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Chat log

00:00:03zebbelito r-d
00:00:05yeW- -rd
00:00:12Multi_Ljep nice
00:00:18Jaikki bury me in the vegas baby
00:00:18infect ban xin or lich
00:00:18zebbelito lich any1?
00:00:18BeSt0ned ban lich
00:00:18zebbelito lich
00:00:18BeSt0ned so he ban lycan or xin
00:00:18Jaikki DONT
00:00:18Nickless cacemo
00:00:18Jaikki GIVE LICH ME
00:00:18Multi_Ljep this is great
00:00:18yeW- lycan
00:00:18Multi_Ljep :D
00:00:18BeSt0ned no
00:00:18BeSt0ned so pick xin^^
00:00:18Jaikki why not
00:00:18Nickless rokat cemo
00:00:18Jaikki xin sucks
00:00:28Multi_Ljep morat cemo
00:00:35Multi_Ljep da ti dignemo rating
00:00:36Multi_Ljep :D
00:00:40Nickless :D
00:00:41zebbelito never played this
00:00:43zebbelito who wants
00:00:46Nickless sjeba an se budala napušena
00:00:46infect :D
00:00:51BeSt0ned >___>
00:00:52Multi_Ljep :D
00:00:54infect some1 please play it
00:00:58infect omg
00:00:59infect my wr
00:01:00TOo_LaZy who can play omni ?
00:01:02BeSt0ned xD
00:01:03Jaikki no anna mulle
00:01:04yeW- gimme
00:01:07Jaikki se jos et oo koskaa pelannu
00:01:07TOo_LaZy -swap 1
00:01:10yeW- -swap 2
00:01:21yeW- u good wid ursa?
00:01:26Nickless who banned
00:01:27TOo_LaZy better solo
00:01:29yeW- lycan
00:01:30yeW- lich
00:01:30Multi_Ljep lich lycan
00:01:31yeW- banned
00:01:36Jaikki zebbe?
00:01:41yeW- last hero rhasta or aba or sd
00:01:41yeW- pls
00:01:41infect 1 afk
00:01:41BeSt0ned pink
00:01:41infect during picking
00:01:41zebbelito what?
00:01:41BeSt0ned line up?
00:01:41yeW- he'll random then
00:01:42bbstone jaki okay too?
00:01:43infect he will play it for you
00:01:43Jaikki do u want something
00:01:43yeW- -clear
00:01:45infect lol ?
00:01:46yeW- hf wid brood
00:01:47Jaikki i can zin
00:01:50zebbelito clinkz
00:01:56Jaikki HUHU
00:01:58zebbelito -swap 4
00:01:58bbstone jaki?
00:01:58Multi_Ljep luka
00:02:00Multi_Ljep ja basil
00:02:00Jaikki -swap 1
00:02:03yeW- RHASTA
00:02:03Multi_Ljep i idemo gore
00:02:05yeW- last hero
00:02:07infect wr
00:02:09infect i will farm top
00:02:10Nickless k ja arcane
00:02:13BeSt0ned ofc^^
00:02:16BeSt0ned you are carry
00:02:17Nickless budi tank
00:02:21Multi_Ljep me and nickless up
00:02:34zebbelito -ma
00:02:36Multi_Ljep omni and rhasta down
00:02:36Nickless ide cog i rocket
00:02:40yeW- mid
00:02:45infect rhazta would have been nice or thrall
00:02:45BeSt0ned fail picks btw
00:02:48infect they got gay lineup
00:02:49Multi_Ljep sry
00:02:49Multi_Ljep :D
00:02:51TOo_LaZy w
00:02:54BeSt0ned bone/xin/void
00:02:57BeSt0ned damn anyhting wrong
00:03:00TOo_LaZy rasta mid
00:03:00yeW- no
00:03:01yeW- wards
00:03:02yeW- ?
00:03:02Nickless ugl uzmi cog bar jedan da ih mozes zatvoriti
00:03:14TOo_LaZy u solo omni ?
00:03:17yeW- im mid
00:03:33TOo_LaZy /w DotaKeys: You control Ursa Warrior [e,v,r,s]
00:04:15Multi_Ljep daj meni
00:04:16Multi_Ljep ja cu
00:04:37Multi_Ljep ne
00:04:52zebbelito share
00:05:12Multi_Ljep LULA
00:05:15Multi_Ljep jbt
00:05:15Multi_Ljep ja
00:05:15yeW- ...
