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Chat log

00:00:16Fxx. ban naix
00:00:17svents thank god
00:00:17svents choda l2p against me
00:00:17svents wiii
00:00:17chodaboy loosingstreak now?
00:00:17svents wiii
00:00:17chodaboy rofl
00:00:17chodaboy =D
00:00:17extremewaari naix
00:00:17Fxx. phoe
00:00:17chodaboy clinks
00:00:17extremewaari some1 want pheonix ?
00:00:17Fxx. omg
00:00:17Jerkku omg
00:00:17Jerkku phoe ofc
00:00:17HuaRong i can
00:00:19Fxx. change it
00:00:20Fxx. omg
00:00:20svents i can phoenix
00:00:20Fxx. !
00:00:22chodaboy stfu
00:00:23chodaboy pls
00:00:34chodaboy get imba now
00:00:35HuaRong u take it than
00:00:42svents ok good
00:00:50Fxx. can i go mid ?
00:00:50chodaboy ur top
00:00:58svents choda pudge let me laugh hahahahahahahahahah
00:01:01svents nap hooks
00:01:08Wiesel -ii
00:01:13chodaboy get veno and cm
00:01:14chodaboy gg
00:01:17chodaboy veno cm
00:01:19chodaboy VENO
00:01:20chodaboy VENO
00:01:26chodaboy wiesel
00:01:28chodaboy get veno
00:01:29tjavo i can play veno
00:01:30extremewaari take gondar for me
00:01:32Fxx. i will go orchid
00:01:34svents oki
00:01:34Fxx. vs pana
00:01:35Fxx. panda
00:01:38extremewaari -swap 5
00:01:39svents -swapall
00:01:41DeMiaN get rylai
00:01:42Pakler -clear
00:01:46svents -clear
00:01:50Jerkku dazel top
00:01:50Pakler wtf
00:01:52Pakler dudes
00:01:54Pakler -clear
00:01:57Pakler -clear
00:02:08chodaboy -hhn
00:02:08chodaboy -di
00:02:09Fxx. dazzle
00:02:11Pakler whay u didn't take ryal
00:02:11Fxx. let me farm up
00:02:13chodaboy this game shouldnt be a problem
00:02:16Pakler share
00:02:18Jerkku i just
00:02:19Pakler curier
00:02:20chodaboy dazzle babysit him good now
00:02:21Jerkku hate phoenix
00:02:25chodaboy np
00:02:25Pakler -clear
00:02:30Jerkku in fights
00:02:32DeMiaN i pull 2nd pack
00:02:35Jerkku can everyone focus ball
00:02:35HuaRong i played it today, cant again
00:02:36chodaboy get fast flying and wards
00:02:37chodaboy and we in
00:02:39chodaboy win
00:02:39Jerkku and not run awat from it
00:02:45chodaboy ofc
00:02:47Jerkku away*
00:02:48Fxx. dazzle
00:02:50Fxx. hallo
00:02:52Fxx. are u here ?
00:02:55Pakler wards
00:02:59chodaboy he babysits u np
00:03:10Wiesel blockign top
00:03:12Wiesel is bullshit
00:03:22DeMiaN actually
00:03:23DeMiaN pit
00:03:24DeMiaN go pull
00:04:27Jerkku half hp :D
00:04:30Fxx. go pull
00:04:31tjavo :)
00:04:46chodaboy RUNE BOT
00:04:56DeMiaN hmm
00:04:57DeMiaN my bad
00:04:58DeMiaN sry
00:05:28chodaboy SS MID
00:06:32Jerkku gj
00:06:40tjavo pugna
00:06:42Jerkku ?
00:06:45tjavo need wards on their pullspot
00:06:47tjavo can u fix?
00:06:54Jerkku hmm no money right now
00:06:55chodaboy CHICKEN FAST
00:06:57HuaRong ss
00:07:03extremewaari mid ss
00:07:27tjavo gj
00:07:30Jerkku u2
00:07:33tjavo ill b reg
00:07:39chodaboy UPGRADE CHICK NSPL
00:07:42extremewaari mid ss
00:07:45Jerkku buy those wards veno
00:07:47Jerkku i up chick
00:07:50HuaRong ss2
00:07:52tjavo y
00:07:54Fxx. lina miss ?
