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Chat log

00:00:04GottHasstMich ap
00:00:05holostoi -ap
00:00:07GottHasstMich pinary u play enigma
00:00:34GottHasstMich tiny dazzle top
00:00:36GottHasstMich rhasta ogre bot
00:01:08GottHasstMich tiny
00:01:10zetler im bot
00:01:11HuaRong y
00:01:13GottHasstMich massive roam asap arcane boots
00:01:16PinaryB crap i bought tangoes
00:01:18zetler we can gank bot good
00:01:18HuaRong :D
00:01:25HuaRong not thaht good
00:01:28HuaRong that
00:01:30GottHasstMich ?
00:01:34PinaryB hey ck wanna swap 3 tangoes for that clarity?
00:01:35PinaryB :D
00:01:38HuaRong with tiny
00:01:42zetler ck?
00:01:43GottHasstMich arcane boots ?
00:01:45HuaRong y
00:01:46PinaryB cg*
00:01:48GottHasstMich lol
00:01:49GottHasstMich o,O
00:01:52PinaryB y ment ya
00:01:52HuaRong i now build
00:02:00zetler well whatever
00:02:01GottHasstMich idc as long as u roam
00:02:02GottHasstMich and gang
00:02:04zetler not now
00:02:10GottHasstMich especially on spec
00:02:12MrDeerHunter use the chick in like 1min? :D
00:04:23HuaRong stuck
00:04:34Nickless brainstorming
00:04:38MrDeerHunter ?
00:04:42PinaryB got lvl 2 male
00:05:04Nickless ss
00:05:06Nickless re
00:05:36zetler eni ruen
00:05:39zetler gank and gank
00:05:57PinaryB dont push the lane then
00:06:02zetler im not
00:06:08Banana care mid
00:06:09Banana b
00:06:09Banana b
00:06:09Banana b
00:06:21PinaryB rdy
00:06:21zetler rhasta
00:06:25holostoi ss
00:06:31holostoi re
00:07:01zetler miss rhasta
00:07:30zetler re rhasta
00:07:55HuaRong ss1
00:08:00GottHasstMich ss mid
00:08:21MrDeerHunter tusakrr
00:08:23MrDeerHunter i get mana boots
00:08:24bbstone ss tpo
00:08:34MrDeerHunter ss
00:08:35MrDeerHunter 2
00:08:47MrDeerHunter re1
00:09:28MrDeerHunter ss2
00:09:29MrDeerHunter care
00:09:31GottHasstMich ss ?
00:09:32GottHasstMich ..
00:09:45bbstone top wasnt re
00:09:53PinaryB gj
00:09:57GottHasstMich bot missed too
00:10:05GottHasstMich ss mid 3
00:10:07Casberry he died :/
00:10:13MrDeerHunter ss2
00:10:14MrDeerHunter care
00:10:15MrDeerHunter re1
00:10:19zetler enigma y u no farm?
00:10:40PinaryB mud golems
00:10:43PinaryB mud golems
00:10:46zetler pull
00:10:48zetler pull
00:10:48PinaryB cant take that one
00:11:33Nickless eat dude
00:11:33Casberry got invis
00:11:37Nickless ah ok
00:11:40MrDeerHunter ?
00:11:53MrDeerHunter ss2
00:11:58PinaryB y´up
00:12:28GottHasstMich omw top
00:12:33GottHasstMich k
00:12:41holostoi ss
00:12:45GottHasstMich gogoogogogogo
00:13:11bbstone ss es
00:13:27zetler spectre go bot farm
00:13:31holostoi k
00:13:59GottHasstMich ss mid
00:14:22GottHasstMich omw
00:14:34HuaRong stun spec
00:14:36GottHasstMich go stun
00:14:41GottHasstMich GO
00:15:26GottHasstMich STUN
00:15:28GottHasstMich ffs
00:15:29Banana coming
00:15:41Casberry ..
