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92% | 1507 X | 1581 TS

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83% | 1428 X | 1464 TS

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Chat log

00:00:01zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:00:03zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Crystal Maiden [v,e,f,d]
00:00:04WANKmaster -ap
00:00:05Fxx. no , u cant
00:00:07Fxx. tanelli
00:00:11tanelli i know
00:00:21Bct_Murder all str :D
00:00:24Bct_Murder who tank ?:D
00:00:29Bct_Murder who carry?
00:00:34Fxx. wanted
00:00:36Momdsiw you retarD?
00:00:37holostoi -ms
00:00:40Fxx. u never play invok ?
00:00:41Momdsiw if you dont knwo whos carryu
00:00:44Mercury cm will go tank
00:00:51Momdsiw and tiny best carry
00:00:52Momdsiw righT?
00:00:57Mercury naah
00:00:59zonskass i will be kebab seller
00:01:01Mercury ur pig will carry
00:01:04Momdsiw k
00:01:07livingde4th check runess
00:01:10WantedZip im really bad to invok :D
00:01:12WantedZip haha
00:01:14WantedZip so fun :D
00:01:18zonskass al
00:01:19zonskass go 3
00:01:31tanelli and you even didnt wanted to pick cm for me first
00:01:32WantedZip its up to FXX :D
00:01:33WantedZip haha
00:01:40Fxx. what ?
00:01:46zonskass no slow?
00:01:49holostoi 3
00:01:51WantedZip u have to win this
00:01:52WANKmaster no
00:01:53WANKmaster slow
00:01:57Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:57zonskass bad
00:01:59Fxx. i try it
00:01:59Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Stone Giant [v,t,c,w]
00:01:59WANKmaster y
00:02:00Fxx. :-)
00:02:04holostoi 3 here
00:02:09zonskass we lose
00:02:11WANKmaster y
00:02:16zonskass couse you dont had slow D:
00:02:16Momdsiw of course we lose?
00:02:17holostoi care of ganking from start
00:02:22holostoi they took runes
00:03:19Momdsiw stupid fat ogres blocked each other
00:03:33zonskass 3lvl imam?
00:03:37Bct_Murder bandysim
00:04:41Momdsiw go after my pull
00:04:43Momdsiw try save mana
00:05:14Bct_Murder mana mokikis lol ..
00:05:19livingde4th wp viper
00:05:33Momdsiw wtf is wrong with centas
00:05:43Bct_Murder failas ...
00:05:45zonskass nu suka uzpiso
00:07:16WantedZip ;:D
00:07:17WANKmaster wat
00:07:17WANKmaster :d
00:07:45Bct_Murder manos trukumas ;/
00:07:48livingde4th fuuck
00:08:12zonskass einu gangint
00:08:16Bct_Murder einam i virsu
00:08:19Bct_Murder pakirsim
00:08:25zonskass is mid ateisiu
00:08:27livingde4th miss beast
00:08:29livingde4th go obs
00:08:30livingde4th viper
00:08:41Fxx. go pull
00:08:44zonskass slow soon?
00:08:46holostoi ss tp
00:08:48Fxx. so no
00:08:49Fxx. :)-
00:09:00WantedZip ss
00:09:24Momdsiw fucking centaur
00:09:25Fxx. go void
00:09:26Fxx. ulty
00:09:49zonskass kam voida
00:09:55livingde4th kill
00:09:57Bct_Murder nes reik kad neuzsifarmintu
00:10:06zonskass tai butume kroba nuzude
00:10:30WantedZip ss
00:10:31zonskass stun krobelus
00:10:32Momdsiw which
00:10:44Momdsiw wards lol
00:10:47livingde4th kill
00:10:48livingde4th gogogo
00:10:53holostoi 3 top
00:10:53Fxx. perma 3 up
00:10:56Fxx. last 2 min
00:10:58Fxx. and still no miss
00:10:59Fxx. :-)
00:11:10livingde4th idiot
00:11:12livingde4th u hit creeps
00:11:22Bct_Murder why tp?
00:11:30Momdsiw ulti
00:11:31tanelli did i?:(
00:11:31Momdsiw to creep?
00:11:34livingde4th y
00:11:35holostoi ss top
00:12:38zonskass kill?
