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Chat log

00:00:00TarzanQ [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Kamerplant with 128 seconds.
00:00:23Zajeb tide or sand some1??
00:00:23yeW- Anyone wants Phoenix?
00:00:23mansikka me
00:00:23zetler i can play sk
00:00:23Kiel i can sand
00:00:23kAlleMustDie no thx
00:00:23mansikka i can tide
00:00:23Banana ban it
00:00:23Zajeb lets take mass aoe
00:00:23yeW- Phoenix.
00:00:23zetler well take tide and sk
00:00:23Zajeb weaver
00:00:23kAlleMustDie ns?
00:00:25yeW- You?
00:00:28kAlleMustDie bala
00:00:29kAlleMustDie i can
00:00:39Zajeb i get sand for u
00:00:41kAlleMustDie you want?
00:00:44zetler i can play axe if kiel plays sk
00:00:46yeW- Trax.
00:01:00kAlleMustDie -swap 2
00:01:02yeW- Get Dazzle!
00:01:05yeW- -swap 2
00:01:07Zajeb krobe some1?
00:01:07Dracea ill play dazzle
00:01:08kAlleMustDie take aoe support
00:01:09mansikka 2 silences already :s
00:01:10mansikka 3
00:01:11Banana i axe or eni
00:01:13mansikka fuufuu
00:01:18Dracea axe
00:01:19zetler kiel you wanna go sk ?
00:01:22Kiel yeah
00:01:23kAlleMustDie -swap 1
00:01:26Kiel what u want me to piuck?
00:01:28Kiel pick*
00:01:29Zajeb get me axe
00:01:31Banana crap
00:01:31Zajeb daz
00:01:32kAlleMustDie dazzle
00:01:33zetler ..
00:01:36kAlleMustDie argh
00:01:39Zajeb -swap 3
00:01:39Dracea fuck
00:01:39Kiel -swap 1
00:01:40kAlleMustDie maiden?
00:01:45Kiel who wants mid?
00:01:46Zajeb -swap 3
00:01:50yeW- cm/lion
00:01:50Kiel ?
00:01:55Kiel u want sk again? :P
00:01:56Kamerplant morph
00:01:57Kamerplant ;s
00:02:00yeW- ............................................................
00:02:05zetler i go woods
00:02:12Kiel I can't mid cause they will just silence me
00:02:19Zajeb i go mid
00:02:20zetler dazzel mid
00:02:22Kiel oke
00:02:23zetler i go woods
00:02:24yeW- You buy a mantle, you sell it.
00:02:29kAlleMustDie let me farm/lasthit till 1 night
00:02:29mansikka i go top
00:02:30yeW- And now you buy quelling with Morph?
00:02:30mansikka solo
00:02:33yeW- -clear
00:02:35Kiel k
00:02:35Zajeb gat wards asap
00:02:38Kiel lion me bot then :)
00:02:40Dracea forogt about chick
00:02:41Zajeb y
00:02:44Kamerplant lol
00:02:45zetler we dont have any carries :S
00:02:46yeW- Np, you're banned.
00:02:47Zajeb u are good lane
00:02:49Kamerplant quelling
00:02:49Dracea ill buy when i make the money
00:02:51Kamerplant ong morph
00:02:54Dracea yes
00:02:54Kiel we win mid game
00:03:02zetler y bot not late
00:03:03TarzanQ we have to push hard
00:03:14Kiel relax till mid game
00:03:20kAlleMustDie harras enigma
00:03:23Kiel then win teamfights with mine and tides ulty
00:03:24Kiel and own
00:03:25Kamerplant you do realise you have insanely crappe base dmg
00:03:33Kamerplant unless you walk around with 200 hp
00:04:00Kamerplant even krob has more base dmg
00:04:02Kamerplant than morph
00:05:17zetler im coming gank top
00:05:24mansikka k
00:05:31zetler gush?
