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72% | 1290 X | 1451 TS

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+3 TS
59% | 1208 X | 1368 TS

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52% | 1203 X | 1359 TS

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47% | 1201 X | 1294 TS

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82% | 1401 X | 1445 TS

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39% | 1172 X | 1211 TS

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32% | 1055 X | 1286 TS

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23% | 981 X | 1250 TS

Chat log

00:00:09mby_next_time again same team
00:00:10Jonnija no tyra sf
00:00:11Jonnija pole
00:00:13Jonnija kunagi
00:00:13mby_next_time only orange changed
00:00:14Jonnija poolis
00:00:14mby_next_time hahahaha
00:00:15mby_next_time hahahah
00:00:16zonskass anyone knows how playing our lastpick?
00:00:20Jonnija -clear
00:00:20mby_next_time nope newfag he is
00:00:20Kastrup any wishes?
00:00:20Banana axe
00:00:20Jonnija no ausalt t2iesti putsis nahui tyra klly
00:00:20Kastrup i think i go bloodseeker mid
00:00:20zonskass 2%...
00:00:20Kastrup but i dont need to first pick him see pela hakkan ma x-i raiuma mul poh
00:00:20zonskass like SPERMAPLEK
00:00:20mby_next_time hmm
00:00:20Jonnija stalker
00:00:20Jonnija sa niigi
00:00:20Kanpu3a bala
00:00:20Jonnija overrated
00:00:20Kastrup huskar :D
00:00:20mby_next_time well mby he will listen to us
00:00:20zonskass luna gain? :D Ütleb Jonnija Win
00:00:22mby_next_time sperma doesnt listen
00:00:25Kastrup any wishes?
00:00:34Kastrup ffs
00:00:37Banana ai said axe :P
00:00:45mby_next_time bs you go support yes?
00:00:45zonskass my luna!
00:00:46Jonnija dude mu keskmine rank on 88% :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Right
00:00:53mby_next_time :D
00:01:04Kastrup venge u gang as hell
00:01:05Kastrup i go mid
00:01:08mby_next_time hmm
00:01:08Kastrup to disturp bs Võiks panna mis iganes 85% vastu su pelama
00:01:11mby_next_time me axe wooding? Saaksid automaatselt sisse
00:01:18Jonnija lawl
00:01:24zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:27mby_next_time bulshiet
00:01:27zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Death Prophet [r,e,x,c]
00:01:37Kastrup venge bot
00:01:38Kastrup Qop alone top
00:01:40Kastrup axe woods
00:01:41Kanpu3a no
00:01:43Kastrup yeS!
00:01:45Kastrup im captain
00:01:45zonskass @% guy with me go
00:01:45DraineWaker what to
00:01:46Kastrup i decide
00:01:48Jonnija somebody sa vist peaksid
00:01:49Jonnija vastase
00:01:50Jonnija metsa
00:01:51Jonnija minema
00:01:53Kastrup Qop top
00:01:54Kastrup top! Arvad kapten?
00:01:58Jonnija selline tunne k6hus
00:01:58Kanpu3a no
00:02:00mby_next_time dont leave me with nap crix
00:02:01Kastrup whatever
00:02:02Kanpu3a skype
00:02:04Kastrup okay
00:02:08Kastrup jug top
00:02:08mby_next_time -hhn No eks ma siis lähen
00:02:09Kastrup then
00:02:10Kastrup ffs
00:02:10mby_next_time -don Mis seal ikka
00:02:11mby_next_time -water red
00:02:11Kastrup this sucks
00:02:12zonskass i checked, he played 2 time tide, and both lost
00:02:13mby_next_time -clear
00:02:14zonskass :D Kask on vanem kui meie Käsk*
00:02:19Jonnija nah toplane crix
00:02:21DraineWaker me bot?
