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Chat log

00:00:17DeduXserS lich
00:00:17Maier ban xin
00:00:17Domess propeth
00:00:17Firelord0.1 xin
00:00:17Domess or es
00:00:17yeW- XIN
00:00:25yeW- Lol at matchup...
00:00:35yeW- Who wants what?
00:00:38Firelord0.1 ... i need to take chick
00:01:04Maier if they es and wl
00:01:05DeduXserS -swap 2
00:01:07livingde4th -swap 1
00:01:09Maier get es and wl
00:01:15yeW- wl is nice
00:01:16Maier and we might win
00:01:20Maier -ii
00:01:21Maier -water red
00:01:23Maier -weather rain
00:01:26Maier es and wl
00:01:30DeduXserS tc u down
00:01:31Domess get wl
00:01:33HuaRong k
00:01:43Firelord0.1 im not good at warlock
00:01:43najk lock?
00:01:45yeW- venge and es, try fb mid y
00:01:56Maier warlock is fucking easyyyy
00:01:57DeduXserS go 3 down
00:01:58yeW- get wd/wisp
00:01:59zonskass i am bad with ES
00:01:59DeduXserS tc farm there
00:01:59Firelord0.1 what now
00:02:02yeW- -clear
00:02:05yeW- wd/pit
00:02:08Maier wisp
00:02:09Maier bot
00:02:15Domess currier
00:02:17Domess gj
00:02:25yeW- venge top
00:02:32zonskass fb mid?
00:02:34zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:36yeW- ye
00:02:37yeW- try
00:02:38yeW- go rune
00:02:41zonskass \/raig
00:02:53zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:53yeW- rune
00:02:54yeW- es
00:02:56zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Earthshaker [f,e,c,a]
00:02:58Domess fb mid?
00:03:00yeW- ye
00:03:00Maier u know how to play wisp ?
00:03:00yeW- try
00:03:05yeW- es
00:03:05Domess haste
00:03:09zonskass you 1 venge
00:03:12Maier -ms
00:03:14Domess i take
00:03:14Domess i stun
00:03:15Domess than you
00:03:16DeduXserS veno safe
00:03:17DeduXserS one ward
00:03:22Maier wisp go pull
00:03:24Maier and after pull
00:03:25Maier we kill
00:03:37Firelord0.1 ward
00:04:06zonskass why yuo dont stun him?
00:04:10Domess pff
00:04:23Maier WISP
00:04:24zonskass ff
00:04:24Maier LET
00:04:25Maier ME
00:04:25Domess ..
00:04:25Maier FARM
00:04:30Maier u harrass
00:04:40Domess what we do now?
00:04:43Domess u mid?
00:04:48yeW- ye
00:04:48yeW- go top
00:04:49Domess k
00:05:05Domess how could veno
00:05:05Maier WISP NOOB
00:05:07Domess came so fast
00:05:09Domess o?g?
00:05:16yeW- ss sk
00:05:24Firelord0.1 veno here
00:05:49Maier wisp
00:05:53Maier ur tether link stuns
00:05:55Maier so try
00:06:00Maier to do that
00:06:23yeW- ss
00:06:30DeduXserS :D
00:06:58Firelord0.1 again 3
00:07:15Domess sk?
00:07:19yeW- ss
00:07:24Maier venge come bot
00:07:25Domess b
00:07:26DeduXserS i come down
00:07:27DeduXserS lets kill em
00:07:31Maier need tri bot
00:07:33yeW- ss sk
00:07:53Maier 5 bot
00:08:08Maier and this wisp blows balls
00:08:08Firelord0.1 omg
00:08:36Domess go b
00:08:44DeduXserS :D
00:09:31Maier wisp
00:09:32Maier let
00:09:32Maier me
00:09:33Maier farm
00:09:40yeW- ss
00:09:40yeW- sk
00:09:58yeW- ss sk
00:10:05Maier es
00:10:05Maier what
00:10:06Maier are
00:10:06Maier u
00:10:07Maier doing
00:10:16zonskass ganging
00:10:23Maier cery nice
00:10:38Domess duST
00:10:39Domess 0 HP
00:10:56zonskass pomh
00:10:59zonskass omg
00:11:45Domess go b
00:12:03Domess noo
00:12:04Maier MISS
00:12:17Domess come
00:12:18yeW- wait
00:12:26Domess b
00:12:28Domess THEY GANG
00:12:36Domess U nerd?
