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-21 X
-2 TS

96% | 1628 X | 1581 TS

-25 X
-2 TS

75% | 1420 X | 1348 TS

-22 X
-3 TS

42% | 1129 X | 1293 TS

+9 X
-3 TS

32% | 1050 X | 1287 TS

-41 X
-35 TS

NEW | 1009 X | 1147 TS

+17 X
+9 TS

85% | 1516 X | 1430 TS

-7 X
+2 TS

69% | 1305 X | 1391 TS

+28 X
+6 TS

61% | 1275 X | 1340 TS

+36 X
+2 TS

40% | 1110 X | 1290 TS

+42 X
+24 TS

23% | 1029 X | 1207 TS

Chat log

00:00:24WhiteNoiZe ban chaos?
00:00:24Banana wanksta master
00:00:24Doomy 'morning guys
00:00:24Banana ban furi
00:00:24Momdsiw ban ck pick lich they bans furi
00:00:24WhiteNoiZe or void
00:00:24Zajeb take roof, lich
00:00:24Jesus_Crix someone wanna play lich?
00:00:24WhiteNoiZe me
00:00:24Jesus_Crix k
00:00:24Jesus_Crix roof as well?
00:00:24Banana i can
00:00:24Zajeb ok
00:00:24Zajeb we take them for u
00:00:24WhiteNoiZe im not that good with roof than with lich^^
00:00:24Zajeb ban ck
00:00:24WhiteNoiZe y
00:00:24Jesus_Crix y but it's his turn
00:00:24Zajeb ofc
00:00:24Zajeb mby i take sile so we can have mass aoe
00:00:24WhiteNoiZe your turn (=
00:00:24Jesus_Crix it's noon, time to wake up
00:00:24U.Fail2Amuse.ME cmn naps plz..
00:00:24WhiteNoiZe pick earth aswell?
00:00:24Jesus_Crix CMON
00:00:24Fant :S
00:00:24Jesus_Crix or i 'll let you random
00:00:24Doomy :(
00:00:24Jesus_Crix :S
00:00:24Momdsiw xD
00:00:24WANKmaster omgomg
00:00:24Momdsiw he will random potm
00:00:24Jesus_Crix xd
00:00:24Momdsiw ban ck
00:00:24Jesus_Crix thx wank
00:00:24WhiteNoiZe no io
00:00:24WANKmaster hmm
00:00:24WANKmaster any1
00:00:24WANKmaster wants
00:00:24WANKmaster something?
00:00:24Momdsiw i can lich
00:00:24Momdsiw if oyu ban ck
00:00:24WANKmaster -ck
00:00:24Doomy x)
00:00:24Jesus_Crix furi
00:00:30Jesus_Crix zzz
00:00:32Momdsiw you go void?
00:00:33WhiteNoiZe god dammit
00:00:37WANKmaster naah
00:00:37Banana tree for me
00:00:39Zajeb roof?
00:00:41Momdsiw potm?
00:00:44WhiteNoiZe pick 4 urself now
00:00:46Momdsiw clinkz?
00:00:46Jesus_Crix es?
00:00:53Momdsiw seeker?
00:00:57Jesus_Crix someone wanna es?
00:00:58Momdsiw luna?
00:00:59Zajeb lastpick u play es
00:01:01WhiteNoiZe i dont want es
00:01:01Momdsiw what you want
00:01:02WANKmaster i want sniper
00:01:06U.Fail2Amuse.ME if i dont get mirana
00:01:07Jesus_Crix hmm
00:01:08U.Fail2Amuse.ME i swap u
00:01:09Momdsiw -swap 1
00:01:09U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:01:09WANKmaster -swap 2
00:01:16Momdsiw you or me mid?
00:01:19Banana u want?
00:01:19Jesus_Crix i would like sil for mid
00:01:24Zajeb take me sile
00:01:31Banana -swap 2
00:01:32Zajeb -swap 4
00:01:38WhiteNoiZe what should i pick ?
00:01:38WANKmaster i am
00:01:39Momdsiw lanes?
00:01:40Momdsiw k
00:01:40Jesus_Crix so i keep es?
00:01:40Fant whay shoult i take
00:01:41Zajeb es
00:01:44Momdsiw im with rylai bot then
00:01:44WANKmaster get sk
00:01:46Zajeb brown play es
00:01:47WANKmaster skeleton king
00:01:49U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:01:54Jesus_Crix brown?
00:01:55WhiteNoiZe what do i pick?
00:01:59WANKmaster no
00:01:59WhiteNoiZe k me ees
00:01:59Zajeb es!!!
00:02:03WANKmaster imo sk lich
00:02:04WANKmaster bot
00:02:06Jesus_Crix necxro
00:02:06Fant anyone want?
00:02:07Jesus_Crix for me
