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Chat log

00:00:06Jonnija mariah rd
00:00:07MariahCarry -rd
00:00:08Lafrenzz hahahaha kom i mid til mig
00:00:11Lafrenzz og jeg flækker dig analt
00:00:18Domess you're jerk
00:00:18MariahCarry dayum
00:00:20MariahCarry jeg elsker at blive flækket analt
00:00:20Domess you re jerk
00:00:20Lafrenzz hører jeg
00:00:20Domess jerk jerk jerk :D :D
00:00:20MariahCarry jeg kommer totalt mid
00:00:20Domess man english
00:00:20Lafrenzz trall
00:00:20Lafrenzz du er bare jomfru
00:00:20MariahCarry nah :/
00:00:20Lafrenzz desværre ja
00:00:20MariahCarry :D
00:00:20Lafrenzz haha
00:00:20Lafrenzz jomfru
00:00:20Jonnija mc ban
00:00:20Jonnija ...
00:00:20MariahCarry but he's calling me a virgin
00:00:20Domess ill give you a highspeed kick In your kanisterkoopf
00:00:20Lafrenzz shame
00:00:20Lafrenzz shame
00:00:20MariahCarry sd
00:00:39Domess rhasta
00:00:40Domess sk
00:00:41Domess rhasta sk
00:00:43Shinja wtf is banned
00:00:43Domess or gg
00:00:46Domess me sk
00:00:47Jonnija thrall
00:00:48Jonnija and
00:00:49Jonnija sd
00:00:53Shinja ty
00:01:01Domess no more int So you're a virgin? o.O
00:01:10Domess ye he is
00:01:11Lafrenzz of
00:01:17Lafrenzz thats why he call himself mariahcarry
00:01:21Lafrenzz ofc * oooh my bad
00:01:33j22koer so
00:01:34MariahCarry pure logic whats the bans
00:01:37j22koer we need?
00:01:40MariahCarry *pure logic
00:01:41Shinja sd thrall
00:01:48Lafrenzz im mid
00:01:51j22koer dazzel?
00:01:56Lafrenzz ihuuuuffa
00:02:00Lafrenzz jeg naaaaakker dig
00:02:03Lafrenzz naaaaaaaaker
00:02:07MariahCarry no chicken
00:02:10Lafrenzz "landshold"
00:02:13MariahCarry or?
00:02:20Jerkku ?
00:02:22Lafrenzz share chick
00:02:22MariahCarry nice
00:02:28Lafrenzz lehs my rune
00:02:34Lafrenzz :-)
00:02:41Lafrenzz oh n1 bro ofc
00:02:47Domess 3 int
00:02:47Domess fuck
00:02:49Domess :D õ
00:02:51j22koer so waht
00:02:51Jonnija 2 early
00:02:52Jonnija warded
00:02:53j22koer what
00:02:53Domess i hate it
00:02:54MariahCarry hahahhaha
00:02:55Lafrenzz no np
00:02:56Jonnija both
00:02:56Lafrenzz good 12 sec?
00:02:58Lafrenzz for rune fight
00:02:59Domess coz 3 int no dmg offt
00:03:01Domess man!!
00:03:04MariahCarry he's used to 5 agi
00:03:04j22koer lol
00:03:06MariahCarry fucking tard
00:03:08Shinja dont shittalk panda t.t says guy that never buyes plants? and is overrated? : (((8
00:03:16j22koer never inv
00:03:18Domess well see buyes wards*
00:03:27Domess will*
00:03:51Lafrenzz abv
00:03:59MariahCarry av
00:04:09Jonnija ff
00:04:13Domess no slow ?
00:04:14Domess joke ? jerkku
00:04:22Jerkku ?
00:04:22j22koer diffrent build actuall noobs against
00:04:23Domess we ccould do fb pick smoke fast and easy kills
00:04:29Jerkku i do it next
00:04:30j22koer no worreys
00:04:56Domess get slow
00:04:57Domess pls
00:05:03j22koer i will
00:05:06Domess we can get fb
00:05:07Domess easy u farm im 2 drunk
00:05:16MariahCarry sup?
00:05:16j22koer aww
00:05:18j22koer we cant
00:05:19Jerkku yy
00:05:21Lafrenzz hold din kæft
00:05:22Lafrenzz tro mig
00:05:26MariahCarry rofl
00:05:40MariahCarry tro dig? nice bro
00:06:06Jerkku u2
00:06:33Jerkku kinda oom now i just ban so uc an farm mmm not ban, spam
00:06:45NwC.CooL-T ss drunk. :D
00:06:49Jerkku :D
00:07:30Jerkku got mana now mh sec only stun or lighting mana
00:07:48Lafrenzz ses tp back i get bottle
00:08:00Jerkku y
00:08:03MariahCarry ss mid
00:08:04MariahCarry care top
00:08:05MariahCarry b so i have mana to supportu. :)
00:08:31Domess 400 g
00:08:32Domess arcane
00:08:35j22koer k
00:08:39Jonnija both boots hows far? ?
00:09:06Shinja ss
00:09:14MariahCarry slardar????
