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-23 X
-2 TS

92% | 1578 X | 1488 TS

-42 X
-2 TS

76% | 1386 X | 1404 TS

-48 X
-4 TS

69% | 1311 X | 1381 TS

-14 X
-3 TS

67% | 1276 X | 1402 TS

-23 X
-3 TS

66% | 1333 X | 1336 TS

+33 X
+2 TS

82% | 1452 X | 1460 TS

+21 X
+2 TS

82% | 1469 X | 1397 TS

+56 X
+12 TS

78% | 1430 X | 1391 TS

+24 X
+2 TS

67% | 1373 X | 1344 TS

+33 X
+2 TS

62% | 1248 X | 1336 TS

Chat log

00:00:16zebbelito phoe any1?
00:00:21que2stress any wishes?
00:00:25zebbelito PHOENIX?
00:00:25zebbelito any1?
00:00:26Jerkku i want roof
00:00:27Jerkku :S
00:00:29que2stress stop
00:00:29que2stress this unpause
00:00:29que2stress damnit
00:00:29zebbelito phoen?
00:00:29zebbelito any1?
00:00:29zebbelito phoen?
00:00:29zebbelito any1?
00:00:29kAlleMustDie no thx
00:00:29infect skyz, why would you unpause?
00:00:29infect really
00:00:29creeeeeee jerkku
00:00:29zebbelito Pheo
00:00:29Jerkku y
00:00:29zebbelito Phoe
00:00:29infect u hv enough time if you didnt see it
00:00:29creeeeeee play phoe
00:00:29skyZ nedded to see pool
00:00:29creeeeeee or not
00:00:29Jerkku :S
00:00:29infect you dont need to see the pool
00:00:29que2stress i ban xin?
00:00:29Jerkku ban xin
00:00:29que2stress or roof?
00:00:29infect xin
00:00:29creeeeeee w/e
00:00:29creeeeeee doesent matter
00:00:29que2stress can u play destroyer?
00:00:29que2stress cree?
00:00:29creeeeeee xin rather i think yea
00:00:29Jerkku xin annoying
00:00:29creeeeeee i can play it
00:00:29zebbelito ban panda go
00:00:29zebbelito phoe
00:00:29que2stress -xin
00:00:51que2stress pick any thrall for me
00:00:52que2stress if u can
00:00:54zebbelito slardar
00:00:55zebbelito someoen
00:00:56NeverbACKdOwn get me wr?
00:00:57Jerkku y
00:00:57NeverbACKdOwn pls
00:01:02kAlleMustDie sd?
00:01:19NeverbACKdOwn :D
00:01:19que2stress need thrall wr dk/sk
00:01:19Jerkku -swap 1
00:01:21zebbelito nice
00:01:21kAlleMustDie jesus
00:01:21NeverbACKdOwn sniper stronk
00:01:22kAlleMustDie gg
00:01:23infect give
00:01:24infect wr
00:01:24creeeeeee get us stuns
00:01:25que2stress -swap 4
00:01:25infect to me
00:01:26infect wr
00:01:29kAlleMustDie he was afk clearly
00:01:32Jerkku last could sk
00:01:34creeeeeee skele as last
00:01:34que2stress lastpick sk/dk
00:01:36Jerkku imo
00:01:36skyZ get me
00:01:38zebbelito ban clearly
00:01:38skyZ jugger
00:01:40que2stress no
00:01:41que2stress NOT
00:01:41Jerkku no
00:01:42creeeeeee nooooo
00:01:42infect no
00:01:42que2stress jugger
00:01:43Jerkku SK
00:01:44creeeeeee ffs
00:01:44que2stress DK
00:01:45Jerkku sk
00:01:46que2stress SK
00:01:46infect only stun hero
00:01:46Jerkku or dk
00:01:47creeeeeee no fcin jugger
00:01:48infect from here
00:01:52que2stress dont pick jugger
00:01:53Jerkku jug ruins it
00:01:54skyZ well give me dk then
00:01:58que2stress dk y
00:01:59que2stress ty
00:02:00infect -swap 3
00:02:02skyZ -swap 5
00:02:06creeeeeee so lanes
00:02:12que2stress dk top with me
00:02:13zebbelito rly
00:02:13infect we need necro book
00:02:18que2stress or gem