00:05:48Multi_Ljep reka sam ti
00:05:50Multi_Ljep ja cu!
00:06:00Nickless sto
00:06:13Multi_Ljep ma igraj
00:06:25TOo_LaZy kill rasta
00:06:46TOo_LaZy begind
00:06:48TOo_LaZy o
00:06:50TOo_LaZy behind go
00:08:20Nickless ss
00:08:29yeW- gang mid
00:08:29TOo_LaZy net
00:08:42Jaikki ss
00:09:00Jaikki srsly
00:09:09Jaikki cant do shit
00:09:14Jaikki insta
00:09:27infect ...
00:09:34Nickless loše
00:09:35BeSt0ned ulti both?
00:09:43infect dont steal my kill ?
00:09:45TOo_LaZy me\
00:09:45Jaikki gank bot -.-
00:09:46TOo_LaZy ME
00:09:49TOo_LaZy tnx
00:09:50BeSt0ned steal?
00:09:55infect he was dead
00:09:58infect but u used arrow
00:09:59Carnage.1st miss
00:09:59Carnage.1st miss
00:09:59Carnage.1st miss
00:10:09TOo_LaZy pugna
00:10:09bbstone panda?
00:10:13bbstone k
00:10:13Jaikki ffs
00:10:34Jaikki bot needs gank or we lose this
00:10:34infect buy wards for bot?
00:10:55Multi_Ljep back
00:10:55bbstone tower?
00:10:58Jaikki ursa 7 lvl
00:10:59Jaikki me 4
00:10:59zebbelito what
00:10:59Jaikki gg
00:11:02Jaikki gank bot
00:11:12Multi_Ljep back
00:11:35infect wr go reg
00:11:35bbstone oom
00:11:36infect and bot
00:11:55yeW- get
00:11:58yeW- dust
00:11:59yeW- n come mid
00:12:11Nickless ss2
00:12:12Jaikki -ms
00:12:14BeSt0ned wtf
00:12:18infect ?
00:12:21BeSt0ned you know you can banned for that?
00:12:25infect no ?
00:12:29BeSt0ned rules?
00:12:29infect u pulled
00:12:34TOo_LaZy pugna
00:12:35infect u didnt take them by yourself
00:12:38Multi_Ljep daj mi
00:12:39Multi_Ljep ward
00:12:42BeSt0ned just su?
00:12:46infect :D:D
00:12:50infect now its su
00:12:52Jaikki come
00:12:54Multi_Ljep luka
00:13:03yeW- rhats
00:13:04yeW- comd
00:13:05Multi_Ljep strai
00:13:07Multi_Ljep sto ti je
00:13:10Multi_Ljep jesi pusija?
00:13:15Nickless ne
00:13:20Multi_Ljep pa igraj onda brate
00:13:22Multi_Ljep daj ward
00:13:26Nickless nemozemo ga ubit
00:13:30Nickless nemamulti
00:13:30Multi_Ljep ma nvm
00:13:32infect ss top
00:13:49Multi_Ljep gg
00:13:49Multi_Ljep up
00:13:50BeSt0ned n1
00:13:51infect re
00:13:59Jaikki y, gj gj
00:14:29yeW- gang mid
00:14:29yeW- bone
00:14:30yeW- zz
00:14:39Jaikki upgr chick?
00:14:52Multi_Ljep prepare
00:14:53Multi_Ljep i gank
00:15:02Multi_Ljep heal
00:15:03Multi_Ljep me
00:15:08Multi_Ljep dont forget
00:15:09Jaikki kinda oom
00:15:12yeW- lol..
00:15:13Multi_Ljep ffs
00:15:15Jaikki check rosh
00:15:16Multi_Ljep RHASTA
00:15:16yeW- fuckin tard
00:15:16Multi_Ljep IDIOT
00:15:35Nickless ajmo ga
00:15:36infect buy wards
00:15:38infect for forest
00:15:41infect and keep ganking ursa
00:15:43Jaikki buy wards for rosh
00:15:48Jaikki uprg chicken fierst
00:16:02infect pugna wr have the money
00:16:04Multi_Ljep get
00:16:06Multi_Ljep clinkz
00:16:07Jaikki pugna upgr chicken
00:16:07Multi_Ljep omni come
00:16:39infect ss clock
00:16:51yeW- ..
