Game #3163530

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-7 X
-2 TS

88% | 1556 X | 1445 TS

-5 X
-1 TS

79% | 1363 X | 1467 TS

-48 X
-5 TS

76% | 1410 X | 1378 TS

-4 X
-1 TS

75% | 1421 X | 1353 TS

+44 X
-1 TS

66% | 1315 X | 1349 TS

+40 X
+3 TS

89% | 1587 X | 1427 TS

+26 X
+1 TS

88% | 1519 X | 1491 TS

-32 X
+2 TS

78% | 1383 X | 1431 TS

+13 X
+1 TS

64% | 1270 X | 1379 TS

-16 X
+4 TS

56% | 1244 X | 1333 TS

Chat log

00:00:17MYuksel tough
00:00:17fUNCh -clear
00:00:17MYuksel i can imba batrider/bala middle
00:00:17Tough hmm
00:00:17Tough kay
00:00:17Steuerfreak if i can get lycan
00:00:17Momdsiw just not give lycan
00:00:17Steuerfreak nigulas
00:00:17Steuerfreak ull play?
00:00:17Tough yuksel
00:00:17MYuksel ye ?
00:00:17fUNCh i can play it too
00:00:17Tough i think noone of them gonna pick bat
00:00:17fUNCh if neended
00:00:17MYuksel ye maybe
00:00:17MYuksel but
00:00:17Steuerfreak ns
00:00:17MYuksel iam only good with him middle
00:00:17Momdsiw lycan
00:00:17Kanpu3a luca
00:00:17MYuksel cuz 1v1 rape and i farm good
00:00:17Tough lycan
00:00:17MYuksel to get pipe and vg
00:00:17Tough than go
00:00:17Tough mid
00:00:19fUNCh wl or omni ?
00:00:30MYuksel k
00:00:30Tough someone want something?
00:00:31MYuksel thx
00:00:36MYuksel we need tidehunter
00:00:36Tough like wl or something?
00:00:39Momdsiw i can wl
00:00:42que2stress i pick
00:00:49que2stress wl for you not
00:00:49HuaRong give me cm or rubick
00:00:51MYuksel plz tide someone
00:00:58HuaRong i will support
00:00:59fUNCh go carry obsi
00:01:03fUNCh will pwn vs wl
00:01:06Tough get rubick
00:01:07MYuksel i should od ? middle ican alos
00:01:09Tough someone
00:01:13Tough go bat
00:01:13Steuerfreak -swap 3
00:01:14Shinja -swap 1
00:01:16MYuksel sure ?
00:01:19Tough yeah
00:01:20Tough u can mid
00:01:21Tough ffs
00:01:22nigulas borwn
00:01:23nigulas i giv eu
00:01:24nigulas c
00:01:26nigulas cm
00:01:29Tough get me cent
00:01:30Momdsiw what you want
00:01:31Momdsiw k
00:01:31MYuksel then u go carry plz
00:01:36MYuksel no get
00:01:39nigulas get me enigma
00:01:40HuaRong what u want?
00:01:41que2stress get tide blue
00:01:43MYuksel get carry ffs
00:01:45Momdsiw want od?
00:01:49nigulas -swap 5
00:01:52Tough to much diasblke
00:01:52Steuerfreak #tide
00:01:55HuaRong -swap 2
00:01:56Tough tb picked .-
00:01:56MYuksel get cent then
00:01:58Tough get cent
00:01:59Momdsiw they dont ahve
00:02:01Momdsiw disable
00:02:06Tough well
00:02:07Momdsiw -swap 1
00:02:08nigulas funch sa ju tead
00:02:10Tough -swap 5
00:02:10MYuksel cent good
00:02:12nigulas et sa ei oska carryda
00:02:13Momdsiw lanes?
00:02:13nigulas on vajA?
00:02:16fUNCh ära hakka seletama
00:02:22Steuerfreak terror
00:02:22MYuksel we cent good lane
00:02:23Steuerfreak woods?
00:02:26nigulas im woods
00:02:26MYuksel wr cent good lane
