Game #3163019

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+8 X
+6 TS

91% | 1645 X | 1416 TS

+9 X
+5 TS

72% | 1308 X | 1417 TS

-8 X
+3 TS

69% | 1347 X | 1342 TS

-5 X
+8 TS

61% | 1288 X | 1322 TS

+28 X
+4 TS

50% | 1191 X | 1319 TS

-14 X
-3 TS

84% | 1457 X | 1479 TS

-35 X
-3 TS

81% | 1380 X | 1479 TS

-42 X
-4 TS

72% | 1364 X | 1366 TS

+47 X
-3 TS

58% | 1166 X | 1435 TS

+24 X
-3 TS

49% | 1163 X | 1330 TS

Chat log

00:00:13infect ban ns
00:00:17KeLToS bitches
00:00:17Steuerfreak banned
00:00:17infect vangelis wants to play it
00:00:17KeLToS k
00:00:17LetItBe we got sebralane =(
00:00:17Steuerfreak im sry
00:00:17Steuerfreak hes noob
00:00:17LetItBe why can he add silver if he is 49%
00:00:17KeLToS u ban gogo
00:00:17Steuerfreak :d
00:00:17LetItBe sad
00:00:17Steuerfreak lose this game plz
00:00:17Steuerfreak so hell get bronze
00:00:17Steuerfreak K?
00:00:17LetItBe nah
00:00:17infect k
00:00:17KeLToS meepo
00:00:17infect ban ns
00:00:17KeLToS any wishes bitches
00:00:17Steuerfreak ns
00:00:17LetItBe we will win but he will get -x so he will go bronze ;O
00:00:22Steuerfreak :D
00:00:25Steuerfreak dont help him
00:00:28Steuerfreak we focus him
00:00:37infect ogre
00:00:40infect would be nice
00:00:42infect agasitn strom
00:00:54sebralane vangelis
00:00:56sebralane v5ta sk
00:00:57sebralane mulle
00:01:00LetItBe what u gonna play
00:01:01Vangelis vota ise
00:01:04sebralane eino muidu
00:01:07Vangelis nad ei picki seda ju
00:01:07sebralane ma ei saa seda ju
00:01:12sebralane pickivad ju
00:01:14Vangelis neil on dk void
00:01:14sebralane get me sk pls
00:01:17Vangelis nad ei picki seda
00:01:26Shinja enough melee i´d say
00:01:27Shinja ^^
00:01:27Fxx. silencer vs storm ?
00:01:30LetItBe anna mulle abba
00:01:30sebralane letitbe u swap?
00:01:30Steuerfreak dazzle
00:01:31Steuerfreak 4 me
00:01:33LetItBe ja
00:01:35LetItBe vittu
00:01:35Steuerfreak or aba
00:01:36Steuerfreak ;(
00:01:39Shinja also good
00:01:39Steuerfreak )
00:01:40KeLToS -swap 4
00:01:42marsbar2k -swap 1
00:01:42sebralane mis nyyd
00:01:43KeLToS -clear
00:01:44infect we need range last
00:01:48LetItBe uus hero
00:01:50LetItBe proovin
00:01:52Fxx. i m bad dazzle , but if u want , i pick it for u
00:01:54sebralane -ap 3
00:01:54Steuerfreak mb nortrom
00:01:56LetItBe -swap 5
00:01:57sebralane -swap 3
00:01:58KeLToS potm mid
00:01:58marsbar2k vange u want mid ?
00:01:58sebralane -clear
00:01:58Fxx. so ?
00:02:00KeLToS -clear
00:02:02Steuerfreak go nort
00:02:04gangstar1990 i uuport sou dk
00:02:06gangstar1990 me down
00:02:10infect let me
00:02:12infect u farm more
00:02:16sebralane i get chikcn
00:02:17sebralane asap
00:02:21sebralane i cant wood otherwise
00:02:22KeLToS me potm top
00:02:23infect i cant let him solo when i roam etc
00:02:28gangstar1990 kk
00:02:31sebralane im wood
00:02:31Vangelis i can
00:02:32Vangelis be
00:02:32Vangelis bot
00:02:34Vangelis too np
00:02:34KeLToS ok
00:02:44KeLToS where is chicken
00:02:47infect just make tank silencer
00:02:51Vangelis letitbe
00:02:52infect we got enough dps from void and dk
00:02:52sebralane i told u get it