00:16:53yeW- 3 braindead
00:17:02TOo_LaZy b
00:17:05TOo_LaZy u
00:17:07TOo_LaZy SO SMART
00:17:10Jaikki brb
00:17:11yeW- u fuckin idiot..
00:17:14yeW- farmin with thrall?
00:17:23Nickless void is farming up moron
00:17:24Multi_Ljep luka
00:17:27Multi_Ljep ajde samonm
00:17:30Nickless who will stop him for eating us later
00:17:36yeW- ur not even hittin
00:17:36zebbelito void farm
00:17:38yeW- just backi
00:17:40yeW- go die
00:17:47infect omni top
00:17:49infect with thrall
00:17:50infect get mid
00:17:53Jaikki gank top
00:17:58infect need 1 more
00:18:49BeSt0ned help?!
00:18:49BeSt0ned ffs
00:19:01infect u were standing next to ursa
00:19:05infect without using windrun
00:19:09BeSt0ned i used
00:19:10BeSt0ned big brain
00:19:13infect u used
00:19:16infect when he took half ur hp
00:19:19BeSt0ned go farm 0/0
00:20:01zebbelito omfg
00:20:03zebbelito i forgot
00:20:03Multi_Ljep come
00:20:05Multi_Ljep ROAM
00:20:06zebbelito new recipe
00:20:07Multi_Ljep RHASTA
00:20:07infect :D:D:D
00:20:07Multi_Ljep ursa
00:20:10Multi_Ljep sry
00:20:13infect pugna
00:20:14infect gank
00:20:15Multi_Ljep pls
00:20:18infect dont push the lanes
00:20:20infect with spells
00:20:31Multi_Ljep dk
00:20:50TOo_LaZy why fucking scare
00:20:54infect need wards
00:20:55infect pugna wr
00:21:02infect 4 were in our forest
00:21:06yeW- get that rosh mate
00:21:30TOo_LaZy \wait
00:21:38Jaikki lol
00:21:42Jaikki dont give a fuck
00:21:47Multi_Ljep gj
00:21:55Multi_Ljep mana
00:22:11Multi_Ljep mana
00:22:13yeW- cd
00:22:15BeSt0ned void?
00:22:17BeSt0ned no midas?
00:22:17Multi_Ljep come
00:22:37Multi_Ljep OMNI
00:22:38Multi_Ljep FUCKER
00:22:39Multi_Ljep COME
00:22:41yeW- wards?
00:22:45yeW- u effin bob
00:22:45TOo_LaZy rasta
00:22:46Multi_Ljep fuck off
00:23:03TOo_LaZy mana
00:23:14BeSt0ned what about def with 5 man?
00:23:21BeSt0ned np tp
00:23:22BeSt0ned n1
00:23:30yeW- ulti
00:23:32yeW- rhasta
00:23:41infect decypt
00:23:42infect ur self
00:24:05TOo_LaZy omni :D
00:24:16Jaikki oom
00:24:22TOo_LaZy my next item ?
00:24:29Multi_Ljep gj
00:24:31BeSt0ned void without attack speed
00:24:39infect are you fucking kidding me
00:25:00Multi_Ljep luka
00:25:00Multi_Ljep b
00:25:03Multi_Ljep tri udarca
00:25:32Jaikki B
00:25:32Jaikki B
00:25:32yeW- he first
00:25:36Jaikki -.-
00:25:38Jaikki this wr
00:25:45Jaikki dat miss
00:25:48infect we had wards up
00:25:49Jaikki wr what the fuck
00:25:50infect and you saw
00:25:52BeSt0ned you even can play ember
00:25:52infect 4 guys coming
00:25:53BeSt0ned so su
00:25:56BeSt0ned dont know how 2 port
00:26:09Jaikki wtf u are talking about? :d
00:26:16BeSt0ned i got most kills here
00:26:18BeSt0ned so shhhh
00:26:21Jaikki omg u pro
00:26:26TOo_LaZy sry
00:26:28BeSt0ned 2/3 for ember
00:26:29yeW- -ma
00:26:29BeSt0ned sucks...
00:26:31yeW- blah
00:26:32yeW- feeder
00:26:32yeW- zz
00:26:37Jaikki i dont give a fuck?
00:26:41BeSt0ned so leave?
00:26:45Jaikki why should i ?
00:26:46yeW- smoke ur way
00:26:46yeW- to rosh
00:26:51BeSt0ned if you so cool and give a fuck?