00:02:08Momdsiw im not sitting in newb game
00:02:10Momdsiw some 1k xp guy
00:02:13Fant im no good carry
00:02:13WhiteNoiZe -swap 1
00:02:15Jesus_Crix -swap 5
00:02:16WANKmaster we have only range
00:02:16Banana i go manaboots and refresher?
00:02:17WANKmaster *:D:D:d
00:02:17Zajeb lanes?
00:02:20WANKmaster 1 melee
00:02:20Jesus_Crix y
00:02:20Momdsiw -swap 5
00:02:20WANKmaster lol
00:02:21U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:02:23WANKmaster me so noob
00:02:24U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:02:25Fant -swap 2
00:02:29Jesus_Crix es top
00:02:31Zajeb lanes?
00:02:33Jesus_Crix wxith potm
00:02:40Jesus_Crix rest bot
00:02:42Momdsiw buy chicken
00:02:43Momdsiw lich
00:02:44Zajeb blah
00:02:47Zajeb shitlane
00:02:53Fant k
00:02:56Jesus_Crix can't do much better
00:02:59Fant 90 g
00:03:02U.Fail2Amuse.ME u can get the wood there
00:03:03Momdsiw its 170
00:03:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME so be happy
00:03:09Fant then 50
00:03:18Doomy dd
00:03:20WANKmaster ok
00:03:21WANKmaster leave
00:03:31U.Fail2Amuse.ME lets kil
00:03:57Momdsiw sk cant lane silencer
00:04:22Momdsiw harras him
00:04:25Fant k
00:04:46Momdsiw i meant enemy
00:04:47Momdsiw not creeps
00:05:30Jesus_Crix try kill ok?
00:05:32WANKmaster B
00:05:33WANKmaster TOP
00:05:34WANKmaster B
00:05:34WANKmaster b
00:05:35WANKmaster b
00:05:40Momdsiw deny with you skill
00:05:44Momdsiw you get mana and enemy no xp
00:05:47Jesus_Crix warded
00:05:47U.Fail2Amuse.ME ward
00:05:57edgarass necro here
00:05:58edgarass care
00:05:59edgarass wr
00:05:59Jesus_Crix fuck
00:06:03Doomy i saw it
00:06:14Doomy ss
00:06:18WANKmaster cmon
00:06:19WANKmaster i need
00:06:20WANKmaster chicken
00:06:22WANKmaster fuck ..
00:06:27WhiteNoiZe i pull
00:06:31Momdsiw go get chick lich
00:06:32Momdsiw i need also
00:06:38Fant kk
00:07:02Doomy ss
00:07:03Doomy es
00:07:19Zajeb ss
00:07:24edgarass lkillnecro?
00:07:50edgarass cniper
00:07:51WANKmaster so stupid
00:08:03Momdsiw so is my lanemate
00:08:12Jesus_Crix maiden was mid
00:08:41Banana ss lich
00:08:41WhiteNoiZe omg
00:08:42Banana re
00:08:46Jesus_Crix mid ss
00:08:51Jesus_Crix rdy to kill bot?
00:09:08WANKmaster ss
00:09:09WANKmaster mid
00:09:15Jesus_Crix gang snipe guys
00:09:29Doomy ss top
00:09:37Doomy 2
00:09:41Doomy ss es
00:09:42Momdsiw b mid
00:09:44Momdsiw hes ehind you
00:09:49Doomy re
00:09:54Zajeb ss
00:10:09Fant ss
00:10:13Fant btm
00:10:28Jesus_Crix snipe ss mid
00:10:50Momdsiw care silencer mid
00:10:53Momdsiw or inc top
00:10:57edgarass ffs wree
00:11:00Jesus_Crix to me
00:11:09edgarass ff
00:11:30Momdsiw i bet you dont knwo how to pull?
00:11:43Fant i do
00:11:53edgarass ss
00:11:55WhiteNoiZe re 2
00:12:24Momdsiw cant lane the silencer
00:12:26Zajeb gj
00:13:05Momdsiw was so stupiud to swap lich away
00:13:18Zajeb ss
00:13:35U.Fail2Amuse.ME damit
00:13:58Jesus_Crix wtf?
00:13:59Zajeb didnt saw sni[e
00:14:00Momdsiw oh you got tower mid
00:14:01Momdsiw nice
00:14:19Banana kill bot
00:14:53Momdsiw coming
00:15:50Momdsiw blah like 1 mana away after stick
00:16:24WhiteNoiZe w8
00:16:38Jesus_Crix b
00:16:42Momdsiw lioch had ulti and nuke
00:16:42edgarass ;klich fucking ulti noob
00:16:44Momdsiw hes farming creeps ÖD
