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97% | 1656 X | 1615 TS

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85% | 1585 X | 1412 TS

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72% | 1320 X | 1417 TS

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58% | 1231 X | 1365 TS

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91% | 1637 X | 1430 TS

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86% | 1492 X | 1475 TS

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82% | 1421 X | 1472 TS

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67% | 1336 X | 1329 TS

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55% | 1239 X | 1316 TS

Chat log

00:00:16Laier vittu et vitutti taas
00:00:16Steuerfreak any carry wishes
00:00:16Steuerfreak ?
00:00:16LetItBe me gyro/krobe/m4gnus
00:00:16Laier 5-1 wl ja ois ollu helppo voitto ni tule bluescreeni :<
00:00:16curdi NO SHAKER Q_Q
00:00:16Vangelis get us
00:00:16Vangelis spec or
00:00:16Vangelis phoenix
00:00:16curdi could go enigma
00:00:16Vangelis ban enigma
00:00:16atte DU UD UY YY
00:00:16curdi well
00:00:16curdi there's sile
00:00:16curdi >eni
00:00:16Vangelis ban sile
00:00:16Steuerfreak yy
00:00:16Vangelis then
00:00:16Laier BAN plx: )
00:00:16Steuerfreak silencer
00:00:16Laier :D
00:00:16Laier ban lanaya?
00:00:16Laier :
00:00:16atte theres a laaaaand that i have heard about sooooooo faaaaaaar of us
00:00:16curdi sile rapes this pool
00:00:16Steuerfreak ill pick eni
00:00:16Laier turpakii ja bannaa saatana
00:00:16Steuerfreak for someone
00:00:16Vangelis no
00:00:16Steuerfreak k?
00:00:16Vangelis spec
00:00:16Vangelis spec
00:00:16Vangelis spec
00:00:16Vangelis spec
00:00:16Vangelis spec
00:00:16Laier banni se lanaya vaa huviks
00:00:16Vangelis spec
00:00:16Steuerfreak if they dont ban
00:00:16Vangelis spec
00:00:16Laier ni päästää pelaa
00:00:16Vangelis phoenix
00:00:16Steuerfreak got spec game before
00:00:16curdi dont think they get eni in first 2
00:00:16atte MIKS VITUS
00:00:16Vangelis strongest hero this game
00:00:16Laier no siks
00:00:16atte BANNIN SPECTRE
00:00:16Laier otetaa furi + lich
00:00:16Steuerfreak if i get spec
00:00:16atte MIKS LANAYA
00:00:16Steuerfreak plz switch
00:00:16atte tuol on omni
00:00:16Vangelis phoenix rly stronk
00:00:16Laier no iha huviks :DDD
00:00:16atte fugnoob = )
00:00:16curdi vangelis spec autodl
00:00:16atte omni
00:00:16Steuerfreak lol
00:00:16Laier wanted to ban lanaya :<
00:00:23Steuerfreak vengelis
00:00:25Steuerfreak want speC?
00:00:27Vangelis nope
00:00:28Vangelis i hate it
00:00:29Laier yyy
00:00:30atte lich phonix
00:00:33Steuerfreak who will?
00:00:34atte who phonix?
00:00:37Steuerfreak curdfi?
00:00:37atte ???
00:00:40mamyka i can pheon
00:00:40atte sad
00:00:40curdi i can play but my carry skills are beyond bad
00:00:41atte dsdasda
00:00:41atte asdasd
00:00:46mamyka me phen
00:00:47Vangelis steuer
00:00:48Vangelis you play
00:00:48curdi so
00:00:50atte we got furion instead of lich
00:00:51Steuerfreak nope
00:00:54atte wise
00:00:54LetItBe np
00:00:55Vangelis CAN ANYONE PLAY LICH
00:00:55LetItBe ;:D
00:00:56Steuerfreak getkrobe
00:00:56Steuerfreak plz
00:01:00PinaryB i want krobe
00:01:01mamyka atte swap?
00:01:01Vangelis CAN ANYONE PLAY LICH
00:01:03atte y
00:01:04Vangelis who can lich
00:01:05atte NO
00:01:06atte y
00:01:08PinaryB get krobe for me pls
00:01:11Steuerfreak lol
00:01:13Laier take lich
00:01:14Laier i go gyro
00:01:17atte furion is not so good pick
00:01:21Vangelis get lich guys
00:01:21atte in game like this
00:01:22Laier fuck my gyro
00:01:25Steuerfreak me solo top
00:01:26Steuerfreak eni woods
00:01:27PinaryB ill get krobe
