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-3 TS

91% | 1615 X | 1510 TS

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-2 TS

88% | 1534 X | 1515 TS

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79% | 1386 X | 1453 TS

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75% | 1388 X | 1389 TS

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96% | 1675 X | 1498 TS

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73% | 1400 X | 1344 TS

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66% | 1296 X | 1371 TS

Chat log

00:00:15A-tzangol i wanna feed with sd
00:00:17A-tzangol sf
00:00:18c-yanker ok
00:00:18c-yanker need lich with me top
00:00:18MYuksel fuck off
00:00:18c-yanker i void
00:00:18c-yanker -clear
00:00:18A-tzangol can i?
00:00:18MYuksel z-tzangol
00:00:18Norrebro weaver
00:00:18c-yanker can what?
00:00:18A-tzangol feed with sf mid?
00:00:18Jonnija ah sf
00:00:18c-yanker -aa
00:00:18MYuksel lol no
00:00:18Jonnija in the pool
00:00:18Jonnija :D
00:00:28A-tzangol ok i go mid
00:00:33Norrebro any want sf?
00:00:33A-tzangol feed
00:00:34Norrebro lich
00:00:35Norrebro i mean
00:00:39c-yanker need sup
00:00:40c-yanker with me
00:00:40c-yanker top
00:00:46MYuksel dont go void
00:00:46chodaboy i can tc
00:00:46Norrebro pick ns
00:00:48Jonnija why not leave sf in pool u could have seen my fail sf :D
00:00:49-ToKe- take me veno
00:00:51-ToKe- some1
00:00:51chodaboy jonnija
00:00:53MYuksel take him veno
00:00:55chodaboy can u pick me tc?
00:00:56c-yanker any1 kunk?
00:00:58A-tzangol u will see mine sf fail
00:01:00A-tzangol :)
00:01:00Norrebro anyone swap?
00:01:11PeterLars -swap 1
00:01:15Norrebro -swap 2
00:01:16-ToKe- take me veno then
00:01:23Norrebro pick ns
00:01:29chodaboy jonnija want lion?
00:01:30Jonnija lion for me
00:01:31Jonnija y
00:01:32chodaboy nice
00:01:34chodaboy we lane
00:01:34Norrebro NS
00:01:34-ToKe- so u want?
00:01:34MYuksel i fail void then
00:01:39Jonnija -swap 4
00:01:39MYuksel 7get tide
00:01:40chodaboy -swap 3
00:01:40A-tzangol XD
00:01:41PeterLars tide
00:01:41Norrebro NS
00:01:41PeterLars tide
00:01:42PeterLars tide
00:01:43PeterLars tide
00:01:43PeterLars tide
00:01:44Norrebro or tide
00:01:44PeterLars ti
00:01:47chodaboy -hhn
00:01:48PinaryB -swap 1
00:01:49chodaboy -di
00:01:52chodaboy me lion top?
00:01:52A-tzangol we are gonna get so owned
00:01:53MYuksel get tide
00:01:54MYuksel plz
00:01:54A-tzangol :))
00:01:55-ToKe- hello
00:02:00Norrebro yy
00:02:01PinaryB some1 swap?
00:02:01PeterLars u want lich?
00:02:04A-tzangol tide
00:02:05PinaryB -swap 2
00:02:06MYuksel get tide
00:02:06PeterLars -swap 5
00:02:09-ToKe- -swap
00:02:11-ToKe- -swap
00:02:13-ToKe- -swap 4
00:02:13chodaboy -hhn
00:02:14chodaboy -di
00:02:26-ToKe- wtf
00:02:28Jonnija ill be ganging that sf i guess
00:02:31-ToKe- void kunka up?
