Game #3166493

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-39 X
-3 TS

94% | 1614 X | 1512 TS

-24 X
-3 TS

88% | 1549 X | 1443 TS

-30 X
-2 TS

79% | 1358 X | 1466 TS

-53 X
-2 TS

66% | 1359 X | 1348 TS

-20 X
-2 TS

55% | 1238 X | 1317 TS

+48 X
+2 TS

90% | 1524 X | 1513 TS

+16 X
+2 TS

87% | 1512 X | 1475 TS

+39 X
+2 TS

75% | 1364 X | 1421 TS

+39 X
+2 TS

75% | 1417 X | 1352 TS

+30 X
+3 TS

61% | 1289 X | 1333 TS

Chat log

00:00:16Tough a tzangol
00:00:16Laier mikähä näit vitu kehari poolei taas vaivaa
00:00:16A-tzangol yo
00:00:16Tough what u go?
00:00:16Mercury ban lycan
00:00:16MYuksel TOUGH
00:00:16A-tzangol pit
00:00:16Tough y?
00:00:16Mercury get me lich
00:00:16Momdsiw emt
00:00:16MYuksel WP
00:00:16MYuksel LAST GAME
00:00:16Momdsiw Tuhosin äske wl
00:00:16Mercury if they ban am
00:00:16Momdsiw Mut tiimi hirveä
00:00:16Tough 5,6k hp! bullshit
00:00:16A-tzangol what did u play last game? :)
00:00:16Momdsiw sian 44x vaik hävittii
00:00:16Tough :D
00:00:16MYuksel hahahah imba
00:00:16Tough cent^^
00:00:16A-tzangol nice
00:00:16Tough :p
00:00:16A-tzangol i thought pudge
00:00:16Laier no mut häviitte tänki
00:00:16A-tzangol at start
00:00:16Laier teil fxx
00:00:16PeterLars that is the new hero called
00:00:16Tough xD
00:00:16Tough i ahte pudge
00:00:16Tough sry :D
00:00:16MYuksel legion
00:00:16Momdsiw olin meiän last pick ja kannoin lockilla :D
00:00:16PeterLars legion
00:00:16Momdsiw agha refu
00:00:16A-tzangol am
00:00:16Laier no iha normi
00:00:18Mercury get lyca
00:00:19101010 anna lycan
00:00:21MYuksel i can lyca
00:00:21Laier mitää ihmeellist :D
00:00:22A-tzangol oh
00:00:23A-tzangol lycan
00:00:24A-tzangol f
00:00:26A-tzangol cuk
00:00:26Fxx. what , laier ?
00:00:33que2stress pit good vs lycan
00:00:34Momdsiw ja lycani :<
00:00:35PeterLars who want him?
00:00:36101010 anna mulle lycani
00:00:37Momdsiw y
00:00:38MYuksel i can
00:00:41PeterLars no
00:00:42Laier hell no lastpick lyca >.<
00:00:43Tough hmm
00:00:44PeterLars u
00:00:44MYuksel what no
00:00:45Tough can i have mid?
00:00:45A-tzangol get tb
00:00:47que2stress liech
00:00:48MYuksel hvad er der?
00:00:48que2stress good
00:00:50que2stress vs lycan
00:00:55PeterLars så vil jeg hellere spille ham
00:00:56A-tzangol carry it
00:00:57MYuksel ok
00:01:05MYuksel held og lykke
00:01:06A-tzangol take stuns now
00:01:07PeterLars wr
00:01:10PeterLars mid
00:01:10A-tzangol ogre
00:01:11PeterLars :D
00:01:17Mercury i solo top?
00:01:18Laier nah
00:01:20Laier i wanna solo top
00:01:20A-tzangol ogre
00:01:21Laier lich mid :)
00:01:23PeterLars ok
00:01:23Fxx. batr is good vs lycan
00:01:27Tough y
00:01:28Fxx. (his ulty)
00:01:29A-tzangol go ogre bat
00:01:34Tough get thrall
00:01:37Laier take abba
00:01:37que2stress u want ogre fxx?
00:01:37Laier pls
00:01:38Tough or or bat
00:01:41Laier abba imba :p
00:01:42Fxx. i can
00:01:44Fxx. adn u ?
00:01:46Fxx. batr ?
00:01:50que2stress thrall
00:01:52MYuksel afk 30sec
