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+35 X
+26 TS

72% | 1337 X | 1394 TS

-19 X
+4 TS

58% | 1273 X | 1315 TS

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+2 TS

41% | 1123 X | 1289 TS

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40% | 1115 X | 1284 TS

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86% | 1473 X | 1493 TS

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Chat log

00:00:06IamSoUnluckY unpause
00:00:06IamSoUnluckY pls
00:00:08IamSoUnluckY dont see pu
00:00:09Domess banned ?
00:00:09IamSoUnluckY ty
00:00:16BaSa ban?
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY pick me pudge if its possible?
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY capt?
00:00:16Banana domess nice X
00:00:16Banana 1337
00:00:16Banana :P
00:00:16BaSa i want to be support ?
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY y
00:00:16Banana you have to support
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY :D
00:00:16Domess ok
00:00:16BaSa rylai maybe?
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY wards/chick
00:00:16Domess pink bann
00:00:16Banana ye good
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY w8
00:00:16BaSa ok ill rylai
00:00:16Skinkemaden bs
00:00:16Domess who banned ?
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY lycan?
00:00:16BaSa or disrupt?
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY mby
00:00:16Domess yep
00:00:16Domess lycan
00:00:16Banana rylai lina bane
00:00:16Domess ok go
00:00:18BaSa ryl
00:00:18IamSoUnluckY pick me pudge pls?
00:00:24IamSoUnluckY or ill pick it
00:00:25BaSa ill go rylai
00:00:33IamSoUnluckY pick clock
00:00:36IamSoUnluckY and ill pudge
00:00:57IamSoUnluckY banana
00:00:57Lafrenzz < mid
00:01:01Banana ye?
00:01:07IamSoUnluckY you ok with rubic?
00:01:12Banana havent played before
00:01:16Lafrenzz get Clock / kunka / trall
00:01:16IamSoUnluckY hm
00:01:18IamSoUnluckY take clock
00:01:22IamSoUnluckY and cm
00:01:26BaSa i go cm
00:01:30IamSoUnluckY kunka mid?
00:01:39edgarass well i can
00:01:47IamSoUnluckY capt
00:01:49IamSoUnluckY go top?
00:01:50IamSoUnluckY :D
00:01:52edgarass against morph?
00:01:58edgarass u think?
00:02:00Domess get hood of defiance
00:02:09Lafrenzz chick
00:02:10Lafrenzz clock
00:02:17IamSoUnluckY better me and cm top
00:02:25BaSa y
00:02:29IamSoUnluckY lina go bot
00:02:31Banana k
00:02:33IamSoUnluckY you cant miss stun
00:02:34IamSoUnluckY after
00:02:38IamSoUnluckY crix;s
00:02:46IamSoUnluckY go ward
00:02:48BaSa i know
00:03:01IamSoUnluckY ward
00:03:02IamSoUnluckY :)
00:03:03BaSa y
00:03:32Banana i pukll?
00:03:37IamSoUnluckY ss top
00:03:48BaSa hast
00:03:50IamSoUnluckY no
00:04:45IamSoUnluckY deny
00:04:59IamSoUnluckY na 3
00:05:03BaSa kk
00:05:04IamSoUnluckY i ne kradni mi
00:05:05IamSoUnluckY :D
00:05:36Domess go
00:06:53edgarass ss
00:06:54Lafrenzz ss
00:06:59Skinkemaden ss lina
00:06:59Lafrenzz re
00:07:09IamSoUnluckY lina
00:07:21Skinkemaden Wake up clock
00:07:27Skinkemaden ROCKET NAOP
00:07:31BaSa ss 1
00:07:35Verthas sorry was looking at something
00:07:37IamSoUnluckY lina tp top"?
00:07:44Banana ok
00:07:46edgarass ss
00:07:49Skinkemaden as i said
00:07:50Skinkemaden 8ake uyp
00:07:54Lafrenzz ss
00:07:56Skinkemaden SS 2 bot
00:08:02edgarass rdy
00:08:03Domess go
00:08:04Domess gang lina