00:02:22que2stress destroyer mid
00:02:24infect for ck
00:02:25infect necro
00:02:29infect for sk
00:02:30que2stress wr tree bot
00:02:30infect necro
00:02:35j22koer we should pause
00:02:36que2stress k
00:02:39que2stress u make it?
00:02:44zebbelito no
00:02:45skyZ u let me farm?
00:02:46infect if u go meka
00:02:47infect sure
00:02:53kAlleMustDie -afk
00:02:53zebbelito better if he afk quit
00:02:54que2stress well u go meka
00:02:56skyZ skilled armor first thrall
00:02:57que2stress nah
00:02:58j22koer k
00:02:58zebbelito just play
00:02:59que2stress i go jango
00:03:01que2stress meka
00:03:03infect i wont farm necro too fast then
00:03:07que2stress u go necro
00:03:11infect y
00:03:13que2stress and forcestaff
00:03:16infect y
00:03:25que2stress tree
00:03:28que2stress u make jango
00:03:28que2stress ok?
00:03:28Jerkku ?
00:03:30Jerkku ok
00:03:35infect ss
00:03:37infect 1
00:04:22NeverbACKdOwn cant do shit
00:04:23NeverbACKdOwn bot
00:04:28infect quelling...
00:04:30kAlleMustDie enjoy
00:04:41que2stress wr farms
00:04:42que2stress tree
00:04:56Jerkku imo
00:04:59TOo_LaZy /w DotaKeys: You control Lopas [r,t,e,a]
00:05:00Jerkku we should tri top
00:05:05Jerkku wr can do fine bot
00:05:05infect no
00:05:07infect sniper here
00:05:11Jerkku oh
00:05:20que2stress u have stun?
00:05:24skyZ y
00:06:21Jerkku why so late stun
00:06:26infect haha
00:06:33infect where should have I shackeled him ?
00:06:34que2stress k i oull now
00:06:38Jerkku oh true
00:07:04Jerkku keep harassing
00:07:06Jerkku can kill soon
00:07:53infect why are yyou still lasthitting?
00:08:04kAlleMustDie omw mid
00:08:06kAlleMustDie harras him
00:08:26que2stress ss
00:08:26que2stress top
00:08:44j22koer sss
00:08:46j22koer 1
00:08:50TOo_LaZy why b
00:09:06kAlleMustDie tango
00:09:37que2stress deso u need bkb
00:09:42que2stress fast i think
00:10:00creeeeeee ss
00:10:03creeeeeee re
00:10:12NeverbACKdOwn kill wr at lvl 6
00:10:32que2stress ss top
00:10:35kAlleMustDie i tp down soon
00:10:36kAlleMustDie wait
00:11:13TOo_LaZy stun?????????????/
00:11:37infect thd bot
00:11:41que2stress told ya
00:11:44zebbelito lol
00:11:47zebbelito dmg
00:11:49zebbelito what
00:12:19skyZ ty
00:12:23skyZ basi on
00:12:24que2stress i failed it too hard
00:12:36infect ss
00:12:38infect 3 bot
00:12:39infect 1 re
00:12:40que2stress tree what u do here
00:12:46kAlleMustDie ss
00:12:50NeverbACKdOwn ss bot2
00:13:29creeeeeee ss
00:13:45zebbelito PUSHJ
00:14:05que2stress ss top 2
00:14:08que2stress tree make wards
00:14:18infect gg
00:14:19kAlleMustDie obs goind down
00:14:19infect no tp
00:14:22infect fuck urself
00:15:57Jerkku got ult
00:16:54que2stress ss top
00:17:07skyZ go them
00:17:09skyZ when re
00:17:14skyZ tuzrn on basi
00:17:17skyZ tower
00:17:25NeverbACKdOwn tp top
00:17:47Jerkku ult soon
00:17:57NeverbACKdOwn ffs
00:17:58NeverbACKdOwn tard team
00:18:01NeverbACKdOwn not a single tp
00:18:03que2stress gw
00:18:05NeverbACKdOwn fuckinG IDIOTS
00:18:14skyZ oom
00:18:17kAlleMustDie bone and rifle farming together at mid :D