00:12:48zonskass noob talking
00:12:54yeW- -ma
00:12:56DeduXserS naix
00:12:58DeduXserS somewhere
00:12:58Domess 0-3
00:12:59Domess stfu
00:13:08zonskass couse yuo noob
00:13:17Domess go gang
00:13:18yeW- omw
00:14:34Domess me b
00:14:37Domess no mana
00:15:05Domess what about dust?
00:15:25Domess miss mid
00:15:27Domess top care
00:16:43Domess where are you
00:16:52Domess ok
00:16:55Domess 1 by 1
00:17:59Domess IDIITO
00:18:02Domess what u do ??
00:18:02Domess OMG
00:18:07DeduXserS :D
00:18:08Domess HOW CAN BE I SOLO
00:18:09Domess OMG
00:18:15Domess we re 3
00:18:17Maier i'm telling u, they're idiots
00:18:18Domess and he kill me
00:18:19Domess gg
00:18:23Firelord0.1 i dont got bots im not so fast as u
00:18:31Domess ffs
00:18:37Domess man
00:18:39Domess 15 min
00:18:40Domess pls
00:18:42Domess get bots
00:18:43Domess ok?
00:18:55Domess i dont know how teach you
00:18:57Domess to play dota
00:19:00livingde4th mid twr gogogo
00:19:01Domess but usually we buy boots
00:19:07yeW- no ulti
00:19:30Domess only me dust
00:19:32Domess damn
00:19:37Domess go all mid
00:19:37Domess pls
00:19:48Domess when u see
00:19:50Domess they re 4v2
00:19:51Domess u go b?
00:19:56Firelord0.1 no
00:20:04Domess ofc they pwn you
00:20:07Domess just go away
00:20:09Domess thats all
00:20:19Firelord0.1 tc stunned me from range
00:20:24Domess b
00:20:26Firelord0.1 now way to escape
00:20:26DeduXserS :D
00:20:27yeW- ye chill
00:20:37Domess naix...
00:20:38Domess wards
00:20:40Domess in forest
00:20:42Domess u noob or what?
00:20:54Domess this is silver?
00:20:59Maier u can go and fuck yourself, domess
00:21:02Maier fucking solo venge
00:21:08Domess u farm for nothing
00:21:12Domess 4v5
00:21:21Firelord0.1 all
00:21:24Domess we thought u re our joker
00:21:28Maier im not going with this zonskass and wisp
00:21:30Domess but u just a bot
00:21:36DeduXserS :P
00:21:52najk wups
00:22:09Domess SURE
00:22:18Domess hm not bad
00:22:21Domess 2v4
00:22:25Domess or 1v 4
00:22:29HuaRong we r loosing this
00:22:39Domess gj doom agha
00:22:42Domess on prophet
00:22:46yeW- indeed^
00:22:49livingde4th def top
00:23:11Domess go
00:23:11Domess fight
00:23:13Domess man ulty
00:23:17Firelord0.1 naix
00:23:21Firelord0.1 tp
00:23:27HuaRong b
00:23:31Domess go
00:23:33yeW- oom
00:23:34yeW- wait
00:23:37Domess ok
00:23:41Domess nice
00:23:42DeduXserS assholes
00:23:54Domess whats happen u decided to play?
00:23:55Domess :)
00:24:19Domess go b
00:24:29livingde4th gj
00:24:32HuaRong we should push mid
00:24:33najk gj
00:24:38Domess dont farm in their forest
00:24:57Domess come all
00:25:12Domess gj
00:25:14DeduXserS -ii
00:25:15yeW- lothar?
00:25:22Domess who
00:25:25Domess ye
00:25:34Domess go
00:25:39Domess guys
00:25:40Domess come all
00:25:41Domess gang
00:25:42Domess and win
00:25:52Domess wait
00:25:55Domess ok gogo
00:26:17Firelord0.1 sorry
00:26:37Maier no its good
00:26:42Domess aa
00:26:44Maier we got the kill
00:26:48Maier and came back to farm
00:26:51Domess heh
00:27:00Domess yep
00:27:22Domess come fast
00:27:23Domess man wait
00:27:26Domess go
00:27:33Domess gj
00:27:46HuaRong push all mid?
