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-29 X
-3 TS

95% | 1596 X | 1594 TS

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79% | 1375 X | 1450 TS

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71% | 1346 X | 1369 TS

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56% | 1258 X | 1318 TS

Chat log

00:00:04Wrench boom
00:00:06Wrench HEllo!
00:00:20Wrench nice pewl
00:00:22yeW- Anyone Phoenix?
00:00:22yeW- -clear
00:00:22yeW- Omni?
00:00:22WantedZip i toke 2 sec from ur life
00:00:22Wrench i can omni
00:00:22WantedZip PWNED
00:00:22WantedZip ff kastrup on my team
00:00:22yeW- Phoenix.
00:00:22WantedZip ns or roof ban ?
00:00:22WantedZip or nada
00:00:22WantedZip or omni ?
00:00:22Mercury get that omni
00:00:22Jerkku i want omniman
00:00:22Laier he gets geo
00:00:22WantedZip k
00:00:22yeW- No, I'll get Omni first.
00:00:22Mercury not needed as 1. pick
00:00:22WantedZip NS
00:00:22yeW- NS/Phoenix banned.
00:00:24Laier NS PHONE banneddd
00:00:33Jerkku ffuuu
00:00:38WantedZip wishes ?
00:00:41WantedZip roof es any1 ?
00:00:46-ToKe- take ur self
00:00:48yeW- Get Venge and Geo.
00:00:48WantedZip omg
00:00:49-ToKe- or me es
00:00:52-ToKe- :d
00:00:52WantedZip ty
00:00:58Laier -swap 1
00:01:00-ToKe- u?
00:01:02yeW- -swap 3
00:01:03WantedZip hm
00:01:05Kastrup i just roam wods
00:01:09Kastrup and gank all those creeps
00:01:10Laier 'wrench otaha mulle vaik abba
00:01:11Laier tms
00:01:11Kastrup time after time
00:01:18Wrench hmm
00:01:19Mercury lanes?
00:01:20Wrench meinaaks
00:01:20-ToKe- blue?
00:01:22WantedZip gimme lesh
00:01:27WantedZip -swap 4
00:01:28yeW- LOL.
00:01:29-ToKe- -swap 1
00:01:32yeW- Jesus, what picks..
00:01:32yeW- ^^
00:01:33Wrench theyre goin random
00:01:34Wrench :p
00:01:34yeW- They love me.
00:01:35yeW- -clear
00:01:40Wrench but theyve some aoe syngergy
00:01:42Laier hgmm
00:01:49Laier ota mulle drow
00:01:51yeW- get aba
00:01:54Wrench -swap 1
00:01:54Laier -swap 4
00:02:01Wrench -swap 3
00:02:07yeW- omni
00:02:07yeW- panda
00:02:08yeW- bot
00:02:10yeW- -clea
00:02:14Mercury i can go bot
00:02:16Fxx. hate u
00:02:18Mercury let drow top
00:02:18yeW- ok
00:02:21WantedZip tell me if venge leave lan
00:02:21yeW- panda dow
00:02:22yeW- top
00:02:22Wrench let me farm fast manaboots
00:02:23yeW- drow
00:02:24Wrench and np
00:02:25WantedZip she will focus mid
00:02:25-ToKe- wd would be bether
00:02:30WantedZip es is good
00:02:33WantedZip sk
00:02:34Fxx. totaly hate down side
00:02:35-ToKe- no
00:02:35WantedZip *
00:02:36-ToKe- mean sk
00:02:40yeW- srsly?
00:02:40Laier sä otat sun manabootsit pullaamal sit
00:02:40WantedZip sk is good
00:02:40Mercury panda let omni bot
00:02:41yeW- lol
00:02:44WantedZip ?
00:02:45-ToKe- lanes sucks
00:02:46Wrench jaa oon topis
00:02:48yeW- sup with that all sick aoe
00:02:49Kastrup true that ;)
00:02:49yeW- cmon
00:02:51Jerkku lanes sucks y
00:02:53Wrench kelasin et vengen maa bot
00:02:54Jerkku legion should top
00:02:56Wrench sit oisin farmannu tietty
00:02:57Jerkku and me + es
00:02:59Kastrup but he isn't
00:03:10yeW- -ma
00:03:13Laier en sit skillaa slowii viel
00:03:14Kastrup i pull 1. for u es
00:03:16Laier ettäs tiiät
00:03:16yeW- bah
00:03:16Wrench y
00:03:18-ToKe- anti ward
00:03:19yeW- hate lesh mi
00:03:20yeW- d
00:03:21Kastrup okay i dont'
00:03:26Wrench otan itekki vaa yhen auraa
00:03:31Wrench repelii tarvii
00:03:41-ToKe- u can come lane with me
00:03:43Laier mee pull?
