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-27 X
-1 TS

86% | 1555 X | 1437 TS

-30 X
-1 TS

74% | 1404 X | 1358 TS

-46 X
-1 TS

71% | 1291 X | 1461 TS

-17 X
-1 TS

72% | 1401 X | 1334 TS

-24 X
-2 TS

56% | 1212 X | 1347 TS

+64 X
+1 TS

84% | 1411 X | 1506 TS

-11 X
+1 TS

84% | 1427 X | 1480 TS

+24 X
+3 TS

77% | 1401 X | 1399 TS

+51 X
+1 TS

63% | 1235 X | 1385 TS

+27 X
+2 TS

55% | 1246 X | 1297 TS

Chat log

00:00:18TakinBackMyLove bs
00:00:18infect problem officer?
00:00:18infect :D
00:00:18LetItBe ban enigma
00:00:18que2stress ban spec
00:00:18LetItBe i aint gonna play
00:00:18NeverbACKdOwn ban spec
00:00:18ESA_93 I'll ban Spectre.
00:00:24ESA_93 Easy to read.
00:00:24TakinBackMyLove potm <3
00:00:26que2stress pick me rubick
00:00:29infect i pick
00:00:30infect for you
00:00:42Vangelis just bieber
00:00:42ESA_93 someone SK?
00:00:43Vangelis swap
00:00:44LetItBe me
00:00:54infect i probably want viper
00:00:54TakinBackMyLove sorry favorit hero champ
00:00:54ESA_93 pick enigma
00:00:54Zajeb pugna some1?
00:00:58LetItBe what u want
00:00:59LetItBe esa
00:01:03Vangelis you want
00:01:04LetItBe tell me when its my turn
00:01:05Vangelis pugna?
00:01:08Zajeb sure
00:01:13ESA_93 pick
00:01:14ESA_93 lion
00:01:14ESA_93 and
00:01:15ESA_93 viper
00:01:17TakinBackMyLove we need some tank
00:01:18Zajeb what u want?
00:01:18Vangelis get me venge
00:01:19que2stress -swap 2
00:01:19TakinBackMyLove shit
00:01:19infect viper for me
00:01:21ESA_93 good job
00:01:21kAlleMustDie rex or tiny?
00:01:22Zajeb ok
00:01:24infect -swap 3
00:01:26LetItBe sniper for u ?
00:01:26Vangelis ok
00:01:29Zajeb ?
00:01:31TakinBackMyLove like clockl
00:01:31Vangelis get me venge
00:01:32NeverbACKdOwn lanes?
00:01:32infect dont wanna mid solo
00:01:33Zajeb vange?
00:01:36infect been away some times
00:01:37Vangelis lastpick get clock or rex
00:01:39infect need some farm lane
00:01:40infect with help
00:01:41Vangelis vengeful
00:01:42Vangelis -swap 4
00:01:43ESA_93 pick
00:01:43Zajeb -swap 2
00:01:43NeverbACKdOwn lanes?
00:01:46Vangelis go fb top
00:01:46que2stress get magus?
00:01:48LetItBe rexxar tiny?
00:01:49que2stress rexar
00:01:50que2stress sk?
00:01:50LetItBe sniper?
00:01:51que2stress tiny?
00:01:55que2stress some tank
00:01:57LetItBe medusa?
00:01:57ESA_93 medusa for me
00:01:57Zajeb decripify or blast?
00:01:58Vangelis fb top
00:02:00NeverbACKdOwn omfg
00:02:01NeverbACKdOwn why dusa
00:02:02Vangelis blast ofc
00:02:02NeverbACKdOwn :S
00:02:08ESA_93 pick it
00:02:11LetItBe -swap 1
00:02:12ESA_93 -swap 5
00:02:14NeverbACKdOwn lanes?
00:02:16ESA_93 im mid
00:02:20TakinBackMyLove i take
00:02:21TakinBackMyLove rune
00:02:25ESA_93 lion bot with viper
00:02:25Vangelis why ?
00:02:26kAlleMustDie sure
00:02:27Vangelis we go fb
00:02:28ESA_93 sk top with rubick
00:02:29TakinBackMyLove then i come
00:02:30TakinBackMyLove helpo
00:02:31TakinBackMyLove you
00:02:34Vangelis no need
00:02:40infect our lanes are nice
00:02:41Vangelis we can kill with 3 range
00:02:42Vangelis easy
00:02:45TakinBackMyLove kk
00:02:46Vangelis but if they stay b
00:02:49Vangelis you lose exp
00:02:53infect priit going carry venge !
00:02:55infect always nice
00:02:57Vangelis HOD
00:03:01Vangelis helm of dominator
00:03:03infect tere btw
00:03:06infect pole ammu pelanud
00:03:38que2stress come to tower
00:03:42LetItBe yy
00:03:48infect and lion
00:03:49infect i farm
00:03:56NeverbACKdOwn ei
00:03:58NeverbACKdOwn mina