00:27:58najk TC
00:27:59Domess µb
00:28:09Domess 0 mana
00:28:10Domess go b
00:28:23Domess go b :)
00:28:29yeW- sk inc
00:28:43yeW- dead:p
00:28:48Firelord0.1 invi
00:28:50yeW- ye
00:29:13yeW- need wards lads
00:29:25HuaRong ?
00:29:36HuaRong no1 talks
00:29:42DeduXserS Im too pissed
00:29:43DeduXserS to talk
00:29:53Maier b
00:29:53DeduXserS and i talk in voice with livingdeath
00:29:54Maier mdi
00:30:29Domess b
00:30:29Maier wait
00:30:29Domess idiot
00:30:30Maier styg
00:30:35Domess man, all miss
00:30:37Domess ofc they gang you
00:30:39Domess ..
00:30:42Domess no DONT help him&
00:30:54Domess ?
00:30:55Domess lol
00:31:00yeW- ^^
00:31:06Domess no
00:31:07Domess b
00:31:08Domess nono
00:31:19Maier es i will infest u
00:31:20Maier go in
00:31:21Maier ulti
00:31:22Maier and gg
00:31:31Domess wait me
00:31:32zonskass deff
00:31:35Domess go
00:31:49DeduXserS XD
00:31:52zonskass :D
00:31:53Maier go
00:31:54Maier ulti
00:31:55Maier GO
00:31:56DeduXserS Dagger
00:32:11Domess Stupid we re 3
00:32:11Domess ffs
00:32:13Domess i knew it
00:32:27Maier ty wisp
00:32:29Maier very nice work
00:32:53Domess let heom
00:32:56Domess le t him naix wins we cant do nothing against him
00:33:22livingde4th neex hex
00:33:23livingde4th for him
00:33:34DeduXserS fuck u
00:33:34zonskass lol
00:33:42zonskass rewenge
00:33:51Firelord0.1 go
00:34:07DeduXserS revenge :S
00:34:09DeduXserS not allowed
00:34:46Maier make shivas luci ?
00:34:50Maier then i can go ac
00:34:52yeW- k I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:59yeW- lmao oom ^^
00:36:01yeW- 5 mana
00:36:04DeduXserS ...
00:36:08najk ok
00:36:11DeduXserS too many items
00:36:18najk we should go together like they do
00:36:48DeduXserS unlucky
00:37:06Maier it's all good
00:37:37yeW- swap is nice
00:37:37yeW- zz
00:37:42DeduXserS THAT AGHA
00:37:44DeduXserS died full hp
00:38:12livingde4th b
00:38:14Domess fuck no mana
00:38:30DeduXserS Tc plz make halberd not s/y
00:38:37HuaRong k
00:39:27zonskass %% bad ulti
00:39:41yeW- oO
00:39:44DeduXserS low cd
00:39:44DeduXserS 60
00:39:45livingde4th gogogo
00:39:46yeW- what is it oh np
00:39:51yeW- that burnt my mana xd
00:39:52DeduXserS its new thing
00:39:56yeW- oh
00:39:57yeW- k
00:40:46livingde4th warlock get hex
00:40:55yeW- need
00:40:56yeW- diffu
00:40:58yeW- venge
00:41:02Firelord0.1 need realy wards
00:41:03zonskass why i help to yyou
00:41:12livingde4th gogo
00:41:13livingde4th i can p
00:41:14Maier and what, wisp is carry ? :D
00:41:15livingde4th tp
00:41:22DeduXserS got ulti
00:41:24yeW- sick buil
00:41:24yeW- ye
00:41:27Maier bot all
00:41:30zonskass i will ulty after 25s
00:41:46Maier SWAP
00:41:49yeW- zzz
00:42:14Maier fuck off venge
00:42:15Maier u kinda
00:42:16DeduXserS doom ?
00:42:17DeduXserS on me
00:42:18Maier blow balls too
00:42:20DeduXserS used all
00:42:36najk ¨FUCK
00:42:37najk AND
00:42:43Domess where is naix
00:42:52DeduXserS lets go roshan
00:42:53DeduXserS now 108 dmg for 16 sec not bad
00:43:57DeduXserS yep :P :p
00:44:03DeduXserS but mana cost is huge 400 isnt that huge
00:44:14DeduXserS ok i mean once u make aghna
00:44:26Maier before base
00:44:27najk care ES
00:44:28Maier kill them
00:44:28Domess come man aghna gives u as much mana to ulti
00:44:31Domess y
00:44:31DeduXserS y
00:44:32yeW- manta..