00:03:47Wrench stac eka
00:03:53-ToKe- if u cant handel forest
00:03:58Kastrup i ok
00:04:00Wrench warded
00:04:03Kastrup im
00:04:03Wrench pullaan sivu
00:04:05Wrench ja counteraan
00:05:53Laier sk ois 6hit
00:05:56Wrench y
00:06:02Kastrup can i use chick?
00:06:17Kastrup les?
00:06:20WantedZip ¨?
00:06:22Wrench ¨use chick
00:06:23Kastrup cani use chick
00:06:24Wrench whoever has items
00:06:27Wrench on it
00:06:28yeW- up
00:06:30yeW- courier
00:06:53yeW- venge
00:06:55yeW- ourier pls
00:07:03yeW- ty
00:07:10yeW- and
00:07:11yeW- get rdy
00:07:12yeW- to gang mid
00:07:22Kastrup gj
00:07:25-ToKe- owned :D
00:07:27Fxx. omg
00:07:30Fxx. this noob kill me :(
00:07:33Fxx. i m sooo ba
00:07:34Fxx. d
00:07:36yeW- y
00:07:37yeW- well
00:07:39yeW- ur
00:07:41yeW- fxx.
00:08:17Wrench haste top
00:08:33Kastrup omni
00:08:35yeW- b
00:08:36Kastrup rofl :D
00:08:44Wrench yy
00:09:31Kanpu3a fu
00:09:32Kanpu3a idiot
00:09:34Kanpu3a where u
00:09:44Wrench stack n pull
00:09:55yeW- s
00:09:56yeW- ss
00:10:19-ToKe- when u see rune
00:10:22-ToKe- tell me
00:10:24yeW- ss lesh
00:10:24yeW- re
00:10:25WantedZip ss
00:10:26Mercury es ss
00:10:27yeW- venge
00:10:28yeW- one gang
00:10:29yeW- -ma
00:11:10Jerkku this trax
00:11:12Jerkku so much dmg
00:11:37yeW- ss lesh
00:11:38Fxx. es still miss
00:11:38yeW- warsd pls
00:11:42Mercury il get
00:12:15Wrench ss treant
00:12:25Wrench im oom top
00:12:32Mercury taske
00:12:33Mercury take
00:12:36Fxx. rofl
00:12:49Wrench stack b4 pll
00:12:50Wrench y
00:12:52-ToKe- bad ass es :D
00:12:59Wrench veng
00:13:30yeW- someone buy me a tp pls?
00:13:42Wrench i can
00:13:43yeW- -ma
00:13:44yeW- p
00:13:44yeW- ,p
00:13:50yeW- yeye ty
00:14:41Laier gang b ot
00:14:42Laier bot
00:14:42Laier all
00:14:46Fxx. perfect miss
00:14:48-ToKe- got mana
00:14:51Laier "miss" ? :DD
00:14:52Laier min 12
00:14:54Laier wtf you talking about
00:14:59Kastrup ah thanks
00:15:00Wrench use chick again
00:15:08-ToKe- got rune :D
00:15:10Laier care mid
00:15:15yeW- ye
00:15:18-ToKe- vs mid
00:15:25Kastrup -cs
00:15:30-ToKe- try take mid
00:15:42Kastrup really fat drow
00:15:53Kastrup almost lotharas
00:16:00Laier swap + kill?