00:02:32MYuksel Veno afk
00:02:32PeterLars imba items to ns
00:02:34chodaboy we own top
00:02:35Norrebro good
00:02:36Jonnija rly easy to kill
00:02:37MYuksel yep
00:02:38c-yanker fucking kidding me
00:02:40Norrebro y
00:02:40c-yanker veno with me top
00:02:45-ToKe- -swap 4
00:02:48MYuksel nvm its remake
00:02:50MYuksel cuz he is afk
00:02:53Jonnija if u block
00:02:54Jonnija nicely
00:02:55-ToKe- swap ffs
00:02:57Jonnija we can kill him
00:02:59Norrebro get wards
00:02:59Momdsiw how
00:03:00c-yanker n1 afk
00:03:01Momdsiw -swap
00:03:08A-tzangol too late
00:03:09A-tzangol x
00:03:09A-tzangol d
00:03:12Momdsiw i was kidding
00:03:13MYuksel go leave
00:03:14Momdsiw i dont want tide
00:03:14MYuksel rmk
00:03:14Jonnija what spell
00:03:15MYuksel then
00:03:15-ToKe- gg idiot fuck
00:03:15Jonnija u got?
00:03:20Norrebro rocket
00:03:21Norrebro stun
00:03:30-ToKe- total brain dead
00:03:37-ToKe- take my veno and go afk
00:03:38Momdsiw why im braindead
00:03:47-ToKe- u didnt say what u want
00:03:48Momdsiw sry i didnt notice it says your naem
00:03:51Norrebro worth it
00:03:53Momdsiw i want veno
00:04:09-ToKe- tra löö
00:04:16-ToKe- haamriga pähe -.-
00:04:23MYuksel care lion ss
00:04:24MYuksel mid
00:04:27chodaboy kill lvl 3
00:04:41PeterLars lich forcus void
00:04:53A-tzangol share
00:05:06Momdsiw gj
00:05:10MYuksel gay
00:05:18A-tzangol share
00:05:18A-tzangol tide
00:05:44PinaryB tide inc mid
00:05:45chodaboy come kill
00:05:45-ToKe- pointless to stai here
00:05:45Jonnija ill be crusing mid
00:05:49PeterLars pull plz
00:05:49A-tzangol share
00:05:50A-tzangol tide
00:06:05MYuksel gj
00:06:21Momdsiw they mid haters
00:06:28c-yanker ss lion
00:06:35PeterLars lich pull
00:06:49Jonnija MANA
00:06:49Jonnija :D
00:07:04c-yanker b
00:07:09Momdsiw fuck
00:07:16MYuksel he got reg
00:07:18MYuksel oog
00:07:37chodaboy come lion
00:07:40chodaboy we need to kill kunkka
00:07:44Jonnija cant
00:07:44Jonnija rly
00:07:48chodaboy ofc we can
00:07:59Jonnija ...
00:08:06A-tzangol go
00:08:09Jonnija waste
00:08:10Jonnija of my time
00:08:11MYuksel free farming down
00:09:01MYuksel go feed noobs
00:09:01-ToKe- wtf
00:09:13MYuksel and let bala fere farm
00:09:16Momdsiw void lvl 2 already
00:09:50MYuksel plz plug someone
00:10:00A-tzangol lol
00:10:10A-tzangol we need a plug
00:10:13MYuksel ye
00:10:14MYuksel go
00:10:16c-yanker why
00:10:18c-yanker u leave top
00:10:19PeterLars harras
00:10:19c-yanker lane
00:10:19Norrebro sf
00:10:19c-yanker veno
00:10:20PeterLars with nova
00:10:21A-tzangol i dont plug
00:10:24Momdsiw went to heal
00:10:48MYuksel lol
00:10:51MYuksel so
00:10:53MYuksel someone plz pliug
00:11:03PeterLars lich
00:11:05PeterLars go other lanes
00:11:07PeterLars and help
00:11:09MYuksel a-plug plze
00:11:13A-tzangol i dont plug
00:11:15chodaboy come top lich
00:11:16chodaboy we own
00:11:20MYuksel tide go for it
00:11:21-ToKe- hahahah
00:11:21MYuksel plug
00:11:25c-yanker wards
00:11:36-ToKe- blug ur slef
00:11:39Jonnija shit broke my rule
00:11:41Jonnija and bought wards
00:11:42MYuksel there my friends on other team
00:11:43c-yanker dont
00:11:45MYuksel they gonna kill me
00:11:49Momdsiw ahh lich has ult
00:11:53c-yanker yup
00:12:02-ToKe- blue is to fat anyway
00:12:08MYuksel toke go for it
00:12:10MYuksel 1min back
00:12:18-ToKe- go for ur self
00:12:28Jonnija TIDE
00:12:33Momdsiw :D
00:12:34Momdsiw close
00:12:40chodaboy lion wtf
00:12:42Jonnija ?