00:02:29Steuerfreak kk
00:02:30que2stress tiny shall top
00:02:33Tough yeah..
00:02:35MYuksel cent can woods and wr solo
00:02:35que2stress with wl
00:02:35Steuerfreak solo
00:02:36Steuerfreak ombi
00:02:37Tough tiny
00:02:38Steuerfreak n
00:02:40Tough can u go topo?
00:02:41fUNCh i can solo bot
00:02:44Tough thx a lot
00:02:45Kanpu3a kk
00:02:47fUNCh top could pwn
00:02:54Tough or fb bot?
00:02:56MYuksel cent
00:02:58Steuerfreak cm
00:02:59fUNCh cm + omni ++ enigm gangs
00:03:00Steuerfreak roam plz
00:03:01Tough yeah?
00:03:03MYuksel nvm
00:03:09Steuerfreak haste top
00:03:28Momdsiw :DD:
00:03:42Momdsiw you could have fb
00:03:42Kanpu3a fu me
00:03:44Momdsiw if you could hit stun xd
00:04:16Momdsiw you have no mana
00:04:38Tough ss cm
00:04:41Tough re
00:04:57MYuksel aah failed
00:04:57Tough =!
00:04:58MYuksel laag
00:04:59MYuksel sry
00:05:26Tough gj
00:05:26que2stress eas<y
00:05:28Tough yeah
00:06:07que2stress ah rofl
00:06:08Tough ?
00:06:08que2stress sry
00:06:11que2stress afk :D
00:06:40Kanpu3a tiny 1 lcl
00:06:42Kanpu3a lvlv
00:06:44Kanpu3a lol
00:06:55Tough b
00:07:28que2stress ah he hasboots :D
00:07:50Steuerfreak ss MID
00:07:59MYuksel mouse
00:07:59HuaRong m b
00:08:00Momdsiw hp?
00:08:11Shinja WTF
00:08:12MYuksel Fuckin mousse
00:08:12que2stress Wtf so
00:08:14MYuksel wait plz
00:08:14Tough MANNERS
00:08:14HuaRong w
00:08:14Momdsiw let him buy new mouse
00:08:14Tough can u fucking lern the rules?
00:08:14Shinja maybe warn us, brick
00:08:14nigulas rules?
00:08:14Shinja its not our problem
00:08:14nigulas as in he can pause whenever he wants
00:08:14Tough it is
00:08:14nigulas no such rule
00:08:14Tough rules says
00:08:14Steuerfreak lol
00:08:14Steuerfreak :d
00:08:14MYuksel fixed
00:08:14MYuksel ready ?
00:08:14Momdsiw how much hp omnoi?
00:08:14MYuksel 321
00:08:14Tough that you should have manners
00:08:14que2stress y
00:08:19Shinja i have repel
00:08:23Shinja so no dmg
00:08:24Momdsiw ahh you ahd mana
00:08:50Steuerfreak hua
00:08:52Steuerfreak want a ban?
00:08:58Steuerfreak frostbite was rdy
00:09:00Tough cm, goes top
00:09:00Steuerfreak u dont uise it
00:09:02Steuerfreak purpose?
00:09:12MYuksel tb was middle
00:09:14HuaRong cant when he is up
00:09:18que2stress nope only mirror
00:09:20Steuerfreak lol
00:09:25Steuerfreak u can lick my ass
00:09:27Steuerfreak motherfuckert
00:09:29fUNCh its true
00:09:29MYuksel sure
00:09:32fUNCh you cant cube
00:09:34fUNCh when he flies
00:09:39Steuerfreak lol
00:09:57nigulas omni how can u fail
00:09:59nigulas ur heals
00:09:59nigulas 100%
00:10:09nigulas u have missed
00:10:11nigulas every fucking heal
00:10:15Shinja i didnt missed?
00:10:17Shinja idiot ?
00:10:18Shinja dumbjewface
00:10:20Shinja watch replay
00:10:25Shinja i dmg 2 of them
00:10:37Shinja fucking trashtalk
00:10:40Shinja where is ur dagger