00:12:42Bct_Murder dw
00:12:47Bct_Murder as tave uzmest galiu
00:12:47zonskass ok
00:12:48Momdsiw you animal lover?
00:12:48Bct_Murder ant jo
00:12:49zonskass as pirmas
00:12:53WANKmaster ss
00:12:54WANKmaster mid
00:12:56zonskass sone einam
00:12:58zonskass ne salia
00:13:06zonskass ss
00:13:07zonskass top
00:13:32Bct_Murder bbd nx
00:13:33Bct_Murder uzpiso
00:13:35Bct_Murder tas krobas
00:13:37Bct_Murder su tom nesamonem
00:13:38Bct_Murder pidaras
00:13:42Momdsiw :D
00:13:58Momdsiw This fucking slow rexxar
00:14:24Fxx. and again 3 up
00:14:26Fxx. and again no miss
00:14:29Fxx. love it :-)
00:14:32Mercury cm flying and wards?
00:14:36livingde4th kill em top
00:15:00Bct_Murder ss 2 down?
00:15:43livingde4th my bad :D
00:16:00Momdsiw rexxar imba
00:16:01Momdsiw !
00:16:15Bct_Murder need void gank
00:16:16Bct_Murder people
00:16:22livingde4th top twr
00:16:23livingde4th gogogo
00:16:33livingde4th kill
00:16:39tanelli warded by them
00:16:48Momdsiw toss cm to safety
00:16:49Momdsiw blah
00:16:56Bct_Murder wtf
00:16:58Bct_Murder ............
00:17:03zonskass warfed rivwer
00:17:39Bct_Murder cia nx
00:17:40Bct_Murder gaidynas
00:17:56zonskass kodel?
00:17:57zonskass D
00:17:59Momdsiw you survived naix?
00:18:02zonskass y
00:18:03Bct_Murder nieko pdaryt negaliu
00:18:20Momdsiw i tele got ulti
00:18:45Momdsiw -ii
00:18:53Momdsiw should use armlet :P
00:19:15WantedZip gj
00:19:18WANKmaster oh shit this tiny sucks :D
00:19:27Mercury naah his spellfarming
00:19:28Momdsiw ^^
00:19:35Bct_Murder i nedd mana boots
00:19:52Mercury then you can spellfarm 24/7
00:19:55livingde4th naix farms alot
00:19:57livingde4th we have to do sth
00:20:06livingde4th twrs
00:20:07livingde4th or hunt
00:20:41Momdsiw fuck
00:20:43livingde4th b mid
00:20:44livingde4th viuper
00:20:46livingde4th b
00:20:54Fxx. fuck
00:21:11Momdsiw towers?
00:21:16Fxx. just farm
00:21:17Fxx. void
00:21:18Fxx. and please
00:21:23Fxx. dont buy fucking ussless bd
00:21:24Fxx. bf
00:21:45Fxx. go mid tower
00:21:53livingde4th b
00:21:56livingde4th b
00:21:57Momdsiw got ult
00:22:02Fxx. or
00:22:03Fxx. come
00:22:04zonskass go?
00:22:04Fxx. help me
00:22:06Fxx. with rosh
00:22:11Momdsiw well i regen
00:22:18livingde4th we really need 2x hex for lategame
00:22:44zonskass care
00:22:46Fxx. let me
00:22:54Bct_Murder ...
00:22:56Bct_Murder aegis ..
00:23:00Fxx. w8 for my ulty
00:23:02Fxx. and go push
00:23:46Fxx. come all mid
00:23:49Fxx. we go push mid
00:23:58livingde4th i make halberk?
00:24:00holostoi 15 sec
00:24:01livingde4th or agha
00:24:17Mercury gg emp
00:24:23holostoi they tp mid
00:24:24Fxx. COME ON
00:24:25Fxx. ALL
00:24:27Momdsiw make soulring or stick
00:24:33Momdsiw or skadi
00:25:06Fxx. so go push this side
00:25:12Momdsiw make basher vs void
00:25:13Momdsiw wank
00:25:14Fxx. BUT PUSH
00:25:18WANKmaster i make new
00:25:18WANKmaster item
00:25:22zonskass deff
00:25:23Fxx. we cant win vs naix
00:25:23Momdsiw ahh
00:25:24Momdsiw disarm
00:25:26Fxx. late game
00:25:34WANKmaster focus
00:25:35WANKmaster krobe
00:25:35WANKmaster lpz
00:25:37Momdsiw i was scared that you go sny
00:25:41zonskass krpbe invoker
00:26:30livingde4th nubs
00:26:39Fxx. void
00:26:43Fxx. U must start fight
00:26:45Fxx. with ulty
00:26:46Fxx. ...