00:05:33mansikka y
00:05:35mansikka morph
00:05:38zetler morph
00:05:47yeW- go b
00:05:49yeW- and get courier
00:05:50yeW- now
00:05:54yeW- lol
00:05:55Kiel gj
00:05:55Banana :D:D
00:05:57zetler u2
00:05:57Dracea ill get courier
00:06:05Kamerplant 1 hp tide
00:06:08mansikka share
00:06:12zetler i stay lane
00:06:13Zajeb gang mid
00:06:16mansikka share
00:06:21Zajeb share
00:06:31TarzanQ sorry forgot
00:06:36zetler mniss top
00:06:43Kamerplant ss tide
00:06:53mansikka use
00:07:19Zajeb gang mid pls
00:07:32zetler i come if rune top
00:07:47zetler cant gang without :S
00:08:09Kiel mana drain on enigma rules
00:08:18mansikka omw
00:08:20yeW- gang
00:08:24zetler nvm
00:08:26zetler stand back
00:08:26Kamerplant omw
00:08:32Dracea ss top
00:08:41Kamerplant go
00:08:42kAlleMustDie kill lion?
00:08:46Banana k
00:08:49Kamerplant ffs
00:09:13Zajeb gang mid
00:09:29zetler dazzel wait
00:09:30Kiel shouldn't engage without herassing first lion :(
00:09:30zetler im coming
00:09:39zetler krobe
00:09:39yeW- ss
00:09:48Kiel SS BOT 2
00:09:51kAlleMustDie stay on lane
00:09:53TarzanQ i wanted to stop his mana pot
00:09:56Kamerplant bit late
00:09:57Kamerplant ...
00:09:58Dracea dazzle camed up
00:09:59kAlleMustDie i go base
00:10:05Banana get my sould ring
00:10:05yeW- ur practically
00:10:06yeW- divin
00:10:07yeW- ...
00:10:19Kamerplant before miss
00:10:20Kamerplant ofc
00:10:21Kamerplant ^^
00:10:33kAlleMustDie omw mid
00:10:50yeW- got no slow nothin
00:10:51yeW- xd
00:11:09Kamerplant gj
00:11:13Banana u2
00:11:20Dracea levi tp
00:11:25yeW- xD
00:11:27Kiel i am 6
00:11:29kAlleMustDie np
00:11:30Kiel can we gank bot plz?
00:11:51Kamerplant shit
00:11:51Kamerplant b
00:11:54Kamerplant mid inc
00:11:59Kiel stun them after i have plz so i can ulty
00:12:10Banana oom
00:12:33Kiel damnit
00:12:46Kamerplant =D
00:12:47Kamerplant failers
00:12:55Kamerplant 3 epic gank heroes
00:12:57Kamerplant and invis
00:12:58Kamerplant lol
00:13:02Kamerplant b
00:13:09zetler coming top
00:13:12Kiel me2
00:13:16zetler ulti ?
00:13:17zetler tide ?
00:13:22TarzanQ regen top
00:13:25Kamerplant run
00:13:28Kamerplant fffs
00:13:34mansikka :DDD
00:13:38mansikka xDDDDDDDDD
00:13:44TarzanQ i missed hex fuck
00:13:44Dracea now u trll when they are already here
00:13:47Kiel help mid
00:13:48Kamerplant dude
00:13:51Kamerplant i pinged 100 times
00:13:52Kamerplant 2 mins ago
00:13:53mansikka why didnt u stun :D
00:14:01Dracea a 2 min ago
00:14:07Dracea when they chaed bala in forest
00:14:09Dracea right
00:14:15Kamerplant they were porting
00:14:16Kamerplant rofl
00:14:23Kiel COME ON DUDE
00:14:25Kiel JUST STUN
00:14:32yeW- ultiN
00:14:33Kiel dont hex, just stun
00:15:11Kamerplant take tower with my utli
00:15:17Kamerplant shit
00:15:20Kiel sigh
00:15:38Banana fuck
00:15:47Kamerplant how could you miss tide :(
00:15:49Kiel gj
00:15:49Dracea =))
00:15:55Banana need that dagger