00:10:43Shinja ur goes with lvl 1 spells are jokes
00:10:46que2stress wp
00:10:46Shinja idiot
00:10:48MYuksel thx
00:10:53nigulas where is my dagger?:D
00:10:55nigulas its 7min
00:10:58Shinja go farm
00:11:01nigulas ive been on lane trying to gank most of the game
00:11:03Shinja instead of ganking with lvl 1 spells
00:11:08nigulas lvl 1
00:11:10nigulas its lvl 3
00:11:16Shinja go farm ffs
00:11:19nigulas stfu
00:11:20nigulas pls
00:11:22Shinja noob
00:11:22nigulas dont teach me
00:11:24que2stress 3 top
00:11:25nigulas ur 60%
00:11:26nigulas random noob
00:11:28Kanpu3a achtung
00:11:28nigulas from gayland
00:11:33Shinja u fucking jewish cunt
00:11:34Shinja stfu
00:11:35que2stress kartoffel
00:11:37Shinja so failganks
00:11:42MYuksel danish ?
00:11:46Shinja tiny played with u like 40%
00:11:46Shinja noob
00:11:46MYuksel lol
00:11:46nigulas :D:D
00:11:46MYuksel lololololol
00:11:48Shinja learn to pull
00:11:59nigulas u wanna go
00:11:59MYuksel cd ulti
00:12:01nigulas garena 1v1
00:12:02nigulas ?
00:12:07nigulas progamer
00:12:14Shinja 0:2 talking
00:12:15Shinja go farm
00:12:24MYuksel bottle
00:12:25MYuksel here
00:12:28Tough ty
00:12:30MYuksel take all
00:12:35nigulas lvl 5 solo
00:12:36nigulas omni
00:12:38nigulas seems legit
00:12:50MYuksel bye
00:12:52Tough :D
00:12:59Shinja nice farm u have
00:13:01nigulas ty
00:13:05Shinja dagger till min 30 rdy?
00:13:08nigulas y
00:13:38MYuksel wr
00:14:08MYuksel gj
00:14:13que2stress no vision
00:14:15que2stress no miss mid
00:14:23MYuksel k sry my faul
00:14:24MYuksel ss mid
00:14:39que2stress gang tb
00:14:56que2stress def
00:15:00MYuksel tiny toss u
00:15:12fUNCh 4 bot
00:15:16que2stress push oit
00:15:16HuaRong b
00:15:28Tough toss me
00:15:42fUNCh they want to toss centa
00:15:43MYuksel cd top
00:15:43fUNCh care
00:15:45MYuksel cd tp
00:16:14Tough reg
00:16:22Kanpu3a i
00:16:26Shinja why no freeze
00:16:27Shinja ffs
00:16:30Tough b bot
00:16:35MYuksel lol
00:16:38MYuksel give free twrs gj
00:16:40que2stress why cant we fight?
00:16:46que2stress diiot
00:16:50HuaRong cant when he is up ppl
00:16:51que2stress why doesnt wl coe
00:16:55que2stress and we push 5 toewr?
00:17:00Momdsiw go with 5 then
00:17:25Shinja ty 4 block
00:17:37MYuksel nice block
00:18:03MYuksel this wl
00:18:05MYuksel why did u block me
00:18:06Momdsiw ?
00:18:09MYuksel with u fuckin noob ulti
00:18:09Momdsiw i didnt
00:18:23Momdsiw shh
00:18:25MYuksel tiny lvl 5 omg
00:18:29Kanpu3a xf
00:18:37que2stress any going jango?=
00:19:37MYuksel wl farm good
00:19:41Momdsiw y
00:19:45Momdsiw no ult
00:19:45Momdsiw :<
00:20:19Tough ff
00:20:23Kanpu3a ff
00:20:24MYuksel wuuhu
00:20:27que2stress wl ftw :D
00:20:30Momdsiw you dive ftrw
00:20:32Momdsiw 4vs4
00:20:33MYuksel banrEQ
00:20:40que2stress u have ult
00:20:44que2stress but dont join battle