00:08:08BaSa aa
00:08:11IamSoUnluckY ?
00:08:26edgarass retards
00:08:34edgarass pusge why no go?
00:08:35Domess wtf
00:08:37Domess ...
00:09:09BaSa kunka wth??
00:09:09edgarass gj
00:09:15Verthas -clear
00:09:17Domess FUck omg
00:09:41Domess go
00:09:42Doomy ss
00:09:46Skinkemaden ss 2 bot
00:09:47Domess gogo
00:09:51Skinkemaden re 12
00:09:56Skinkemaden CLCOK
00:10:04Domess go b
00:10:22edgarass luycky
00:10:27Lafrenzz hahahahahah
00:10:45IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:10:49Doomy nice i ultied u and u can hook me
00:10:53BaSa maybe help up sk?
00:10:54BaSa or lina?
00:10:57IamSoUnluckY i used hook first
00:10:58Domess gang
00:11:00edgarass ss
00:11:01Domess sk?
00:11:02Domess stuf
00:11:03Domess mid help
00:11:07Doomy same time i guess
00:11:10Doomy my ulti on cd now
00:11:21Domess gang
00:11:26IamSoUnluckY couse you stop it
00:11:33Doomy i didnt
00:11:36Doomy u hooked
00:11:36IamSoUnluckY nova
00:11:49Skinkemaden b
00:11:53Domess stun
00:11:53Domess pls
00:11:56edgarass ss mid
00:12:00Domess me first
00:12:07Domess pff
00:12:08Domess go b
00:12:09Domess go b
00:12:11Domess ..
00:12:15Verthas =\
00:12:17IamSoUnluckY baso
00:12:20Doomy ss
00:12:21Skinkemaden gj else
00:12:23BaSa ?
00:12:23Domess lina u noob?
00:12:26edgarass top care
00:12:26IamSoUnluckY prva
00:12:26Banana yep
00:12:27IamSoUnluckY treca
00:12:31BaSa ceke mlad
00:12:32IamSoUnluckY tj
00:12:40BaSa ss 1 up
00:12:42IamSoUnluckY 2/3/1/3/1/3/1/3/13/1
00:12:44Lafrenzz ss
00:12:52Domess ulty
00:13:13Domess omg
00:13:15Domess ULTY
00:13:18Domess DAMN? U NOT LVBL 6???
00:13:19Domess joke?
00:13:22Skinkemaden Wp thral
00:13:23Domess ok
00:13:23IamSoUnluckY \what
00:13:23Doomy u saved me
00:13:24Domess gg
00:13:25Doomy ty
00:13:25IamSoUnluckY tewrgy
00:13:27Grool np
00:13:28Domess ganbg
00:13:31Grool wp top
00:13:35Domess first get lvl 6
00:13:39Domess later
00:13:41Domess i gang mby
00:13:42Domess .. gg
00:13:49Doomy close
00:13:51Doomy :D
00:14:01Domess b
00:14:05Lafrenzz lina going bot
00:14:12Lafrenzz omw bot
00:14:32Domess and this lina
00:14:32Domess gg
00:14:42Domess pudge withouit boots
00:14:42Domess gg
00:14:55Domess start to play guys
00:15:12Domess gj
00:15:33BaSa ss 2 up
00:15:43Domess illu
00:15:44IamSoUnluckY ill
00:15:52Domess b
00:16:02Domess care
00:16:03Domess omg
00:16:08BaSa on twer
00:16:08Domess hook
00:16:09edgarass hook
00:16:27Skinkemaden ty guys
00:16:42Domess imba
00:16:43edgarass gj
00:16:44Domess tower
00:16:45Domess and top
00:17:00BaSa b
00:17:02Domess all b
00:17:04Doomy rockettttt
00:17:04Domess b
00:17:05Domess they tp
00:17:06Lafrenzz zeus uli
00:17:07Domess bb
00:17:08Domess go base
00:17:08edgarass regen
00:17:15Domess OMG
00:17:17Domess fuck it rlly
00:17:18Verthas o yee
00:17:18Grool LOOOOOOWWWWL
00:17:18Skinkemaden oWned
00:17:27Domess wait
00:17:28Domess go b
00:17:34Domess owned
00:17:41Grool pff busy
00:17:48Skinkemaden not by u ?
00:17:54Grool laughing about ur stupid getaway
00:17:55Domess and by you ?
00:17:58Domess tard
00:18:02Skinkemaden SHHH NAP
00:18:07edgarass i come
00:18:08Domess gogo
00:18:28Doomy srsly man
00:18:28edgarass mimd
00:18:34Verthas i know i know
00:18:36Domess i go alone
00:18:38Domess stay mid
00:18:49Domess go
00:19:14Domess go b
00:19:14Domess wait
00:19:16Grool what
00:19:18Grool the
00:19:20Grool fuck
00:19:23Grool did 400 dmg