00:16:11Kiel he lothar
00:16:13Banana they were 4 together would have been nice
00:16:13Kiel lucky for us :)
00:16:17Kamerplant jep
00:16:21Kamerplant with have died
00:16:35kAlleMustDie we need wards
00:16:39zetler i need to farm blink
00:16:41Dracea careful
00:16:43Kamerplant in chick
00:16:44mansikka me too
00:16:48mansikka nut lets kill traz
00:16:53Kamerplant port
00:16:54zetler big mistake to get vanguard first
00:16:54mansikka trax
00:17:04mansikka got dust
00:17:04Kamerplant planting
00:17:05Kamerplant wards
00:17:10Kiel tbh we can push already
00:17:26Kamerplant regen
00:17:31mansikka b
00:17:41Kiel b
00:17:52mansikka 15sec
00:17:53mansikka to ulti
00:17:57Kiel i'm rdy
00:18:09Kamerplant spam silence
00:18:12Kamerplant trax
00:18:14Kamerplant and me
00:18:28zetler 500g
00:18:44zetler sorry for not participating in team fights
00:18:45Zajeb was cd tide
00:18:46Zajeb sry
00:18:51mansikka np
00:18:52Kiel close call for me ^^
00:19:06Kamerplant trax silence lvl?
00:19:09yeW- 2
00:19:12Kiel i go top farm
00:19:20Kamerplant ok
00:19:22Kamerplant i spam tide
00:19:24Kamerplant you spam sk
00:19:29Kiel maybe gank their woods soonish?
00:19:36Kiel gank?
00:19:37Kiel axe?
00:19:43Kiel i stun u call
00:19:44zetler ok
00:19:50Kamerplant care top
00:20:09mansikka ¨'b
00:20:11Kiel gj
00:20:17Dracea b
00:20:21zetler got blink
00:20:25Kiel gj :)
00:20:33mansikka ulti cd
00:20:37zetler i will come bot
00:20:58Kamerplant ffs
00:21:05Kamerplant so bad
00:21:07Dracea fear him
00:21:12Kiel wtf?
00:21:12Zajeb gj
00:21:16Kiel u canceld tp?
00:21:23yeW- lothar'd while tping
00:21:32Kiel didn't know that was possible lol
00:21:33mansikka got dagger
00:21:39yeW- u do now :D
00:21:41Kiel haha, never seen that before :)
00:21:44Kiel cool trik
00:21:46Kiel trick*
00:22:04Kamerplant def
00:22:07Zajeb b
00:22:08Kamerplant need 3 atleast
00:22:13Zajeb levi take
00:22:22yeW- uilti eni
00:22:26Banana cd
00:22:29zetler have calle
00:22:31zetler call
00:22:34Kiel trax here
00:22:37Kiel k
00:22:38Kiel got ulty
00:22:41Kiel rdy?
00:22:42Kiel lets take em
00:22:43zetler y
00:22:50Kiel still got dust
00:22:50mansikka i come
00:22:58yeW- -ma
00:23:11Kiel damn balanar
00:23:12Kiel jezus
00:23:50yeW- meanwhile morph
00:23:51Kamerplant always 1 slacker
00:23:54yeW- fists his asshole
00:24:00Banana :ÖD
00:24:00Dracea u want one fist
00:24:12Kamerplant fking port already
00:24:37zetler b
00:24:41Kiel CARE BIRD
00:24:59Kiel ffs
00:25:04Kamerplant try to get lion
00:25:05Kamerplant ffs
00:25:05Kiel why do I always get the dmg
00:25:09Kiel i farm 300 to get dagger
00:25:09yeW- eni
00:25:10yeW- ur ulties
00:25:12yeW- epic shit
00:25:16Kiel this is only suicide for me :(
00:25:23Banana got 3 atm
00:25:25mansikka axe make manaboots
00:25:29Kiel i take bot when i revive
00:25:32zetler we have 2
00:25:33Zajeb no
00:25:34zetler already
00:25:35Kiel no
00:25:38Kiel go travel boots
