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-32 X
-2 TS

94% | 1572 X | 1596 TS

+15 X
-3 TS

84% | 1441 X | 1482 TS

-19 X
-2 TS

84% | 1440 X | 1456 TS

+14 X
-8 TS

70% | 1294 X | 1414 TS

-45 X
-2 TS

55% | 1151 X | 1354 TS

-25 X
+2 TS

94% | 1600 X | 1555 TS

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+3 TS

94% | 1618 X | 1510 TS

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+4 TS
70% | 1375 X | 1381 TS

+38 X
+12 TS

60% | 1225 X | 1379 TS

+32 X
+2 TS

56% | 1216 X | 1341 TS

Chat log

00:00:15Momdsiw ompas kiva puuli
00:00:18DeduXserS ei tod oo ohohoh, dedu in my team
00:00:18Momdsiw vituttaa ku et saa ikinä fp got to love it
00:00:18yeW- som1 can play wisp here?
00:00:18Momdsiw mitähä pelais id play abba
00:00:18Jonnija nope only 1 player
00:00:18Jonnija on gc can play it
00:00:18Momdsiw es lich leshrac wl omni venge :P
00:00:18yeW- i know 2 or 3 ill pick 1 of those for u
00:00:18yeW- who do u have in mind
00:00:18yeW- ?
00:00:18Jonnija quest2ress
00:00:18A-tzangol i go lesh
00:00:18yeW- ye
00:00:18Momdsiw pick 2 of those for me
00:00:18Firelord0.1 ill want abba or shaker sure
00:00:18yeW- n theres that other dude
00:00:18yeW- who teams up abba aint for sale. :D
00:00:18yeW- with that ursa pickin fag abba is mine
00:00:18DeduXserS C0ULD U D0 SOMETHING
00:00:18yeW- ZE somthin
00:00:18Jonnija dunno
00:00:18Momdsiw gief him shaker thjen
00:00:18Firelord0.1 or huskar
00:00:18Momdsiw mitä bannit?
00:00:18WantedZip DO WHAT ?
00:00:18Momdsiw ld? if dedu picks it for him
00:00:18DeduXserS Ba_N
00:00:18WantedZip BAN WHAT ?
00:00:18A-tzangol tb
00:00:18Momdsiw lc*
00:00:18DeduXserS some
00:00:18yeW- ban lich
00:00:18yeW- imo
00:00:18geth_prime shaker
00:00:18svents lich
00:00:18WantedZip we can pick
00:00:18svents here
00:00:18Momdsiw type lc
00:00:18yeW- or omni
00:00:18svents ffs
00:00:18WantedZip lich
00:00:18svents i want lich
00:00:18WantedZip OMNI
00:00:18yeW- or whatever the fuck
00:00:18svents fckcu
00:00:18WantedZip who play lich ?
00:00:18svents if u ban lich i quit
00:00:18DeduXserS meepo
00:00:21svents i want :D
00:00:22svents lich
00:00:23svents ffs
00:00:31yeW- ^^^^^^^^^^
00:00:33Momdsiw ota es tolle pick that ES for firelord wl for mom?
00:00:53Firelord0.1 what u want ???
00:00:55Jonnija so many geo counter heroes here
00:01:02DeduXserS orly
00:01:05Jonnija why ban it?
00:01:09Firelord0.1 say name
00:01:12Momdsiw go aoe?
00:01:12Momdsiw win
00:01:17DeduXserS give me
00:01:18DeduXserS hmmm Cause yeW is like chinese guy with meepo
00:01:18Momdsiw ota magnus :D
00:01:18Momdsiw himo aoe
00:01:18Jonnija not vs such
00:01:18Jonnija heroes
00:01:18Jonnija :D
00:01:18Momdsiw otan sit enigman :_D enigma for u mom?
00:01:22A-tzangol get tb
00:01:22yeW- oops
00:01:22yeW- randome
00:01:22yeW- someoe want that shit?
00:01:22yeW- i randomed =((
00:01:23Momdsiw dunno yet
00:01:23A-tzangol cap
00:01:24Momdsiw i pick myelf
00:01:25DeduXserS give me ta
00:01:28A-tzangol do7u7like7tb?
00:01:31yeW- someoen tuskkk or nott
00:01:34geth_prime me
00:01:36geth_prime what u want?
00:01:37yeW- nice