00:19:23IamSoUnluckY :d
00:19:29Grool pudge exploding does dmg?
00:19:36IamSoUnluckY :d
00:19:39IamSoUnluckY i hook you
00:19:42Domess care clock
00:19:43edgarass b woods
00:19:45Grool >_<
00:19:49Domess care rocket
00:19:53IamSoUnluckY b
00:19:55IamSoUnluckY dont go base
00:19:55Grool lucky aim in that situation
00:19:56BaSa im b
00:20:03Banana OWNED
00:20:27Domess go
00:20:27Domess gang
00:20:28Domess pls
00:20:34Domess or mid
00:20:38Domess haha again :P
00:20:40Grool luv u
00:20:44Domess cmon hook
00:20:55IamSoUnluckY ?
00:20:56Grool is that the revenge fpr upper lane xD
00:21:03Verthas couldnt do anything
00:21:11Domess and top
00:21:16edgarass go top all
00:21:18IamSoUnluckY y
00:21:18IamSoUnluckY :D
00:21:22edgarass tower push
00:21:45Grool well we still got 7 min to finish this or else...
00:21:47Grool gg picks^^
00:21:55Lafrenzz what u mean
00:21:56Domess hook
00:22:01Grool i mena kunkka
00:22:05Grool *mean
00:22:18Domess ryal no hp
00:22:24BaSa i will b
00:22:31IamSoUnluckY b
00:22:34Domess go b
00:22:44Domess fas all b
00:22:48Domess tp all
00:23:04edgarass shit
00:23:05Domess todl ya b
00:23:08Domess u sux
00:23:08Domess guys
00:23:11IamSoUnluckY i wanted another tp
00:23:12IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:23:15Grool btw
00:23:19edgarass all bot
00:23:21Grool u noticed we got no tank
00:23:25Grool for late teambattles?
00:23:30Domess ryal u support
00:23:32Domess go with kunkka
00:23:33Domess or me
00:23:34Verthas y
00:23:42BaSa just place wards
00:23:44Verthas clock was the only str hero
00:23:49Grool y
00:23:50Banana they coming
00:23:55Grool their first 3 picks
00:23:58Grool kunk crix pudge
00:24:00Domess go
00:24:06BaSa b
00:24:08Domess come ogm
00:24:16Domess go gang
00:24:17Domess omg
00:24:17Domess gogo
00:24:19Skinkemaden clock
00:24:21Skinkemaden CMON
00:24:30Grool 5
00:24:31Grool bbb
00:24:32Skinkemaden hook
00:24:55Doomy fucking focus
00:25:07Verthas shit happens
00:25:21Domess lol
00:25:26edgarass that was some fight
00:25:34Verthas i make pipe ok?
00:25:35IamSoUnluckY -st
00:25:47Skinkemaden sure
00:26:01Domess lol
00:26:04Domess lina
00:26:05Domess !!
00:26:06Domess stop it
00:26:13Domess ffs
00:26:26edgarass crix dagger?
00:26:31Domess 1000 gold
00:26:40Domess morph get imba
00:26:57edgarass def mid
00:27:01edgarass i come wait
00:27:06Domess gogo
00:27:10Grool omw
00:27:17Domess gj
00:27:33Domess µmid
00:27:34Skinkemaden Bane
00:27:35Skinkemaden Join the game
00:27:46Domess gjk
00:27:46Domess gj
00:27:50Grool not if 3n5
00:27:52Grool or 2n5
00:27:53Domess i go down
00:28:11Domess get hood of defiance
00:28:13Domess ryal and lina
00:28:31BaSa ty
00:28:32edgarass b
00:28:35Domess go b
00:28:36Domess come down
00:28:41Domess or
00:28:43Domess gang
00:28:46BaSa invi
00:28:53IamSoUnluckY let me
00:28:57Lafrenzz go
00:28:59Banana OOPS
00:29:00IamSoUnluckY sec
00:29:01IamSoUnluckY sec
00:29:02Lafrenzz go
00:29:03Lafrenzz go
00:29:39Skinkemaden BANE
00:29:43Skinkemaden PLEASE JOIN THE GAME
00:29:48Grool see
00:29:52Grool kunkk will fuck us all up
00:29:58Skinkemaden becuase We go 1 by on
00:30:00Grool at least afte rmin 35
00:30:02Skinkemaden and not 5 ...
00:30:10Grool so tell me
00:30:14Grool wich hero of ours
00:30:17Grool can stand his dmg?
00:30:26edgarass b
00:30:26IamSoUnluckY b
00:30:27edgarass ?