00:25:39Kiel ftw
00:25:42zetler no
00:25:43zetler phase
00:25:51Kiel shame :<
00:25:57Zajeb go phase and blademail axe
00:25:57Kiel dagger rdy
00:26:01zetler y
00:26:27Kamerplant omw
00:26:40zetler kill
00:26:43yeW- b
00:27:03Kamerplant morph and eni
00:27:05Kamerplant wtf you walking to
00:27:31yeW- go drop morph
00:27:35yeW- ur worse than shit
00:27:46Dracea from your comes gest shit
00:27:51Dracea fcking flamer
00:28:06yeW- we told u
00:28:07yeW- to get
00:28:07Kamerplant atleast he bought a chicken at start
00:28:07yeW- lion
00:28:08yeW- or cm
00:28:09Kamerplant oh wait
00:28:09yeW- n u go
00:28:11Kamerplant he didnt
00:28:14yeW- morph
00:28:14Dracea on my dick on waht
00:28:20yeW- oh go die irl
00:28:21yeW- srsly
00:28:47Kiel traxes gonna be dangerous soon
00:28:55Kiel we need a teamfight and a tower
00:28:58Kiel i got ulty
00:28:59Kamerplant 5
00:29:00Kamerplant go
00:29:06zetler go mid
00:29:16Kamerplant fuck this
00:29:28yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:32Kiel haha
00:29:34zetler gj
00:29:35Kiel we needed that yes :"D
00:29:42yeW- u see crix
00:29:43yeW- ultying
00:29:45yeW- n u dont b
00:29:46yeW- zz
00:29:53Kamerplant i silenced him
00:29:55Kamerplant didnt work
00:29:58Kamerplant ;]
00:30:02yeW- after he daggered
00:30:02yeW- ?
00:30:04yeW- with ulti on?
00:30:06Kamerplant before
00:30:18Kiel tt bro
00:30:19Kiel tt
00:30:28Kiel def bot someone maybe
00:30:59Kiel gj :)
00:31:12zetler well i guess we can win without carry
00:31:23Kiel we could of had rax if lion joined us :)
00:31:34TarzanQ i tped in fight
00:31:37Kiel yes
00:31:40TarzanQ was on 100 hp
00:31:41Kiel why?
00:31:43kAlleMustDie -ms
00:31:46zetler we have healers
00:31:50Kiel when i saw u top u had full hp?
00:31:56TarzanQ i tped base
00:31:58Kiel was while we were fighting
00:32:00TarzanQ than walked top
00:32:01Zajeb go all 5
00:32:02Kiel nvm :)
00:32:14TarzanQ that dominator creep almost killed me
00:32:17Kamerplant back
00:32:18Kamerplant idiot
00:32:40Kiel i need pause
00:32:43Kiel srry
00:32:43Kiel brb
00:32:43yeW- not now
00:32:43Kamerplant fuck off
00:32:43yeW- jesus
00:32:43Kamerplant I dived
00:32:43Kamerplant you asshole
00:32:43Kamerplant ..
00:32:43Kiel sorry
00:32:43Kiel doorbell
00:32:43Kiel I am back
00:32:43zetler gogo
00:32:43Kiel 3
00:32:43Kiel 2
00:32:43Kiel 1
00:33:03zetler entry needed
00:33:07mansikka push top tower
00:33:11mansikka ?
00:33:15zetler just kill
00:33:16yeW- hold on
00:33:16Kiel sheep someone
00:33:18yeW- i get tower
00:33:18Kiel or stun
00:33:23Kiel i cant engage yet
00:33:24zetler i go in
00:33:25zetler be ready
00:33:27Kiel i am
00:33:36Kiel now
00:33:38Kiel trax is gone
00:33:47Kiel go axe
00:33:57zetler no vision
00:34:06Zajeb go
00:34:15Kamerplant top going down
00:34:16Kamerplant too
00:34:17Kiel lion go upfront
00:34:19Kiel sheep someone
00:34:34Dracea #enigma wake up
00:34:38yeW- ..