00:26:46zonskass care rockets
00:26:48tanelli what to build vs naix
00:26:50Bct_Murder dagger rdy
00:26:52tanelli force staff?
00:26:53livingde4th void so shitty pick
00:26:56Fxx. why u use it after they killed me ?
00:26:56livingde4th when there was naga
00:27:13Fxx. naixpicker :-)
00:27:15WANKmaster i really need movement speed tho
00:27:22Fxx. I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:27:24WANKmaster and nice
00:27:25livingde4th naga better than naix :/
00:27:27Mercury blink dagg for ity
00:27:30WANKmaster void
00:27:32WANKmaster has no items
00:27:41WANKmaster im making yasha
00:27:43WANKmaster basher
00:27:43Momdsiw i think i dont go for book
00:28:24Bct_Murder push ?
00:28:47Fxx. let them
00:28:48Fxx. this
00:28:49Fxx. ...
00:28:53livingde4th dork
00:28:58livingde4th he goes alone
00:28:59livingde4th wtf
00:29:01livingde4th retard
00:29:25Fxx. rofl
00:29:26Fxx. ...
00:29:34Fxx. ck , naix in game
00:29:37Fxx. what was banned ?
00:29:41Momdsiw lycan
00:29:44Fxx. ah
00:29:46Fxx. so shity pool
00:29:47zonskass xin
00:30:24Fxx. invo 3. skill defend wave
00:30:25Fxx. pelase
00:30:26Fxx. qwe
00:30:28Fxx. i think
00:31:21Fxx. b after tower
00:32:05Bct_Murder now i make AC ok ?
00:32:16Momdsiw shiva
00:32:21zonskass yuo got permision
00:33:01Momdsiw void fat?
00:33:12livingde4th no its useless void
00:33:12zonskass no
00:33:13Bct_Murder ss 2 down
00:33:26livingde4th I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:07tanelli zip, are you going for force staff aswell?
00:34:18WantedZip n
00:34:24WANKmaster make shiva
00:34:24WANKmaster tiny
00:34:26WANKmaster i make ac
00:34:27Bct_Murder ok
00:36:04Fxx. ups :-)
00:36:14Fxx. ups :-)
00:36:23zonskass who took aegis?
00:36:25livingde4th say ff
00:36:26Momdsiw pd
00:36:26Fxx. i forget on this :-)
00:36:29Momdsiw dp
00:36:33WANKmaster useless
00:36:34WANKmaster on tp
00:36:39WANKmaster if he dies ulti is gone
00:36:54Momdsiw got mah agha
00:37:17Momdsiw -ms
00:37:19Momdsiw -ms
00:37:43Fxx. :(
00:38:05zonskass -ms
00:38:48Momdsiw Ö:D
00:38:49zonskass :D
00:39:04Momdsiw ulti
00:39:16Bct_Murder shyva rdy :O)
00:39:24zonskass zeus ulti!
00:39:43Momdsiw ^^
00:39:45zonskass viper imba items 37 min
00:39:57Momdsiw hes tanelli
00:40:01Momdsiw best farmer eu
00:40:03zonskass ohhh
00:40:07WANKmaster like holstoi
00:40:07livingde4th kinda owned that :DXD
00:40:09tanelli you stealed cm from me
00:40:10zonskass didnt see
00:40:11WANKmaster havent sen him
00:40:12livingde4th thought im dead
00:40:12zonskass taneli
00:40:15WANKmaster still no items :D
00:40:18zonskass :PPP
00:40:18Momdsiw he has mom
00:40:21Fxx. GO PUSH NOW
00:40:21Momdsiw i think
00:40:24Fxx. ALL together
00:40:26Fxx. last chance
00:40:33livingde4th lol its over
00:41:06Momdsiw i make vladimir
00:41:13Mercury fun
00:41:24Mercury mp 0 24/7
00:41:27Momdsiw i ult krobe
00:41:54livingde4th b
00:42:18zonskass dewad
00:42:32Fxx. ok
00:42:32Fxx. I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:35Momdsiw nessaj build mana mby?