00:17:16Momdsiw comnig for potm sniper
00:17:26Banana omfg
00:17:27Jesus_Crix dumb
00:17:30WhiteNoiZe y
00:17:31WhiteNoiZe sry
00:17:31Momdsiw rege top
00:18:00Momdsiw gj
00:18:02Momdsiw oh
00:18:14Jesus_Crix sniper midas
00:18:21Jesus_Crix don't let him farm
00:19:22U.Fail2Amuse.ME cast ulti
00:19:25Momdsiw gj
00:19:31Zajeb cd
00:19:35Momdsiw some fresh meat
00:19:40WANKmaster y
00:19:52edgarass should i go meka?
00:20:02Fant i go
00:20:09edgarass allllk push top[
00:20:19Momdsiw where should i use my roh?
00:20:26Jesus_Crix b
00:20:28Momdsiw is bf so bad
00:20:29Momdsiw ?
00:20:36WANKmaster y
00:20:37WANKmaster imo
00:20:38Jesus_Crix focus snipe
00:20:44Jesus_Crix b
00:20:49Jesus_Crix 5 here
00:20:50Jesus_Crix help
00:20:55Momdsiw ulti then luich
00:20:59Fant k
00:21:02WhiteNoiZe need money 4 tp
00:21:03Momdsiw and nuke
00:21:42U.Fail2Amuse.ME no ulti
00:21:43U.Fail2Amuse.ME leo
00:21:52Momdsiw lich?
00:21:54Momdsiw why you afk
00:21:55Fant y
00:21:59Fant cd
00:22:22edgarass ff
00:22:40edgarass def topp
00:22:57Momdsiw let them have tower
00:23:31Zajeb necro
00:23:39edgarass sniper care
00:23:45Momdsiw get wards
00:23:48Jesus_Crix take
00:23:59Jesus_Crix go
00:24:07Fant with haste
00:24:18Jesus_Crix push bot
00:24:18edgarass sniper come opn
00:24:19Momdsiw buy wards lich
00:24:22Fant k
00:24:29edgarass that was so obvious
00:24:43edgarass def bot
00:24:46edgarass team!
00:24:58Momdsiw stay behind tower
00:25:01Momdsiw and lich remember to ulti
00:25:23WhiteNoiZe fuckit
00:25:32Jesus_Crix b
00:25:47Jesus_Crix zzz
00:25:51Jesus_Crix did u ulti roof?
00:25:53Doomy up the chick
00:25:57U.Fail2Amuse.ME on 2
00:26:04Banana yeõ
00:26:09Jesus_Crix don't go under tower pls
00:26:39Jesus_Crix wardsq pls
00:26:40WhiteNoiZe y
00:26:50U.Fail2Amuse.ME bah not my day
00:26:50Momdsiw es warding
00:26:54U.Fail2Amuse.ME for potm
00:27:06WANKmaster wr
00:27:07WANKmaster get
00:27:07WANKmaster pipe
00:27:32Momdsiw wait my ult
00:27:41Jesus_Crix b
00:28:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME heal
00:28:21Momdsiw try toeer?
00:29:14Jesus_Crix push
00:29:17Jesus_Crix then go snipe
00:29:34WANKmaster its suicide
00:29:34WANKmaster to go
00:29:36WANKmaster like that
00:29:36Momdsiw yea
00:29:47Momdsiw maybe we need your matna before we fight
00:29:57Jesus_Crix b
00:30:01edgarass smoke gang
00:30:02Jesus_Crix w8 me
00:30:18edgarass gather
00:30:24Jesus_Crix snipe 1 st ok?
00:30:25Momdsiw b rylai
00:30:33Momdsiw they know
00:30:50Jesus_Crix wtf noob?
00:30:58Jesus_Crix go b now
00:30:59Momdsiw thjey have wards
00:31:01Momdsiw so was useless smoke
00:31:03Momdsiw under ward
00:31:06Jesus_Crix b
00:31:08Jesus_Crix go farm
00:31:13Jesus_Crix fuck roof
00:31:16Banana :D
00:31:20Jesus_Crix srsly
00:31:23Jesus_Crix w8 us
00:31:23Banana i so hoped es is closer
00:31:56WhiteNoiZe ss all
00:32:14edgarass b
00:32:16Jesus_Crix lich
00:32:43Jesus_Crix cmon
00:32:47Jesus_Crix roof ulti well
00:33:00edgarass es dagger
00:33:10edgarass necro guinsoo
00:33:11edgarass we fucked
00:33:14Jesus_Crix push
00:33:32Banana es stun first
00:33:45Jesus_Crix w8
00:33:59Momdsiw need gem
00:34:06edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:22WhiteNoiZe fuck