00:07:56Fxx. ....
00:08:00Pakler can u give me bottle
00:08:02Pakler 1 time
00:08:03tjavo sry
00:08:07DeMiaN sure
00:08:08tjavo she was dead
00:08:10Jerkku y
00:08:19Pakler ty
00:08:21HuaRong ss1
00:08:24Pakler can u stay here
00:08:27Pakler and pheonix
00:08:30Pakler can go bot
00:08:35DeMiaN omw mid
00:08:49Fxx. gondar up ?
00:09:03Wiesel b
00:09:30tjavo u skill the ward right
00:09:52DeMiaN oom
00:09:55DeMiaN was
00:09:59chodaboy go bot
00:10:07Jerkku rune taken ?
00:10:12Fxx. ss up
00:10:31chodaboy omw top
00:10:35chodaboy gogog
00:10:37DeMiaN ss mid
00:10:40HuaRong ss2
00:10:48Jerkku gondar here
00:11:18chodaboy arorrr
00:11:20chodaboy AWRRORW
00:11:32chodaboy DAZZLE SLOW`?
00:11:32tjavo miss all bot
00:11:40DeMiaN omfg
00:12:12chodaboy GET GEM
00:12:39DeMiaN gang mid
00:12:47Fxx. orchid
00:12:48Fxx. guys
00:12:53Fxx. we need more orchids
00:12:56Wiesel lol
00:13:04Fxx. vs gondar , panda , pheo
00:13:04svents mana
00:13:09HuaRong cd
00:13:13Wiesel we need more gangs
00:13:32extremewaari omw
00:13:48chodaboy ok gondar there to
00:13:50chodaboy realyl
00:13:59Pakler 3 top
00:14:00DeMiaN it's called warding
00:15:05Fxx. LET ME
00:15:10Wiesel GONDAR
00:15:11Wiesel inc
00:15:25DeMiaN gondar
00:15:26DeMiaN mid
00:15:39Fxx. heal me
00:15:53chodaboy DAZXZLE NOOB
00:15:55chodaboy DAZZLE
00:16:11Fxx. TY
00:16:12Fxx. !
00:16:15tjavo gj
00:16:16tjavo =)
00:16:16Fxx. i said
00:16:17chodaboy seriously
00:16:17Fxx. heal me
00:16:18Fxx. !
00:16:18chodaboy dazzle
00:16:28Fxx. why the hell u fucking saving mana
00:16:33Fxx. and let me with half hp ?
00:16:34Fxx. use brain
00:16:35Fxx. !
00:16:39Wiesel lol su
00:16:43Fxx. not lol su
00:16:43Wiesel just stay with me and fight
00:16:45Wiesel and we get kills
00:16:46chodaboy come
00:16:46Fxx. USE BRAIN
00:16:47chodaboy pugna
00:16:49Wiesel and not always runj
00:16:50Fxx. and dotn fucking save mana
00:16:55chodaboy place awrds
00:16:58chodaboy and get me gem
00:17:38chodaboy get dusts ffs
00:17:39chodaboy naps
00:17:44Jerkku BUY YOURSELf
00:17:45Jerkku ffs
00:17:50Wiesel dead
00:18:06DeMiaN hmm
00:18:07chodaboy pls take kills
00:18:07chodaboy gjk
00:18:09DeMiaN i'll get sentry
00:18:22tjavo n1
00:18:36chodaboy get gem
00:18:42chodaboy and we win so easy
00:18:45chodaboy we can counterward
00:18:53extremewaari -bounty
00:18:57Jerkku pudge
00:18:59Jerkku you know
00:18:59extremewaari -st
00:19:02svents -st
00:19:03Jerkku you can also buy that gem
00:19:05Jerkku yourself
00:19:17chodaboy pot
00:19:24HuaRong lina come 2 me
00:19:40Fxx. pudge ?
00:19:44chodaboy was looking mid
00:19:47Wiesel did u miss a blast?
