Game #3182097

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+37 X
-3 TS

87% | 1515 X | 1439 TS

-8 X
-2 TS

80% | 1433 X | 1420 TS

-51 X
-3 TS

75% | 1343 X | 1485 TS

-18 X
-4 TS

56% | 1220 X | 1363 TS

+5 X
-6 TS

50% | 1190 X | 1317 TS

+9 X
+3 TS

90% | 1553 X | 1492 TS

+6 X
+3 TS

78% | 1381 X | 1433 TS

-5 X
+2 TS

71% | 1362 X | 1345 TS

+15 X
+10 TS

64% | 1267 X | 1355 TS

+18 X
+2 TS

55% | 1182 X | 1394 TS

Chat log

00:00:12BeSt0ned furion! :D
00:00:15NwC.CooL-T ????? ????
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T ??????
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T roof
00:00:16Kanpu3a ffff
00:00:16Kanpu3a ??? ?????
00:00:16Lafrenzz tough
00:00:16Lafrenzz mind i go mid
00:00:16Kanpu3a ??????? ??? ????
00:00:16Tough well
00:00:16Kanpu3a ?????
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T ??? ?? ?????
00:00:16BeSt0ned hope he pick magina :D then we can take furion
00:00:16Kanpu3a ?? 100500 ?????
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T ??? ?????? ???? ????
00:00:16BeSt0ned ban lycan ;)
00:00:16Lafrenzz pwned with OD last game >_>
00:00:16Tough lycan
00:00:16Kanpu3a ? ??? ??????? ?????? ????
00:00:22Skinkemaden LOL ... ES PWNED
00:00:22Tough get furi
00:00:22Kanpu3a ???? ??? ??!
00:00:25BeSt0ned able to get furion?
00:00:26Lafrenzz xD
00:00:26Tough i get naix
00:00:30Lafrenzz k
00:00:32Lafrenzz i mid
00:00:32BeSt0ned lafrenzz?
00:00:34BeSt0ned >_>
00:00:38BeSt0ned why
00:00:39Tough wtf
00:00:41BeSt0ned this :D
00:00:42Lafrenzz cuz
00:00:42BeSt0ned damn
00:00:43Lafrenzz pro
00:00:45j22koer :D
00:00:46BeSt0ned but
00:00:49BeSt0ned take furion
00:00:51BeSt0ned and swap -.-
00:00:56NwC.CooL-T enigma
00:00:57BeSt0ned damn
00:00:57BeSt0ned y
00:00:59NwC.CooL-T sk
00:01:00Lafrenzz will play carry silencer
00:01:00BeSt0ned we get pwned
00:01:03Lafrenzz get stunners
00:01:04BeSt0ned wow
00:01:05Lafrenzz SK
00:01:06Tough get sk
00:01:08Tough lion
00:01:08Lafrenzz and get doom
00:01:09Tough magna
00:01:11Lafrenzz for AM
00:01:11Tough or engima
00:01:13Lafrenzz get doom
00:01:14Lafrenzz for am
00:01:16Tough SK AND LION!
00:01:19NwC.CooL-T stupid pick
00:01:24MYuksel ye we noobs
00:01:32NwC.CooL-T i know we fucking noobs
00:01:38NwC.CooL-T pussyfuckers
00:01:45Lafrenzz dazzle or lion now
00:01:48MYuksel iam solo top btw
00:01:48Skinkemaden get supporter noW !!!
00:01:49Tough now its gg
00:01:49BeSt0ned -.-
00:01:50j22koer dazzel
00:01:51j22koer take
00:01:51BeSt0ned silencer
00:01:52BeSt0ned wow
00:01:53BeSt0ned ffs
00:01:53NwC.CooL-T you go both
00:01:54j22koer suppot
00:01:57Tough well
00:01:57Lafrenzz its not GG
00:01:58NwC.CooL-T and pudge
00:01:58Rotkiv and iam solo mid