00:01:28Vangelis spec needs babysit
00:01:29Steuerfreak wr mid
00:01:30Vangelis get lich
00:01:32Strom I just finished a good pick game
00:01:32Laier give me gyro
00:01:33Vangelis i can solo bot
00:01:35Strom lost because of no carry
00:01:36Laier -swap 4
00:01:38atte where they have no player to dominate with furion
00:01:40Strom not gonna repeat that mistake
00:01:45mamyka say ur pick atte
00:01:45Vangelis slard
00:01:46Vangelis ?
00:01:47Vangelis sd?
00:01:49Vangelis slard or sd
00:01:52PinaryB sd
00:02:01atte lanaya
00:02:03Laier fuck this idiot took my gyro
00:02:05Laier gonna hate
00:02:06atte -swap 5
00:02:08mamyka -swap 1
00:02:18Vangelis ehm
00:02:21Vangelis sure you dont want mid
00:02:25Vangelis you can mid vs lanaya
00:02:26Vangelis ?
00:02:30curdi y
00:02:30LetItBe phoenix solo bot?
00:02:34curdi top will be lich
00:02:35Steuerfreak y
00:02:35Laier rofl
00:02:38Steuerfreak me mid
00:02:43Steuerfreak atte get lanya
00:02:45Steuerfreak rigth
00:02:57Vangelis does my ulti
00:02:57Laier vangelis
00:02:59Vangelis work on
00:03:01Vangelis phoenix
00:03:02Vangelis ?
00:03:02Laier how you lost that 1 game earlier :S
00:03:02curdi no
00:03:04PinaryB no
00:03:09Vangelis what game
00:03:10Vangelis ?
00:03:12Steuerfreak lich invis
00:03:16Laier where you played weaver
00:03:21PinaryB we had no lategame vs them
00:03:22Vangelis we dropped
00:03:23Vangelis you
00:03:27Vangelis couldn't push
00:03:29Vangelis without wl
00:03:37Vangelis and dk and spec
00:03:37Laier ye :S shit bluescreen
00:03:41atte delay sec pls
00:03:41Vangelis outcartry me
00:03:43Vangelis I was like 14-2 or something
00:03:43Laier was kinda won game tbh
00:03:43Vangelis no deaths during last 30 min
00:03:43atte umm
00:03:43Laier was 500 from agha
00:03:43Vangelis but still lose
00:03:43atte gogo
00:04:10Fxx. funny side
00:04:14Fxx. phoe + furi
00:06:45Steuerfreak haste top
00:06:59PinaryB try kill furi
00:07:06Fxx. primary
00:07:09Fxx. try to deny sometimes
00:07:21Laier tuun mid
00:07:22Vangelis ss lich
00:07:25atte joo
00:07:29Laier go
00:07:42Steuerfreak 3 mid
00:07:43Laier shit
00:07:46Vangelis i said
00:07:46Vangelis ss
00:07:48Steuerfreak fuckshit
00:07:50atte gg
00:08:08atte just
00:08:12mamyka ss
00:08:13mamyka bot 2
00:08:13atte did realise
00:08:25atte ss spec
00:08:34atte re
00:08:42Vangelis ss
00:09:05Vangelis ss lich
00:09:09Vangelis ss gyro
00:09:11PinaryB ss furi
00:09:15LetItBe oom
00:09:21Laier gyro? :DD
00:09:23Strom oom?
00:09:23LetItBe OOM
00:09:25Strom you have 150 mana
00:09:28Strom rocket takes 010
00:09:29LetItBe now i have
00:09:32LetItBe 14+0
00:09:33Vangelis ss 2
00:10:39atte miks ei slard
00:10:45atte tapettu
00:10:46atte ..
00:10:51LetItBe go kill enigma woods
00:10:52LetItBe l1ch
00:10:53atte no failasin
00:10:53Laier tai miks tää ei healannu teit
00:10:54atte :D
00:11:00atte tai olin iha hukas siel
00:11:05LetItBe ruen bot
00:11:08atte vaik oisin voinu tappaa kaikki
00:11:24Vangelis i am
00:11:26Vangelis making meka
00:11:29Vangelis just saying
00:11:35atte WHERE ARE THEY
00:11:36atte :D
00:11:38atte nowhere to tp
00:11:49atte go
00:11:50atte go
00:12:06Steuerfreak HELLO?
00:12:20Steuerfreak guys
00:12:23Steuerfreak are u sleeping?
00:12:37Fxx. 4 down
00:12:38Fxx. ...
00:12:42Fxx. ach
00:12:44Laier ahahaha
00:13:09atte iha snadi lagi
00:13:19atte ei voi skillaa reflaa täysille
00:13:26atte en osu lyöntei muute
00:13:26atte :D
00:13:38Vangelis b i am low
00:13:50Vangelis ehm
00:13:51Vangelis curdi
00:13:54curdi =
00:13:56LetItBe mid kilöl
00:14:05curdi what
00:14:07Laier heal
00:14:07atte ¨krobe
00:14:09Vangelis didnt you
00:14:10Vangelis see them
00:14:11Vangelis coming
00:14:12Vangelis ....
00:14:15curdi no