00:34:29Momdsiw why you sniper go so far
00:34:34WANKmaster failed
00:34:34Momdsiw when es has dagger and potm ultied
00:34:37Jesus_Crix go on
00:34:38U.Fail2Amuse.ME mana
00:35:05Banana b
00:35:06Banana b
00:35:06Jesus_Crix b
00:35:42edgarass let sniper farm
00:35:43edgarass lich
00:35:51edgarass and make that meka for fuck savke
00:35:56U.Fail2Amuse.ME var
00:36:15Jesus_Crix n,eed ward
00:36:16Banana how much mana refu takes?
00:36:18Jesus_Crix to gang them
00:36:18Momdsiw let me
00:36:24Jesus_Crix 375
00:36:26Jesus_Crix i think
00:37:08Zajeb w8 for me
00:37:09Banana let me 300
00:37:13Jesus_Crix ok b
00:37:20WANKmaster get sentry
00:37:20WANKmaster ward
00:37:22WANKmaster here
00:37:26Jesus_Crix damn
00:37:27Banana :D
00:37:31Jesus_Crix go roof
00:37:32Jesus_Crix mid
00:37:46WANKmaster dont
00:37:46WANKmaster use
00:37:47WANKmaster it
00:37:48Jesus_Crix b
00:37:50WANKmaster right away
00:37:51WANKmaster use
00:37:53WANKmaster when they come
00:37:54WANKmaster ..
00:38:14Banana nice
00:38:17edgarass ff?
00:38:22Momdsiw nah
00:38:23WANKmaster see?
00:38:26WANKmaster now its pointless
00:38:27WANKmaster ward
00:38:28WANKmaster there
00:38:33edgarass its not
00:38:35Banana go mid
00:38:35edgarass if
00:38:45edgarass roof coming rom bot
00:39:42Jesus_Crix well i'm dumb
00:39:45Jesus_Crix but you too guys
00:39:48Banana :D
00:39:48Zajeb why go 3v5?
00:39:51U.Fail2Amuse.ME why fight there
00:39:55Momdsiw rosH?
00:39:56Jesus_Crix dunno
00:39:58U.Fail2Amuse.ME after i suicidede all had to go b
00:39:59Momdsiw snip
00:40:00U.Fail2Amuse.ME tt
00:40:03Jesus_Crix was bored to w8 there
00:40:09U.Fail2Amuse.ME bah i was buying
00:40:14U.Fail2Amuse.ME slippers
00:40:15U.Fail2Amuse.ME ;D
00:40:19Banana stun them
00:40:22Momdsiw let snip take then
00:40:26Jesus_Crix stun
00:40:27Jesus_Crix es
00:40:28edgarass leo maybe?
00:40:31Momdsiw no
00:40:33Momdsiw i have double lifes
00:40:36Momdsiw im uselss
00:40:36Momdsiw alone
00:40:58WhiteNoiZe god damnit
00:41:00edgarass b?
00:41:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME attack ;lich
00:41:03WANKmaster y
00:41:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME silencer
00:41:05U.Fail2Amuse.ME next time
00:41:05Momdsiw they lost good aoe
00:41:07Momdsiw but they got rosh
00:41:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME he is witrh the meka
00:41:24WhiteNoiZe roof
00:41:30Momdsiw we need our bkb's
00:41:42Banana need to push bot back
00:41:48Jesus_Crix y
00:41:52Jesus_Crix guys focus always snipe
00:41:55Jesus_Crix i'll hex him
00:42:01Zajeb me 2 hex
00:42:05U.Fail2Amuse.ME lich 1st imo
00:42:13WANKmaster get sentries
00:42:14WANKmaster again
00:42:15U.Fail2Amuse.ME before he cats ulti
00:42:16Jesus_Crix you hex lich
00:42:16U.Fail2Amuse.ME that is
00:42:19Jesus_Crix before ulti
00:42:24Jesus_Crix i do on snipe
00:42:45Momdsiw 1k for bkb and we can fight
00:42:50Momdsiw better
00:43:00Jesus_Crix gogo
00:43:26Jesus_Crix wp guys
00:43:32WhiteNoiZe gay
00:43:38WhiteNoiZe why u dont w8 me
00:43:40Banana omfg
00:43:41Jesus_Crix low bronze players suck like hell
00:43:42U.Fail2Amuse.ME wtf happened there
00:43:42Zajeb why u spread?
00:43:46Momdsiw didnt evne lose ult
00:43:47Jesus_Crix guys
00:43:51Jesus_Crix i said you go