00:20:49nigulas tp cd
00:20:51que2stress what kind of fucker are you?
00:21:01Momdsiw i just got it
00:21:13Tough tb free farm
00:21:13MYuksel tp
00:21:14MYuksel down
00:21:14Tough its so gg
00:21:16que2stress we lose so much toewrs
00:21:20que2stress due to wlk
00:21:21MYuksel wl
00:21:22MYuksel failed
00:21:53MYuksel tiny lvl 6.....
00:21:58Kanpu3a su
00:22:00MYuksel wl farming (CARRY)
00:22:14Momdsiw myksel cryign whole game
00:22:21que2stress nope
00:22:28Tough get smoike
00:22:32nigulas ult cd
00:22:43MYuksel tiny and cent need to start the hole thing
00:22:48MYuksel get blink centaur
00:22:53MYuksel or let tiny toss u
00:22:56Shinja gather mid
00:22:57Tough y
00:23:14HuaRong wood
00:23:17Tough get smoke
00:23:18HuaRong ?
00:23:22nigulas 15 sec
00:23:23nigulas utli
00:23:27MYuksel b
00:23:35MYuksel tos
00:23:51Momdsiw wr stune nig?
00:23:56que2stress cfd
00:24:00que2stress why u go
00:24:03que2stress without vision again?
00:24:54MYuksel wait 90 sec for smoke again
00:24:59que2stress no
00:25:00que2stress buy wards
00:25:04Momdsiw got soon agha
00:25:13que2stress agha is uselses
00:25:15que2stress vs krobe
00:25:16Momdsiw no
00:25:31Tough can we go gather smoke?
00:25:35que2stress im here
00:25:36MYuksel wait ulti
00:25:43MYuksel farm your agha
00:25:56Momdsiw i take bot for agha
00:26:00Momdsiw y
00:26:09MYuksel lolol
00:26:14que2stress oh sry
00:26:17Tough np
00:26:21MYuksel tiny cent go top
00:26:33nigulas ult rdy soon
00:26:34nigulas then push
00:26:51MYuksel agha ready all gather mid now
00:26:54MYuksel before u guys die
00:26:58nigulas gogo mid
00:27:11MYuksel need to disable them full
00:27:11Steuerfreak ALL
00:27:21MYuksel cent farm bot
00:27:28Steuerfreak tb
00:27:28Steuerfreak bait
00:27:29nigulas just go
00:27:30nigulas push
00:27:30Momdsiw get the dagger mby
00:27:31Tough toss me
00:27:38MYuksel go
00:27:49Tough dagger
00:28:21HuaRong ?
00:28:21nigulas very nice
00:28:26MYuksel just like that ?
00:28:26nigulas this
00:28:26que2stress gw
00:28:27nigulas tb
00:28:28MYuksel how hard
00:28:32nigulas won this fight
00:28:33MYuksel wp cent
00:28:33que2stress well needed dagger
00:28:42Tough go bot aftet tower
00:28:50Steuerfreak lol
00:28:51Steuerfreak midas
00:28:53Steuerfreak and no items
00:29:37que2stress b
00:29:39que2stress need a
00:29:42que2stress all ults
00:30:35MYuksel go
00:30:37Kanpu3a wl dont sleep
00:30:43Momdsiw haf no ult
00:30:50MYuksel silence omg
00:31:23que2stress i told ya
00:31:24que2stress dont go
00:31:42Shinja ty
00:32:16Steuerfreak b
00:32:16Steuerfreak b
00:32:16Steuerfreak b
00:32:17Steuerfreak b
00:32:17Steuerfreak b
00:32:17Steuerfreak vb
00:32:18Steuerfreak +hbztopz
00:32:18Steuerfreak +uüztoh
00:32:19Steuerfreak hn+ijpojhn
00:32:19Steuerfreak +ikpkhöi
00:32:20Steuerfreak hi+mjpük
00:32:20Steuerfreak +hiumpikö
00:32:32MYuksel good