00:44:35yeW- go diffu
00:44:35yeW- nap
00:44:44DeduXserS life leec wisp
00:44:50livingde4th b
00:44:50livingde4th b
00:45:00Domess Fuck poison lulz :p
00:45:46DeduXserS crit
00:46:03yeW- wards we need to gang smoke get entrys
00:46:17DeduXserS roshan just doom and naix are shit without others like es and stuff
00:46:21zonskass ward rosan we got ganged there im afraid and then lose o.O
00:46:30Firelord0.1 wards roshan
00:46:31zonskass veno will gosoon
00:46:37yeW- dont but ill buy wards for rosh
00:46:43livingde4th lets get roshan
00:46:44Domess dust bought*
00:47:08najk gather
00:47:12najk i think they will go rosh
00:47:19Domess BLIND?
00:47:33Domess dust
00:47:50Domess go b
00:47:55zonskass waded river
00:48:04livingde4th go rosh
00:48:11najk they warded
00:48:17yeW- always link to aix
00:48:19Domess they gang
00:48:20yeW- naix
00:48:20yeW- or me
00:48:27yeW- ALL
00:48:28yeW- GO
00:48:28yeW- WISP
00:48:29yeW- WITH NAIX
00:48:37Maier TP US
00:48:43Maier GO
00:49:18Domess lol
00:49:19Domess ???
00:49:24Domess ah
00:49:25Domess ok
00:49:28Domess nowu fight
00:49:36Domess go b
00:49:38Domess u
00:49:40yeW- rofl
00:49:40Maier well this idiot wisp nice
00:49:42Domess mekamz?
00:49:43Maier took me back
00:49:44yeW- this is insae
00:49:45yeW- insane
00:49:46DeduXserS Dedux too good :D
00:49:51Domess wisp u died for nothing
00:49:58yeW- em braincancer fags too good ye
00:50:04Maier this wisp is continuing to fuck up our play
00:50:07Maier whole fucking game
00:50:13Firelord0.1 im not pro in wisp :D
00:50:14Maier it's fucking disgraceful
00:50:22yeW- do u need to be pro
00:50:23yeW- to know
00:50:24yeW- to bac
00:50:28yeW- when u got 50 hp refu would work? :p
00:50:33Domess yep
00:50:36DeduXserS no
00:50:37Firelord0.1 well meka was soon re
00:50:39DeduXserS no stadck
00:50:40Domess es
00:50:41Domess stun
00:50:42yeW- e go
00:50:42Firelord0.1 i
00:50:42Domess dont loss rax
00:50:43Domess pls would be hardcore :D
00:50:50Domess gogo
00:50:51Domess all
00:51:19HuaRong b
00:51:26DeduXserS i take rune
00:51:37Domess naix mkb
00:51:43Domess no dust
00:51:44Domess ...
00:51:49Domess no
00:51:51Domess bad idea
00:51:58Domess k go
00:52:08Domess DUST
00:52:11Domess OMG
00:52:34Domess b?
00:52:36Domess all b
00:52:37yeW- gave u my agha
00:52:45Domess go b
00:52:53Maier nice one es
00:52:53Domess again no b? 'living ur man was blocking me :D
00:52:55Domess pff
00:52:59Maier u block me with stun Venge ty for nice swap
00:53:09Domess do u kniow WE NEED FUCKING DUST
00:53:11Domess I HAD NO PLACE
00:53:17Domess CAN SOMEONE FUCKing buyi it
00:53:17Domess ?
00:53:21zonskass noob i wanted save you and yuo flame me now?
00:53:38Domess ty for use mekamz
00:53:40Domess wisp
00:54:00Domess lifesteal?
00:54:05zonskass cars
00:54:06zonskass !
00:54:06Domess whatafack
00:54:10Domess lifesteal oohh
00:54:15yeW- gimme my agh
00:54:15yeW- back
00:54:17yeW- venge pls
00:54:37najk gather
00:54:37Domess its here
00:54:38HuaRong w m,
00:54:42yeW- k
00:54:43Domess in base
00:55:41Domess DUST
00:55:41Domess OMG
00:55:41najk failed again..............
