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Chat log Tough rapeing bronze material Very prooo shiit
00:00:19Tough come on
00:00:19Tough su
00:00:19Tough just want to play ^^, i know
00:00:19Tough spectre meepo
00:00:19holostoi am
00:00:20holostoi lol
00:00:21zonskass pick am shit
00:00:22zonskass pick am
00:00:25Tough yy
00:00:26zonskass good didint notice him. :D
00:00:27holostoi gg
00:00:28HuaRong i can xin anybody ursa or smth?
00:00:39holostoi slard
00:00:42holostoi vs am
00:00:42Tough get wd
00:00:44Tough lesh
00:00:45Tough tide
00:00:55Tough WD AND TIDE
00:00:57Tough or tiny u'll play or?
00:01:01Tough or lesh
00:01:02Tough y Didint notice am at first place. :D
00:01:04holostoi i can
00:01:06Tough :D
00:01:09Tough np it is problem
00:01:16Tough why? get me tiny then
00:01:20Tough am bullshit
00:01:20Rotkiv tiny wd lina -swap 4
00:01:26Tough guys pls get tide or wd
00:01:28holostoi i can tny too well u said u can play slard
00:01:36zonskass /w DotaKeys: on and i want tiny so
00:01:37UnKnownRetardQ i go with lesh :D
00:01:38zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Tormented Soul [t,c,g,v]
00:01:39SMEGMAPLEKK mida ma võtan some?
00:01:40holostoi -swap 1
00:01:41Fxx. random amm
00:01:44WhiteNoiZe ´pick
00:01:44Tough wd and t ide võta tide kui saad ja kui viitsid
00:01:48SMEGMAPLEKK tide ei taha
00:01:48Tough WD AND TIDE
00:01:50SMEGMAPLEKK just pelsin :D
00:01:51Tough COME ON
00:01:52SMEGMAPLEKK sellega
00:01:52Tough WEFHWEIFW mmm
00:01:55Rotkiv wd wd oskad?
00:02:01Tough wp wd
00:02:01WhiteNoiZe i can play both
00:02:02Tough thank you
00:02:03SMEGMAPLEKK kes see?:D
00:02:04Rotkiv nerubian
00:02:04zonskass razor SHARE ALL
00:02:07zonskass SHARE ALL
00:02:07SMEGMAPLEKK m km võta nerub pohj
00:02:12WhiteNoiZe and razer failpick
00:02:14SMEGMAPLEKK pohhuj
00:02:14UnKnownRetardQ sorry i am retard
00:02:15Tough yeah.. no see on veel parem. :D
00:02:21Tough gg
00:02:23Tough they got tide
00:02:25Tough tiny
00:02:26Tough sladar
00:02:27Fxx. am in game ?
00:02:28Tough lina
00:02:30Tough this is so gg y
00:02:30zonskass no problem i failed
00:02:32zonskass all make bkb
00:02:35Tough haha
00:02:36zonskass and tide mega noob
00:02:38WhiteNoiZe ^^
00:02:40Tough hope so
00:02:41Fxx. so
00:02:44Fxx. this will be hard
00:02:45zonskass he 1% :D
00:02:46WhiteNoiZe tide is mega noob
00:02:49Rotkiv i go mekka hell yes
00:02:50Tough 1%? :D:D
00:02:52WhiteNoiZe played last game with him we have 1 hit combo against them though massive
00:03:14Fxx. and my bad random
00:03:16Fxx. vs magina
00:03:16Fxx. :-)
00:03:17Rotkiv reg top
00:03:31Fxx. ss all care
00:03:35SMEGMAPLEKK nice lane ptsi
00:04:58SMEGMAPLEKK b fuckign nice
00:05:14Fxx. uf :-)
00:05:16UnKnownRetardQ awesome
00:05:16UnKnownRetardQ stuns
00:05:17Tough why the fuck i come to help u
00:05:31Fxx. rune up
00:05:43Rotkiv to
00:05:49UnKnownRetardQ good player
00:05:50UnKnownRetardQ really
00:05:51HuaRong ss2
00:05:51UnKnownRetardQ awesome
00:06:06HuaRong ss2
00:06:13WhiteNoiZe -2 omfg
00:06:35HuaRong b
00:07:15HuaRong ss
00:07:19Tough ss mid
00:07:20Tough care
00:07:38Tough care bot
00:07:42Tough tiny with rune i think omfg
00:08:57WhiteNoiZe fuck
00:08:59WhiteNoiZe xD What fuck Look who ownt me
00:09:17Fxx. fucking easy hero
00:09:18WhiteNoiZe y but i dont want to die
00:09:25Tough Y
00:09:27Tough BLINk
00:09:27Fxx. rune down
00:09:29Tough DONT WORK
00:09:30Tough ITS OKAy Its very ok =)
00:09:39Rotkiv kill
00:10:03Tough ss mid
00:10:03Tough care
00:10:22zonskass ss mid?