00:02:22Jonnija ei viitsi jamada :D
00:02:24mby_next_time still tide is better then other shiets naw im woods enemy woods
00:02:28Jonnija nope
00:02:30Jonnija ur toplane
00:02:32mby_next_time let him
00:02:32Jonnija or banned :D
00:02:36mby_next_time HE IS WOODING Tõbras :D
00:02:37mby_next_time WITH AXE
00:02:42mby_next_time 2 MANY DICKS ON THE DANCEFLOOR axde mid i think n aa banan mind
00:02:57mby_next_time nope
00:02:57Jonnija ei saa karistada pickisid hea hero :D mid*
00:03:00mby_next_time it's banana Keri sa ka. :D
00:03:02mby_next_time he goes woods
00:03:18Kastrup gj
00:03:23zonskass lucky bitches pfft mby on my lane christ
00:03:57zonskass go pull tide
00:04:15mby_next_time it';s doctor :D o rly
00:04:26mby_next_time lvl 3 we come for banana ?
00:04:32mby_next_time you napzor? u cant even play
00:04:48zonskass pull
00:04:49zonskass tide lvl 3 we go my stun is pointless
00:05:00mby_next_time HHAHAHA LOW LVLED!
00:05:10zonskass tide speak english?
00:05:17DraineWaker ofc dude
00:05:21DraineWaker im just smoking a blut come on wannabe
00:05:23DraineWaker little stoned
00:05:23zonskass can you pull?
00:05:29DraineWaker ok
00:05:31mby_next_time ok bitch german ass
00:05:33DraineWaker call me few times
00:05:34tanelli ss donkey fucker
00:05:38DraineWaker im stoned so
00:06:14Kastrup miss top?
00:06:14Kastrup plz?
00:06:19Banana he said
00:06:28DraineWaker free kills
00:06:30DraineWaker come mid
00:06:31Kastrup didn't see
00:06:31Kastrup sry
00:06:34Jonnija i am 4
00:06:38DraineWaker k
00:06:39DraineWaker np
00:06:39DraineWaker sry
00:06:42DraineWaker thought u r 6
00:06:49mby_next_time YEARS OLD HAHAHAHA
00:06:52DraineWaker hahahahahhaha
00:06:53DraineWaker good one
00:06:54DraineWaker xD
00:07:01mby_next_time []nanananana
00:07:01DraineWaker next time
00:07:03DraineWaker dont joke xD
00:07:10DraineWaker kunkka
00:07:14mby_next_time fofofofo
00:07:14DraineWaker want some smoke from blunt? :D
00:07:22mby_next_time I DONT NEED THRM
00:07:23mby_next_time ! id take a hit
00:07:33mby_next_time but well ya 'd like to have
00:07:34DraineWaker damn -.-
00:07:56zonskass ss
00:07:57zonskass 1 learn to farm nap
00:08:06zonskass kill venge go for axe nap
00:08:23mby_next_time im rly sad you are disabled fag i am?
00:08:34mby_next_time yep :<
00:08:42DraineWaker wp <3
00:08:45zonskass ;]
00:08:46mby_next_time ahahaha :D wp
00:09:04Kastrup ulyi
00:09:05Kastrup ULTI Yurn
00:09:09zonskass ss 2 ulti olemas ju mida sa nussid
00:09:15DraineWaker !pause
00:09:16mby_next_time DONT KILL ME
00:09:20mby_next_time I KILLED SK FOR YOU
00:09:25DraineWaker how to pause damn
00:09:30Jonnija no pauses
00:09:30Jonnija here
00:09:35zonskass upll
00:09:36DraineWaker shit
00:09:37DraineWaker sry ;s
00:09:37zonskass pull
00:09:39cooper ss
00:09:42mby_next_time HAHAHAH
00:09:44cooper 2
00:09:44mby_next_time hahahaha
00:09:48mby_next_time my tango shiet didnt work
00:10:21zonskass ss 2
00:10:55Kastrup miss isnt venge from mid?
00:11:29mby_next_time FAGGOT
00:11:34mby_next_time nope he's not
00:11:36mby_next_time luna was mid k
00:11:45mby_next_time he's from bot fag lane
00:11:58mby_next_time :D
00:11:58Jonnija OH JUMAL SA PEAD
00:12:00Jonnija VASTAST y
00:12:01Jonnija n2gema
00:12:03Jonnija et stunnida? y y y
00:12:08mby_next_time i dont know what yousay blue ma tard ju
00:12:10mby_next_time but i like it
00:12:11mby_next_time :D pidin metsa ju minema
00:12:43zonskass help bot
00:12:44zonskass 3
00:13:23DraineWaker nice dudes
00:13:26DraineWaker ola ola
00:13:42DraineWaker wp boys
00:13:45mby_next_time nope
00:13:47mby_next_time sk failed at what not having ulti<?