00:12:42chodaboy here we go
00:12:42-ToKe- hah :D
00:12:42PeterLars banreq !!
00:12:42Norrebro wtf
00:12:42chodaboy hes banned
00:12:42PeterLars him
00:12:42A-tzangol there we go
00:12:42Jonnija ah
00:12:42Jonnija not 10 min
00:12:42Jonnija :D
00:12:42Momdsiw dam this wc crashes
00:12:42Norrebro tag dig sammen
00:12:42Jonnija oh well
00:12:43MYuksel wtf
00:12:50Norrebro lad lige være
00:13:02chodaboy FFS FIX
00:13:02Jonnija :D
00:13:02A-tzangol LOL
00:13:02Jonnija 1 sec
00:13:02A-tzangol hahah
00:13:02Norrebro WTF
00:13:02A-tzangol fix plz
00:13:02Norrebro its ok
00:13:02Norrebro no remake
00:13:02Jonnija 9.59
00:13:02PinaryB ?
00:13:02PeterLars it is 9:50 :D
00:13:02chodaboy he will get ban now
00:13:02chodaboy if he drops
00:13:07MYuksel my pc fucks
00:13:09MYuksel sry i fixed it now
00:13:12-ToKe- gg
00:13:59MYuksel lol
00:14:03PeterLars NOOOB
00:14:07MYuksel team faul
00:14:12PeterLars void fail
00:14:14MYuksel vær glad for at jeg ikke pluggede
00:14:19Norrebro haha
00:14:24PeterLars så kunne du blive banned
00:14:29MYuksel slet ikk
00:14:33Norrebro jo
00:14:34PeterLars vent og se
00:14:37MYuksel strom banneder ikke folk for det
00:14:43PeterLars vent og se
00:14:45chodaboy yes he does
00:14:51Norrebro Wallah han gør
00:14:54-ToKe- fo
00:14:54chodaboy did yesterday
00:15:01MYuksel he dont trust people
00:15:02chodaboy abusing the system
00:15:05chodaboy lol
00:15:14Norrebro upgrade chicken
00:15:25chodaboy gank kunkka top pls?
00:15:36chodaboy 3 top
00:15:51MYuksel well he can get baned for saying i fail never more mid
00:15:57A-tzangol lol
00:15:58PeterLars STFU
00:16:00A-tzangol it was a joke
00:16:02A-tzangol dude
00:16:04Jonnija :D
00:16:06A-tzangol :P
00:16:08Jonnija more like prediction
00:16:09Jonnija :D
00:16:10MYuksel well u did fail
00:16:12A-tzangol :)
00:16:16Jonnija u must be prophet :D
00:16:50-ToKe- lol
00:16:57-ToKe- they have ward even here
00:17:57Jonnija car torrent
00:18:01chodaboy FFs
00:18:29chodaboy come top
00:18:31chodaboy and kill
00:18:40-ToKe- gyro agna
00:19:24A-tzangol could we suck more? :))
00:19:39-ToKe- idiot pick was tide
00:19:41Jonnija lol
00:19:42Jonnija void lvl 5
00:19:44-ToKe- lane for void
00:19:44Momdsiw and void
00:19:45PeterLars HAHA
00:19:56Jonnija rocket
00:19:57Jonnija gave
00:19:58Jonnija lvl 6
00:19:58Jonnija :D
00:20:20MYuksel all mid go end
00:20:21MYuksel comeon
00:20:27c-yanker im gonna bann
00:20:27c-yanker u
00:20:30c-yanker for loosing on purpose
00:20:33MYuksel me ?
00:20:34PeterLars STFU
00:20:46MYuksel im gonna ban u for account sharing
00:20:55Jonnija :D
00:21:11chodaboy hahaha
00:21:15MYuksel lich ulti insane
00:21:15Momdsiw nice ult
00:21:16chodaboy lets go all md
00:21:17chodaboy mid
00:21:35c-yanker they got so much paper
00:21:40MYuksel end comeon
00:21:44c-yanker void
00:21:45c-yanker tag dig sammen
00:21:47c-yanker og spil
00:21:50c-yanker vi kan nemt vinde det her
00:21:54Momdsiw turtle
00:21:55chodaboy get tower top
00:21:56Jonnija help us kill towers :D
00:21:57chodaboy need all
00:22:01Norrebro come top
00:22:17PeterLars they all bot
00:22:20PeterLars u dont need me
00:22:35MYuksel k we win this...