00:01:37Momdsiw :DD
00:01:38WantedZip gimme huskar
00:01:38Firelord0.1 ahh fuck
00:01:39DeduXserS ..........................................
00:01:40svents what u want
00:01:41DeduXserS I said ta
00:01:41Momdsiw i can give
00:01:41yeW- get me uci
00:01:42DeduXserS -swap 4
00:01:44WantedZip -swap 5
00:01:44Momdsiw voin antaa
00:01:45yeW- luci
00:01:46Firelord0.1 -swap 1
00:01:46Momdsiw tykkään tosta
00:01:47svents -swapall
00:01:48geth_prime -swap 2
00:01:49yeW- -swap 4
00:01:49Momdsiw ld:stä
00:01:53Momdsiw lc* shit this ruined everything
00:01:58Momdsiw haluutko sen ta legion has to farm top
00:02:03Momdsiw haluut sen ta?
00:02:05svents -clear
00:02:07yeW- -swap
00:02:08DeduXserS jo
00:02:09yeW- -ma
00:02:11A-tzangol legion es and legion top
00:02:11DeduXserS -swap 5
00:02:12A-tzangol go mid
00:02:12Momdsiw -swap 1 i go bot with 5
00:02:14yeW- XD?
00:02:16yeW- -ma
00:02:16Momdsiw im woods
00:02:17Jonnija hmm maybe lich best to lane with tuskar
00:02:18yeW- -clear so dedu solos bot? nvm top ofc
00:02:37Jonnija ugh layana wait guys :D i go top?
00:02:42Momdsiw lesh top?
00:02:43yeW- -ma
00:02:43A-tzangol es come btm
00:02:47Momdsiw k
00:02:50yeW- ye
00:02:55A-tzangol no
00:02:56A-tzangol lol
00:02:58A-tzangol am i solo? daaamn the lineup they have
00:03:02yeW- nt gnna
00:03:05yeW- b pretty
00:03:25yeW- ss
00:03:26yeW- 2
00:03:28yeW- :D
00:03:31yeW- ss
00:03:31yeW- 2
00:03:34yeW- 1
00:03:48Firelord0.1 fuck u
00:03:54yeW- zzz niceee
00:04:02DeduXserS :d not even assist
00:04:04WantedZip zz what +
00:04:09WantedZip fuckin dicks
00:04:14yeW- warnd a
00:04:15Firelord0.1 imba harras
00:04:20yeW- ya need top to be pulled
00:04:35Momdsiw cant pull i buy wards will u pull then?
00:04:43Momdsiw y gogo
00:04:53Momdsiw plant it
00:04:56Momdsiw and dont block the spawn like i know where
00:05:14Momdsiw just not too close it dedu any pointers ?
00:05:42Firelord0.1 fcuk
00:05:55Momdsiw that blocks t
00:05:55Momdsiw it y they hided the ward
00:06:05DeduXserS huskar miss
00:06:14yeW- -ma
00:06:16yeW- ss lesh
00:06:23WantedZip ,ss
00:06:24Momdsiw so you just wasted 200 ^^
00:06:27yeW- re
00:06:34geth_prime be rdy lich fucking really
00:06:40DeduXserS -ii ur suipposed to buy em actually
00:06:42DeduXserS -water green
00:06:48Momdsiw nah
00:06:51Momdsiw i dont need the pull
00:06:56svents fck I need em And ur on the position of a supporter
00:07:00Momdsiw so?
00:07:03Momdsiw nah
00:07:05Momdsiw im semi carry yes u are and ull never carry it with that hero ever
00:07:19Momdsiw we will see
00:07:43WantedZip ss
00:07:45DeduXserS got haste
00:07:47DeduXserS let's kil lwlock miks nii palju viha?
00:07:57svents cuz im mad
00:08:03svents very mad
00:08:48geth_prime who is in wood?
00:08:52Jonnija legion
00:08:53Jonnija ofc
00:08:59yeW- -ma
00:09:06A-tzangol i tp top
00:09:06yeW- ss
00:09:06yeW- 3
00:09:49DeduXserS ???? :D
00:09:58WantedZip BS
00:10:01DeduXserS bs?
00:10:05yeW- bulshit
00:10:10Jonnija burning spear
00:10:13yeW- ^^
00:10:20DeduXserS How could he see me
00:10:24DeduXserS am asking nothing else
00:10:28geth_prime MH
