Game #3148023

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-7 X
-5 TS

78% | 1419 X | 1408 TS

+22 X
-2 TS

78% | 1417 X | 1405 TS

-1 X
-3 TS

70% | 1342 X | 1375 TS

-47 X
-2 TS

62% | 1234 X | 1399 TS

-26 X
-17 TS

60% | 1294 X | 1301 TS

+6 X
+3 TS

91% | 1565 X | 1481 TS

+48 X
+2 TS

78% | 1380 X | 1431 TS

-7 X
+16 TS

70% | 1347 X | 1356 TS

+14 X
+3 TS

55% | 1213 X | 1334 TS

+8 X
+4 TS

52% | 1229 X | 1291 TS

Chat log

00:00:04ESA_93 rylai top with me
00:00:07skyZ i can play pudge too
00:00:07ESA_93 sd pl bot
00:00:07sebralane liinid on head tegelt
00:00:09RumGone -ii
00:00:10RumGone -water red
00:00:12mamyka ap
00:00:12RumGone ap?
00:00:12ESA_93 -ap kalle.
00:00:12kAlleMustDie -ap
00:00:12Vangelis EI OLE
00:00:12sebralane do a frikign ap
00:00:22Vangelis \speci pickitakse siis
00:00:25Vangelis et teha 4v5
00:00:27skyZ -swap 1
00:00:27Vangelis ja spec farmib
00:00:31Vangelis nah
00:00:33Vangelis i like this
00:00:38skyZ lanesß
00:00:43Vangelis sd pl bot
00:00:44ESA_93 rylai top with me
00:00:52-ToKe- ill make pulls?
00:00:53kAlleMustDie get wards up
00:00:54mamyka aura 3/4/5
00:01:03ESA_93 yup
00:01:04RumGone u farm
00:01:04ESA_93 :>
00:01:06RumGone 3 lane?
00:01:07Vangelis well
00:01:07RumGone or?
00:01:08Strom lina go top?
00:01:10Vangelis sebra lost this game
00:01:11Vangelis for us
00:01:14kAlleMustDie go lina top
00:01:17mamyka like all time
00:01:19sebralane fak u
00:01:25Strom we have 5 stuns
00:01:25kAlleMustDie get wards up there as soon as 200
00:01:29Strom this is the best
00:01:31ESA_93 hes sebra, what do u expect
00:01:31sebralane game hazent even started bottombitch
00:01:32Vangelis andud sinule selle speci
00:01:41Strom they have 2
00:01:44Strom 5 > 2
00:01:45RumGone problem is we dont have reliable stun but its ok
00:01:55Strom 5 reliable imo
00:02:01Strom or you think you will miss that HUGE AOE STUN?
00:02:02Strom :D
00:02:02Rotkiv lina stun is the reliable we have
00:02:06mamyka me pull or you?
00:02:11ESA_93 double the camp
00:02:13ESA_93 and ill pull it
00:02:13RumGone lesh stun >>> linas
00:02:14ESA_93 pleas
00:02:16RumGone more range more aoe
00:02:33-ToKe- ant pull -.-
00:02:52kAlleMustDie get wards there
00:03:05RumGone lasthit pls
00:03:15mamyka done
00:03:17RumGone care mid!
00:03:24RumGone ss cn
00:03:28ESA_93 ok
00:03:40RumGone re
00:03:47-ToKe- kill?
00:03:55-ToKe- sd
00:04:09kAlleMustDie sry
00:04:12-ToKe- stunn mb
00:04:15Strom mis mid
00:04:47skyZ sry
00:04:49Vangelis ss mid
00:04:58Vangelis SHARE
00:04:59Vangelis share
00:05:00Vangelis 111
00:05:11RumGone up we are 2 noobs
00:05:13kAlleMustDie get antiwards
00:05:13mamyka fogot sry
00:06:00kAlleMustDie inv
00:06:10Vangelis lesh
00:06:11Vangelis got invis
00:06:11ESA_93 dont autoattack the creeps.
00:06:18sebralane wtf
00:06:20sebralane i lag
00:06:23skyZ ss lesh
00:06:23RumGone gank top next
00:06:24mamyka man i save u farm
00:06:33kAlleMustDie omw
00:07:22kAlleMustDie kill sd?
00:07:22skyZ still ss lesh
00:07:33-ToKe- k
00:07:50Strom butrhc top
00:07:51RumGone b
00:07:53kAlleMustDie vision there
00:08:06-ToKe- y
00:08:11RumGone ...
00:08:14Rotkiv ,,
00:08:17RumGone gyro next time...
