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Chat log

00:00:16fUNCh can i solo mid with chen ?
00:00:16infect tahaks midagi funi melada
00:00:16infect solo mid chen
00:00:16infect i just a facepalm
00:00:16WantedZip CK
00:00:16creeeeeee why ban it
00:00:16atte what want
00:00:16creeeeeee if you have first pick
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY es/crix
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY :D
00:00:16que2stress so many heros
00:00:16WantedZip i want somethin else
00:00:16infect watcha want
00:00:16que2stress ban bs and lets go
00:00:16creeeeeee well ck is > anyway
00:00:16fUNCh mis võtad creo ?
00:00:16atte bs
00:00:16creeeeeee ei tea
00:00:17Vangelis who
00:00:17Vangelis can
00:00:18infect atte, why :(
00:00:18Vangelis veno
00:00:19extremewaari weaver?
00:00:24que2stress get me rubick
00:00:25infect was going imba bs
00:00:29atte dunno someone told me
00:00:30Vangelis WHO CAN VENO
00:00:31Vangelis atte
00:00:32Vangelis get
00:00:34atte who wanted es ?
00:00:34Vangelis him
00:00:35que2stress get rubick for me
00:00:36IamSoUnluckY me
00:00:37Vangelis rubick
00:00:37IamSoUnluckY es
00:00:39atte i can veno
00:00:39que2stress and es
00:00:41Vangelis rubick
00:00:42Vangelis for him
00:00:43infect anna sk
00:00:43que2stress rubicko
00:00:45infect sand
00:00:48extremewaari k
00:00:59atte so good heros in pool
00:00:59Vangelis sry
00:01:00Vangelis i play
00:01:01Vangelis this
00:01:05IamSoUnluckY go fu\
00:01:05creeeeeee veno anyone?
00:01:06IamSoUnluckY ok?
00:01:06atte dazzle puck veno
00:01:09que2stress take roof
00:01:09Vangelis go carry
00:01:12Vangelis i am so lucky
00:01:13que2stress what u want
00:01:13creeeeeee f
00:01:13Vangelis ?
00:01:14que2stress atte?
00:01:17Vangelis atte veno
00:01:20Vangelis atte wanted veno
00:01:21que2stress -swap 1
00:01:22atte -swap 3
00:01:27Vangelis go carry iamsounlucky
00:01:27extremewaari dazzle for me
00:01:29infect we need some range now
00:01:32infect dazzle wd
00:01:34infect cm kotl
00:01:36extremewaari dazzle
00:01:37Vangelis go fb
00:01:39Vangelis top
00:01:40extremewaari -swap 5
00:01:41infect -swap 2
00:01:43creeeeeee võta cm
00:01:44creeeeeee ja tule alla
00:01:45Vangelis fxx
00:01:48Vangelis roof if you are not lame
00:01:52Vangelis or wd
00:01:53Vangelis or sk
00:01:54Vangelis or luna
00:01:55Fxx. i never play this new roof
00:01:58que2stress easy
00:01:59infect get wards
00:01:59Vangelis new?
00:02:01infect for top
00:02:01Fxx. krobe ?
00:02:03que2stress just play ot
00:02:03WantedZip home alone :D
00:02:04Vangelis go luna or sk
00:02:05WantedZip AND PARTY
00:02:07Vangelis krobe fine
00:02:07Vangelis too
00:02:09que2stress need ,eöee
00:02:11que2stress melee
00:02:11IamSoUnluckY call me on party?
00:02:12IamSoUnluckY :D
00:02:13que2stress get roof
00:02:16WantedZip u are WELCOME
00:02:19infect u just said you had sex with gf
00:02:19WantedZip Danmark
00:02:22creeeeeee 1 lvl nova ja tine lvl frost
00:02:22IamSoUnluckY kk
00:02:22infect like 5 mins ago
00:02:22IamSoUnluckY :D
00:02:23WantedZip zipcode 1911
00:02:24creeeeeee ja lvl 2 tapame
00:02:33Vangelis fb
00:02:34Vangelis top
00:02:35atte i need to boot router
00:02:35WantedZip SHE HAD TO GO ?
00:02:35fUNCh rogetr
00:02:40WantedZip DIDNT U READ U TARD?
00:02:40creeeeeee nova first
00:02:41Vangelis do it fast
00:02:42WantedZip AND BTW
00:02:42Vangelis atte
00:02:42infect :(
00:02:42WantedZip NON OF UR BUS :P
00:02:42creeeeeee siis stunnin mina kui lähedal olen
00:02:42que2stress so
00:02:42creeeeeee siis frost
00:02:42que2stress u only have
00:02:42infect atte goes plug
00:02:42Fxx. what he said ?