00:13:53DraineWaker actually y
00:13:54DraineWaker xD
00:13:56DraineWaker <3
00:13:57mby_next_time at your face
00:13:58mby_next_time BITCH
00:13:59DraineWaker hahaha
00:14:04DraineWaker HOHOHOHO nvm u and that kunkka are out of my help range form now on
00:14:17mby_next_time :D
00:14:19DraineWaker ;D
00:14:27DraineWaker kunkka noob ;D
00:14:33DraineWaker bob police
00:14:48Banana wtf
00:15:07DraineWaker nooo dude
00:15:08DraineWaker ;/
00:15:16zonskass thought he die
00:15:25Kastrup gj
00:15:25Kastrup guys
00:15:26Jonnija wtf
00:15:28mby_next_time did luna utli?
00:15:32zonskass t
00:15:33zonskass y
00:15:34zonskass y
00:15:35mby_next_time kk
00:16:13Jonnija krobe
00:16:17Jonnija 0 towers pushed
00:16:18Banana we can
00:16:30mby_next_time FAGGOT
00:16:39DraineWaker help blue
00:16:43DraineWaker i asked for help ages ago
00:16:44Banana õde
00:16:45Jonnija cant
00:16:46Jonnija help
00:16:47Banana def
00:16:55DraineWaker look at this
00:16:55DraineWaker -.-
00:17:17Jonnija outnumbered
00:17:18cooper ss
00:17:59Kastrup go woods ae
00:18:10Banana 200 for dagger
00:18:14DraineWaker this blut is goin to kill me one day damn
00:18:16Kastrup faster in woods
00:18:17DraineWaker blunt*
00:18:21zonskass kill i sure help so
00:18:24Kastrup swap
00:18:31Banana but loose hp and have to vbase my bad i sure hope so*
00:19:45mby_next_time :DDD
00:19:51mby_next_time sad but yes imo ppl who does those kind of things are lowlifes
00:20:23mby_next_time thing like that
00:20:25mby_next_time what
00:20:26mby_next_time trolling? na
00:20:32DraineWaker i hope so i helped u bs
00:20:37DraineWaker couldnt do better
00:20:49mby_next_time so sk what you meant marijuana etc
00:21:09mby_next_time ah
00:21:17mby_next_time well i smoked few blunts in my life
00:21:25mby_next_time dont need them seriosly to have fubn
00:21:36tanelli d
00:21:37tanelli g
00:21:37tanelli ghse
00:21:37tanelli sert
00:21:38Kanpu3a LOL cost shitloads of money
00:21:39tanelli se
00:21:42mby_next_time hmm
00:21:43mby_next_time nope
00:21:45mby_next_time im smokeing
00:21:46DraineWaker he ultied crobs well its like
00:21:49DraineWaker invi :D mm
00:21:52mby_next_time and it takes a loads of money
00:21:52DraineWaker i mean ilu 24 eur for a g in estonia
00:22:07mby_next_time well it's much more easier to get it in poland
00:22:07Kanpu3a lol
00:22:08Kanpu3a 2
00:22:09Kastrup cmon guys
00:22:10DraineWaker how much?
00:22:16DraineWaker sorry how much? 24 eur
00:22:23DraineWaker for a gram? y
00:22:25mby_next_time nono
00:22:29DraineWaker for a weed?
00:22:30mby_next_time in polad it is cheap one y
00:22:34mby_next_time poland *
00:22:35Kastrup guysd
00:22:38DraineWaker so expencive man u
00:22:45DraineWaker in serbia y
00:22:53DraineWaker i get for 0.7 euros per gram
00:22:55Kanpu3a facepalm
00:23:00Kanpu3a no teamplay
00:23:01Kanpu3a gg
00:23:09mby_next_time gj noob sk
00:23:11mby_next_time you did it
00:23:12DraineWaker 35 euros for 5 grams Well if id go deeper in to that business
00:23:23tanelli why i had to waste my ulti..