00:19:49Wiesel rly?
00:20:30HuaRong kill ward
00:20:37chodaboy NICE
00:20:46chodaboy NICE FARM??
00:20:48chodaboy HUHHUFHAUFah
00:20:51Jerkku this choda
00:20:52chodaboy u fucking noob
00:20:54Jerkku always plays pudge
00:20:56chodaboy GO WITH TEAM
00:20:56Jerkku and fails
00:20:57Jerkku :s
00:21:58chodaboy omfg pugna
00:22:01chodaboy OH MY FUCKING GOD
00:22:05Jerkku omfg choda
00:22:16chodaboy decripfy me
00:22:17chodaboy u nap
00:22:35chodaboy still no gem
00:22:35chodaboy ff
00:22:38chodaboy no wards
00:22:39chodaboy no gem
00:22:43Jerkku you can buy all that
00:22:45Jerkku yourself
00:22:50tjavo im the only one buying wards
00:22:56Fxx. pudge
00:22:59chodaboy jerkku
00:23:01chodaboy pugna dagon
00:23:10Fxx. u rly wanna teamplay on this jerrka ?
00:23:14Fxx. he is
00:23:20svents l2p
00:23:20Fxx. extremly low player
00:23:23DeMiaN come with me
00:23:25DeMiaN to unward
00:23:36chodaboy def mid
00:23:57tjavo we neeeeeeed dusts
00:24:35chodaboy NICE SUPPORTNAPS
00:24:58Wiesel gg
00:25:09chodaboy NICE DUSTS
00:25:14Jerkku BUY YOURSELF
00:25:15chodaboy wpå
00:25:16chodaboy wp
00:25:16chodaboy wp
00:25:17chodaboy wp
00:25:18Jerkku wp pudge
00:25:19chodaboy jerkuku
00:25:21chodaboy ur support
00:25:24Jerkku so ?
00:25:25chodaboy and u dont listen to cap
00:25:26chodaboy thats ban
00:25:29Fxx. pudge
00:25:30Jerkku so ban me
00:25:31Fxx. dont cry
00:25:34Fxx. its only game
00:25:37Fxx. they dont wanna win
00:25:38chodaboy get dusts
00:25:39chodaboy and we win
00:25:40Fxx. so they lose
00:25:41chodaboy u understand?
00:25:47Fxx. we all know
00:25:53Fxx. but this lowplayers ego dont shop it
00:26:02Fxx. they think its better to buy bracer
00:26:37HuaRong b
00:26:55extremewaari reuse
00:27:16chodaboy DUST
00:27:35HuaRong no 1 by 1
00:27:44Fxx. they mb understant it
00:27:44Fxx. now
00:27:51chodaboy haha yeah
00:27:54Jerkku i know how to play
00:27:57Jerkku i just cant stand
00:28:02Jerkku if some1 whines
00:28:04Jerkku all the time
00:28:06Jerkku but gj
00:28:13Fxx. u are not only 1 suport
00:28:53Wiesel gg
00:28:57chodaboy stfu
00:28:59Jerkku ehy stand there
00:29:07Wiesel our items
00:29:08Wiesel such a joke
00:29:11Fxx. hahahahahaha
00:29:12Fxx. 2 hit
00:29:12Wiesel potm only boots
00:29:19Fxx. how hard is this hero
00:29:21Wiesel butcher only treads
00:29:29chodaboy get gem
00:29:30chodaboy and stfu
00:29:31Wiesel pugna dagon
00:29:32svents whine off
00:29:34Wiesel gg
00:29:47chodaboy u ahve no wards
00:29:48chodaboy gg
00:29:48Jerkku i go mekka
00:29:50chodaboy u fucking cunt
00:30:03Wiesel no
00:30:04Wiesel u arent
00:30:06Wiesel i already do
00:30:07Pakler wtf
00:30:12HuaRong go hp panda
00:30:26Wiesel buy
00:31:43Jerkku just b
00:31:44chodaboy B
00:31:47Jerkku he wasted ulti
00:32:33chodaboy b dazzle
00:32:40DeMiaN sry
00:32:41HuaRong dont push like that
00:32:44chodaboy take wards down
00:32:47Wiesel pugna buy blade mail
00:32:50Wiesel i buy meka
00:32:53Jerkku ok
00:33:15Pakler pudge gem
00:33:28chodaboy come
00:33:31Jerkku go rosh ?
