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-45 X
-2 TS

81% | 1446 X | 1401 TS

-47 X
-3 TS

49% | 1099 X | 1390 TS

-41 X
-25 TS

25% | 1091 X | 1162 TS

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-23 TS

10% | 1028 X | 1043 TS

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-53 TS

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+37 TS

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23% | 1000 X | 1240 TS

+42 X
+16 TS

22% | 1092 X | 1135 TS

Chat log

00:00:13Maier ud any1 ?
00:00:21xenix- please ban spectre !!!!!!!!!!!! or get it
00:00:21Domess specter
00:00:21PotSmoKer sec
00:00:21Domess wait
00:00:24PotSmoKer \
00:00:24Domess specter
00:00:24PotSmoKer didnt saw pool
00:00:24xenix- spectre
00:00:24Domess blue banne
00:00:24OrokuSaki spectre
00:00:24Maier go ban
00:00:24Domess specter
00:00:24Maier u ban first
00:00:24Maier cos u pick first
00:00:24Domess -specter
00:00:24OrokuSaki lol
00:00:24xenix- say all chat
00:00:24Jaikki spectre
00:00:24xenix- omg
00:00:24Jaikki -.-
00:00:24Domess specter
00:00:24OrokuSaki youre spelling wit wrong
00:00:24Maier naix
00:00:31Domess wait
00:00:31PotSmoKer ?
00:00:39Maier ud any1 ?
00:00:44najk i could
00:00:45najk what u want
00:00:45xenix- someone get commander
00:00:46PotSmoKer not me just played him
00:00:47Maier get me
00:00:49Maier pa
00:00:57najk FUCK
00:00:59Maier ...
00:01:00xenix- good
00:01:00najk to slow..
00:01:04najk too
00:01:06PotSmoKer i will get u . . .
00:01:08Maier u know how to play him ?
00:01:09najk anyone want this
00:01:10najk ?
00:01:11Jaikki clinkz mid?
00:01:12najk never played
00:01:16Maier play skywrath
00:01:20Maier he has imba 6sec silence
00:01:21PotSmoKer can i mort
00:01:22Maier -swap 3
00:01:24Domess u
00:01:25Domess y
00:01:27Maier please dont
00:01:30PotSmoKer blue u play skywrath
00:01:33najk mort
00:01:35Maier haha no
00:01:37najk please swap him
00:01:37Domess stunner
00:01:38Domess heroes
00:01:39Maier give me mort
00:01:41PotSmoKer -swap 1
00:01:42Domess +1 tank
00:01:43Paaliaq -swap 2
00:01:43Maier ty
00:01:44Domess lool
00:01:46Domess no tank
00:01:47Domess guys
00:01:47Maier skywarth
00:01:50Maier najk
00:01:52Maier come bot with me
00:01:53xenix- me top
00:01:53PotSmoKer give me sky
00:01:55PotSmoKer -swap 2
00:01:56xenix- pulling
00:01:57Maier or yea
00:01:58najk -swap 3
00:01:59Maier even better
00:02:00Maier ud bot
00:02:06Maier skill 2nd and 3rd spell
00:02:08Maier skywrath
00:02:16Domess u choised
00:02:16PotSmoKer ok
00:02:18PotSmoKer -hhn
00:02:18Domess hero for you
00:02:18najk who mid?
00:02:19PotSmoKer -clear
00:02:22BhoOt me
00:02:22Domess but not for team
00:02:24Maier dont even bother with first
00:02:25Maier no
00:02:36Maier skywrath
00:02:38Maier go mid
00:02:39PotSmoKer razor
00:02:43PotSmoKer gtfo
00:02:48Maier razor
00:02:48PotSmoKer u must leasten
00:02:48Maier top
00:02:50PotSmoKer captain
00:02:54PotSmoKer or u will get ban
00:02:54Maier razor go top
00:02:55BhoOt LOL?
00:02:56Banana -ma
00:02:57Maier or u are banned
00:02:58najk me top
00:02:59najk ?