00:02:56infect so you can stay alive
00:02:56LetItBe what
00:02:57sebralane i cant wood otherwise
00:02:57infect hood
00:02:57LetItBe mis?
00:02:57KeLToS fucking cunts
00:03:01KeLToS banreQ
00:03:01infect bloodstone or something
00:03:03KeLToS dont care
00:03:04Vangelis ma teen
00:03:05sebralane yyy
00:03:05Vangelis basi
00:03:09Fxx. np
00:03:12Fxx. its my normal tactic
00:03:13LetItBe ma teen lotharsi
00:03:21Vangelis we
00:03:23Vangelis got 5 carry
00:03:23Vangelis gg
00:03:24infect i scare mid
00:03:30LetItBe they got void
00:03:31LetItBe :D
00:04:07Fxx. ss
00:05:50Vangelis use nuke?
00:06:07KeLToS easy gang top
00:06:08KeLToS ..
00:06:40Steuerfreak ss mid
00:07:00KeLToS easy gang top still
00:07:07sebralane need 1 level
00:07:11Steuerfreak storm inc top
00:07:13Steuerfreak re
00:07:24infect miks see legion nii aggressive on :D
00:07:29infect ta ei saa ikka meile midagi teha ju
00:07:30infect :D:D
00:07:31Vangelis mingi noob first timer
00:07:49marsbar2k ss
00:07:58Vangelis dd vooid
00:07:58Vangelis bb
00:07:59Vangelis b
00:07:59Vangelis b
00:08:49infect ss potm
00:08:49Shinja ss 1
00:09:08Vangelis cd
00:09:09Vangelis arrow
00:09:16Vangelis 5 s
00:09:20Steuerfreak ss
00:09:21Steuerfreak a lot
00:09:33marsbar2k -.-
00:09:33Vangelis STORM
00:09:34Vangelis ?
00:09:34Fxx. 3 ss up
00:09:37marsbar2k was watching chick
00:09:39Vangelis omg
00:09:40Vangelis why
00:09:42Vangelis ?
00:09:47marsbar2k my boots are going top
00:09:49marsbar2k thats awesome
00:10:12Vangelis sk
00:10:13Vangelis gank
00:10:13Vangelis ?
00:10:19KeLToS oom
00:10:22Vangelis i know
00:10:49Fxx. fuck off
00:10:53gangstar1990 sry could do more
00:10:55gangstar1990 woid die
00:10:56Fxx. report misss !
00:11:01infect chat
00:11:02infect read it
00:11:11Fxx. so go gang tooo
00:11:13LetItBe ss dk
00:11:14LetItBe re
00:11:15Fxx. they gang us rly hard
00:11:16LetItBe cant do much bot
00:11:17Vangelis riune
00:11:18Vangelis boty
00:11:22Vangelis well
00:11:23infect so what?
00:11:23Fxx. ss 2 up
00:11:24Vangelis dont pick
00:11:24Fxx. care
00:11:26Vangelis like a noob mby
00:11:26infect i keep our main carry
00:11:27infect alive
00:11:32Steuerfreak ss
00:11:33Steuerfreak mid
00:11:34Fxx. dont know
00:11:39Fxx. why all at dota-gc go bf void
00:11:40KeLToS omw bot
00:11:43Fxx. i think its rly bad
00:11:59infect cause in every pro game void goes bf?
00:12:20Shinja u say report miss
00:12:21Fxx. ss 3 up
00:12:22Shinja and all bot
00:12:24Shinja serious ?
00:12:26Fxx. f12
00:12:27infect haste strom
00:12:28Fxx. i said it
00:12:29Shinja plz dont demand something
00:12:29Fxx. ..
00:12:32Shinja if u fail aswell
00:12:36Shinja u said it when im dead ?
00:12:42Fxx. are u kiding me ?
00:12:50gangstar1990 if they come run b to twr
00:12:52gangstar1990 i supoport
00:12:55Vangelis top
00:12:56Vangelis goes
00:12:58Vangelis if no one def
00:13:26gangstar1990 ggoo vcoming
00:13:34LetItBe b
00:13:39KeLToS run bitches
00:13:49infect potm tuli
00:13:54LetItBe will tp top
00:14:28infect oom
00:14:30LetItBe defbot
00:14:42infect need mah manaboots
00:14:58infect b bot
