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71% | 1334 X | 1390 TS

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-7 TS

49% | 1190 X | 1308 TS

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40% | 1033 X | 1373 TS

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92% | 1598 X | 1487 TS

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44% | 1154 X | 1291 TS

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24% | 979 X | 1278 TS

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12% | 905 X | 1212 TS

Chat log

00:00:00siemenlinko [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... zebbelito with 124 seconds.
00:00:07zebbelito dirge any1?
00:00:21BeSt0ned ns?
00:00:21zebbelito dirge any1?
00:00:21zebbelito sebra
00:00:21Zajeb take team heroes\
00:00:21zebbelito dirge
00:00:21zebbelito !
00:00:21edgarass i can undying
00:00:21Zajeb ns
00:00:21Nickless sk
00:00:21Nickless me
00:00:21zebbelito treant
00:00:21sebralane egras
00:00:21Zajeb und some1?
00:00:21sebralane want dirge?
00:00:24edgarass y
00:00:26sebralane zebbe gets u
00:00:34zebbelito fuck :D
00:00:34sebralane :d
00:00:35edgarass seems not ;)
00:00:36Zajeb some1 wants und??
00:00:38siemenlinko i can kunkka
00:00:39edgarass i go kunkka
00:00:43Nickless tak huskar someone
00:00:45zebbelito naix sebra
00:00:47Nickless ..
00:00:51zebbelito stronk
00:01:00Zajeb get sand, sladar...
00:01:01zebbelito sk rhasta kunka
00:01:04Zajeb rhasta....
00:01:05siemenlinko kunkka?
00:01:11zebbelito rhasta kunka
00:01:12Nickless rhasta kunkka gr8
00:01:17Nickless or dk rhasta
00:01:20siemenlinko i kunkka
00:01:23siemenlinko damn
00:01:24Zajeb are u good potm?
00:01:24zebbelito rhasta
00:01:27zebbelito dk
00:01:30zebbelito slard
00:01:33BeSt0ned hm lost many % .___.
00:01:36edgarass naix woods?
00:01:38edgarass or lane?
00:01:40Nickless hes stoned
00:01:41Mircea.N i go rasta
00:01:43BeSt0ned 73 -> 43 :D
00:01:43Zajeb are u good?
00:01:46Mircea.N shit
00:01:46BeSt0ned well^^
00:01:47zebbelito fucking shit
00:01:47zebbelito :D
00:01:48Zajeb ok
00:01:49Zajeb go mid
00:01:54sebralane well we overpicked
00:01:55Mircea.N ezalor ?
00:01:55sebralane :d
00:01:56FBI shit miss click
00:01:56zebbelito out=
00:01:58zebbelito pit?
00:01:59Zajeb im bot with sand
00:02:03edgarass yeah we will need a lot of gold
00:02:14edgarass lanes
00:02:14Zajeb chicken?
00:02:15sebralane i go wood
00:02:27siemenlinko as u see
00:02:28Zajeb ok
00:02:32zebbelito FBI why u afk
00:02:36zebbelito while picking
00:02:37Zajeb rhasta will upgrade and buy wards
00:02:49edgarass he fucking like random
00:03:24Nickless rune
00:03:24siemenlinko have u shackle?
00:03:30siemenlinko yellow
00:03:31Zajeb pull sand
00:03:47Zajeb ss
00:03:48Zajeb care
00:04:01Zajeb re
00:04:10Mircea.N go last hit alche
00:04:23Mircea.N gj
00:04:49edgarass shit
00:04:51edgarass fucklign
00:04:52BeSt0ned dk
00:04:53BeSt0ned dont stun
00:04:55BeSt0ned if he shakel
00:04:56siemenlinko yy
00:04:57siemenlinko stfu
00:05:00edgarass alttabbed
00:05:32Nickless fail
00:05:39FBI ss
00:06:10BeSt0ned min gang pls -.-
00:06:45Zajeb kill
00:07:15siemenlinko kill
00:07:15BeSt0ned wtf
00:07:37FBI imba lag
00:08:17edgarass naix gang p[ls
00:08:26Nickless n
00:08:26Nickless b
00:08:26BeSt0ned ss
00:08:27Nickless b
00:08:28Nickless b
00:08:39Zajeb potm u suck tard
00:08:49Nickless huksar gonemid
00:08:56cooper ss
00:09:06FBI ss
00:09:08zebbelito miss mid
00:09:10zebbelito care toip
00:10:02edgarass ss2
00:11:05BeSt0ned ss
00:12:38sebralane husk take me in
00:12:44siemenlinko gank their woods
00:13:00FBI haha
00:13:15sebralane 0 3 alche