00:18:24NeverbACKdOwn yea i noticed
00:18:24skyZ stun so imba
00:18:28NeverbACKdOwn ggff at 25t
00:18:30kAlleMustDie cool game
00:18:56skyZ push mid
00:19:11que2stress sniper
00:19:14skyZ go
00:19:15que2stress ash lothars soon
00:19:21skyZ go
00:19:27que2stress go mid
00:19:28que2stress all
00:19:41infect dotn take that dargon
00:19:42infect ...
00:20:06que2stress NEVER
00:20:08que2stress RUN AWAY
00:20:10que2stress FROM ME
00:20:11que2stress PLT
00:20:13infect well
00:20:15infect we hv
00:20:17que2stress that was
00:20:17que2stress so
00:20:17infect shit dragon
00:20:18infect now
00:20:20que2stress obvious
00:20:25que2stress in fights
00:20:26skyZ b
00:20:26zebbelito bkbk dk :D
00:20:28que2stress never spread?
00:20:29que2stress ok?
00:20:32zebbelito wp top
00:20:32infect wards?
00:20:33que2stress there is sniper invis
00:20:33infect sentries?
00:20:34infect thrall
00:20:36que2stress and
00:20:42que2stress there is bone invis
00:20:43Jerkku got ult
00:20:44que2stress so NEVER
00:20:46que2stress go hunt
00:20:48que2stress ok?
00:20:48infect support then thrall ?
00:21:08creeeeeee so late ulti
00:21:24infect dk
00:21:25infect u r dead
00:21:59que2stress buy dusts
00:22:01que2stress plz all
00:22:04infect sentries
00:22:12que2stress bait
00:22:13creeeeeee shackle ta
00:22:21skyZ u push mid
00:22:23infect def top or not?
00:22:29skyZ push mid we bot
00:22:29que2stress def
00:22:46NeverbACKdOwn tp mid
00:24:31skyZ oom
00:24:36skyZ no ulöti
00:24:53NeverbACKdOwn tytyty
00:25:01j22koer your fault
00:25:07NeverbACKdOwn feed some more
00:25:08infect why u took shit dragon form btw
00:25:10NeverbACKdOwn retard
00:25:44Jerkku got ult
00:25:45skyZ b
00:25:49que2stress fight
00:25:50skyZ jus tog b
00:25:51creeeeeee roof has ult
00:25:51infect that's why u hv sentries
00:25:52creeeeeee we can kill
00:25:55NeverbACKdOwn dis is gg i think
00:26:09Jerkku gj
00:26:30zebbelito toplane lost game
00:26:31zebbelito for sure
00:26:37que2stress plz all get sentries and dsuts
00:26:39que2stress not only me
00:26:42Jerkku i think
00:26:42NeverbACKdOwn agree
00:26:43infect u havent bought
00:26:44que2stress jerku
00:26:44Jerkku i buy gem
00:26:45zebbelito who was top
00:26:47infect sentries or dusts
00:26:48j22koer i
00:26:51kAlleMustDie you werent
00:26:52que2stress oh i have
00:26:54kAlleMustDie for sure
00:26:55Jerkku i go gem
00:26:56kAlleMustDie no once
00:26:56que2stress and i also have bought wards
00:27:03kAlleMustDie oh.. you didnt have boots..
00:27:04kAlleMustDie no wonder
00:27:13Jerkku go with all then
00:27:16Jerkku if i buy it
00:27:16que2stress but give gem to dk
00:27:21que2stress not yet
00:27:22que2stress i think
00:27:26NeverbACKdOwn impressive farm slardar
00:27:40j22koer cmone give me a brake
00:27:52NeverbACKdOwn i could buy they wont
00:27:54Jerkku just go mid next
00:27:59NeverbACKdOwn but*
00:27:59que2stress bot
00:28:07que2stress come
00:28:08Jerkku then rosh ?
00:28:33NeverbACKdOwn yeh 25min pekabee hyperstone
00:28:34NeverbACKdOwn on dk
00:28:43Jerkku rosh