00:33:46chodaboy sure
00:34:02Fxx. can i take ?
00:34:08tjavo why rosh now :D
00:34:20HuaRong kill
00:34:21tjavo b
00:34:48extremewaari hem
00:34:51extremewaari good
00:34:54Wiesel epic idea
00:34:55Wiesel rosh
00:34:59tjavo as always
00:35:06chodaboy it was jerkkus
00:35:10Jerkku well
00:35:11chodaboy arrow
00:35:14Jerkku choda said yes
00:35:15Fxx. they cant
00:35:19chodaboy HELLO
00:35:21HuaRong panda
00:35:23chodaboy ARROW
00:35:36Fxx. k
00:35:39Fxx. so they can
00:35:39extremewaari -st
00:35:39Fxx. :-)
00:35:51svents pit
00:35:58chodaboy kill pi
00:35:59chodaboy t
00:36:11chodaboy focus gondar
00:36:38Wiesel butcher didnt hit 1 hoopk
00:36:39svents dive didnt work cool
00:36:41chodaboy get gem
00:36:42chodaboy from pit
00:37:20Fxx. b
00:37:42chodaboy OH M Y GOD DASZZLE
00:37:51chodaboy HE PUTS GRAVE ON HIMSELF
00:38:03chodaboy wiesel
00:38:18Wiesel hit 1 hook
00:38:28HuaRong b
00:38:36svents why he should grave u nap
00:38:48Wiesel true
00:38:53DeMiaN got pipe
00:39:16chodaboy -st
00:39:44chodaboy someone buy gem?
00:39:46chodaboy dazzle???
00:39:46Fxx. they still dont buy dust :-)
00:39:51chodaboy we can buy new
00:39:57HuaRong b
00:39:57Jerkku no money yet
00:39:57extremewaari b
00:40:00tjavo i have dust
00:40:05tjavo bought alltime
00:40:10Pakler b
00:40:11tjavo wards aswell
00:40:20chodaboy get gem or loose
00:40:25Jerkku no money
00:40:40Pakler ok
00:40:42Pakler now
00:40:44Pakler i will get gem
00:41:00Jerkku mana
00:41:49tjavo b
00:41:53Jerkku y b
00:42:05chodaboy go
00:42:15Jerkku u die
00:42:16Jerkku gj
00:42:29Jerkku dunno why cant b
00:42:31Wiesel are u all fuckin retarded
00:42:35Fxx. omg
00:42:35Jerkku yep
00:42:38Jerkku all says b
00:42:39Fxx. pudge must stay
00:42:39Jerkku i even tp
00:42:41Fxx. there
00:42:43Jerkku and still u stay
00:42:49Wiesel if u are there
00:42:50chodaboy we can end it
00:42:50Wiesel we kill all
00:42:52chodaboy just get gem
00:42:54chodaboy pls
00:42:58Fxx. veno
00:42:58HuaRong kll ward here
00:43:00Fxx. try 2. orchid
00:43:01Jerkku there
00:43:02HuaRong panda come
00:43:03Pakler sec
00:43:06tjavo ?
00:43:09Wiesel napteam
00:43:11chodaboy i take it
00:43:19Fxx. let me
00:43:20Jerkku now go all 5 mid
00:43:21Jerkku please
00:43:32Jerkku and dont waste that gem
00:43:38Wiesel we cannot win if butcher misses every hook
00:43:47Fxx. veno need regen
00:43:50chodaboy get the other gem
00:43:56chodaboy destroy wards
00:44:15Pakler b
00:44:22extremewaari ffs
00:44:22Pakler pudge gem
00:44:23extremewaari gem
00:44:23Pakler aggain
00:44:25extremewaari again
00:44:34HuaRong go together now
00:44:43Jerkku no tp
00:44:46Jerkku me
00:44:46DeMiaN come defend ?
