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47% | 1120 X | 1353 TS

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35% | 1057 X | 1304 TS

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+20 TS

34% | 1123 X | 1225 TS

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+13 TS

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-21 TS

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6% | 961 X | 1054 TS

Chat log

00:00:15Jaikki kälämlämlääkämlämlää
00:00:23BaSa can i get wind?
00:00:23Jaikki never let you go go
00:00:23Bollitsch ban riki
00:00:23TOo_LaZy -rubick
00:00:23Astrocreep -rickroll
00:00:23Astrocreep -roll
00:00:23BaSa ^^
00:00:23Astrocreep wat u taking?
00:00:23BaSa wind
00:00:23Jaikki zzz
00:00:23Astrocreep and others?
00:00:23BaSa abba 1
00:00:23BaSa anyone
00:00:23Jaikki casberry?
00:00:23BaSa or sven
00:00:23BaSa ban maybe guys
00:00:23Astrocreep afk?
00:00:23Jaikki afk maybe?
00:00:23Casberry ah shit
00:00:23Casberry sry
00:00:23BaSa zZz
00:00:23Casberry what to ban ?
00:00:23Jaikki ban hmm
00:00:23Jaikki bala?
00:00:23WhiteNoiZe ´ns
00:00:23Casberry -bala
00:00:23BaSa we need abba or sven
00:00:26BaSa ql
00:00:45WhiteNoiZe furi eni
00:00:49TOo_LaZy any1 want doom ?
00:00:51Jaikki no furi
00:00:55Jaikki eni is good
00:01:02Jaikki abba
00:01:07WhiteNoiZe me abba
00:01:12Jaikki abba eni sven
00:01:13Jaikki ogre
00:01:17BaSa pimp get bird and share
00:01:27BaSa down wards also
00:01:28Bollitsch me woods with eni ?
00:01:28Jaikki AA mid?
00:01:31Casberry nah
00:01:40Jaikki me mid then
00:02:00BaSa enig go up and woods?
00:02:04Bollitsch y
00:02:08Jaikki upgr courier asap
00:02:08BaSa pimp ward down
00:02:17Jaikki so i dont be fucked in mid'
00:02:18BaSa ill get up
00:02:28Jaikki ebin hero :D
00:02:30Astrocreep why u buy dust?
00:02:31PIMP basa just ry not to die
00:02:32PIMP too much
00:02:40BaSa relax 4 me
00:02:42BaSa and not worry
00:02:49Jaikki share chicken
00:02:51WhiteNoiZe share
00:02:51TOo_LaZy /w DotaKeys: You control Doom Bringer [e,t,v,d]
00:02:52PIMP -hhn
00:02:53PIMP -di
00:02:54Bollitsch normally..smeg is autolose
00:02:59BaSa but there are strong chance that we will loose
00:03:04SMEGMAPLEKK sry mobil
00:03:12BaSa look at pick they have
00:03:14Jaikki buy wards
00:03:14Astrocreep who is smeg
00:03:22Bollitsch their lastpicker
00:03:48WhiteNoiZe .1 top
00:03:49Jaikki gj
00:03:50BaSa omg ss dk
00:03:52BaSa 2 mid
00:03:59BaSa with haste
00:04:37WhiteNoiZe dont whaste mana
00:05:18Astrocreep pull enig
00:05:21Astrocreep pls
00:05:22BaSa ss mid
00:05:25Bollitsch kk
00:05:33Bollitsch omw
00:06:10WhiteNoiZe eni woods
00:06:43Astrocreep ss
00:07:05Astrocreep re
00:07:55BaSa abba warded bott
00:07:58Jaikki ss wr
00:07:58Bollitsch y
00:08:06BaSa ss mid
00:08:39WhiteNoiZe omw down
00:08:58Astrocreep ss
00:09:02Astrocreep abba
00:09:25Jaikki ss mid
00:09:32Astrocreep ss
00:09:33Astrocreep top
00:09:37Jaikki back
00:09:51Jaikki care bot
00:10:00Jaikki re
00:10:01Bollitsch go ogre ?
00:10:26BaSa ss mid
00:10:33Astrocreep gj
00:10:33Jaikki reg rubne
00:10:34Jaikki fast
00:10:35Jaikki come and take
00:10:37Jaikki abba?
00:10:37Bollitsch u2
00:10:43BaSa ss
00:10:46WhiteNoiZe y
00:10:51Jaikki dk took
00:10:52BaSa ward bott
00:10:54WhiteNoiZe yy
00:11:17Jaikki gj
00:11:18Jaikki wr is nub
00:11:20Jaikki :D
00:11:33WhiteNoiZe try
00:11:34WhiteNoiZe ?
00:11:35PIMP sorry
00:11:49Jaikki care
00:11:50BaSa pimp tard why didnt you ward bott?!?!?
00:12:15WhiteNoiZe gang riki top
00:12:19Jaikki go top
00:12:20Jaikki guyus
00:12:26BaSa care
00:12:30PIMP top
00:12:31SMEGMAPLEKK what i build?
00:12:31PIMP inc
00:12:32SMEGMAPLEKK ogre?
00:12:35Jaikki force staff
00:12:39SMEGMAPLEKK hmm
