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Chat log

00:00:11chodaboy -SWAP 3
00:00:14Risesteri it was all random?
00:00:24chodaboy -hhn
00:00:24chodaboy -di
00:00:27OrokuSaki im capt o_o
00:00:29AliBaba lol
00:00:29chodaboy -swap 3
00:00:33BaSa can i take mid?
00:00:33OrokuSaki wtfff
00:00:33chodaboy -repick
00:00:35Risesteri wtf thought xd
00:00:40tjavo -swap 1
00:00:42HuaRong no
00:00:43AliBaba restart ?
00:00:45OrokuSaki oj plz repick
00:00:47BaSa why?
00:00:50chodaboy im mid
00:00:54edgarass -repick
00:00:55HuaRong choda mid
00:00:56Risesteri was this really rd?
00:00:58OrokuSaki we have too much carry
00:00:58chodaboy stfu
00:00:59chodaboy ofc
00:01:00Risesteri i mean ar
00:01:08edgarass this was rd?
00:01:10chodaboy viper potm bot
00:01:12chodaboy it is ar
00:01:14chodaboy retard
00:01:19edgarass so ok then p[l;ay
00:01:21Risesteri :p
00:01:22chodaboy or else the bot wouldnt have got it
00:01:50BaSa bris you pull
00:02:06edgarass -ma
00:02:16Risesteri anyone good at troll? what build
00:02:26OrokuSaki wow
00:02:30OrokuSaki i asked you to rp
00:02:45OrokuSaki we dont need a troll
00:02:50OrokuSaki espoecially a shit one
00:03:00Risesteri y i know, but couldve been some much harder hero
00:03:07OrokuSaki no
00:04:38AliBaba ss
00:04:47Risesteri top mia 1
00:04:50Risesteri re
00:04:56BaSa ss 2 bott
00:05:04tjavo ?
00:05:07BaSa up
00:05:08edgarass ss
00:05:09BaSa sry
00:05:09edgarass re
00:05:12OrokuSaki pink ss
00:05:14OrokuSaki mid
00:05:58BaSa up chic
00:06:00edgarass fuck
00:06:04edgarass so noob arrow
00:06:09tjavo thx !
00:06:11edgarass me bigger noob climbing on iot
00:06:15tjavo k
00:06:25tjavo exec notepad
00:06:50edgarass ss mirana
00:06:54BaSa ss up 2
00:06:54OrokuSaki ss trax
00:06:54tjavo coming top
00:06:56tjavo gangtime
00:06:57BaSa k
00:08:05BaSa ss 2 up
00:08:10AliBaba ss
00:08:14AliBaba care mid
00:08:22OrokuSaki k
00:08:28OrokuSaki potm mid
00:08:30sindssyg miss
00:08:34OrokuSaki potm ss
00:08:45PinaryB ss voüer
00:08:47HuaRong SS2
00:08:51edgarass mid care
00:08:53BaSa ss 2 up
00:08:54tjavo rhasta mid
00:08:58tjavo omw bot gang
00:08:59tjavo viper
00:09:29edgarass idiot
00:09:30edgarass u paper
00:09:31tjavo gj
00:09:33sindssyg gj
00:09:34edgarass no invi?
00:09:49chodaboy let them push
00:09:56edgarass kill snioer
00:10:22chodaboy sniper leave
00:10:30BaSa lol noob trax
00:10:31HuaRong y
00:10:33chodaboy leave cunt
00:10:35BaSa where are you going like that
00:10:36chodaboy get wards
00:10:41chodaboy u cant even ulti
00:10:50chodaboy u havent skilled ur fucking slow
00:10:51chodaboy noob
00:11:04BaSa lol tard blaming others 4 own tardness
00:11:13sindssyg oh
00:11:14sindssyg luck:
00:11:15sindssyg :P
00:11:30OrokuSaki noobs
00:11:35OrokuSaki come
00:11:37OrokuSaki next time
00:11:40sindssyg -ms
00:11:40OrokuSaki ?
00:12:41AliBaba cd ond hold ?
00:12:43HuaRong snipe, no first skill?
00:12:48edgarass did it on
00:12:53AliBaba arh :b
00:12:57AliBaba k
00:13:01OrokuSaki he
00:13:02OrokuSaki x
00:13:41AliBaba trax inc bot
00:14:05edgarass all mid
00:14:25BaSa ward down ffs
00:14:39PinaryB WHY CANT YOU WAIT !10 sec
00:14:43BaSa b
00:14:53OrokuSaki ping and tell me
00:15:01tjavo need wards bot
00:15:01tjavo guys
00:15:02AliBaba cd tele
00:15:37BaSa ffs vip wards
00:15:45BaSa see
00:15:54AliBaba tele ?
00:17:13tjavo nice backup
00:17:14edgarass mid push
00:17:14tjavo guys
00:18:05AliBaba or mid ?