00:01:58Lafrenzz trust me
00:01:59MYuksel lol ?
00:02:01BeSt0ned y
00:02:02BeSt0ned gr8
00:02:02NwC.CooL-T or ill report you
00:02:05BeSt0ned lost a fruion
00:02:06Kanpu3a )
00:02:06NwC.CooL-T and ban
00:02:07BeSt0ned comon dude
00:02:07Tough lion to me
00:02:11Lafrenzz fuck furion
00:02:11Kanpu3a ?? ????!
00:02:13MYuksel enigma no woods btw so fu
00:02:13Kanpu3a he make
00:02:14Kanpu3a !
00:02:14Tough fuck off
00:02:14Lafrenzz lowbob hero
00:02:16Tough furion is shit
00:02:16Skinkemaden i go bot solo
00:02:18BeSt0ned awesome
00:02:20NwC.CooL-T ill report you
00:02:21Tough su
00:02:22Tough luci
00:02:22MYuksel go
00:02:26Smell.this.ass mikail bliv i skoven lad mig solo
00:02:27j22koer :D
00:02:27NwC.CooL-T if you dont go bot
00:02:27Skinkemaden naix Woods ?
00:02:28Tough LUCI TIP
00:02:30Tough TOP
00:02:31Tough nah
00:02:33Skinkemaden omfg
00:02:34BeSt0ned luci
00:02:35Skinkemaden cmon ?
00:02:38BeSt0ned cptn
00:02:38j22koer well i think that silecer beats furi eny time
00:02:38MYuksel i go woods
00:02:39Tough naix woods fail
00:02:40BeSt0ned told
00:02:40Skinkemaden CRIX AND DOOM LANE ?
00:02:41Tough go top
00:02:43Lafrenzz will do
00:02:44Skinkemaden THATS fail
00:02:44BeSt0ned wow
00:02:44Lafrenzz trust me
00:02:44Tough works
00:02:45NwC.CooL-T pudge go bot
00:02:46BeSt0ned and?
00:02:48NwC.CooL-T ???? ????
00:02:48MYuksel kom lad os tjekke woods hvis de kommer
00:02:49Tough why u randomed?
00:02:50BeSt0ned furion is so awesome -___-
00:02:51MYuksel stfu
00:02:52MYuksel idiot
00:02:53Kanpu3a z [ezh.)
00:02:53Tough u should pick eni or something
00:02:59Smell.this.ass nej bare vent til jeg lvl 5
00:03:00Lafrenzz ok play
00:03:00NwC.CooL-T su noob
00:03:01Lafrenzz and we win
00:03:02Lafrenzz trust me
00:03:03Smell.this.ass så ganger vi
00:03:05NwC.CooL-T pudge
00:03:08NwC.CooL-T banreqest
00:03:13MYuksel iam woods
00:03:19MYuksel why pick enigma when iam woods
00:03:19BeSt0ned i pull?
00:03:24Tough y
00:03:35Smell.this.ass bare bliv top jeg går ned
00:03:36BeSt0ned ward
00:03:46NwC.CooL-T furi
00:03:55MYuksel =
00:04:01Tough wp
00:04:02BeSt0ned sry
00:04:04Tough np
00:04:07BeSt0ned tryed 2 bloc
00:04:22NwC.CooL-T gz furi i report you
00:04:27MYuksel want 3 bot ?
00:04:28MYuksel or what ?
00:04:29MYuksel idiots
00:04:32MYuksel so stfu
00:04:36NwC.CooL-T okay
00:04:42NwC.CooL-T you banned 1day
00:04:49MYuksel k admin
00:05:00NwC.CooL-T sure
00:05:08NwC.CooL-T i ask this Strom
00:05:11NwC.CooL-T well see
00:05:46MYuksel can u stun enigma ?
00:05:51Kanpu3a y
00:05:56BeSt0ned n1
00:05:57Tough gj
00:07:00NwC.CooL-T ??? ?? ??? ?? 5-?
00:07:37Tough wait
00:07:46Tough wait
00:07:48Tough chill
00:07:58Tough next creep wave