00:26:57Jaikki i dont give a fuck?
00:26:58zebbelito wait
00:26:59zebbelito let him hit
00:27:00Jaikki wtf u are saying
00:27:00zebbelito first
00:27:27Jaikki hmm
00:27:28Jaikki :D
00:27:46BeSt0ned n1 ember
00:27:48Jaikki o_O
00:27:59BeSt0ned now you get the point how to play your hero?
00:28:02Jaikki u are dead all the time
00:28:05Jaikki shh
00:28:10BeSt0ned funny
00:28:10BeSt0ned oh
00:28:12BeSt0ned wait it isnt
00:28:20BeSt0ned able 2 get top twr?
00:28:25Nickless sec guys
00:28:36Multi_Ljep ursa
00:28:38Multi_Ljep i make vlads
00:28:42TOo_LaZy me hot
00:28:45Multi_Ljep y
00:29:07Multi_Ljep pls
00:29:18BeSt0ned go in
00:29:20BeSt0ned ulti
00:29:21BeSt0ned i shakel?
00:29:58BeSt0ned hlep top
00:30:00BeSt0ned what you want mid?
00:30:02BeSt0ned dont know
00:30:04Jaikki farms
00:30:16infect u r so stupid
00:30:19Jaikki y :D
00:30:20infect why u stay there
00:30:27Multi_Ljep mana
00:30:28Multi_Ljep pls
00:30:34yeW- go with rahst ulti
00:30:41BeSt0ned y ember
00:30:42Jaikki XD
00:30:43TOo_LaZy :D
00:30:43BeSt0ned fuck them
00:30:45Jaikki dat was funny
00:31:57yeW- ALL
00:31:57yeW- go
00:32:33TOo_LaZy mana
00:32:43Multi_Ljep rhasta
00:32:45Multi_Ljep prepare
00:32:55TOo_LaZy nice
00:32:55TOo_LaZy stun
00:33:11Jaikki get roski
00:33:16Nickless whygo before i smoke
00:33:17Nickless ..
00:33:41Jaikki dead
00:33:41Jaikki :D
00:33:51yeW- uve waited too long to rosh
00:33:51yeW- zz
00:33:55yeW- shudda done it lvl 78
00:33:56yeW- 7
00:34:01TOo_LaZy they were camping rosh all the time
00:34:03TOo_LaZy i tried 5 times
00:34:04zebbelito who goit it?
00:34:07Jaikki void
00:34:08infect me
00:34:23Carnage.1st b
00:34:34BeSt0ned in the end void goes back and farm small spots^^
00:35:05Jaikki k
00:35:05Jaikki :D
00:35:27infect our foreest
00:35:28infect all
00:35:29Jaikki warded
00:35:29infect so b
00:35:33infect come b from there
00:35:44Jaikki void
00:36:21infect zebbe
00:36:24infect get bkb next
00:36:35BeSt0ned ey
00:36:54BeSt0ned stop farmn
00:36:56TOo_LaZy def down
00:36:56BeSt0ned start clash
00:36:57BeSt0ned ffs
00:36:58TOo_LaZy DEF DOWN
00:37:16BeSt0ned not enought creeps
00:37:19BeSt0ned you dmg 200
00:37:21BeSt0ned and go bcack
00:37:23BeSt0ned wow
00:37:25BeSt0ned and we died
00:37:28yeW- ...
00:37:33infect if we wouldnt push
00:37:35infect they would
00:37:36Multi_Ljep !???????????????????!!!!!!
00:37:39BeSt0ned I TOLD
00:37:40BeSt0ned but n
00:37:40infect and they would get rax+?
00:37:42BeSt0ned you go farm
00:37:45yeW- u made urself oom
00:37:46infect u sutpid or what
00:37:46BeSt0ned and bone other lane
00:37:48infect we aint farming
00:37:49yeW- with that hawk
00:37:49infect we pushed
00:37:50BeSt0ned so hard 2 tkae 1 line?
00:37:53BeSt0ned y
00:37:55Multi_Ljep so what?
00:37:57Multi_Ljep did i defend
00:37:57BeSt0ned nice push
00:37:58BeSt0ned here
00:37:59Multi_Ljep motherfucker
00:38:00yeW- instead of cagin
00:38:04yeW- braindead fag
00:38:04BeSt0ned tzzz
00:38:09Multi_Ljep ofc
00:38:15Multi_Ljep bas je glup
00:38:16Nickless yewish
00:38:16Multi_Ljep jadan
00:38:23Nickless dont insult
00:38:27BeSt0ned get top?