00:18:12edgarass top all
00:18:22tjavo come on guys
00:18:24tjavo do something
00:18:28edgarass or def bot
00:18:31edgarass ort midf
00:18:34edgarass all mid or bot
00:18:58tjavo why eeven tri
00:19:00tjavo try
00:19:12edgarass tro b
00:19:19edgarass idiot
00:19:23Risesteri ?
00:19:26Risesteri for what
00:19:29Risesteri i tried to get b
00:20:18sindssyg nice backup ...
00:20:20BaSa mirana...
00:20:30tjavo what couldve possibly do more???
00:20:33tjavo i was oom and low hp
00:20:35tjavo "mirana...."
00:20:36BaSa maybe just attack?
00:20:38tjavo like it was my fault you died
00:20:47OrokuSaki lol
00:20:49OrokuSaki f me
00:20:50BaSa its not
00:20:55edgarass yeah u no hp and go
00:20:56BaSa but you could kill him
00:20:59sindssyg when trhrall puts circle its no escape...
00:21:11OrokuSaki thought he squishier than that
00:21:16edgarass wisp tp
00:21:22edgarass come
00:21:26edgarass come
00:21:27AliBaba fuckit
00:21:28BaSa care bott
00:21:32edgarass i heal; u
00:21:35AliBaba fuckit..
00:21:39AliBaba i go shop
00:21:46edgarass letys kill sniper
00:21:49edgarass tp
00:21:51AliBaba y
00:21:52tjavo more wards we need
00:22:01BaSa up it
00:22:27chodaboy going bot
00:22:57tjavo b
00:23:26AliBaba sht
00:23:34Risesteri why didnt u rest come
00:23:36sindssyg why this clinx alive...
00:23:46sindssyg i put utli..
00:23:49PinaryB caught
00:24:00tjavo need dusts
00:24:13BaSa oom
00:24:22BaSa and someone up that bird
00:24:34AliBaba go kil trax fast any1 ?
00:24:35OrokuSaki we need wards and smoke
00:24:48AliBaba rhasta ?
00:24:54BaSa -ms
00:24:57BaSa -ms
00:25:30edgarass ff
00:25:34edgarass u idiot
00:25:37edgarass clkinkz
00:25:40edgarass can u go with us?
00:25:45OrokuSaki troll useless
00:26:00PinaryB nice
00:26:14edgarass all bot push
00:26:19chodaboy lets get gem
00:26:21chodaboy for clinks
00:26:27BaSa do you have lothar?
00:26:56BaSa lool rasta and iop
00:27:05edgarass tp fpor ghea;l
00:27:10edgarass all miod
00:27:26edgarass mid twr habe yul5i
00:27:42edgarass all mid
00:27:43OrokuSaki regen
00:27:44edgarass thralkl
00:28:11edgarass retards
00:28:34BaSa silence trax.....
00:28:40edgarass push pish
00:28:43chodaboy i did u cunt
00:28:45chodaboy stfu noob
00:28:49BaSa tard
00:28:52chodaboy u suck dick
00:28:56BaSa ur noobnes cant be greatee
00:28:57chodaboy get gem
00:29:01chodaboy what?
00:29:02BaSa haha beaber fag
00:29:07chodaboy lol
00:29:09chodaboy cunt
00:29:37OrokuSaki useless troll
00:29:43BaSa b
00:29:43BaSa b
00:29:50sindssyg what item
00:29:51sindssyg i make
00:30:01sindssyg this clinx is sick
00:30:24BaSa watch this
00:31:11sindssyg ...
00:31:14chodaboy b
00:31:17HuaRong gg
00:31:18tjavo ¨ncie teamwork
00:31:21tjavo so fucking bad
00:31:22chodaboy get gem
00:31:23tjavo its a joek
00:31:24chodaboy morons
00:31:24tjavo joke
00:31:34AliBaba go
00:31:42chodaboy leave pls
00:31:51HuaRong sniper is noob
00:31:51BaSa oh you to tell
00:31:55chodaboy pls leave
00:31:57chodaboy sniper
00:32:00HuaRong mom first item
00:32:01BaSa not a single silence
00:32:03BaSa trah
00:32:07edgarass b
00:32:57edgarass i did not think it will go so well;
00:33:04edgarass thrall is good
00:33:07BaSa troll is prob rosh
00:33:12AliBaba its 3 time i play this hero.. sorry if i fail..
00:33:24sindssyg u scar
00:33:28PinaryB you very good imo
00:33:32edgarass its al right u are doing good
00:33:37edgarass botb
00:33:39chodaboy omw
00:33:48sindssyg botm take?
00:33:55BaSa bris
00:33:55tjavo late we win
00:33:56tjavo guys
00:34:01sindssyg dust
00:34:01sindssyg take
00:34:06edgarass npp just def
00:35:31BaSa b
00:35:31BaSa b
00:35:55edgarass use skills?