00:08:05BeSt0ned who?
00:08:26Lafrenzz share chick
00:08:26Skinkemaden furi
00:08:30Skinkemaden enig
00:08:43Lafrenzz SHARE CHICK
00:08:56NwC.CooL-T ?? ?? ???
00:09:02BeSt0ned lol sry
00:09:14NwC.CooL-T ???? ???????
00:09:21Kanpu3a ???? ???
00:09:26j22koer OU
00:09:26Lafrenzz dont plug
00:09:26MYuksel nice
00:09:26Lafrenzz srlsy
00:09:26Kanpu3a ???
00:09:26MYuksel i knew it
00:09:26NwC.CooL-T ??? ? ??????? ?????? ???
00:09:26Lafrenzz LOL
00:09:26NwC.CooL-T ????? ????
00:09:26Kanpu3a ??
00:09:30MYuksel D
00:09:32Kanpu3a ????? ???
00:09:35Kanpu3a 30 ???
00:09:43BeSt0ned you farm nice silencer
00:09:47Lafrenzz got 30 cs
00:09:52Rotkiv lionss
00:10:03Tough upograde chick pl
00:10:09Kanpu3a ??,
00:10:11Kanpu3a ?
00:10:18Tough pls
00:10:21Tough iporade
00:10:23Tough thx
00:10:30Lafrenzz bah
00:10:32Lafrenzz fucking enigma
00:10:36NwC.CooL-T ???
00:10:47NwC.CooL-T ???
00:10:47Lafrenzz ss
00:11:19Rotkiv heh
00:11:22Tough wp
00:11:24Tough btw
00:11:26MYuksel noob
00:11:30NwC.CooL-T ???? ??? ?????
00:11:32MYuksel he ocme after 10 min
00:11:44NwC.CooL-T ??????
00:11:54Kanpu3a ??
00:11:55Kanpu3a ?????
00:12:00Skinkemaden ss 2 top
00:12:01Skinkemaden care
00:12:20Lafrenzz omfg
00:12:25Lafrenzz u got bitches on u
00:12:39Skinkemaden no doom
00:12:48Kanpu3a ?????
00:12:49Lafrenzz ss 2
00:12:58Kanpu3a ??????
00:13:00Kanpu3a go
00:13:03Kanpu3a more
00:13:17Smell.this.ass omm
00:13:36j22koer how about thoese wards?
00:13:39j22koer yhose
00:13:43Rotkiv gang naix
00:13:53Lafrenzz god man
00:13:58Lafrenzz this fucking enigma
00:14:00Lafrenzz sucking balls on AM
00:14:03j22koer :D
00:14:04j22koer ahah
00:14:07Lafrenzz now 3 free kills
00:14:11j22koer relax
00:14:13Lafrenzz no
00:14:14Skinkemaden ss 4
00:14:25BeSt0ned sry
00:14:27Tough np
00:14:27Kanpu3a kbjyf
00:14:28Lafrenzz so someone gank mid aswell ?
00:14:31NwC.CooL-T ??
00:14:36Rotkiv why7no7gang7obt7..7
00:14:41Kanpu3a ???
00:14:42Kanpu3a ???
00:14:58Lafrenzz omw bot
00:15:05Lafrenzz go
00:15:05Tough gj
00:15:06Kanpu3a ???
00:15:09NwC.CooL-T ???? ?? ????
00:15:14MYuksel pro
00:15:17Kanpu3a ? ?? ????? ??? ?? ???????
00:15:18Kanpu3a ?????
00:15:25NwC.CooL-T ? ???? ??? ????? ?? 2 ?????
00:15:41Kanpu3a ??
00:15:54Kanpu3a ???
00:15:56NwC.CooL-T ?? ???
00:15:56Kanpu3a fur
00:17:01Rotkiv 3 bot
00:17:19Tough opusb ot
00:17:27Skinkemaden sry
00:17:27BeSt0ned -.-
00:17:28Rotkiv 3 bot
00:17:47NwC.CooL-T ???
00:17:48MYuksel hvorfor spiller du sådan ?
00:17:56Skinkemaden pudge there
00:18:23BeSt0ned n1
00:18:25Tough gj <3
00:18:27j22koer gj
00:18:29BeSt0ned xD
00:18:36Kanpu3a zzzz
00:20:12Skinkemaden LIION
00:20:13Kanpu3a oO
00:20:14Skinkemaden STUN F?!?
00:20:14BeSt0ned this luci -_-