00:30:29edgarass b
00:30:54Lafrenzz gank
00:30:55Lafrenzz cmon
00:31:02IamSoUnluckY cm force
00:31:02IamSoUnluckY ?
00:31:04Lafrenzz illu
00:31:06BaSa kill and then rosh?
00:31:07Domess go all
00:31:07Skinkemaden illu
00:31:08Domess push mid
00:31:28Lafrenzz ffs
00:31:40Verthas this is madness
00:31:46Skinkemaden bane full mana full HP
00:31:47Domess ill
00:31:49Skinkemaden What ar u doing?
00:31:51Domess cast ulty
00:32:02Grool he has boots + wand man
00:32:03Domess ggoiog
00:32:10Grool stop irrational pls
00:32:14Domess g
00:32:15Domess go
00:32:54Verthas fuck!
00:33:06Domess top
00:33:08Skinkemaden rambo more
00:33:22Verthas yea im bad
00:33:25Lafrenzz rly
00:34:13edgarass shit
00:34:19Grool that was more like teamfighting
00:34:27IamSoUnluckY np
00:34:29IamSoUnluckY i am tank now
00:34:29IamSoUnluckY :D
00:34:32Grool "more like"
00:34:33IamSoUnluckY -st
00:34:39IamSoUnluckY :D
00:34:48edgarass wards
00:34:54edgarass crix b
00:35:03IamSoUnluckY ok crix scept and gg
00:35:03Domess ye
00:35:09Verthas they are like 5 levers more thenus
00:35:15Domess 200 g
00:35:17IamSoUnluckY nice
00:35:21Lafrenzz nah
00:35:25edgarass lina take
00:35:31edgarass all mid
00:35:38BaSa omw
00:35:58Domess wait me
00:36:19Skinkemaden haha
00:36:20Skinkemaden gg
00:36:20Domess no mana
00:36:50Domess go b
00:36:50Domess :)
00:36:52Domess u re 2
00:37:06edgarass lets push bot
00:37:08IamSoUnluckY i go dager too
00:37:13IamSoUnluckY :D
00:37:32edgarass bot all
00:37:42Skinkemaden rape em
00:37:43Skinkemaden all 5
00:37:43Lafrenzz go
00:37:46Lafrenzz now
00:38:06Domess wait
00:38:06Domess go b
00:38:19IamSoUnluckY lina?
00:38:21Banana asd
00:38:40Verthas man
00:39:00Grool dont get why noone thought
00:39:05Grool picking strg could be nice
00:39:09Grool in a 4 strg only pool
00:39:11Grool oO
00:39:20Grool now kunkk and crix and alittle pudge own us
00:39:23Grool what coincidence
00:39:26edgarass farm bot and then all go bot
00:39:28edgarass all means all
00:39:30edgarass ok?
00:39:30Lafrenzz stfu
00:39:31Lafrenzz and plauy
00:39:32Banana k
00:39:34Skinkemaden coincidence?
00:39:34Skinkemaden haha
00:39:37Doomy crix own because of ulti
00:39:38Domess ye go bot all
00:39:39edgarass lina be behind
00:39:41Grool stfu and think about ur next pick better
00:39:42BaSa yes master
00:39:43Grool thx
00:39:47edgarass and ulti at least
00:40:05Skinkemaden clock fuck off
00:40:18edgarass care
00:40:27Skinkemaden bane
00:40:28Skinkemaden BOT
00:40:29Skinkemaden NOW
00:40:39Doomy su
00:40:50Lafrenzz OMFG
00:41:05Skinkemaden clock
00:41:07edgarass go
00:41:09IamSoUnluckY bitch crix
00:41:10Verthas itried to save him
00:41:11Skinkemaden dont go rambo all the time ..
00:41:12BaSa mladjo
00:41:13BaSa urn
00:41:15BaSa ty
00:41:17IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:41:19Domess µi ulty
00:41:21Domess go
00:41:27edgarass go goi
00:41:31Grool pls have mercy
00:41:35Grool fast finish pls
00:41:52Grool morph thinks his pick wasnt stupid
00:42:03Grool after u picked 2 of 4 strg in pool
00:42:08edgarass ff this fight wtf
00:42:29IamSoUnluckY ok
00:42:32IamSoUnluckY we needd gang
00:42:33edgarass crix worst ulti
00:42:34IamSoUnluckY and kill em
00:42:40edgarass and pusge dont fuciking chase them
00:42:41IamSoUnluckY who stop your ulty crix?
00:42:45edgarass u start fight wer all jump in
00:42:55Domess no one