00:35:55tjavo n1
00:35:57tjavo :)
00:36:00PinaryB me`?
00:36:00sindssyg ty:p
00:36:01edgarass ok we need gem
00:36:02PinaryB silenced
00:36:05edgarass shit
00:36:10edgarass all dsont die now
00:36:19edgarass wisp why u did not use shiva?
00:36:22PinaryB so stupid
00:36:26PinaryB just had almost 4k gold
00:36:28AliBaba sillince
00:36:36HuaRong viper, better go manta
00:36:40chodaboy get gem
00:36:42chodaboy and we go win
00:37:04chodaboy tower
00:37:05edgarass def mimd
00:37:06edgarass me tp
00:37:09chodaboy tower bot
00:37:09chodaboy go all
00:37:14OrokuSaki need more wards
00:37:20AliBaba care
00:37:21OrokuSaki when opossible
00:37:43Risesteri all tp ?
00:37:44OrokuSaki they counter ward
00:37:56edgarass all bot
00:37:56chodaboy next to
00:37:57chodaboy gogogog
00:38:03tjavo bristle
00:38:05tjavo u should go
00:38:07tjavo gem
00:38:11chodaboy all bot
00:38:19OrokuSaki gem
00:38:28OrokuSaki noooo
00:38:31sindssyg fuuuuckl
00:38:34OrokuSaki gem
00:38:35OrokuSaki gem
00:38:48OrokuSaki gem
00:38:51OrokuSaki =.=
00:38:52HuaRong b
00:39:00edgarass put it in base
00:39:01chodaboy just focus clinks
00:39:02chodaboy naplet
00:39:03chodaboy s
00:39:06chodaboy pls understand
00:39:07OrokuSaki sry i died so fast -.-
00:39:10chodaboy hes the one doing damage
00:39:12chodaboy for fuck sake
00:39:21HuaRong no1 has demage
00:39:26chodaboy clinks have
00:39:26HuaRong in our team
00:39:32chodaboy lol
00:39:33HuaRong only viper
00:39:33chodaboy not u
00:39:35chodaboy but the rest
00:39:41chodaboy i have more than viper
00:39:47edgarass where is gem clinks?
00:40:05BaSa trax buriza and lothar and this is win
00:40:21chodaboy bristle going mana boots
00:40:26edgarass all mid?
00:40:31edgarass a?
00:40:37BaSa care woods
00:40:55edgarass smoke gang
00:40:56tjavo care all
00:41:07HuaRong they smoke
00:41:09tjavo take wards base some1
00:41:10BaSa where is gem?
00:41:20tjavo someone bought gem=
00:41:20tjavo ?
00:41:21sindssyg the rasrta
00:41:24BaSa ok
00:41:25sindssyg has it
00:41:39BaSa wow
00:41:42sindssyg ffs
00:41:45chodaboy wp
00:41:46HuaRong i new that
00:41:48edgarass push top
00:41:51edgarass me def
00:42:00HuaRong mirana should ult
00:42:05OrokuSaki gj guys
00:42:12BaSa her ult have cast time man
00:42:18tjavo gg wp
00:42:30tjavo lol
00:42:54PinaryB b
00:42:54edgarass just b
00:43:35edgarass now mid all
00:43:39edgarass maybe smoke again?
00:43:50OrokuSaki come
00:43:56OrokuSaki wait for purp tho
00:44:07tjavo i can buy anothber gem
00:44:08edgarass cliunkz come
00:44:09PinaryB i get itmes
00:44:15BaSa rosh is up agaiun
00:44:31AliBaba just w8
00:44:37AliBaba king bar..
00:44:41OrokuSaki nice
00:44:43tjavo bring wards
00:44:43chodaboy i take this time
00:45:19HuaRong lag
00:45:42OrokuSaki gj gj
00:46:01tjavo I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:46:03chodaboy this bb and sniper
00:46:07chodaboy dont play dota again
00:46:11BaSa dont forget you
00:46:16chodaboy u suck dick
00:46:23BaSa ur mom suck mine
00:46:28BaSa so i dont brag
00:46:38chodaboy imba noob tank bb
00:46:42chodaboy go play hon
00:46:49AliBaba -ms
00:46:51chodaboy wtf ur items?
00:47:25edgarass now all top
00:48:11edgarass me no ulti
00:48:17OrokuSaki its fine
00:48:27AliBaba w8
00:48:30edgarass ulti in30
00:48:34edgarass just suicide rax
00:49:17chodaboy I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:49:51OrokuSaki gj clinkz
00:49:57tjavo just ff
00:49:59sindssyg I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:50:00tjavo waste of time
00:50:02chodaboy no sniper wins
00:50:03OrokuSaki ty for carry :P
00:50:15PinaryB gj ganking trax
00:50:16Risesteri y sry im not so good at troll
00:50:33chodaboy manaboots
00:50:34chodaboy bb
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