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80% | 1441 X | 1393 TS

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50% | 1202 X | 1292 TS

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44% | 1180 X | 1256 TS

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31% | 1183 X | 1134 TS

Chat log

00:00:00bigpandapro [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 107 seconds.
00:00:16bigpandapro panda ?
00:00:16bigpandapro -clear
00:00:16mby_next_time gimme rubick pls?
00:00:16bigpandapro or pick
00:00:16Defloratio ban spec
00:00:16chodaboy slardar
00:00:16OrokuSaki or ban lyca?
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T lyca
00:00:16chodaboy imba
00:00:16bigpandapro ?
00:00:16OrokuSaki >.>
00:00:20NwC.CooL-T ????? ???? ???
00:00:21Defloratio get me spec pls then
00:00:26Kanpu3a ????
00:00:29chodaboy sure
00:00:29mby_next_time spec you mid?
00:00:32mby_next_time or me mid?
00:00:32Defloratio you play him ?
00:00:33chodaboy no
00:00:36chodaboy im mid with morph
00:00:39Defloratio no wat ?
00:00:40chodaboy i give this to deflo
00:00:43mby_next_time kk
00:00:45bigpandapro -clear
00:00:45Defloratio oh oke
00:00:51chodaboy get ogre sk warlock
00:00:51chodaboy gg
00:00:52Defloratio so no more agi then guys
00:00:54chodaboy and get me morph
00:00:58bigpandapro -clear
00:00:59bigpandapro ?
00:01:03chodaboy go ogre
00:01:05Defloratio -swap 1
00:01:06chodaboy imba
00:01:06chodaboy pls
00:01:07mby_next_time rofl not
00:01:08chodaboy -swap 3
00:01:10bigpandapro panda
00:01:10chodaboy ok sk
00:01:12chodaboy warlock
00:01:14bigpandapro me
00:01:14chodaboy nice
00:01:16bigpandapro panda
00:01:37chodaboy ogre
00:01:42bigpandapro no
00:01:48bigpandapro -clear
00:01:54mby_next_time me semi woods
00:01:54NwC.CooL-T -swap 3
00:01:55chodaboy -hhn
00:01:55chodaboy -di
00:01:58chodaboy y
00:01:59bigpandapro -clear
00:02:02Defloratio sk go top
00:02:03Defloratio pls
00:02:03mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:04Defloratio !
00:02:04mby_next_time -don
00:02:05mamyka -swap 1
00:02:06mby_next_time im semi woods
00:02:07Defloratio i need famr
00:02:07mby_next_time dude
00:02:08mamyka -swa p5
00:02:08mby_next_time get it
00:02:11mamyka -swap 5
00:02:12mby_next_time -water random
00:02:13mby_next_time -clear
00:02:14Defloratio k
00:02:14cooper -swap 3
00:02:23chodaboy if u play descent
00:02:25mby_next_time just dont die should be fine.
00:02:26chodaboy u both get farm
00:02:27chodaboy np
00:02:30mby_next_time true
00:02:33cooper -swap 4
00:02:34chodaboy skywrath and rexxar
00:02:36Kanpu3a -swap 5
00:02:37chodaboy support with wards and flying
00:02:38chodaboy gg
00:02:47bigpandapro -clear
00:02:50bigpandapro k
00:04:05101010 go pull
00:04:30chodaboy ss mid
00:04:30chodaboy re
00:04:30101010 cooper go pull
00:04:31mamyka ?? 3
00:04:57101010 ok
00:04:59101010 np
00:05:22chodaboy go top
00:05:24Kanpu3a ss
00:05:25chodaboy wait for me
00:05:26bigpandapro go
00:05:47OrokuSaki gj
00:05:49chodaboy u2
00:06:12chodaboy hows it going bot?
00:06:17Defloratio 3/1
00:06:18mby_next_time wardfed
00:06:30chodaboy go now