00:16:05yeW- 2 other geos
00:16:06yeW- healin
00:16:07Wrench SK INC MID
00:16:17Mercury no mp for swap stun
00:16:22Kanpu3a go top
00:16:35-ToKe- ill go bot try get fast blinkl
00:16:45Jerkku same
00:16:47Wrench goin around
00:16:48Wrench back
00:17:09Kastrup why use ulti
00:17:10Kastrup b4 they come
00:17:22-ToKe- for ur ulty
00:17:23Wrench twr mid
00:17:26Kastrup well :/
00:17:39yeW- rosh after
00:17:44Kastrup -ms
00:18:17Mercury il get mp boots
00:18:21Wrench me2
00:18:24yeW- rosh
00:18:25-ToKe- thre
00:18:30Kanpu3a fast
00:18:43Kastrup they ros
00:18:45Kanpu3a gj
00:18:45Wrench invi top still
00:18:48Kastrup they ros
00:18:48Kastrup come
00:18:49Kastrup come
00:18:49Kastrup come
00:18:56Kastrup SK
00:18:57Kastrup come
00:19:10Laier 3 top
00:19:20Wrench trax gimme wardz
00:19:25Kanpu3a bbb
00:19:30Jerkku got lbink
00:19:33Jerkku blink*
00:19:50Wrench heit wardit meen laitta
00:19:59-ToKe- geo
00:20:05Kastrup he can't yet
00:20:06Kastrup alone
00:20:17Kastrup deni?
00:20:24Wrench b
00:20:40yeW- -ma
00:21:00Laier :D:D:D: hahahah
00:21:14Wrench pient prolongii ilmoil :p
00:21:23-ToKe- 1k to blink
00:21:26Laier no vitu naurettava läppä toi fighti
00:21:26yeW- ..;!
00:21:29Wrench jep
00:21:29Wrench .p
00:21:32Laier oisin saanu treanti just hengilt mut toi duelas mut :D
00:21:33Wrench ois voinu vaa back heti sen tornin jälgee
00:21:39Wrench mjep :p
00:21:58Laier 142 dmg :<
00:22:08Wrench y
00:22:08-ToKe- ward
00:22:14-ToKe- rune taken
00:22:33Kastrup gj
00:22:33yeW- lmao
00:22:42yeW- meanwhile panda farms
00:23:01-ToKe- try push tower
00:23:05Kanpu3a k
00:23:08Wrench inc
00:23:13Wrench lets def ive ult
00:23:22Fxx. nice
00:23:24Fxx. agha rdy
00:23:59-ToKe- got blink
00:24:45Wrench ?
00:24:48Kastrup b
00:24:49Wrench weve sight
00:24:49Kastrup tp
00:25:02yeW- ye
00:25:05yeW- thx to me
00:25:07yeW- buyin wards
00:25:07yeW- ..
00:25:08-ToKe- want some1 farm
00:25:18Wrench why r u buyin wards :o
00:25:21Wrench me and venge both buying all the time
00:25:22yeW- cuz u aint
00:25:25Wrench yes we are
00:25:26Wrench dont lie
00:25:28Kastrup :/
00:25:31Kastrup smoke :/
00:25:41Laier rosh then?
00:25:42Laier go
00:25:43yeW- ye
00:25:48Wrench just keep an eye on wards
00:25:54Wrench ill stay out
00:25:55yeW- af
00:25:57Wrench so i can heal repel
00:25:59yeW- fucing hell
00:26:04-ToKe- no mempoo
00:26:07-ToKe- :)
00:26:09Kastrup drow can take him anyway
00:26:11yeW- b
00:26:14yeW- go b
00:26:14yeW- lads
00:26:34Laier riosh
00:27:17Wrench item suggestions ?
00:27:19Wrench thinkin of cuirass
00:27:22yeW- pipe
00:27:23yeW- obbviously
00:27:24Wrench k
00:27:49Fxx. gem work , if i m in ulty ?
00:27:50Wrench stack sum
00:28:11-ToKe- kill?
00:28:26-ToKe- b
00:28:37-ToKe- def at tower
00:28:56-ToKe- sk and es for mempoo should own
00:29:02-ToKe- but traxx
00:29:06-ToKe- thats bad
00:29:28Laier wtf is this fxxdoing :DD
00:29:30Laier going solo vs 4
00:29:57Wrench pipe done in a jiffy
00:29:59Wrench 1min
00:30:13Kastrup lucky we got good heros for anti meepo
00:30:29-ToKe- but not for traxx
00:30:32-ToKe- if he go bkb
00:30:41Wrench crix invi in bottle, keep in mind
00:30:41Kastrup well if planned correct
00:30:44Kastrup i take drow
00:30:46Wrench i stack ancients
00:30:53yeW- k
00:30:58Laier care
00:31:06-ToKe- can u use items in ulty
00:31:08-ToKe- ?
00:31:11Jerkku 700 to agha
00:31:13Kastrup me?