00:02:59PotSmoKer and u must share chiken
00:03:01Maier no
00:03:02Maier ud bot
00:03:13Maier -ii
00:03:14Maier -water red
00:03:17PotSmoKer share
00:03:18Maier -weather rain
00:03:26Maier u pull
00:03:26Maier ud
00:03:33BhoOt -ii
00:03:37najk yaey
00:03:47najk ward
00:06:35Jaikki na
00:06:40xenix- ?
00:06:44Jaikki press ur ring
00:06:53Domess miss
00:07:09OrokuSaki turkar miss
00:08:03Jaikki ss
00:08:25Jaikki -st
00:08:41Maier heal urself
00:08:42Maier im good
00:08:48PotSmoKer SS MID
00:09:34Maier b
00:10:11najk ss 2 bot
00:10:27PotSmoKer SS MID
00:10:59PotSmoKer ffs
00:11:00Domess gj :)
00:11:04Banana :P
00:11:09xenix- k
00:11:19Maier brb
00:11:29Maier actually
00:11:30Maier sec
00:11:30Maier :D
00:11:35Domess i take
00:11:58Domess :)
00:12:29Domess i go b
00:13:30PotSmoKer wtf
00:13:43Maier brb
00:13:44Maier b bot
00:13:46PotSmoKer yy
00:13:55najk ud double lane with mort
00:13:57najk dunno why rly
00:14:05Domess y
00:14:09PotSmoKer ud best suporter
00:14:10Domess noly for creep
00:14:43Domess man
00:14:46Domess ty
00:14:47Domess full hp
00:15:01Domess u run
00:15:47Domess guys
00:15:48Domess b
00:16:06Domess fpff
00:16:07Jaikki ...
00:16:11Jaikki how lucky
00:16:14Jaikki crits
00:16:15Jaikki -.-
00:17:37Jaikki -st
00:18:10Domess go b
00:18:25PotSmoKer ud 1 skill ?
00:18:40najk oom
00:18:43najk untill
00:18:45najk the end
00:18:45Maier ...
00:18:46najk when i had
00:18:50najk ze shit
00:18:57Domess u run
00:18:58Domess ::
00:19:01xenix- i come
00:19:05Domess ffs
00:19:15Domess why run
00:19:16Domess just fught
00:19:17Domess mg
00:19:37Domess stun
00:19:51PotSmoKer omfg
00:20:14PotSmoKer go razor
00:20:18Domess b
00:20:19Domess b
00:20:19Domess b
00:20:20Domess all b
00:20:21Domess suckers
00:20:22Domess :)
00:20:32BhoOt motred
00:20:32BhoOt go farm
00:20:32Maier no shit
00:20:32BhoOt what you doing
00:20:32BhoOt in mid
00:20:32Domess pff
00:20:32Domess noo
00:20:35xenix- .
00:20:38Domess stun
00:20:38Domess it
00:20:38Domess assasin
00:20:38BhoOt ?
00:20:38Domess and all go
00:20:38Domess they 2 only
00:20:38Domess just go :)
00:20:38xenix- laaaag ???
00:20:38Domess go assasin stun
00:20:38Domess yea
00:20:38OrokuSaki ???
00:20:38OrokuSaki is it me?
00:20:38Domess after lag
00:20:38xenix- cant control
00:20:38Domess ah
00:20:57Domess imba
00:21:01Domess told ya :)
00:21:02BhoOt he ultied me in his lag?
00:21:09najk omg
00:21:12najk ofc i die
00:21:13Domess go top
00:21:15Domess me i go down
00:21:17Domess b
00:21:18Domess b
00:21:26Domess death
00:21:27najk 0-3-0
00:21:28najk FUU
00:21:52Domess wait
00:22:19Maier def
00:22:19Maier bot
00:22:19BhoOt wtf
00:22:20Banana mid
00:22:22PotSmoKer go bot som1 dust
00:22:52Domess lol
00:23:03Domess u passed
00:23:05Domess next to him
00:23:35xenix- omg
00:23:35Domess go mortred
00:23:37BhoOt wtf is with him?
00:23:43Jaikki idd
00:23:44OrokuSaki wowwwww
00:23:45Domess he tp
00:23:48OrokuSaki lag made me buy 4 tps lol
00:23:56Jaikki stop lagin
00:23:57Jaikki please
00:24:01OrokuSaki is it me?
00:24:04OrokuSaki or gc?
00:24:04Jaikki yes
