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+38 X
+2 TS

97% | 1716 X | 1550 TS

+40 X
+2 TS

84% | 1493 X | 1406 TS

+25 X
+3 TS

77% | 1375 X | 1423 TS

+22 X
+2 TS

74% | 1370 X | 1390 TS

+49 X
+2 TS

71% | 1255 X | 1467 TS

-28 X
-3 TS

95% | 1662 X | 1522 TS

-6 X
-2 TS

94% | 1652 X | 1501 TS

-54 X
-2 TS

75% | 1326 X | 1465 TS

-35 X
-2 TS

67% | 1268 X | 1397 TS

-45 X
-3 TS

65% | 1260 X | 1396 TS

Chat log

00:00:05Bad3vil hf
00:00:06chodaboy -rd
00:00:06TakinBackMyLove -rd
00:00:06Palle dedux?
00:00:06TakinBackMyLove DEDUX
00:00:06Vangelis -rd
00:00:06TakinBackMyLove CMON
00:00:06TakinBackMyLove CMON
00:00:06Bad3vil i wont tip it
00:00:06TakinBackMyLove -Cm
00:00:06Bad3vil -cm
00:00:06TakinBackMyLove -cd
00:00:06chodaboy deduz
00:00:06chodaboy rd
00:00:06Palle rmk?
00:00:06TakinBackMyLove strom make cm on the gold leauge only
00:00:06TakinBackMyLove so its allways cm
00:00:06sandii just wait that whiteniggernerd
00:00:06nigulas he cant even make gold
00:00:06DeduXserS -rd
00:00:09sandii see
00:00:16DeduXserS I ban lich
00:00:16Palle -clear
00:00:16Palle not sf plz
00:00:16TakinBackMyLove i ban phoenix
00:00:16sandii his gonna play invo
00:00:16sandii fo sho
00:00:16DeduXserS what u guys want?
00:00:16chodaboy LICH AND PHOENIX BANNED!!!!!
00:00:17Palle weaver
00:00:21Palle or invoker
00:00:24Bad3vil who is banned ?
00:00:25Strom !BANNED: Lich & Phoenix
00:00:28sandii jaa
00:00:30sandii senkin homo
00:00:31TakinBackMyLove anyone panda ?
00:00:31nigulas cant u read?
00:00:35Vangelis deduxsers
00:00:37Vangelis can i go mid
00:00:38TakinBackMyLove anyone panda ?
00:00:38sandii cant
00:00:43DeduXserS im going down
00:00:43TakinBackMyLove say it fast
00:00:45TakinBackMyLove or sladar ?
00:00:48Palle k ill support
00:00:48Vangelis k i get mid then
00:00:56Palle if u want
00:01:05chodaboy slardar and lina
00:01:08chodaboy ican slard
00:01:09chodaboy strom
00:01:13Bad3vil me lich ?
00:01:15Vangelis i get mid
00:01:16TakinBackMyLove banned
00:01:20TakinBackMyLove get panda
00:01:22TakinBackMyLove slardar
00:01:24Palle i come support
00:01:25TakinBackMyLove or pugna
00:01:32Palle bought wartds for antipull
00:01:51TakinBackMyLove nigulas
00:01:52TakinBackMyLove you go
00:01:52TakinBackMyLove mid
00:02:00Palle why not ranged? ...
00:02:01TakinBackMyLove get
00:02:02TakinBackMyLove eza
00:02:03TakinBackMyLove last
00:02:05Vangelis i am ranged
00:02:06Palle take wards
00:02:10Palle panda
00:02:12TakinBackMyLove and come top with me
00:02:13nigulas 3lane bot
00:02:15nigulas weaver solo?
00:02:16chodaboy full invent
00:02:17chodaboy -hhn
00:02:18chodaboy -di
00:02:18Palle take wards for antipuill
00:02:19nigulas fast push
00:02:21TakinBackMyLove sure
00:02:21nigulas tower
00:02:22TakinBackMyLove do that
00:02:27Palle slark u got pounce?=
00:02:43Palle then we might fb with decent rune
00:02:48Palle dedux?
00:02:51DeduXserS i got bounche
00:02:52DeduXserS ofc
00:02:54Palle kk