00:34:41yeW- such a bob
00:34:59Dracea b bala
00:35:23kAlleMustDie def
00:35:31Zajeb b
00:35:45yeW- havnt seen 1 proper ulti..
00:36:31zetler keep on pushing mid
00:36:33zetler go again
00:36:45mansikka maybe get that tower
00:36:46Kiel not top
00:36:48zetler y
00:37:09Kamerplant really?
00:37:11yeW- blaéh
00:37:15Kamerplant while i'm planting wards
00:37:32Kamerplant trax they know
00:37:34yeW- yey
00:37:38Kiel nooo
00:37:42Kiel we lose our entry now
00:37:45zetler y :S
00:37:51Kiel '
00:37:57Kiel just go top tower
00:37:59Kiel no time for mid
00:38:00Kiel go top all
00:38:03Kamerplant all mid
00:38:08yeW- i poush top
00:38:09yeW- push
00:38:13zetler i def bot
00:38:17Kamerplant 4 miss
00:38:30mansikka :DD
00:38:32Kiel :<
00:38:36Kamerplant only 3
00:38:42Kiel we cant push
00:38:55Kamerplant n1
00:39:00yeW- silebce
00:39:01Zajeb my bad
00:39:06Kiel ngtjhyn7h5u7
00:39:09Kiel we are losing this.,
00:39:09Kamerplant cd
00:39:16yeW- -m?a
00:39:17zetler we lost 1 fight :D
00:39:17yeW- -ma
00:39:23Zajeb just go all mid
00:39:25zetler and it was 3v4 ?
00:39:26Zajeb we win easy
00:39:26Kiel cause we went without you or tide
00:39:30zetler y
00:39:33yeW- get that rosh
00:39:34Kiel was stuppid
00:39:36yeW- tide ulti cdo
00:39:37Kiel now we fed them
00:39:43Kiel ofc we can still win
00:39:45Kiel but harder ;p
00:39:48zetler nah
00:39:52Zajeb b tide
00:39:56Kiel THEY ROSH
00:40:01Kiel i re in 15 sec
00:40:03mansikka no ulti
00:40:11Kiel go?
00:40:43zetler Y U NO KILL TRAX
00:40:46kAlleMustDie sry
00:40:56Kamerplant take top tower
00:40:58Kamerplant trax
00:40:59Kamerplant they come
00:41:17Zajeb go mid
00:41:18Kamerplant all inc
00:41:39zetler GJ GO MID
00:41:43yeW- arf fuckin armor ^^
00:41:56Kiel got aga if chick returns
00:42:05zetler im going ac now
00:42:28yeW- b
00:42:30yeW- he go refresher
00:42:52kAlleMustDie wtf
00:43:14Zajeb go
00:43:18Kamerplant they keep running with 1 hp
00:43:20Kamerplant fucking shite
00:43:22Zajeb gj
00:43:26zetler i just suicide, so TAKE TWR
00:43:28Kamerplant heal enigma
00:43:30Kamerplant dont be stupid
00:43:35Zajeb rax fast
00:43:39yeW- he likes to be stupid
00:43:41yeW- imo
00:43:52zetler gjjgjgjg
00:43:53Zajeb b
00:43:57Zajeb b
00:44:00Kamerplant not as stupid as a morph without... morph
00:44:27Kamerplant sjeez
00:44:34zetler very important
00:44:37zetler to ge raxxes
00:44:39zetler get
00:44:52zetler now 1 more entry
00:44:57zetler and we can get top raxxes aswell
00:45:05yeW- ah oops
00:45:06yeW- lmao
00:45:09Kiel b
00:45:10Kiel b
00:45:11Kiel dont
00:45:16Zajeb b
00:45:19Kiel :<<<<
00:45:32Kiel i go shiva btw
00:45:42mansikka lest push
00:45:43Banana b
00:45:43Kiel even more aoe ;)
00:45:44Banana b
00:46:29Banana I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:31Kamerplant I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:33yeW- go ff
00:46:35kAlleMustDie gj..
00:46:36Dracea I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:36kAlleMustDie I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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