00:22:43Momdsiw thats better attitude
00:22:50A-tzangol b
00:22:56-ToKe- just try all
00:23:08MYuksel ye win win...
00:23:10MYuksel team no helping
00:23:13Momdsiw go 1vs5
00:23:14chodaboy tower
00:23:17MYuksel 1vs5
00:23:20MYuksel ye and i saw them there
00:23:21MYuksel right ?
00:23:23MYuksel so su
00:23:23c-yanker go ulti tide
00:23:28-ToKe- got ulty yo
00:23:29-ToKe- tr
00:23:34-ToKe- to
00:23:41Norrebro go
00:23:41PeterLars omw
00:23:42Norrebro tc
00:24:14chodaboy nice
00:24:16Momdsiw see?
00:24:17PeterLars HAHAH
00:24:20Norrebro :D
00:24:25Jonnija obviously
00:24:26-ToKe- rolled
00:24:27Jonnija cant push D:
00:24:28Momdsiw but you had kinda late ult tide
00:24:30-ToKe- got blink :D
00:24:30A-tzangol no
00:24:31A-tzangol dude
00:24:32chodaboy ofc we can
00:24:34A-tzangol u failed
00:24:34-ToKe- no
00:24:34chodaboy just gank and push
00:24:35A-tzangol tide
00:24:35PeterLars just kill them
00:24:37-ToKe- it wasnt
00:24:39chodaboy we will loose late
00:24:40PeterLars intil they ff
00:24:41PeterLars :D
00:24:43-ToKe- was stunnedd by gyro
00:24:43PeterLars no
00:24:46PinaryB :)
00:24:50PeterLars look at there items
00:24:51PeterLars :D
00:24:52-ToKe- õand no1 destry rocket
00:24:55Jonnija they got
00:24:57Jonnija treads
00:24:57Jonnija now
00:25:01PeterLars look void
00:25:01PeterLars haha
00:25:02chodaboy go midkill
00:25:05c-yanker wards
00:25:06Jonnija sf
00:25:07Jonnija has similar
00:25:08Jonnija farm :D
00:25:08A-tzangol dont get cocky now
00:25:08c-yanker and we win
00:25:12Momdsiw we have
00:25:28MYuksel cant do shit
00:25:30c-yanker dont
00:25:31c-yanker fucking
00:25:32c-yanker farm
00:25:33c-yanker there
00:25:33c-yanker alone
00:25:36MYuksel how then ?
00:25:43MYuksel sucking cock in woods ?
00:25:44MYuksel or what
00:25:46Momdsiw 1-8 with vcoid :D
00:25:47Momdsiw imba
00:25:47MYuksel what should i
00:25:58A-tzangol void
00:26:01A-tzangol can u jump in
00:26:02c-yanker tide
00:26:02A-tzangol and ulti
00:26:03A-tzangol all
00:26:05c-yanker need u to jump
00:26:05-ToKe- ulty cd
00:26:06A-tzangol so kunnka hits
00:26:07MYuksel i try
00:26:20Jonnija o0 presence of dl 2?
00:26:28c-yanker dont go out
00:26:34Momdsiw they cant push
00:26:35Momdsiw i have wards
00:26:38-ToKe- got ulty
00:26:48Norrebro ward offensive
00:26:49-ToKe- bite mid
00:26:52-ToKe- some1
00:26:56Momdsiw bite :D
00:27:46A-tzangol b
00:27:49chodaboy reg
00:28:14Momdsiw b void
00:28:18Jonnija sf ogre axe
00:28:21Jonnija might even get bkb
00:28:24c-yanker why
00:28:26c-yanker dont u fucking follow
00:28:32A-tzangol i was low
00:28:34c-yanker so?
00:28:41A-tzangol b
00:28:42A-tzangol tie
00:28:43A-tzangol base
00:28:46A-tzangol b
00:29:00chodaboy go top
00:29:13MYuksel - 100x
00:29:18Momdsiw nah
00:29:22Momdsiw only seen one guy get over -100x
00:29:27Momdsiw he got -109
00:29:31Jonnija old gc?
