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Chat log

00:00:06Yuriko hello
00:00:07Yuriko wishes?
00:00:10infect hommikust, kutid !
00:00:14N2xy not so craxy pool now
00:00:15Rotkiv jakiro
00:00:16Pufff-Reis sk
00:00:19N2xy yoyo
00:00:19zebbelito i can ck lycan
00:00:23Yuriko kk
00:00:23Yuriko well
00:00:23Yuriko i'll obviously ban lycan
00:00:23Strom I can ck sk
00:00:23Yuriko since he got fp
00:00:23infect lycan spec weaver
00:00:23Rotkiv eh .. i will go tide if you pick me
00:00:23Yuriko and that hero is for happy men
00:00:23infect ck
00:00:23N2xy ban ck imo
00:00:23MariahCarry sd
00:00:23Yuriko nice nice
00:00:23zebbelito tc nice too
00:00:23infect carrysin maieri vastu ck-ga
00:00:23Yuriko ck tide crix?
00:00:23infect neil oli full farmed spec
00:00:23Yuriko i'll pick one of those for you guys
00:00:23Pufff-Reis i go crix
00:00:23zebbelito k
00:00:23Rotkiv tide for me :P if yo can
00:00:23atte l
00:00:23infect ja keegi veel vist
00:00:23zebbelito gogo ban
00:00:23zebbelito Atte
00:00:23atte ck any1?
00:00:23zebbelito Atte
00:00:23infect sai infectilt kaptenil üle
00:00:23zebbelito Boi?
00:00:23infect i can
00:00:23fUNCh i can ck
00:00:23atte gondar
00:00:23infect ck
00:00:23atte ?
00:00:23zebbelito he wants weave ?:D
00:00:23atte well
00:00:23Yuriko we could get spectre then
00:00:23Yuriko lycan
00:00:23infect he bans lycan now
00:00:23atte mariahcarry you know what to do
00:00:23atte i go chen
00:00:23infect we get ck
00:00:27MariahCarry what do i do?
00:00:29zebbelito ahaaa
00:00:32Yuriko ok tide for you
00:00:35Rotkiv k
00:00:41zebbelito who wants what?
00:00:42zebbelito sj=
00:00:43zebbelito sk=
00:00:43infect picki sk mulle
00:00:44atte pick solohero
00:00:45Pufff-Reis me
00:00:46infect n2xy
00:00:47Yuriko someone wanted crix
00:00:49MariahCarry k
00:00:51infect omg
00:00:54atte and n2xy also
00:00:57Pufff-Reis you want?
00:01:01infect bat me
00:01:03N2xy i go rhasta mid
00:01:06N2xy ok?
00:01:07MariahCarry i go magnus mid
00:01:08MariahCarry ok?
00:01:13atte magnus need mid
00:01:16zebbelito i can spec
00:01:24zebbelito -swap 3
00:01:24N2xy rhasta mid is so great :/
00:01:24Pufff-Reis -swap 2
00:01:30MariahCarry not rly :/
00:01:31atte now swap me chen
00:01:41Rotkiv what you thinking?
00:01:42MariahCarry what is ur plan with chen??
00:01:42Yuriko give weaver
00:01:42atte -swap 4
00:01:44fUNCh -swap 1
00:01:54Pufff-Reis bah hate chen
00:01:55atte me with infect bot
00:01:59Yuriko -swap 5
00:02:00Rotkiv -swap 1
00:02:10Rotkiv great pick both teams ..
00:02:10Pufff-Reis lothars weaver?
00:02:12N2xy you got their woods?
00:02:13atte magna mid
00:02:16atte and rhasta ck top
00:02:16atte y
00:02:17Yuriko lol!
00:02:18atte for start
00:02:19Pufff-Reis :D
00:02:21Yuriko lothars only on slark :)
00:02:23Yuriko and maiden
00:02:26Pufff-Reis kk
00:02:43Pufff-Reis you cpould need linken coz rhasta
00:02:44zebbelito share
00:02:47Yuriko yes
00:02:53N2xy ooo
00:02:55MariahCarry u got a ward for woods
00:02:56N2xy spec nad weaver
00:02:57N2xy :D
00:02:59zebbelito -ma
00:03:00N2xy andõ
00:03:02MariahCarry infect
00:03:03Rotkiv strom
00:03:03zebbelito atte o n chen
00:03:04zebbelito :D
00:03:15infect noshit ihufa :D
00:03:22Yuriko we got 2 carries so one of us can fail
00:03:23Yuriko its ok
00:03:28Rotkiv :D
00:03:29N2xy i hope you beat mid cuz i would have raped it
00:03:39MariahCarry right..