00:44:52HuaRong def all
00:44:56Wiesel panda no tp
00:45:04Wiesel butcher
00:45:41DeMiaN gj
00:47:08Wiesel b
00:47:10Jerkku well gj
00:47:12Jerkku still
00:47:13Jerkku got rax
00:47:34Pakler gem
00:47:37Wiesel they dont know what b means
00:47:37Fxx. why we toying
00:47:41Fxx. and dont kill 2. rax ?
00:47:50Jerkku we can go all mid next
00:47:53Jerkku and focus rax np
00:47:55chodaboy y
00:48:01Pakler mana pls
00:48:05Wiesel ghem gonem`?
00:48:07Wiesel gj
00:48:09svents cd
00:48:14HuaRong b?
00:48:26Fxx. spam wards
00:48:27Fxx. veno
00:48:39Jerkku some1 has msoek
00:48:40Jerkku ?
00:48:42Jerkku smoke*
00:48:42Wiesel yes
00:48:46Jerkku rosh then
00:49:02chodaboy come
00:49:08Wiesel lol
00:49:11Wiesel why potm
00:49:24Pakler gg
00:49:24chodaboy mid
00:49:25Pakler ....
00:49:25Fxx. gem
00:49:33chodaboy i take
00:49:42chodaboy go win
00:49:43Pakler pudge gem
00:49:44Pakler aggain
00:50:05Fxx. GO USH
00:50:05Fxx. OMG
00:50:06Jerkku gogo
00:50:09Fxx. and take rax
00:50:32Pakler egg
00:51:29HuaRong go bkb all
00:51:41Wiesel onmg
00:51:43Wiesel this kata
00:51:47HuaRong wagon down kill
00:51:48Jerkku just go again mid
00:51:48Wiesel yes
00:51:58Fxx. why the hell u
00:52:03Fxx. dont fucking FOCUS RAX
00:52:05Wiesel FUCKIN CREEPS
00:52:10extremewaari omw
00:52:17Pakler oom
00:52:22Pakler ty
00:52:24chodaboy go
00:52:39DeMiaN b
00:52:52svents got hex
00:52:56Jerkku all mid
00:53:31DeMiaN gang fasr
00:53:38HuaRong b
00:53:50HuaRong b
00:54:05Jerkku I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:54:39HuaRong i ewill def
00:55:15Fxx. PRO GLYPH
00:55:17Fxx. RLY !!!
00:55:19HuaRong tower ppl
00:56:03Jerkku go ff
00:56:05chodaboy wp
00:56:15extremewaari def bot
00:56:18tjavo I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:56:57Wiesel !ff
00:56:59Wiesel I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:57:01Wiesel I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:57:02Wiesel gg
00:57:08svents gg wp choda
00:57:09Wiesel -ff
00:57:12Wiesel .ff
00:57:19Wiesel I surrender
00:57:26Wiesel -ff
00:57:28Jerkku last push
00:57:29Fxx. u alrdy did
00:57:29Jerkku gogo
00:57:30Fxx. dazzle
00:57:30Wiesel !ff
00:57:35Wiesel k
00:57:36chodaboy dazzle can ulti once?
00:57:36Jerkku lastp ush
00:57:41Wiesel hit 1 hook
00:57:44chodaboy lol
00:58:06HuaRong def
00:58:10Pakler i will tp
00:58:16tjavo need entry
00:58:23HuaRong d
00:58:28HuaRong stay in base
00:59:26Jerkku got another rax mid
00:59:35Wiesel ff it
00:59:39chodaboy shill
00:59:42chodaboy wait for all
00:59:46chodaboy they need that tower
01:00:03Fxx. ofc
01:00:11Fxx. anyway
01:00:12Fxx. bad game
01:00:17DeMiaN mana pls
01:00:20Fxx. we play 2vs5
01:00:30Fxx. or 3vs5
01:00:42Fxx. veno
01:00:46Fxx. your lothar was epic
01:00:47Fxx. !
01:00:52HuaRong well, svents no carry :D
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