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-47 X
-4 TS

65% | 1250 X | 1395 TS

-25 X
-1 TS

63% | 1247 X | 1385 TS

-28 X
-6 TS

50% | 1217 X | 1272 TS

-45 X
-7 TS

21% | 1090 X | 1123 TS

-8 X
-3 TS

1% | 709 X | 1141 TS

+26 X
+2 TS

70% | 1300 X | 1399 TS

+37 X
+2 TS
56% | 1192 X | 1371 TS

+18 X
+20 TS

26% | 1094 X | 1174 TS

+39 X
+1 TS

21% | 935 X | 1288 TS

+47 X
+56 TS

NEW | 1061 X | 1040 TS

Chat log

00:00:04zetler okay i take bara!
00:00:07CANNIBAL_JOE can someone buy wards for bot lane? u?
00:00:10zetler or the fuck ?
00:00:10geth_prime ap
00:00:10Banana RD
00:00:10CANNIBAL_JOE i cant both chicken and wards
00:00:10Zajeb rd
00:00:10zetler rd ? new game i guess
00:00:10Zajeb im new
00:00:10Banana zajeb new
00:00:10Pufff-Reis rd
00:00:10Pufff-Reis RD
00:00:10Pufff-Reis RD
00:00:10geth_prime -rd
00:00:11Zajeb go fucking rd
00:00:19geth_prime ban? no eelmise pela herod olid täiesti meie win pela 100%
00:00:19CANNIBAL_JOE uhh i can imba tiny
00:00:19Pufff-Reis y
00:00:19Zajeb lycan
00:00:19geth_prime lycan
00:00:19Banana yep
00:00:19geth_prime lycan CANNIBAL, why do you want all the same heroes i want? :D
00:00:19CANNIBAL_JOE its good heroes
00:00:19CANNIBAL_JOE i want pudge too
00:00:19Pufff-Reis SD well i dont want pudge
00:00:22CANNIBAL_JOE u can veno this time :D
00:00:23SMEGMAPLEKK sd?
00:00:25zetler lycan sd :D
00:00:26Zajeb lycan and sd bannes
00:00:27CANNIBAL_JOE pick me pudge then?
00:00:28Pufff-Reis SD LYCAN BANNED
00:00:30CANNIBAL_JOE good for engag8e mmm
00:00:31zetler eredar
00:00:32CANNIBAL_JOE and gangs
00:00:34zetler shadow demon
00:00:35SMEGMAPLEKK ok lets see mmm smarter to get carry
00:00:58CANNIBAL_JOE what is banned? sorry
00:01:01CANNIBAL_JOE y
00:01:02Pufff-Reis sd
00:01:03Pufff-Reis and shadow demon and mmm
00:01:08Countertrap lycan .:D y
00:01:16CANNIBAL_JOE get veno for team
00:01:30Zajeb get max shackles
00:01:31CANNIBAL_JOE i tiny or pudge
00:01:34P3PSI yyy tiny
00:01:46geth_prime try wouldbe smart i gess
00:01:47CANNIBAL_JOE bah shjit
00:01:48geth_prime first blood?
00:01:49CANNIBAL_JOE my pudge suck :D xD
00:01:55CANNIBAL_JOE my tiny rocks then dont pick it
00:01:57geth_prime seeker
00:01:58geth_prime u go mid? some other support duh
00:02:03Zajeb ok
00:02:05Pufff-Reis wards they have massive lineup
00:02:15geth_prime tiny
00:02:16geth_prime bt
00:02:17geth_prime bot
00:02:18SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:02:27SMEGMAPLEKK 1st bluud
00:02:32Zajeb gang mid when u can rhasta
00:02:33CANNIBAL_JOE 'shit no heal hope u share veno
00:02:33geth_prime i slow
00:02:36geth_prime rhasta
00:02:38geth_prime shakle
00:02:41Countertrap np
00:02:43geth_prime tiny
00:02:45geth_prime stun
00:02:48Countertrap you can die:D
00:02:52Pufff-Reis no wards ffs
00:02:53Banana ma pullin
00:02:53CANNIBAL_JOE i can mhm
00:02:56Banana ja woods väga viis
