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Chat log

00:00:18edgarass ban omni
00:00:20Selahaddin ?
00:00:20AliBaba naix ? ns ?
00:00:20Selahaddin what happen?
00:00:20Fant wait
00:00:20Pojetz OMG WORLD MOST NOOB AND IDIOT IS second pick?
00:00:20AliBaba ban ?
00:00:20OrokuSaki yes i am
00:00:20Pojetz Not u
00:00:20edgarass no i go fucking carry
00:00:20OrokuSaki lol
00:00:20Pojetz this shit edgarass
00:00:20Fxx. ok
00:00:20AliBaba ^ban ??
00:00:20Fxx. so u go carry
00:00:20Fxx. and dont feed please
00:00:20sebralane sd
00:00:20Pojetz nono
00:00:20Fxx. :-)
00:00:20Pojetz fxx go u carru
00:00:20edgarass cause i am sick of noobs playing carries and shit
00:00:20AliBaba -.-
00:00:20Pojetz carry
00:00:20AliBaba fxx ?
00:00:20AliBaba ban ?
00:00:20Pojetz not this shit edgarass
00:00:20Pojetz little girl
00:00:20Fxx. ck , or naix ?
00:00:20AliBaba hm..
00:00:20Pojetz who always whine nly
00:00:20Fxx. he pick 2.
00:00:20Pojetz only
00:00:20Selahaddin oh fck i m noob lol
00:00:20AliBaba ck.
00:00:20Fxx. i think naix is lowes problem to ck
00:00:20Pojetz MBY BAN TOMORROW?
00:00:20Fxx. so i ban ck
00:00:20sebralane cant arque ther
00:00:21Fxx. ok ?
00:00:22AliBaba y
00:00:23AliBaba gogo
00:00:24Fxx. ck
00:00:24Doomy borwn dont forget the courier
00:00:24AliBaba nic
00:00:35sebralane any1 want this?
00:00:45OrokuSaki nope
00:00:46OrokuSaki lol
00:00:47Doomy no
00:00:55Fxx. pojetz
00:00:59Fxx. dont forget chick
00:01:04Fxx. and i need fast upgrade
00:01:06Fxx. vs naix at mid
00:01:07AliBaba nice :b you suck to support edgareass :b
00:01:32edgarass lanes?
00:01:34sebralane get omni
00:01:35Fant purist or pugna?
00:01:37edgarass -ms
00:01:45Fxx. venge + bala
00:01:51Fxx. venge
00:01:55Fxx. upgrade chick please
00:01:59Fxx. fast
00:02:01OrokuSaki their team is scarey
00:02:02Fxx. omg
00:02:05Fxx. and u flame pojetz ?
00:02:08Fxx. and u pick this shit ?
00:02:16AliBaba omg
00:02:21AliBaba razor last pick ?
00:02:22Pojetz i dont really care, because i hate that edgarass
00:02:24Doomy they outpicked us
00:02:27Fxx. so , i go difus vs omni
00:02:33OrokuSaki okay
00:03:03AliBaba -water 233 0 233
00:03:12Fxx. this will be funny game
00:03:14edgarass alibaba slepp ony max 2 lev
00:03:14Doomy pull chen
00:03:17Fxx. 2 ego players here
00:03:17edgarass not more pls
00:03:24Pojetz ;)
00:03:54Doomy go wood chen
00:04:03Selahaddin gl
00:04:21edgarass go pull
00:04:30edgarass venge?
00:04:38AliBaba venge ?
00:04:41AliBaba pull ?`??
00:04:55AliBaba venge ?
00:04:55AliBaba omg
00:05:04AliBaba 'let him farm ?
00:05:06AliBaba go pull..
00:05:09edgarass venge/.
00:05:10edgarass ?
00:05:25sebralane random
00:05:31AliBaba moron venge :b
00:06:25AliBaba venge ?
00:06:34Doomy ss
00:06:44AliBaba ss
00:06:55sebralane ss mid
00:07:10edgarass venge ifdiot go pull
00:07:16AliBaba venge?????????