00:14:57atte i am just wondering
00:14:58atte :D
00:15:02atte miks
00:15:06atte en ottanu aiemmin runee
00:15:12atte ja mikä tää wardi alhaal on
00:15:13atte :D
00:15:31LetItBe ooom
00:15:53Laier tää gyro on vitun turha
00:15:53atte mikä vitun slardar
00:16:01LetItBe i was oom
00:16:04LetItBe cant do much without mana
00:16:05Laier letitbe its nice that you pick my hero
00:16:08Laier and you cant even play it :/
00:16:15LetItBe ye like u can with 100 mana
00:16:17Laier of you are oom when you got urn + botos
00:16:23atte almost got it
00:16:24atte :D
00:16:36Fxx. -ms
00:17:07Vangelis top tower
00:17:08Vangelis lost
00:18:35curdi spec you're full hp -.-
00:18:40Steuerfreak got ulti
00:19:30atte jee
00:19:37atte oma hakee ddn ku meil lanaya bottlel
00:19:40atte käännyin takas
00:19:43atte et kerkeis hakee
00:19:51Fxx. rofl
00:20:03Fxx. "ban silecner" ...
00:20:29LetItBe kill
00:20:30LetItBe plant ward
00:20:59Fxx. 6 ultys (3 to me) ...
00:21:34Fxx. ban silencer (and pick spectra , and go mid¨, im ego captain
00:21:35Fxx. ff
00:21:47Steuerfreak :*
00:21:52curdi this guy really is retarded
00:22:03Laier wondering why he wants play like thjat :)
00:22:11Laier he lost mid last time also with spec:/
00:22:12Steuerfreak i said ban nortrom? lol i did cause someone of u guys said it :D
00:22:21Steuerfreak dont cry
00:22:22Fxx. spectre at mid is BIG FAIL
00:22:24Steuerfreak mad life
00:22:37Fxx. and no ban phoe (but ban ussless silencer)
00:22:38Fxx. tooo
00:23:15Laier such a rofl fight
00:23:54curdi did he buyback
00:23:58PinaryB y
00:24:03Fxx. + he never come with us to teamfight
00:24:11Fxx. how he can have got best % ?
00:24:11PinaryB he was there btw
00:24:13curdi can some1 ban this slardar
00:24:13atte you didnt pick lich
00:24:16atte 2nd and 3rd
00:24:23curdi lich is boring as fuck
00:24:26Steuerfreak enigma
00:24:28Steuerfreak ulti for one
00:24:29Steuerfreak wow
00:24:31atte gamewinning as fuck already
00:24:34Steuerfreak but blaming everyone
00:24:35atte also
00:24:39Laier oho
00:24:41Laier väärän mobin söin
00:24:46curdi who am i blaming?
00:24:48curdi ?
00:24:50Steuerfreak me
00:24:51Steuerfreak slard
00:25:01LetItBe -courier
00:25:02curdi when did i blame u?
00:25:11curdi sure is paranoid guy
00:25:47Steuerfreak im sry enigma
00:26:20Vangelis ehm
00:26:21Vangelis enigma
00:26:26curdi ehm
00:26:57atte buyout
00:26:57Fxx. what the hell
00:26:58Fxx. strom
00:27:02Fxx. where u steal money ?
00:27:05Fxx. (
00:27:06Fxx. :-)
00:27:10Strom from the scourge
00:27:25atte from sentinel actually
00:27:28Fxx. i think , this will be 2. bad day on dota
00:27:29Strom :D :D
00:27:37Vangelis well
00:27:45Vangelis fxx, as they say, even the best have bad days
00:27:46LetItBe reuse chick
00:27:55Fxx. vangelis
00:28:01Fxx. u are rly booring kid
00:28:14Laier go mby?
00:28:36mamyka re use
00:28:39atte asdsdadas
00:28:47mamyka re use chick
00:29:37atte furi
00:29:39atte top
00:29:39atte ??
00:29:42Strom too rsiky
00:29:45atte NO
00:29:46atte :D
00:29:50atte free wr kill
00:29:51atte also
00:29:51Strom man I'm glass cannon
00:29:53Laier strom doesnt wanna die ;)
00:30:00atte well you had full hp
00:30:08atte just dont take twrdmg
00:30:15atte solokill any noob who tp there to def
00:30:18Strom I tried to get bottom tower down
00:30:21Strom you guys just dived
00:31:11atte i go rosh
00:31:18Laier tuun heittää armoriiii
00:31:18atte joo
00:31:18curdi g top
00:31:18PinaryB lag
00:31:25atte furi come hit
00:31:47Strom ah you meant rosh :D
00:31:48Strom I meant top lol
00:31:50Strom my bad
00:31:58Strom "I thought you meant top"*
00:32:28Fxx. agha gyro ?
00:32:32Strom no
00:32:34Strom he was next to you
00:32:35Fxx. anyway
00:32:47Fxx. still 0 bash hit (30. min)