00:31:15-ToKe- y
00:31:17Kastrup dunno
00:31:19WantedZip n
00:31:21Kastrup else i just put on just b4
00:31:29Laier they smoke?
00:31:36-ToKe- and pls sk go blink
00:31:40Wrench pipe recipe still 1k ?
00:31:43-ToKe- ou :D
00:31:46Jerkku i had it like 15 mins ago
00:31:50Laier b
00:31:50Laier b
00:31:51Laier b
00:31:51Laier b
00:31:51Laier b
00:31:55Jerkku ok
00:31:55-ToKe- need smoke
00:31:56Jerkku 7m ins
00:32:06Fxx. why we dont go all together ?
00:32:16Laier dno really
00:32:16Laier :D
00:32:21Mercury repel trax
00:32:22yeW- go then
00:32:22Laier cant go blind
00:32:24Laier es blink
00:32:28-ToKe- comander go carry items
00:32:38Kastrup illu?
00:32:45-ToKe- y
00:33:06Kastrup got drow
00:33:06Kastrup but he got ank
00:33:06Kastrup :/
00:33:06Laier bad timing huh? :D
00:33:06Jerkku he plug
00:33:06Jerkku 100%
00:33:06Kanpu3a b?
00:33:06Kanpu3a bb?
00:33:06Fxx. why ?
00:33:06Kastrup i got 60 hp :/
00:33:06Laier just fight
00:33:06Kastrup 60
00:33:06Laier gonna respawn
00:33:06-ToKe- :D
00:33:06yeW- ye
00:33:06Jerkku i got 73
00:33:06yeW- es ultied?
00:33:06Jerkku :P
00:33:06Kastrup :)
00:33:06Kanpu3a i used 1-st skill
00:33:06Laier dno
00:33:06-ToKe- we are dead
00:33:06yeW- fuck :p
00:33:06Laier sk and treant did
00:33:06Laier atleast
00:33:06Kastrup yeaps
00:33:06Laier dno about es
00:33:06Mercury es didnt
00:33:06Laier ill silence right away
00:33:06yeW- ye
00:33:06yeW- he'll do it
00:33:06yeW- np
00:33:06yeW- got meka
00:33:06-ToKe- try srunn sk :D
00:33:06Jerkku in my opinion
00:33:06Jerkku roof is most
00:33:06Fxx. i dont see cause
00:33:06Fxx. sk
00:33:06Jerkku useless hero here
00:33:06Mercury well commander is dead
00:33:06Fxx. but es mb oom
00:33:06yeW- ye
00:33:06yeW- but srsly
00:33:06Laier es oom
00:33:06Laier :D
00:33:06yeW- what an antigeo
00:33:06yeW- team
00:33:06Mercury il take
00:33:06Jerkku did
00:33:06Mercury pipe
00:33:06Fxx. if we kill all
00:33:06-ToKe- traxx
00:33:06Jerkku trax
00:33:06Jerkku die
00:33:06Fxx. we rly need to push
00:33:06Kastrup yes
00:33:06-ToKe- y
00:33:06Jerkku ?
00:33:06Kastrup i killed
00:33:06Kastrup but he got ank
00:33:06WantedZip ank
00:33:06Jerkku but
00:33:06WantedZip aegis
00:33:06Kastrup so hes alive in ½ sec
00:33:06Jerkku yy
00:33:06-ToKe- well some1
00:33:06Laier if we kill all they ff
00:33:06Laier for sure
00:33:06Jerkku b?
00:33:06-ToKe- get
00:33:06yeW- :p
00:33:06-ToKe- my mega :D
00:33:06Kastrup :/
00:33:06Fxx. ok
00:33:06Mercury well they loose 1 aoe
00:33:06Fxx. who balance ?
00:33:06Fxx. legion ?
00:33:06Kastrup i wuold say rof
00:33:06-ToKe- legion good in here
00:33:06yeW- imo es
00:33:06Kastrup not es
00:33:06-ToKe- roof yes
00:33:06Kastrup not sk
00:33:06Jerkku i say
00:33:06Fxx. es better :-)
00:33:06yeW- useless in this game
00:33:06Jerkku roof
00:33:06Fxx. y
00:33:06Laier Zip you didnt last too long in that fight!
