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-24 X
-1 TS

39% | 1102 X | 1292 TS

-46 X
-1 TS

36% | 1079 X | 1296 TS

-41 X
+0 TS

36% | 1084 X | 1290 TS

-60 X
-1 TS

35% | 1082 X | 1287 TS

-17 X
-2 TS

24% | 1023 X | 1226 TS

+41 X
+4 TS

55% | 1227 X | 1332 TS

+45 X
+3 TS

51% | 1262 X | 1248 TS

+22 X
+4 TS

31% | 1114 X | 1208 TS

+37 X
+17 TS

NEW | 996 X | 1199 TS

+56 X
+9 TS

18% | 980 X | 1193 TS

Chat log

00:00:14edgarass me capt ff
00:00:15Doomy U KIDDIN
00:00:19Doomy what are these teams?
00:00:19Banana :D:D
00:00:19Banana bronze game ftw
00:00:19BaSa can i be carry?
00:00:19AliBaba ff
00:00:19Kanpu3a lucan
00:00:19Kanpu3a lycan
00:00:19Kanpu3a luca
00:00:19BaSa me?
00:00:19edgarass just play whiner
00:00:19Janske our TS stats are much higher! we are gonna show them! ::D
00:00:19OrokuSaki hes ban lyc
00:00:19OrokuSaki not you
00:00:19Doomy xD
00:00:19OrokuSaki :p
00:00:19Kanpu3a lyc
00:00:19BaSa try lycan
00:00:19OrokuSaki all chat?
00:00:19edgarass take ogre
00:00:19edgarass tide
00:00:19BaSa lycan
00:00:19edgarass ud
00:00:19Doomy so behave good all plz
00:00:19Kanpu3a lycan
00:00:19Doomy or i will no care
00:00:19edgarass ban magina
00:00:24BaSa so capt can i be carry?
00:00:33edgarass ogre
00:00:38BaSa or take disruptor?
00:00:40bbstone looks likeit
00:01:07BaSa ok fast who to take?
00:01:07OrokuSaki top plz
00:01:14edgarass me mid
00:01:24edgarass tide
00:01:28AliBaba i take tide
00:01:29Kanpu3a tc bot
00:01:35OrokuSaki get range
00:01:35edgarass banan pomg as always
00:01:41OrokuSaki i can mid
00:01:42BaSa trax or nerub?
00:01:45OrokuSaki O_O
00:01:47Doomy \o/
00:01:49OrokuSaki trax
00:01:50edgarass trax bot
00:01:52edgarass puck top
00:01:52OrokuSaki we need range
00:01:54edgarass with tide
00:01:55cooper ner
00:02:02Doomy ill pull banana
00:02:19Banana let me farm
00:02:25Doomy np
00:02:26edgarass ogre manaboots
00:02:38BaSa ill wards bott
00:02:40Banana -ma
00:02:43edgarass tide manaboots and dagger
00:02:45bbstone thought u wanna carry?
00:02:55BaSa 2 long decide
00:03:05BaSa has
00:04:14Janske tide please
00:04:21AliBaba what ?
00:04:32AliBaba harras !
00:04:45AliBaba harras
00:05:25edgarass ss
00:05:39AliBaba puck ?!!!!
00:05:50edgarass re
00:06:04AliBaba are you totalty noob ?
00:06:06AliBaba fucking harras ?
00:06:09Janske tide
00:06:10AliBaba 2 melee ?
00:06:12AliBaba su
00:06:15AliBaba an
00:06:17Janske why you wanna take farm from me?
00:06:22Janske you last hit every creeps
00:06:26Janske or you try
00:06:28Janske but you fail
00:06:30AliBaba no
00:06:32Janske and no one gets gold
00:06:32Janske y
00:06:35cooper ss
00:06:37Kanpu3a ss2
00:06:40AliBaba i need farm..
00:06:45AliBaba harras them.
00:06:48AliBaba moron
00:06:50Janske no -..-
00:06:55Janske you are the support
00:07:02AliBaba what are you ?
00:07:04Doomy ss
00:07:25OrokuSaki blue ss with dd
00:08:06BaSa ss bott ogre
00:08:11Doomy ss bot
00:08:13Doomy care mid
00:08:26Doomy zzz
00:08:56edgarass ssmid
00:08:57edgarass re
00:09:02Janske ud ss
00:09:04Doomy still ss bot
00:09:11BaSa ss bott
00:09:18Doomy re
00:09:27edgarass \ss
00:09:33edgarass re
00:09:39Doomy ss
00:09:41Doomy 2
00:09:47Doomy re
00:09:57edgarass ss
