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91% | 1633 X | 1418 TS

-49 X
-1 TS

88% | 1561 X | 1444 TS

-56 X
-1 TS

64% | 1308 X | 1342 TS

-17 X
-1 TS

56% | 1216 X | 1358 TS

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55% | 1227 X | 1329 TS

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88% | 1555 X | 1456 TS

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80% | 1369 X | 1466 TS

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80% | 1394 X | 1439 TS

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59% | 1284 X | 1319 TS

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54% | 1190 X | 1361 TS

Chat log

00:00:15sebralane juba kaotus ju sul on 91% paned juurde endale statse?
00:00:19que2stress worst case scenario realized
00:00:19que2stress can i have phoenix
00:00:19que2stress if he doesnt ban
00:00:19Strom ma lihtsalt nii hea
00:00:19yeW- Indeed, we have you :(.
00:00:19Strom parem kui 91% tegelt
00:00:19yeW- Aight.
00:00:19Strom underrated
00:00:19sebralane :D
00:00:19PinaryB mingid extreemewarid on 95% juba ju
00:00:19Tough storm
00:00:19Tough jsut a question
00:00:19yeW- Spec or AM ban?
00:00:19Fxx. dont forget on am
00:00:19Kiel a,m
00:00:19sebralane f12 is print screen
00:00:19sebralane got it
00:00:19que2stress ban ud
00:00:19Tough i thought there is a rule which says that we have to talk english or?
00:00:19que2stress they wont pick both
00:00:19Kiel am
00:00:19Strom Tough, there is
00:00:19sebralane ma tegin just mingi 100 screeni
00:00:19que2stress but 1 for sure
00:00:19Fxx. am ban
00:00:19yeW- Strom is not that good AM.
00:00:19que2stress and so we can get the other if needed
00:00:19que2stress ban ud
00:00:19sebralane ohh pls thout
00:00:19Fxx. pick phoe
00:00:19yeW- Ye, think so as well.
00:00:19que2stress none of them is good carry
00:00:19yeW- Indee.
00:00:19Fxx. but he can swap
00:00:19yeW- d*
00:00:19sebralane u allways speak arabic with ur buttbuddys
00:00:19Fxx. dont let them am , or phoe
00:00:19que2stress none of them can carry
00:00:19Casberry hes afk ?
00:00:19yeW- Ye, with worse players ^^.
00:00:19yeW- No :(.
00:00:19que2stress no
00:00:19que2stress ban ud
00:00:19Tough sebra chill out
00:00:19yeW- UD.
00:00:19que2stress we get pgoeix
00:00:19Tough i just wanted to know
00:00:19que2stress or spec
00:00:19sebralane hes thinkg
00:00:19sebralane cmmon just let man think!
00:00:19Fxx. rly bad , rly rly bad
00:00:19Casberry just askin
00:00:19yeW- Hey ESA!
00:00:19yeW- :D
00:00:19Strom naga
00:00:19Tough storm what u get?
00:00:19ESA_93 yo jew!
00:00:19yeW- :D
00:00:19Fxx. so pick am
00:00:19yeW- JEW YOURSELF!
00:00:21que2stress get phoenix
00:00:22sebralane i want phnix if still on pool
00:00:31sebralane bet i dont get it
00:00:32Fxx. rly rly rly rly rly bad
00:00:32que2stress if they get am u get doom/rexxar
00:00:33sebralane ye sureeeeeeee
00:00:34Fxx. am is sooo imba
00:00:37Tough strom
00:00:38Strom I'll go am
00:00:38sebralane am
00:00:39que2stress fxx
00:00:39Tough u get am?
00:00:39sebralane in pool
00:00:40que2stress plz
00:00:42que2stress u got
00:00:43Tough u go mid?
00:00:43que2stress no idea
00:00:46yeW- I'll Doom!
00:00:47Fxx. i dont speak with u
00:00:48que2stress just ssshhh
00:00:50sebralane gimme doom or rex
00:00:53sebralane :(
00:00:54yeW- Nooo :(.
00:00:55ESA_93 damn