00:01:54Laier fxx ottaa trolli salee
00:01:54Fxx. k
00:01:54Laier :D
00:02:00Laier oho
00:02:00que2stress -swap 5
00:02:00Fxx. -swap 3
00:02:03Momdsiw eiku thralli ei trolli
00:02:06que2stress lemme mid
00:02:16Laier eka kerta ku nään et toi pickaa jotai muut ku carry
00:02:22Momdsiw Onks se hyvä
00:02:27Tough get conterwards top
00:02:28Tough for lycan
00:02:30Tough if he cant pull
00:02:35Tough he is early bullshit in woods
00:02:36A-tzangol .....
00:02:38que2stress y
00:02:39que2stress block
00:02:40Laier parempi sauma teil nyt o :D
00:02:44A-tzangol go block
00:02:46Momdsiw no emt
00:02:49Momdsiw teiän eka pick on nii kova
00:02:54que2stress OGRE
00:02:56Momdsiw siis hero
00:02:57que2stress U CUNT
00:03:07que2stress most stupid ward ever
00:03:08MYuksel jeg håber at du failer
00:03:09que2stress this is
00:03:20Laier se ois koht gymin paikka
00:03:30Momdsiw olkapää rikki ei pyge
00:03:34Fxx. k
00:03:36que2stress i go harass
00:03:36Momdsiw muutama päivä taukoa
00:03:36Fxx. my last wards
00:03:40Fxx. when u flame me cause of this
00:03:57MYuksel wtf ?
00:04:11MYuksel dont farm with speel
00:04:21101010 dont control
00:04:24Laier lag
00:04:24PeterLars ^^
00:04:41PeterLars wr
00:04:41PeterLars come
00:04:46MYuksel laag
00:04:49Laier go
00:04:54Laier mid
00:04:55Laier come
00:04:56Fxx. wind miss
00:04:57Fxx. care forest
00:05:01Laier kill
00:05:01Laier hes lagging
00:05:01PeterLars y
00:05:01que2stress is this lag for all?
00:05:06que2stress imba
00:05:07Laier gj
00:05:07que2stress lag
00:05:08que2stress :d
00:05:10PeterLars die bitch
00:05:14Laier good fb for you ;D
00:05:17que2stress do u have that lag too?
00:05:19Tough this iso over
00:05:30que2stress do you have this lag too=?
00:05:35MYuksel dont fuckin
00:05:36MYuksel farm
00:05:37MYuksel with magic
00:05:38MYuksel u reatard
00:05:39que2stress do you have this lag too?
00:05:43MYuksel retard
00:05:44PeterLars U LAG
00:05:44que2stress do you havethis lag too?
00:05:55MYuksel see no mana for kill
00:06:10MYuksel harres
00:06:18Fxx. OFC
00:06:19Fxx. U SEE ME
00:06:25Laier rofl
00:06:27Laier why wouldnt i ? :DD
00:06:37Mercury mid ss
00:06:51A-tzangol go
00:06:52Mercury care
00:06:53que2stress go hunt lycan after
00:06:53MYuksel who is middle
00:07:01A-tzangol go
00:07:21MYuksel pit down
00:07:27A-tzangol dd
00:07:29A-tzangol gang mid
00:07:36que2stress gang lycan
00:07:38A-tzangol thrall
00:07:38Laier gang top
00:07:40A-tzangol dd and mid
00:07:40Laier now
00:07:50A-tzangol ss
00:07:57A-tzangol b
00:07:58A-tzangol top
00:07:59que2stress ogre is stubborn
00:08:19que2stress ogre?
00:08:22que2stress can u ansewr?
00:08:33Laier care
00:08:34Laier topss2
00:09:09MYuksel lol
00:09:10MYuksel u so bad
00:09:11MYuksel really
00:09:12Momdsiw gj
00:09:13101010 lol
00:09:14Tough wp
00:09:18101010 like u did something?
00:09:30Laier fucking luck
00:09:31Tough that was awesome puck<3
00:09:31Laier like 1hp
00:09:37MYuksel re use
00:09:55Momdsiw nah
00:09:57Momdsiw i missed my orb