00:10:31Rotkiv ffs hit that tower
00:10:57UnKnownRetardQ care
00:11:14HuaRong vagina, vlads?
00:11:15UnKnownRetardQ go gang
00:11:16Tough y
00:11:17Tough klater
00:11:21Fxx. xin + magina miss down
00:11:25UnKnownRetardQ go gang
00:11:32UnKnownRetardQ dont push lane
00:11:48UnKnownRetardQ DONT
00:11:49UnKnownRetardQ PUSH LANE
00:12:01UnKnownRetardQ retard slard u must farm
00:12:09zonskass magina ... ur our carry
00:12:11zonskass you crazy
00:12:11zonskass ..
00:12:19UnKnownRetardQ get wards
00:12:21UnKnownRetardQ so you will see
00:12:23UnKnownRetardQ that he is not lets try mid also
00:12:31zonskass you last pick
00:12:32holostoi go gank again
00:12:37zonskass you buy ward
00:12:37UnKnownRetardQ so?
00:12:42UnKnownRetardQ good idea wards team we need em
00:13:59UnKnownRetardQ AAHAHAHAHAHA
00:13:59UnKnownRetardQ AHAHAHAH
00:14:00zonskass fucking noob team
00:14:02zonskass what i can say
00:14:03UnKnownRetardQ AHAHAHAHAHAAH keep pushing tide ulti on?
00:14:16SMEGMAPLEKK y tle siia ma tossin sind pane foloow mu peale
00:14:30UnKnownRetardQ LESHRAC
00:14:31UnKnownRetardQ IDIOT
00:14:32UnKnownRetardQ GO BACK
00:14:53WhiteNoiZe razer..
00:14:54SMEGMAPLEKK nagu bait:D kiiremini järgm kord
00:15:05SMEGMAPLEKK mai ppannud t2hele:D
00:15:14WhiteNoiZe play team or i will eat ur pc
00:15:21zonskass magina
00:15:22UnKnownRetardQ ?
00:15:23zonskass farm
00:15:24zonskass ..
00:15:28UnKnownRetardQ retard
00:15:41UnKnownRetardQ mana
00:16:02Tough +CMON TEAM
00:16:06UnKnownRetardQ TEAMM?
00:16:18Tough tide noob?
00:16:19Tough yeah
00:16:20Tough totaly
00:16:21Tough i see
00:16:21UnKnownRetardQ he is
00:16:25UnKnownRetardQ so are you
00:16:27zonskass he noob ;] we muust push against am i got dagger now
00:16:29zonskass just you
00:16:30zonskass noob
00:16:32zonskass magina
00:16:34Tough yeha
00:16:35HuaRong razor fail pick holotoi try to get also
00:16:36UnKnownRetardQ magina?