00:10:03edgarass re
00:10:23BaSa ss 2 bott
00:10:29OrokuSaki k
00:10:33BaSa care
00:10:40edgarass ss
00:10:42Janske ss ud
00:10:53OrokuSaki mid ss
00:11:13AliBaba tsh
00:11:18cooper lox ebani
00:11:24cooper kon4a
00:11:40Banana care top
00:11:59Doomy ss
00:12:20Banana ogre go gank
00:12:27Banana i can handle here
00:12:27AliBaba ss
00:12:27edgarass ss mid
00:12:36edgarass re3
00:12:48edgarass gang mid pls
00:12:51Janske k
00:13:09AliBaba ss
00:13:13edgarass wait me
00:13:17edgarass when me torent ship then go
00:13:18BaSa ult tauren?
00:13:22Janske k
00:13:37edgarass b
00:14:44cooper ????? ??????? ??? ?? ??????
00:14:49cooper ???????
00:14:52edgarass b
00:14:58edgarass b
00:15:01cooper ????? ??????
00:15:26AliBaba rune
00:15:44edgarass pusk why u die like that?
00:15:59BaSa we need to do tower on 1 line
00:16:00edgarass use your skill to escape
00:16:42Doomy bot
00:18:00edgarass ff
00:18:08Janske don't say anything
00:18:21edgarass push use silence and that circle pls
00:18:25edgarass puck
00:18:38Doomy drow...
00:18:43BaSa good
00:18:47edgarass trax u morron
00:18:53AliBaba ¨
00:18:55edgarass all go bot
00:18:55AliBaba banana ..
00:19:21Doomy he cant carry this
00:19:21Janske all go bot and what happens?
00:19:27Janske no one goes
00:19:27edgarass b
00:20:15edgarass ff
00:20:15AliBaba tf
00:20:17Janske they got wards
00:20:19Kanpu3a banana!
00:20:20Janske nothing else
00:20:21Kanpu3a w8
00:20:24AliBaba fucking moron..
00:20:27AliBaba really.
00:20:29Banana ?
00:20:35cooper ????????
00:20:37edgarass we can win if only we do it right in team fight
00:20:38Doomy useless shit
00:20:39AliBaba b
00:20:41bbstone mekka or piepe?
00:20:44edgarass but we wont cause we have some lowbobs
00:20:45BaSa mek
00:20:53cooper ???????
00:20:57cooper ????????
00:20:59AliBaba b
00:21:00AliBaba b
00:21:04AliBaba snowball
00:21:18BaSa reg
00:21:20Kanpu3a y
00:21:34edgarass gj puck
00:21:35Kanpu3a lol
00:21:36edgarass all mid
00:21:37Kanpu3a pf
00:21:43cooper ? ?? ??
00:21:45cooper ?? ?????
00:21:46Janske wait then
00:22:03edgarass ogre stun
00:22:11edgarass ogre stunb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:22:16edgarass ogre nooob
00:22:32edgarass i do all initiative and u cant fucking do anything
00:22:39Janske YOU DIDN*T WAIT ME
00:22:42Janske i must reg
00:22:43BaSa im b
00:22:46AliBaba fuck you.
00:22:51Janske can't help that sorry
00:22:55Kanpu3a ???? ????? ???? - 3 ? ??????? ????!
00:23:04Janske if you say all mid
00:23:07Janske it doesn't mean
00:23:12Janske I will instantly teleport there
00:23:18edgarass gang woods
00:23:23edgarass ogre fiorst fors stun
00:23:29BaSa ch rosh someone?
00:23:33edgarass rosh check
00:23:52Janske wards
00:23:52edgarass all bot
00:23:56Kanpu3a ??????
00:23:56bbstone gahter
00:23:58Kanpu3a gather
00:24:01Kanpu3a mid
00:24:02edgarass tide have ulti?
00:24:09BaSa omw
00:24:13OrokuSaki fake
00:24:14AliBaba y
00:24:18Janske focus tomb
00:25:05Doomy did u uped silence trax?
00:25:07edgarass tide dagger
00:25:09Banana nope
00:25:12Doomy omg
00:25:16BaSa fuck
00:25:25edgarass our teamficght sucks
00:25:29edgarass i do dmg
00:25:33Banana we cant fight under tomb
00:25:35edgarass pugna and tusk almoeast dead
