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Chat log

00:00:15PeterLars CK
00:00:15Zemirk me lion/dazzle or weaver
00:00:15Mercury ban that am
00:00:15Norrebro weaver
00:00:15Mercury o.O
00:00:15PeterLars anyone am
00:00:18curdi GIEF PUDGE
00:00:19Mercury am > weav
00:00:23Zemirk take am for some
00:00:23PeterLars anyone am !!!
00:00:24curdi sickest
00:00:27Solisluu am
00:00:29Solisluu i can
00:00:33PeterLars good
00:00:33Norrebro lich anyone
00:00:33P3PSI ...
00:00:37Solisluu zemmu ota suppo
00:00:37P3PSI hate am
00:00:39Solisluu mulle
00:00:39Zemirk ill support solisluu
00:00:41P3PSI worst hero to play against
00:00:43Zemirk with lion
00:00:44Mercury we kinda can ff now
00:00:46Solisluu what u want
00:00:46PeterLars give me pugde
00:00:49Pufff-Reis :D
00:00:53Pufff-Reis coz a am?
00:00:57PeterLars -swap 2
00:00:57Pufff-Reis LOLO
00:00:58Solisluu -swap 1
00:00:58Norrebro noobs
00:01:00Norrebro is
00:01:01Norrebro noobs
00:01:20curdi if we get lion
00:01:23curdi we can trilane
00:01:37curdi but well
00:01:42Zemirk ill suppo solisluu
00:01:42PeterLars get dazzle
00:01:43Zemirk bot
00:01:45P3PSI what should i go ?
00:01:48Norrebro last one dazzle
00:02:04Mercury ward
00:02:06Mercury panda
00:02:15Pufff-Reis 7 gold
00:02:17curdi come thrall
00:02:21Mercury take
00:02:22curdi letrs fb mid if possible
00:02:22PeterLars share
00:02:22Solisluu hitto en kerenny sanoo et osta mulle regee
00:02:26Zemirk :<
00:02:27PeterLars u cant
00:02:31PeterLars we sit together
00:02:35Zemirk on mul tangoi
00:02:35PeterLars he can look at evrything
00:02:40Mercury il ritual 2
00:02:45XXL lemme creep
00:02:47curdi why arent u in group then :s
00:02:47Bad3vil i skilled glimpse
00:02:49XXL i pull
00:02:59Mercury go around
00:03:10PeterLars i was
00:03:13PeterLars first
00:03:46curdi ..
00:03:47XXL warded
00:03:49P3PSI ss top
00:03:50Norrebro 3 mid
00:03:54Pufff-Reis tangos
00:04:02Zemirk mil se teki dmg noi paljo enempi
00:04:06XXL lemme
00:04:06Zemirk mul hp paljo enemä
00:04:13XXL omfg
00:04:14Pufff-Reis tangos pls
00:04:40Zemirk pulan
00:04:48Solisluu wd come bot
00:04:49Zemirk en
00:05:52Zemirk mm
00:06:04XXL wtf
00:06:05XXL u dont got
00:06:07XXL grave
00:06:10XXL t.t
00:06:11P3PSI wrong key sr
00:06:11XXL FF
00:06:13P3PSI y
00:06:32XXL t.t
00:06:32XXL rly
00:06:35Zemirk mule
00:06:37Zemirk wd
00:06:39Zemirk come
00:06:57XXL harass
00:06:57XXL em y
00:07:04P3PSI ss top
00:08:00Bad3vil ss mid
00:08:02Norrebro ss
00:08:31XXL lets kill
00:08:31P3PSI eat
00:08:31XXL him
00:08:35XXL u got grave when?
00:08:55P3PSI got grave
00:08:58XXL kk
00:10:05XXL t,t
00:10:08Zemirk wd need u again
00:10:22XXL ss pudge
00:10:23XXL top
00:10:27XXL so
00:10:28XXL care mid
00:10:29XXL also top
00:10:32curdi would be good if i knew what those new heroes can do
00:10:42Norrebro gogo
00:10:43Norrebro i come
00:10:48XXL grave u???
00:10:49P3PSI fucking pudge
00:10:49PeterLars ^^
00:10:57P3PSI cant when he ulti me
00:11:04Norrebro kill am
00:11:29XXL :;D
00:11:34PeterLars wtf
00:11:36PeterLars is happing bot
00:11:38XXL payback
00:12:01XXL ss
00:12:02XXL top
00:12:15curdi pudge lets get a kill top
00:12:21Zemirk y
00:12:23curdi commander ss
00:12:30Zemirk aa
00:12:32Zemirk ...