00:07:21OrokuSaki vs ss
00:07:25OrokuSaki ty
00:07:28AliBaba go pull ?
00:07:28Pojetz kill and spamm him
00:08:02sebralane ss mid
00:08:07edgarass ss1
00:08:16OrokuSaki n1 naix
00:08:22edgarass ss2
00:09:00Fxx. next time dont take rune
00:09:11edgarass ss2
00:09:11OrokuSaki care
00:09:15sebralane cokd we get new wards?
00:09:16Fxx. and upgrade chick
00:09:30sebralane mirana
00:09:35sebralane xaere rtop
00:09:36Doomy ss
00:09:36OrokuSaki ns ss
00:09:49edgarass ss2
00:10:01edgarass i come fang
00:10:55sebralane perma ganking mid
00:11:10Carnage.1st miss
00:11:10Carnage.1st miss
00:11:10Carnage.1st miss
00:11:10Carnage.1st miss
00:11:22AliBaba ss
00:11:36edgarass noob venge
00:11:39edgarass stun immediately him
00:12:33edgarass braijn swap
00:13:06AliBaba ss
00:13:15Fxx. let me
00:13:20Fxx. OMG
00:13:57edgarass why u go?
00:13:58OrokuSaki fake i think
00:13:59AliBaba balana ?
00:14:00edgarass when 3 there?
00:14:00AliBaba r
00:14:03AliBaba so what ?
00:14:04AliBaba go
00:14:07Fant miss btm
00:14:42edgarass me b
00:15:04AliBaba go naix ?
00:15:16edgarass b
00:15:33Fxx. bala with phase boots
00:15:34Fxx. :-)
00:17:01AliBaba venge.. let him take the kill.
00:17:10Fxx. naix farm forest now
00:17:12Fxx. atrop
00:17:17Fxx. always let your ulty on naix
00:17:31Pojetz twr
00:17:32Pojetz fast
00:19:04Selahaddin care
00:19:08AliBaba reg
00:19:28AliBaba care
00:19:36Pojetz :/
00:19:43edgarass atro ulti?
00:19:49AliBaba mirana
00:19:53edgarass atro ulti naix
00:20:39OrokuSaki wow look at em all lol
00:20:42sebralane how can u miss all ults aa
00:20:54Doomy i didnt miss all
00:20:55edgarass push all
00:21:51edgarass b
00:22:00edgarass atro manaboots?
00:23:56edgarass mid al;2'}
00:24:04edgarass shit
00:24:04AliBaba gj
00:24:09AliBaba :b
00:24:10edgarass was wtriting
00:24:40edgarass atro b\
00:25:33edgarass team vome
00:25:40Pojetz kill naix
00:25:40Pojetz ffs
00:26:05AliBaba ..
00:26:06Fxx. ...
00:26:06OrokuSaki ks
00:26:07AliBaba dont
00:26:08OrokuSaki lool
00:26:20AliBaba venge ?+
00:26:26edgarass s and y is good on bala?
00:26:37Fxx. tower and fast back
00:27:31edgarass arrow?
00:27:33edgarass omg
00:27:36Fxx. no mana
00:27:48edgarass ff
00:28:19sebralane omni
00:28:19sebralane wtf
00:28:22sebralane no repel?
00:28:25sebralane are u faking kidding?
00:28:27OrokuSaki ...
00:28:56edgarass rosh?
00:29:02OrokuSaki why no repel wtf
00:29:08Fant have now
00:29:13OrokuSaki hould have lvl 2
00:29:29OrokuSaki chen ur guy is on me
00:29:30OrokuSaki ..
00:29:31Fant should i make pipe?
00:29:50Fant or not
00:29:53OrokuSaki yes
00:29:56Doomy make it
00:29:57Doomy ofc
00:30:03sebralane ult mid
00:30:06Doomy cd
00:30:48AliBaba wtf
00:30:54AliBaba rambO +??