00:02:58DeduXserS was chatting facebook
00:02:59Strom !
00:02:59DeduXserS sorry
00:03:04Palle kk
00:03:05chodaboy wait funtil 29
00:03:06nigulas bot
00:03:07nigulas 3 lane
00:03:08chodaboy strom
00:03:08TakinBackMyLove bo
00:03:08Vangelis i got lazer
00:03:09nigulas read
00:03:12que2stress #afk
00:03:13nigulas share
00:03:16Palle regen btm tinker
00:03:18nigulas eza
00:03:20Vangelis ok boss
00:03:23Bad3vil pugna up it plz
00:03:25Bad3vil i do wards
00:03:32DeduXserS lina go behind
00:03:32Palle sp spam it up :D
00:04:02Palle 3 btm
00:04:35Palle sry
00:04:40DeduXserS stun ,.-.
00:04:58Vangelis omg
00:04:59que2stress rofl
00:04:59Vangelis i need
00:05:00Vangelis chick
00:05:03que2stress u are blind?
00:05:05Strom got sentries now
00:05:11que2stress u are stupid
00:05:13que2stress and blind
00:05:24DeduXserS STUn...
00:05:26Palle cd
00:05:30DeduXserS lies :D
00:05:31chodaboy hahahaha
00:05:31chodaboy gj man
00:05:32DeduXserS its 5sec
00:05:34Palle y :D
00:05:43Bad3vil ss
00:05:44Bad3vil w2
00:05:46Bad3vil re
00:06:00Vangelis regen
00:06:02Vangelis still bot
00:06:02Vangelis ?
00:06:04DeduXserS i took it
00:06:06que2stress why not stick together=
00:06:06DeduXserS 10sec ago
00:06:13Vangelis no 2 min rune
00:06:14Vangelis then
00:06:14Vangelis ?
00:06:16DeduXserS y
00:06:25DeduXserS lina nuke pugna'
00:06:36DeduXserS u can use stun more
00:06:37DeduXserS aggressive
00:07:00que2stress wow u can attack
00:07:15Bad3vil ss
00:07:16Bad3vil 2
00:07:19Palle i will play more agressive from now on sry
00:07:28DeduXserS u play so much
00:07:32nigulas tinker
00:07:36que2stress give new mana to slard
00:07:37nigulas B
00:07:39nigulas hasted
00:07:40TakinBackMyLove k
00:07:50DeduXserS :D:D
00:07:55Bad3vil one more use i report
00:08:00Vangelis why
00:08:00Vangelis not
00:08:01Vangelis got
00:08:01Vangelis ?
00:08:04Vangelis o
00:08:05Vangelis go
00:08:06Vangelis ????
00:08:08chodaboy sry mate
00:08:12DeduXserS just stun pugna always :D
00:08:31Strom mis weaver
00:09:00que2stress slard can u play
00:09:03que2stress more offensive?
00:09:07que2stress on a triple lane?
00:09:19Palle gang btm tinker
00:09:39Palle ss 23
00:09:40Palle 2
00:09:55Vangelis ss invo
00:09:56Vangelis re
00:10:11Strom good fucking cyclone there, really :D
00:10:24Strom was just about to doubleedge him after your stun
00:10:32que2stress imba
00:10:39que2stress slardar
00:11:16Vangelis rune bot
00:11:29que2stress ss
00:11:38nigulas why ARE U MID PUISHING
00:11:49que2stress he is a fag
00:11:49que2stress rofl
00:11:50que2stress thats why
00:11:57que2stress look
00:11:58que2stress he says
00:12:01que2stress he does wards
00:12:02que2stress and
00:12:04que2stress there are none
00:12:06Palle ss
00:12:09Bad3vil look cause i feed
00:12:12Bad3vil no gold
00:12:15que2stress u feed cause u suck
00:12:21Vangelis ss
00:12:21Vangelis invo
00:12:23Vangelis care top
00:12:29Bad3vil i love to suck cocks
00:12:40que2stress y but u only suck