00:08:18RumGone go b
00:08:37skyZ seba leave
00:08:39Strom Sebralane, close torrent
00:08:45sebralane 3k ping wtf is this shit
00:08:58skyZ leave
00:09:14Strom msi mid
00:09:19RumGone spec priti much freefarm
00:09:21kAlleMustDie b
00:09:23-ToKe- try stunn
00:09:48mamyka ss gyro
00:09:57kAlleMustDie oom
00:10:03kAlleMustDie b
00:10:25Vangelis sry
00:10:28Vangelis was busy bot
00:10:28ESA_93 tp
00:10:29ESA_93 np
00:10:56kAlleMustDie imb
00:11:01-ToKe- come lina
00:11:08Rotkiv mid spectre ..
00:11:11Rotkiv lets kill
00:11:29RumGone om
00:12:14mamyka Pl picker
00:12:14skyZ we should feed them some more
00:12:20ESA_93 well
00:12:22mamyka die noob
00:12:22skyZ sebra leave
00:12:23ESA_93 that mirana is raping us
00:12:25Rotkiv kill top
00:12:30sebralane eat shit
00:12:37sebralane i have 3k ping
00:12:37sebralane soo yeah
00:12:40sebralane realy nice to play
00:12:44ESA_93 well leave then
00:12:45Vangelis pane
00:12:46skyZ yes then leave
00:12:46Vangelis torrentid
00:12:47Rotkiv ss top
00:12:48Vangelis kinni
00:12:50RumGone im going urn
00:13:04Rotkiv tra noh
00:13:46Rotkiv v6tame topi toweri
00:13:53Rotkiv top tower plz help
00:13:59RumGone towerhug
00:14:02RumGone get lvl 6
00:14:26RumGone fak
00:14:38RumGone lol
00:14:40RumGone headshot
00:15:12mamyka lol this potm
00:15:22Rotkiv plz come top
00:15:54-ToKe- ill go farm my vang
00:15:56Strom we need to gang spec
00:16:04-ToKe- then i dont die atleast -.-
00:16:19Strom we need to def towers too though, so carry tps
00:16:33RumGone mid 3
00:16:38skyZ come spec
00:16:40RumGone top inc
00:16:40Rotkiv get top now
00:17:15RumGone sry
00:17:16skyZ pl
00:17:17Rotkiv wtf ?
00:17:17skyZ rly
00:17:19skyZ lkeave
00:17:24-ToKe- try stunn
00:17:26RumGone didnt want him to invis...
00:17:27sebralane i was typing
00:17:30skyZ just leave
00:17:32Rotkiv strom mis tegite seal torni all ?
00:17:33sebralane that nice block on that hook spec
00:17:34skyZ u ruin whole game
00:17:35Strom so you ulti when he's 2% hp?
00:17:37Strom rotkiv, tapsime pl
00:17:39RumGone i panicked... :(
00:17:45Rotkiv k
00:17:46-ToKe- go
00:17:50ESA_93 my
00:18:03ESA_93 wow
00:18:16ESA_93 wtf rylai
00:18:17-ToKe- ahhahaha
00:18:21mamyka STIOP USE MYT HERO
00:18:34ESA_93 dont take my share off, i didnt do nothing
00:18:42RumGone lol
00:18:49Vangelis neither did i
00:18:49mamyka so say who do it?
00:18:55kAlleMustDie b?
00:18:57Strom y
00:18:57skyZ pl
00:19:01Strom b top
00:19:12Strom we need more wards
00:19:14Strom can someone handle it
00:19:22kAlleMustDie take
00:19:51skyZ we could need some towers
00:19:51RumGone spec
00:19:55Vangelis we cant
00:19:56RumGone dust gank?
00:19:57Strom can't gang anyone like this
00:19:58Vangelis we have 2 hard carries
00:19:59Strom we need wards
00:20:04Strom do I have to buy & plant?
00:20:04sebralane who?
00:20:12Vangelis and one of them is running around in enemy forest
00:20:13mamyka me and sxpectr
00:20:23Vangelis i take
00:20:38Strom warded by them
00:20:39-ToKe- dust
00:20:55RumGone top?
00:21:09Strom we need wards
00:21:10mamyka potm ulti
00:21:11Strom can't see shit
00:21:15Vangelis ward top
00:21:17Vangelis and just farm
00:21:52RumGone wanted to ward