00:10:29svents maphack
00:10:33svents i have
00:10:34DeduXserS ... OMFG What a fail His our semi carry Dont forget
00:11:09Momdsiw you suck so su I play better, way better than u The thing is u couldnt support me at all top no gangs nothing
00:11:30WantedZip why lesh no on her lane ?
00:11:35Momdsiw su
00:11:35WantedZip and why is es aswell mid ?
00:11:35DeduXserS INVIS LICH
00:11:36DeduXserS b
00:11:37DeduXserS mid
00:11:37Momdsiw muun
00:11:40Momdsiw nuub l2p
00:11:45Jonnija dunno cant make em
00:11:46Jonnija stay here
00:11:49WantedZip lol
00:11:49yeW- :D
00:11:51WantedZip cus u fail
00:11:51DeduXserS hyvi menee peli ja sillee
00:11:51Momdsiw learn to not feed
00:11:53DeduXserS ei oo ees tp rahaa if there would be normal support for me why not
00:12:00geth_prime gogoo wont be hard
00:12:12Jonnija twr
00:12:18A-tzangol es dude
00:12:35Momdsiw ??
00:12:43svents dedu???
00:12:44svents noob?:D
00:12:47svents noob
00:12:49svents noob
00:13:03yeW- ulti?
00:13:04yeW- ^^
00:13:08Jonnija have it
00:13:08Momdsiw saaks tapettuu
00:13:11Momdsiw jos duellaan mid
00:13:13DeduXserS j
00:13:15yeW- ofc u do
00:13:34Momdsiw bot b
00:13:51Momdsiw tuun
00:13:58Momdsiw en meekkää
00:14:22yeW- -ma
00:14:35Jonnija lol
00:14:39Jonnija miks sa
00:14:41WantedZip damn u guys suck
00:14:42svents mai tea
00:14:42Jonnija ta kohale jalutasid? :D
00:14:49svents mul l2ks meelest et ta seal :D
00:15:00geth_prime lich
00:15:02geth_prime get wards
00:15:06DeduXserS LOL
00:15:09DeduXserS i could give bottle...
00:15:14A-tzangol i could not lag
00:15:29yeW- cae
00:15:30yeW- lesh
00:15:30yeW- care
00:15:32Jonnija lol
00:15:39Momdsiw i start gang with you lesh
00:15:56Momdsiw let me duel fu
00:16:08Jonnija ggogogogo ff
00:16:12yeW- :DDDDDDDDD
00:16:17Jonnija nothing to do here
00:16:18Jonnija :D
00:16:25svents omfg
00:16:26svents awfee
00:16:26svents rs
00:16:26svents are
00:16:32Firelord0.1 huskar going top why do you kill pulling creeps? for fuck sakes
00:16:38geth_prime lich
00:16:39geth_prime u suck
00:16:41geth_prime watch minimap
00:16:46Momdsiw cause i want
00:16:49svents i wanted kill lesh
00:16:53geth_prime COME 2 ME
00:16:53svents looked he is oom
00:16:54Momdsiw you killing also
00:16:57svents but had still mana
00:17:00Jonnija :D
00:17:04DeduXserS last tic killed
00:17:05DeduXserS blah
00:17:07yeW- ye
00:17:21Firelord0.1 wards midn
00:17:36Momdsiw telee
00:17:51geth_prime sry
00:17:53WantedZip o
00:17:54WantedZip stupid
00:17:55WantedZip ass
00:17:56geth_prime y
00:17:57WantedZip nigga
00:18:13geth_prime lich
00:18:13geth_prime use
00:18:14geth_prime ur
00:18:16geth_prime ultimate
00:18:18geth_prime if they charge you
00:18:21geth_prime in a pair
00:18:23geth_prime >_<
00:18:24svents fck u
00:18:28svents dont teack me
00:18:29svents cunt
00:18:30svents stfu
00:18:31Jonnija :D
00:18:31geth_prime u suck
00:18:32Jonnija :D
00:18:32Jonnija :D
00:18:46svents yeah u suck my cock every sinlge day
00:19:00DeduXserS ?????
00:19:03Firelord0.1 lotar
00:19:08DeduXserS thought he died......
00:19:09DeduXserS lol
00:19:20A-tzangol my bad we didnt get lock
