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Chat log

00:00:03edgarass -ap
00:00:07edgarass all same picks
00:00:10BeSt0ned tzzz
00:00:12edgarass dont gorget enigma
00:00:13BeSt0ned aa same pick
00:00:14Mr.Frog ya ya
00:00:17Kastrup dude
00:00:18Kastrup ench
00:00:21Kastrup can u go their wodS?
00:00:21BridgeJumper can someone buy chicken?
00:00:22Kastrup woods*
00:00:23BridgeJumper so i can woods
00:00:25BridgeJumper lvl 1?
00:00:31Mr.Frog no
00:00:34BridgeJumper and wards for top pull would rock :D
00:00:37edgarass alibaba van u chick?
00:00:39AliBaba i go then..
00:00:40~ /w DotaKeys: off
00:00:42~ /w DotaKeys: on
00:00:42BridgeJumper thanx
00:00:42AliBaba y
00:00:44Kastrup ench if u go their woods.
00:00:44AliBaba np
00:00:45~ /w DotaKeys: You control Admiral Proudmoore [e,x,t,r]
00:00:45edgarass thanx
00:00:46Kastrup and doom go bot
00:00:48Kastrup u got great lane
00:00:50Kastrup and able to gank
00:00:56edgarass me axe bot
00:01:00BeSt0ned can i go top?
00:01:00edgarass lesh want mid?
00:01:05~ no
00:01:05Kastrup well either u or kunka
00:01:06BeSt0ned kunkka got better chances bot -.-
00:01:07edgarass or veno mid
00:01:10BridgeJumper veno mid is good too vs sf
00:01:11Kastrup u can eat creeps
00:01:12Kastrup thats enough
00:01:12BridgeJumper if he can play
00:01:13BeSt0ned i got 0 amor
00:01:14Kastrup u get fast lvl
00:01:16BridgeJumper poison hit so much damge
00:01:17Kamerplant i can
00:01:19Kastrup get basilius
00:01:20PinaryB i will woods lvl 3
00:01:21edgarass kamer can u handle mid?
00:01:21Kastrup from one creep woods
00:01:21Kamerplant buy you never know vs sf
00:01:24Mr.Frog cant their woods
00:01:24edgarass ok
00:01:28edgarass dont forget to say ss
00:01:28AliBaba please.. dont fuck op mid..
00:01:28BridgeJumper true
00:01:29Mr.Frog wanna me feed?
00:01:30Mr.Frog cant
00:01:34Mr.Frog do that
00:01:34Kastrup I NEVER SAID ENIMGA
00:01:36edgarass axe come gang sometimes and pull
00:01:36Kastrup I SAID ENC
00:01:38BeSt0ned stop crying
00:01:40Mr.Frog pff
00:01:42~ mister frog dont worry
00:01:43Kamerplant playing vs sf is russian roulette
00:01:44BridgeJumper y
00:01:49OrokuSaki iron shell on axe is pretty mean lol
00:01:50PinaryB kastrup whats up with your nerves
00:01:52BridgeJumper u outplay him np :D
00:01:55AliBaba -water 233 0 233
00:01:55Kastrup im just telling him
00:01:57BridgeJumper yeah ion shell
00:01:59Kastrup and he dont read
00:02:00Mr.Frog cmon sf
00:02:01edgarass learn wards too
00:02:01Kastrup thats why1!
00:02:03OrokuSaki -water random
00:02:06BeSt0ned you are dumb sf
00:02:13BridgeJumper rune top
00:02:13~ kill
00:02:21Mr.Frog with
00:02:22Mr.Frog ?
00:02:22~ have stun engioma?
00:02:23BridgeJumper -ma
00:02:24Mr.Frog no
00:02:30BeSt0ned go woods ench
00:02:33BeSt0ned now
00:03:02BeSt0ned ENCH
00:03:06BeSt0ned ENCH
00:03:07BeSt0ned LET ME AFRM
00:03:08PinaryB STFU IDIOT
00:03:15BeSt0ned rkly
00:03:17BeSt0ned cant
00:03:18BeSt0ned play
00:03:54BeSt0ned ench ius
00:03:56BeSt0ned anyyoing
00:04:33AliBaba go him ?
00:04:36AliBaba lvl 3
00:04:39OrokuSaki k
00:05:09BridgeJumper rdy
00:05:18OrokuSaki lets get enig
00:05:38edgarass gj
00:05:40Kamerplant ss
00:05:40BridgeJumper same
00:05:46Kamerplant sf going down rune
00:06:11edgarass fuck
00:06:13Kastrup its ok
00:06:18AliBaba gj
00:06:19edgarass veno b
00:06:22OrokuSaki u2
00:06:30Kastrup gj ench
00:06:31edgarass venio u idiot
00:06:34edgarass why u just not b?
00:06:37Kamerplant web
00:06:38Kamerplant and slow
00:06:44AliBaba we need 2 gank eni..