00:32:34nigulas got ulti
00:32:37HuaRong why b
00:32:41MYuksel cent go ac ?
00:32:44HuaRong we could kill them
00:32:44Tough first hot
00:33:08Shinja IDIOT
00:33:10Shinja WHY DAGGer
00:33:16MYuksel stupid
00:33:18Shinja i tank for u son of a bitch
00:33:19que2stress why u go
00:33:20MYuksel :/
00:33:22Shinja :D
00:33:22que2stress with no wl ult
00:33:29Kanpu3a rush
00:33:32Momdsiw next fight got my lvl 3 ult
00:33:53Shinja son of a bitch
00:33:59MYuksel retund dammeg would be nice for u bro tough
00:34:05Tough yeah
00:34:16MYuksel u should buy
00:34:20MYuksel :D
00:34:22Tough already bougjt
00:34:24MYuksel gogo
00:34:44Momdsiw wr
00:34:49HuaRong tb sucks
00:34:49Momdsiw your arrow is channeling
00:34:57MYuksel its mean ?
00:35:00HuaRong :D
00:35:04Tough like eni ulti
00:35:06que2stress what are u talkng
00:35:14Momdsiw your second skill is channelign spell
00:35:22que2stress y so what?
00:35:29Momdsiw load it to end to make dmg?
00:35:43MYuksel b
00:35:46que2stress i wanted instand ult
00:35:48que2stress is more damage
00:35:58Tough wr
00:36:00Tough go crit
00:36:05Tough u have to carry
00:36:05que2stress first diffu
00:36:10Steuerfreak need smoke
00:36:10Tough kay
00:36:11nigulas got ulti
00:36:12Steuerfreak or turtle
00:36:14MYuksel need 600 for pipe
00:36:23Momdsiw we need to push
00:36:23Tough b woods
00:36:25Tough we jave no wards
00:36:25que2stress need diffu for golems
00:36:31Momdsiw ?
00:36:32Tough b
00:36:36Tough b
00:36:37Tough b
00:36:37Tough b
00:36:37Momdsiw you cant kill my utlis
00:36:38Momdsiw wtf
00:36:52MYuksel lets smoke
00:36:53Momdsiw are you retard wr?
00:37:00que2stress what is ur problem now
00:37:01MYuksel he make them stronger idiot
00:37:06Momdsiw you get diffu vs my golems?
00:37:11HuaRong come smoke
00:37:12Steuerfreak lets msoke
00:37:13que2stress yye ofc
00:37:14Steuerfreak tb
00:37:15Steuerfreak come
00:37:21MYuksel so retard hahahahah
00:37:25MYuksel gather for smoke
00:37:26MYuksel all
00:37:29Tough well i dont get oit
00:37:34Tough diffu for golems?
00:37:37Tough explain it pls :D
00:37:39que2stress rofl
00:37:41MYuksel hahahah
00:37:43que2stress its vs repel
00:37:44que2stress u cuts
00:37:44Steuerfreak smoekrosh?
00:37:45Tough ah
00:37:51MYuksel stupid guys
00:37:52MYuksel :D
00:37:57Tough fail
00:38:03MYuksel lets smoke
00:38:03MYuksel come
00:38:15MYuksel wr
00:38:42Steuerfreak b
00:38:42Steuerfreak b
00:39:14Shinja nice ulti
00:39:16MYuksel again
00:39:33MYuksel gj
00:39:34Steuerfreak guys
00:39:36Steuerfreak y u go in
00:39:37Steuerfreak ?
00:39:41Steuerfreak i used ulti fpor rosh
00:39:42nigulas i had 5man ulti
00:39:43nigulas figured
00:39:44MYuksel got pipe
00:39:44Steuerfreak Y U GO IN?
00:39:44Momdsiw i farmn mid
00:39:44MYuksel now
00:39:45nigulas id do it
00:39:51Steuerfreak and now?
00:39:54nigulas nothing