00:21:54sebralane 2ra tegeima
00:22:01sebralane tegime
00:22:07ESA_93 pl
00:22:09kAlleMustDie i go bot
00:22:11ESA_93 stop taking my farm
00:22:21ESA_93 leave forest and top lane for me
00:22:26sebralane ok
00:22:27ESA_93 ok
00:22:27ESA_93 gg
00:22:35ESA_93 gameruining
00:22:40-ToKe- fuckit ill ceep farming
00:22:41mamyka help
00:22:46RumGone trapped
00:22:46-ToKe- only die
00:22:47Strom we eed to gang spec
00:23:03RumGone b
00:23:07mamyka fuckin shit creeps
00:23:21ESA_93 well, we lose this coz of sebra
00:23:23RumGone b
00:23:24ESA_93 hes taking my farm
00:23:31sebralane ohh pls
00:23:34sebralane cry me a river
00:23:35sebralane pls
00:23:36Strom we need to gang spec
00:23:37sebralane just do
00:23:43Vangelis saan aru et failpick
00:23:47Vangelis aga ara tee failplay
00:23:54ESA_93 sd
00:23:55ESA_93 dnt
00:23:56ESA_93 take
00:23:56ESA_93 top
00:23:58mamyka here wards
00:24:08Vangelis illu spec
00:24:09Vangelis ...
00:24:13ESA_93 all time stun
00:24:16ESA_93 got miranas stun in head
00:24:18Vangelis dont
00:24:19Vangelis push
00:24:26ESA_93 just take my farm
00:24:27ESA_93 y
00:24:28Vangelis pudge cm and
00:24:29Vangelis sd
00:24:29ESA_93 thats good
00:24:31Vangelis no cs at alll
00:24:34Vangelis 0 cs for 3 of us
00:24:49kAlleMustDie ward
00:24:50ESA_93 go
00:25:25sebralane aint that a bitch?
00:25:30kAlleMustDie b
00:25:54RumGone bah
00:26:04kAlleMustDie cent
00:26:41-ToKe- aahh
00:26:42kAlleMustDie ...
00:26:53RumGone ?
00:26:54RumGone how :D
00:26:54skyZ lol how
00:26:55-ToKe- lol
00:26:57-ToKe- xD
00:27:02Vangelis ehm
00:27:05RumGone :P
00:27:06-ToKe- :O :D
00:27:10Vangelis you cant killyourself withdouble edge anymore??
00:27:12Vangelis or can you?
00:27:17-ToKe- no
00:27:19Strom you can
00:27:20Strom it's a bug
00:27:36Strom I've reported it to icefrog several times
00:27:39Strom seems like a difficult fix
00:27:46RumGone mid
00:27:52ESA_93 destroy
00:28:14Rotkiv tra need wardide s6da tappab mind kolmandat korda .P
00:28:18ESA_93 sd
00:28:19ESA_93 leave
00:28:19ESA_93 to
00:28:20ESA_93 me
00:28:20sebralane tal manta
00:28:21RumGone in english pls
00:28:25sebralane cm share
00:28:30Rotkiv this ward war is killing me 3 time
00:28:42-ToKe- ulty mirana
00:28:43-ToKe- ?
00:28:58ESA_93 gotta
00:28:59ESA_93 be
00:29:00ESA_93 kidding
00:29:00ESA_93 me
00:29:03Strom had no clue that butcher had haste :S
00:29:07Strom stupid death
00:29:17Rotkiv come lina ward
00:29:17mamyka ALL TIME INVIS
00:29:31ESA_93 how couldnt i run through the other trees?
00:29:31RumGone attack it
00:29:46RumGone pudge there
00:29:47RumGone care
00:29:49Vangelis -st
00:30:12skyZ spec radi minj 40?
00:30:17Vangelis dont whine
00:30:19ESA_93 about
00:30:21Vangelis he gets ganked alot
00:30:31skyZ cause of his fail map awarenes
00:30:35ESA_93 lol
00:30:39mamyka SU SD
00:30:41-ToKe- blink
00:30:43RumGone yaay
00:30:49-ToKe- now
00:30:52-ToKe- i have
00:30:58-ToKe- at fucking last -.-
00:31:03Vangelis sentries
00:31:06Strom we need to gang spec & take towers
00:31:09skyZ hes jus tnoob
00:31:11skyZ look at him
00:31:13Strom in factr
00:31:13skyZ #+farming woods
00:31:15Strom lets go 5 mid
00:31:24Vangelis pl and spec