00:15:44Casberry bad idea
00:15:48PinaryB tower
00:15:52GottHasstMich u waited to long
00:15:53GottHasstMich thats all
00:15:59Casberry wasnt in position
00:16:24PinaryB oh god
00:16:29MrDeerHunter wtf are u doin?
00:16:39PinaryB not suiciding under tower?
00:16:43PinaryB yea that sounds reasonable
00:16:44zetler WE WOULD HAVE GOT XIN
00:16:46Nickless miss 2
00:16:53zetler you can sacrifice yourself for xin
00:16:54zetler moron
00:17:13PinaryB tuskar gank more
00:17:38Banana come def top
00:17:47Banana mid
00:17:51Banana go go
00:17:55PinaryB quite a fat xin
00:18:10zetler WTF A:SD:A:D:D:DD:D:D:D
00:18:11zetler :D:D:DDD
00:18:14zetler FUCKING TUSKAR
00:18:15zetler THE FUCK
00:18:29zetler im banning tuskar from this place
00:18:47Nickless rage ha
00:19:17GottHasstMich b
00:19:39zetler eni blink ??????
00:19:49PinaryB -cs
00:19:51PinaryB 23
00:19:53PinaryB right
00:19:57zetler you have PT
00:20:00zetler but not blink
00:20:02zetler the fuck??
00:20:31zetler YOU HAVE WARDS
00:20:33zetler USE THEM
00:20:57Banana bot
00:21:25zetler all bot
00:22:44GottHasstMich just w8
00:22:46GottHasstMich ogre
00:22:54MrDeerHunter 3
00:23:10GottHasstMich too far top
00:23:16GottHasstMich we take
00:23:26HuaRong grave
00:23:34HuaRong grave?
00:23:35bbstone ^cd
00:23:40HuaRong :(
00:24:14GottHasstMich wp
00:24:35HuaRong wtf u diong down
00:24:38GottHasstMich eh pushed ?
00:24:38HuaRong doing
00:24:46HuaRong we fed spec
00:24:51GottHasstMich 1:4
00:24:52GottHasstMich :D
00:24:56HuaRong :D
00:25:15HuaRong ogre items
00:25:22HuaRong what r u going
00:25:26HuaRong ?
00:25:27Casberry staff
00:25:32HuaRong why
00:25:33Casberry only magi missing
00:26:00holostoi b
00:26:03PinaryB go cry me a river
00:26:04Banana go mid
00:26:08GottHasstMich y
00:26:54PinaryB spam ur shit
00:27:00GottHasstMich b
00:27:21PinaryB top
00:27:22PinaryB now
00:27:24bbstone reg here
00:27:30bbstone u wanna panda
00:27:37GottHasstMich omf
00:27:38GottHasstMich omw
00:28:01Casberry fuck ...
00:28:07Casberry i always forget that shit
00:28:19MrDeerHunter lets not ban xin
00:28:53PinaryB bot
00:28:53PinaryB sepc
00:28:54PinaryB farm
00:29:14HuaRong b
00:29:22HuaRong :D
00:29:25zetler :ADS:D:DA
00:30:06Banana go bot imo
00:30:08Banana tower low
00:30:21PinaryB you guys need to carry tps around
00:30:38zetler you need to l2p
00:30:49PinaryB just as long as you get a tp
00:30:50PinaryB np
00:31:14HuaRong b
00:31:26HuaRong :D
00:32:23Banana gather
00:32:25Banana and push bot
00:32:31HuaRong ok
00:34:56PinaryB ss mboitd
00:34:57PinaryB ss mbiotd
00:35:08Casberry fucking ..
00:35:27PinaryB oom
00:35:36zetler that is why you have manaboots
00:35:50zetler or change your pt to INT
00:35:54zetler you get mana
00:36:06PinaryB coz tuskar and es got one and i got soul ring?