00:20:16BeSt0ned y
00:20:17Skinkemaden SHEEOP ?
00:20:18BeSt0ned go in
00:20:19Skinkemaden something?
00:20:20Skinkemaden lol ?
00:20:20BeSt0ned she just got ulti
00:20:22Skinkemaden fu ?
00:20:26Skinkemaden so fucking What+
00:20:29Skinkemaden u could save me cunt
00:20:30BeSt0ned 0/4
00:20:31Skinkemaden go die
00:20:33Skinkemaden nap
00:20:41BeSt0ned 0/4 rage xD
00:20:47Skinkemaden keep talking ...
00:21:05Skinkemaden bot
00:21:10NwC.CooL-T ???? ???? ????
00:21:12NwC.CooL-T ?????
00:21:32Lafrenzz omw
00:21:37Tough OWND
00:21:41MYuksel luck
00:21:55Kanpu3a bb
00:21:59BeSt0ned WTF
00:22:05Skinkemaden pussys
00:22:05BeSt0ned this guy dioing
00:22:16BeSt0ned leave pls?
00:22:25Skinkemaden suck it chicken buyer
00:22:35BeSt0ned 0/4/1 you just did 1 assist
00:22:36Skinkemaden buy Wards bitch
00:22:41BeSt0ned y hard boy
00:22:57BeSt0ned yea
00:23:25MYuksel he farm so good
00:23:29Lafrenzz dont go
00:23:45BeSt0ned furion fuck us ;)
00:23:57Skinkemaden ofc mr boots
00:24:02Lafrenzz forcestaff rdy
00:24:17Kanpu3a bbb
00:24:21MYuksel hoo
00:24:50NwC.CooL-T ??
00:24:50j22koer y
00:24:50j22koer we need taht
00:24:50j22koer That
00:24:55BeSt0ned luci
00:24:56BeSt0ned get lvl
00:24:57BeSt0ned damn
00:25:27NwC.CooL-T ??? ????
00:25:30BeSt0ned ?
00:25:31Skinkemaden gather
00:25:33Lafrenzz gaterh
00:25:42j22koer got my blink btw
00:25:49Skinkemaden gather at river
00:26:01Skinkemaden no go Without naix
00:26:07BeSt0ned dont go...
00:26:13Tough all b pls
00:26:16Lafrenzz no
00:26:17Lafrenzz 2 bot
00:26:22Lafrenzz get tower
00:26:27Rotkiv def top?
00:26:32MYuksel ye
00:26:58MYuksel b
00:26:59MYuksel enigma
00:27:11Kanpu3a ups
00:27:46BeSt0ned thx for kill^^ got my dagger
00:27:52j22koer sweet
00:28:00MYuksel ulti
00:28:09Tough go
00:28:12NwC.CooL-T silince
00:28:12BeSt0ned what you doom
00:28:13Lafrenzz no
00:28:18Skinkemaden su and go lion
00:28:19Kanpu3a go nbot
00:28:30Lafrenzz wait for crix
00:28:34MYuksel silence
00:28:41Lafrenzz god
00:29:00j22koer b
00:29:01Skinkemaden b
00:29:25BeSt0ned go in lucy :D
00:29:26BeSt0ned y
00:29:37BeSt0ned stun
00:29:37Smell.this.ass b
00:29:39BeSt0ned he got no blink
00:29:46Smell.this.ass oom
00:29:50Lafrenzz ...
00:29:51NwC.CooL-T ???? ?????
00:29:55Kanpu3a dct
00:29:56Kanpu3a ???
00:29:57Tough b
00:29:59Kanpu3a ???
00:30:25BeSt0ned silencer
00:30:27BeSt0ned i trust you
00:30:27MYuksel basher bitch
00:30:28Lafrenzz y sry
00:30:30BeSt0ned and now? >__>
00:30:33Lafrenzz nah sry
00:30:35BeSt0ned y
00:30:35Lafrenzz was bad there
00:30:36BeSt0ned sry
00:30:37BeSt0ned wow
00:30:39BeSt0ned y
00:30:39BeSt0ned y
00:30:42Lafrenzz WHAT
00:30:52j22koer :D
00:30:55Lafrenzz crix
00:30:56Lafrenzz why