00:31:26Vangelis in same team
00:31:27ESA_93 look
00:31:27skyZ instead of switching top adn bot with tp
00:31:27Vangelis = fail
00:31:27-ToKe- get smokes
00:31:31RumGone i ahve smoke
00:31:32Strom fuck that
00:31:33Strom lets take tower
00:31:39ESA_93 how can i go bot
00:31:41ESA_93 when pl is taking em
00:31:45Vangelis def mid
00:31:46-ToKe- pl no tp
00:31:46Vangelis pl
00:31:47Vangelis tule
00:32:26kAlleMustDie b
00:32:46-ToKe- take that sd down before he can cast anyting
00:33:03sebralane teen manta nyyd vaa?
00:33:06Vangelis y
00:33:07-ToKe- that amplif dmg kill me
00:33:14sebralane tegelt teen vladi ennam
00:33:16Strom you need armor
00:33:20Vangelis ei
00:33:21Vangelis ara tee
00:33:23Vangelis ma voin teha
00:33:24Vangelis vladi
00:33:35RumGone has haste
00:33:38RumGone try to double edge
00:33:44RumGone lmao
00:33:45kAlleMustDie ¨mid
00:33:46Strom we need to push
00:33:47-ToKe- -.-
00:33:47Vangelis NO ISSAND
00:33:48Strom lets push bot
00:33:48Vangelis mis
00:33:48ESA_93 solo cena?
00:33:49ESA_93 : D
00:33:49Vangelis sa nende
00:33:51Vangelis metsas teed
00:33:52kAlleMustDie k
00:33:53sebralane missclick
00:33:54kAlleMustDie bit
00:33:56kAlleMustDie bot
00:33:58sebralane ma oleks ta 2ra tapnud
00:34:04Strom b mid
00:34:15skyZ .....
00:34:16skyZ I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:23Strom mid
00:34:29Vangelis dont ff
00:34:30Vangelis spec
00:34:30mamyka WE NNED GEM
00:34:32Vangelis almost radi
00:34:38RumGone b
00:34:41Strom mid
00:34:42Vangelis sell quelling
00:34:42Vangelis buy
00:34:43Vangelis radi
00:34:44Vangelis ?
00:34:46ESA_93 y
00:34:54skyZ def base
00:35:10kAlleMustDie b
00:35:26RumGone radiance
00:35:44Strom ?
00:35:47-ToKe- tnx
00:35:47kAlleMustDie argh
00:35:54sebralane palju stri oled saanud?
00:36:01Vangelis -st
00:36:03Vangelis 30
00:36:06sebralane normal
00:36:08sebralane 330 g
00:36:08Strom push again mid
00:36:10sebralane hp
00:36:11Strom heal cent
00:36:17Vangelis 600 ju
00:36:17Strom they have no glyph
00:36:17sebralane ei
00:36:26Strom don't chase heroes
00:36:28sebralane 570
00:36:31Strom just focus rax
00:36:32ESA_93 vange
00:36:34ESA_93 could u do pipe?
00:36:38Vangelis y
00:36:42ESA_93 ty
00:36:45Strom and if enemy heroes next to us, then use spells & stuff of course
00:36:47Strom but don't chase
00:36:49Strom take rax if they let
00:36:55Strom also, we need more wards
00:37:02Strom go mid
00:37:05Strom glyph timer is running
00:37:08-ToKe- ill tp if bot pushing to much
00:37:20Vangelis def mid
00:37:24Vangelis get sentry
00:37:24Vangelis plz
00:37:26Vangelis someone fast
00:37:31kAlleMustDie ulti?
00:37:31mamyka HAVENT MONEY
00:37:33RumGone y
00:37:38ESA_93 GO
00:38:04RumGone super bad
00:38:10Strom not enough focus
00:38:12Vangelis miks
00:38:13Vangelis sa seisvat
00:38:14Strom so new plan
00:38:15RumGone well
00:38:15Vangelis centat
00:38:16Strom we need entries
00:38:18RumGone pudge is the tankiest
00:38:18Vangelis diffusalid
00:38:19Vangelis :D
00:38:23ESA_93 :D
00:38:23sebralane igaks juhuks
00:38:26Strom and why do you waste any spells at all on pudger?
00:38:30-ToKe- mirana we must go in with ur ulty
00:38:31Strom pudge needs to be LAST we kill