00:23:24DraineWaker first class vanilla kush id get it with less money also but still
00:23:37Kastrup why go in there
00:23:38DraineWaker im not in that bussines
00:23:40mby_next_time well still
00:23:40Kastrup and why not fucking call him
00:23:41Kastrup axe
00:23:44mby_next_time smokeing takes a lot more cash
00:23:44DraineWaker im just everyday smoker thats all :D
00:23:56DraineWaker im smoking weed for like
00:23:57DraineWaker 2 years
00:23:59DraineWaker every day
00:24:01DraineWaker costed me
00:24:07DraineWaker minimum about 2-3000euros
00:24:12Jonnija krobe?
00:24:24DraineWaker its more expencive if u get a gram
00:24:25zonskass ?
00:24:25DraineWaker go for a five
00:24:28DraineWaker u get it cheaper ;)
00:24:36Jonnija u dint
00:24:38Jonnija notice me
00:24:39Jonnija did u?
00:24:44DraineWaker who
00:24:45zonskass no pointless
00:24:50Jonnija amazing dont like that shit aniway
00:24:52Jonnija gamesence
00:24:53Jonnija u got there
00:24:56DraineWaker why?
00:24:56DraineWaker ;S alchohol does the job for me
00:25:05DraineWaker u are retard than dude ;/ if say so
00:25:11DraineWaker alchohol is much more bad and last year costed me like mm
00:25:20zonskass buy wards
00:25:22zonskass someone
00:25:23DraineWaker its trure
00:25:23mby_next_time it's just easier to get or lets say 2 last years
00:25:26mby_next_time alcohol i mean maximum 500 euros
00:25:33mby_next_time so you dont drink much :D
00:25:36DraineWaker :D:D:
00:25:38DraineWaker true :D mmm
00:25:45DraineWaker i dont drink at all kinda do but nvm
00:25:55DraineWaker i drink 1 beer in a year (im serious)
00:25:58Kastrup yes
00:26:00DraineWaker im 19.
00:26:11mby_next_time and you smoke blunt every day for 2 years?
00:26:13DraineWaker smoking weed last two years, never felt better ;D
00:26:14mby_next_time gz
00:26:23DraineWaker :)
00:26:26DraineWaker it doesnt bothers me
00:26:33DraineWaker i dont use anything else
00:26:36Kastrup b
00:26:41DraineWaker my friends does extcies , speed and etc shit
00:26:44DraineWaker i dont
00:26:59Kastrup I SAID BACK
00:27:00Kastrup FFS
00:27:03Kastrup WHY DONT U JUST GO BACK aint really a excuse but w/e :D
00:27:11mby_next_time true smoke usual sigarettes?
00:27:15mby_next_time anyway
00:27:17DraineWaker i dont well i do all my friends sadly
00:27:27DraineWaker i dont use anything
00:27:28mby_next_time i smoke malboro :>
00:27:28DraineWaker only weed have done, are doing, selling drugs
00:27:34Kanpu3a ff?
00:27:40Kanpu3a xd weed to w/e
00:27:42Kastrup no
00:27:43Kastrup its not lost
00:27:46Kastrup as soon as i get bkb
00:27:46Kanpu3a gameover
00:27:48DraineWaker i dont use anything else
00:27:48Kastrup we can win fights
00:27:51mby_next_time you got cool friends
00:27:53DraineWaker makes me proud :) i had good brother i guess.:D
00:27:56DraineWaker im just a hash man
00:27:56mby_next_time still
00:28:00DraineWaker going to medical sciences :)
00:28:11Kastrup gj
00:28:15Kastrup stand still
00:28:21Kanpu3a ppffff
00:28:21DraineWaker actually i was best pupil in whole high school, now im getting payed for schoolarships :)
00:28:32Kastrup WTF JUG
00:28:33DraineWaker its not true that weed makes u bad
00:28:39tanelli dunno
00:28:45tanelli i wasnt paying atention its not about bad most of people go over to harder things
00:28:56tanelli who killed me anyway:P
00:29:00DraineWaker i dont ;S
00:29:00Kastrup b
00:29:02tanelli sry
00:29:05Jonnija u will
00:29:05DraineWaker i tried
00:29:07mby_next_time well i still think
00:29:10Kastrup BACK
00:29:10DraineWaker speed and cocaine
00:29:12Banana why b?