00:38:30BeSt0ned farmers?
00:38:32TOo_LaZy wards
00:38:36TOo_LaZy buy gem some1 i carry
00:39:02bbstone base
00:39:04Multi_Ljep gj moron
00:39:20infect come bot
00:39:24infect pugna
00:39:27yeW- bah no wonder ur always bronze
00:39:30infect need to use aegis
00:39:43BeSt0ned take creeps
00:39:59yeW- ulti rhasta?
00:39:59yeW- lmao
00:40:32yeW- naps
00:40:44Jaikki ?
00:40:52yeW- f
00:40:53yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:53bbstone wtf
00:42:06infect care top
00:42:06TOo_LaZy give me ?
00:42:11TOo_LaZy tnx
00:42:15yeW- hot wudda bin better
00:42:18infect all ss
00:42:25TOo_LaZy get it now
00:42:57Jaikki oh
00:42:58Jaikki :DD
00:43:03infect bone
00:43:04infect def
00:43:06Multi_Ljep ursa
00:43:06Jaikki team just famrs
00:43:07Multi_Ljep no alone
00:43:08Jaikki *farms
00:43:11Nickless prepare
00:43:15infect base
00:43:16yeW- omg
00:43:16infect def
00:43:17Multi_Ljep ....
00:43:17yeW- OMG..
00:43:18BeSt0ned and he cry allchat
00:43:19yeW- braindead
00:43:20yeW- hasta
00:43:22yeW- so fuckin
00:43:24yeW- retarded
00:44:04Multi_Ljep tnx
00:44:12zebbelito gem'd
00:44:17zebbelito whn out
00:44:18zebbelito we get
00:44:41Jaikki take rosh
00:44:42Jaikki fast
00:44:43Jaikki if up
00:44:46infect wait
00:44:46yeW- go all
00:44:53TOo_LaZy better me alone
00:44:57TOo_LaZy if we die its lost
00:44:58yeW- they'e there
00:44:59yeW- just go
00:45:01yeW- bh
00:45:03Jaikki push mid
00:45:05infect wiat
00:45:08infect butter
00:45:08zebbelito 14 src
00:45:09infect coming
00:45:10Jaikki k
00:45:10infect and bone
00:45:10zebbelito 4sec
00:45:11TOo_LaZy b
00:45:18Jaikki its trap
00:45:20Jaikki b
00:45:20Jaikki b
00:45:21infect b
00:45:21Jaikki b
00:45:21infect b
00:45:21infect b
00:45:23TOo_LaZy b
00:45:24TOo_LaZy all
00:45:28zebbelito omw
00:45:30bbstone b
00:45:45TOo_LaZy go smoke
00:46:01TOo_LaZy rasta
00:46:14infect should go bot?
00:46:16yeW- ...
00:46:19BeSt0ned go mid
00:46:20zebbelito jaikki suicice
00:46:21BeSt0ned then top and bot
00:46:21yeW- do u even understand
00:46:22BeSt0ned easy
00:46:22yeW- ur spell
00:46:23yeW- ..
00:46:25Jaikki ?
00:46:31Jaikki problems?
00:46:34Nickless pls
00:46:34infect bot and top no fucking tower
00:46:35infect idiot
00:46:44yeW- go
00:46:48BeSt0ned y
00:46:49BeSt0ned so?
00:46:52infect why go mid
00:46:54infect then ?
00:47:01BeSt0ned first get some out
00:47:06BeSt0ned 4v5 is easy as 5v5
00:47:12infect need bone now
00:47:18yeW- its lost anyways
00:47:19yeW- jst go
00:47:43Jaikki ?
00:47:52BeSt0ned able 2 use ulti for ursa?
00:47:59yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:01TOo_LaZy I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:05bbstone I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:07bbstone I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:42yeW- ffN
00:48:44yeW- wastin time here
00:48:46Multi_Ljep I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:16Jaikki just case me
00:49:21Jaikki my team take raxes
00:49:25yeW- yeye mate
00:49:27yeW- just stfu will ya
00:49:31Jaikki u mad?
00:49:42Multi_Ljep I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:43Multi_Ljep ffs
00:50:33yeW- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:36Multi_Ljep I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:45Jaikki gg
00:50:46Nickless I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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