00:19:23A-tzangol and your bad
00:19:27A-tzangol u followed him
00:19:27DeduXserS we killed lock :D
00:19:31A-tzangol i mean
00:19:33A-tzangol at start
00:19:33geth_prime more wards
00:19:34geth_prime ....
00:19:35yeW- -ma y
00:19:38A-tzangol we should have gotten lich
00:19:40DeduXserS hmmm
00:20:19Momdsiw all inc mid
00:20:46A-tzangol abba u farmed enough sec 300 to pipe
00:20:52Jonnija not fair
00:20:54Jonnija using invis
00:21:03A-tzangol ahaha
00:21:09DeduXserS :D:DD ahaha wat a waste
00:21:15Momdsiw ultasko wl sut
00:21:17Jonnija cheaper than wards :D
00:21:18DeduXserS ofc
00:21:39Momdsiw saan lihcin varmaa solnoa tapettua pls dont die puuh nice
00:22:12geth_prime luci
00:22:13geth_prime farming
00:22:17geth_prime instead of helping us
00:22:19geth_prime isnt good
00:22:20geth_prime -.-
00:22:23yeW- :(
00:22:50DeduXserS KU OON TAISTELLu 1v5
00:22:52DeduXserS ja juken niit
00:22:54Momdsiw iha jees
00:22:57Momdsiw oon mäki tapellu
00:22:57DeduXserS ja uhran itteni 5x
00:23:12Momdsiw lessu on tuhonun kans
00:23:18Jonnija o0 crit on tuskar
00:23:18DeduXserS se on lagan
00:23:19DeduXserS jos mult kysytää
00:23:24geth_prime 1 - 5 on wl?
00:23:31Jonnija pretty easy to achive
00:23:34DeduXserS siisti toi doom tulee lothar
00:23:35DeduXserS ja doomaa mua
00:23:36yeW- xD
00:23:43A-tzangol care woods and top
00:23:45A-tzangol 4 miss mid well im rdy to gang or w/e
00:24:15Jonnija specially for u :D
00:24:35yeW- -ma
00:25:23DeduXserS np momswi said
00:25:27DeduXserS he will handdle this case
00:25:30DeduXserS liek a boss
00:25:30Jonnija kk
00:26:31WantedZip omg
00:26:35WantedZip wtf is wrong with
00:26:37WantedZip 2 focus me
00:26:41WantedZip and u go shit ur self
00:26:55DeduXserS wat about fissure
00:26:55DeduXserS :D
00:27:06Momdsiw fuck
00:27:06Momdsiw :D
00:27:09WantedZip HAHAHA
00:27:11Momdsiw :D
00:27:11DeduXserS oisit lotharittan
00:27:12yeW- lol
00:27:13WantedZip NEW YEW
00:27:16Momdsiw voiks duellis
00:27:19DeduXserS voi kai
00:27:26Momdsiw mun mielest ei voi käytätä items
00:27:30Momdsiw ottaaks toi mun skill doomin pois
00:27:32svents :DDd
00:27:37DeduXserS et voi castaa sit
00:27:38DeduXserS varmaa
00:27:40Momdsiw siis
00:27:41Momdsiw vaik sulta
00:27:42DeduXserS muhun
00:27:44yeW- lol
00:27:46DeduXserS se yleensä blockkaa
00:27:47A-tzangol y
00:27:47DeduXserS healit
00:27:47A-tzangol LOL
00:27:50Jonnija :D
00:27:53Momdsiw jaa
00:27:54Jonnija thx
00:27:56A-tzangol Coz of fucking lag
00:28:01Momdsiw mitähä rakentaisin
00:28:46Firelord0.1 fail stun
00:29:17WantedZip THIS TIME
00:29:19WantedZip SRSLY SUCK
00:29:22WantedZip YEW
00:29:24WantedZip TP
00:29:25WantedZip BOT
00:29:28WantedZip U CUNT
00:29:30Momdsiw ty aba
00:29:31Momdsiw for heal
00:29:37yeW- cd tp
00:29:38yeW- u fag
00:29:44WantedZip U SRSLY SUCK
00:29:44Jonnija yew wtf why did u make
00:29:45Jonnija agha
00:29:46Jonnija on doom
00:29:47Firelord0.1 np
00:29:49Jonnija redicilous
00:29:56geth_prime doom
00:30:00geth_prime u suck pls make mana boots
00:30:02yeW- u do
00:30:04geth_prime plenty of time
00:30:04geth_prime to tp