00:06:53101010 ss top
00:06:55Kanpu3a ss
00:07:01Defloratio some1 up the chik
00:07:03101010 re
00:07:20chodaboy check rune
00:07:44Defloratio ty for uping the chik
00:07:47Defloratio so i can heal
00:07:58mby_next_time no rune
00:08:05Defloratio gank down
00:08:06Defloratio pls
00:08:15mby_next_time warded here
00:08:19mby_next_time so you have to go around
00:08:29Defloratio ss
00:08:52Defloratio OMFG
00:09:04Defloratio i cant
00:09:08Defloratio solo now
00:09:19Defloratio sk come
00:09:28chodaboy sk bot now
00:09:29mby_next_time im gonna be useless there anywayu
00:09:38chodaboy SK
00:09:41Defloratio just for gank
00:10:13bigpandapro -clear
00:10:59Defloratio guys ,,,
00:11:06chodaboy whaT?
00:11:09Defloratio i cant solo ..
00:11:11Defloratio now
00:11:15Defloratio to much nuke
00:11:23Defloratio instant kill for them
00:12:05chodaboy sk go gank
00:12:22Defloratio ss down
00:12:29chodaboy sk mid
00:12:30chodaboy we rape
00:12:58Defloratio -.-
00:13:05Defloratio i cant belive this shit
00:13:06Defloratio -.-
00:13:59bigpandapro -clear
00:14:02bigpandapro wtf
00:14:03chodaboy rexxar are u drunk?=
00:14:10OrokuSaki lol
00:14:13OrokuSaki where can i run
00:14:21chodaboy sk
00:14:45NwC.CooL-T mana
00:14:50NwC.CooL-T ty
00:15:01chodaboy np
00:15:03chodaboy leave mid for me
00:15:12chodaboy go gank
00:15:49mamyka ?
00:15:57Defloratio !ff
00:16:04Defloratio i done ..
00:16:06Defloratio 0/5
00:16:54chodaboy go ulti lich
00:17:13Defloratio b
00:17:20chodaboy SK SSTART TO GANK
00:17:26NwC.CooL-T mana
00:17:28chodaboy COME ON
00:17:32NwC.CooL-T ty
00:18:08mamyka ???? ???
00:18:35chodaboy COME MID
00:18:49chodaboy GO
00:18:50chodaboy REXXAR
00:19:29chodaboy gg naps
00:19:37chodaboy i go farm now
00:19:42chodaboy u cant play spectre for fuck sake
00:19:44chodaboy why u wanted it?
00:19:49chodaboy gloves of haste after 16 min
00:19:49chodaboy wp
00:19:55Defloratio well ofc
00:19:57Defloratio no sup
00:20:00Defloratio no gank ...
00:20:02Defloratio euse me
00:20:05chodaboy dont take my farm now
00:20:06Defloratio we had one gank down
00:20:15Defloratio i cant play then...
00:20:19mamyka ??????? ????
00:20:51bigpandapro go
00:21:35chodaboy good lord
00:21:37chodaboy u nap
00:21:38chodaboy tp
00:21:48Defloratio and ?
00:21:50chodaboy u know how to use ulti?
00:21:53chodaboy WARDS
00:22:20mamyka ??
00:22:22mamyka TY
00:22:27mby_next_time EH EH SPECTRE <3
00:22:41101010 rubick tell me what i can do without mana?
00:23:29chodaboy ff
00:23:35chodaboy fuckiong bot
00:23:47mby_next_time GG
00:23:50chodaboy learn to lasthit u fucking noob
00:23:57chodaboy sk
00:23:58chodaboy get bkb
00:24:05mby_next_time in mmt i get mordigan
00:24:05chodaboy we need WARDS
00:24:07mby_next_time then bkb ofc
00:24:19mby_next_time if our pro spectre would do anything i would have it already.
00:24:32mby_next_time hey spectre after 3 mins of freefarm bot you got 1 k ?
00:24:35mby_next_time rofl...
00:24:36chodaboy he sucks dick
00:24:41mamyka ??? ?????
00:24:44bigpandapro spectra
00:24:46bigpandapro wtf
00:24:50Defloratio 3 mins of free farm ?
00:24:50Defloratio xD