00:30:55edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:03AliBaba GO LEAVE.
00:31:06AliBaba and be banned
00:31:13edgarass aour venfge is idiot
00:31:20AliBaba i know..
00:31:31sebralane good heal omni
00:31:35sebralane very nice
00:32:01Fxx. :-)
00:32:08edgarass lol nice arrow
00:32:13sebralane chen b
00:32:14edgarass mid push
00:32:15sebralane they inc
00:32:24Fxx. TOWER AND BACK
00:32:43edgarass top twr
00:32:45AliBaba go
00:32:46sebralane go regen lesh
00:32:46sebralane I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:32:54Selahaddin wht command
00:33:02Selahaddin !yes
00:33:02Fxx. guys
00:33:06sebralane type ff
00:33:06AliBaba b
00:33:07Fxx. all buy ghost scepter
00:33:09Selahaddin !ff
00:33:10Fxx. vs this imba hero
00:33:11Fxx. naix
00:33:13Selahaddin .ff
00:33:13sebralane no jut ff
00:33:14Fxx. plese
00:33:15sebralane just
00:33:40edgarass venge gtfo
00:34:31Selahaddin .surrender
00:34:35OrokuSaki stfu
00:34:55edgarass sleep smth
00:35:02edgarass atro ulti lesh
00:35:33AliBaba nice
00:35:54edgarass gj
00:36:21Selahaddin surrender!
00:37:08sebralane lol items on it
00:37:09sebralane ffs
00:37:17OrokuSaki 2 mins
00:37:19OrokuSaki no big
00:37:24Doomy its big
00:37:44edgarass share/>
00:38:05AliBaba ?
00:38:06AliBaba lol
00:38:09AliBaba why take off ?
00:38:22AliBaba venge ?
00:38:33AliBaba sorry.. razor ?
00:38:35AliBaba why take off ?
00:38:47Fxx. care
00:38:48Fxx. dont
00:39:03sebralane cant
00:39:06Pojetz banned
00:39:08Pojetz atro
00:39:12Carnage.1st b
00:39:13AliBaba who ?
00:39:15Pojetz u
00:39:19AliBaba lol ? :d
00:39:21Pojetz stealing me creeps
00:39:23Pojetz its bannale
00:39:26Pojetz bannable
00:39:28AliBaba -.-
00:39:28Pojetz i take picture
00:39:31Pojetz -.-
00:39:39AliBaba creeps ? :D
00:39:40AliBaba where ?
00:39:45Pojetz woods creeps
00:39:53AliBaba -cs
00:40:07Selahaddin i need eat
00:40:10Pojetz just farm
00:40:10edgarass razor pipe pls
00:40:11Pojetz now
00:40:21Selahaddin 2 min afk food
00:40:21AliBaba idiot ? :D funny..
00:40:26OrokuSaki wow...
00:40:28OrokuSaki banned
00:40:35Selahaddin why banned?
00:40:43Selahaddin i need eat bro
00:40:44OrokuSaki game ruining fag
00:40:49edgarass -ms
00:40:52OrokuSaki try not eating you fatty
00:41:00Selahaddin ?p?
00:41:02Selahaddin ok
00:41:04Fxx. go together mid ?
00:41:05Selahaddin i try
00:41:20Pojetz need 800
00:42:07Pojetz b
00:42:07Pojetz b
00:42:08Doomy rofl
00:42:08Pojetz b
00:42:23edgarass rosh fasT?
00:42:27Pojetz y
00:42:30Fxx. y
00:42:36Fxx. and let me
00:42:54edgarass b?
00:42:56Fxx. no
00:42:58Fxx. stay
00:42:59Pojetz no
00:43:06edgarass yeah nicoe
00:43:07edgarass fucking
00:43:20edgarass razor fihght!!!!!
00:43:26edgarass crppeing idio
00:43:52edgarass we can ff now
00:44:06Fxx. this will be hard game
00:44:07AliBaba radi ?