00:15:01infect kunkka somehwere as well
00:15:26Vangelis really like this
00:15:29Vangelis 8 carry games
00:15:56infect go
00:15:58infect void is coming
00:15:59Vangelis gg
00:16:08Vangelis let it be ???
00:16:09Vangelis mis teed
00:16:10Vangelis ?
00:16:11infect void
00:16:13LetItBe joon vett
00:16:13infect your ulti
00:16:16infect reveals
00:16:17infect invi...
00:16:49Fxx. need help up
00:16:59infect coming asap
00:17:13gangstar1990 gogo
00:17:19KeLToS bait
00:17:20KeLToS legion
00:18:10LetItBe sk ???
00:18:12LetItBe fucking tard
00:19:06gangstar1990 void farm!!!
00:19:08infect got to love mc
00:19:08gangstar1990 mass farm
00:19:22infect haha, see tegi reg bootsid
00:19:23infect :D
00:19:30KeLToS duel
00:19:34LetItBe 3
00:19:38KeLToS leo go
00:19:40KeLToS dont focus abba
00:19:44gangstar1990 go twr
00:19:44Vangelis go
00:19:47sebralane wait
00:19:48sebralane item
00:19:49sebralane inc
00:19:51LetItBe :D
00:20:02gangstar1990 b
00:20:02gangstar1990 b
00:20:15infect 5 top
00:20:26gangstar1990 lol 5 top
00:20:27Fxx. y
00:20:28Fxx. void
00:20:30Fxx. just farm
00:20:31gangstar1990 get twr
00:20:31Vangelis def mid
00:20:31Fxx. :-)
00:20:32Vangelis fast
00:20:39Vangelis nvm
00:20:40Vangelis too late
00:20:44LetItBe get top
00:20:49gangstar1990 np dk and void need farm
00:20:50KeLToS go 2 tower
00:20:52gangstar1990 tehn gg
00:20:56Vangelis well
00:20:57Vangelis our sk
00:21:00Vangelis went back to forest
00:21:02Fxx. but bf is rly bad item
00:21:04LetItBe :D
00:21:05LetItBe he is pro
00:21:07KeLToS 2 towers go
00:21:08LetItBe z3bra
00:21:14Vangelis b
00:21:15Vangelis cant go
00:21:35KeLToS shitplace 2 tp?
00:21:40infect bf is a very godo items
00:21:40gangstar1990 get twr7
00:21:45LetItBe risky
00:21:49KeLToS assist top
00:21:52infect why you think almost every pro player makes it ?
00:21:54Fxx. chick is back
00:21:57Vangelis need
00:21:57infect and not in gc
00:21:58Vangelis sebra
00:22:06KeLToS come on
00:22:22Vangelis sk
00:22:22Vangelis ?
00:22:26sebralane wat?
00:22:28infect sile make necro
00:22:29sebralane jsut farm
00:22:29infect as well
00:22:31infect against sk
00:22:31sebralane we have carrys
00:22:35KeLToS they dont
00:22:38Vangelis cant give
00:22:39Vangelis free towers
00:22:40Fxx. meka
00:22:41Vangelis regardlesss
00:22:42Fxx. or necro now ?
00:22:47infect hmm
00:22:49infect i get necro
00:22:51infect than
00:23:12Vangelis nojah
00:23:13Fxx. so i go meka
00:23:26LetItBe gege
00:23:46Vangelis why not
00:23:46Vangelis b
00:23:47Vangelis ?
00:23:55infect maybe abba meka
00:23:57LetItBe it was gg from the beginning
00:23:57infect and you hood?
00:23:58Steuerfreak aba heal plz
00:24:03Vangelis nope
00:24:04Vangelis it is gg
00:24:06Vangelis if you go vs 5
00:24:10KeLToS wtdfff
00:24:12KeLToS gg
00:24:15Steuerfreak DUMB NOOB
00:24:17Steuerfreak aba
00:24:18Steuerfreak full hp
00:24:21Steuerfreak are u serious?
00:24:26Shinja b
00:24:37Steuerfreak aba?
00:24:40gangstar1990 ?
00:24:46Steuerfreak y no spell
00:24:46gangstar1990 was stunned
00:24:47Steuerfreak for me?
00:24:49Steuerfreak lol
00:24:51gangstar1990 ..
00:24:51Steuerfreak he stunned me