00:09:58Momdsiw .<
00:10:01Laier 3m id
00:10:20Laier care
00:10:21que2stress go gang again ogre
00:10:22Laier bot b
00:10:33que2stress ogre?
00:10:49Momdsiw almost ult :<
00:10:55Momdsiw 2 creep
00:11:01Fxx. thrall
00:11:04Laier lya
00:11:04A-tzangol why u dont b?
00:11:05Laier lyca
00:11:07Laier go farm top lane?
00:11:07PeterLars y?
00:11:07Fxx. why the hell u dont see this cast before he run ?
00:11:15Laier why in forest when you got free lane >.<
00:11:15Momdsiw ahh licjh
00:11:21que2stress how can i see casts
00:11:31que2stress why dont we gang lycan
00:11:33que2stress is the question
00:11:39Fxx. i ganged him 1
00:11:40Laier go top lane? :DDD
00:11:41Laier ffs
00:11:43que2stress gang him more?
00:11:44Fxx. i cant do all
00:11:46PeterLars they gank me if i go there
00:11:47que2stress u must
00:11:49Momdsiw you are best lyca ganger
00:11:50que2stress come with me
00:11:50Tough xD
00:11:53Laier like they wont gang you in forest
00:11:54Fxx. i m not alone
00:11:56Laier since we got no wards
00:11:59que2stress y+
00:12:00Fxx. u do this too
00:12:01que2stress im here too
00:12:01Momdsiw wait mne
00:12:06que2stress back
00:12:09que2stress dmn use brain
00:12:14PeterLars i am closer to mid when i in forrest
00:12:25A-tzangol ss 2
00:12:30Tough ss 2
00:12:31A-tzangol care
00:12:46Laier tele top
00:12:48Laier tc rubick
00:12:49PeterLars omw
00:12:54Laier top
00:12:56Tough 32 bot
00:12:58Tough xD
00:12:59Tough 3
00:13:24Fxx. y
00:13:24que2stress crazy people
00:13:27Fxx. feed lycan
00:13:29Fxx. its way to win
00:13:33A-tzangol ffs
00:13:36que2stress well ogre
00:13:44que2stress you couldhave ganged him till lvl 6
00:13:59Momdsiw why you dont start with stun
00:14:01Momdsiw stupi dogre
00:14:01A-tzangol b
00:14:02A-tzangol btm
00:14:17Laier go
00:14:18Laier go
00:14:18Fxx. tc survive ?
00:14:19Momdsiw this ogre is so stupid
00:14:19Fxx. ...
00:14:20que2stress this ogre
00:14:21MYuksel y
00:14:22Fxx. FUCK U ALL
00:14:26Fxx. dont speat to me
00:14:32Momdsiw ogre castaa ekana igniten
00:14:39Fxx. we have got sooo imba pick
00:14:43Fxx. but u all play alone
00:14:45Fxx. so fuck u
00:14:45que2stress and u play imba shit
00:14:51Momdsiw why the hell you throw ignite first
00:14:54Momdsiw when your sutn can kill alone?
00:15:03Momdsiw ahh you maxing ignite also first?
00:15:06que2stress why do u plant ur wards at shit places
00:15:06Fxx. cause ignite have got more range
00:15:06Momdsiw -.-
00:15:06Fxx. ,,,
00:15:11que2stress why dont u go with us
00:15:16Momdsiw ogre maxaa igniten enne stunii :<
00:15:22Laier norm
00:15:23Fxx. pitmid
00:15:27Fxx. was totaly lose !
00:15:30que2stress push mid
00:15:32que2stress rofl
00:15:37que2stress u in our team is lose
00:15:51Mercury care
00:16:01MYuksel rape
00:16:04Laier b
00:16:07MYuksel got ulti
00:16:12MYuksel everthing
00:16:14Momdsiw coming bot
00:16:24que2stress and ogre running wrong way again
00:16:31Fxx. no ban lyca - lost game
00:16:34PeterLars my farm