00:33:06Kanpu3a lol
00:33:06Kanpu3a i fuck u
00:33:06WantedZip laier
00:33:06WantedZip stfu plz :D
00:33:06Jerkku roof most useless
00:33:06Kanpu3a ck
00:33:06-ToKe- and still got roof
00:33:06Laier haha :D
00:33:06Jerkku thats just true
00:33:06-ToKe- aura
00:33:06Laier had to say it ;)
00:33:06Jerkku y
00:33:06Laier -cs
00:33:06Laier -cs
00:33:06Laier damnit
00:33:06yeW- :p
00:33:06Mercury il multitask omni
00:33:06Kanpu3a -roll
00:33:06Mercury multitask*
00:33:06Mercury il
00:33:06Mercury play
00:33:06Mercury omni
00:33:06Mercury too
00:33:06Laier how can commander won duel? when im not dead :D
00:33:20Kastrup :)
00:33:23WantedZip i leave ?
00:33:24Kastrup no
00:33:24Kastrup roof
00:33:24Jerkku roof
00:33:24WantedZip sure ?
00:33:24Kanpu3a lol
00:33:24-ToKe- roof
00:33:24Fxx. balance
00:33:24Fxx. and we must go push
00:33:24Kanpu3a ok
00:33:24Fxx. fast !
00:33:24-ToKe- u are good with bkb
00:33:24Mercury il take pipe from omni
00:33:24WantedZip sorry
00:33:24WantedZip roof
00:33:24Mercury and play it
00:33:24-ToKe- and ulty lech
00:33:24yeW- :O
00:33:24Kanpu3a ok cap
00:33:26Mercury il give repel to trax
00:33:32Laier go mid
00:33:42-ToKe- im alive :P
00:33:43Jerkku well got agha
00:33:49Kastrup -ii
00:33:55Fxx. kamikaze rax !
00:34:00Kastrup sould i take
00:34:12Kastrup perserverance?
00:34:21Laier you kidding me? :D
00:34:22Laier righ
00:34:32-ToKe- :D
00:34:32Fxx. mepo is retarded
00:34:34Fxx. now
00:34:34Fxx. rly
00:34:35Fxx. ..
00:34:39Jerkku i took manaboots
00:34:40yeW- es hadnt ultied yet
00:34:42Kastrup i took pers
00:34:44Fxx. 1. time we had chance to push
00:34:45-ToKe- sell
00:34:48yeW- stfu bob
00:34:49yeW- rly
00:35:25-ToKe- b
00:35:40-ToKe- dead :D
00:35:42yeW- wot the
00:35:56-ToKe- well got agna to
00:36:09-ToKe- lech try bkb
00:36:11Laier b
00:36:12Laier >.<
00:36:13Laier rofl
00:36:21Fxx. "duel"
00:36:23Kastrup :)
00:36:24-ToKe- legion imba hero
00:36:28Kastrup ;)
00:36:30Jerkku duel always panda
00:36:33Jerkku hes useless then :
00:36:35Jerkku :D
00:36:40Kastrup well drow is there awell
00:36:41-ToKe- y
00:36:51Jerkku or drow y
00:36:54Kastrup :)
00:37:01yeW- u need that bkb :p
00:37:07Kastrup should i go for
00:37:10Laier me?
00:37:12Laier or who
00:37:12Kastrup abyssal blade?
00:37:13yeW- ye
00:37:16Fxx. they rosh
00:37:16-ToKe- y
00:37:22-ToKe- good dmg
00:37:33-ToKe- then make hot or ac
00:37:34Jerkku go smoke ?
00:37:46Laier dont come
00:38:01Jerkku gogogo
00:38:17Kastrup wtf
00:38:23-ToKe- they use omni
00:38:25Laier sorry!
00:38:36WantedZip btw
00:38:40-ToKe- can they use omni w/o items+
00:38:43WantedZip comander dont go up the HILL!
00:38:47Kastrup i know
00:38:51Jerkku go with roof now
00:38:56WantedZip crazy shit
00:39:01WantedZip up the hills
00:39:02Mercury hard to play 2 heros
00:39:46-ToKe- lol
00:39:49Kastrup how the fuck doesn't he take any damage?
00:40:03Kastrup gg w
00:40:04Kastrup wp
00:40:15Kastrup how come you didn't take any damage drow?
00:40:31Fxx. roof ws bad
00:40:35Fxx. legion ussless
00:41:01WantedZip GOTHCHA
00:41:01Laier DAMN :D
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