00:38:32Vangelis i take
00:38:33Vangelis top
00:38:34ESA_93 my top
00:38:35Vangelis and i get pipe
00:38:37skyZ mid twr
00:38:41Vangelis speci want
00:38:42Vangelis it for
00:38:43Vangelis pipe
00:38:46Vangelis then i take 0 cs again
00:38:49Strom just remember, butcher is LAST we kill
00:39:28Vangelis plz
00:39:30ESA_93 sure
00:39:32Strom we need wards up
00:39:36Strom how many times do I have to say this
00:39:54Strom and we need to smoke gang
00:40:00RumGone come i has smoke
00:40:01-ToKe- or rosh? :D
00:40:07-ToKe- sometimes soon
00:40:08Strom we can NOT rosh
00:40:15RumGone smoke?
00:40:28Vangelis care they
00:40:28sebralane enam v2hem manta ka kohe
00:40:30Vangelis will try smoke
00:40:36-ToKe- tf
00:40:42Strom cent, use blink first please
00:40:46Strom gio b
00:40:48Strom we can't push
00:40:48-ToKe- why didnt i blink
00:40:57-ToKe- ffs
00:41:05kAlleMustDie b
00:41:06Strom get safe
00:41:17-ToKe- ofc
00:41:20Strom we need to try again with smoke
00:41:27-ToKe- torrent dled got mini delay -.-
00:41:32Vangelis go push
00:41:34Vangelis we can win easy now
00:41:44skyZ where are they
00:41:47Vangelis care
00:41:48Vangelis for potm ult
00:41:49skyZ stay together
00:41:53kAlleMustDie ulti
00:41:54-ToKe- smoke
00:41:54ESA_93 sentry here
00:41:56ESA_93 and take rosh
00:42:01skyZ prbably smoked
00:42:38Strom why go even
00:42:45-ToKe- ofc
00:42:47Vangelis rosh and finish
00:43:02kAlleMustDie i have seen zero times cent dagger in
00:43:10-ToKe- hahahah
00:43:16-ToKe- where i dagger now?
00:43:16kAlleMustDie you run in
00:43:25-ToKe- there is unexplored
00:43:30kAlleMustDie i didnt talk about that fight
00:43:33Vangelis regen
00:43:35ESA_93 base
00:43:35Vangelis then finish
00:43:36ESA_93 and go mid
00:43:41Strom guys, understand this
00:43:41Vangelis spec
00:43:41-ToKe- have alywas been daggered
00:43:43Vangelis save for buyout
00:43:47Vangelis 3 times
00:43:47Strom we don't win 5v5
00:43:49Vangelis you can die
00:43:50Strom we need to smoke gang
00:43:51Vangelis with aegis
00:43:52Strom and get entries
00:43:57ESA_93 i think HoT better
00:43:57Vangelis if you leave ulti
00:44:10skyZ well he has aegis
00:44:15Strom and you guys need ghost scepters
00:44:16ESA_93 lets risk it
00:44:17Strom especailly lehs
00:44:22ESA_93 come mid
00:44:23ESA_93 ppl
00:44:25Vangelis ye
00:44:26Vangelis got gem
00:44:26Strom come
00:44:27Vangelis all mid
00:44:28Vangelis go
00:44:28Strom lets smoke
00:44:39-ToKe- cd
00:44:41Vangelis tule
00:44:41Vangelis pl
00:44:48Strom ????????????????
00:44:51skyZ go
00:44:51RumGone why ?!
00:44:52Strom why you go straight
00:44:52skyZ spe cult
00:44:53Strom jesus
00:45:27Strom why do you think we use smoke?
00:45:30Strom so to go striaght?
00:45:32Strom jesus
00:45:35ESA_93 well
00:45:37Vangelis i have
00:45:38sebralane kaugel sul vlad on
00:45:38Vangelis no idea
00:45:41Vangelis why didn't they push
00:45:41kAlleMustDie if there is change why wouldnt you use it?
00:45:43Vangelis vaga kaugel
00:45:44Vangelis :D
00:45:47Strom what chance was there?
00:45:50Strom there was no chance
00:45:50sebralane mine persse
00:45:51ESA_93 was thinking the same