00:29:36Momdsiw not sure
00:29:39Momdsiw maybe it was old
00:29:41Jonnija cause the most i have seen was mariah carry -74
00:29:42c-yanker tide jumop
00:29:43Momdsiw i mean
00:29:45Momdsiw It was this web system
00:29:51Momdsiw gazgah's viper got -109
00:30:08PeterLars hahahah
00:30:13-ToKe- veno suck badly
00:30:18-ToKe- no skills
00:30:22MYuksel we all sucks
00:30:28Jonnija and that was in 19 min game
00:30:38Momdsiw lets wait for the late
00:31:01A-tzangol get bkb void
00:31:04MYuksel :D
00:31:05Jonnija idd there is late
00:31:07chodaboy get top tower
00:31:11Jonnija with this void :D
00:31:11MYuksel du er så klam
00:31:21Momdsiw -ii
00:31:22Momdsiw why not?
00:31:28Momdsiw he got treads
00:31:32c-yanker ress
00:31:32Momdsiw and 60gold
00:31:33c-yanker and
00:31:34c-yanker go again
00:31:35MYuksel treads good
00:31:45chodaboy COME TOP FFS
00:31:45c-yanker we just need hes ulti
00:32:03-ToKe- watch bala
00:32:09-ToKe- he alyways come to me
00:32:10chodaboy get rosh?
00:32:13MYuksel we can only win some fights
00:32:15Momdsiw carry tp's
00:32:24A-tzangol what tps
00:32:26A-tzangol we cant go out
00:32:32Momdsiw faster basemovement
00:32:36-ToKe- they rosh
00:32:36A-tzangol xD
00:32:42Norrebro check
00:32:42MYuksel suprice them ?
00:32:48-ToKe- go
00:32:56MYuksel rosh go ?
00:32:58c-yanker rosh nice?
00:33:17-ToKe- omfg
00:33:35-ToKe- take
00:33:46chodaboy stupid
00:33:46-ToKe- void why?
00:33:47Jonnija lost
00:33:48Jonnija game
00:33:49chodaboy dont take aegis
00:33:54MYuksel didnt see yaa
00:34:04c-yanker put stick
00:34:05Norrebro told u bad idea
00:34:05c-yanker in base
00:34:07c-yanker ty
00:34:10MYuksel :D
00:34:19-ToKe- at least we win that
00:34:24c-yanker we win
00:34:24Norrebro go str8 mid
00:34:24c-yanker now
00:34:28Norrebro or gh
00:34:28A-tzangol y
00:34:30Norrebro gg
00:34:30Momdsiw we have a chance
00:34:30c-yanker paper heroes
00:34:31Jonnija we have died
00:34:31A-tzangol just let void ulti
00:34:33Jonnija so many times
00:34:34A-tzangol then kunkka
00:34:35Jonnija its gg
00:34:36c-yanker + bkb on me and sf now
00:34:37Momdsiw sf get dagger also
00:34:37-ToKe- need towers
00:34:37Jonnija allready
00:34:39PeterLars we need ward
00:34:42PeterLars lion opkz
00:34:45Norrebro wards
00:34:45c-yanker tide
00:34:49c-yanker need u to wait with uklti
00:34:49c-yanker til after voids
00:34:49-ToKe- y
00:35:01A-tzangol care mid
00:35:17-ToKe- no ulty
00:35:36Jonnija g
00:35:43-ToKe- wtf
00:35:45A-tzangol b
00:35:47-ToKe- was in invis
00:35:48Jonnija we have no dps
00:35:50Jonnija to kill them :D
00:36:05-ToKe- and after tc shit my invis get over
00:36:16PeterLars b
00:37:04PeterLars b
00:37:35A-tzangol we push it so much?
00:37:40-ToKe- fuck that bala uis strong
00:37:50Momdsiw nah
00:37:51Momdsiw just tanky
00:37:58c-yanker make
00:37:59c-yanker pipe
00:38:06Momdsiw after treads
00:38:10c-yanker pipe
00:38:13c-yanker way more important
00:38:19Momdsiw no mana for it
00:38:37A-tzangol b
00:38:38A-tzangol rly
00:38:39chodaboy need to gank
00:38:44A-tzangol base
00:38:45PeterLars GET WARDS FIRST
00:38:46Norrebro need wards
00:38:46A-tzangol they need to push
00:38:47Norrebro ffs
00:38:51A-tzangol they are woods now
00:38:52MYuksel if we win this .....
