00Kiel stop blaming potm
00:33:05Momdsiw yea
00:33:06Kiel if anyone is playing well its him
00:33:10ESA_93 b
00:33:13Momdsiw our best team fight skill and hes not using it
00:34:06Momdsiw of course i can blame him if he cant use skill
00:34:12ESA_93 we
00:34:13ESA_93 end
00:34:13ESA_93 this
00:34:14ESA_93 in
00:34:17ESA_93 10 min
00:34:20Kiel just get pipe
00:34:22Kiel i get dagger
00:34:23ESA_93 we cant afford pl to get fat
00:34:25Kiel and we are much better
00:34:27Momdsiw 800 to go
00:34:32Kiel good :)
00:34:33Rotkiv b
00:34:50ESA_93 he
00:34:52ESA_93 has soon too much dmg
00:34:58Kiel oh come on
00:35:01Kiel i needed 50 more gold
00:35:05Kiel aa buy some fucking wards
00:35:17Kiel ah u have em but u dont wanna plant em
00:35:22Dota.Atze etrg
00:35:23Dota.Atze qtg
00:35:23Dota.Atze rth
00:35:23Dota.Atze h
00:35:24Dota.Atze wrt
00:35:24Dota.Atze qrtg
00:35:25Dota.Atze gq
00:35:26ESA_93 someone
00:35:26Dota.Atze CANT
00:35:27ESA_93 tp
00:35:28ESA_93 bot
00:35:29Kiel just def base
00:35:32Kiel let pl push
00:35:42ESA_93 keep
00:35:43ESA_93 pushing
00:35:46Kiel i almost alive
00:36:12ESA_93 take
00:36:13ESA_93 mid
00:36:13ESA_93 and
00:36:14ESA_93 top
00:36:18Kiel wtf lol
00:37:03Kanpu3a )
00:37:06Kiel aa, shame on you
00:37:31geth_prime potm -.-
00:37:34Dota.Atze confused
00:37:35geth_prime just stay and watch me dieing
00:37:37AlterMannMitHut lets end tit
00:37:39ESA_93 bot 2nd
00:37:57Kiel place ward in our woods plz
00:38:08AlterMannMitHut all down then
00:39:13Gevomancer tomb -.-
00:39:19Kanpu3a xd
00:39:19Kiel gj!
00:39:24Kanpu3a fucking team
00:39:25AlterMannMitHut hope u had a good farm luna...
00:39:29Kanpu3a )
00:39:35Kanpu3a more farming
00:39:35holostoi i was in shop
00:39:40Momdsiw es foudn hes dagger
00:39:45Gevomancer kill that tomb
00:39:46Kiel yeah finnaly :/
00:39:47Gevomancer plz
00:39:48Momdsiw and me pipe
00:39:51Kiel good
00:40:05Momdsiw push after pl manta
00:40:13Dota.Atze dont waste
00:40:15Dota.Atze ulti
00:40:18Dota.Atze #aa
00:40:55ESA_93 now
00:40:56ESA_93 mid
00:41:02ESA_93 wait
00:41:09Kanpu3a )
00:41:28Momdsiw push?
00:41:31Kiel def?
00:41:34Momdsiw y
00:41:34Momdsiw :D
00:42:23Gevomancer 'mby gank 1 or 2 down, then push
00:42:34ESA_93 we need roshan
00:42:54ESA_93 take
00:42:55ESA_93 smoke
00:42:56ESA_93 and go rosh
00:43:24Kiel gank?
00:43:35Dota.Atze fresh
00:43:35Dota.Atze ward
00:43:43Kiel 'b
00:43:43Kiel b
00:43:44Kiel b
00:43:44Kiel b
00:43:46Kiel B MID NOW
00:44:29Momdsiw does diffu take sven ulti away anymore
00:44:33ESA_93 b
00:45:01Dota.Atze gem
00:45:02Dota.Atze -,.-
00:45:14Momdsiw y i were waiting dust also
00:45:17Momdsiw but gem surprised
00:45:29Gevomancer enter mid
00:45:31Gevomancer then bot
00:45:36Kiel rebuy
00:45:37Kiel anyone?
00:45:38Dota.Atze well
00:45:41Dota.Atze we lose second lane
00:45:50Dota.Atze get
00:45:51Dota.Atze down
00:45:51Dota.Atze too
00:45:52Dota.Atze pl
00:45:59ESA_93 top
00:46:19ESA_93 b
00:46:19ESA_93 b
00:46:19ESA_93 b
00:46:44Dota.Atze -gg
00:46:47Dota.Atze -ff
00:46:50Momdsiw I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:12Rotkiv I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:47:39ESA_93 i got gem
00:49:04Kiel so
00:49:07Kiel all out push mid?
00:49:07AlterMannMitHut well done all btw
00:49:14geth_prime nearly butter
00:49:22Kiel shame u didnt go radi
00:49:27geth_prime for?
00:49:32Kiel epic dmg
00:49:33Momdsiw their blinkers
00:49:37ESA_93 -ms
00:50:00ESA_93 go mid
00:50:02ESA_93 again
00:50:31Momdsiw b
00:50:36Dota.Atze wtf
00:50:38Kiel in base man
00:50:40Kiel jees :/
00:50:43Momdsiw well played
00:50:47geth_prime lost control O_O
00:50:48geth_prime wtf
00:50:50Momdsiw "i rush 1vs5"
00:50:51Dota.Atze Oo
00:50:53ESA_93 end it
00:50:57Dota.Atze lost totally now
00:51:14Rotkiv I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:51:17geth_prime I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:51:18geth_prime sry
00:51:25AlterMannMitHut ^^
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