00:55:42Domess FUCK
00:55:42Domess OFF
00:55:43Domess NOW
00:55:43DeduXserS :D
00:55:51zonskass buy gem
00:56:10Domess let me die
00:56:30Domess go? we need 2nd lane
00:56:58DeduXserS again wt
00:57:04DeduXserS 0,1sec
00:57:05DeduXserS and dead
00:57:15Domess gogog
00:57:31Domess i swap
00:57:32Domess go
00:57:50Firelord0.1 wtf =)))
00:58:14DeduXserS :D
00:58:19HuaRong why die
00:58:37yeW- ALL
00:58:37yeW- GO
00:58:47Maier end
00:58:49Maier lock is dead
00:58:56livingde4th b
00:58:56livingde4th b
00:58:59livingde4th 2 inc
00:59:17Domess go
00:59:19Domess t
00:59:19Domess tp gj :P
00:59:58Firelord0.1 check for ward
01:00:02livingde4th b guys
01:00:22Firelord0.1 ok
01:00:27Firelord0.1 fuck
01:00:27Domess dont die
01:00:27HuaRong -roll
01:00:27zonskass go creeps
01:00:27HuaRong well
01:00:27zonskass 5s cd
01:00:27yeW- es
01:00:27yeW- get that sk
01:00:27zonskass dager
01:00:27HuaRong he is gone
01:00:27Firelord0.1 ok tahn go
01:00:27HuaRong gone
01:00:27Maier yes
01:00:27Maier send wisp away
01:00:27Firelord0.1 i got 1,8 k hp and we are fucked without him
01:00:27zonskass jump to
01:00:27zonskass me
01:00:27Maier and let's end mid
01:00:27zonskass visp
01:00:27Domess fo
01:00:27Firelord0.1 already did teter
01:00:27Domess go mid
01:00:27najk oh come on
01:00:27Domess done
01:00:27DeduXserS still talking
01:00:27zonskass me?
01:00:27DeduXserS on mumble
01:00:27zonskass balance?
01:00:27DeduXserS veno
01:00:27DeduXserS take buriza
01:00:27DeduXserS i take hex k
01:00:27DeduXserS wlock can take force
01:00:27najk -ii
01:00:27Domess in dota 2 you can join back to game if u have a error :P
01:00:27DeduXserS yep
01:00:27DeduXserS i know
01:00:27DeduXserS u can even turn pc off
01:00:27DeduXserS and comeback I'm waiting for the pc
01:00:27Domess yep Key*
01:00:27Maier you'll stay waiting Anybody have free? :p
01:00:27yeW- wisp balances
01:00:27Firelord0.1 oh no
01:00:27zonskass dont die
01:00:27Firelord0.1 i dont leave a 60 min game
01:00:27zonskass wisp
01:00:27Maier yea u do
01:00:27Firelord0.1 i dont will die
01:00:27yeW- well then dont
01:00:27yeW- n hf with ban
01:00:27yeW- ^^
01:00:29yeW- cudnt care less
01:00:35Domess go down
01:00:46Domess :;D
01:00:49DeduXserS n1 abuse
01:00:56Domess ye go mid
01:01:03yeW- wisp
01:01:08yeW- out with u
01:01:13Firelord0.1 shaker got lower stats
01:01:17yeW- i know
01:01:21yeW- but he's needed
01:01:25zonskass 60s why disc in so interesting game. :(
01:01:41DeduXserS he didnt do anything
01:01:41zonskass wl
01:01:44DeduXserS was talking with me
01:01:46DeduXserS on mumbnle
01:01:49Maier blink in
01:02:08DeduXserS :XDD
01:02:08Domess kill golems
01:02:08Domess fuck
01:02:37Maier wisp wont leave
01:02:38Maier :D
01:02:43Maier wisp wont leave :D
01:02:49DeduXserS k banned Send someone else?
01:03:04Maier fuck no So basically mnjah nvm Bullshit like always
01:03:33DeduXserS wisp so banned :P
01:03:36yeW- ¨^
01:03:49yeW- he should be banned
01:03:51yeW- for that build ^^
01:04:01Domess haha :D Sadly this aint no old gc where u got banned for shitskill
01:05:10Domess no mega?
01:05:20Domess :P
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