00:16:37Fxx. hate games with lycan
00:16:40que2stress u talk so much shit ogre
00:16:41que2stress :D
00:16:42Fxx. its autolost
00:16:50Laier 4 bot
00:16:52que2stress no hero is autoloss
00:16:58Fxx. + my ogre mc% is like 1%
00:16:59MYuksel wait for my stun and ulti
00:17:00Momdsiw lycan iant so ibma
00:18:02que2stress what
00:18:02MYuksel gj
00:18:03que2stress reatard
00:18:03MYuksel nice
00:18:05que2stress are u ogre
00:18:11101010 plz dont control
00:18:16Laier lyca just stay on lane
00:18:16que2stress why didnt u kill liech?
00:18:20Tough and btw
00:18:24Tough why i have to most assist?
00:18:28Tough the
00:18:33que2stress cause u die
00:18:35Fxx. IMBA LAG
00:18:36que2stress THIS OGRE
00:18:36Fxx. ...
00:18:37Laier take top tower
00:18:41que2stress y
00:18:45Fxx. cause your lag
00:18:45que2stress lag made u turn back :D
00:18:47Fxx. thrall
00:18:47Laier or mid
00:18:48Laier tbh
00:18:49que2stress ye
00:18:50Fxx. and last warning
00:18:53Fxx. 1 more flame me
00:18:53Laier lyca can farm top
00:18:57Fxx. and i banrequest u
00:18:59que2stress wow
00:19:02que2stress that is hard
00:19:04Laier inv pit @ mid
00:19:09que2stress hard treats
00:19:13que2stress im impressed
00:19:36Momdsiw :<
00:19:37Tough ff it
00:19:41Tough at 25
00:19:43Fxx. y
00:19:44Fxx. ofc
00:19:46Fxx. vs lycan
00:19:47A-tzangol Wtf?
00:19:50Fxx. captain lost this
00:19:51Laier totally worth it
00:19:51MYuksel u cant tp
00:19:56Laier mine
00:19:56Laier ffs
00:19:57que2stress lycan is not the prob
00:20:00MYuksel sry
00:20:01que2stress its you ogre :D
00:20:02Fxx. noooo
00:20:05Momdsiw you were invunerable
00:20:09Laier .....
00:20:12Fxx. captain is low , like neutral creep
00:20:15Fxx. lycan *
00:20:16A-tzangol :)
00:20:31Momdsiw olipas taas jnnä peli
00:20:36Fxx. -ft
00:20:39Fxx. -fs
00:20:41Fxx. -st
00:20:45Fxx. 0% still :-)
00:20:48Fxx. mc
00:21:25A-tzangol b
00:21:26A-tzangol btm
00:21:31Laier et tullukkaa? :<
00:21:36Momdsiw ^^
00:22:09que2stress for once
00:22:10Fxx. np guys
00:22:11Fxx. farm mid
00:22:12que2stress TURN UR BRAIN ON
00:22:17Fxx. its better to gang rosh lycan
00:22:17que2stress NO ONE FARMED MID
00:22:18Fxx. ,,
00:22:27que2stress u just went solo into 3
00:22:31que2stress instead of going back
00:22:33Fxx. into 3
00:22:33que2stress and wait for us
00:22:34Fxx. :-)
00:22:35Fxx. hahaha
00:22:36que2stress into 3
00:22:40Fxx. thrall go eat your medicine
00:22:44que2stress or were it even 4?
00:23:20Fxx. 15 stuns 0% mc
00:23:21Fxx. .-)
00:23:24que2stress u suck
00:23:25que2stress as i say
00:23:37Fxx. 16.
00:23:58Fxx. 17
00:24:00Laier wtf :DD
00:24:02Laier siistii nää omat
00:24:12Fxx. 18. stun is 1. mc
00:24:15Momdsiw elä muuta viserrä
00:24:25Laier lyca.. seriously :D
00:24:33PeterLars auch
00:24:35PeterLars :D
00:24:40Fxx. 19., 20. , 1 mc
00:24:43Laier just bad.
00:24:44que2stress u suck
00:24:57Fxx. ITS "25%" chance :-)
00:25:01que2stress y but u suck
00:25:11Fxx. i have got ogre without ulty :-)
00:25:23que2stress mb u didnt skill it