00:12:40BaSa see with ward we see where they are going
00:12:41WhiteNoiZe wards dust
00:12:41Jaikki is good
00:12:43BaSa so ward bott
00:12:43WhiteNoiZe FIRST
00:12:54WhiteNoiZe i am the only one buiing there tings
00:13:00PIMP no boos
00:13:01BaSa gather
00:13:14Astrocreep abba dust
00:13:18PIMP ss
00:13:18PIMP bot
00:13:19PIMP both
00:13:38BaSa gg,my team dont even place wards or say ss
00:13:39BaSa ...
00:13:54TOo_LaZy but we got mdma
00:14:59WhiteNoiZe fuckin silence
00:15:01Jaikki lucky riki :|4
00:15:02WhiteNoiZe srd dk
00:15:03Casberry ss
00:15:04Jaikki still gj
00:15:04WhiteNoiZe sry dk
00:15:06BaSa gj riki,enig
00:15:07Jaikki wp wp
00:15:17Bollitsch one more top..and we rape'em
00:15:35BaSa oh well...
00:15:41Jaikki go bot
00:15:48BaSa we need 2 do towers
00:15:56Jaikki kill him first
00:16:00TOo_LaZy go
00:16:33Jaikki def mid
00:16:41Jaikki tp mid fast
00:17:06Astrocreep b
00:17:38Jaikki go top
00:17:39Jaikki back
00:17:50TOo_LaZy woods
00:17:57Bollitsch ulti up
00:18:19BaSa enig ult?
00:18:21TOo_LaZy y
00:18:22Bollitsch y
00:18:24BaSa good
00:18:26Jaikki fight
00:18:33Jaikki care eni
00:19:02Bollitsch sry..couldnt jump
00:19:08TOo_LaZy u got dagger?
00:19:09Bollitsch y
00:19:16TOo_LaZy try to stay behind us then
00:19:20Jaikki u got kill :D
00:19:20Bollitsch y
00:19:22Bollitsch ^^
00:19:28Jaikki gj gj
00:19:39BaSa like i said earlier...
00:19:41SMEGMAPLEKK i make shiva
00:19:41Jaikki b ogre
00:19:45Jaikki its good
00:19:48TOo_LaZy b
00:19:49PIMP ff
00:19:51Astrocreep why doom davion
00:19:55Jaikki moar
00:19:59Jaikki hmm ok
00:20:00Jaikki no hp
00:20:02BaSa doom on mort or ogre
00:20:02Casberry mid
00:20:06Casberry if
00:20:22Jaikki abba u make vlad
00:20:24Jaikki ?
00:20:28Astrocreep aim one fast
00:20:32WhiteNoiZe i can
00:20:32BaSa go with ult enig
00:20:35Jaikki y
00:20:35Jaikki nice
00:20:38WhiteNoiZe but mekka first
00:20:40Jaikki y
00:20:56Casberry does staff upgrad my ult ?
00:21:00Jaikki no
00:21:13Bollitsch boah ey
00:21:16Bollitsch sry agian
00:21:17TOo_LaZy eni use dagger?
00:21:35TOo_LaZy omg
00:21:38TOo_LaZy nice timing
00:21:40TOo_LaZy :D:D
00:21:51WhiteNoiZe im b
00:21:51Jaikki im too fat
00:21:52BaSa enigma try use ult when we are all there
00:21:52Jaikki :D
00:21:57Jaikki wr fucked up mid
00:21:57BaSa and not when we all die...
00:21:59WhiteNoiZe im too fat
00:22:02Bollitsch i cant jump without ogre or dk in sight
00:22:08Jaikki true dat
00:22:27Jaikki y bot
00:23:11WhiteNoiZe i need more slots
00:23:18WhiteNoiZe ^^
00:23:44WhiteNoiZe mekka
00:24:07Astrocreep too many intel
00:24:10Jaikki wait cicken
00:24:14Jaikki chicken*
00:24:33BaSa i still dk why last pick was visage...
00:25:00Jaikki XD
00:25:02BaSa lol
00:25:03BaSa ...
00:25:04BaSa :D
00:25:39BaSa now thaqts interesting
00:25:41Astrocreep ff
00:25:48PIMP end it
00:26:16WhiteNoiZe gg wp
00:26:21Jaikki wp all
00:26:36WhiteNoiZe still no dust ogre?
00:26:39WhiteNoiZe you suck hell
00:26:54Jaikki nah i dont care
00:26:55Jaikki :D
00:27:20BaSa stop defending and let them end it
00:27:34Bollitsch start pülayigguys
00:27:39BaSa ff
00:27:47Bollitsch tarded lastpick
00:28:08Jaikki heal megh
00:28:16WhiteNoiZe oom ^^
00:28:17TOo_LaZy I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:20PIMP I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:21BaSa I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:28:30BaSa -ff
00:28:40PIMP end it
00:28:40PIMP ;)
00:28:42Jaikki NOOO
00:28:43Bollitsch :)
00:28:44TOo_LaZy ff pls
00:28:45Jaikki my 0 stats :(
00:28:56Casberry crap
00:28:56BaSa I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:29:20WhiteNoiZe k iim b
00:30:32Jaikki XDDDD
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