00:03:59NeverbACKdOwn farmin
00:04:00infect lohh oled?
00:04:02NeverbACKdOwn sina suppordid
00:04:12NeverbACKdOwn totaalne
00:04:13NeverbACKdOwn lohh
00:04:14NeverbACKdOwn olen
00:04:25infect ss 2
00:04:37infect re 1
00:04:41NeverbACKdOwn tapame clocki
00:04:41que2stress go plant
00:04:42NeverbACKdOwn peale pulli
00:05:07NeverbACKdOwn or not
00:05:09NeverbACKdOwn ma pullin
00:05:10NeverbACKdOwn uuesti
00:05:11ESA_93 dd mirana
00:05:12ESA_93 top
00:05:17infect ma valmis muidu
00:05:32que2stress wp
00:05:32que2stress sk
00:05:32LetItBe go
00:05:34que2stress relly
00:05:48NeverbACKdOwn tavai
00:05:49NeverbACKdOwn tapame nyyd
00:05:54infect proovime
00:06:01TakinBackMyLove go
00:06:17ESA_93 k
00:06:18TakinBackMyLove gj
00:06:21ESA_93 mid lost
00:06:28NeverbACKdOwn :D
00:07:18que2stress ss venge
00:07:20mamyka ?? ???
00:07:26NeverbACKdOwn omw mid
00:07:29NeverbACKdOwn try gank
00:07:42NeverbACKdOwn b mid
00:07:43NeverbACKdOwn inc
00:08:16LetItBe reuse chick
00:08:16NeverbACKdOwn omw top
00:08:17NeverbACKdOwn try kill
00:08:18que2stress we cant
00:08:19LetItBe oota
00:08:21LetItBe i get hp
00:08:24LetItBe w chick
00:08:34infect venge ss btw
00:08:49que2stress we said it
00:08:49Zajeb blah
00:08:51que2stress that venge miss
00:09:06mamyka ?
00:09:07kAlleMustDie ss
00:09:08kAlleMustDie care mid
00:09:09Vangelis try mid
00:09:10mamyka ss viper
00:09:12ESA_93 omg
00:09:12LetItBe mirana inc mid w illus
00:09:28que2stress this sjk
00:09:28Vangelis viper again then
00:09:32Vangelis or lion
00:09:32Vangelis y
00:09:37ESA_93 if u dont gang that mirana
00:09:38ESA_93 its gg
00:09:42LetItBe missed one
00:09:45infect stop sucking then
00:09:45infect ffs
00:09:46que2stress it was gg
00:09:47LetItBe was scratching nose
00:09:50que2stress when u picked ur shit hero :D
00:09:51infect he is solo killing you
00:09:58que2stress care viper
00:10:01que2stress potm going bot
00:10:10kAlleMustDie ss
00:10:15Vangelis ise oled uks carry venge
00:10:18Vangelis :D
00:10:20infect well without wards we cant do shit anyways
00:10:39mamyka ss viper
00:10:46que2stress u 2 suck
00:10:46mamyka re
00:10:58Zajeb ss 2
00:11:28TakinBackMyLove let
00:11:29TakinBackMyLove me
00:11:30TakinBackMyLove rune
00:11:43que2stress why u run back all the time?
00:11:46Zajeb oom
00:11:48Vangelis only 1 astun
00:11:49Vangelis and low
00:11:57que2stress go mid
00:12:11infect ss bot
00:12:24Zajeb ss 2
00:12:40TakinBackMyLove 4 mid :D
00:12:49que2stress b
00:12:59que2stress sk
00:13:00que2stress lion me
00:13:04que2stress we must go together
00:13:05que2stress roam
00:13:19infect i bait
00:13:20infect they come
00:13:21infect for me
00:13:55que2stress rofl
00:13:56que2stress ,y hero
00:13:57que2stress sry
00:14:06infect ty rubick lol :D
00:14:10LetItBe sry what lost the battle now its GG
00:14:16infect did u at least got krobe ulti ?
00:14:18Vangelis be
00:14:19Vangelis rdy
00:14:20que2stress y
00:14:20Vangelis i swap
00:14:22que2stress with lvl5
00:14:24que2stress i get it easily
00:14:52mamyka better ill go back
00:14:53TakinBackMyLove need
00:14:54TakinBackMyLove wads
00:14:57mamyka rly?
00:15:02que2stress we need manaboots
00:15:06infect rubick
00:15:08infect makes manaboots
00:15:08kAlleMustDie 4
00:15:13Vangelis krobe
00:15:13LetItBe me too
00:15:15Vangelis point booster
00:15:16Vangelis what for?
00:15:25infect sk
00:15:30infect aggression ?
00:15:34LetItBe ei hakka divema siin
00:15:53infect esa
00:15:56infect stop sucking and feeding