00:42:36Fxx. 0 chance
00:42:37livingde4th fucking hook missed
00:42:38livingde4th so bad
00:42:41Fxx. bob carrys
00:42:49Fxx. allways 2 worst players carrys :(
00:42:55Fxx. wp clock
00:42:58Fxx. wp invo
00:43:03Momdsiw wp viper
00:43:05zonskass wp tanbeli
00:43:06livingde4th couldve done better :(
00:43:14Momdsiw Viper got you this far
00:43:47Bct_Murder what i can make now?
00:43:50Mercury vlads
00:43:53Momdsiw i have
00:43:54Momdsiw vlads
00:43:56Mercury k
00:43:57zonskass hot
00:44:07zonskass bfury
00:44:13Momdsiw crit
00:44:15Mercury bfury?
00:44:16Momdsiw pew pew
00:44:17Momdsiw xD
00:44:21livingde4th need hex
00:44:23livingde4th badly
00:44:24Fxx. And allways this carrys , who lost it dont ff :-)
00:44:30Bct_Murder if i want AC ?;/
00:44:34zonskass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:30Fxx. bad is
00:45:36Fxx. blade mail dont work vs naix
00:45:39Fxx. its imba
00:45:47livingde4th it does when he has no rage .=)
00:45:51Fxx. anywas , i dont understand , why bladmail dont work vs naix
00:45:56Momdsiw rage
00:45:57Momdsiw on
00:45:58Momdsiw ?
00:46:17zonskass couse he liofsteal bigger
00:46:39Bct_Murder i make pipe ok?
00:46:45Fxx. void
00:46:46Fxx. come rosh
00:46:53Momdsiw make wards
00:46:55holostoi they here
00:47:37WANKmaster b
00:47:38WANKmaster b
00:47:43Momdsiw i rebuy
00:47:50Momdsiw if need
00:47:52Fxx. rosh ?
00:47:59livingde4th sure
00:48:04zonskass they rosan
00:48:09tanelli take wards someone
00:48:16Fxx. so go fast
00:48:17livingde4th make fcking hex
00:48:30WANKmaster b
00:48:41Momdsiw dd
00:48:42Momdsiw bot
00:48:42Momdsiw dd
00:48:43Momdsiw take dd
00:49:00Momdsiw take rosh
00:49:24Fxx. still no ff ?
00:49:43tanelli I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:49:45livingde4th void egtin bkb :DFDFDF
00:49:46livingde4th lol
00:49:47zonskass end?
00:49:55livingde4th no dmg
00:50:15holostoi 2 sec cd
00:50:22WANKmaster b
00:50:23WANKmaster wat
00:50:25WANKmaster wait
00:50:26WANKmaster hes
00:50:26WANKmaster ult
00:50:36WANKmaster just
00:50:37WANKmaster wait
00:50:44zonskass now can go
00:50:47Momdsiw tiny def
00:51:13WANKmaster b
00:51:18zonskass why noobs
00:51:34zonskass void win this late
00:51:37Momdsiw no
00:51:44Bct_Murder yes ;]
00:51:48Momdsiw no
00:51:52Bct_Murder if we dont win this fast
00:51:53zonskass voidbest hero dota
00:51:56Momdsiw no
00:51:56Bct_Murder he farm and win
00:51:57livingde4th makin hex
00:51:58livingde4th plz
00:52:00livingde4th somepone second
00:52:11Momdsiw chen is best for late
00:52:19zonskass lol
00:52:19livingde4th only way to win
00:52:21livingde4th is max hex
00:52:24livingde4th mass
00:53:12zonskass go?
00:53:22livingde4th b
00:53:23livingde4th all
00:53:23livingde4th b
00:53:23zonskass or again w8 krobe ulti and b?
00:53:26Fxx. TO BASE
00:53:48livingde4th naix killed imself to blade
00:54:09livingde4th void totally retarded
00:54:13livingde4th we could def at base
00:54:29tanelli I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:54:33Bct_Murder back?
00:54:53Momdsiw Gg
00:54:54WantedZip I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
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