00:44:12edgarass no
00:44:15edgarass agha
00:44:18AliBaba razor ?
00:44:21Pojetz y
00:44:24AliBaba -.-
00:44:32sebralane b
00:44:39sebralane i needto farm 500
00:44:40sebralane to deso
00:45:10Doomy invi naix
00:45:17sebralane i hv lothat
00:46:00OrokuSaki gj
00:46:02AliBaba gr8
00:46:07AliBaba run. and no stun.
00:46:23Pojetz b
00:46:49OrokuSaki lol
00:47:22Carnage.1st balanar tell me sps
00:47:34edgarass atro wtf?
00:47:46AliBaba lol..
00:48:02Fxx. hahahaj
00:48:06Fxx. u steal me my ulty ?
00:48:07AliBaba i was fix my headset..
00:48:07Pojetz -cs
00:48:09AliBaba fml..
00:48:24Fxx. anyway
00:48:27Fxx. i cant win this 1vs
00:48:28Fxx. 5
00:48:35Pojetz now i m rdy
00:48:37AliBaba are finnish with farm ?
00:48:40AliBaba good
00:48:58Pojetz dont go
00:48:59sebralane b
00:48:59Pojetz idiot
00:49:06Pojetz def
00:49:10edgarass atro ub always stay back and ulti lesh
00:49:54edgarass gang their wppods
00:50:07AliBaba 4 hit..
00:50:18AliBaba so ready razor.
00:50:22Pojetz and?
00:50:33AliBaba and what ?
00:50:34AliBaba I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:39Pojetz i cant kill all the team
00:50:40Pojetz idiot
00:50:45Pojetz mirana run with full hp
00:50:57Pojetz x
00:50:59Pojetz def
00:51:06edgarass ultri
00:51:11edgarass atro
00:51:29OrokuSaki =.=
00:52:11Fxx. dota-gc must hate me soooo much
00:53:14edgarass atro forst thing u do
00:53:17edgarass ulti lesh roger?
00:53:25sebralane take rosh?
00:53:27AliBaba lesh ?
00:53:32edgarass leshrac
00:53:36AliBaba y i know ?
00:53:37edgarass mana
00:53:47edgarass ulti
00:53:51edgarass bnooob
00:53:55sebralane i go rosh
00:53:56edgarass that was freekill
00:53:58AliBaba you go b ??
00:54:00AliBaba fucking tardhead
00:54:46AliBaba nice swap :b
00:54:47edgarass I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:56edgarass u are usless atro
00:54:59edgarass why no ulti?
00:55:15AliBaba dd
00:55:17edgarass dd
00:55:17Pojetz venge u idiot
00:55:19edgarass dd
00:55:20Pojetz or u fag?
00:55:22Pojetz ur choise
00:55:31edgarass fucking morron
00:55:33Pojetz ROSH
00:55:34Pojetz kILL
00:55:39Pojetz u have dd
00:55:40Pojetz and no rosh
00:55:43Pojetz fucking fag
00:55:58Pojetz look that idiot ffx
00:56:21Pojetz nOW
00:56:22Pojetz ffx
00:56:23Pojetz look
00:56:23Pojetz NOW
00:56:25Pojetz u fag
00:56:28OrokuSaki zzz
00:56:31Pojetz naix have aegis
00:56:31Pojetz again
00:56:36edgarass razor pipe pls
00:57:09Carnage.1st go mid
00:57:31Selahaddin 54 min and we not win
00:58:07Doomy ulti omni
00:58:09Doomy omg
00:58:09edgarass mirana gj
00:58:11Fant I DID
00:58:15sebralane mirana will rape us all
00:58:19Doomy u did when u died
00:58:25edgarass atroo uti
00:58:42edgarass tower top
00:58:46Doomy we have no rax
00:59:11Fxx. ...
00:59:11AliBaba ? :b
00:59:11OrokuSaki he pp say he wanna leave all gfame
00:59:11Pojetz nice
00:59:11Pojetz venge can leave?