00:36:20zetler change your pt to INT
00:36:29zetler you should have done it there
00:36:33zetler and you would have had mana
00:36:34PinaryB there it is smartass
00:36:49PinaryB let spec farm
00:36:58Nickless i go pipe
00:37:09GottHasstMich go rosh
00:37:14PinaryB 3 mid
00:37:40zetler care
00:37:49MrDeerHunter hurray
00:37:54holostoi w8 their push
00:37:56GottHasstMich lets get a gang going
00:38:09PinaryB es right after you go ill do my ult
00:38:13GottHasstMich come mid
00:38:55Nickless hehe
00:39:15GottHasstMich go
00:39:16GottHasstMich in tiny
00:39:35Banana wtf tiny
00:40:08GottHasstMich pff guys
00:40:09Banana :D
00:40:10Casberry we cant push without gang
00:40:10GottHasstMich what do u do
00:40:12HuaRong they can turtle
00:40:12Nickless 1 for 5
00:40:14Nickless nice
00:40:22HuaRong we need pipe
00:40:22PinaryB coz i rebuy'd
00:40:23zetler we win teamfights
00:40:28HuaRong and gank
00:40:39GottHasstMich wards
00:40:40GottHasstMich all over
00:40:43Nickless does your ulti reset when u rebuy
00:40:46zetler no
00:40:49PinaryB we get all 3
00:41:14GottHasstMich ffs
00:41:15GottHasstMich wtf u do??
00:41:17GottHasstMich WTF U DO ?
00:41:23GottHasstMich WHY U GO IN ?
00:41:29zetler b
00:41:31PinaryB y
00:41:41PinaryB enjoy the gold
00:42:13GottHasstMich wards
00:42:14GottHasstMich place em
00:42:26Nickless they are preparing
00:42:32Nickless dd
00:42:38zetler TAKE
00:42:38zetler FFS
00:42:41PinaryB should strike again when we have our ulties
00:42:47PinaryB kinda leveled them out
00:42:53holostoi they smoke?
00:42:58holostoi b
00:42:58zetler y
00:42:59zetler b
00:43:00zetler b
00:43:00zetler b
00:43:10holostoi b
00:43:10GottHasstMich go
00:43:11MrDeerHunter gj tusk
00:43:12zetler GJ
00:43:13zetler :D:D:DD
00:43:15zetler NICKELSSS
00:43:26PinaryB spec goes first
00:43:29zetler no
00:43:29PinaryB and we all follow
00:43:30zetler es
00:43:31Nickless oh fcol will shut up already
00:43:32PinaryB when ur in fight
00:43:32zetler goes first
00:43:34GottHasstMich focus es
00:43:41PinaryB i mean we stay back
00:44:03PinaryB ss mbiotd
00:44:08GottHasstMich srsly
00:44:09GottHasstMich ogre
00:44:11GottHasstMich what the fuck are u doing ?
00:44:14GottHasstMich mb stun that fucking es ?
00:44:38PinaryB rly?
00:44:38GottHasstMich u are so horrible players
00:44:42Banana whaat?
00:44:44HuaRong enigma is problem
00:45:28zetler gr8 ward tuskarr
00:45:32zetler you really suck :D:D:DD
00:45:32MrDeerHunter :D:D
00:45:34zetler you know that ?
00:45:48Nickless as a matter of fact u idiot it works but not in thi game style
00:45:58Nickless trtleing like shit
00:46:08holostoi need smoke
00:46:08Banana come and help me ward
00:46:47MrDeerHunter base
00:46:59PinaryB we just need all 5
00:47:18PinaryB they are alone
00:47:21PinaryB should kill
00:47:26Nickless he pushes up all the time
00:47:57PinaryB rosh
00:48:00PinaryB lets move
00:48:00PinaryB all
00:48:01Nickless getting rosh would be great
00:48:07GottHasstMich go
00:48:18GottHasstMich jesus
00:48:18GottHasstMich ...