00:00:57Tough i play doom
00:00:59que2stress u want rex`?
00:01:00sebralane thout soo
00:01:01Tough counter vs phoenix
00:01:02Strom I don't know lanes before we have 5 heroes
00:01:03ESA_93 get
00:01:03Fxx. what is this daY ?
00:01:04ESA_93 spec
00:01:05ESA_93 spectre
00:01:08yeW- Get me Spec.
00:01:13que2stress -swap 1
00:01:17Fxx. my captains allways lost this , cause fail ban/pick
00:01:19yeW- -swap 2
00:01:20sebralane 2 ranged now
00:01:22que2stress get rexxar
00:01:23Casberry bah
00:01:24que2stress magnus
00:01:25sebralane puck etc
00:01:27Casberry ranged all ..
00:01:28ESA_93 puck
00:01:29ESA_93 better
00:01:30Strom puck, sven, rexxar
00:01:32que2stress no puck
00:01:32Strom abba good too
00:01:32Kiel i go pick
00:01:33sebralane i get rax
00:01:35sebralane rexx
00:01:35Casberry fuck
00:01:38Kiel or not
00:01:39que2stress puck is bad vs doom vs am and vs pugna
00:01:42sebralane randomed?
00:01:43Casberry i should have get abba
00:01:45ESA_93 they use doom
00:01:45ESA_93 on
00:01:45que2stress get rexxar
00:01:46ESA_93 phoenix
00:01:52Casberry lastpick can we swap ?
00:01:55sebralane dno
00:01:55Casberry abba `?
00:01:56Casberry plxx
00:01:59Casberry fuck
00:01:59sebralane i want rex
00:01:59Strom abba is in scourge
00:02:00sebralane kinda
00:02:01Tough abba picked
00:02:01que2stress well as u dont pick rexxar
00:02:03Kiel omg
00:02:04Fxx. another game ,when captain lost it
00:02:04Kiel ffs
00:02:05Casberry yy ..
00:02:06que2stress we have do disable on am
00:02:07Strom get that rex, np
00:02:08Kiel forgot chick
00:02:10Tough storm
00:02:11Kiel i will buy asap
00:02:11Kiel oke
00:02:12Kiel ?
00:02:15Kiel min 3 max
00:02:16yeW- que2stress, mid!
00:02:18Tough this fxx is annyoing :<
00:02:21Kiel i will upgrade also
00:02:24Kiel ffs
00:02:27Kiel forgot i had to buy
00:02:30Strom ok I'll go mid
00:02:34Tough thx
00:02:36Tough rex top
00:02:36Fxx. he do this all games
00:02:37Fxx. !
00:02:38Tough i think
00:02:39sebralane can i bot`?
00:02:39Strom lets do doom & pugna top
00:02:42Kiel I did last game also yeah
00:02:42sebralane i pull and shit
00:02:44Tough wha
00:02:46Kiel fs
00:02:47que2stress fxx
00:02:47Kiel lol
00:02:48que2stress ssshh
00:02:49Tough why that
00:02:50ESA_93 sry
00:02:50Tough >.<
00:02:52que2stress u know nothing
00:02:55yeW- :
00:02:56yeW- :D
00:02:57Tough go on
00:02:59Tough bullshit -.-
00:03:01Kiel i buy chick asap
00:03:04Fxx. kiel 2. game in row purpose dont buy chick (strom)
00:03:12sebralane teen ikka basic build booki?
00:03:14Kiel sigh @ this guy
00:03:16Strom because I need strong people in top lane
00:03:26Tough and i need pull
00:03:27Tough ..
00:03:27Kiel abba dont go vangyuard plz
00:03:28Fxx. he allways "forgot"
00:03:30yeW- im not that gooda spec btw :p
00:03:30ESA_93 play good gevo
00:03:39yeW- ill try :D
00:04:04Kiel lag?
00:04:19Tough pugna
00:04:22Kiel i will upgrade chick also
00:04:23Tough can u get antipull wards
00:04:27Tough if i have midas
00:04:30Tough i buy wards
00:04:33PinaryB k
00:05:22Tough wtf?
00:05:27Kiel going base now
00:05:35Tough obs we needed
00:05:39Tough not sentries lol
00:05:46PinaryB rofl
00:05:49sebralane ss magan
00:05:50sebralane a
00:05:51PinaryB misclick
00:05:53Tough ^^
00:06:02Kiel flying chick in base
00:06:30PinaryB sentrys block spawn?
00:06:38Strom y
00:06:39Tough mevertried bevore
00:07:17yeW- gj