00:24:54mby_next_time yep
00:24:54chodaboy come all
00:24:55Defloratio are you jokeing
00:25:00mby_next_time im not
00:25:03mby_next_time you had 3 -4 mins
00:25:10mby_next_time when they were top
00:25:58chodaboy skycunt and rexxar loosing game
00:26:00chodaboy no wards
00:26:24chodaboy GO U UFCKING CUNTS
00:26:41101010 b
00:27:13chodaboy place wards now
00:27:16chodaboy leme rune
00:27:19mamyka ???????? ? ????? ??? 2 ?????
00:27:30NwC.CooL-T =)))
00:28:45chodaboy when they try to push
00:28:48chodaboy we need to gather
00:28:50chodaboy and win fights
00:28:55mby_next_time no ulti.
00:28:57mby_next_time need mmt
00:29:04chodaboy spread out for lich ulti
00:29:39mby_next_time gg
00:29:46Defloratio gg
00:29:54chodaboy this fucking team
00:29:59chodaboy how gc find these bots
00:30:10chodaboy go throw axes
00:30:17101010 rax
00:31:11bigpandapro botal
00:31:46mby_next_time omni midas 30 minute
00:31:47mby_next_time so usefull
00:31:48101010 b warlock
00:31:59chodaboy omni
00:32:00chodaboy ?
00:32:03Defloratio fuck off
00:32:05Defloratio ..
00:32:06mby_next_time []spec *
00:32:27mby_next_time nono np i like ppl going agi and saying dont go mroe agis
00:32:36mby_next_time that just have to have good support players
00:32:38101010 top rax now
00:32:40Defloratio ya
00:32:52Defloratio so they can get sup heroes
00:32:57Defloratio so i can get sup ...
00:32:58chodaboy DEF ALL
00:32:58101010 dd
00:33:05chodaboy DONT RUN WITHOUT TP U NAP
00:33:09mby_next_time well you should get dota
00:33:16mby_next_time loads of games
00:33:16101010 gather
00:33:21mby_next_time are 1/2 with carry
00:33:24mby_next_time without mom
00:33:29mby_next_time and ppl handle it and win
00:34:35chodaboy rexxar
00:34:38chodaboy and spectre
00:34:41chodaboy dont play dota again
00:34:44OrokuSaki lolk
00:34:44Defloratio haha
00:34:45chodaboy and this skywrath
00:34:48Defloratio dude
00:34:49Defloratio su
00:34:50chodaboy worst fucking noob ever
00:34:50Defloratio pls
00:34:54chodaboy deflo
00:34:55chodaboy u suck dick
00:34:58101010 heal
00:34:59Defloratio oke ..
00:35:02chodaboy farm whole game
00:35:04chodaboy and no items
00:35:08Defloratio WHOLE GAME
00:35:09chodaboy good lord ur so fucking bad
00:35:10Defloratio FU
00:35:11Defloratio DUDE
00:35:12Defloratio SU
00:35:14chodaboy i remember u noob
00:35:15Defloratio DONT SPEAK
00:35:18mby_next_time aj
00:35:36mby_next_time bg
00:35:37mby_next_time I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:41chodaboy go sk
00:37:44mby_next_time -cs
00:38:19bigpandapro go
00:38:21bigpandapro fast
00:38:23bigpandapro kill
00:38:23bigpandapro 2
00:38:23chodaboy push up mid
00:38:25chodaboy DEF BASE
00:38:55chodaboy wp bot
00:38:57chodaboy gj noobs
00:39:02chodaboy dont listen to cap
00:39:06chodaboy maybe ban?
00:39:14mby_next_time maybe shut up ?D:
00:39:48bigpandapro gj
00:40:00chodaboy never a napgame again
00:40:19chodaboy sk and spectre farmed the whole game
00:40:27mby_next_time WHOLLE GAME!
00:40:27chodaboy without zero result
00:40:45mby_next_time without any result *
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