00:48:41PinaryB def
00:48:43PinaryB need one
00:49:13PinaryB ro rosh
00:49:15PinaryB just go for it
00:49:22MrDeerHunter ffs
00:49:25MrDeerHunter why in gods name
00:49:27PinaryB spec
00:49:27MrDeerHunter jeesus
00:50:03GottHasstMich ward it
00:50:08GottHasstMich and get it as soon as im b
00:50:12GottHasstMich -afk
00:50:19Banana waiting for wards
00:50:27GottHasstMich they prolly doing rosh
00:50:27GottHasstMich ..
00:50:34GottHasstMich bb
00:50:50zetler dont waste it
00:50:52zetler aegis
00:50:57GottHasstMich focus es
00:50:59GottHasstMich then eni
00:51:08PinaryB we all can jump in
00:51:11PinaryB just go in first
00:51:53zetler total waste :D:D:D
00:51:54Nickless ....
00:52:00MrDeerHunter good thing we didnt ban Xin
00:52:02PinaryB you just respawned alone
00:52:21Banana gogoogo
00:52:36zetler tuskarr
00:52:39zetler you need do def it
00:52:42zetler like right NOW
00:53:06Banana bot
00:53:18Banana b
00:53:37holostoi i ulty
00:53:39zetler thax eni
00:53:41holostoi 5 sec
00:53:52holostoi b
00:54:08HuaRong b
00:54:12HuaRong b
00:54:26GottHasstMich wp dazzle
00:54:26GottHasstMich again
00:54:43bbstone gj running away from me
00:54:54Nickless ogre can scepter?
00:54:59PinaryB y
00:55:03zetler yes, but no use
00:55:24PinaryB recent patch changed it?
00:55:27Banana l
00:55:31Banana lets go with smoke?
00:55:32MrDeerHunter 2 years ago
00:55:32zetler no??
00:55:55zetler easywin with hex
00:55:56HuaRong gather
00:56:52PinaryB rebuy
00:56:53PinaryB spec
00:57:04zetler I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:12MrDeerHunter -ff
00:57:16MrDeerHunter I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:27MrDeerHunter wp xin
00:57:33MrDeerHunter we told leader to ban him :)
00:57:57GottHasstMich grave me
00:57:59GottHasstMich FAST
00:58:09GottHasstMich ?!
00:58:09Banana :D
00:58:16GottHasstMich blademail cuts through grave ?
00:58:17GottHasstMich epic lol
00:58:38GottHasstMich should have gotten rax
00:59:00Nickless dont go far
00:59:00HuaRong push again
00:59:01holostoi 50 ssec
00:59:09PinaryB should go for it
00:59:11Nickless psuhing?
00:59:17holostoi no he re
00:59:18zetler NO WE ARE IDLING MID
00:59:26PinaryB clock push bot back
00:59:28GottHasstMich ogre
00:59:29GottHasstMich ffs
00:59:32GottHasstMich WHAT ARE U DOING ?ß
00:59:35GottHasstMich ._.
00:59:37GottHasstMich U GUYS
00:59:38GottHasstMich EPIC LOL
00:59:39Casberry stupid shnit
00:59:40GottHasstMich IDIOTS
00:59:43GottHasstMich go b
00:59:48Casberry sdont follow me .,..
01:00:31zetler 4v1
01:00:32zetler GOGOOGOG
01:00:50PinaryB rax
01:00:56PinaryB wp
01:00:57zetler GJ
01:01:02GottHasstMich gg u mongos
01:01:02zetler bot
01:01:02Nickless wp
01:01:02GottHasstMich rly
01:01:05zetler NOW
01:01:06GottHasstMich u all suck
01:01:07zetler GO BOT
01:01:08GottHasstMich so fucking sick
01:01:08zetler TUSKAR
01:01:11GottHasstMich u just did it
01:01:17zetler b
01:01:28GottHasstMich u fucked a wong gae
01:01:33PinaryB just run now
01:01:37zetler gj
01:01:48GottHasstMich go learn game on public
01:01:56zetler keep buyout
01:01:58zetler if just possible
01:02:03MrDeerHunter hex rdy
01:02:08Nickless pipe ready
01:02:14zetler hex xin
01:02:14MrDeerHunter fucking GJ!