00:06:46AliBaba k ?
00:06:57OrokuSaki yah
00:07:01BeSt0ned help bot
00:07:02BeSt0ned pls
00:07:15Kastrup omw top
00:07:18Kamerplant sf goping top rune
00:07:18~ b
00:07:20BeSt0ned top
00:07:21BeSt0ned y
00:07:22~ nvm
00:07:22BeSt0ned gr8
00:07:24Mr.Frog OOM
00:07:26Kastrup or not
00:07:32BridgeJumper can someone flying
00:07:33BridgeJumper ss ench
00:07:36Kastrup mis
00:08:03PinaryB kill top
00:08:11edgarass ss
00:08:18OrokuSaki wtf yellow why wont you come
00:08:44OrokuSaki i dont understand
00:08:52BridgeJumper thats why ward pull
00:08:53BridgeJumper get wards
00:08:59Kamerplant ss
00:09:00Kamerplant mid
00:09:16BridgeJumper gj
00:09:20Kastrup gkldfjgkldfgjkldfg
00:09:20Kastrup rofl
00:09:22Kastrup my mistake
00:09:23Kamerplant best defence hero
00:09:24Kamerplant ever
00:09:26Kastrup hows bot?
00:09:27Kastrup okay?
00:09:33BridgeJumper veno imba siht
00:09:59Kastrup miss mid
00:09:59Kastrup CARE
00:10:08~ enigma go ulti
00:10:11Kamerplant need that bird
00:10:16~ ss 2
00:10:17edgarass ss2
00:10:18AliBaba i dont opg
00:10:22AliBaba upg *
00:10:36AliBaba ss
00:10:37BridgeJumper doh
00:10:47Kamerplant ss mid
00:10:48BridgeJumper farming doom
00:10:48~ kill
00:10:48Kamerplant care top
00:10:50Mr.Frog inc
00:10:51Mr.Frog !
00:10:59AliBaba care bot
00:11:15AliBaba think inc bot..
00:11:17BridgeJumper we need wards
00:11:19BridgeJumper ench mass gangs
00:11:27OrokuSaki need crow
00:11:56OrokuSaki yellow crow it
00:11:58edgarass b veno
00:12:01OrokuSaki cheap ass
00:12:01edgarass veno b
00:12:06edgarass wait me
00:12:07PinaryB doom wtf were you doing
00:12:36BeSt0ned Y
00:12:36BeSt0ned Y
00:12:37BeSt0ned Y
00:12:38Kastrup luck :/
00:12:40edgarass veno slow him?
00:12:43Kamerplant doom
00:12:45BridgeJumper he died
00:12:45Kamerplant can you see it?
00:12:46BeSt0ned glaive kill me
00:12:47BeSt0ned bam
00:13:34OrokuSaki upgrade crow
00:13:37OrokuSaki yellow
00:13:42OrokuSaki noob
00:13:43Kamerplant witch doc either up it or buy wards
00:13:58AliBaba care bto
00:14:09edgarass ss2
00:14:21Kamerplant ffs
00:14:22BridgeJumper fucking blind torments
00:14:27BridgeJumper we could have had all
00:14:29BridgeJumper if u look
00:14:32PinaryB so cool that everybody is fucking blind
00:14:46edgarass shit
00:14:48Mr.Frog dager up
00:14:52edgarass axe dagger?
00:15:00BridgeJumper ofc
00:15:03BridgeJumper im 0 3
00:15:06edgarass lesh u suck
00:15:07BridgeJumper not free
00:15:17OrokuSaki lol
00:15:23Kastrup miss mid still
00:15:52BridgeJumper gj
00:15:54BridgeJumper w0orth duying for
00:16:19~ enigma go together
00:16:26Mr.Frog haha
00:16:26~ enigma jump
00:16:33BridgeJumper care all 5
00:16:33Mr.Frog and
00:16:38Mr.Frog use ulty for nothing
00:16:51~ go one bait them
00:16:55PinaryB go enigma
00:17:02edgarass b enigma dagge rcare
00:17:02~ near tower
00:17:06AliBaba ulti iin sec
00:17:41Kamerplant warned you
00:17:42Kamerplant ;\
00:17:47Mr.Frog deny
00:17:51Mr.Frog are you blind?
00:17:55Mr.Frog cant believe
00:17:56Mr.Frog this
00:17:56Mr.Frog capt
00:17:58Kamerplant ffs
00:18:00edgarass ff
00:18:34BeSt0ned enigma
00:18:42Mr.Frog w00t?
00:18:47Mr.Frog nice boots
00:18:55BeSt0ned they are awesoem
00:19:05Mr.Frog deny
00:19:49BridgeJumper auch
00:20:04BridgeJumper shit lothers kunkka
00:20:07BridgeJumper dust someone
00:20:12PinaryB kunkka you could've just hit one before wd
00:20:16BridgeJumper tormented careful
00:20:25BeSt0ned sf?