00:13:20sebralane 0 CS
00:13:21FBI ?
00:13:21sebralane hahahahahahah
00:13:34siemenlinko come
00:13:39sebralane care top
00:13:41edgarass ss2
00:13:41sebralane inc some
00:13:44edgarass eza b
00:15:17edgarass b husk
00:15:36zebbelito potm inv
00:15:43zebbelito vcome
00:15:43edgarass help def top
00:15:44zebbelito naic
00:15:49sebralane mana
00:15:50sebralane me
00:15:51sebralane mana me
00:15:52sebralane omg
00:16:28edgarass naix u idiot
00:16:31edgarass fucking watcjh
00:16:40edgarass u hitting fucking creeps
00:17:00sebralane if ezla could have maned me
00:17:01edgarass push top
00:17:04sebralane i would have gotten all
00:17:24Mircea.N put them naix
00:18:00Nickless huskar up gone
00:18:28Zajeb b
00:19:06edgarass gang top
00:19:10zebbelito bot
00:19:11zebbelito ffs
00:19:11siemenlinko sorry my screemn
00:19:39Zajeb ul;ti rhasta
00:19:57edgarass spam poisoin
00:20:08edgarass alche u are morron?
00:20:11FBI ?
00:20:12edgarass poson there or smth?
00:20:22FBI oom mby
00:20:23FBI idiot
00:20:31edgarass so fucking save mana instead of stunning yourself
00:20:33edgarass retard
00:20:41FBI omg
00:20:52edgarass team def?
00:20:53zebbelito kotl
00:20:53BeSt0ned b
00:20:53zebbelito =
00:20:56Nickless b
00:20:58FBI def alone
00:21:06edgarass retards
00:21:41edgarass def top
00:21:41sebralane dk freefarms
00:21:43edgarass eza
00:21:45sebralane but still no items
00:21:56edgarass eza fucking u rich bastard buy tps
00:22:00edgarass retards
00:22:03edgarass ffs
00:22:04edgarass ff
00:22:17edgarass push top
00:22:20edgarass all
00:22:31edgarass husk help
00:22:32Mircea.N i bought observers 10 mins ago and u not puted them
00:22:33Mircea.N naix
00:22:38cooper inv
00:22:48edgarass help psuh
00:23:44Nickless dont
00:23:45BeSt0ned ^^
00:23:45sebralane lorhar kickass i see
00:24:47edgarass bot care
00:24:53edgarass alche u dont know how to farm/>
00:24:55edgarass spapm poison
00:24:57edgarass all def mid
00:25:27edgarass retards
00:25:45Nickless catch him
00:25:48edgarass husk gj
00:25:52sebralane no let me top
00:25:53BeSt0ned dk
00:25:53sebralane ffs
00:25:55BeSt0ned get tank items
00:25:58zebbelito haha
00:26:01siemenlinko yy
00:26:10edgarass we could kill them all and u chase uselessly
00:26:11Zajeb armlet and bkb go dk
00:26:16siemenlinko yeah
00:26:18Zajeb we need to push
00:26:22edgarass nice teamplay
00:26:28zebbelito u stayed b i tryed to kill
00:26:29siemenlinko know
00:26:30Nickless mirana we can use your ulti for ganks
00:26:32Zajeb go bot all
00:26:43edgarass we did not stayed b
00:26:49edgarass we fougght near tower
00:26:52edgarass like normal team
00:26:57zebbelito they went home?
00:26:59zebbelito idiot?
00:27:09siemenlinko i
00:27:19edgarass eza b
00:27:23edgarass near tower
00:27:27sebralane wat?
00:27:28zebbelito buy tåp
00:27:30zebbelito tp
00:27:37edgarass me torrent ship
00:27:40edgarass then all go
00:28:41zebbelito useless alche
00:28:52zebbelito rly usless
00:29:05edgarass alche morron
00:29:07edgarass stun or smth
00:29:12zebbelito hes retartded
00:29:14edgarass u are retard idiot shithead rly bifggest nob ever
00:29:19Nickless increase dmg
00:29:20FBI yy
00:29:20edgarass fucking morron
00:29:22sebralane he is still makinfg radi
00:29:24edgarass go play chess
00:29:26sebralane after 1 4
00:29:27sebralane :D
00:29:27BeSt0ned dk
00:29:30BeSt0ned get vanguard
00:29:32edgarass alxhe dont go radi u idiot
00:29:33siemenlinko no
00:29:34siemenlinko bkb
00:29:41edgarass u wont save it forever
00:29:50edgarass b
00:29:53edgarass b
00:29:53edgarass b
00:29:59edgarass b
00:30:26edgarass why i always get thesew retards