00:07:20ESA_93 :>
00:08:17que2stress ss
00:08:21que2stress re
00:08:36sebralane tango pls
00:08:51sebralane ty
00:09:24que2stress ss
00:09:25que2stress mid
00:09:26que2stress re
00:09:38yeW- warded
00:09:45ESA_93 allright
00:09:54ESA_93 slow
00:10:06Fxx. ss
00:10:13Tough we need gang top..
00:10:34ESA_93 :-D
00:10:36yeW- ^^
00:10:37yeW- pressed a
00:10:39Strom mid mis
00:10:40yeW- on fuckin cata
00:10:41Strom abba inc bot
00:10:48yeW- ss
00:10:48Strom re abba
00:10:48ESA_93 np np :>
00:10:48yeW- 2
00:11:01Strom kill top
00:11:02yeW- or not oO
00:11:06yeW- am
00:11:06yeW- b
00:11:07que2stress k i come gang bot
00:11:13Kiel almost 6
00:11:14Strom guess not
00:11:14Kiel but oom
00:11:19que2stress then i dont come
00:11:32Kiel rdy
00:11:38Kiel bah
00:11:39Tough rexx
00:11:43Tough can we swap lanes?
00:11:49yeW- s
00:11:49yeW- 3
00:11:50yeW- ss
00:11:59yeW- u gotta hit that ^^
00:12:00sebralane y i come gank top
00:12:04ESA_93 y sry
00:12:14Kiel omw bot
00:12:15Kiel got ulty
00:12:23Kiel go rex?
00:12:23Kiel wood?
00:12:26Casberry ss
00:12:38Strom 3 belt of strength?
00:12:40Strom lol what is this
00:12:43Fxx. :-)
00:12:46Fxx. u will see :-)
00:12:52Kiel MOUSE GONE
00:12:59que2stress ehm
00:13:00Kiel wtf
00:13:01que2stress y
00:13:02Kiel my mouse died
00:13:04Kiel dnrghy
00:13:06que2stress i saw that
00:13:09Kiel omfg
00:13:12que2stress when i was totally lsot here :D
00:13:18Kiel sorry dude :S
00:13:18yeW- liked the vg buyin esa?
00:13:18yeW- :D
00:13:31ESA_93 : D
00:13:32ESA_93 y
00:13:33que2stress save
00:13:35que2stress magnus
00:13:40que2stress save hp mana and go
00:13:42que2stress with ur ult
00:13:46yeW- k go gang mate
00:13:48Kiel rdy
00:13:53ESA_93 jesus
00:13:54ESA_93 christ
00:13:56ESA_93 dog
00:13:57ESA_93 just
00:13:57yeW- ? :D
00:13:58ESA_93 farted
00:13:59yeW- haha
00:14:00yeW- lol
00:14:02ESA_93 and
00:14:02ESA_93 it
00:14:05ESA_93 smellls
00:14:06ESA_93 horrible
00:14:09yeW- bet it does
00:14:15Fxx. OMG
00:14:18Kiel blue
00:14:31Fxx. 30 sec gang me
00:14:35Fxx. my team 0 react :-)
00:14:42Kiel fkngthy
00:14:58que2stress did i already dtell you that u suck fxx?
00:15:30ESA_93 :--D
00:15:48yeW- he plays doom like me
00:15:48yeW- :d
00:15:50Kiel wtf
00:15:52Kiel mouse died again
00:15:54Kiel wtf is this
00:15:58Fxx. hmmm
00:16:00Fxx. haters :-)
00:16:31Fxx. spectre full mana , full hp
00:16:35ESA_93 jump
00:16:36ESA_93 jew
00:16:38ESA_93 nvm
00:16:39Fxx. no ulty+ kill 50 hp magina :-)
00:16:53Casberry fuck
00:17:15yeW- soz
00:17:17sebralane i have book
00:17:18yeW- first time spec
00:17:28Casberry what shoudl i get ?
00:17:31Casberry itemwise ?
00:17:32sebralane shiva
00:17:36sebralane book kills egg too?
00:17:39Strom get hex puck
00:17:45ESA_93 AGAIN
00:17:45ESA_93 jesus
00:17:49yeW- hm?
00:17:51yeW- dog ^^
00:17:51ESA_93 yuck
00:17:57que2stress def
00:18:01que2stress i ult
00:18:03que2stress magna stay back
00:18:05que2stress then u ult afte
00:18:10que2stress k?
00:18:11Kiel k
00:18:18Strom 3 bot
00:18:28Strom gang spec
00:18:32que2stress push
00:18:38que2stress when u see me dive
00:18:42Kiel y
00:18:42que2stress u run asap to ult
00:19:04Strom lol
00:19:09que2stress wp
00:19:15Kiel like a boss :D
00:19:31yeW- gj pros
00:19:59Kiel my mouse keeps dying O_o
00:20:05yeW- change usb
00:20:07Kiel its on a wire ffs
00:20:10Strom stun?
00:20:12sebralane cd