00:16:38UnKnownRetardQ you suck man
00:16:40UnKnownRetardQ 0-4
00:16:59Fxx. ?.? nice bro :D
00:17:01Fxx. :-)
00:17:08Tough I DONT GIVE A FUCK omw
00:17:51UnKnownRetardQ good player
00:17:52UnKnownRetardQ <3
00:17:53zonskass they all gank
00:17:57WhiteNoiZe so obbious
00:18:03HuaRong no wards :D
00:18:09WhiteNoiZe y lina go for hex ? .p
00:18:15WhiteNoiZe not even time to plant them
00:18:24SMEGMAPLEKK dagger olemas
00:18:33Fxx. dager kena 3 daggers. :D
00:18:58SMEGMAPLEKK mis nyyd teen? mm hp-d
00:19:14UnKnownRetardQ see
00:19:15UnKnownRetardQ wards win
00:19:15SMEGMAPLEKK ..
00:19:21WhiteNoiZe SO GET SOME
00:19:27Rotkiv bot ma mõtlen
00:19:28Tough v selles asi
00:19:29Tough b
00:19:29Tough b
00:19:39SMEGMAPLEKK vang y
00:19:51Tough cmon 4 vs 3
00:20:19SMEGMAPLEKK lol
00:20:20UnKnownRetardQ wow
00:20:21UnKnownRetardQ xin
00:20:23UnKnownRetardQ seriously
00:20:25UnKnownRetardQ you ulty tiny
00:20:27UnKnownRetardQ nd not come?
00:21:01Fxx. sry slardar iull go for hex u take rune kana koju mees :D
00:21:27SMEGMAPLEKK lol
00:21:29SMEGMAPLEKK p push bot now get tower
00:21:55Tough ffs
00:22:11holostoi -ms
00:23:01zonskass razor ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:23:02UnKnownRetardQ XD
00:23:06UnKnownRetardQ wp
00:23:07UnKnownRetardQ nice fed
00:24:06WhiteNoiZe because of u razer i dont even have money to get boots
00:24:08SMEGMAPLEKK am mid
00:24:08holostoi go mid gether
00:24:11UnKnownRetardQ ok
00:24:25Fxx. wards here
00:24:27Fxx. they have got
00:24:37SMEGMAPLEKK mna k tidfe has ulti kohe kui ma lähen vaata, et oled järgi mul keep pushing we need raxes first ones
00:26:43WhiteNoiZe xD
00:26:45WhiteNoiZe funny *
00:27:02WhiteNoiZe gg
00:27:07UnKnownRetardQ go väga kehva sinuppootl
00:27:21SMEGMAPLEKK jh
00:27:24SMEGMAPLEKK tean
00:27:56Tough u all scared
00:27:58Tough or what?
00:28:01WhiteNoiZe y ffs This lina KNows i want to toss slard
00:28:27Fxx. guys
00:28:28holostoi lina fuck u and he just walks in the fucking wayõ
00:28:38Fxx. guys
00:28:40Fxx. focus tower What guys
00:28:42WhiteNoiZe 25 mins i think i buy boots
00:28:42Fxx. and rax
00:28:49Fxx. dont toying with heroes We need to kill them unless they get us Alright
00:29:04Fxx. go again down
00:29:06SMEGMAPLEKK mis nüüd?:D
00:29:06Fxx. and focus raxs ! Now we all go mid and get mid võid refu teha
00:29:17SMEGMAPLEKK ok pole kunagi halb item
00:29:23Rotkiv -ms Ja palun
00:29:26SMEGMAPLEKK ulti now Jälgi mängu
00:29:29holostoi bot twr 250 hp
00:29:49HuaRong wards
00:29:58Fxx. OMG
00:30:00WhiteNoiZe your a vlever guy wp
00:30:06Fxx. :-)
00:30:08WhiteNoiZe clever
00:30:20Fxx. anyway
00:30:23Fxx. i dont understand
00:30:23Fxx. why mid
00:30:31zonskass look tide
00:30:32zonskass make
00:30:35zonskass vanguard
00:30:36zonskass ....
00:30:41SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:31:14UnKnownRetardQ go
00:31:17SMEGMAPLEKK no nüüd oli enamv2hem ok ulti y
00:31:25zonskass magina fail
00:31:26zonskass ...