00:03:10SMEGMAPLEKK pudge here
00:03:51Countertrap b
00:04:24CANNIBAL_JOE sorry we blind bot
00:04:25CANNIBAL_JOE three gangs
00:04:35SMEGMAPLEKK gj
00:04:35P3PSI ss bot
00:04:35geth_prime gj
00:04:56zetler miss top
00:04:58zetler re
00:05:14P3PSI go pull ?
00:05:18SMEGMAPLEKK pls
00:06:01SMEGMAPLEKK no mna
00:06:10zetler miss top
00:06:29CANNIBAL_JOE damn three all the time bot he just tp-ed from top
00:06:48P3PSI ss bot
00:06:55geth_prime shredder
00:06:56geth_prime farm
00:06:58geth_prime bloodstone
00:07:02zetler y pulli?
00:07:14SMEGMAPLEKK no mna
00:07:45geth_prime mid
00:07:48geth_prime go if your 6
00:07:53Zajeb \y
00:07:53CANNIBAL_JOE care mid
00:07:54SMEGMAPLEKK m?
00:08:12P3PSI boots tiny ?
00:08:30P3PSI ...
00:08:31SMEGMAPLEKK no mna wp mid
00:09:05zetler gj
00:09:09geth_prime u2 guess no radi this game
00:09:11P3PSI take mana
00:09:24geth_prime dude bot lane
00:09:27geth_prime i ganged 2 times
00:09:28geth_prime ..
00:09:41Zajeb b
00:09:43Countertrap eat
00:09:43CANNIBAL_JOE tahnx
00:09:55Countertrap ss
00:09:58zetler what boots btw ?
00:10:03geth_prime mana
00:10:11Zajeb ss
00:10:14zetler bs first?
00:10:20zetler or the boots
00:10:20geth_prime no
00:10:22geth_prime boots
00:10:27CANNIBAL_JOE care
00:10:28geth_prime u need perma mana
00:10:31zetler y
00:10:33CANNIBAL_JOE fly8inbg
00:11:10geth_prime rhasta
00:11:11geth_prime wards
00:11:15CANNIBAL_JOE we knew that
00:11:18P3PSI in chick
00:11:27P3PSI ss bot
00:11:33Countertrap i buy wards you take
00:11:36CANNIBAL_JOE sure
00:12:06geth_prime i slow
00:12:09zetler k
00:12:22Countertrap ss
00:12:33zetler REALLY
00:12:42P3PSI ss pudge
00:13:10CANNIBAL_JOE wow bad played and many he8roes
00:13:16P3PSI ss bot
00:13:16geth_prime goblin
00:13:19geth_prime u have ulti -.-
00:13:20CANNIBAL_JOE reg
00:13:23geth_prime im level 5 fomg
00:14:15geth_prime -afk
00:14:29CANNIBAL_JOE who mana boots?
00:15:18SMEGMAPLEKK twr
00:15:47CANNIBAL_JOE i mana boots
00:15:58CANNIBAL_JOE top tp
00:16:04P3PSI who got the ward ?
00:16:06P3PSI s'
00:16:10geth_prime me 2
00:16:13geth_prime me
00:16:31P3PSI ulti rdy
00:16:37CANNIBAL_JOE new wards
00:16:38zetler tiny why ulti
00:17:02Banana no mana fucking bullshit hero that goblin
00:17:55CANNIBAL_JOE just go spec
00:18:22SMEGMAPLEKK tp twr?
00:18:31CANNIBAL_JOE -st
00:18:33P3PSI eat
00:18:38Countertrap b
00:18:41geth_prime toss rhasta
00:18:42geth_prime ..
00:18:46P3PSI 2s ec
00:18:46CANNIBAL_JOE new wards åplz
00:18:49CANNIBAL_JOE care
00:18:57Countertrap take it
00:19:14geth_prime -.-
00:19:14geth_prime damn
00:19:43Countertrap all
00:20:30CANNIBAL_JOE -st
00:20:41zetler ASNAN
00:20:43zetler FUCKING MANA
00:20:54CANNIBAL_JOE noob hook
00:21:01SMEGMAPLEKK ras
00:21:23P3PSI 2 fat hero!! !? ?
00:21:46geth_prime tiny
00:21:47geth_prime u are so slow
00:22:50geth_prime why did i roam
00:22:52geth_prime at beginning?
00:22:53Countertrap ward sin chick