00:30:08geth_prime and u let us all die
00:30:09geth_prime cause u farm
00:30:10Jonnija dont get his
00:30:11A-tzangol y
00:30:12Jonnija itembuild
00:30:13Jonnija :D
00:30:20DeduXserS tleeen
00:30:32Momdsiw sry
00:30:34WantedZip WO
00:30:35WantedZip WO
00:30:37WantedZip WOOOOOOOOOOW
00:30:42WantedZip U GOT THEIR LAST PICK
00:30:43WantedZip PRO
00:30:53Momdsiw Pnope
00:30:56Momdsiw our last pick got him
00:30:56Jonnija dedu what happend to your farm? :D
00:31:04DeduXserS 45cs and 7deaths
00:31:08geth_prime again 0 wards
00:31:19Momdsiw teen deson jälkee varmaa hotin
00:31:24svents i ownt buy any wards anymore
00:31:31geth_prime nice support hero
00:31:33svents cuz ur spamming wards wards wards
00:31:34svents fu
00:32:21geth_prime team
00:32:24geth_prime u have aoe ultis
00:32:25geth_prime if u use them
00:32:30geth_prime we can play in team
00:32:31geth_prime if not
00:32:37geth_prime i ll join luci
00:32:38geth_prime and farm
00:34:27DeduXserS ..........................
00:34:33Momdsiw healaan why hat eman?
00:35:44A-tzangol omw abba
00:35:52Momdsiw np sanoin etkannan
00:35:56svents 300 dmg legion nice
00:35:58Momdsiw 2 shottasin liuchi
00:36:09Firelord0.1 lol
00:37:17Momdsiw lememe solo it
00:37:18Momdsiw es
00:37:21Firelord0.1 j
00:37:31A-tzangol xD
00:37:38WantedZip SO WASTE !
00:37:38DeduXserS holyfuck
00:37:41Jonnija ah only you D:
00:37:54yeW- -ma
00:37:55Jonnija wasnt watching when i heard the sound your under attack wheres the chik?
00:38:12Momdsiw spawning
00:38:13A-tzangol dead
00:38:21Jonnija anyways np its lost now this is called hate
00:39:00Momdsiw doom tulee
00:39:01Momdsiw mee invi
00:39:25yeW- blah for the first time mom kept his word time to celebreate
00:40:08Momdsiw lol
00:40:33Firelord0.1 fuckin snowball
00:40:38Firelord0.1 save them
00:41:01DeduXserS :D
00:41:43Momdsiw jos sitä ton hotin farmailis
00:41:46Momdsiw 350 goldii
00:41:49DeduXserS ite mietin kans
00:42:07yeW- :D
00:42:07WantedZip whats that ward ?
00:42:12svents :DDD
00:42:12Jonnija interesting
00:42:13Jonnija :D
00:42:17svents fog
00:42:18WantedZip ^^
00:42:22svents couldnt see there
00:42:23Jonnija up there
00:42:24Jonnija u can mjoller is "buff placer"?
00:42:28Jonnija see more
00:42:34DeduXserS y
00:42:35WantedZip I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:45svents wanted to see how creeps are coming but it ghoes through my slow right?
00:42:51yeW- xd not ruin it all the time
00:42:53Jonnija up there
00:42:54Jonnija u can
00:42:54DeduXserS hmm like deso would?
00:42:55Jonnija do that
00:42:56Jonnija 2
00:42:56Jonnija :D
00:42:59svents nope
00:43:00DeduXserS not sure ima try : )
00:43:06svents wanted especially there
00:43:10Momdsiw i think its orb when the stack comes
00:43:37Momdsiw regetop
00:43:38Momdsiw if need
00:43:57svents got my 1 kill :DD
00:44:07yeW- zz
00:44:10DeduXserS .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-
00:44:16Jonnija FUUFUF dont forget my massive regen. :D
00:44:51Momdsiw i go crit nexT? y
00:45:00DeduXserS ei kannata or cuirass
00:45:05yeW- we win now
00:45:05yeW- :D
00:45:06Momdsiw miks ei