00:38:52-ToKe- ulty cd 20 sec
00:38:56MYuksel funny stuff
00:39:04Momdsiw its more to us than to them atm
00:39:04chodaboy no room
00:39:06chodaboy take them
00:39:16A-tzangol b
00:39:24-ToKe- got ulty
00:39:30-ToKe- so void ur ulty first
00:39:34MYuksel k
00:39:34MYuksel ye
00:39:35c-yanker my torrent
00:39:36c-yanker ship
00:39:38c-yanker then your stun
00:39:44Norrebro push it
00:40:17Norrebro ffs
00:40:22Norrebro i got all
00:40:40-ToKe- 'b
00:40:40-ToKe- b
00:40:46-ToKe- let it be
00:40:46c-yanker mby up chick
00:40:47Momdsiw b?
00:40:50Jonnija its
00:40:50Jonnija lost
00:40:51Jonnija allready
00:40:52Momdsiw theres only lion up
00:41:03PeterLars no
00:41:04Norrebro i got all ulties
00:41:06Norrebro on me
00:41:10Jonnija yes
00:41:12Norrebro dunno what rest was doing
00:41:12Jonnija and ur our only
00:41:13Jonnija dps
00:41:20-ToKe- take towers
00:41:25MYuksel how ?
00:41:30c-yanker regroup
00:41:31-ToKe- next
00:41:31PinaryB get bkb?
00:41:32A-tzangol no
00:41:32c-yanker smoke
00:41:34PinaryB gyro and ns?
00:41:35c-yanker turtle
00:41:35c-yanker end
00:41:38A-tzangol just stay base
00:41:41A-tzangol they need to push it
00:41:47Jonnija i bet sf
00:41:48Jonnija has manta
00:41:50Jonnija by now
00:41:50A-tzangol we win in 3 teamfights
00:42:00A-tzangol s&y?
00:42:01A-tzangol or manta?
00:42:07-ToKe- go?
00:42:07A-tzangol cap?
00:42:09MYuksel manta
00:42:11PinaryB come ward
00:42:24MYuksel you only need dmg
00:42:30-ToKe- thay are waiting for rosh
00:42:34-ToKe- veno get wards now
00:42:39Momdsiw i get pipe
00:42:41chodaboy we need pipe
00:42:49PeterLars then make one
00:42:52MYuksel veno should bait
00:42:53chodaboy got no money
00:42:56c-yanker smoke
00:42:57c-yanker some1
00:42:59MYuksel then they go for kill then we jump in
00:43:03chodaboy still no meca?
00:43:45-ToKe- b
00:43:51-ToKe- or mid
00:44:02Norrebro tc?
00:44:05MYuksel get rosh mayb e?
00:44:07chodaboy what is it?
00:44:08MYuksel i def top
00:44:12Norrebro just run dude
00:44:16Norrebro why suicide
00:44:18chodaboy lol
00:44:35c-yanker i make vlads
00:44:45A-tzangol b
00:44:46A-tzangol b
00:44:46A-tzangol b
00:44:47A-tzangol b
00:44:59c-yanker need smoke again
00:45:06-ToKe- ulty cd
00:45:10PeterLars no
00:45:11c-yanker wait
00:45:11c-yanker here
00:45:12PeterLars we die again
00:45:14-ToKe- 40 sec
00:45:15chodaboy we cant drop ulties when they have bkb
00:45:23-ToKe- go?
00:45:58c-yanker b
00:45:59c-yanker warded
00:46:00Norrebro i make bkb
00:46:04MYuksel we could rush
00:46:13PeterLars b
00:46:17Norrebro dont die
00:46:50chodaboy wp petercunt
00:46:53PeterLars stfu
00:46:54A-tzangol gg
00:46:56Jonnija doesnt rly make
00:46:56Norrebro dude
00:46:56PeterLars why u go and die
00:46:57PeterLars noobs
00:46:57Jonnija any difference
00:46:58Norrebro u suck
00:46:59Jonnija its over
00:47:01PeterLars we dont fucking got anywards
00:47:03MYuksel push
00:47:03PeterLars and u go and die
00:47:07Norrebro dont blame bala
00:47:09-ToKe- nomana :D
00:47:12chodaboy lol
00:47:14Norrebro when u got like idiots
00:47:24MYuksel b after
00:47:32MYuksel b
00:47:32Momdsiw rosh
00:47:40c-yanker rosh
00:47:41c-yanker is warded
00:47:45Momdsiw theyre dead
00:47:49Momdsiw we have aoe
00:47:50A-tzangol its not waredd
00:47:55Jonnija kunkka lothar
00:47:56MYuksel nvm
00:47:57Norrebro lich still no agahnim
00:48:08MYuksel b
00:48:09MYuksel guys
00:48:30c-yanker u take sf
00:48:30Momdsiw kunkka take?