00:02:42infect :(
00:02:42Fxx. he need boot
00:02:42que2stress 3 min sex duration?
00:02:42Fxx. router ?
00:02:42Fxx. so
00:02:42WantedZip u counted ?
00:02:42Fxx. its end ?
00:02:42WantedZip :O
00:02:42infect we did
00:02:42infect we were all
00:02:42infect cheering for u
00:02:42que2stress u said u want
00:02:42que2stress sex BEFORE your gf
00:02:42que2stress what does this mean actually?
00:02:42WantedZip Que too much solo sex at ur place ?
00:02:42Fxx. i think , he dont came back
00:02:42Fxx. come back
00:02:42Fxx. so , its rmk
00:02:42que2stress i just wonder
00:02:46WantedZip take my strong HAND ATTE
00:02:46Fxx. hmm
00:02:53Fxx. how u can rejoin ?
00:02:54extremewaari atte smoke´? :P
00:02:55que2stress what is the interest having sex before your gf
00:02:56Fxx. when u leave ?
00:03:01infect :D
00:03:04infect .D:d
00:03:08atte boot router
00:03:11creeeeeee nova sul v?
00:03:15WantedZip u are to BORED Que :P
00:03:17Vangelis i pull
00:03:18Vangelis and then
00:03:18creeeeeee võib ju proovida midagi
00:03:19IamSoUnluckY guys
00:03:20Fxx. where is 3. on 1.blood ?
00:03:20Vangelis we try fb
00:03:26que2stress no i just usuallyhave sex at the same time than my gf
00:03:29que2stress and no before
00:03:34IamSoUnluckY any1 know who is the slowest hero without boots?
00:03:39que2stress invoker
00:03:41Vangelis pull
00:03:42Vangelis warded
00:04:17IamSoUnluckY man
00:04:19IamSoUnluckY ty
00:04:22que2stress np
00:04:22infect soz
00:04:23IamSoUnluckY go farm
00:04:25infect was @ laptop :D
00:05:25atte weavber bot
00:05:53infect we pro
00:06:13infect ssses
00:06:15infect ss es
00:06:19infect and luna
00:06:20creeeeeee killed him bot
00:06:21creeeeeee already
00:06:31extremewaari top ss 2
00:07:09Vangelis fxx
00:07:10Vangelis :DD
00:07:13Fxx. :(
00:07:25IamSoUnluckY ss cm
00:07:30infect gj
00:07:35infect some1 will plug :D
00:07:36atte die
00:07:37atte rofl
00:07:38Vangelis as usual
00:07:45Vangelis i pick good
00:07:47Vangelis and atte start
00:07:48Vangelis feed
00:07:54extremewaari next
00:07:57atte we pretty even in gold
00:07:59atte with weaver
00:08:02Fxx. ss
00:08:05infect not this
00:08:07infect after
00:08:09extremewaari y
00:08:32Fxx. still ss
00:08:36fUNCh -ms
00:08:48infect ;:D:D
00:08:48creeeeeee lol
00:08:53creeeeeee 13:2
00:08:57atte wtf he just playing megabad
00:08:58atte rly
00:08:59atte :DD
00:09:11Vangelis best lunas
00:09:12infect luna can only spell farm :D
00:09:14Vangelis get cs with nuke
00:09:23atte i mean weaver
00:09:23extremewaari again :p
00:09:26infect :P
00:09:32Fxx. better idea
00:09:39Fxx. vs dazzle + sk with cm aura ?
00:09:40atte ss
00:09:41atte weaver
00:10:06IamSoUnluckY ss cm
00:10:12infect let me get 1 kill
00:10:14infect for mana
00:10:15atte orly
00:10:16infect boots
00:10:16atte :DDD
00:10:19extremewaari k
00:10:28infect ss es
00:10:40extremewaari top ss
00:10:57Fxx. ss 3 up
00:11:00fUNCh oot nata
00:11:01fUNCh combo jaoks
00:11:23fUNCh ss2 bot
00:11:26WantedZip atte lost it ?