00:24:54Steuerfreak arrow?
00:24:55gangstar1990 i said i support
00:24:58gangstar1990 but cant when i stun
00:25:00gangstar1990 y
00:25:03Steuerfreak pf
00:25:07Steuerfreak ff
00:25:12Fxx. so
00:25:14Fxx. aba meka
00:25:14Fxx. ?
00:25:16gangstar1990 i go for mekka
00:25:21Fxx. k
00:25:23infect you get hood
00:25:24infect sile
00:25:27infect you need to live
00:25:30Fxx. no , i go vang
00:25:33infect lol no
00:25:34infect vg
00:25:41infect useless @ this stage
00:25:45Fxx. i dont need hood
00:25:46infect + you are range
00:25:51infect agasint strom and kunkka
00:25:51Steuerfreak y u helped sebra?
00:25:52infect you do
00:25:53Steuerfreak :(
00:26:03infect bloodstone
00:26:06infect is even better than vg
00:26:12infect vg gives you only 200 hp
00:26:14infect and that's it
00:26:19infect that blocking ability is useless for you
00:26:20gangstar1990 go he has no ulti
00:26:29Vangelis sebra osta mingi magic stick voi
00:26:57gangstar1990 lol
00:27:00gangstar1990 theyx always 4
00:27:02gangstar1990 or 5
00:27:09LetItBe poom
00:27:11Fxx. but we have got team in cinema
00:27:15Vangelis sebra osta mana plz
00:27:15Fxx. they only look
00:27:18Fxx. void is good
00:27:20Vangelis mingi magic stick voi soulring
00:27:23sebralane gotdam this armlets rulz
00:27:24LetItBe täiesti putsius luckerid
00:27:24Fxx. but dk and ogre
00:27:45gangstar1990 b
00:27:45gangstar1990 b
00:27:46gangstar1990 b
00:27:46infect nb
00:27:46gangstar1990 b
00:28:18infect k, force staff
00:28:27Vangelis miks sa need
00:28:29Vangelis saapad teed
00:28:29LetItBe j2ta ma saan endale lotharsi varsti :DDD
00:28:30Vangelis ???
00:28:31infect if you go vg
00:28:32infect silencer
00:28:35LetItBe lothars ja need saapad = imba
00:28:35infect i will egoquit
00:28:37infect on the spot
00:28:40Vangelis pole mingit
00:28:42Vangelis kasu nendest
00:28:47Fxx. su
00:28:49Fxx. i go bloodstone
00:29:02Steuerfreak omg
00:29:05LetItBe mid go
00:29:06LetItBe sk
00:29:59KeLToS push
00:30:04infect how did it take you 10 minutes to get there sile :D
00:30:07gangstar1990 this nap dpuble kill
00:30:11gangstar1990 lol
00:30:23gangstar1990 nbetter teamplay plz
00:30:31marsbar2k im all out of mana
00:30:34Shinja together now
00:30:34marsbar2k get this and b
00:30:34KeLToS i have ulti
00:30:35Vangelis tower and b
00:30:36KeLToS take tower
00:30:59LetItBe sry was talking with friend
00:31:00LetItBe zzz
00:31:01Vangelis letitbe, fxx, gangsta
00:31:06Vangelis the very best of dota.gc
00:31:14sebralane how about me?
00:31:23LetItBe was talking with a friend stfu tard
00:31:36Vangelis sebra you are the special elite unti
00:31:41Fxx. :-)
00:31:42Fxx. like u
00:31:43sebralane yay
00:32:04Vangelis miks
00:32:06Vangelis sa mana ei osta
00:32:07Vangelis ?
00:32:10infect need some range
00:32:11sebralane pole vaja
00:32:13infect gonna antiward
00:32:34gangstar1990 gogo
00:32:54Steuerfreak b
00:32:54Steuerfreak b
00:32:57Shinja u talk about better teamplay
00:33:02Shinja but mass to late abba
00:33:03Shinja gj
00:33:15gangstar1990 i was down
00:33:19Shinja y
00:33:19gangstar1990 i an nthinh that you go