00:03:41Rotkiv top gonna be hard
00:03:42atte yep me too
00:03:46Rotkiv chen in woods
00:04:06atte no fly?
00:04:07atte lol
00:04:13atte spec
00:04:14atte go
00:04:40infect picked
00:04:42infect wrong spell
00:04:43infect lolz
00:04:44infect :D:D
00:05:21N2xy xD
00:06:17Pufff-Reis b
00:06:26N2xy bad idea
00:07:16zebbelito u can take mkill :D:D:D
00:07:19zebbelito dont let me lasthit
00:07:21Pufff-Reis nah ^^
00:07:24infect ty
00:07:30atte np
00:07:56MariahCarry 'wp
00:07:56atte want base?
00:07:59MariahCarry retard tower
00:08:01MariahCarry didn't hit
00:08:05Rotkiv rhast ss
00:08:06MariahCarry and he chased me 5 seconds
00:08:06Yuriko rude.
00:08:06MariahCarry lol
00:08:11MariahCarry ty
00:08:17atte asked earlier
00:08:21MariahCarry ye i saw
00:08:42atte HELL YEAH
00:08:47atte top soon
00:08:48N2xy what
00:08:51infect tornado
00:08:52atte tornadon
00:08:52infect creep
00:09:08infect ss bot
00:09:09atte rune
00:09:12N2xy lets go
00:09:18MariahCarry can i?
00:09:19Strom rhastam is long time
00:09:20Yuriko rune bot
00:09:24Rotkiv merkka or pipe
00:09:33MariahCarry get him
00:09:33Strom ok and rhasta back
00:09:34Rotkiv :(
00:09:49infect 3 there
00:09:54Yuriko tp top
00:10:00MariahCarry b top
00:10:19atte sorry
00:10:23atte i thought
00:10:31atte all come and ulti with ur hero
00:10:31atte :D
00:10:38Yuriko go magna
00:11:24Yuriko stun chen
00:11:38infect spec gank would be nice
00:11:59N2xy FUCK
00:12:01N2xy i am lvl 6
00:12:03N2xy no ulti
00:12:04N2xy xDD
00:12:08N2xy muhaha
00:12:29N2xy coming
00:12:43Rotkiv mekka v6i pipe?
00:12:45atte low mana
00:12:48Strom meka
00:12:51Rotkiv k
00:13:22atte OMG
00:14:01atte wtf
00:14:03atte popups
00:14:31N2xy got ulti
00:15:55atte we need all if we go there
00:15:58N2xy ye
00:16:00N2xy need 5
00:16:06infect get bot
00:16:08N2xy def mid
00:16:08N2xy 1.
00:16:08N2xy imno
00:16:20Rotkiv we have sk?
00:16:21Strom lets gang magnus
00:16:29Yuriko ye we have sk
00:16:42N2xy coming
00:16:51Yuriko shit
00:17:03Yuriko sorry
00:17:04MariahCarry wp
00:17:07Strom was hoping for a bit faster help :D
00:17:14Yuriko i missed him with the thing
00:17:16zebbelito tower
00:17:17N2xy can you def it?
00:17:18zebbelito going down
00:17:21atte nope
00:17:22MariahCarry nope
00:17:27Yuriko g
00:17:42zebbelito tp
00:17:43zebbelito storm
00:17:43Yuriko tp?
00:17:57zebbelito lol
00:18:51N2xy mid 5?
00:18:55atte y
00:18:57Strom dust on magna
00:19:02Rotkiv got ulti
00:19:20Yuriko go
00:20:43Rotkiv top
00:20:47N2xy np
00:20:50N2xy :D
00:20:52N2xy almsot tower
00:20:52infect mid again ?
00:21:03N2xy got mana boots
00:21:12N2xy so ck can stune more then once
00:21:13N2xy :D
00:21:32Yuriko fast.
00:21:37atte b mid
00:21:41atte or
00:21:43atte mm
00:21:50N2xy b
00:21:51infect vunts
00:22:15infect panen hoodi kokku
00:22:19Yuriko go
00:22:27Rotkiv chen soo lowo
00:22:29Strom they saw me
00:22:32Yuriko specu lti
00:23:01atte push
00:23:07zebbelito we need tide in battles
00:23:08zebbelito :D
00:23:13Yuriko we need all
00:23:31Yuriko tping
00:24:43Pufff-Reis ck is prob
00:24:47zebbelito y
00:24:51atte wait a bit
00:25:04atte :P
00:25:07atte push
00:25:19N2xy i ulti T3
00:25:23zebbelito ck so op hero
00:25:24Rotkiv def bot?