00:28:48zebbelito afk random sniper
00:28:48zebbelito too
00:28:51j22koer well there was 0 gank on up
00:28:52zebbelito dont forget that
00:28:52que2stress wp team
00:28:53que2stress btw
00:28:57Jerkku y
00:28:58zebbelito not about gangign
00:29:00zebbelito u should handle
00:29:02zebbelito urself
00:29:06que2stress dk
00:29:07kAlleMustDie this is a team game
00:29:27kAlleMustDie or use to be..
00:29:38que2stress all mid now
00:29:39Jerkku all mid
00:29:42infect he's 16 as well
00:29:43infect i reg
00:30:00kAlleMustDie cuirass <3
00:30:06Jerkku got gem remember
00:30:06que2stress me invis too
00:30:12NeverbACKdOwn :D
00:30:25skyZ go base
00:30:35NeverbACKdOwn they got gem also btw
00:31:20skyZ so stuüpid by me
00:31:25infect y
00:31:31NeverbACKdOwn clinkz?
00:31:43skyZ shit
00:32:01que2stress well next we go
00:32:03que2stress and have tower
00:32:15Jerkku y
00:32:19infect all lanes need to be little more pushed out than
00:32:23que2stress skyz
00:32:24infect bone can easily take them
00:32:26que2stress make blademail
00:32:27que2stress ok?
00:32:37skyZ ah
00:32:41skyZ already dominator now
00:32:49que2stress after make blade
00:32:52que2stress they have paper heros
00:33:03skyZ well just end now
00:33:03que2stress all mnid
00:33:09infect push bot out as well
00:33:11skyZ move
00:33:18skyZ jsut allmid
00:33:27Jerkku omw
00:33:41skyZ wait roof
00:34:23que2stress b
00:34:34que2stress i def bot
00:35:01NeverbACKdOwn cliknz ?
00:35:01NeverbACKdOwn tp?
00:35:16que2stress ah rolf
00:35:17que2stress wrong
00:35:18que2stress spell :D
00:35:29Jerkku gem
00:35:30Jerkku gem
00:35:32Jerkku gem
00:35:42que2stress take gem
00:35:43creeeeeee gem
00:35:44que2stress drop
00:35:45NeverbACKdOwn gem
00:35:45que2stress tp
00:35:46NeverbACKdOwn kill it
00:35:47que2stress and take gem
00:35:48NeverbACKdOwn cliknz
00:36:01NeverbACKdOwn gem
00:36:01NeverbACKdOwn there
00:36:05Jerkku gem still there
00:36:08que2stress nope
00:36:23que2stress all bot now together
00:36:24infect need normal wards now
00:36:31que2stress take gem dk
00:36:33infect there
00:36:37infect need ward there
00:36:45que2stress all bot
00:36:48que2stress dk takes gem
00:36:51Jerkku y
00:36:58Jerkku dk come
00:36:59skyZ no slot
00:37:03que2stress drop ur tp
00:37:05Jerkku y
00:37:08que2stress AND COME
00:37:10que2stress U CUNTS
00:37:19skyZ clinkz is pushing top
00:37:28skyZ ?
00:37:33que2stress so what
00:38:12infect go top
00:38:15NeverbACKdOwn oh gg
00:38:15que2stress go throne
00:38:15NeverbACKdOwn I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:21que2stress THRONE
00:38:21infect u wont
00:38:24infect make throne
00:38:27j22koer I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:27infect top
00:38:36TOo_LaZy clinkz
00:38:37que2stress THRONE
00:38:38que2stress DK
00:38:39TOo_LaZy its not smart
00:38:41kAlleMustDie he is farming x
00:38:47NeverbACKdOwn tp base?
00:38:48NeverbACKdOwn clikz
00:39:01Jerkku gg
00:39:09creeeeeee gg
00:39:12zebbelito gg
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