00:11:28atte nah
00:11:30atte having fun
00:11:31que2stress like always
00:11:38creeeeeee 1re bot
00:11:39Vangelis for 1 s
00:11:40Vangelis i forgot
00:11:41infect atte doesnt lose games
00:11:42infect ffs
00:11:51atte unexpected
00:11:51Vangelis why i shouldn't pick clinkz
00:11:56atte the early suicide of you
00:12:06IamSoUnluckY efrbtgrfsdsbtgenh
00:12:20IamSoUnluckY i go for my joint
00:12:36Fxx. best
00:12:38Fxx. what u can do
00:12:39Fxx. this game
00:12:40Fxx. :-)
00:12:48IamSoUnluckY no no
00:12:50infect wari
00:12:52IamSoUnluckY rubic will do all
00:12:52atte btw
00:12:53infect ward the map
00:12:54atte we win this game
00:12:58infect and lets ghunt
00:13:00Vangelis 2:18
00:13:00Vangelis are
00:13:01Vangelis you
00:13:02que2stress easily
00:13:02Vangelis a ret
00:13:07que2stress with luna pick so easy
00:13:08que2stress :D
00:13:14creeeeeee 2ss bot
00:13:17Fxx. u said
00:13:18Fxx. pick it
00:13:21Fxx. i wanna prophet
00:13:21que2stress i said
00:13:22que2stress pick roof
00:13:37IamSoUnluckY cent dagger in 2,3 mins
00:14:07infect omgzzzz
00:14:09infect soz guys
00:14:13Fxx. rubick
00:14:15Fxx. steal my ulty :-)
00:14:16infect 5 tops :_d
00:15:32infect dagger tee
00:15:34infect :)
00:16:02IamSoUnluckY this slow
00:16:05IamSoUnluckY is shit
00:16:05IamSoUnluckY a
00:16:10IamSoUnluckY gate that dazle
00:16:12que2stress u mean ur brain?
00:17:17fUNCh grafcfe ?
00:17:38Fxx. and now u go 1vs5 ?
00:17:45Fxx. wp veno
00:17:47atte hellooooo
00:17:50WantedZip ^^
00:17:51infect :d
00:17:52atte yeah well
00:17:55atte well
00:18:13atte that dazzle
00:18:32Fxx. we loosing vs 4
00:19:05WantedZip cent
00:19:10WantedZip join us soon plx :D
00:19:44atte :((
00:19:45infect dagger
00:19:49infect a must
00:20:36fUNCh heal
00:21:19atte ulti was cd
00:21:38infect top also
00:21:39creeeeeee that tower is like half hp
00:21:39infect pushing
00:21:40fUNCh meka ready
00:22:01fUNCh haste bot
00:22:46atte np kill him
00:22:50atte gj
00:22:58atte heheheh
00:23:04atte b
00:23:15atte or
00:23:16atte rororrororo
00:24:30atte oke
00:25:08Vangelis no tp
00:25:09Vangelis gg
00:25:10extremewaari xD
00:25:12Fxx. su
00:25:16Fxx. 0 : 40 es
00:25:19Fxx. with 0 item
00:25:32infect b
00:25:40infect dagger tuleb
00:25:52fUNCh -ms
00:25:55fUNCh -ms
00:26:29infect cent
00:26:31creeeeeee y
00:26:32que2stress dagger
00:26:33que2stress imc
00:26:33infect tuled ka :d
00:27:27atte rofl
00:27:53Fxx. hate this gaem
00:28:00atte :DD
00:28:01Fxx. atte , vangelis , purpose loosing this game
00:28:16atte WOP WOP
00:28:17infect weaver
00:28:19infect u got creeps
00:28:20infect :)
00:28:22atte WOPWOP
00:28:59atte rosh all in push and ff
00:29:00atte go
00:29:09IamSoUnluckY :D
00:29:59atte care
00:30:13atte XD
00:30:14fUNCh ::D:D::D:D:D:D:D
00:30:17atte XD
00:30:18WantedZip ^^
00:30:19infect 0,1 sec
00:30:20atte :DD
00:30:21infect too soon
00:30:23infect so fucking nice
00:30:24infect :D
00:30:49atte gogogogogooggogo
00:30:50infect dazzle
00:30:54infect go get urself a solo kill
00:30:56infect :D
00:31:09que2stress we can def mid
00:31:13infect lets get a entry
00:31:14atte y
00:31:15infect and rax
00:31:16Vangelis reuse
00:31:17atte sure
00:31:25extremewaari ca
00:31:27extremewaari 1
00:31:28extremewaari re
00:31:41atte hi
00:32:05que2stress lun adef top
00:32:10Vangelis b
00:32:21atte npnp
00:32:28atte ibuy
00:32:32creeeeeee do that
00:32:32infect k
00:32:41Vangelis def
00:32:42Vangelis bot
00:32:48atte glyph also
00:33:04atte i tp
00:33:18creeeeeee woo got tower :D
00:33:30WantedZip OMG
00:33:31infect :D
00:33:32infect wtf
00:33:32atte hi
00:33:35infect did u do :P
00:33:38infect es killed us
00:33:39que2stress luna famr
00:33:39WantedZip :D
00:33:40Vangelis rosh
00:33:40Vangelis fast
00:33:42infect we were so together
00:33:42infect :D
00:33:43Vangelis rosh
00:33:45que2stress k
00:33:48WantedZip i dont care
00:33:51WantedZip party tonight :D'
00:33:52Vangelis need all
00:33:53Vangelis ....