00:33:21Shinja and we were 4
00:33:23Fxx. u see ?
00:33:24gangstar1990 i sai donly that i am coming
00:33:25Shinja so u think we farm till end
00:33:27Fxx. bf is ussless item
00:33:29Shinja they got only carry-team, u know ?
00:33:33Shinja in late we cant fuck this up
00:33:36sebralane n2ed kuidas omatakse?
00:33:43infect fxx, you are lastpick with nosense of dota games
00:33:48Vangelis tead
00:33:48Fxx. we need to all focus sk before he lifesteal
00:33:50infect please dont talk about items and fails
00:33:53Vangelis kui tihti su farm 30 min sk failib
00:33:54sebralane go b
00:34:01Vangelis on vahegi asjalikum team
00:34:02Vangelis vastu
00:34:04Vangelis siis sured
00:34:04KeLToS all there
00:34:05KeLToS smoke rosh
00:34:07Fxx. infect im 100% better to u
00:34:10Vangelis no ?
00:34:11infect :D:D
00:34:11Fxx. so , dont be agresive
00:34:15infect i have see that
00:34:19Fxx. and go sleep
00:34:20Steuerfreak ogre
00:34:20KeLToS i have smoke
00:34:22KeLToS lets take rosh
00:34:23infect oh wait
00:34:23sebralane soz strom
00:34:24Fxx. its late night for kids
00:34:24Steuerfreak use your spells for me
00:34:25Steuerfreak plz
00:34:25sebralane ssry
00:34:26marsbar2k suck me
00:34:27marsbar2k neb
00:34:28marsbar2k newb
00:34:30Shinja dont talk, lets play
00:34:30infect u blind void?
00:34:34sebralane y u good
00:34:35Vangelis scout illu
00:34:37infect every fight
00:34:38Steuerfreak yes
00:34:38infect you and dk
00:34:39Steuerfreak im blinded
00:34:41infect have them
00:34:55Fxx. ilu ?
00:34:56Vangelis gather
00:34:58Shinja ofc
00:35:00KeLToS y
00:35:01KeLToS come
00:35:02KeLToS i smoke
00:35:18KeLToS i uylti
00:35:20gangstar1990 go storm?
00:35:23gangstar1990 lol
00:35:23KeLToS take rosh
00:35:25KeLToS i ulti if they come
00:35:28infect bait
00:35:28infect sk
00:35:28Vangelis SK
00:35:28Vangelis you
00:35:28Vangelis are the tank
00:35:28sebralane oleks keegi teine pihtsa saanud
00:35:28Fxx. smoke will be great
00:35:28sebralane i go in?
00:35:28Fxx. great
00:35:28Vangelis OMG
00:35:28Vangelis dont
00:35:28Fxx. if he drop
00:35:28Vangelis go rosh
00:35:28Fxx. we lost
00:35:28gangstar1990 y
00:35:28Vangelis if he doesnt
00:35:28sebralane well its kinda shit if im bkb mode insite void ulti
00:35:28Vangelis you
00:35:28Vangelis Lost
00:35:28KeLToS then u go bronze
00:35:28KeLToS EPIC
00:35:28Vangelis dont go rosh
00:35:28Vangelis their
00:35:28Fxx. we will see
00:35:28Vangelis team is right here
00:35:28sebralane i go in?
00:35:28infect sad
00:35:28sebralane or not?
00:35:28infect to see
00:35:28infect that
00:35:28infect legion
00:35:28infect like this
00:35:28infect can win
00:35:28LetItBe y very sad
00:35:28LetItBe good hero though
00:35:28LetItBe needs some practice
00:35:28sebralane DO I GO IN?
00:35:28Fxx. dk
00:35:28marsbar2k yes
00:35:28Fxx. use void items
00:35:28Fxx. bf is just
00:35:28Fxx. +dmg
00:35:28sebralane roger
00:35:28KeLToS legion leaves
00:35:28sebralane mirana ulti?
00:35:28gangstar1990 and madness
00:35:28KeLToS if void drop
00:35:28Fxx. mom is too good
00:35:28Vangelis i will
00:35:28Vangelis you go first
00:35:28Vangelis i ulti