00:13:11DeduXserS huoh
00:13:15sandii HAHAHAH
00:13:16sandii :D
00:13:34chodaboy got utli
00:13:53Palle why wase stun?
00:14:12TakinBackMyLove i press on cd all the
00:14:12Strom why waste?
00:14:14TakinBackMyLove time
00:14:16TakinBackMyLove and nothing
00:14:17Strom I wasn't planning on missing it, jesus
00:14:17TakinBackMyLove happen
00:14:18TakinBackMyLove its
00:14:22Palle :)
00:14:40Bad3vil now u play like rambo =(
00:14:47sandii NOO
00:14:50chodaboy gj
00:14:51Bad3vil and i follow =/(
00:14:54DeduXserS suku suki
00:14:55Bad3vil ah bullshit game
00:14:56que2stress u both
00:14:57que2stress play shit
00:14:58que2stress allt he time
00:15:13sandii wheres ur boots pugna?
00:15:18sandii oho
00:15:19sandii :D
00:15:25nigulas HAHAH
00:16:03Palle ill come top
00:16:11Palle but dont have money for wards
00:16:20chodaboy TP NOOBS
00:16:44DeduXserS so much steal.
00:16:54Palle tried to uyse it
00:16:54nigulas eza
00:16:56nigulas hows the farm?
00:16:57Palle before
00:17:03Palle get twr?
00:17:06sandii we have 0 towers :D
00:17:10sandii with eza
00:17:11nigulas cuz u lost
00:17:12nigulas bot lane
00:17:13nigulas with 3
00:17:15sandii >.D
00:17:24que2stress it waas not really triple lane
00:17:39DeduXserS again.....
00:18:02que2stress rof
00:18:03que2stress l
00:18:04que2stress u guys :D
00:18:08Vangelis i am oom
00:18:27que2stress u need pugna to tank :D
00:18:29que2stress i like slard
00:18:47Strom 3+ bot
00:18:49chodaboy help bot now
00:20:05chodaboy gem is win
00:22:09que2stress hehe imba teams are imba teams
00:22:26TakinBackMyLove 0-8 lvl 6 ? talking ?
00:22:28que2stress yes
00:22:32que2stress watch the replay
00:22:36que2stress how these 2 guys
00:22:39que2stress play triple bot
00:22:41que2stress and tell me after
00:22:43que2stress what i can do
00:22:43Vangelis can tp
00:23:02que2stress rofl
00:23:04que2stress slardar :D
00:23:07sandii well man
00:23:11sandii i cant do anything about that
00:23:14que2stress stun
00:23:15que2stress u can
00:23:16nigulas AHAHAH
00:23:18TakinBackMyLove SERIOUSTY
00:23:20DeduXserS :DD
00:23:22TakinBackMyLove '
00:23:30TakinBackMyLove GET MORE LUCKY ?
00:23:32nigulas strom?
00:23:32que2stress this eza
00:23:33TakinBackMyLove PLZ
00:23:35nigulas Miks selline vend
00:23:36chodaboy bullseye
00:23:37nigulas nagu see eza
00:23:39nigulas on silveris?
00:23:43Strom :D
00:23:50Strom dunno, pointse grindinud omale
00:23:53nigulas kas sa ise ei näe kui debiilne see on
00:24:25Vangelis "rating inflation"
00:24:47que2stress hehe
00:24:53Palle ..
00:25:11que2stress 1 times
00:25:12que2stress slardar
00:25:14que2stress next to me
00:25:17que2stress when needed
00:25:20que2stress and we make kills endless
00:25:21Bad3vil ff
00:25:57TakinBackMyLove ulti
00:25:58TakinBackMyLove him
00:25:59TakinBackMyLove slardar
00:26:09sandii he will destroy it
00:26:22DeduXserS :S
00:26:26Palle kill`?
00:26:33DeduXserS no vision
00:27:08sandii b
00:27:46TakinBackMyLove they got gem