00:33:53infect tee bkb
00:33:54WantedZip :P
00:33:56WantedZip weeeeeeee
00:33:57infect fucnh
00:34:01fUNCh not
00:34:03Vangelis k nvm then
00:34:03infect miks
00:34:06infect killer cm
00:34:10infect seisab ultiga
00:34:12infect kõik surevad
00:34:39que2stress epic :D
00:34:47IamSoUnluckY you could push bot
00:34:52IamSoUnluckY we cold take twr
00:34:56atte we could just rosh lol
00:34:56Vangelis cold
00:34:58Vangelis not feed
00:35:07que2stress we must turtle
00:35:19infect moneyzzz
00:35:24atte caree
00:36:02infect rax
00:36:13infect weaver
00:36:17infect rax please
00:36:18infect ty
00:36:19atte viper
00:36:22atte take dazzle lol
00:36:33infect rax
00:36:34infect please
00:36:52atte ei vittu
00:36:53infect rax
00:36:54infect please
00:36:56atte EI VITTU
00:37:03atte toi hero on kyl perseest'
00:37:21atte /22 armor
00:37:24atte -22
00:38:58infect urn :)
00:39:00infect ty
00:39:32infect wait for cent :)
00:39:59Fxx. still 0 dust ?
00:40:57infect k
00:40:58creeeeeee always
00:40:58infect :D
00:40:59creeeeeee that
00:40:59creeeeeee es
00:41:00creeeeeee :D
00:41:18infect fxx goes wraith master again
00:41:20infect :DD:
00:41:31atte :D
00:41:36infect lets get rosh?
00:41:45que2stress y
00:41:46atte roShAn
00:41:49atte get sentry
00:41:52atte no money
00:41:55Vangelis LUNA
00:41:56Vangelis we need
00:41:57que2stress no room
00:41:58Vangelis your dps
00:42:03Vangelis at rosh
00:42:07Fxx. rosh is fail
00:42:10extremewaari they go rosh now
00:42:10atte :DD
00:42:11atte come
00:42:14que2stress sentires
00:42:16que2stress u plant
00:42:21Vangelis regen
00:42:22Vangelis for
00:42:23Vangelis lunma
00:42:28que2stress LUNA
00:42:28infect weaver
00:42:29infect go
00:42:30infect use
00:42:31infect wave
00:42:33infect `????
00:42:37IamSoUnluckY shell we?
00:42:37Fxx. they inc
00:42:43atte b
00:43:13Fxx. as i said
00:43:15Fxx. rosh was
00:43:20Fxx. epic error !
00:43:21infect go bot
00:43:22infect to mid
00:43:26atte :DDDDDDDDDD
00:43:37atte everything is fail if your react time is 10sec
00:43:46infect feilisin ulti jälle :D
00:43:51fUNCh noobide asi
00:43:55Fxx. go feed another atte
00:43:58atte :D
00:43:59Fxx. and flame me
00:44:11atte well more likely you to feed next game than me
00:44:22creeeeeee ES incomiiiiing
00:44:28creeeeeee :D
00:44:37atte gg
00:44:51Vangelis b
00:44:52Vangelis i buy
00:44:53Vangelis agha
00:45:00Vangelis gg cant
00:45:02Vangelis cd o nmana boots
00:45:15Vangelis plz
00:45:27atte go buy
00:45:29atte we turtle
00:45:31que2stress have ult of cm
00:45:46atte i bait
00:45:57atte boooring
00:46:00atte focus
00:47:11Fxx. wp sent
00:47:16IamSoUnluckY I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:18atte I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:47:20Fxx. "wp atte. vangelis" at start
00:47:22Fxx. I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:47:28atte :D
00:47:30Vangelis fxx
00:47:32Vangelis you were
00:47:34Vangelis horrible on lane
00:47:40que2stress I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:47:42infect oh yes :D
00:47:45atte obv me dominating mid
00:47:50infect gg
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