00:30:35edgarass \b
00:30:41edgarass allmid
00:30:45edgarass wait my torrent ship
00:30:55edgarass all
00:31:07Nickless b
00:32:07siemenlinko noo
00:32:09BeSt0ned dont
00:32:12Nickless wtf was that
00:32:13BeSt0ned focus naix
00:32:15BeSt0ned and let ud die^^
00:32:17Nickless like soemone ctrled my hero
00:32:40siemenlinko mirana wheres your iotmes
00:32:52BeSt0ned away
00:32:53edgarass eza put skills
00:32:54siemenlinko :(
00:33:13edgarass and always unmana crix
00:33:23siemenlinko inc
00:33:53Zajeb mid
00:34:16zebbelito stop farm now sebra & alche
00:34:24edgarass mid
00:34:46zebbelito DO SOMETHING
00:35:04zebbelito idoiot
00:35:10zebbelito u suck
00:35:12Zajeb b
00:35:14zebbelito go rosh
00:35:15edgarass who?
00:35:18siemenlinko y
00:35:18zebbelito aLCHE
00:35:21edgarass he is retards
00:35:33edgarass useless carry
00:35:41sebralane comeõ
00:35:44zebbelito for naix
00:35:45sebralane gaking do ur nuke
00:35:47sebralane ffs
00:35:52siemenlinko bkb rdy
00:35:56siemenlinko next blademail
00:36:12Nickless ...
00:36:27Nickless listen to me nxtm time pls
00:36:47edgarass what a retard
00:36:48edgarass b
00:36:48sebralane i do this new ites what goes tho bkb?
00:36:49edgarass all
00:37:27edgarass b
00:37:33zebbelito all farm
00:37:35edgarass huskar wtf u go suiside like thatr?
00:37:37zebbelito cant belive it
00:37:44zebbelito its not about farming
00:37:44edgarass and u what?
00:37:45zebbelito u cunts
00:37:46FBI I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:49edgarass mid near tower
00:37:53edgarass eza
00:38:00edgarass wait me initia
00:38:01Nickless spam arcane
00:38:33zebbelito go 5 mid
00:38:34zebbelito push
00:38:35zebbelito now
00:38:38zebbelito no fucking farming
00:38:41zebbelito u shitfaced
00:38:43zebbelito idiots
00:38:50FBI )
00:39:13zebbelito wat all
00:39:34edgarass wtf
00:39:36edgarass are u idiots?
00:39:37edgarass rly?
00:39:42edgarass naix?
00:39:44edgarass retard
00:39:44Nickless push guys
00:39:47zebbelito edgaras
00:39:48edgarass go fuck yourslef all
00:39:49zebbelito we said wait
00:39:50sebralane go 3v5?
00:39:50edgarass zeebbe too
00:39:54edgarass it was4 v5
00:39:57edgarass only alche missing
00:40:02edgarass shitheads
00:40:06zebbelito it was 3v5
00:40:08edgarass u fucking losse the game that is won
00:40:23edgarass alche go df
00:40:25edgarass retard ifiot
00:40:32edgarass alche nooob
00:40:33FBI flame more)
00:40:40edgarass banrequest for gameruin pls
00:40:48siemenlinko for who
00:40:59siemenlinko ?
00:41:03edgarass for alcjhe
00:41:10edgarass biggest retard
00:41:17FBI and bam for for flame 24/7
00:41:27sebralane i havbeo regen
00:41:31zebbelito I HAVE
00:42:09edgarass b
00:42:18zebbelito b
00:42:21edgarass b
00:42:21edgarass b
00:42:23edgarass '
00:42:26edgarass eza b
00:42:36zebbelito go bot
00:42:37Zajeb b
00:42:37zebbelito ALL
00:42:45FBI I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:42:50edgarass i go farm like u
00:43:04edgarass b
00:43:10edgarass exza wRDS
00:43:14edgarass OR U NO MONEY?
00:43:22edgarass ALL MID
00:43:27Zajeb w8
00:43:35Zajeb dk take
00:43:40zebbelito buy gem
00:43:45zebbelito and warfds
00:43:48siemenlinko mdi?
00:43:51edgarass ROSH
00:44:36BeSt0ned so bad
00:44:38Nickless we should have gone
00:44:44Nickless b
00:44:52Nickless wew 8 for bkbs then we gpo
00:44:59edgarass RAZX
00:45:21edgarass EZA
00:45:24edgarass RAX
00:45:29edgarass TOP4
00:45:32siemenlinko go
00:45:53edgarass ME SHO[ FAST
00:45:56edgarass WAIT
00:46:07edgarass B
00:46:08edgarass ?
00:47:02sebralane srry zebbe
00:47:05sebralane was shopping :D
00:47:09zebbelito :D