00:43:55Jesus_Crix only roof was there
00:43:58Jesus_Crix you did shit
00:44:00Jesus_Crix that's all
00:44:04Momdsiw and got my bkb
00:44:17Momdsiw i go ac go deso snip?
00:44:24WANKmaster y
00:44:26WANKmaster ac first imo
00:44:39Momdsiw i meant if you go deso?
00:44:47WANKmaster ill go
00:44:47WANKmaster ok
00:44:48WANKmaster u make
00:44:48WANKmaster ac
00:44:50Momdsiw yea
00:44:55Jesus_Crix w8 me and go
00:45:01WANKmaster b
00:45:19WhiteNoiZe guys
00:45:24WhiteNoiZe why attack creeps
00:45:27Jesus_Crix AHHA
00:45:33Jesus_Crix wp potm again
00:45:35Jesus_Crix you rock
00:45:39Jesus_Crix get a watch
00:45:42U.Fail2Amuse.ME idot u atack without me
00:45:44U.Fail2Amuse.ME than u cry
00:45:45Jesus_Crix and be on time
00:45:45Momdsiw y
00:45:46U.Fail2Amuse.ME go f
00:45:47Jesus_Crix you nap
00:45:48U.Fail2Amuse.ME urslef
00:45:51U.Fail2Amuse.ME stup0id nap
00:45:51Banana carry tps
00:45:53Jesus_Crix you are noob
00:46:02Momdsiw sk new ulti lame for noob games
00:46:37WhiteNoiZe wtf
00:47:10Momdsiw np we win already
00:47:11WANKmaster could'nt bkb ..
00:47:12edgarass lich nice items
00:47:25Momdsiw buy me gem lich?
00:47:29Momdsiw and tp scroll foryourself
00:47:40Jesus_Crix just focus snipe
00:47:42WANKmaster get gem yes
00:48:09WANKmaster its not over yet
00:48:10WANKmaster so
00:48:12WANKmaster dont make
00:48:13WANKmaster mistakes
00:48:31WANKmaster take
00:48:31WANKmaster gem
00:48:32WANKmaster sk
00:48:34Momdsiw yes
00:49:18WANKmaster like i said
00:49:19WANKmaster its not
00:49:20edgarass fucking es
00:49:20Banana puuush
00:49:20WANKmaster over
00:49:22WANKmaster yer
00:49:27edgarass it is now
00:49:28Jesus_Crix top after
00:49:33WANKmaster why u go
00:49:34WANKmaster there
00:49:36WANKmaster like that?
00:49:36edgarass lich cant wvw do ulti
00:49:39Banana gogo
00:49:40WANKmaster are u mentally ill ?
00:49:41edgarass and meka
00:49:43Fant im dead in sec
00:49:47Fant and i did meka
00:49:51edgarass so fucking do ulti
00:49:55edgarass and stay b
00:50:10Doomy dont die
00:50:34Jesus_Crix rax
00:50:56Banana rax
00:50:57Banana rax
00:51:00Banana potm rax
00:51:01Banana ffs
00:51:26Momdsiw go rosh
00:51:27Jesus_Crix rosh re
00:51:31Momdsiw or did they take
00:51:49U.Fail2Amuse.ME dont engage without me
00:51:51Momdsiw no bkb or ult
00:52:01Doomy they know
00:52:04Jesus_Crix gem
00:52:38Banana gj
00:52:38WANKmaster I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:41Momdsiw k
00:52:42Momdsiw I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:42edgarass I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:44WANKmaster good
00:52:44WANKmaster move
00:52:47WANKmaster outside base
00:52:50WANKmaster to get us all killed
00:52:58Doomy I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:59WANKmaster that is that bronze game :D
00:53:02Fant I surrender
00:53:06Jesus_Crix kinda yeah$
00:53:17WANKmaster guys making so stupid moves
00:53:20Jesus_Crix but mid was nice fioght
00:53:23Jesus_Crix fight
00:53:27Fant I surrender!
00:53:29WANKmaster y
00:53:31Momdsiw type ff
00:53:35Momdsiw fant
00:53:41Momdsiw double f
00:53:44Momdsiw write it
00:53:44Momdsiw fant
00:53:48Fant I surrender! [5/4 of Sentinel]
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