00:20:26BeSt0ned cs?
00:20:29Kastrup 100
00:20:33BridgeJumper maybe i tank up?
00:20:37BridgeJumper with speed i can get in
00:20:47Kamerplant sure
00:20:57BeSt0ned 100/0?
00:21:01Kastrup 30 denies
00:21:02Kamerplant new wards needed
00:21:08Kastrup 100 cs
00:21:11Kastrup 100/30
00:21:12AliBaba ill go wards
00:21:16AliBaba care
00:21:16~ creep kills
00:21:35edgarass dahgger?
00:21:37AliBaba dagger ?
00:22:01Kamerplant n1
00:22:14Mr.Frog fuck this
00:22:15Mr.Frog i am woods
00:22:17BridgeJumper doom fat
00:22:37BridgeJumper dust omeer
00:22:42BridgeJumper writing _--.
00:22:44edgarass call?
00:22:49BridgeJumper help veno
00:22:55BridgeJumper someone hold dusT?
00:23:02BridgeJumper nice
00:23:04Mr.Frog w8 me!
00:23:08BridgeJumper thanx
00:23:22BridgeJumper freaking ward here
00:23:44Kamerplant buy a few bracers lesh
00:23:57edgarass b
00:23:58Kastrup omw kunka
00:24:05edgarass l;esh u iidot
00:24:09~ why you nab bought lothar?
00:24:12~ like me?
00:24:13edgarass couldn stun
00:24:17~ now they will buy gem
00:24:17Kastrup i had it way before u dude
00:24:17OrokuSaki your
00:24:19~ and gg
00:24:21OrokuSaki vaccuum ruined my stun
00:24:31edgarass i have gem save me
00:24:47~ i think they have gem
00:24:49BridgeJumper denie
00:24:57Kamerplant :(
00:24:58edgarass bot
00:25:05AliBaba sorry m8 :b
00:25:12Kamerplant \carry tps guys
00:25:13AliBaba go
00:26:12BridgeJumper was buyi ng thanx
00:26:18Kastrup my
00:26:19Kastrup ffs
00:26:20~ gem
00:26:23~ on
00:26:24Kastrup I HAVE BOTTLE
00:26:31~ care
00:26:41Mr.Frog so?
00:26:42edgarass dagger axe
00:26:46BridgeJumper yeah i dagger now
00:26:49BridgeJumper but with speed i get in
00:27:23BridgeJumper ward here
00:27:29BridgeJumper not htehre :D
00:27:34Kastrup come with me
00:27:35Kastrup and we end
00:27:42~ focus darkseer
00:27:48BridgeJumper gues itsok
00:27:52Kastrup yeap
00:27:59BridgeJumper go 5
00:28:00Kamerplant b
00:28:03BridgeJumper sf first
00:28:09Kamerplant b
00:28:24edgarass axe?>
00:28:28AliBaba what are you doing
00:28:30BridgeJumper y
00:28:39edgarass no suicide
00:28:46BridgeJumper hope we were together but all ran, we got some much aoe if we get engange
00:28:49edgarass and fucking dagger is better than both hood and vanguard
00:28:57BridgeJumper yeah but with your speed i can get in
00:29:04BridgeJumper nevermind i try for dagger now
00:29:33Kastrup b
00:29:36Kastrup we need push all lanes
00:29:37PinaryB cool plan
00:29:42~ :D
00:29:46AliBaba need to push guys..
00:29:56BridgeJumper need a gem for tha
00:30:36edgarass noob lesh
00:30:42BridgeJumper ah nice gem
00:31:00~ how big that gem AOE
00:31:14BridgeJumper denie
00:31:23Kamerplant bkb
00:31:24Kamerplant ;s
00:31:30BridgeJumper shit no tp
00:31:36edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:37edgarass idiots
00:31:39~ detry
00:31:40edgarass team is gfucking morroons
00:31:41~ gem
00:31:42edgarass lesh nooob
00:31:47OrokuSaki lolll
00:31:49BridgeJumper lets just try
00:31:50edgarass anbd axe u could got fdagger earlkier now we lost it
00:32:18BridgeJumper had no chance for dagger died in 3
00:32:23edgarass so dont die
00:32:27edgarass and dont buy hood
00:32:31edgarass go for dagger
00:33:06edgarass reosh
00:33:12BridgeJumper they at?
00:33:17edgarass pron
00:34:11Kamerplant I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:15BeSt0ned zzzzz
00:34:23edgarass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:24OrokuSaki I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:31AliBaba axe.. you ruind this game.
00:34:32BridgeJumper I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:35AliBaba sorry for say that
00:34:35BridgeJumper I ?
00:34:37AliBaba I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:38edgarass not him
00:34:39BridgeJumper we lost freakng huge igfgth
00:34:39Kastrup gg
00:34:40edgarass lesh mainly
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