00:24:05Jaikki u
00:24:07Jaikki :|
00:24:09najk -ma
00:24:10OrokuSaki oh wtf
00:24:20OrokuSaki idk whats going on
00:24:26Jaikki torrent ?
00:24:33najk -ma
00:24:35OrokuSaki closed
00:24:57Domess mana
00:25:01Banana cd
00:25:05Domess k
00:25:21Domess they b
00:25:42Domess gj
00:26:05Domess mortred try to farm
00:26:17Domess -ms
00:26:36Domess +171
00:26:38Domess look
00:26:39OrokuSaki zzz
00:26:56Jaikki use
00:27:06BhoOt mkb
00:27:41Domess go
00:28:06Domess :)
00:28:07Domess gj
00:28:28OrokuSaki oom
00:28:51PotSmoKer I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:52BhoOt !ff
00:28:58PotSmoKer no u must
00:29:00PotSmoKer all chat
00:29:02PotSmoKer like this
00:29:03PotSmoKer I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:14BhoOt lol wtf
00:30:17Jaikki -st
00:30:49najk I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:04Maier u play like crap
00:31:08najk yup
00:31:10Maier no wonder we lose
00:31:14Paaliaq I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:22Domess mana ?
00:31:23Domess :)
00:31:51BhoOt 3hits
00:31:55BhoOt lol
00:32:07Maier give mid again to a fucking noob
00:32:12Maier never again
00:32:14PotSmoKer fuck u
00:32:15PotSmoKer retard
00:32:18PotSmoKer first
00:32:18Banana kill that tomb :/
00:32:20PotSmoKer time this
00:32:20PotSmoKer shit
00:32:22Banana faster
00:32:25OrokuSaki tried lol
00:32:27PotSmoKer and he didnt kill me once
00:32:29PotSmoKer at mid
00:32:32Maier u just have no gamesense
00:32:33Banana i mean earlier
00:32:40Banana others too
00:32:51BhoOt picks are tard
00:32:59BhoOt do we have a stunner?
00:33:05BhoOt disable?
00:33:16PotSmoKer I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:17PotSmoKer can u ff
00:33:19Jaikki we know
00:33:21Jaikki u ffed
00:33:23Jaikki stop spamming it
00:33:29PotSmoKer fuck u retard
00:33:37Domess its
00:33:38Domess automatic
00:33:43Jaikki no its not
00:34:21PotSmoKer and why u dont finish fast now ?
00:34:25Maier I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:43PotSmoKer I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:54xenix- chick ?
00:35:32Paaliaq :D
00:35:41Domess :D
00:36:05najk I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:07xenix- FF PLZ
00:36:12Paaliaq f
00:36:13Maier razor
00:36:14Paaliaq I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:15Maier write
00:36:15Maier I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:17xenix- START NEW GAME
00:36:20Maier write f-f
00:36:29Jaikki -st
00:36:42Maier razor
00:36:47Maier write that fucking ff
00:36:51Jaikki -ms
00:38:27Domess i
00:38:29Jaikki ty
00:38:32Domess :)
00:38:34Maier absolutely no misses ?
00:38:37Maier weird
00:38:37Domess no
00:38:38PotSmoKer razor ff pls
00:38:41Domess hack
00:38:45PotSmoKer mkb ?
00:38:46BhoOt f-f
00:38:46PotSmoKer mb ?
00:38:53PotSmoKer on all chat
00:38:53BhoOt I SURRENDER
00:38:54OrokuSaki mkb
00:38:55PotSmoKer type FF
00:38:58OrokuSaki never miss
00:38:59Maier write ff
00:39:00BhoOt I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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