00:25:34infect top too
00:25:56infect no manga
00:25:57infect they 5
00:25:59Yuriko they b
00:26:06Yuriko check rosh
00:26:08Yuriko can someone smoke
00:26:18Yuriko lets gank
00:26:26N2xy got dagger
00:26:26Rotkiv got smoke
00:26:27Rotkiv gather
00:26:49Rotkiv can we
00:26:50Yuriko go
00:26:51atte sk dager also
00:26:53zebbelito they havce
00:26:56zebbelito sentrys
00:26:58Strom sentry
00:27:01Yuriko np
00:27:06Yuriko do rosh
00:27:08Strom SENTRY
00:27:25atte omg
00:27:44fUNCh so epic
00:27:49infect they got sk tide :D
00:27:57infect ofc they kill us eaisly in rosh pit
00:28:32Strom lol
00:28:38Rotkiv thats was soo bad
00:28:44Strom yeah, could have used more
00:28:46Rotkiv we all teled away ..
00:28:59infect what lane
00:29:01infect 2 down
00:29:03N2xy mid?
00:29:06N2xy its gone?
00:29:08MariahCarry i got no ulti
00:29:23Yuriko ye
00:29:23Rotkiv got smoke
00:29:25Yuriko go again with smoke
00:29:29N2xy top?
00:29:30Pufff-Reis spec no vang?
00:29:32Yuriko we got all ulties
00:29:37Rotkiv come to me
00:29:40infect should have ward there
00:29:40N2xy ok gank
00:29:41Yuriko spec make heart or something now
00:29:45zebbelito y
00:29:47Rotkiv sk
00:29:51fUNCh -ms
00:30:47Pufff-Reis ah
00:30:47Rotkiv heh
00:30:51Pufff-Reis didnt see
00:30:54Yuriko -_-
00:30:57Strom we could see that
00:30:58Rotkiv magnus was soo low scpetre
00:31:04Yuriko we were watching him for 20 sec
00:31:12infect magna, y u no items
00:31:22MariahCarry can't concentrate
00:31:24MariahCarry listening to kpop
00:31:26Pufff-Reis hes not fat enogh to see heim ffs
00:31:28infect :D:D
00:31:29Rotkiv got smoke again
00:31:29N2xy xDDD
00:31:31infect gegegegeeg
00:31:32MariahCarry ^^
00:31:45infect girls generation
00:31:48infect all look the same
00:31:53MariahCarry nah
00:31:55MariahCarry but
00:31:58MariahCarry they not so good
00:32:02MariahCarry t-ara
00:32:03MariahCarry sistar
00:32:06MariahCarry kara
00:32:08infect they are hot :D
00:32:18N2xy go gank and mid?
00:32:18MariahCarry ye
00:32:19zebbelito soon bat pipe
00:32:35atte wait
00:32:38Yuriko smoke
00:32:40Yuriko lets kill
00:32:42Rotkiv i got it
00:32:50Yuriko meet and find them
00:32:54MariahCarry step it up step it up
00:32:56Yuriko go
00:33:51Rotkiv push mid
00:33:53infect got pipe now at least
00:33:53N2xy need pipe
00:33:55N2xy or no go :(
00:34:01Pufff-Reis :D
00:34:14fUNCh lolz
00:34:31atte I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:48atte so lucjky
00:35:50Pufff-Reis dägga
00:36:01MariahCarry ye
00:36:37infect -9 streak tuleb
00:36:38infect :D
00:37:00infect we should go
00:37:03infect got pipe now
00:37:04Yuriko cant get smoke yet :(
00:37:17N2xy yup
00:37:21N2xy ib yu smoke go
00:37:23Rotkiv rosh up?
00:37:25Yuriko no
00:37:34Yuriko well smoke is almost rdy
00:37:40N2xy i smoke here
00:37:44zebbelito fucking ck
00:38:02Pufff-Reis magna dagger care
00:38:11zebbelito and invis
00:38:22Yuriko lets go
00:38:49infect gg
00:38:49infect I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:49atte I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:49Yuriko lol
00:38:49Yuriko go rosh
00:38:49Rotkiv nice
00:38:49fUNCh I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:38:49Strom chen bought :D
00:38:49atte they stronger
00:38:49MariahCarry gg
00:38:49MariahCarry I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:39:02atte perfect ult but then useless chen blocks whole team
00:39:03atte :DDDDDDDDDD
00:39:06atte and gg
00:39:09MariahCarry ^^
00:39:16MariahCarry gg since a long time
00:39:17atte ups
00:39:20infect go ff
00:39:21atte y
00:39:21infect I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:39:24N2xy I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:39:24atte lol
00:39:24infect n2xy
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