00:25:30Fxx. y
00:25:36Fxx. 1 mc was only epic error
00:26:11A-tzangol b
00:26:18que2stress u know that pit goes through bkb?
00:26:23A-tzangol it doesnt
00:26:25A-tzangol i missed
00:26:26Momdsiw it does
00:26:28Momdsiw its psyhical
00:26:30que2stress it does
00:26:30Fxx. tc is faster to me , when i have got haste :-))))))
00:26:37que2stress u suck
00:26:41Fxx. 22.,23. stun , still 1 mc :-)
00:26:41MYuksel got lothar soo
00:26:43Momdsiw but it wont go trought gs
00:27:29A-tzangol FFS
00:27:32Fxx. terror
00:27:33PeterLars ^^
00:27:34MYuksel haha
00:27:34Fxx. still 0 farm :(
00:27:37Fxx. and noo
00:27:40Fxx. lycan is not imba
00:27:50que2stress no u only suck
00:27:52Momdsiw ^^
00:27:59Laier tuuritit
00:28:02Laier tai siis et
00:28:03Momdsiw ääh
00:28:04Laier pelasin tyhmästi
00:28:27Fxx. 25. stun , still 1 mc :-))))))
00:28:32MYuksel stfu
00:28:34MYuksel We dont care
00:28:35Fxx. sooooo hate this game
00:28:39que2stress u simply suck
00:28:41Fxx. -st
00:28:53Fxx. thrall , enjoy ban
00:29:17que2stress ur skillban you mean?
00:29:20MYuksel ha!
00:29:25que2stress ofc i enjoy it
00:29:53Fxx. lycan is not op
00:29:56que2stress nope
00:29:59Laier kuolit
00:30:01Momdsiw :D
00:30:02Fxx. :-)
00:30:08que2stress its the fact that u dont
00:30:13que2stress block his creep spots
00:30:14MYuksel man siger lige gj
00:30:14Fxx. "why ban lycan" , "he is not op"
00:30:16que2stress and that u dont gang hin
00:31:26que2stress would u mind to cast 1 times pit on lycan?
00:31:29Fxx. wp captain , u win this game
00:31:30Fxx. I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:30Momdsiw :D
00:31:36Laier :)
00:31:37Momdsiw oisin halunnu leikkiä
00:31:44Laier Turhaa mun kans leikit :D
00:31:44Momdsiw typerä tc
00:31:45que2stress tell me ogre
00:31:47Laier tapan sut
00:31:48que2stress who has most deahts?
00:31:51MYuksel in
00:32:03Laier ptäs pumppireeni vetää tisseille :D
00:32:15Fxx. this is closed game
00:32:22Fxx. who have got antimc hack ?
00:33:19Fxx. 29.30 , STILL 1 MC :-)))))))))))))))))))
00:33:20A-tzangol XD
00:33:23Fxx. "25%" :-)
00:33:30Fxx. what the hell is this game ?
00:33:32que2stress well dota knows u sucks and who not
00:33:37MYuksel agree
00:34:05Laier melkee ;)
00:34:08A-tzangol lycan
00:34:14A-tzangol thats reportable
00:34:14PeterLars Y ? :_D
00:34:15Momdsiw jäiks sulle low
00:34:18Laier 400
00:34:18A-tzangol Just u know
00:34:18Fxx. 11. lvl will change this :-)
00:34:18PeterLars no
00:34:21A-tzangol it is
00:34:21Momdsiw jaah
00:34:22Tough it is
00:34:25PeterLars stfu
00:34:26Momdsiw en nähny kattelin vaa jos oisit jossai siin
00:34:28A-tzangol xd
00:34:33A-tzangol I wont report you
00:34:34A-tzangol I dont care
00:34:35Fxx. now i have got 100% mc§
00:34:37A-tzangol I just say
00:34:38A-tzangol It is
00:34:39Laier we got admin here
00:34:41PeterLars why u dont ff
00:34:43Laier he bans if its bannable
00:34:44A-tzangol dunno
00:34:46PeterLars u know u gonna loose :D
00:34:55Momdsiw i dont know