00:22:58geth_prime if you cant play ur roles
00:22:58geth_prime -.-
00:23:07SMEGMAPLEKK okkkkkkkkkkkkk
00:23:51CANNIBAL_JOE oki blademail it is
00:23:57CANNIBAL_JOE gonna be fun
00:24:00CANNIBAL_JOE -st
00:24:09CANNIBAL_JOE pro moves btw rhasta :;D
00:24:16CANNIBAL_JOE thought u noob, so been noob hooking you
00:24:27P3PSI ;)
00:24:29P3PSI ;)
00:24:39P3PSI same 2 u btw
00:25:18CANNIBAL_JOE new wards :D
00:25:20CANNIBAL_JOE i can place
00:25:31Countertrap in chick ffs
00:25:34CANNIBAL_JOE sorry
00:25:36CANNIBAL_JOE getitng
00:25:40Countertrap kk
00:26:09geth_prime -.-
00:26:25CANNIBAL_JOE bah
00:26:28Banana come on
00:26:32CANNIBAL_JOE sorry forgetting bgw
00:26:32CANNIBAL_JOE bs
00:26:38CANNIBAL_JOE -st
00:27:07CANNIBAL_JOE nice enough farm spec
00:27:18geth_prime me
00:27:19geth_prime plz
00:27:28CANNIBAL_JOE try bait :_D
00:27:34geth_prime wards
00:27:36CANNIBAL_JOE got dagger on enigma
00:27:40Banana ye
00:28:02geth_prime and rhasta walks straigt in the ulti -.-
00:28:11geth_prime and spec has nearly radi
00:28:12geth_prime = gg
00:28:33P3PSI tought i had longer range on hex lured enogh? :D
00:28:42geth_prime dude
00:28:43geth_prime why u dont tp
00:28:46P3PSI did
00:28:50geth_prime much too late
00:28:51P3PSI nigma blocked go help nigma team
00:29:20geth_prime and noone tps bot
00:29:20geth_prime gj
00:29:21geth_prime rly
00:29:35zetler stop sweating :D:D
00:29:41Zajeb let me far,
00:29:44zetler y
00:29:48P3PSI need 2 end soon spec late = gg
00:29:49Banana go mid imo
00:29:50SMEGMAPLEKK illu
00:29:50geth_prime seeker
00:29:51geth_prime u farm
00:29:55geth_prime is rlly bullshit
00:30:04Banana wait for me
00:30:12geth_prime ...
00:30:18geth_prime and tiny is noob i finish radi + vang and we can start finising
00:30:35CANNIBAL_JOE y
00:30:59geth_prime ...
00:31:03P3PSI how lucky ??
00:31:07CANNIBAL_JOE u think?Ø=
00:31:12P3PSI :P
00:31:23SMEGMAPLEKK Wtfff
00:31:27geth_prime ...
00:31:27SMEGMAPLEKK luckbox 100
00:31:30CANNIBAL_JOE luck?
00:31:33SMEGMAPLEKK ye
00:31:35geth_prime not rly luck
00:31:36geth_prime ...
00:31:36CANNIBAL_JOE u stupid
00:31:38P3PSI heahea
00:31:39geth_prime y
00:31:41P3PSI mine was luck
00:31:53P3PSI longest hook ever!!
00:32:22geth_prime we have so many disables
00:32:22geth_prime ...
00:32:23CANNIBAL_JOE soirry
00:33:04CANNIBAL_JOE opne is luck other is ward
00:33:11CANNIBAL_JOE one
00:33:20CANNIBAL_JOE ?
00:33:54CANNIBAL_JOE doh didnt shut off rot :D
00:33:56CANNIBAL_JOE -st
00:34:03geth_prime u couldnt
00:34:06geth_prime u were silenced
00:34:09CANNIBAL_JOE ah then im not noob
00:34:26CANNIBAL_JOE who can place wards
00:34:28CANNIBAL_JOE i can buy
00:34:51CANNIBAL_JOE rhasta warding
00:35:04Banana ward
00:35:08P3PSI y
00:35:41CANNIBAL_JOE mid?
00:35:50CANNIBAL_JOE ward here
00:36:18geth_prime seeker
00:36:20geth_prime silence
00:36:21CANNIBAL_JOE -st
00:36:22geth_prime on what herO?
