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Chat log

00:00:15Bollitsch pl ?
00:00:18RanDom samal puolel
00:00:19Bollitsch naix ?
00:00:22RanDom mä ostan kanan
00:00:25HuaRong ban spec
00:00:25RanDom sit
00:00:26LetItBe ma bannin 1?
00:00:26HuaRong or nw
00:00:26Jonnija ck
00:00:26Jonnija ei ma
00:00:26LetItBe naix
00:00:36KolleBolle spec
00:00:38KolleBolle ?
00:00:51LetItBe get good heros
00:00:53LetItBe that u can play
00:00:56LetItBe nothing else
00:01:07Bollitsch good call :)
00:01:25Bollitsch i can go ench woods
00:01:38LetItBe abba good
00:01:41LetItBe or dk
00:01:54LetItBe dk panda
00:01:55Bollitsch still dk ?
00:01:58LetItBe sure
00:01:59LetItBe stun
00:01:59LetItBe :D
00:02:23KolleBolle you skill stun to lvl 1 anyz
00:02:31KolleBolle and its not good to support with
00:02:37KolleBolle he needs farm
00:02:45KolleBolle and lvls
00:02:48LetItBe at least does some dmg
00:03:02LetItBe gank mid
00:03:02KolleBolle not that much before he getts armlet
00:03:03LetItBe if u can
00:03:09KolleBolle and lvl 11 /16
00:03:16LetItBe get wards
00:03:22LetItBe so i can get runes
00:03:25zetler ogre massward
00:04:47KolleBolle haras or go woods
00:05:39zetler miss wisp
00:05:54zetler re
00:06:43Bollitsch yy
00:07:28LetItBe rune bot
00:07:28LetItBe take it
00:07:35zetler ogre wards????
00:07:43LetItBe weaver inc rune
00:07:45LetItBe bot
00:07:50Jonnija ss
00:07:54Jonnija re
00:08:03zetler miss top
00:08:12LetItBe get wards
00:08:13LetItBe now
00:08:14LetItBe pls
00:08:27zetler OGRE
00:08:59zetler OGRE SUPPORT
00:09:06KolleBolle yes support viper
00:09:08Bollitsch eat spec
00:09:21KolleBolle useless pick useless on lane
00:09:24KolleBolle support
00:09:29KolleBolle so you do smth
00:09:32zetler the fuck???
00:09:41zetler kollebolle :D:D:D:DDD
00:10:03LetItBe n1 miss
00:10:08LetItBe GG Bronze
00:10:08zetler sry
00:10:13zetler too busy with kollebolle
00:10:22LetItBe buy wards
00:10:24Nickless tower mid?
00:10:55LetItBe ss mid
00:11:05zetler who is mid
00:11:07Jonnija lemme
00:11:08Jonnija farm top
00:11:09LetItBe weaver
00:11:09KolleBolle Viper lvl 6 soon 7 not a sningel gang
00:11:10Bollitsch weav
00:11:17LetItBe omw bot
00:11:18KolleBolle and no harass on lane
00:11:18LetItBe kill
00:11:23Bollitsch kk
00:11:23KolleBolle and no wards
00:11:34LetItBe go stun
00:11:40zetler kolle im banrequsting you, so useless every game
00:11:45zetler have you ever won a game ?
00:12:04Janske clock come bot
00:12:10Bollitsch which shoes on dk ?
00:12:14Bollitsch can i go for phase ?
00:12:22LetItBe wards?
00:12:37KolleBolle you are support
00:12:37zetler im getting wards, cause i think ogre doesnt know how
00:12:44KolleBolle viper kinda support
00:12:46KolleBolle me support
00:12:52Bollitsch ss2 bot
00:13:06zetler this is like really funny...
00:13:27Janske clock go
00:13:31Nickless k
00:13:52Bollitsch how long does it take you to kill him ?