00:15:58ESA_93 tell me
00:16:01ESA_93 yeah
00:16:04Vangelis hook
00:16:09infect tell me, how potm solo kills u all the time?
00:16:11kAlleMustDie for agha
00:16:11mamyka wave
00:16:21ESA_93 coz we dont have wards
00:16:22ESA_93 simple
00:16:40infect so
00:16:40LetItBe gg ff
00:16:41NeverbACKdOwn this is gg
00:16:43infect what were u doing there
00:16:44que2stress why we spread
00:16:49infect and why dont we hv any wards :D
00:16:52NeverbACKdOwn dunno what the fuck are u doing
00:17:12que2stress lion
00:17:13que2stress sk
00:17:14mamyka agha dont work on krobe
00:17:15que2stress come
00:17:16que2stress with
00:17:16mamyka wtf
00:17:16que2stress me?
00:17:19kAlleMustDie it doesnt?=
00:17:19LetItBe need farm
00:17:19NeverbACKdOwn come bot
00:17:21NeverbACKdOwn plant wards
00:17:22que2stress its so simple
00:17:27Vangelis ofc not
00:17:28Vangelis :DDD
00:17:34kAlleMustDie shit
00:17:40LetItBe im planting
00:17:41TakinBackMyLove TY
00:17:42LetItBe then kmr
00:17:47kAlleMustDie well.. stone it shall be then
00:17:48mamyka io hook
00:17:53TakinBackMyLove K
00:17:58mamyka no
00:18:00Vangelis all mid
00:18:29que2stress wp lion
00:18:35Vangelis clock
00:18:36Vangelis omg not
00:18:37Vangelis cog
00:18:37NeverbACKdOwn why u go
00:18:38Vangelis ...
00:18:39NeverbACKdOwn if u cant kill
00:18:40NeverbACKdOwn no1
00:18:40que2stress that was more than impressive
00:18:41NeverbACKdOwn tard
00:18:41infect and sk, how blind can you be not to see that arrow :D?
00:18:47NeverbACKdOwn i sayd i was going to ward
00:18:47que2stress we killed
00:18:49que2stress somone
00:18:51que2stress and u
00:18:57que2stress just ran into
00:18:58mamyka what?
00:19:00NeverbACKdOwn i see
00:19:00que2stress clock :D
00:19:03Vangelis you should have
00:19:04NeverbACKdOwn idiot stfu
00:19:07Vangelis use cog
00:19:11Vangelis on rubick and viper
00:19:18mamyka man i was slowed
00:19:35que2stress we need counter wards here
00:19:36Vangelis pugna
00:19:38Vangelis meka next?
00:19:41Zajeb \
00:19:43Zajeb y
00:19:45LetItBe u can buy
00:19:45infect rubick -_-
00:19:45Vangelis btw
00:19:49infect buy then :D?
00:19:49que2stress nope
00:19:50Vangelis mana boots is better than void stone
00:19:55NeverbACKdOwn he dosent buy wards
00:19:56que2stress i get boots
00:19:57NeverbACKdOwn he only feeds
00:19:58que2stress mb
00:20:00mamyka venga su plz
00:20:03mamyka i go eul
00:20:06mamyka so ineed it
00:20:28infect go support :D:D
00:20:36mamyka noob venga
00:20:46mamyka now die
00:20:55infect and sk stealing from viper
00:20:58infect this game is over
00:21:04LetItBe mida sa ajad
00:21:05LetItBe :D:D
00:21:07NeverbACKdOwn this game is over because u cant farm
00:21:09NeverbACKdOwn 20 min treads
00:21:11NeverbACKdOwn nice farm
00:21:28Zajeb some1 manaboots?
00:21:30infect what lanes can i farm when there's no vision :D:D
00:21:34Zajeb ok i make
00:21:37NeverbACKdOwn sul oli 10min
00:21:39NeverbACKdOwn freefarm
00:21:40NeverbACKdOwn bot
00:21:43NeverbACKdOwn mida sa seletad
00:21:44infect venge ja clockiga?
00:21:49NeverbACKdOwn venge gankis
00:21:50infect kui nad tapsid mu 8ndal minutl ?
00:21:51NeverbACKdOwn sind 1 korra
00:21:55infect ja siis 12 minutl
00:21:59que2stress lin
00:22:04infect l2p nub
00:22:13NeverbACKdOwn sina oled see nuub siin
00:22:19infect näha on
00:22:23NeverbACKdOwn on ju
00:22:24NeverbACKdOwn 1:4
00:22:30NeverbACKdOwn tore et ise ka aru saad
00:22:55infect ära seleta kanapick
00:23:20infect jap