00:39:56nigulas cm was dead
00:39:57nigulas tb
00:39:58Momdsiw think i have refresher next fight
00:39:58nigulas cant play
00:40:01nigulas u had no ulti
00:40:03nigulas = we all dead
00:40:07que2stress y
00:40:14Momdsiw let me bot
00:40:16Momdsiw for refresher
00:40:44MYuksel tiny dagon insteed dagger :D
00:40:50Kanpu3a no many
00:40:55que2stress so i go crit
00:41:08MYuksel gather ?
00:41:12MYuksel with full hp smoke again
00:41:13nigulas 30sec ulti
00:41:14Tough yeah
00:41:14que2stress vent needs heal
00:41:14nigulas thn go mid
00:41:15Tough wait
00:41:42que2stress got refresher?
00:41:42Momdsiw ok maybe 1 more fight without fresher
00:41:43MYuksel refresher finnish ?
00:41:45Momdsiw nah
00:41:46Momdsiw 700 need
00:41:54Steuerfreak come
00:41:56MYuksel gather
00:42:04que2stress if u wanna me carry
00:42:19MYuksel wtf gj
00:42:19Tough was so obvious
00:42:31Steuerfreak end
00:42:32que2stress soory
00:42:33que2stress had lag
00:42:43MYuksel funny stuff was that
00:42:47MYuksel wl was not in hes ulti
00:42:50nigulas heal or i leave
00:42:53MYuksel and he did not cancel hes ulti
00:43:01Momdsiw brainlag
00:43:07MYuksel ye
00:43:15MYuksel dont let them
00:43:18Momdsiw i thought im in xD
00:43:29Steuerfreak b
00:43:30Steuerfreak after
00:43:35que2stress go
00:43:45HuaRong b
00:43:49MYuksel gg
00:43:50MYuksel wp
00:43:51nigulas orly :D
00:43:54MYuksel gather now
00:43:55MYuksel smoke
00:43:55Momdsiw need to push
00:43:57Momdsiw got my refresher
00:44:20que2stress need not to have lag during fights :D
00:44:38que2stress why u dropped ur basilus?
00:44:48Momdsiw all mid?
00:44:50Momdsiw have refu
00:44:53MYuksel gather now
00:44:54MYuksel smoke
00:44:56que2stress i ousg bot
00:44:58MYuksel then gogo rax middle
00:44:58que2stress then go mid
00:45:00que2stress let ,me bot
00:45:05Momdsiw smoek gather
00:45:08Momdsiw need just fight
00:45:09Momdsiw nto farm
00:45:13Momdsiw we can take rax
00:45:17MYuksel a
00:45:18MYuksel lol
00:45:18que2stress y
00:45:19Tough wait
00:45:21Tough ened 500 gold
00:45:23Tough till hot
00:45:29MYuksel def top
00:45:30MYuksel someone
00:45:30Momdsiw no need that hot
00:45:31Tough def tpü
00:45:31Momdsiw jsut fight
00:45:41Momdsiw you get it in next fight
00:45:49nigulas üle
00:45:52HuaRong smoke again?
00:45:52fUNCh :D
00:45:54Steuerfreak y
00:45:59nigulas sec i bring shiva
00:46:14que2stress well they come
00:46:29MYuksel wl stand back
00:46:47Steuerfreak gather
00:46:49nigulas sell ur soul riing
00:46:52nigulas and buy hex
00:46:57Momdsiw aah invi
00:47:35que2stress they gonna def bot
00:47:36que2stress go mid
00:47:47que2stress or not
00:47:48Kanpu3a bb
00:48:31nigulas rosh is up
00:48:37que2stress hehe+
00:48:43Steuerfreak are
00:48:44Steuerfreak u
00:48:45Steuerfreak fucking
00:48:46Steuerfreak dumb
00:48:50Shinja why dont u run :D tb