00:29:12mby_next_time that blunts
00:29:22mby_next_time you will get addicted to it
00:29:26Kastrup we got them where we want them
00:29:28DraineWaker every time made me feel so bad in mind (ohh im a junkie, bla bla)
00:29:29mby_next_time or you are already differnce between narc and all other shit is the if i dirnk i do it
00:29:37Banana haste
00:29:39DraineWaker i just tried it
00:29:41Kastrup omw
00:29:41DraineWaker that means
00:29:41Kastrup omw on friday, satur, or sunday
00:29:45DraineWaker i used it only one time :)
00:29:47Kastrup <- OMW
00:29:49Kastrup FFS but everyday. )
00:29:56DraineWaker and that was
00:29:56DraineWaker like
00:29:58DraineWaker half year ago
00:29:59Kastrup come
00:30:00DraineWaker that means
00:30:02DraineWaker im not addicted ;)
00:30:13DraineWaker its not about adiction
00:30:29Kanpu3a TT
00:30:32Kastrup so fucking lucky
00:30:33Kanpu3a no no no
00:30:34zonskass take towwer
00:30:35DraineWaker trust me
00:30:36DraineWaker do weed
00:30:40Kanpu3a why?
00:30:41DraineWaker dont use anything else :) alcho anytime
00:30:48DraineWaker i will be a doctor in next 4 years
00:30:48Kastrup because he gets all the hp from the creeps
00:30:51Kastrup else i had him
00:30:53mby_next_time still
00:30:55tanelli def bot or leave?
00:30:59mby_next_time you are already addicted to it y
00:31:02tanelli oh deny
00:31:02Kastrup go there
00:31:03zonskass urotherapy? :D
00:31:03Banana denty
00:31:03Jonnija id prefer doctor without weed :D
00:31:04Banana fast
00:31:06Kastrup but stay behind
00:31:07Kastrup i come
00:31:08Kastrup in 10 sec Indeed. :D
00:31:09DraineWaker im studiny a medical sciences, i think i can tell u what is better :S
00:31:22DraineWaker no
00:31:23DraineWaker because
00:31:23Jonnija well weed has a bad habbit
00:31:23mby_next_time well still i think that if you needweed every day
00:31:24DraineWaker ok
00:31:26DraineWaker lets get on it
00:31:26mby_next_time it's not good
00:31:26Jonnija of staying we all know weed is better than alcho and smoke
00:31:28Jonnija in blood
00:31:28DraineWaker listen but if u do everyday it still sucks
00:31:33DraineWaker human brain
00:31:33DraineWaker has
00:31:34DraineWaker a
00:31:37DraineWaker hormone
00:31:37DraineWaker that
00:31:45DraineWaker transpareces a hilarrity.
00:31:56DraineWaker so
00:31:58DraineWaker weed only does
00:32:01Kastrup and venge
00:32:02Kastrup when u swap
00:32:04Kastrup u fucking die
00:32:05DraineWaker placeboo effect to maximum
00:32:05Kastrup fucking idiot
00:32:08Kanpu3a pfff
00:32:09Jonnija it stays in blood
00:32:09Kanpu3a lol
00:32:09DraineWaker that means
00:32:11DraineWaker no
00:32:12zonskass yo yo yo hipiyo hipiye
00:32:14Kanpu3a fucking cap
00:32:15DraineWaker damage for
00:32:15Jonnija and
00:32:17Jonnija the effect depends of human type
00:32:18Kanpu3a o yeh
00:32:18Jonnija is
00:32:18DraineWaker brain cells
00:32:19Jonnija that
00:32:20Jonnija it can
00:32:23Jonnija come out how long it stayes
00:32:24Jonnija at any moment
00:32:37DraineWaker ALCHOHOL = 1 drunking night = about 1.000 brain cells destroyed.