00:42:56edgarass they need to be concentrated for torrent and ship
00:42:58Domess just bad blink
00:43:04Domess go b
00:43:07Domess def on clif
00:43:09Domess all on clif
00:43:10Lafrenzz rosh after
00:43:12edgarass lina idiot
00:43:13Domess ulty rdy go b
00:43:16edgarass go near base
00:43:17Domess stay on clif
00:43:21Doomy without wards?
00:43:24Domess ok go
00:43:26Domess we can rosh
00:43:28edgarass rosh all go
00:43:29Lafrenzz gogo
00:43:30Lafrenzz 7uick
00:43:31Lafrenzz Quick
00:43:39edgarass all!!!!!
00:43:47Lafrenzz fast
00:43:47Domess all together
00:43:49Domess get pipe
00:43:50Domess lina
00:43:51Lafrenzz b
00:44:02Verthas jesus
00:44:02Lafrenzz b
00:44:03Lafrenzz b
00:44:03Lafrenzz b
00:44:03Lafrenzz b
00:44:04Lafrenzz b
00:44:07edgarass rosh
00:44:11Domess ok rosh
00:44:12Domess go
00:44:13Verthas nice try guys
00:44:16Domess no lifesteal
00:44:50BaSa ta fuck?
00:44:52Doomy and u talk about full life
00:44:53Doomy rofl
00:44:59BaSa wand?
00:45:07Doomy I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:36Domess go pusg$&µ
00:45:46Skinkemaden Who got rosh ?
00:45:56Skinkemaden omfg
00:45:56Lafrenzz idiot
00:45:57Skinkemaden omfg
00:46:03Verthas lol
00:46:19Lafrenzz b
00:46:20Lafrenzz ffs
00:46:49Domess lina go ulty
00:46:57Skinkemaden caer
00:47:01Skinkemaden spreat
00:48:11Domess i go b
00:49:09edgarass mis go?
00:49:11edgarass mid go?
00:49:16edgarass have butiza
00:49:16Domess y all mid
00:49:17Domess now
00:49:19Lafrenzz wards
00:49:27Lafrenzz def
00:49:27Domess mid
00:49:32BaSa ok mega on mid
00:49:35Domess goog
00:49:37Domess pff
00:49:44Domess agha
00:49:45edgarass entry go
00:49:45Domess pudge
00:49:50Lafrenzz b
00:49:50Lafrenzz b
00:49:58edgarass mid
00:50:05Domess MID
00:50:06Lafrenzz stop die now
00:50:06Domess ALL OMG
00:50:06Lafrenzz pok
00:50:07edgarass mis
00:50:47Domess b
00:50:47Domess b
00:50:49Domess all tio
00:50:50Domess fallow me
00:50:51edgarass b
00:50:54edgarass top all
00:51:00edgarass OMG
00:51:00BaSa no no no NOOOO
00:51:00IamSoUnluckY cmon
00:51:00Banana l,ol
00:51:00BaSa votekick?
00:51:00Banana he will drop within 4 mins
00:51:00IamSoUnluckY cmon
00:51:00Verthas ima smoke a cig
00:51:00IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:51:05Banana :D
00:51:07IamSoUnluckY CRIX
00:51:08edgarass dont scare us crix ;)
00:51:08IamSoUnluckY fu
00:51:10IamSoUnluckY dont scare me
00:51:10Domess :D
00:51:13BaSa crix man
00:51:48IamSoUnluckY why courier?
00:51:55Banana for fun
00:51:58Lafrenzz Dont go rambo clock
00:51:58Skinkemaden care hook and crix
00:51:58Lafrenzz ok
00:52:16Verthas comon guys one last fight
00:52:37Domess go
00:52:38Domess i ulty
00:53:37Lafrenzz ok Wp Sk, rest. fucking lucky, and this team,. srlsy !!!
00:53:38IamSoUnluckY i go b
00:53:50IamSoUnluckY wtf?
00:53:59Grool always the others right?
00:54:04Domess i go
00:54:04Lafrenzz well y
00:54:05Domess finish
00:54:09Grool well
00:54:11Lafrenzz u and clock were horrible
00:54:15Grool i told u min 20 or smth
00:54:20Grool we got 7 min to win this
00:54:21Grool dude..
00:54:25Grool THATS LOGIC
00:54:31Grool what ur talking is
00:54:31IamSoUnluckY we got raped top
00:54:33Grool BULKLSHIT
00:54:37edgarass gg wp
00:54:40Domess gg
00:54:43Grool gg
00:54:44Grool wp all
00:54:46Grool but cm mb
00:54:47Grool xD
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