00:48:53Steuerfreak I BLOCKED
00:48:53Shinja so uberfunny
00:48:54Momdsiw in only1 who keeps us up
00:48:54Steuerfreak FUCKEr
00:48:55fUNCh :D
00:48:59fUNCh had no idea bat alive
00:49:04que2stress and who kept us down for long
00:49:06Shinja bat didnt pwn u
00:49:06Steuerfreak bronze plt
00:49:08Shinja :D
00:49:10fUNCh he slowed
00:49:28que2stress plz go wards
00:49:29que2stress someone
00:49:37MYuksel rosh fast
00:49:40MYuksel all
00:49:45que2stress no rosh
00:49:46HuaRong use purge on wr ult
00:49:46que2stress no wl ult
00:49:49que2stress but stay clsoe
00:49:51que2stress TINY
00:49:55HuaRong tb
00:49:55MYuksel wl ulti 40 sec
00:49:57Steuerfreak only smokerosh
00:49:58fUNCh wr ?
00:50:00fUNCh wl ?
00:50:00Momdsiw no double
00:50:03que2stress TINY
00:50:04Kanpu3a 8 ulti
00:50:05Momdsiw or nvmk
00:50:05MYuksel nvm
00:50:06Momdsiw its double
00:50:23Tough warfds
00:51:03Momdsiw bat why?
00:51:04MYuksel tinys pick losed this game btw dont blame wl
00:51:06Momdsiw you go without my ulti
00:51:07HuaRong push better
00:51:11Kanpu3a xd
00:51:13nigulas u have no stun
00:51:13nigulas yet u follow him
00:51:13nigulas fucking
00:51:15Kanpu3a go whitout ulti
00:51:17que2stress imba lags i have :D
00:51:18Steuerfreak haha
00:51:18Kanpu3a idiot?
00:51:19Shinja what ? shitheaD?
00:51:19MYuksel its the true
00:51:28MYuksel u are useless
00:51:35nigulas imba farm omni
00:51:40nigulas imb alvls
00:51:40Steuerfreak su
00:51:41Steuerfreak plz
00:51:44Kanpu3a try
00:51:44nigulas no i wont
00:51:46nigulas until he shuts up
00:51:47Kanpu3a but u
00:51:48Kanpu3a idiot
00:51:51MYuksel k
00:51:53MYuksel iam noob
00:51:54que2stress tiny
00:51:56Kanpu3a no
00:51:56que2stress u deffed top
00:51:58Kanpu3a u idiot
00:51:59que2stress although
00:52:01que2stress i called u
00:52:02que2stress 20 times
00:52:08Momdsiw got 1ult
00:52:08Momdsiw coming oson
00:52:32Kanpu3a I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:32MYuksel I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:32nigulas go tu lti
00:52:32Momdsiw ahh tb diffu :<
00:52:32nigulas i try 4 atleast
00:52:32Momdsiw gg wp
00:52:33Momdsiw Krobe
00:52:41Steuerfreak b
00:52:59Steuerfreak b
00:52:59Steuerfreak b
00:53:00Steuerfreak b
00:53:00Steuerfreak b
00:53:23Kanpu3a ff all
00:53:27MYuksel go for it
00:53:27MYuksel I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:29que2stress u shut up
00:53:31que2stress u damn noob tiny
00:53:38Kanpu3a wr great farming
00:53:39Kanpu3a man
00:53:42Kanpu3a only farm
00:53:50que2stress i did not farm at all
00:53:52MYuksel well u was lvl 1 while i was 5
00:53:53nigulas omni
00:53:55nigulas imba score
00:53:58Shinja :)
00:54:01Kanpu3a and?
00:54:02Shinja talk to ur hand, jewface
00:54:03nigulas twat
00:54:04MYuksel fail
00:54:05MYuksel fail
00:54:05MYuksel fail
00:54:05que2stress and u suck