00:32:43DraineWaker scientificly researched.
00:32:50mby_next_time true
00:32:51DraineWaker human brain now how much with weed?
00:32:56Jonnija both cost
00:32:57DraineWaker or chypovise
00:32:57Jonnija like hell
00:33:01DraineWaker does
00:33:07DraineWaker and it is
00:33:09DraineWaker immune
00:33:13DraineWaker on TETRA HYDRO CANABIDOL
00:33:15zonskass tower mid all so ur telling me
00:33:21DraineWaker or thc (main ingridient of marihuana)
00:33:23Kastrup -ms i drink on friday
00:33:27DraineWaker that means u smoke everyday
00:33:29DraineWaker it automaticly
00:33:30DraineWaker will and i kill myself more than u?
00:33:39mby_next_time you do
00:33:43Kanpu3a I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:43mby_next_time your body kill
00:33:45DraineWaker drive off effect of destroying brain cells cuz they are imune.
00:33:45mby_next_time youkill it aint believing that shit :D
00:33:49DraineWaker yes, thats true.
00:33:49mby_next_time but he kills his brain thinking
00:33:55DraineWaker 1 drunking phase
00:33:57DraineWaker is like
00:34:00DraineWaker 1000 phases of
00:34:06DraineWaker weed higness
00:34:08mby_next_time dude it true
00:34:08zonskass cant 3
00:34:10DraineWaker highness
00:34:11mby_next_time but you with weed
00:34:14mby_next_time are so addicted
00:34:15Banana roosa
00:34:20Kastrup they?
00:34:22DraineWaker not really.
00:34:23mby_next_time that you feel that you need to smoke every day
00:34:25mby_next_time to be happy y
00:34:30DraineWaker hm
00:34:32DraineWaker ok
00:34:32DraineWaker buy
00:34:34DraineWaker but
00:34:36DraineWaker its true
00:34:38DraineWaker because
00:34:39DraineWaker u dont have
00:34:43DraineWaker aftermath.
00:34:47DraineWaker "day after"
00:34:57DraineWaker u can constalty get stoned
00:35:06cooper I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:06Kanpu3a I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:06Kastrup why go
00:35:07Kastrup WHY
00:35:08DraineWaker withoud bad shit
00:35:12DraineWaker i actually
00:35:12Kastrup why can't u let them come to us
00:35:12Kastrup instead
00:35:16DraineWaker when i have
00:35:24DraineWaker "test" times in college
00:35:29DraineWaker i dont smoke weed
00:35:35Kanpu3a gj team
00:35:35DraineWaker (cant study at that time) i thought it makes person more smarter (weed)
00:35:55DraineWaker it does :)
00:35:55Jonnija lol
00:35:56tanelli I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:35:57DraineWaker its true. i mean not smarter helps u concentrate
00:36:05Kanpu3a tank? or W(e word
00:36:08DraineWaker thats true
00:36:08DraineWaker but
00:36:11DraineWaker i cant
00:36:12DraineWaker do that
00:36:13mby_next_time havbe you ever smoked it ?:D
00:36:17DraineWaker cuz when im stoned y i have
00:36:21DraineWaker im funny
00:36:25DraineWaker and cant study
00:36:26mby_next_time and you could concentrate? na
00:36:32mby_next_time :D but cmon dude most of
00:36:39DraineWaker dude trust me ;S "tryes" will never ever get stoned as much
00:36:48Kastrup not lost gutys ive been drunk
00:36:51Kastrup NOTY takes us back to the fact that
00:36:56DraineWaker u
00:36:58DraineWaker are getting
00:37:00DraineWaker more dumper
00:37:01DraineWaker EVERY
00:37:02DraineWaker time that, i wont ever
00:37:04DraineWaker u take alchohol
00:37:07Kanpu3a lol banan
00:37:07mby_next_time dude
00:37:13mby_next_time you are getting more dumper
00:37:14DraineWaker and effect versus weed is like 1 vs 1000. even feel the way of it helping me concentrate better
00:37:17mby_next_time after you drink coca cola
00:37:19mby_next_time so dude dumber* aint it?