00:13:53Bollitsch ^^
00:13:53KolleBolle still farming
00:13:59zetler no im warding and deffin
00:14:25KolleBolle b
00:14:26KolleBolle b
00:14:26KolleBolle b
00:14:27KolleBolle b
00:14:27KolleBolle b
00:14:27KolleBolle b
00:14:28KolleBolle b
00:14:28KolleBolle b
00:14:29KolleBolle b
00:14:29KolleBolle b
00:14:37Bollitsch gj
00:15:23LetItBe will tp
00:15:39zetler do you have to go to irc o breq ?
00:15:44Jonnija y
00:16:28Bollitsch gj
00:16:30LetItBe tower
00:16:44Nickless weaver engage pls
00:16:51Jonnija got tp
00:17:29Jonnija gg ff
00:17:36Jonnija fucking fps
00:17:37Jonnija spike
00:17:55LetItBe viper make tank items
00:17:59HuaRong y
00:18:01LetItBe i make too
00:18:03LetItBe spectre goes dmg
00:18:05zetler y
00:18:07zetler i will
00:18:16LetItBe go mid
00:18:16LetItBe have ulti
00:18:32HuaRong def
00:18:56Nickless b
00:18:56Nickless b
00:19:26LetItBe tower
00:19:42LetItBe b
00:19:53LetItBe srtun
00:20:30LetItBe OOM
00:20:31LetItBe b
00:20:33HuaRong no1 dust
00:20:51RanDom B
00:21:01LetItBe get dusts
00:21:01HuaRong d dk
00:21:25LetItBe go bot and top towers
00:21:26LetItBe w my ulti
00:21:30LetItBe spec farm
00:21:32LetItBe we go with 4
00:21:33LetItBe get dusts
00:21:35LetItBe go top
00:21:50KolleBolle omw to
00:21:52KolleBolle p
00:22:02LetItBe get dusts
00:22:05zetler magnus has nice items :D:
00:22:08LetItBe y
00:22:17Janske reg
00:22:31LetItBe tower
00:22:35Bollitsch yy
00:22:49Janske too many of em
00:22:52Nickless y
00:22:59LetItBe bv
00:23:03LetItBe bot now
00:23:05LetItBe go from mid
00:23:12KolleBolle kill?
00:23:13LetItBe y
00:23:16LetItBe need rune
00:23:50LetItBe top tower
00:23:52Nickless why did i do that
00:23:53Nickless ....
00:24:01LetItBe gotr ulti
00:24:07Jonnija i got tp
00:24:21Nickless dk easykill
00:24:29Nickless weaver get someone
00:25:07HuaRong b
00:25:08LetItBe b
00:25:21LetItBe ye go
00:25:30LetItBe sec regen
00:25:31LetItBe then go
00:25:36LetItBe new wards
00:25:36LetItBe plz
00:25:45HuaRong dk, go hp man
00:25:49Bollitsch yy
00:25:53HuaRong ui have money
00:25:58Bollitsch i know ^^
00:26:04zetler ogre can you start support, 0 wards, not even upgraded chick
00:26:15HuaRong lets go kolle :D
00:26:16Bollitsch ? s and y ?
00:26:18Bollitsch armelt ?
00:26:19LetItBe go bot tower
00:26:29KolleBolle armlet
00:26:30KolleBolle domni
00:26:32KolleBolle ac
00:26:35HuaRong ahd bkb
00:26:38LetItBe go bkb
00:26:39Janske dd bot
00:26:40LetItBe dk
00:26:44KolleBolle nah not needed this game!
00:26:56LetItBe new wards
00:27:16LetItBe tower
00:27:32LetItBe COME ???
00:27:34KolleBolle omw
00:27:35LetItBe what the fuck team
00:28:11LetItBe tower
00:28:38LetItBe tower and b
00:28:57LetItBe b
00:29:04LetItBe wards
00:29:08LetItBe so we can gank
00:29:38Janske sorry
00:29:42Nickless nvm
00:29:43LetItBe go mid tower
00:29:47Nickless weaver we cant do shit
00:29:47LetItBe have ultil go
00:29:50Nickless without u
00:29:56Nickless now that it isnt early game
00:30:02LetItBe come
00:30:02LetItBe lads
00:30:05Jonnija its lost
00:30:09Nickless ^^
00:30:12Nickless ...