00:30:58j22koer straichgt
00:30:58Lafrenzz just why
00:31:03Kanpu3a ???
00:31:04NwC.CooL-T ????
00:31:08NwC.CooL-T ?????
00:31:09j22koer tought we had lucy lion
00:31:11j22koer all the gang
00:31:18Skinkemaden i Wasnt event ehre
00:31:21j22koer y
00:31:26j22koer you wasnt
00:31:32j22koer i saw wrong
00:31:37BeSt0ned give that push
00:31:38BeSt0ned ffs
00:31:46BeSt0ned silencer > furion xDDDDD
00:31:55Skinkemaden i doom magina
00:32:11BeSt0ned naix
00:32:12BeSt0ned eat in sk
00:32:14Smell.this.ass lol
00:32:15NwC.CooL-T ?
00:32:16NwC.CooL-T b
00:33:12Rotkiv enigma why not share
00:33:21Skinkemaden smoke ?
00:33:25j22koer good idea
00:33:27MYuksel steal
00:33:29Smell.this.ass magina farm
00:33:29MYuksel ban re7
00:33:30Skinkemaden gather mid
00:33:36Skinkemaden naix
00:33:37Skinkemaden come
00:33:38Skinkemaden lion
00:33:41MYuksel go away
00:33:41MYuksel enigma
00:33:45MYuksel ban re7g
00:33:46Skinkemaden lion
00:33:47Skinkemaden come on
00:33:51Skinkemaden go Wodos?
00:33:54Skinkemaden Naix cmon
00:33:55BeSt0ned chill need mna
00:34:02Skinkemaden Woods
00:34:04Skinkemaden or mid?
00:34:10NwC.CooL-T ?
00:34:14Skinkemaden Woods
00:34:21NwC.CooL-T ulty
00:34:48Tough check
00:35:09Kanpu3a pfff
00:35:14Kanpu3a wht u doing
00:35:15MYuksel 1by1
00:35:16Rotkiv why we didnt go
00:35:16Kanpu3a idiots
00:35:25Rotkiv after rosh .. i though we go ffs
00:35:30BeSt0ned stop eating range creeps
00:35:35Rotkiv i dindt even ntoice you went b
00:35:35Skinkemaden just for u
00:35:38j22koer ;D
00:35:42BeSt0ned what a
00:35:51Kanpu3a w8
00:35:57Lafrenzz bot
00:35:58j22koer ?
00:35:59Kanpu3a ?
00:35:59Skinkemaden enigma free
00:36:09NwC.CooL-T all
00:36:11NwC.CooL-T come on
00:36:27Kanpu3a meat
00:36:29MYuksel omg ?
00:36:46j22koer oom
00:36:49j22koer badly
00:36:49Lafrenzz b
00:36:49Skinkemaden b
00:36:50BeSt0ned b
00:37:23j22koer wow
00:37:32Lafrenzz kill him
00:37:34Lafrenzz stay
00:37:58Kanpu3a meat
00:38:02Kanpu3a go teampaly
00:38:04Lafrenzz thought u had ulti
00:38:08BeSt0ned used on magina
00:38:12Rotkiv tnx
00:38:13BeSt0ned btw you can check my ulti
00:38:13Lafrenzz got orchid now
00:38:15MYuksel np
00:38:22BeSt0ned jsut click on me xDD
00:38:43BeSt0ned $
00:39:04NwC.CooL-T ?? ????
00:39:07MYuksel go i got shep
00:39:18Lafrenzz orchid rdy
00:39:21Tough wp
00:39:22MYuksel lolzlzlzl
00:39:29Skinkemaden smoke again?
00:39:31BeSt0ned smoke again
00:39:33Tough y
00:39:33j22koer sure
00:39:34Lafrenzz gather
00:39:37Tough wait
00:39:39Tough need to def top
00:39:39Skinkemaden Woods
00:39:42Tough WAIT
00:39:42BeSt0ned 4x wards @ chicken
00:39:43Tough B
00:39:43Skinkemaden after naix
00:39:47Rotkiv nop
00:39:50Skinkemaden i got Wards