00:59:11Pojetz he no items
00:59:11Doomy he didnt say that lol
00:59:11Pojetz no lvl
00:59:11Pojetz s
00:59:11Fxx. guys
00:59:11Fxx. i go on 1 min afk
00:59:11Fxx. pause
00:59:11Pojetz k
00:59:11Fxx. if he dont leave
00:59:11AliBaba go
00:59:11sebralane byby projetz
00:59:11Pojetz ?
00:59:11Pojetz sa oled dibla v
00:59:11Pojetz meil 2 herot kelle farm 0p
00:59:11Fxx. im re
00:59:11sebralane sa oled lastpick russ
00:59:11Pojetz mis russ
00:59:11Pojetz sa 2ra ylba titt
00:59:11Fxx. we need atrop ulty on
00:59:11Fxx. on naix
00:59:11sebralane indeed 10 aastane russ oled
00:59:11Pojetz y
00:59:11Fxx. we need venge
00:59:11Pojetz omg
00:59:11Pojetz but
00:59:11Pojetz i have items
00:59:11sebralane v2ike neeger
00:59:11Pojetz and i m tank
00:59:11Fxx. stun+
00:59:11Fxx. swap
00:59:11Fxx. we need bala
00:59:11Pojetz he is noov
00:59:11Pojetz and we need razor
00:59:11Fxx. so
00:59:11Fxx. razor
00:59:11Fxx. balance
00:59:11Fxx. _?
00:59:11Pojetz venge is totally noob
00:59:11Pojetz i sell all items
00:59:11Fxx. u too
00:59:11edgarass can i have his hood?
00:59:11Pojetz ok
00:59:11Fxx. u pick 5. carry
00:59:11Carnage.1st razor=0
00:59:11Pojetz i dont care
00:59:11Fxx. and u ruin this game
00:59:11Pojetz but i have
00:59:11Pojetz items
00:59:11Fxx. + u
00:59:11Fxx. buy fucking
00:59:11Fxx. radi
00:59:11Fxx. ,,,
00:59:11sebralane lesh u take agha
00:59:11Pojetz i ruin?
00:59:11Pojetz lol
00:59:11OrokuSaki i have one
00:59:11OrokuSaki lol
00:59:11sebralane hehe
00:59:11Pojetz srsly pls
00:59:11Fxx. + all
00:59:11OrokuSaki you sell?
00:59:11Fxx. the time u
00:59:11Pojetz let venge goes
00:59:11Fxx. only flame
00:59:11sebralane dno
00:59:11Fxx. anc crying
00:59:11Carnage.1st who?
00:59:11Fxx. so
00:59:11Fxx. y
00:59:11sebralane i have 1 freeslot
00:59:11Fxx. 100%
00:59:11Pojetz ok
00:59:11Fxx. u balance
00:59:11Pojetz wat sec
00:59:11sebralane maybe i take something for now
00:59:11Pojetz i sell all items
00:59:11sebralane like meka :d
00:59:11Pojetz then i leave
00:59:11Fxx. np
00:59:11edgarass we will be rich yeah
00:59:11Fxx. i will do this
00:59:11OrokuSaki k
00:59:11Fxx. anyway
00:59:11Fxx. :-)
00:59:11Doomy save meka
00:59:11Fxx. your items is
00:59:11Doomy anyway
00:59:11Fxx. ussless
00:59:11Pojetz yea
00:59:11Fxx. for us
00:59:11Pojetz :D:D:
00:59:11sebralane y u want meka aa?
00:59:11Pojetz ok boss
00:59:11Pojetz u rly dony know
00:59:11Doomy why not
00:59:11Fxx. next time
00:59:11Doomy idc
00:59:11Pojetz or didnt se
00:59:11Fxx. dont pick carry
00:59:11Pojetz how ihe play
00:59:11Doomy just we need meka
00:59:11Pojetz ?