00:32:55Vangelis mabye
00:32:58Vangelis maybe because
00:33:00Vangelis 5 hit in total
00:33:01Vangelis ? :D
00:33:09Fxx. minimal 7
00:33:10Laier ja lichi nappas
00:33:26Strom enigma no ulti
00:34:04atte np
00:34:04atte me
00:34:05atte go
00:34:11atte ASD;DASLSDAKSDA
00:34:11curdi hole cd
00:34:11atte dont come
00:34:11Vangelis they
00:34:11Vangelis get
00:34:11Vangelis bot rax
00:34:11Strom bot rax
00:34:11atte take rax
00:34:11atte y
00:34:11curdi cant be helped
00:34:11Fxx. they have got win
00:34:11Strom PinaryB, you lag
00:34:11Vangelis I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:11Fxx. after
00:34:11Fxx. captain
00:34:11Fxx. said
00:34:11Fxx. silencer
00:34:11Fxx. and pick
00:34:11Fxx. spectra
00:34:11curdi su tard
00:34:11Fxx. and go mid
00:34:12Steuerfreak haha
00:34:13Steuerfreak fxx
00:34:26PinaryB nice, im dead
00:34:26Steuerfreak cry more plz
00:34:36Steuerfreak gimme some mad action
00:34:37Steuerfreak !!
00:34:40Fxx. fail more please
00:34:42Fxx. captain
00:34:50Steuerfreak #more?
00:34:52Steuerfreak thats hard
00:35:01Laier armorii creepeille!
00:35:46curdi stromi se vaa hikoilee
00:35:52PinaryB I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:55atte tää vitun slardari
00:36:02atte 1click counter
00:36:10curdi joo mut paljonpa auttaa
00:36:11LetItBe noob
00:36:25Laier kato atte
00:36:25Fxx. I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:36:29Laier kui pahasti failaan ultin koht :DD
00:36:34atte no eikai ku pickasitte paskemmat herot
00:36:42curdi nii-in
00:36:48curdi Mut lichii ei jaksa paskakaa pelaa
00:36:51curdi vitun tylsää
00:36:57Fxx. GIPSY !
00:36:58Fxx. :-)
00:37:03Laier but laier is dominating :D
00:37:04Fxx. why we play this ?
00:37:25LetItBe go in
00:37:50Fxx. gg
00:37:53Fxx. wp sentinel
00:37:53Laier wp lich!
00:37:53Laier XD
00:37:53LetItBe gyro too imba herop
00:37:53Laier rest shit ;D
00:37:53Strom PinaryB, man
00:37:53Strom stop alt-tabbing
00:37:53atte ASD
00:37:53Fxx. u all play good
00:37:53Steuerfreak play good^^
00:37:53Laier ist not like "if im dead i can go windows and lag the game"
00:37:53Fxx. ff it
00:37:53atte ban it
00:37:53Fxx. before he drop
00:37:53Vangelis I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:37:53Vangelis I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:37:53Fxx. I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:37:53Fxx. mb he alrdy ff
00:37:53Fxx. and we w8 now like tards
00:37:53Fxx. I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:37:53Fxx. ff it
00:37:53Laier we wait 4min for him?
00:37:53Laier hes jerking off
00:37:53Strom maybe
00:37:53Strom scourge can ff
00:37:53Laier :)
00:37:53curdi I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:53Laier they cant while drop window?
00:37:53atte Marcia Griffiths - Back in the Days
00:37:53Laier or can they
00:37:53Strom we basically
00:37:53Strom have megas
00:37:53atte oho
00:37:53Strom so I don't see why not
00:37:53Strom just ff
00:37:53Vangelis I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:53Laier i mean they cant while we wait
00:37:53Vangelis I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:53Vangelis I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:53Vangelis I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:53Laier or can they
00:37:53Laier spectre cant ff?
00:37:53atte nyt enigma kerkes reagoida
00:37:53atte dueli pilalla
00:37:53LetItBe atte stoner?
00:37:53LetItBe obv...
00:37:53Laier se ois safkan paikka
00:37:53Steuerfreak I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:37:56Laier ja koht gymi
00:37:57LetItBe buddha avatar and reggae music
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