00:09:18Jonnija care mid
00:09:27Jonnija slard + rhasta
00:09:27Jonnija ss
00:09:31MariahCarry ss mid
00:09:32MariahCarry care bot
00:09:32MariahCarry haste
00:09:33Jonnija re slard
00:09:34Lafrenzz k can someone make fliying
00:09:36Jonnija both re so i can buy wards for bot?
00:09:45holostoi ss top
00:09:49Lafrenzz ss
00:09:54Domess rdy
00:10:04j22koer mana
00:10:11Domess b
00:10:15j22koer we have time
00:10:33Jonnija rhasta ss
00:10:39Jonnija slardar
00:10:39Jonnija ss
00:10:44Domess tango pls
00:10:54Domess t
00:10:56Domess stun
00:10:56Lafrenzz omw top
00:10:57Lafrenzz rdy
00:10:57Lafrenzz gio
00:11:05Lafrenzz go pnda
00:11:07Domess gj
00:11:09MariahCarry ssmid
00:11:13Jerkku they are so annoynig
00:11:15Jerkku hate dazzle ofg omfg
00:11:25Domess 5 sec
00:11:35Jerkku come gank bot
00:11:42j22koer il put wards
00:11:45Domess k
00:12:09Domess :) ok
00:12:13Domess /D riki afks under tower = win
00:12:15Domess :D KIll riki his afk Go GOGOOG jup thats why u killed me
00:12:35Domess lol
00:12:40Domess i lets be honest right now
00:12:52Domess u think riki could saved you ? if riki had smoked He couldve saved me
00:12:59Lafrenzz læst And dont try to be smartass domess U suck As ass
00:13:18Domess yea noob owned you
00:13:19Lafrenzz ss
00:13:19Domess :D ty riki
00:13:30Lafrenzz upg chick
00:13:31Lafrenzz assap
00:13:36Lafrenzz omw bot my game ruined aniway
00:13:47Domess /D
00:13:48MariahCarry ses riki is an asshole
00:13:54Lafrenzz du tabte midt so afks under tower
00:13:57Lafrenzz so hold din kæft
00:13:59MariahCarry haha
00:14:02Jerkku we need
00:14:02Domess dust
00:14:03MariahCarry du blev fbed
00:14:04Jerkku gank bot fu u
00:14:05Jerkku really
00:14:05MariahCarry og nu igen
00:14:06MariahCarry wtf
00:14:07Lafrenzz hahahah
00:14:12Lafrenzz har 50 cs
00:14:15Lafrenzz alle runer
00:14:17Lafrenzz noob
00:14:20Domess noob
00:14:29Domess stop feed pls God i hate u so badly now riki Why do you have to afk motherfucker
00:14:45Jonnija doomes phase maelstorm void
00:14:52Domess imba
00:14:55MariahCarry sup?
00:14:55Jonnija should keep his mouth shut
00:14:57Lafrenzz so
00:14:58MariahCarry wp
00:15:01Lafrenzz idd Actually my riki on lane Ruined the game :( if u dont understand it
00:15:16Jerkku well no gank bot then
00:15:32NwC.CooL-T ss?
00:15:38Lafrenzz ss
00:15:39MariahCarry ss mid
00:15:41NwC.CooL-T retard
00:15:44Domess go top
00:15:44Domess then
00:16:00Jerkku fuck this What about saying misses
00:16:03Lafrenzz ses "PRO"?
00:16:05Lafrenzz dd ?
00:16:27Lafrenzz AND RIKI WONT CLOUD
00:16:31Jerkku ofc Exactly
00:16:35Jerkku if u wont gank bot
00:16:38Jerkku bitch
00:16:39Lafrenzz LOL
00:16:45Lafrenzz having hard times allrdy bro too many
00:16:52Domess :D ruined my game also i mean already now going for yours, :D
00:17:11Lafrenzz move
00:17:16Jonnija 5?
00:17:22NwC.CooL-T ololo
00:17:26Jonnija 5 ppl top
00:17:26Jonnija :D
00:17:54Domess panda did u study mathematic in university ?
00:18:01Jonnija n
00:18:10Jonnija well had couple of courses
00:18:11Jonnija of it
00:18:35Domess i go
00:18:38Domess wait
00:18:40Domess dazzle i tp
00:18:41Domess and kill the
00:18:50Domess gogo
00:19:02Domess /D
00:19:05Domess nah
00:19:14Domess thought this leshrak is total noob and he cant stun
00:19:14Jerkku come ult
00:19:15Domess :D
00:19:20Lafrenzz go
00:19:23Domess ok wp leshrak u can stun Doom u can hide in best players asses, like you always do Once it comes to palying You suck like highschool girl
00:20:01Domess :D
00:20:22Lafrenzz mid
00:20:23Domess well u get pwned bot
00:20:37Lafrenzz ¨all miud
00:20:42Lafrenzz u got ulti roof ?