00:12:39XXL t.t
00:12:41Norrebro wards people
00:12:54XXL omfg
00:12:55XXL soz
00:13:13Bad3vil me b
00:13:29Zemirk pullaan nyt
00:13:54P3PSI s mid
00:14:02Zemirk ..
00:14:24Bad3vil damn delay
00:14:31Zemirk -ma
00:14:40Pufff-Reis go nova ulti
00:14:49Norrebro canu upg chicken
00:15:00Zemirk atrvin utli
00:15:47curdi ofc lich comes :)
00:15:48Bad3vil ULTI CD =/
00:16:12P3PSI item for me ?
00:16:27Norrebro upg chicken
00:16:33Norrebro thats ur
00:16:35Norrebro item
00:16:37Norrebro for now
00:16:40P3PSI roger
00:16:49XXL t.t
00:18:18PeterLars b
00:18:53PeterLars b
00:18:58curdi wtf
00:19:03Bad3vil ohone oha
00:19:14Bad3vil phone
00:19:22XXL b
00:19:31Norrebro lich
00:19:33Norrebro ulti
00:19:34Norrebro idiot
00:19:38Norrebro and magnus
00:19:42XXL was
00:19:43XXL oom
00:19:43Norrebro wtf are u doing
00:19:45XXL biatch
00:19:52Norrebro lich full mana
00:19:57XXL i was not
00:19:58Zemirk öich
00:19:59Bad3vil ^^
00:20:00Zemirk -.-
00:20:01Bad3vil lol
00:20:07curdi low mana
00:20:20Mercury grave?
00:21:23Norrebro yeye suck me
00:21:28XXL n
00:21:29XXL p
00:22:14Zemirk omw mid
00:22:21XXL xD
00:22:49Norrebro b noobs
00:22:56XXL well
00:22:59XXL dazzlw
00:23:04XXL u habe brains??
00:23:07XXL u grave me
00:23:09XXL when i ult him??
00:23:12XXL are u kidding
00:23:17Solisluu ill farm bot
00:23:18Solisluu let me
00:23:26XXL if u would use ur brains
00:23:26Solisluu guys
00:23:28XXL we could kill him
00:23:29XXL easily
00:23:31Zemirk otan manaa
00:23:32P3PSI look like he was just about to ulti u
00:23:36Solisluu no tää thrall
00:23:37XXL so
00:23:38XXL grave
00:23:41XXL when i am low
00:23:44P3PSI roger
00:24:29Norrebro gj team
00:24:40Norrebro specially magnus
00:24:53XXL yep
00:24:56XXL mby i farm
00:24:57XXL dagger
00:24:58XXL idiot
00:25:11Norrebro u are so bad all of u
00:25:11Zemirk smoked
00:25:17XXL and u good?
00:25:18XXL x
00:25:19Mercury u have grave... why dont u never use it?
00:25:25Solisluu ill take
00:25:28XXL he doesnt know how to use it
00:25:31PeterLars just farm am
00:25:36Mercury isn't it a silver game?
00:25:52Norrebro its a shit game
00:26:07curdi who pipe?
00:26:12curdi pudgor?
00:26:17Norrebro gj
00:26:19XXL where
00:26:20XXL was lion
00:26:23PeterLars y?
00:26:23XXL t.t
00:26:28curdi u pipe?
00:26:31XXL ofc u can say gj
00:26:31PeterLars no
00:26:33XXL but lion
00:26:35XXL was on shop
00:26:36curdi we need it
00:26:37curdi rly
00:26:47PeterLars then u make it
00:26:48XXL how could i know it
00:26:49PeterLars farm mid
00:26:50Norrebro all come
00:26:51PeterLars am
00:27:39XXL guys go??
00:27:41XXL why u back
00:27:46XXL i was there
00:27:49Norrebro then come noob
00:27:51PeterLars farm
00:27:51PeterLars top
00:27:53PeterLars am
00:27:55XXL got dagger
00:27:56XXL moron
00:27:57XXL ..
00:28:04Solisluu missclick : (
00:28:21curdi dagger magnus
00:28:49Bad3vil wait me ?