00:59:11Doomy for team
00:59:11Fxx. at 5. place
00:59:11Fxx. and su
00:59:12Pojetz u nigga
00:59:14Pojetz u idiot
00:59:15Fxx. razor
00:59:17OrokuSaki i take staff?
00:59:17edgarass balance
00:59:17Pojetz unpause
00:59:17Pojetz i ll go base
00:59:17Carnage.1st razor wait
00:59:17sebralane balance projetz
00:59:17Doomy razor leave
00:59:17sebralane ma yltesin sulle
00:59:17sebralane russ
00:59:18OrokuSaki i take mystic okay
00:59:18Pojetz i
00:59:21sebralane yy
00:59:21edgarass balance
00:59:22Fxx. venge
00:59:22Fxx. dont
00:59:23Doomy balance
00:59:26sebralane take what u need
00:59:26Fxx. k
00:59:29Fxx. report razor
00:59:29Doomy balance before unpause
00:59:30sebralane balance russ
00:59:34AliBaba omfg
00:59:34Fxx. report razor
00:59:34edgarass ban req
00:59:34Fxx. he drop
00:59:34Carnage.1st idiot
00:59:34AliBaba ban him please
00:59:34Fxx. and destroy all items
00:59:56edgarass banreq him
00:59:56sebralane maybe i get satanic
01:00:12AliBaba b
01:00:17AliBaba inc
01:00:22AliBaba b
01:00:50Doomy rosh re?
01:00:52OrokuSaki roshan?
01:00:59Fxx. w8 little
01:01:01Fxx. on my sata
01:01:07sebralane y i just sell domi
01:01:14edgarass dont forget to banreq tjhat idiot
01:01:30Fxx. i dont know
01:01:34Fxx. how we can br him
01:01:41OrokuSaki need smoek
01:01:41sebralane need wards
01:01:51Fant mirana has gem
01:01:54Doomy i can buy wards
01:01:55Fxx. guys
01:01:56Doomy but no slot
01:01:59Fxx. i m full wq
01:02:02Fxx. eq
01:02:18Fxx. so lets go try it
01:02:23edgarass push lanes
01:02:29Fxx. atrop
01:02:30Fxx. allways
01:02:33Fxx. use ulty on naix !
01:02:37Doomy push rax?
01:02:41edgarass but when he not black
01:02:43Fxx. it work vs his "bkb"
01:02:51Fxx. we need stun
01:02:53Fxx. no dmg
01:03:09Fxx. and venge stay near to me
01:03:12Fxx. i have got imba dmg
01:03:18AliBaba ..
01:03:25AliBaba sorry
01:03:37sebralane rax now
01:04:52edgarass atrru ulti
01:04:56AliBaba cd
01:05:54edgarass atro ulti lesh or naix
01:06:00edgarass naix only when he is not magfic immune
01:06:29Fxx. go mid now
01:06:30Fxx. all
01:06:30Fxx. !
01:06:51Doomy someone take the force staff?
01:06:54Fxx. and atrop
01:06:56Fxx. dont sleep
01:07:44edgarass wtgf
01:07:46edgarass who swapped me
01:07:49edgarass ff this team
01:08:30Fxx. bad
01:08:31Fxx. rly bad
01:08:35Doomy to me
01:08:35edgarass atro can u do proper ulti at once?
01:08:36OrokuSaki ;_;
01:08:55Fxx. ok
01:08:56Fxx. I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:08:59Fxx. i cant win this alone
01:09:01edgarass atro?
01:09:03Fxx. u have got team
01:09:04AliBaba y ?
01:09:08sebralane need mana
01:09:08Fxx. my team is rly low
01:09:16Fxx. ff it guys
01:09:18Fxx. 0 chance now
01:09:30Fxx. anyway
01:09:36Fxx. who know banrequest ?
01:09:38Fxx. i dont know
01:09:40Fxx. where
01:09:41Fxx. how
01:09:42edgarass atrpo ulti lesh or naix
01:09:47edgarass that al;ll u have to do
01:10:46Carnage.1st I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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