00:20:46Lafrenzz go then
00:20:47MariahCarry slard
00:20:47Shinja n
00:20:47MariahCarry ulti
00:20:48MariahCarry people
00:20:51Lafrenzz got ulti dagger
00:20:57Shinja still cd
00:21:02Domess he tp
00:21:31Domess wait
00:21:32Domess guys
00:21:33Domess wait e
00:21:33Domess me
00:21:39Domess ulty
00:21:40Domess and go
00:21:48Shinja sleep sleep
00:21:54Domess :D
00:22:02Domess nice ulty panda
00:22:06Jonnija dint even
00:22:08Jonnija plan to use it
00:22:10Jonnija was on cd
00:22:31Jerkku can we have some wards
00:22:54j22koer b
00:23:18Lafrenzz can we gank and get wards
00:23:20Domess illu
00:23:22Lafrenzz whould make a big differnece
00:23:25Domess sladar dagger
00:23:27Domess fast :)
00:23:28Jerkku yep
00:23:46Jerkku go top tower
00:23:47Jerkku all
00:23:49Jonnija lvl 10 and without farm
00:23:54Lafrenzz u dont need
00:24:16Domess when u move
00:24:19Jonnija ur not getting bkb vs their heroes btw?
00:24:20Domess wait creeps are death
00:24:24Domess go all
00:24:25Domess now
00:24:37Domess come rhasta
00:24:38Lafrenzz not yet
00:24:46Domess gg
00:25:07Shinja so im the only one in here
00:25:09Shinja using ulti ?
00:25:09Domess b
00:25:13Jonnija everyone was there
00:25:17Shinja or cd-statistic bugged?
00:25:29Jonnija n ofc u dont iniciate
00:25:30Jonnija with
00:25:32Jonnija panda ulty
00:25:33MariahCarry hahah
00:25:38Jonnija u wait with it untill you need it
00:25:43Jonnija to deal max dps
00:25:57Jonnija also lvl 1 ulty
00:26:01Jonnija is pretty worthless
00:26:10Jonnija this game
00:26:11Jonnija is lost
00:26:15Lafrenzz nop
00:26:17holostoi go mid?
00:26:20Jonnija yup
00:26:23Jonnija so behind in farm
00:26:29MariahCarry :O
00:26:30Domess :D
00:26:31Jonnija look
00:26:32Jonnija at sk
00:26:33Jonnija items
00:26:33Lafrenzz wtf are u doing lesh
00:26:36Domess :D nvm
00:26:46Lafrenzz NVM WHAT
00:26:48Jonnija everoyne has
00:26:49Jonnija items
00:26:51Domess u wanted to gang with lesh ?
00:26:53Domess :D
00:26:54Domess :D Pls stfu I'm not gonna tell reasons
00:27:04Domess u re naive never :D
00:27:07MariahCarry let's just agree it was leshes fault last teambattle?
00:27:30MariahCarry whenever sf dies okay
00:27:45Domess :D
00:27:45Domess ok Fair enough.
00:27:46MariahCarry :D
00:28:00Jerkku roof go
00:28:04Shinja no
00:28:05Shinja its useless
00:28:14Jonnija k
00:28:16Jerkku we need to
00:28:16Jonnija raxes gone
00:28:27Domess b
00:28:31Jonnija should have
00:28:31Shinja why should i die for this shitteam
00:28:32Jonnija pushed
00:28:32Jonnija tower
00:28:40Jerkku i go farm woods
00:30:09Domess ulty
00:30:13Domess :)
00:30:22MariahCarry :O
00:30:23MariahCarry lesh
00:30:27MariahCarry keep the defense up :/ its the silencer still eh? U lost that game
00:30:41MariahCarry xD
00:30:45Lafrenzz stfu lesh
00:30:49Lafrenzz 700 hp 30 min
00:30:51Lafrenzz fuck u
00:30:57Lafrenzz and 1000 mana
00:31:01Lafrenzz swtich it next time
00:31:03Lafrenzz just a tip I rememberthat Sf that lost mid Totally to qop I remember it Every next time i play
00:31:30Shinja and u pwned bot, lesh? Fucking asshole I played it fine Until riki started afking bot
00:31:45Domess :D
00:31:48Jonnija u mean u played it fine so
00:31:50Jonnija sk had
00:31:53Jonnija soch epic farm?
00:31:55MariahCarry hahahaha
00:31:59MariahCarry POQ
00:32:01MariahCarry POW
00:32:02MariahCarry POW
00:32:23Lafrenzz n1 riki
00:32:24Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:32:25Domess :D Thers comes riki
00:32:26Domess haha
00:32:26Jerkku ty without smoke and u tell me it was fault bot lane?
00:32:35Jonnija dude its fuck you all
00:32:36Jonnija lastpick who doubt me
00:32:38Jonnija and jerku fuck you all
00:32:57Jonnija i still remember jerku sf mid :D
00:33:02Jonnija in bronze game please all of you check replay, AND DARE TO TELL ME i fucked up bot And now fuck u all thank you
00:33:19Domess /D
00:33:34MariahCarry naked dagger sf can't lose Domess, lets make a fun game u and me 1v1?
00:34:05Jonnija nah he is 100% better lasthitter
00:34:06Jonnija than you
00:34:07Jonnija are
00:34:14Domess /D says jonnija
00:34:24Domess :D lol
00:34:30Domess triple :D
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