00:34:58Momdsiw So dont spoil it yet
00:35:00Momdsiw Idiot
00:35:06PeterLars let end
00:35:07PeterLars plz
00:35:34101010 yeah multicast right
00:35:40Fxx. as i said
00:35:43Laier :D
00:35:44Fxx. 11. lvl
00:35:45que2stress b
00:35:46Fxx. change it
00:35:47Fxx. :-)
00:35:49Momdsiw yllätti prkl :D
00:35:53que2stress gather
00:35:54Fxx. after 11. i have got 100% :-)
00:35:58que2stress NO'
00:36:03que2stress this pit
00:36:08que2stress i cant
00:36:15que2stress why the hell you tele back?
00:36:16Laier tc tuhoo
00:36:18Fxx. all is bad , only u are an aeroplane , thrall
00:36:23Fxx. u only flame all the time
00:36:27Fxx. u will be banned
00:36:37que2stress u do not even do shit
00:36:39que2stress u also talk shit
00:36:45que2stress try stopping 1 of these
00:36:46Fxx. i dont flame players
00:36:50Momdsiw girls girls.. stop fighting
00:36:51PeterLars come mid
00:36:52Fxx. i flame this mc unluck
00:36:59MYuksel 10 sec wait
00:37:11Laier why bf? :D
00:37:14MYuksel imba
00:37:15MYuksel dmg
00:37:16Laier doesnt really matter but just asking
00:37:21Laier no i mean lyca bf
00:37:27que2stress back
00:37:29que2stress they come
00:37:35PeterLars because soulkeepers illu
00:37:44que2stress buy dusts ogre?
00:37:45Laier deco or basher
00:37:45que2stress sentires?
00:37:47que2stress wards?
00:37:48Laier :)
00:37:51Fxx. why not u ?
00:37:55que2stress because i do
00:37:55que2stress ?
00:38:01Fxx. so do it again
00:38:02PeterLars kom nu mid
00:38:05que2stress u see my gold?=
00:38:12MYuksel omw
00:38:13Fxx. i buy wards
00:38:47A-tzangol xd
00:38:53que2stress wp ogre
00:39:18Laier sorry tough
00:39:20Fxx. wp scourge , free win for u with lycan , and unmc ogre
00:39:22Momdsiw I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:23Laier too tough for you
00:39:30Tough wait
00:39:31Laier ;)
00:39:36Tough wait
00:39:38MYuksel -ms
00:39:38Tough it comes
00:39:40Tough wait
00:39:44Fxx. what was banned ?
00:39:45Tough ah nvm
00:39:54que2stress u play this pit so bad :D
00:40:02Laier and wtf you talking about no mc ogre
00:40:03Laier you just did 3x and 2x mc on me in row
00:40:03Laier so stfu :)
00:40:13A-tzangol I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:17que2stress he is a fag
00:40:24Laier que2stress whine more
00:40:28Laier hope you get banned
00:40:46Fxx. but 6. lvl ulty (30 stuns - 1 mc)
00:40:50Fxx. at 11. work it normal
00:40:50Laier wondering why that thrall is whining so much
00:40:50MYuksel comeon
00:40:54Laier like he did any good himself :D
00:41:38PeterLars HAHA
00:41:43Fxx. end it please
00:41:48MYuksel on our way
00:42:05que2stress is there a chance that u lose enough xx to play bronze?
00:42:06Fxx. -afk
00:42:14Fxx. i need cigarette :-)
00:42:17PeterLars omg
00:42:17Fxx. im rly angry :-)
00:42:17Laier DEAD MEAT
00:42:17Laier taht tb is
00:42:17Momdsiw he wanted out
00:42:17Fxx. not
00:42:19Fxx. easly ff it
00:42:22Fxx. to plug ? :-)
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