00:45:10svents :D
00:45:11Jonnija why is that?
00:45:15yeW- we have wards
00:45:19yeW- n sentries
00:45:21Jonnija :D
00:45:22Jonnija :D
00:45:22Jonnija :D
00:45:26Jonnija svents u know
00:45:28Jonnija u can get banned
00:45:29geth_prime -.-
00:45:29Jonnija for this :D
00:45:31DeduXserS assdasd
00:45:32geth_prime creeps :(
00:45:38geth_prime lich
00:45:42svents dont say to admins then :D
00:45:44geth_prime rot in hell :) y it slows imo
00:46:00yeW- GO
00:46:23Firelord0.1 abba sup?
00:46:32Firelord0.1 but ty
00:46:40Firelord0.1 for deni me
00:47:03Momdsiw fuck:D
00:47:26geth_prime thats crit ulti :D
00:47:28Momdsiw crit for tuskar?
00:47:34geth_prime crit + ulti :D
00:47:35Firelord0.1 gem ?
00:47:40DeduXserS Crit + ulti doesnt stack
00:47:41DeduXserS np
00:47:44Jonnija yeah
00:47:46DeduXserS lower crit works
00:47:46DeduXserS :D
00:47:50Jonnija nope
00:47:54Jonnija later aquired crit
00:47:54DeduXserS %
00:47:56DeduXserS i mean
00:47:59Jonnija aka ulty mm well ive double critted with ck with buriza + normal crit massive hits
00:48:16Jonnija its like lothar overrides crit
00:48:16DeduXserS ye but
00:48:19DeduXserS only othero ne work but it shows 2 crits and deals damage like it seems atleast
00:48:42yeW- ma
00:48:43yeW- -ma ill remember it aniways i know that too now that aba can make mjoller np lets finish this sutpid game
00:49:16Firelord0.1 can som1 buy gem
00:49:36Jonnija fucking refu so expensive omw
00:49:56Jonnija :D nvmmm
00:49:59DeduXserS gem?
00:50:03svents nope mh
00:50:03Jonnija mh care top
00:50:13yeW- blah they might be there in a sec bot* im omw then go damn anitmion i was already hgealin u
00:51:28yeW- insane dmg
00:51:29yeW- :(
00:51:39svents I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel] -cs
00:51:45Jonnija got refu cant lose now :D
00:51:47yeW- :D
00:51:59WantedZip if u use on 1 hero
00:52:00WantedZip yes
00:52:05WantedZip like u do in this game
00:52:13Jonnija only 3 times :D
00:52:54Firelord0.1 all top ?
00:52:56Jonnija huskar still no bkb
00:53:11Jonnija gem
00:53:12Jonnija gem
00:53:13Jonnija gme
00:54:18DeduXserS dassda
00:54:52DeduXserS gem oli maas
00:54:56Momdsiw ahh
00:55:00Momdsiw no voitetiti jo
00:55:10DeduXserS :D:D:DD:
00:55:13Momdsiw kat ony
00:55:14Jonnija :D
00:55:19yeW- son of a whore mate
00:55:26Momdsiw :DD
00:55:28Momdsiw not yet
00:56:07svents i
00:56:12svents i have gem nanananananana
00:56:15svents dedu come take Badass
00:56:19svents if u dare
00:56:24DeduXserS ...... can u make it to mee?
00:56:45Momdsiw hae se rax ylhäält se on aika low
00:56:47Momdsiw vai tapellaako
00:57:05A-tzangol HEAL
00:57:13yeW- xD
00:57:16A-tzangol ... wanted to know if that worked
00:57:27yeW- n what is that pipe
00:57:35yeW- ol :D
00:58:14yeW- NOOB
00:58:16yeW- FFS why. :(
00:58:22DeduXserS Momsiw just so good
00:58:25Momdsiw Y
00:58:25yeW- he pro mate
00:58:27Firelord0.1 gem
00:58:31svents dedu so noob
00:58:34DeduXserS ...
00:58:37DeduXserS l2p poker
00:58:39DeduXserS and talk then
00:58:43svents :DDD ekekek. :D
00:59:04yeW- fags
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