00:39:58Skinkemaden smoke Woods
00:40:01Smell.this.ass lets gang
00:40:01Skinkemaden our Woods
00:40:05Tough b
00:40:07Skinkemaden after def
00:40:14Lafrenzz we are stonger in def
00:40:20MYuksel hook
00:40:23Skinkemaden noW ?
00:40:38MYuksel gogo
00:41:02Skinkemaden MAGINA HP !?
00:41:04BeSt0ned rly bad
00:41:43MYuksel i tp
00:42:09Rotkiv b?=
00:42:10NwC.CooL-T ?
00:42:11NwC.CooL-T b
00:42:17MYuksel gj
00:42:47BeSt0ned plant wards
00:42:53Skinkemaden sure
00:42:54j22koer give
00:42:58j22koer il go
00:43:02Skinkemaden i go
00:43:03j22koer sure
00:43:04Skinkemaden just def
00:43:09Skinkemaden dosnt matter if i die
00:44:00NwC.CooL-T pro pudge
00:44:09NwC.CooL-T all time prohook
00:44:16MYuksel he cant tank
00:44:23NwC.CooL-T furi
00:44:25NwC.CooL-T go both bd
00:44:31Tough lucy
00:44:32MYuksel i dont bd
00:44:35Skinkemaden yeps
00:44:35BeSt0ned luci goes
00:44:37NwC.CooL-T ulty
00:44:39NwC.CooL-T krob
00:44:46Skinkemaden n1 pudge
00:44:50MYuksel 15sec
00:44:51NwC.CooL-T PRO!
00:45:01Lafrenzz b
00:45:12Tough we cant
00:45:14Tough they will gang us
00:45:17BeSt0ned fake?
00:45:18Tough b
00:45:19BeSt0ned fake
00:45:27NwC.CooL-T hook
00:45:30BeSt0ned no rosh ward?
00:45:31MYuksel bitch
00:45:33MYuksel Got agha
00:45:34BeSt0ned but 2?
00:45:35Lafrenzz rosh now
00:45:38Skinkemaden ofc ?
00:45:45j22koer manan
00:45:50j22koer mana
00:45:51j22koer m,mabn
00:45:51Skinkemaden i need regen
00:45:54j22koer ffs
00:45:59NwC.CooL-T ulty
00:46:17BeSt0ned xD
00:46:19BeSt0ned i stuck
00:46:36Skinkemaden im coming
00:46:46Tough fweuäföwuef
00:46:47Tough FÖUOewghifuweögfuwe
00:46:53Tough Creep won it
00:46:56BeSt0ned luchy why bf?
00:47:10Skinkemaden hp, dmg
00:47:22BeSt0ned silencer need bkb
00:47:24Skinkemaden better to defend vs furi trees
00:47:24Kanpu3a ???? ????
00:47:32Kanpu3a regen
00:47:36Kanpu3a bot
00:47:52Lafrenzz ...
00:48:04NwC.CooL-T ??
00:48:10NwC.CooL-T b
00:48:26j22koer no more mistakes
00:48:34j22koer smoke gang
00:48:36j22koer posuh
00:48:42BeSt0ned lucy goes bf -__-
00:48:49j22koer so waht
00:48:52j22koer what
00:48:58BeSt0ned freefresher would be better?
00:49:05j22koer would
00:49:07Skinkemaden kinda too late
00:49:14BeSt0ned bf pwn all XD
00:49:19Rotkiv gg
00:49:55Skinkemaden i need armor
00:50:00BeSt0ned no
00:50:02BeSt0ned splash dmg ;)
00:50:05Skinkemaden i got 2.7 armor
00:50:15BeSt0ned shivas?
00:50:18Smell.this.ass all top
00:50:52Lafrenzz b
00:50:58Tough CMON
00:51:01Tough TEAM
00:51:03Tough I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:15Tough ff it
00:51:17Tough its over
00:51:23BeSt0ned I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:26Lafrenzz gg wp
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