00:31:34UnKnownRetardQ b
00:32:07Tough b
00:32:08Rotkiv heh gety tower bottom
00:33:07Fxx. 3vs all
00:33:07Fxx. care
00:33:11holostoi need all y
00:33:17zonskass I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:21SMEGMAPLEKK ulti we need to aim magina less is shit rest*
00:33:39Rotkiv dd slard go
00:33:43Rotkiv bot dd take it
00:33:54SMEGMAPLEKK omgg
00:33:56UnKnownRetardQ good player <3
00:34:49Fxx. and we lost now y
00:34:55holostoi couse u
00:34:57UnKnownRetardQ tp i guess
00:35:01holostoi fail toss
00:35:03Fxx. cause magina is fucking easy hero
00:35:09holostoi bot twr 15 min ago
00:35:09Fxx. and u dont know focus fucking raxs It's not over yet ffs got hex in 300
00:35:19Fxx. magina is fucking easy hero
00:35:53UnKnownRetardQ ?gsaasasgjkpapsgkjapksg
00:35:55UnKnownRetardQ NEEDED
00:35:58UnKnownRetardQ AT LEAST ONE FOR PIPE
00:36:00UnKnownRetardQ YOU FUCKING IDIOT go bot again imo with tides ulti
00:36:10holostoi ye
00:36:16SMEGMAPLEKK sec
00:36:19holostoi -ms
00:36:29Tough just turtle nmore
00:36:36UnKnownRetardQ 90% we win
00:36:36HuaRong y
00:36:50Rotkiv focus rax or?
00:36:52SMEGMAPLEKK rosh? y
00:36:53holostoi ye
00:36:57holostoi rax rad rax and aim magina i hex n shit
00:37:10Tough all base
00:37:11Tough chill tide ja sa oota
00:37:23SMEGMAPLEKK ? kuni vaja
00:37:25SMEGMAPLEKK jh gg
00:38:04Fxx. fucking magina pick win this
00:38:15WhiteNoiZe i hope so
00:38:16Tough nah
00:38:19Tough team just play good now
00:38:20zonskass magina
00:38:21Rotkiv we need a entry before we go like that
00:38:21Fxx. hate this easy hero
00:38:22zonskass make manta plz
00:38:23Fxx. like lycan y
00:38:30Rotkiv lets smoke and then push without magina they are headless chikens
00:38:43Tough CIOMNE
00:38:51Fxx. they focus me hard thats y u have to use all u got fast
00:39:04Rotkiv push lanes b and then we smoke
00:39:05Tough +xin
00:39:07Tough u can make vlads check rosh aslo
00:39:12HuaRong c
00:39:14HuaRong k
00:39:33UnKnownRetardQ now you die
00:39:34UnKnownRetardQ and we lose ffs
00:39:50Tough B ALL entry go
00:39:52Rotkiv bot
00:40:05UnKnownRetardQ -ms
00:40:28Rotkiv we cant
00:40:38Rotkiv lets push bot y dont just feed party for them
00:40:50holostoi w8 them here
00:41:04holostoi w8
00:41:11Rotkiv bkb?
00:41:11UnKnownRetardQ nice ward
00:41:13UnKnownRetardQ wp
00:41:13Rotkiv slard
00:41:16Rotkiv when
00:41:41zonskass :D
00:41:45holostoi w8
00:41:48holostoi 15 sec
00:41:52Rotkiv waait hes bkb
00:41:53Tough bBB
00:41:55UnKnownRetardQ am go first
00:41:56UnKnownRetardQ cuz you got
00:41:58UnKnownRetardQ aegis
00:42:00Tough yeahg
00:42:00Fxx. but
00:42:00HuaRong w them
00:42:00Rotkiv fuck top is pushing
00:42:00Fxx. he have got now
00:42:00Fxx. 0 dmg
00:42:00Tough ember
00:42:00Tough is good
00:42:00Tough to start
00:42:00holostoi go rax
00:42:00Tough a
00:42:00holostoi now
00:42:00Tough clash y
00:42:00holostoi focus rax
00:42:00HuaRong y
00:42:00HuaRong i will i controll tide
00:42:00UnKnownRetardQ true and we tell them to leave 1 :p
00:42:00HuaRong with pipe
00:42:00HuaRong and shield
00:42:00holostoi we can use tide?