00:54:06Kanpu3a where gangs?
00:54:08Shinja why u dead ? :D
00:54:08Kanpu3a lol
00:54:11nigulas imba racist
00:54:11MYuksel tolking to me wr ?
00:54:15Shinja why dead ?
00:54:15que2stress to tiny
00:54:17Kanpu3a u have 5 lvl and no gang
00:54:17Shinja :D
00:54:19Kanpu3a fu
00:54:20nigulas because they killed me
00:54:22Kanpu3a iidiotes
00:54:24nigulas kinda obvious answer
00:54:25MYuksel igang 10times
00:54:27MYuksel never on lane
00:54:28Shinja orly
00:54:29Kanpu3a and i too
00:54:30Shinja though creeps
00:54:32nigulas ur
00:54:33Shinja neutral oneS
00:54:35nigulas like 15 right?
00:54:49Momdsiw krobe just too strong
00:54:50Shinja wanna know me in rl ? :d find ur rl-friends somewhere else, victim
00:54:50Steuerfreak 7lets end it
00:54:50Tough b
00:54:57MYuksel go rosh
00:54:59nigulas :D:D
00:55:00Tough nah
00:55:12Steuerfreak cm
00:55:12Steuerfreak :D
00:55:14Momdsiw dotn go
00:55:14HuaRong :D
00:55:16Momdsiw fight 5vs5
00:55:16Momdsiw soon
00:55:19Momdsiw def top
00:55:19Momdsiw first
00:55:22MYuksel def
00:55:24MYuksel ros
00:55:24MYuksel come
00:55:45que2stress basck
00:55:47Momdsiw stay base
00:55:51Kanpu3a go ff
00:55:54MYuksel lost bro
00:55:56Kanpu3a we not win
00:56:02nigulas we need ur ulti
00:56:03Steuerfreak wait 4 my ulti
00:56:03nigulas for push
00:56:04Steuerfreak and end
00:56:04que2stress as long as u are in team
00:56:07MYuksel blink dagger 52 min
00:56:12Steuerfreak su
00:56:14Steuerfreak ty
00:56:15Kanpu3a kiss my dick
00:56:19Kanpu3a cryong man
00:56:21MYuksel lol steuer
00:56:22Steuerfreak look our cm
00:56:22MYuksel noob
00:56:25Steuerfreak do we cry
00:56:26Steuerfreak ?
00:56:32MYuksel cm usefull
00:56:32que2stress do you have tiny?
00:56:34HuaRong what u want
00:56:34MYuksel So stfu
00:56:35Momdsiw Look out our last pick
00:56:37Steuerfreak haha
00:56:38HuaRong i am support
00:56:38Steuerfreak and tb
00:56:40Steuerfreak early fail
00:56:42Steuerfreak mid fail
00:56:59nigulas lez party
00:57:01MYuksel Go for end plz
00:57:04Steuerfreak no
00:57:04Kanpu3a I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:09Momdsiw Well some1 need to be flamed everygame xD
00:57:10Tough krobe
00:57:13Tough wanna 1 on 1 ? :D
00:57:21Tough just for fun
00:57:33que2stress tehse lags
00:57:33MYuksel lol
00:57:34MYuksel blind
00:57:34que2stress arf
00:57:34Momdsiw krobe 4.4k hp
00:57:37Tough 5m1
00:57:39Tough 5,1
00:57:43Momdsiw he maeks more dmg
00:57:48MYuksel go
00:59:47MYuksel retund
00:59:48MYuksel dmg
01:00:10MYuksel lollololol
01:00:29nigulas just do megas
01:00:30Momdsiw Dis wl so stronK
01:00:30nigulas suecide
01:00:47fUNCh might have some items
01:00:58Momdsiw 15 sec
01:00:58Steuerfreak need ulti
01:01:03Steuerfreak wait
01:01:09Steuerfreak need split
01:02:01nigulas throne :D
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