00:47:13Mircea.N alche..?
00:47:17Nickless push
00:47:19siemenlinko push mid
00:47:20siemenlinko crix
00:47:20Nickless or rosh
00:47:41FBI hmm what atem
00:47:43sebralane what item u drop?
00:48:13edgarass TAKE AEGIS
00:48:14Mircea.N lol take it
00:48:14edgarass IDIOT
00:48:22siemenlinko stun
00:48:35FBI team of kids =)
00:48:47siemenlinko u2
00:48:48Nickless im bad
00:48:55edgarass IDIOT
00:48:57sebralane def mid
00:48:59edgarass ZEBBBE?
00:49:00edgarass WTF?
00:49:01zebbelito u are
00:49:06zebbelito u farmed whole game
00:49:06edgarass ALCHE DEF
00:49:08zebbelito all 4 of u
00:49:16edgarass AND U GIVE THEM AEGIS?
00:49:19zebbelito yes
00:49:27zebbelito alche no tp
00:49:29zebbelito ban him
00:49:33FBI )
00:49:54zebbelito lopok allche
00:50:05edgarass SP
00:50:06edgarass STUN
00:50:06zebbelito so bvad
00:50:15BeSt0ned dust?
00:50:15BeSt0ned xD
00:50:17BeSt0ned man
00:50:18BeSt0ned sandking
00:50:19zebbelito so insalny bad
00:50:22zebbelito he must be russain
00:50:26Nickless what..
00:50:26edgarass FUCKING EGO SHITHEAD
00:50:26sebralane zebbe lets ju go mid
00:50:28zebbelito ofc i will
00:50:37sebralane wait for me 30sek
00:50:48edgarass FBI CARRY TP ALWAYS PLS
00:50:51edgarass U NOB
00:50:57FBI no tnx
00:51:20edgarass ALL BOT?
00:51:21sebralane zebbe come take me
00:51:27zebbelito y
00:51:29FBI i ll report u
00:51:40FBI my little friend)
00:51:41edgarass report
00:51:44edgarass u fuckiong game ruiner
00:51:53zebbelito request after
00:51:59edgarass zebbe tyoo
00:52:07edgarass for freegiving aegis
00:52:49edgarass alche?????????????????????
00:53:03edgarass I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:53:04edgarass idiot
00:53:08Mircea.N I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:53:12edgarass !banreq FBI
00:54:01siemenlinko omfg
00:54:01Zajeb I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:02siemenlinko cooper
00:54:06edgarass looks l ike noob won
00:54:37sebralane tp me exla
00:54:49sebralane rege
00:54:59Mircea.N -ms
00:55:08siemenlinko bd
00:55:09siemenlinko bd
00:55:11siemenlinko reporet
00:56:02zebbelito range :D?
00:56:23siemenlinko lol
00:56:24siemenlinko xD
00:56:26sebralane why so late bkb
00:56:30zebbelito kuz dno
00:56:40sebralane and why du u have firespea on autocast
00:56:45sebralane lifesteal would have saved u lol
00:56:57sebralane self pwn alche
00:57:05Mircea.N can we gather to destroy top ?
00:57:16zebbelito alche so weak
00:58:07sebralane tp
00:58:12sebralane tp tptptp
00:58:20zebbelito tp me
00:58:22zebbelito kotl
00:58:51zebbelito Imfg
00:59:17siemenlinko he satanic
00:59:25siemenlinko b
00:59:26BeSt0ned I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:59:28siemenlinko def
00:59:34siemenlinko I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:59:38Zajeb just ff
00:59:40siemenlinko y
00:59:42siemenlinko I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:00:45zebbelito lunla
01:01:33BeSt0ned whats with huskars bd?
01:01:35edgarass dont forget to leave aegis
01:01:41siemenlinko ban reque
01:01:47Nickless banreq husk
01:01:50Nickless gj
01:01:53Zajeb its not bd when creeps are in
01:01:54zebbelito for what
01:01:56siemenlinko bd
01:02:02Zajeb its not bd
01:02:05siemenlinko it was
01:02:07Nickless they said they will rep u
01:02:27sebralane come zebbe
01:03:31edgarass maybe all go top?
01:03:35edgarass for mega?
01:03:45edgarass husk?
01:04:16Mircea.N GG
01:04:21siemenlinko yy gg
01:04:22siemenlinko I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:24cooper I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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