00:35:28Fxx. dk
00:35:28Fxx. ok ?
00:35:28LetItBe G_G
00:35:28Vangelis i ulti when they engage you
00:35:28marsbar2k why ulti lol
00:35:28Fxx. take void items
00:35:28sebralane tegelt 2ra tee
00:35:28Vangelis ma panen
00:35:28Vangelis siis
00:35:28sebralane mul ulti nkn
00:35:28infect we ff
00:35:28Fxx. u later can change it
00:35:28Vangelis kui nad sind tapma hakkavad
00:35:28infect if he drops
00:35:28Fxx. i dont ff it
00:35:28Vangelis no meie saame paremini tulla
00:35:28gangstar1990 try it
00:35:28Shinja im 2nd player, i can say what with the items happens^^
00:35:28Fxx. i wanna win
00:35:28sebralane arrow cds?
00:35:31Vangelis 15
00:35:32Fxx. :-)
00:36:22LetItBe no ulti
00:36:44gangstar1990 gj
00:36:45gangstar1990 gogo
00:36:54gangstar1990 get roshan
00:36:57sebralane mul ka lotharit vaja
00:37:00KeLToS stop focus abba
00:37:02sebralane saan insta v6tta sile
00:37:02infect dk
00:37:04infect lifesteal
00:37:06Vangelis PLZ
00:37:06infect u need it
00:37:07LetItBe ma teen ise
00:37:09infect i can give you attack speed
00:37:11LetItBe lothari ja focusin sile mahga
00:37:13Vangelis idiots
00:37:14LetItBe tee endale deso
00:37:14Vangelis start
00:37:17Vangelis hitting aba void
00:37:21Vangelis both who can escape easy
00:37:22Fxx. invis
00:37:29KeLToS no, go ogre and nort
00:37:31KeLToS then void
00:37:56infect get manta void
00:38:14LetItBe tavai finally
00:38:14sebralane dont
00:38:16LetItBe 36 min lothars
00:38:20LetItBe fking nice
00:38:55LetItBe wards anyone?
00:38:58Vangelis yes
00:38:58Vangelis you
00:39:04LetItBe lol
00:39:07LetItBe must be retard
00:39:10Vangelis ?
00:39:22Shinja wtf ?
00:39:24Shinja whats ulti 4 ?
00:39:29Shinja he cant cast spells in this cage ? :D
00:39:30Vangelis def
00:39:30Vangelis mid
00:39:32Vangelis aba is top
00:39:34Shinja wasted.
00:39:35Vangelis and no ults
00:39:37Fxx. y
00:39:39Fxx. was fail
00:39:56Fxx. aha
00:40:00Fxx. aba farm forest again
00:40:00Fxx. ,,,
00:40:02LetItBe tyra sa chased sk
00:40:39Steuerfreak stfu
00:40:42Vangelis sebra too idiot
00:40:42Fxx. mr pro vangelis
00:40:44Vangelis to play carry
00:40:44Vangelis I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:40:46sebralane cant kill
00:40:53Fxx. i think , not 100% we lost
00:40:54Fxx. ...
00:41:22infect 20 secs
00:41:30Vangelis wp
00:42:02gangstar1990 np b
00:42:02gangstar1990 b
00:42:03gangstar1990 b
00:42:29infect dk
00:42:31infect livesteal
00:42:32infect pleas
00:42:33Steuerfreak come
00:42:35Steuerfreak someone
00:42:39marsbar2k wards late game
00:42:40marsbar2k awesome
00:42:45infect i come
00:42:46Vangelis well
00:42:48Vangelis not my fault
00:42:50Vangelis you pick 5 carry
00:42:53marsbar2k u all suck like i left this place
00:42:58infect soz
00:42:59gangstar1990 xD
00:42:59Steuerfreak serious?
00:43:12infect i clicked
00:43:14infect far away
00:43:18Steuerfreak bla
00:43:22sebralane las ma v6tan
00:43:23sebralane alt
00:43:25sebralane 300
00:43:27sebralane desoks
00:43:31LetItBe tulke sisi
00:43:34Vangelis no see
00:43:52infect let
00:43:52infect me
00:43:53infect sile
00:43:55infect bor eul
00:43:56infect eul