00:42:03Rotkiv k
00:42:09Tough :)
00:42:13SMEGMAPLEKK wifi nussib
00:42:13SMEGMAPLEKK rsk
00:42:54Fxx. nice lag
00:42:55Fxx. rly
00:43:07SMEGMAPLEKK ye
00:43:14holostoi gj
00:43:24UnKnownRetardQ right
00:43:30WhiteNoiZe if we win this i eat my chair why?
00:43:40Fxx. u will win this
00:43:40UnKnownRetardQ We win
00:43:41UnKnownRetardQ 100%
00:43:42UnKnownRetardQ lol
00:43:43WhiteNoiZe just 4 fun
00:43:44Fxx. Cause magina is imba hero magina is easyest hero ever
00:43:51UnKnownRetardQ I dont think magina made game
00:43:52UnKnownRetardQ But w/e
00:43:55zonskass back
00:43:56zonskass razor
00:44:00UnKnownRetardQ seems like brown's opinion doesn't matter
00:44:00UnKnownRetardQ ;D
00:44:05UnKnownRetardQ will, soon.
00:44:09UnKnownRetardQ At least mine. go now
00:44:23WhiteNoiZe sry was writing
00:44:39HuaRong b
00:44:41Rotkiv this is a entry
00:44:57HuaRong b
00:44:59HuaRong or lose
00:45:04Rotkiv tide
00:45:08UnKnownRetardQ tp owerfull thing
00:45:33Fxx. WP TIDE
00:45:42Fxx. 2 dead
00:45:43Rotkiv tide?
00:45:46Fxx. And u go up side ...
00:46:19Fxx. WP TIDE !!!
00:46:22SMEGMAPLEKK ok türa sa oled tõesti maun oli vaja siis see oleks võit olnud ei Sa lähed üles
00:46:36Tough care
00:46:38Tough dont go alone
00:46:41Tough def top anmd bot Terve pela saad ilusti hakkama lõpuks ikka kepid ära
00:47:04Rotkiv rpsh up?
00:47:09Tough one wrong move of us
00:47:11Tough and its lost
00:47:11Fxx. i think n
00:47:21UnKnownRetardQ not really
00:47:24UnKnownRetardQ now we 3 strong
00:47:43Rotkiv where?
00:47:44holostoi w8 them
00:47:47UnKnownRetardQ i still think
00:47:49UnKnownRetardQ am should go first
00:47:53UnKnownRetardQ not xin we cant wait
00:48:00HuaRong care we cant go head on
00:48:00Tough NO we are just fucked
00:48:03zonskass no
00:48:03Tough b
00:48:03zonskass no
00:48:03Tough b
00:48:04zonskass ni
00:48:09holostoi we should gamng before lets ff
00:48:50Fxx. hater magina -) our only chance got blew
00:49:03Fxx. y fucking hell so close
00:49:11Fxx. tide lost us 1 fucking good chance yet so far
00:49:13Rotkiv lets hope they fuck up or somethinf tjhey wont lol
00:49:25UnKnownRetardQ hex is 2.5 secs right?
00:49:45UnKnownRetardQ b well this one is Gg tide :P
00:50:12Tough b
00:50:12Tough b
00:50:12Tough b
00:50:13Tough al
00:50:14Tough al
00:50:28UnKnownRetardQ need
00:50:29UnKnownRetardQ 100 gold
00:50:31UnKnownRetardQ and go rosh easyer to ff imo
00:50:33holostoi let tide farm 400 gold we lose less x
00:50:38holostoi an let them push mm
00:50:41holostoi we can win y we can try that also
00:50:48UnKnownRetardQ i take
00:50:49Tough xn come
00:50:49UnKnownRetardQ imo
00:50:53Fxx. we can turtle now :-)
00:50:54Tough mah
00:50:56Tough i take for? :D
00:50:59UnKnownRetardQ you are
00:51:01UnKnownRetardQ much weaker
00:51:03UnKnownRetardQ like 2 times
00:51:03Fxx. i dont know slard cant get that imba
00:51:11UnKnownRetardQ but w/e to take razor and magina
00:51:13UnKnownRetardQ if you wanna lose
00:51:13holostoi if we got them in our base we ush
00:51:14UnKnownRetardQ np
00:51:21SMEGMAPLEKK oot kohe refre
00:51:26holostoi def now
00:51:32UnKnownRetardQ nice usage.