00:37:22mby_next_time everything now
00:37:27mby_next_time makes you dumb
00:37:29DraineWaker :D
00:37:30Kanpu3a ff all
00:37:31mby_next_time more less but makes
00:37:33DraineWaker kinda true
00:37:34Kanpu3a gameover
00:37:34DraineWaker BUT
00:37:38DraineWaker MY POINT IS
00:37:38zonskass go discus in IRC
00:37:39DraineWaker TO SAY
00:37:40zonskass :D
00:37:43mby_next_time nope :D
00:37:53DraineWaker TAKE A FACT
00:37:54tanelli base?
00:37:54Kastrup come
00:37:56Kastrup krob used ulti
00:37:57mby_next_time it kills bodu
00:37:59mby_next_time body Yet still one is legal and other illegal + weed costs shit loads of more money
00:38:02mby_next_time weed kill your mind for not casual person
00:38:15DraineWaker that 0.1% persons have social problems (robberies etc) are couse by stoned population
00:38:18Kanpu3a lol
00:38:21DraineWaker AND
00:38:25tanelli ty
00:38:27DraineWaker 90% CAUSED BY ALCHOHOL.
00:38:40mby_next_time dude ok example
00:38:41DraineWaker else 9% are for hard drugs
00:38:42mby_next_time my friends
00:38:44mby_next_time smoked weed
00:38:46DraineWaker ok
00:38:48DraineWaker and?
00:38:55mby_next_time he was rly cool dude
00:39:02mby_next_time he couldnt concentrate but if he tried he did
00:39:04DraineWaker ok
00:39:05mby_next_time and now
00:39:11mby_next_time after weed for 3 years
00:39:15mby_next_time he lives in other world
00:39:22mby_next_time he doesnt get cthing
00:39:33DraineWaker cthing?
00:39:36mby_next_time things
00:39:42mby_next_time he doesnt concentrate Well also we have to understand a fact
00:39:44mby_next_time what we say Drug is drug
00:39:48Kanpu3a I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:39:49mby_next_time he just cant Alcohol ios also drug but cheaper one and more welcomed than weed so
00:40:06Jonnija also legal
00:40:06Jonnija one y
00:40:19DraineWaker hm
00:40:24DraineWaker weed will get legal sonn
00:40:26DraineWaker soon
00:40:29Jonnija nope we are not saying ur wrong
00:40:33DraineWaker it will :D
00:40:34zonskass :DDD No it wont
00:40:37Banana :D never
00:40:38Kastrup so useless
00:40:41DraineWaker it will :) depends
00:40:44Kastrup just fucking ulti u in esotnia
00:40:46Kastrup and dead.. Never Ever
00:40:47Kastrup but nonono
00:40:51DraineWaker 600 coffee shops in LA :) And never ever + ever ever never + never
00:40:55Banana silence? Lets talk about REST OF THE world than Usa ?
00:41:08Kastrup wasn't
00:41:13DraineWaker holland small countryes cant let it
00:41:18DraineWaker norway
00:41:20Banana 24/7 like estonia it would be epic
00:41:25DraineWaker sweden
00:41:27Kastrup well its not him winning
00:41:30Kastrup its his supports
00:41:31Kastrup his SK sweden it aint allowed there imo
00:41:33Kastrup did a hell of a job u just have heard or smth
00:41:38DraineWaker germany (with largest percent of weed users in europe)
00:41:48DraineWaker it is Doesnt matter, it aint LEGAL
00:41:49Jonnija not allowed in germany
00:41:49DraineWaker in christiania
00:42:00DraineWaker go look for a christiania
00:42:02zonskass what about holand?