00:29:19Norrebro wp magnus
00:29:23Norrebro noob
00:29:26XXL norre
00:29:27Bad3vil gg
00:29:28XXL grow up
00:29:32PeterLars lion
00:29:38PeterLars i dont know why u cam from there
00:29:47PeterLars def
00:29:50Zemirk didnt know knight was also
00:29:56PeterLars go
00:29:59PeterLars and def
00:30:23Bad3vil WTF IS WRONG WITH you ? ;)=
00:30:46P3PSI im b
00:30:46Solisluu go b
00:30:47PeterLars idiot
00:30:48curdi team nowhere :D
00:30:52Zemirk mm
00:30:54Bad3vil team dead
00:30:59Zemirk where u went
00:31:25curdi still think u should get pipe
00:31:28curdi storm lich
00:31:29curdi magnus
00:31:31curdi :/
00:31:35PeterLars farm bot
00:31:35PeterLars am
00:31:46PeterLars i waant rune
00:32:16Bad3vil b
00:32:17PeterLars b
00:32:29Bad3vil ward
00:32:37XXL check
00:32:39Solisluu ill farm top
00:32:54curdi hyvät wardit zemirk :sda
00:32:54Solisluu MY
00:33:01Solisluu oh cmon
00:33:16PeterLars b
00:33:41PeterLars def
00:33:42PeterLars bot
00:33:54Solisluu trade towers
00:33:57PeterLars b
00:33:57PeterLars b
00:33:58Solisluu soon tp
00:33:59Solisluu cd
00:34:00Solisluu b
00:34:39Zemirk no mana to ulti
00:34:40Norrebro wake the fuck up
00:34:56XXL bb
00:35:05XXL I GO BACK
00:35:28Norrebro we can rioshan
00:35:38Norrebro i can solo roshan
00:35:41Norrebro but need backup
00:35:43Norrebro if they come
00:35:44XXL soon
00:35:45Zemirk with smoke?
00:35:50Mercury go
00:35:51Solisluu dunno what item to do
00:35:57Bad3vil bf
00:35:58PeterLars go butter
00:35:59curdi vlad basher
00:36:00Solisluu butter
00:36:01Solisluu y
00:36:14PeterLars go
00:36:17Bad3vil u also can get cranium
00:36:18Bad3vil also fine
00:37:01Bad3vil how i fail =)
00:37:01Mercury rosh
00:37:03Norrebro let me solo
00:37:05PeterLars dunno
00:37:10Zemirk need some focuses
00:37:12Bad3vil yes
00:37:16Zemirk -ma
00:37:22Zemirk lich mby
00:37:36PeterLars am
00:37:41PeterLars just forcus dazzle
00:39:07Bad3vil ^^
00:39:09Pufff-Reis ;D
00:39:09curdi ?
00:39:26PeterLars b
00:39:27PeterLars all
00:39:52Bad3vil I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:11PeterLars def
00:40:12PeterLars def
00:40:20Norrebro help hiom
00:40:22PeterLars b
00:40:25PeterLars b
00:40:40curdi commander got bkb and aegis
00:40:43Norrebro twr
00:40:49PeterLars i know
00:40:52Zemirk buy blink dagger am
00:40:53Zemirk asap
00:41:00Zemirk :P
00:41:07Solisluu def in base
00:41:07Bad3vil no t p sor
00:41:09Solisluu b
00:41:18PeterLars forcus am
00:41:21Zemirk ill voodoo legioner
00:41:23PeterLars dazzle i mean
00:42:10Norrebro go
00:42:11XXL i am oom
00:42:23Solisluu guys
00:42:26Solisluu you need to disable
00:42:30Zemirk en nänhy sitä
00:43:06Norrebro pro magnus
00:43:06XXL t,t
00:43:09XXL what
00:43:11XXL he is doing
00:43:12Solisluu nice
00:43:14Solisluu my mid
00:43:15Solisluu pl0x
00:43:17curdi strong cask
00:43:23PeterLars let him take mid
00:43:26Solisluu thrall WHY
00:43:27Solisluu WHY
00:43:28Zemirk LET AM MID
00:43:30Mercury what can i do?
00:43:31XXL who said i am pro?
00:43:33Solisluu why you fucking take my creeps all the time
00:43:33Zemirk omg
00:43:33Mercury had no ult
00:43:34XXL how kid u are
00:43:36XXL rly=?
00:43:42XXL pls shut up
00:44:22Mercury care
00:44:38Norrebro all mid
00:44:38Solisluu fast and b
00:44:39Norrebro gogo
00:44:46PeterLars b
00:44:53Norrebro wp lich
00:46:00Bad3vil gg
00:46:10Solisluu gg
00:46:13curdi mite am:l täs vaihees vaa manta :s
00:46:14Solisluu lich just too op
00:46:21Solisluu 12 cs 15 min
00:46:27Solisluu kyll mull nyt on 220 cs
00:46:39Solisluu lich stormi vähä tuhos
00:46:48Zemirk mm
00:46:54Solisluu nähää kohta zem
00:46:57Zemirk j
00:46:58Solisluu katon ton himymin loppuu
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