00:36:24geth_prime did u do=
00:36:38Zajeb i was dead cause u dont stun
00:36:43geth_prime ...
00:36:44Banana wtf
00:36:45geth_prime i have no stun free m,oney
00:36:50Zajeb i mean tiny
00:36:52geth_prime i silenced enigma
00:36:52CANNIBAL_JOE free rax
00:36:54SMEGMAPLEKK i stun
00:36:56geth_prime before he could do ulti
00:36:56Banana haha
00:36:56SMEGMAPLEKK stfuu
00:36:57CANNIBAL_JOE better than two wards yy
00:37:40CANNIBAL_JOE get wards on chicne
00:37:41CANNIBAL_JOE place
00:37:46geth_prime u can kill alone ffs
00:38:34zetler OK
00:38:36zetler :D:DD
00:38:44geth_prime we are never in team
00:38:47geth_prime thats why we lose
00:38:51geth_prime rhasta 2 tp
00:38:53geth_prime and doesnt come
00:38:54geth_prime ...
00:39:04P3PSI where couldi tp ??
00:39:07P3PSI '
00:39:20P3PSI u eerre dead before i could come anny
00:39:53CANNIBAL_JOE to agreo asorry
00:40:11CANNIBAL_JOE take the wards on chicken!
00:40:13CANNIBAL_JOE plz someone
00:40:16Pufff-Reis def
00:40:17Banana i can
00:40:20CANNIBAL_JOE good
00:40:25CANNIBAL_JOE just rune wards and high placesw
00:40:29CANNIBAL_JOE -st
00:40:30zetler care mid
00:40:46Banana -cs
00:40:51P3PSI b
00:41:01CANNIBAL_JOE i finish pipe then we can push
00:41:29CANNIBAL_JOE haste
00:41:37Banana help me ward
00:41:48geth_prime change ward position
00:41:49geth_prime ...
00:41:55CANNIBAL_JOE here imporatns
00:41:57geth_prime tiny
00:41:58geth_prime b
00:41:59Zajeb b
00:42:00Zajeb b
00:42:11P3PSI they rosh
00:43:08zetler lvl 11 tiny ??
00:43:09zetler the fuck
00:43:21P3PSI I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:26SMEGMAPLEKK I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:42P3PSI look our catain item 40 min
00:43:45geth_prime now they doo rosh
00:43:48geth_prime rhasta
00:43:49geth_prime ..
00:43:51geth_prime come on
00:43:54geth_prime u know it
00:43:58geth_prime the first 20 mins
00:44:00geth_prime i was roaming
00:44:03P3PSI yy
00:44:03geth_prime giving you kills
00:44:06P3PSI ;)
00:44:07geth_prime so u can get items
00:44:09Countertrap rosh?
00:44:36geth_prime and now its over anway
00:44:40geth_prime it was when spec had radi
00:44:43CANNIBAL_JOE 5 14 :D
00:44:51geth_prime ...
00:44:59geth_prime watch the role ive played
00:45:01geth_prime then talk again
00:45:11CANNIBAL_JOE feeding role?
00:45:14Pufff-Reis y
00:45:32geth_prime Killed bot lane twice, mid once and top once
00:45:35geth_prime and they got no items
00:45:38geth_prime cant to more
00:46:10P3PSI nice toss
00:46:21zetler f
00:46:22zetler I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:24geth_prime I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:25SMEGMAPLEKK I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:25zetler fucking tiny
00:46:30Zajeb I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:55CANNIBAL_JOE -st
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