00:43:57infect i mget
00:44:06Steuerfreak still got aegis
00:44:07Steuerfreak lets poush
00:44:13gangstar1990 go in
00:44:15Steuerfreak wait till my ulti
00:44:15infect need all
00:45:18LetItBe I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:45:20KeLToS I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:45:22marsbar2k I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:45:24Vangelis I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:45:25Fxx. mr pro vangelis
00:45:28Fxx. i think , u lost
00:45:32Vangelis fxx, you did nothing
00:45:34Vangelis sebra did
00:45:37KeLToS su fxx. u will bronze soon
00:45:38Vangelis 2 fail fights
00:45:41Vangelis and void gets farm
00:45:43Fxx. i pick this hero only cause my ulty , and this pown u
00:45:49KeLToS cuz u suck
00:45:53KeLToS and ppl told u 2 pick
00:45:53infect bot
00:45:55infect bot
00:46:14Fxx. mb , but this noob pown u
00:46:43Vangelis -afk
00:46:46marsbar2k Bloodstone xD ?
00:46:49infect we just took rax
00:46:54infect why tp
00:46:55infect ?
00:46:56Vangelis fxx said he is best player on dota.gc
00:47:05marsbar2k sure
00:47:06infect he did in this game as well
00:47:26LetItBe ff plz
00:47:28LetItBe wanna go
00:47:35marsbar2k Dk ogre wins :D
00:47:39Steuerfreak come top
00:47:39Steuerfreak plz
00:47:45marsbar2k Fat asses
00:47:46Fxx. 200 to shiva
00:47:46infect ogre nice indeed
00:47:47Fxx. let me
00:47:49Vangelis sk played mega stupid
00:48:00Fxx. 100 to item
00:48:01Fxx. and i come
00:48:15gangstar1990 nee dheal
00:48:51Fxx. why u dont w8 for us ?
00:48:54gangstar1990 all b
00:48:56infect dk
00:48:59KeLToS mid
00:48:59infect lifesteal
00:49:00KeLToS all the way
00:49:02infect u fucking need it
00:49:05infect cant u understand that?
00:49:06Vangelis i def fast
00:49:07Shinja are u fucking serious ?
00:49:09Shinja i got lifesteal
00:49:09Vangelis all else
00:49:10Shinja idiot
00:49:10Vangelis go mid
00:49:14Shinja what u talkin whole game
00:49:18LetItBe wont make it
00:49:22LetItBe imo
00:49:26Vangelis no point not trying
00:49:33LetItBe true
00:49:34infect get gem
00:49:34LetItBe just saying
00:49:39infect who has money
00:49:41infect potm ulti
00:49:45infect and legion liothars
00:49:46gangstar1990 i go soon
00:49:56gangstar1990 def
00:50:21LetItBe im b
00:50:25LetItBe dont chase
00:50:25LetItBe sk
00:50:26LetItBe plzz
00:50:27LetItBe :D
00:50:39Vangelis this sk
00:50:41Vangelis too nice
00:50:43Vangelis for you
00:50:45Fxx. this mirana
00:51:00Fxx. vangelis , u flame ALL GAMES !!!
00:51:00sebralane misasja sa lits paugud
00:51:04sebralane vaata seda legionit
00:51:04Fxx. its only game
00:51:08Fxx. ger real life
00:51:08sebralane 37min boots lothar
00:51:09sebralane ok
00:51:22Vangelis i emo every game you are in
00:51:26Vangelis want to know why
00:51:27Vangelis ?
00:51:28LetItBe 1st time this hero
00:51:30LetItBe dont flame
00:51:31LetItBe :D
00:51:39Fxx. cause i allways pown u ?
00:51:41LetItBe u couldnt play anythigng form that pool besides sk
00:51:42LetItBe so i give u sk
00:51:47LetItBe and take this
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