00:51:33Tough my wand ffs
00:51:34UnKnownRetardQ no.
00:51:43UnKnownRetardQ a
00:51:43UnKnownRetardQ XD
00:51:45UnKnownRetardQ YOU THOUGHT
00:51:47UnKnownRetardQ I WOULD TAKE IT?
00:51:48UnKnownRetardQ XD
00:51:56Fxx. tide
00:52:00Fxx. why the hell u go up side
00:52:00Fxx. why
00:52:05UnKnownRetardQ (razor fail pick)
00:52:16holostoi let them push
00:52:16SMEGMAPLEKK 2 utlis now lets try fuck this
00:52:19Tough care
00:52:20Tough smoke
00:52:21Tough b
00:52:22Tough all
00:52:22UnKnownRetardQ they smoked
00:52:23Rotkiv wait them
00:52:23holostoi no they wont push they farm
00:52:26Rotkiv dont go they smoke dont u get i? :D
00:52:28Rotkiv maybe
00:52:49Fxx. so we smoke too :-)
00:53:06HuaRong smoke
00:53:10Fxx. GO TOGETHER FFS i dont get it
00:54:09UnKnownRetardQ MAGINA WINS how u guys get so left behind? ofc he does Next time Dont take magina in ur team And go carry yourself Pro
00:54:33UnKnownRetardQ he feeds more
00:54:35UnKnownRetardQ He has lower kills Without magina
00:54:39UnKnownRetardQ he has lower assist
00:54:40Fxx. we had sooo nice chance
00:54:40UnKnownRetardQ he makes game You wouldve been raped so hardcore
00:54:43Fxx. but tide ruin it
00:54:47Fxx. u dont deserve win
00:54:49Fxx. but ff Indeed
00:54:51Fxx. I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel] y I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel] just ff
00:54:59zonskass 3 make it finish faster guys have dignity to lose. :)
00:55:32Fxx. agha lina ulty on magina - 300 hp , rly totaly fail of icefrog
00:55:52UnKnownRetardQ pipe (abosrb 400 dmg) just ff guys
00:56:17Tough thx xin :)
00:56:22HuaRong :D
00:56:36SMEGMAPLEKK me võidame veel selle irw Huiiii
00:57:00Tough xin u make vlads=?
00:57:04HuaRong y
00:57:09HuaRong have it
00:57:13Tough kay
00:57:30Rotkiv tide you dont make vang to tide
00:57:33HuaRong gather i told him to for hp so
00:57:40Rotkiv it dosent stack with second spell :D my bad
00:58:00holostoi 200 gold
00:58:03SMEGMAPLEKK mis veel teen?
00:58:05HuaRong go smoke
00:58:07holostoi w8 them?
00:58:09Rotkiv pipe?
00:58:12Rotkiv on meil dno
00:58:18SMEGMAPLEKK mkm
00:58:23Rotkiv pipe
00:58:34Fxx. guys
00:58:36Fxx. dont go push
00:58:37Fxx. please
00:58:37HuaRong jets smoke we cant wait them to come ffs they are just farming
00:58:50Rotkiv lets go bot and see whats happens and it makes it even worse
00:58:58UnKnownRetardQ wait
00:59:00UnKnownRetardQ need 450 lina
00:59:03holostoi lina where the fuc ku go go now
00:59:05UnKnownRetardQ dont rush pfft
00:59:21Fxx. 150 to another eul well they smoked so
00:59:28zonskass they smoked?
01:01:13Rotkiv I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:01:18SMEGMAPLEKK I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
01:01:22Tough wp
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