00:27:55que2stress damn this chagnes the whole game
00:28:03TakinBackMyLove just sayign
00:28:04Bad3vil true
00:28:54nigulas AHAHA
00:28:58nigulas EI OLE OLEMAS
00:29:02nigulas NII NOOBE VENDI
00:29:24sandii :D
00:29:24que2stress gogo slardar
00:29:26nigulas mis sitt see on?
00:29:27DeduXserS ultra kill
00:29:27TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:30que2stress I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:31Bad3vil I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:29:33Bad3vil I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:29:36sandii I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:29:41DeduXserS go rosh
00:29:43chodaboy y
00:29:45Palle sure
00:29:48TakinBackMyLove cmon nigulas
00:29:49TakinBackMyLove fuck x
00:29:50nigulas no
00:29:52Strom I'm kind of lwo hp
00:29:52chodaboy check rune
00:30:05TakinBackMyLove oh rly you care about the stats :)
00:30:08nigulas idc
00:30:10nigulas about stats
00:30:12nigulas i want to win games
00:30:15chodaboy mid
00:30:17chodaboy got ulti
00:30:18Palle go mid?
00:30:19Strom I'll visit base
00:30:19que2stress this game u wont win
00:30:20Strom for hp
00:30:20que2stress so ff
00:30:23que2stress and try another
00:30:26Strom can't run around with gem on 15% hp
00:30:52sandii ok with that dmg
00:30:55DeduXserS :D
00:30:56DeduXserS divine :S
00:31:07sandii salee
00:31:08sandii teitkö
00:31:11sandii :D
00:31:12sandii ei vittu
00:31:16DeduXserS jäi viel 3k :D
00:31:20Vangelis as usual my tinker wins games
00:31:21sandii normaalii
00:31:24sandii siihe joku butterfly
00:32:19Bad3vil thats how it works
00:33:02Strom dedu, don't go too cokily
00:33:05Strom you might loose rapir
00:33:06DeduXserS orly
00:33:07Strom and we have 0 raxes
00:33:11nigulas kui see vend banni ei saa
00:33:12nigulas hakkan
00:33:14chodaboy hit tower once
00:33:15nigulas ma nussima
00:33:16nigulas su süsteemi
00:33:19nigulas täiel rinnal
00:33:47Bad3vil they still got egm ?
00:33:51Strom no pugnal samasugune skoor, ja ta ei ole halb mängija
00:33:53que2stress no they just dropped it
00:34:55chodaboy go win
00:35:24Strom well lina, how about regen and come
00:35:26Strom instead of woods farm
00:35:33Palle y
00:35:34Palle sry
00:35:42Palle i was just in there all alone but i come now
00:35:45Palle got euls :D
00:36:06Palle -ms
00:36:10Bad3vil go burn
00:36:11Palle dont think im needed
00:37:19nigulas skip
00:37:34nigulas dedu nice skipü
00:37:49Strom b imo
00:38:08Bad3vil time do die
00:38:11sandii TAPA SE
00:38:20sandii EIII
00:38:34Strom ah come on
00:38:37DeduXserS :D
00:38:37sandii :D
00:38:41sandii me voitetaan vielä!
00:38:45Bad3vil EASY
00:38:45DeduXserS Juu 0 %
00:39:20Vangelis dedu + 14 dmg
00:39:21Vangelis wp
00:39:28sandii :D
00:39:31Palle like it matters
00:39:31Bad3vil HAHA
00:40:34DeduXserS D:
00:40:36sandii LOL
00:41:47Bad3vil we win
00:41:58DeduXserS kinda not
00:42:31Bad3vil ggg
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