00:30:17LetItBe dk b
00:30:18Nickless u better quit then
00:30:21LetItBe b
00:30:24Jonnija no reason
00:30:25Jonnija they end
00:30:28Jonnija in 5-10 min
00:30:33Nickless u dont play at all
00:30:34Nickless just farm
00:30:43LetItBe tkae bot
00:30:45zetler you can def
00:30:46zetler ...
00:30:46RanDom y
00:30:47Jonnija well i got 9 assists
00:31:01Nickless u wouldnt have if we didnt call u 100 times
00:31:04LetItBe ulti rdy soon
00:31:06LetItBe gather bot
00:31:06LetItBe come
00:31:07LetItBe guys
00:31:08Jonnija i shouldnt have
00:31:10Jonnija 9 assists
00:31:11Bollitsch ather mid
00:31:19Nickless y
00:31:21Nickless i know
00:31:25Nickless so come for kills then
00:31:31LetItBe take bot viper
00:31:36LetItBe ulti rdy
00:31:41LetItBe 5sec
00:32:00LetItBe b
00:32:02zetler care
00:32:06LetItBe go
00:32:08LetItBe next wave
00:32:14Jonnija spec relic just ff
00:32:15LetItBe b
00:32:19Jonnija ogremagi was winpick
00:32:21LetItBe ned more
00:32:27LetItBe guys
00:32:28LetItBe lets push
00:32:29Jonnija never seen ogremagi fail in bronze
00:32:29LetItBe theyt cant def
00:32:31LetItBe go
00:32:32HuaRong y
00:32:34LetItBe come bot
00:32:35HuaRong go
00:32:46Nickless low moral bro
00:32:48Nickless very low
00:32:51Jonnija ?
00:32:51HuaRong go mid all
00:33:00KolleBolle se if i succsed now with the ward
00:33:01LetItBe go
00:33:04KolleBolle always some1 in the way
00:33:08LetItBe taking rune
00:33:09Jonnija I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:15Bollitsch omw
00:33:19LetItBe goi
00:33:21Janske b to tower
00:33:27LetItBe dont
00:33:28LetItBe mid
00:33:31RanDom all mid
00:33:34HuaRong care
00:33:35RanDom mby
00:34:26RanDom I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:29HuaRong KOLLEBOLLE :D
00:34:31Trunkki I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:33Jonnija nah its
00:34:35Jonnija ogremagi
00:34:38zetler like the worst player
00:34:41zetler ...
00:34:48Jonnija u dont need skill to make click :D
00:35:11zetler just go b
00:35:28zetler but you need skill to get claymore and broadsword first items for magnus
00:35:37RanDom y
00:35:40RanDom :P
00:35:41LetItBe go
00:35:47LetItBe nvm
00:35:50LetItBe they b
00:35:56LetItBe regen and go
00:36:01LetItBe from bot
00:36:31LetItBe go bot
00:37:32LetItBe go base
00:38:07Bollitsch omw
00:38:39zetler gg
00:38:51Bollitsch i dont like armelt
00:38:52Nickless no wonder
00:39:35LetItBe kollebolle
00:39:35LetItBe b
00:39:45Nickless imagine if magnus had blink and abba did tank
00:39:46Janske lol
00:40:14KolleBolle gem time
00:40:16HuaRong all down
00:40:19LetItBe im buyin gem
00:40:23KolleBolle i will
00:40:28KolleBolle get smth better
00:40:30LetItBe :D
00:40:32KolleBolle dor you money
00:40:33Jonnija SO GG :D
00:40:45LetItBe buying gem someone
00:40:46LetItBe or i buy?
00:40:47Janske I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:40:49KolleBolle i will
00:40:51LetItBe ok
00:40:57LetItBe go bot all
00:40:59Jonnija dominator on spec lol
00:41:43RanDom wit me
00:42:14Nickless I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:42:16Jonnija well picked
00:42:22Jonnija ...
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