00:25:38edgarass and u cant kill them
00:25:43Doomy we need silence
00:25:54OrokuSaki ur snowball cancel an epic stun :p
00:25:54edgarass puck b
00:26:05BaSa xD
00:26:37edgarass ff
00:26:37AliBaba again.
00:26:40edgarass ff at 25
00:26:42Janske ok no I believe
00:26:45edgarass they 2 kill us all
00:26:54edgarass ogre afraid to stun
00:26:59edgarass puck no initiation at all
00:26:59AliBaba ofc..
00:27:00Doomy u didnt w8 me
00:27:02Doomy idiots
00:27:04edgarass ifiot
00:27:06AliBaba you was fariming bot..
00:27:09AliBaba m0oron-.
00:27:11edgarass u shouold always be near us
00:27:12edgarass noob
00:27:13Doomy i was def twr bot
00:27:17Doomy its not farming
00:27:18edgarass fuclkl tower
00:27:22edgarass all mid
00:27:24AliBaba se life ?
00:27:24edgarass wait my initiatoipn
00:27:28AliBaba no def ?
00:27:33AliBaba .
00:27:34AliBaba idiot..
00:27:45OrokuSaki oom
00:27:45AliBaba i what just farming
00:27:50BaSa go b
00:27:54BaSa ill
00:27:56edgarass ff
00:27:58BaSa take
00:28:02AliBaba no
00:28:08BaSa taur w8
00:28:09BaSa mana
00:28:14OrokuSaki ty
00:28:16BaSa np
00:28:25AliBaba why ?
00:28:32edgarass ff pks all
00:28:34edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:36Banana I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:44AliBaba ofc you ff bnana..
00:28:50AliBaba you fuck this game.
00:29:00Kanpu3a ???? ??????!
00:29:04AliBaba lol
00:29:06edgarass wtf?
00:29:07Doomy wtf
00:29:07AliBaba :D
00:29:09Janske mana please
00:29:11Banana :D:D
00:29:13cooper ?????
00:29:19edgarass u idiot
00:29:19AliBaba miss click :b
00:29:19Kanpu3a ???? ?????
00:29:22AliBaba :D
00:29:31cooper ???? ? ?? ???? ???????)))
00:29:33AliBaba c
00:29:35AliBaba and v
00:29:44BaSa kunka lothar??
00:29:45cooper )))
00:29:55AliBaba 3 bot ? for what ?
00:29:57AliBaba nothing.
00:30:02edgarass ulti for creeps?
00:30:04edgarass for what?
00:30:06AliBaba :b
00:30:14Kanpu3a ???? ????
00:30:17Kanpu3a stop farm
00:30:28Kanpu3a go push
00:30:31BaSa rosh?
00:30:31edgarass buy smoke
00:30:34edgarass smoke gang
00:30:37Kanpu3a go rosh
00:30:40BaSa go
00:30:53OrokuSaki can i take
00:30:54cooper ?
00:30:54edgarass all
00:30:56cooper b
00:30:56BaSa y
00:30:58edgarass me torrent ship
00:30:58edgarass go
00:31:03AliBaba ¨w8
00:31:10edgarass goi
00:31:11Doomy no ulti on tide
00:31:15BaSa reg
00:31:26edgarass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:34Doomy and banana
00:31:36Doomy btw
00:31:38edgarass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:40Janske I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:41Doomy I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:42edgarass FFF theeese noopbos poks
00:31:43edgarass pls
00:31:46edgarass fucking idiots
00:31:47BaSa lol
00:31:48edgarass banana ff
00:31:52Kanpu3a banana!
00:31:52Banana did
00:31:54Kanpu3a win
00:31:57edgarass all
00:31:57Banana I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:02edgarass all type ff
00:32:04edgarass ogre ff
00:32:04Janske I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:05AliBaba I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:09BaSa i didnt see trax whole game...
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