01:02:15MrDeerHunter ...
01:02:16zetler and we can end
01:02:31PinaryB still need tp tho
01:02:34Banana all
01:02:36Banana there
01:03:04holostoi b
01:03:14zetler b
01:03:14zetler b
01:03:17holostoi b regroup
01:03:44GottHasstMich and dont suck again
01:03:45GottHasstMich go rax
01:03:46MrDeerHunter where are ur radiances?
01:03:48MrDeerHunter spectre?
01:03:48PinaryB es be rdy
01:03:50MrDeerHunter enigma?
01:03:54MrDeerHunter no ulti
01:04:02Nickless stop bithin already al andp lay
01:04:16GottHasstMich STUN
01:04:38PinaryB omfg spec
01:04:42Banana wtf xin
01:04:55Banana why u so small?
01:05:01PinaryB whats with xin
01:05:05PinaryB is it just me or hes tiny
01:05:10bbstone oom
01:05:17PinaryB nvm
01:05:43GottHasstMich DAZZLE
01:05:44GottHasstMich WHY
01:05:44GottHasstMich CANT U
01:05:46GottHasstMich SINGLE TIME
01:05:47GottHasstMich GRAVE ME
01:05:51GottHasstMich IT IS SO HARD
01:05:55GottHasstMich U RETARD ?
01:06:05GottHasstMich TELL ME
01:06:06GottHasstMich RIGHT NOW
01:06:09GottHasstMich TELL ME IF IT IS SO HARD
01:06:10zetler gj tuskarr
01:06:13GottHasstMich its dead
01:06:27Nickless stop acting like akid
01:06:27GottHasstMich and
01:06:28GottHasstMich tbh
01:06:29GottHasstMich its 2v5
01:06:32GottHasstMich whole game
01:06:34GottHasstMich is a joke
01:06:36zetler umm
01:06:37PinaryB rosh mby?
01:06:38MrDeerHunter tru dat
01:06:39GottHasstMich if u dont win
01:06:39zetler tuskarr and eni ???
01:06:40GottHasstMich I smile
01:06:48GottHasstMich eni
01:06:48holostoi keep tp
01:06:50GottHasstMich always hits ulti
01:06:52GottHasstMich so dont cry
01:07:00GottHasstMich thats all he has to do
01:07:05zetler tuskarr giving
01:07:05GottHasstMich but my dazzle
01:07:07GottHasstMich cant even grave
01:07:09GottHasstMich this ogre
01:07:10GottHasstMich gave u mid
01:07:11zetler ???
01:07:15Banana bb
01:07:16Banana b
01:07:16Banana b
01:07:17Banana b
01:07:18GottHasstMich and all these noobs followed him into dead
01:07:23zetler :D:D:
01:07:25zetler ok
01:07:26GottHasstMich go
01:07:26GottHasstMich mid
01:07:32HuaRong rosh?
01:07:32MrDeerHunter i lolled
01:07:33GottHasstMich just push
01:07:36GottHasstMich rosh is dead
01:07:38HuaRong no
01:07:45Banana rosh aloive
01:07:52holostoi they roh
01:07:56zetler GOGOOGOGOG
01:08:04GottHasstMich tiny
01:08:04PinaryB ult spec?
01:08:04GottHasstMich take
01:08:05MrDeerHunter gogogo
01:08:10GottHasstMich TAKE
01:08:50Banana go now
01:09:04PinaryB well spec you're too weak for 67th minute mark
01:09:34zetler I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:09:34MrDeerHunter love ur scepter ogre <3
01:09:35zetler I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:09:35zetler I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:09:37MrDeerHunter I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:09:38MrDeerHunter I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:09:39MrDeerHunter I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:09:40PinaryB I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:09:41GottHasstMich HAHAHA
01:09:42Nickless I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
01:09:43GottHasstMich OGRE DID AGHA
01:09:44GottHasstMich HAHAHA
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