00:20:13Kiel i tried
00:20:15ESA_93 change wire
00:20:16Strom enam ei ole
00:20:17yeW- put it in ass
00:20:18Strom mien stuni
00:20:18Kiel i think its in the mouse
00:20:21Kiel lol
00:20:22yeW- :D
00:20:42yeW- <3
00:20:47ESA_93 his ulti wasnt even close..
00:20:49que2stress get diffu spec
00:20:49yeW- ye
00:20:50ESA_93 : D
00:20:52yeW- i will
00:20:56yeW- go that
00:20:58que2stress go mid
00:21:14Strom way way too little ganging going on
00:21:18Strom we'll lose this
00:21:22Strom unless you guys start ganging spe
00:21:26Strom spec
00:21:46Casberry ?
00:21:52yeW- tf
00:21:52yeW- :D
00:22:43ESA_93 go go
00:22:47yeW- ulti cd
00:23:10Casberry god ..
00:23:18que2stress easy
00:23:20Strom oh boy
00:23:21yeW- peesy
00:23:29Kiel push bot?
00:23:38que2stress y
00:23:51yeW- -ma
00:24:09Kiel lol @ basher abba
00:24:12Strom so doom
00:24:16Strom you pick that hero to counter phoenix
00:24:19Strom but farm to counter spec?
00:24:27que2stress we dont need abba
00:24:53Fxx. strom
00:25:01Fxx. phoenix purpose last hit my neutral
00:25:09Kiel noone cares.
00:25:09yeW- ol
00:25:15yeW- lmao
00:25:24Fxx. u must respect rules !
00:25:34Kiel u must learn respect first
00:25:39ESA_93 carry dazzle
00:25:39que2stress haha n1
00:25:40que2stress :D
00:25:52yeW- go that
00:25:53yeW- we got meda
00:26:01Tough b
00:26:01Tough b
00:26:04que2stress y
00:26:09Fxx. bubububub
00:26:30que2stress we win 4v5 :D
00:26:32Strom goooooooo?
00:26:38Strom ....
00:26:38Kiel i got ulty
00:26:41Kiel u too phoenix?
00:26:47Kiel nvm
00:26:47Kiel lol
00:26:57que2stress i got anti am
00:27:00que2stress lets go end this
00:27:08Kiel omg man
00:27:11Kiel mouse driving me insane
00:27:12Strom pcuk & pugna, get ghost scepter against spec
00:27:18que2stress fxx farm forest
00:27:21que2stress rest go push
00:27:23yeW- :d
00:27:30sebralane we def bottom?
00:27:35Strom no
00:27:37Strom def base
00:27:37que2stress i go ac next btw
00:28:04sebralane lol
00:28:07Tough wtf
00:28:07yeW- lol
00:28:09que2stress why tele
00:28:15ESA_93 deffing top
00:28:22Kiel mouse dead
00:28:22que2stress now we can tpush
00:28:28que2stress then i play u
00:28:29que2stress go mid
00:28:39Kiel move me base plz
00:28:44yeW- doen
00:28:44que2stress nah i fight
00:28:48Kiel :D
00:28:52Kiel k
00:29:13Kiel back again
00:29:24ESA_93 end
00:29:35Strom what happened to that "def base
00:30:05que2stress tow
00:30:10sebralane cd
00:30:14ESA_93 go
00:30:27ESA_93 GO
00:30:32que2stress wait my ult
00:30:34que2stress and all
00:30:55ESA_93 deny?
00:31:28que2stress k mid
00:31:42sebralane I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:46PinaryB I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:10ESA_93 end it
00:32:10ESA_93 cmon
00:32:18Kiel :<
00:32:34Kiel lol
00:32:36Kiel had so much money
00:32:40Kiel i could revive and buy dagger
00:32:42Kiel :p
00:32:48Kiel my ulty is rdy btw
00:32:50yeW- so pro :O
00:32:52que2stress go mid again
00:32:57Kiel uber pro!
00:34:17ESA_93 soon
00:34:19ESA_93 bot
00:34:20Casberry man that fucking phaseshift ... i dont play him enough to remember -.-
00:34:36Strom I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:45yeW- FXX SKILLS!!
00:34:47Tough I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:54Casberry I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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