00:45:51kAlleMustDie spec
00:45:52sebralane ma teen ise siis
00:45:55Strom he wasn't in range
00:45:55Vangelis no tee
00:46:04Strom he has aegis
00:46:04Vangelis when spec had no items
00:46:05Strom etc
00:46:08Vangelis and no diffu on potm
00:46:11Vangelis they were farming
00:46:16Vangelis no diffu on our pl
00:46:26Vangelis go mid again
00:46:32ESA_93 hmm
00:46:40Vangelis you can give me gem
00:46:41Vangelis again
00:46:47skyZ say pls
00:46:47-ToKe- take agan
00:46:48Strom only way we win
00:46:51Vangelis pls
00:46:52Strom is if they make mistakes
00:46:54Strom and we get entry
00:46:57sebralane no u canniotõ
00:47:15kAlleMustDie they push mid now
00:47:18-ToKe- and kill pls sd
00:47:24Vangelis tule siia
00:47:24ESA_93 pl farming
00:47:24RumGone i always ulty SD
00:47:25Vangelis pl
00:47:27-ToKe- he
00:47:27Vangelis mis sa jurad
00:47:27RumGone so kill him first
00:47:41Vangelis TULE ARA
00:47:44sebralane tra ma deffin
00:47:45Vangelis illud pushivad lane
00:47:51Strom I like that we have 0 wards
00:47:55skyZ all mid now
00:47:55-ToKe- no
00:47:59-ToKe- sd have gem
00:48:00RumGone they counter ward
00:48:01skyZ spec go in first
00:48:04Rotkiv sd cm
00:48:05RumGone spec :D
00:48:06skyZ use aegis we come after
00:48:06RumGone lmao
00:48:07Strom don't put to obvious spots then christ
00:48:15sebralane anna urni
00:48:16skyZ go ins pec
00:48:18skyZ just go
00:48:20-ToKe- now pudge
00:48:31RumGone go sd
00:48:38Strom kill suports first
00:49:49skyZ go?
00:49:54Vangelis nah go top or bot
00:49:55Vangelis with 5
00:49:58Vangelis take second lane
00:50:00Vangelis and throne
00:50:01RumGone we should get sd and cm down like in half a sec
00:50:10Strom this won't be won via team fights
00:50:14Strom we need to smoke gang NOW
00:50:14Rotkiv they stay back all the time
00:50:15ESA_93 use
00:50:16ESA_93 again
00:50:19RumGone we have cent dagger
00:50:20Strom don't theorycraft about 5v5
00:50:23skyZ push
00:50:23Strom we will never win 5v5
00:50:31-ToKe- but pudge and spec are in front of them
00:50:37RumGone go in anyways
00:50:40Vangelis tule
00:50:40Vangelis bot
00:50:43-ToKe- all go
00:50:44Strom ok I'm tired of talking
00:50:45sebralane need vlad
00:50:46Vangelis come bot
00:50:46Vangelis all
00:50:47Strom you guys handle it
00:50:48ESA_93 we
00:50:48ESA_93 dont
00:50:51ESA_93 need
00:50:51ESA_93 your
00:50:52ESA_93 vlad
00:51:02Vangelis MEET
00:51:11Vangelis SD MOVE IT
00:51:16skyZ stop using chick ffs
00:51:18skyZ tard
00:51:26skyZ 4t5zh time i reuse
00:51:42-ToKe- well get all bm
00:51:47RumGone rite
00:51:52-ToKe- that takes them down like np
00:51:53mamyka FUCKI 1- 8
00:51:57RumGone rite
00:52:00mamyka -30 X
00:52:07skyZ lol u will ge t+x
00:52:19mamyka AND AGAIN ON BRONZE
00:52:37skyZ its silver
00:53:16ESA_93 rdy?
00:53:43RumGone I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:45RumGone gg
00:54:25-ToKe- I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:29kAlleMustDie I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:30Vangelis gem
00:54:31Vangelis if you care
00:54:33Rotkiv I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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