00:42:03DraineWaker that is in norway
00:42:04DraineWaker hm
00:42:06DraineWaker sry
00:42:07DraineWaker my bad
00:42:09DraineWaker buy it is allowed in netherlands
00:42:14DraineWaker its 25 kms from sweden border
00:42:24DraineWaker so
00:42:27DraineWaker i dont get it
00:42:30DraineWaker i only just
00:42:32DraineWaker lost all friends
00:42:36DraineWaker cuz they are retars
00:42:41DraineWaker doing kiddy things
00:42:43Jonnija :D
00:42:43Jonnija :D
00:42:44Jonnija :D
00:42:44DraineWaker getting
00:42:47DraineWaker drunk
00:42:50DraineWaker and doing nothing
00:42:53DraineWaker with their lives u udner weed
00:43:01DraineWaker i used weed doing alot "smarter things"?
00:43:03DraineWaker and +
00:43:06DraineWaker produced music We dont get "DRUNK"
00:43:14DraineWaker playing with turntables
00:43:16DraineWaker making a tracks everyday of week
00:43:22Kastrup get ready bot
00:43:24DraineWaker 1000 joints
00:43:26DraineWaker are equal thats the thing mate. Actually
00:43:34DraineWaker for 1 drunk night ;) i Dont get this medicine student
00:43:38DraineWaker that means
00:43:38DraineWaker like wont get what im talking sick
00:43:43DraineWaker 4 months of smoking joints :D so what still we dont be like
00:43:58Kanpu3a tank
00:44:01Kanpu3a where you useless human beings
00:44:02zonskass they no ulties for 7 days of week instead of 1-2
00:44:10DraineWaker am i useless human being?
00:44:16Kanpu3a banana!
00:44:17DraineWaker actually i didnt ment all friends if ur smoking u are arent u?
00:44:19DraineWaker just 95%
00:44:22Kastrup hes fucking useless
00:44:23DraineWaker why i am?
00:44:26DraineWaker im best pupil
00:44:27DraineWaker producer
00:44:28DraineWaker dj
00:44:34DraineWaker whats wrong?
00:44:37mby_next_time torrents :D
00:44:37mby_next_time :D
00:44:38Kanpu3a his banana
00:44:43Banana ?
00:44:47Kanpu3a banana in ass!
00:44:53Kanpu3a STUPIED i have license of a cook, i can go anywhere in europe to do that
00:44:58Kanpu3a I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge] and im geting IT what ever it is called
00:45:03tanelli I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:45:04mby_next_time imhungry license what ever
00:45:05Banana I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge] papers
00:45:09mby_next_time do something for me :<
00:45:09Kanpu3a I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:45:11DraineWaker listen
00:45:12DraineWaker GUYS
00:45:17DraineWaker im going to be a neurologist
00:45:21DraineWaker hope so
00:45:23DraineWaker and
00:45:24Jonnija dude
00:45:27DraineWaker i will need to get high
00:45:28Jonnija i dont give 2 shits
00:45:29Jonnija about
00:45:30Jonnija your
00:45:30Jonnija weed
00:45:31DraineWaker if i want mad guys arround me xD :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:45:33mby_next_time :DD
00:45:34Jonnija u can shove
00:45:35Jonnija that
00:45:36Jonnija fucking
00:45:38Jonnija joint
00:45:39Jonnija up your
00:45:41Jonnija fucking ass jonnija got pissed
00:45:46Kanpu3a need help?
00:45:46DraineWaker blow me :) the fu?
00:46:17mby_next_time and btw tide if you smoke weed
00:46:18Kanpu3a banana win!
00:46:25Kastrup !ff
00:46:30Kastrup I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:46:31mby_next_time and say your friends are soo iritateing cuz they are kids
00:46:33mby_next_time why you play games
00:46:37DraineWaker hey
00:46:38mby_next_time at friday night
00:46:40mby_next_time dude
00:46:40DraineWaker cuz
00:46:43DraineWaker i
00:46:44mby_next_time it 's party time
00:46:45DraineWaker was
00:46:46DraineWaker hm
00:46:47DraineWaker listen
00:46:48DraineWaker i was
00:46:49DraineWaker working
00:46:51DraineWaker for a whole fucking
00:46:53DraineWaker day
00:46:56DraineWaker and im going to sleep
00:47:07DraineWaker just one dota b4 sleep is not bad right?
00:47:08mby_next_time still not good reason but k
00:47:12DraineWaker w8
00:47:14DraineWaker u have some fbook? well everybody lives their life as they want to it to be
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