00:48:32Momdsiw k
00:48:45-ToKe- im coming
00:48:48A-tzangol b
00:48:48A-tzangol b
00:48:49-ToKe- b
00:48:50A-tzangol base
00:48:54A-tzangol worth it
00:49:04Jonnija into ggnesss
00:49:24-ToKe- void u go in agan
00:49:27-ToKe- first
00:49:54chodaboy NICE LION
00:50:03MYuksel veno ?
00:50:30Jonnija ?
00:50:35Jonnija i impaled he used bkb
00:50:41Norrebro listen
00:50:42Norrebro tc
00:50:48Norrebro u stay out of battle
00:50:53Norrebro when void
00:50:55Norrebro jumps in
00:50:55Momdsiw mkid rax
00:50:57A-tzangol go mid
00:51:01Norrebro make ure combo
00:51:02A-tzangol go b
00:51:03MYuksel lol no
00:51:03-ToKe- still no mana :D
00:51:07A-tzangol b
00:51:08MYuksel b
00:51:09A-tzangol b
00:51:10Momdsiw why b
00:51:11Norrebro def mi
00:51:12A-tzangol b
00:51:13Norrebro mid
00:51:13Norrebro tc
00:51:17A-tzangol all out
00:51:19c-yanker b
00:51:19c-yanker b
00:51:20c-yanker b
00:51:20c-yanker b
00:51:20c-yanker b
00:51:21c-yanker b
00:51:21c-yanker b
00:51:21c-yanker b
00:51:22c-yanker b
00:51:32A-tzangol they are coming
00:51:40A-tzangol void b
00:51:46A-tzangol b
00:52:21MYuksel dont die
00:52:28PeterLars WARDS
00:52:34PinaryB some1 come ward
00:52:38-ToKe- got ulty up agan
00:52:39Momdsiw get tp kunkka
00:52:44PeterLars TAKE THEM
00:52:51c-yanker smoke
00:52:52c-yanker and go
00:52:54MYuksel they probly
00:52:55MYuksel smoke
00:52:58-ToKe- dont have
00:53:01c-yanker follow me
00:53:07PeterLars they smoked
00:53:08PeterLars i think
00:53:21-ToKe- bait
00:53:26c-yanker come closer
00:53:27MYuksel veno bait
00:53:30c-yanker u way to faar away
00:54:36Momdsiw rax
00:54:36Momdsiw go
00:54:53Norrebro tc spam
00:55:07c-yanker tp
00:55:07c-yanker base
00:55:08Norrebro gj
00:55:10-ToKe- b
00:55:45PeterLars go mid
00:55:56Jonnija bot no tower
00:56:02PeterLars GO MID
00:56:06Norrebro come 2 dead
00:56:08Jonnija top tower
00:56:09Jonnija dmged
00:56:11A-tzangol b
00:56:15Jonnija mid is the most unlogical
00:56:17Jonnija choise
00:56:25-ToKe- def all
00:56:28chodaboy push both
00:56:32Momdsiw need next rosh
00:56:33chodaboy then go top
00:56:34Momdsiw to get cheese
00:56:40PeterLars we need tc
00:56:49-ToKe- void first
00:57:19chodaboy stupid fucks
00:57:27-ToKe- eul rolls :D
00:57:34Norrebro lichj never manage go get ulti in
00:57:39PinaryB i did?
00:57:40Jonnija he did
00:57:41Jonnija ulty
00:57:44Norrebro lol
00:57:47chodaboy he ulties
00:57:49Jonnija it bounced between
00:57:51chodaboy when they use bkb
00:57:51Jonnija bkbd
00:57:51-ToKe- coming
00:57:53chodaboy all the time
00:57:53Jonnija people
00:57:57MYuksel i can def
00:58:07PinaryB they use bkb when some1 ults mby?