00:23:24infect go lion :D
00:23:34LetItBe 6pi lasthitima siis maun
00:23:36mamyka i get dusa or no?
00:23:39LetItBe csis noob dotas noob
00:23:41infect hahaha :D:D
00:23:43TakinBackMyLove Y
00:23:43LetItBe pole midagi teha
00:23:46mamyka nice
00:23:48infect oi jah
00:23:53infect teine chicken pick utleb
00:24:01LetItBe hetkel jah
00:24:16Vangelis someone
00:24:17NeverbACKdOwn 21min treads
00:24:18Vangelis will farm it
00:24:21NeverbACKdOwn way2goviper
00:24:32que2stress mb stop taking his kills then=?
00:24:33ESA_93 22 min first wards
00:24:34ESA_93 : D
00:24:40ESA_93 kinda hilarious
00:24:42infect 2nd
00:24:44NeverbACKdOwn wards have been since 1min
00:24:44infect **
00:24:45NeverbACKdOwn idiot
00:25:34que2stress wow slk
00:25:35que2stress :D
00:25:40TakinBackMyLove dont
00:25:40TakinBackMyLove do
00:25:41TakinBackMyLove that
00:25:42TakinBackMyLove pugna
00:26:00Vangelis pushi t
00:26:01Vangelis krobe
00:26:10Vangelis with
00:26:11Vangelis ult
00:26:13infect rubick
00:26:18infect gonna steal any good skills now?
00:26:27que2stress if i wont die
00:26:29que2stress instant
00:26:30LetItBe he cant play the hero
00:26:53TakinBackMyLove ty
00:27:00que2stress why should i steal anything
00:27:03que2stress if u dont fight?
00:27:07kAlleMustDie i shop fast
00:27:12Vangelis NOT NOW
00:27:15kAlleMustDie no mana
00:27:51Vangelis ok lets
00:27:53Vangelis go with 5 now
00:27:54ESA_93 welcoming party
00:27:55ESA_93 UMPS
00:27:57ESA_93 UMPS
00:27:58Vangelis they got nothing on our push
00:28:25que2stress lets turtle
00:28:30TakinBackMyLove lion
00:28:42TakinBackMyLove warding
00:28:46que2stress need ward here
00:28:52infect pugna ward kills rubick and lion
00:28:59kAlleMustDie ok i come
00:29:00Zajeb w8 for all
00:29:10que2stress if we turtle
00:29:12que2stress it wont
00:29:19ESA_93 wow
00:29:20LetItBe why are u so bad blue
00:29:30ESA_93 well
00:29:31que2stress why dont u understand
00:29:33que2stress turtle?
00:29:37infect cant def that
00:29:51ESA_93 i dont rly even see any point playing this when their heroes are stronger at end
00:29:55que2stress we got enough nukes
00:30:51que2stress we so bad :D
00:30:54ESA_93 I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:56LetItBe I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:58infect esa, why did u fail so so hard mid
00:31:04mamyka imba clock
00:31:05ESA_93 after he got first blood
00:31:05infect u gave 4 solo kills
00:31:07que2stress why did u even pick dusa :D
00:31:07infect to potm ?
00:31:13ESA_93 he got 500 g lead of me
00:31:15Vangelis push
00:31:16Vangelis top now
00:31:17infect so what?
00:31:17LetItBe go ff
00:31:21ESA_93 and after that i lost it
00:31:22infect u cant dodge arrow?
00:31:25ESA_93 nope
00:31:28infect :D:D
00:31:29NeverbACKdOwn I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:30ESA_93 i usually run straight into it
00:31:33infect I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:34ESA_93 ofc i can
00:31:40infect well why didnt u ?
00:31:42ESA_93 but he can just leap to me and kill me with 1 starfall
00:31:49ESA_93 at lvl 5
00:31:57infect agaisnt dusa mana shield
00:31:57LetItBe ff it
00:31:59infect he cant
00:32:30Zajeb reuse
00:32:37TakinBackMyLove i take
00:33:27Vangelis go top
00:33:44infect sk
00:33:46infect get swapped
00:33:49infect and b rdy to stun
00:34:31que2stress I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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