00:58:16MYuksel go
00:58:17c-yanker b
00:58:24PinaryB and i die in 10 secs so really no time to wait until die un-bkb
00:58:52chodaboy now all mid
00:58:55chodaboy split up
00:58:59chodaboy and get top and bot
00:59:14Jonnija just go ff this is boring as shit
00:59:21Norrebro gang
00:59:24Norrebro fast
00:59:27Norrebro all
00:59:30Norrebro gogo
00:59:34chodaboy get top
00:59:46-ToKe- be ready to rosh
00:59:52-ToKe- ward veno
00:59:56A-tzangol void?
00:59:57MYuksel cd ulti
01:00:06MYuksel sry didnt notice
01:00:07Norrebro void used ulti
01:00:08PeterLars let me kill alone
01:00:09Norrebro come
01:00:09PeterLars fuck off
01:00:10Norrebro fast
01:00:40Momdsiw they rosh
01:00:40Momdsiw googo
01:00:48PeterLars b
01:00:49MYuksel b
01:00:58PeterLars b
01:00:58PeterLars b
01:00:59PeterLars b
01:01:08PeterLars all mid
01:01:10PeterLars after i reg
01:01:19Norrebro now
01:01:23chodaboy split up
01:01:23Norrebro we have +2 lifes
01:01:25chodaboy and lich
01:01:25A-tzangol b
01:01:25A-tzangol b
01:01:27chodaboy wait with ur ulti
01:01:31Jonnija and they
01:01:31Momdsiw they smoked
01:01:32Norrebro y lich
01:01:33Jonnija got buybacks
01:01:34Norrebro stay n
01:01:35c-yanker tide
01:01:36c-yanker what
01:01:37PinaryB k
01:01:38c-yanker are u doing out there
01:01:42Norrebro if we beat them
01:01:44Norrebro in teamfight
01:01:48Norrebro then tis np
01:02:03MYuksel .
01:02:05PeterLars go mid
01:03:22MYuksel pish
01:03:25A-tzangol forget him
01:03:36chodaboy def
01:03:36-ToKe- y
01:03:36chodaboy that
01:03:43c-yanker b
01:03:49A-tzangol b
01:03:49A-tzangol b
01:03:50A-tzangol b
01:04:04-ToKe- b thay lost heyr chees and aegis
01:04:16-ToKe- now we must push
01:04:18Norrebro gogo
01:04:22-ToKe- b
01:04:26A-tzangol b
01:04:30Norrebro OMG
01:04:31Norrebro lion
01:04:41Jonnija got 1 sec delay
01:04:59-ToKe- now we must push our selfs
01:05:09-ToKe- they had 2 bb
01:05:10PeterLars someone def mid
01:05:18-ToKe- so bala and gyro cant any more
01:05:18A-tzangol push top
01:05:18Jonnija just ff
01:05:23Jonnija 62 min
01:05:24-ToKe- go oall just and gg
01:05:27Jonnija not even worth winning
01:05:27chodaboy FFS
01:05:28MYuksel i can finsih lich
01:05:29chodaboy DONT PUILL
01:05:40A-tzangol dont ulti
01:05:41A-tzangol void
01:05:41-ToKe- kill
01:05:58Momdsiw Gg
01:06:08PinaryB I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:06:19c-yanker gg
01:06:23Jonnija I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:06:37Momdsiw throne?
01:06:38MYuksel from middle to top
01:06:46Norrebro funny game :P
01:06:51Jonnija boring...
01:07:15c-yanker tp
01:07:16c-yanker veno
01:07:38chodaboy I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:07:42Jonnija I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:08:04PeterLars def
01:08:07-ToKe- go bot all
01:08:09-ToKe- finish
01:08:23Jonnija go go ff
01:08:31MYuksel shivbe
01:08:59-ToKe- bad ass tide :D
01:09:08Momdsiw god ass veno
01:09:53Norrebro gg wp
01:10:02Norrebro ik plug
01:10:06Norrebro næste ganfg
01:10:09MYuksel plug
01:10:10MYuksel =
01:10:14MYuksel lorte internet
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