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Chat log

00:00:00Wrrcy [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mamyka with 48 seconds.
00:00:07Banana pick me axe plzzz
00:00:16Zemirk ill venge
00:00:16Zemirk rushy
00:00:16Zemirk roam
00:00:16Jesus_Crix lyca!
00:00:16Jesus_Crix ban
00:00:16extremewaari maxy ban
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T Maxy
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T wake up
00:00:16Jesus_Crix zZz
00:00:16Zemirk maxy ban
00:00:16Maxy AHAHAHA
00:00:16Maxy 2 and a half man
00:00:16Maxy win
00:00:16Banana maxy pick me axe plz
00:00:16Jesus_Crix cool
00:00:16Maxy lich
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T lyca
00:00:32sebralane I SEE DEAD PEOPLE!
00:00:56Banana :/
00:01:03NwC.CooL-T axe mid?
00:01:08Jesus_Crix hmmf
00:01:15Jesus_Crix kinda bad vs viper :/
00:01:29extremewaari sk ogre
00:01:34sebralane soo
00:01:35extremewaari now
00:01:36sebralane whats up
00:01:37Jesus_Crix viper will harass my ass so hard
00:01:41NwC.CooL-T venge and bs go top
00:01:49NwC.CooL-T use fire
00:01:50Wrrcy sniper down?
00:01:54Jesus_Crix k
00:01:55NwC.CooL-T ok
00:01:56Jesus_Crix i'll
00:01:57NwC.CooL-T go both
00:02:01NwC.CooL-T mamyka mid
00:02:01NwC.CooL-T aa
00:02:02extremewaari nice lastpick carry <3
00:02:02Jesus_Crix but mass gang mid venge
00:02:04Maxy why sk you should get carry too
00:02:05Jesus_Crix i hope
00:02:05extremewaari love it
00:02:08Zemirk ill roam
00:02:11Zemirk y
00:02:14Banana wanted to tb
00:02:15sebralane i thout venga top
00:02:18mamyka me mid
00:02:20Maxy you should get it
00:02:21Maxy honestly
00:02:22Banana but misclicked it
00:02:23NwC.CooL-T aa mid
00:02:25Jesus_Crix ?
00:02:28Zemirk then im top
00:02:28Jesus_Crix srsly?
00:02:31NwC.CooL-T y
00:02:33Maxy fuck
00:02:34Banana but ye
00:02:34Maxy >.<
00:02:35sebralane this guy is bad mid
00:02:36Jesus_Crix he will fail it so hard
00:02:37sebralane trustme
00:02:38NwC.CooL-T go both
00:02:40Banana should start picking carries
00:02:46Jesus_Crix dude i'm mid
00:02:46Maxy share
00:02:47Maxy to ward
00:02:48NwC.CooL-T dont worry
00:02:50Jesus_Crix 5th player won't
00:02:50Maxy to block 3 spots
00:02:50Banana dont want to ruin games but other do
00:02:51mamyka come gang mid and will be good
00:02:58Jesus_Crix hf
00:03:02Jesus_Crix it's lsot
00:03:04Jesus_Crix lost
00:03:19Jesus_Crix don't have call
00:03:20Maxy Try to control us
00:03:22Jesus_Crix but try fb?
00:04:52Banana :D
00:04:53Banana srry
00:05:44mamyka ?????????
00:05:50Zemirk ill come mid gank
00:06:00NwC.CooL-T axe ask when you rdy
00:06:08Jesus_Crix rdy
00:06:11Wrrcy ss
00:06:36sebralane ss sk
00:06:39mamyka ??
00:06:39sebralane re
00:06:50mamyka ss viper
00:07:12Zemirk omw
00:07:13mamyka come again pzl venga
00:07:35Jesus_Crix go krob?
00:07:38NwC.CooL-T mana
00:07:41Jesus_Crix k
00:07:45Zemirk ¨omw bot
00:08:02Wrrcy regen down
00:08:02extremewaari y
00:08:23sebralane i denay
00:08:34sebralane u gotta pull some more dipshits
00:09:06sebralane need some gank top soon
00:09:06Jesus_Crix ahha
00:09:10Jesus_Crix lvl 7 viper
00:09:17Jesus_Crix ff time
00:09:17mamyka coz he kill you man
00:09:19Zemirk right
00:09:45mamyka ss mid
00:10:11sebralane ss
00:10:22extremewaari bot sss
00:10:33Maxy now he has
00:10:34Maxy woods
00:10:56Zemirk omg
00:11:00mamyka ss mid
00:11:05mamyka care
00:11:09mamyka GO BAKC BS
00:11:09Wrrcy shit
00:11:11Wrrcy taht was so dumb
00:11:21sebralane nice ace
00:11:22sebralane axe
00:11:24sebralane ty
00:11:42Jesus_Crix thx
00:11:42extremewaari i took rune
00:11:46Jesus_Crix but it's lost i think
00:11:59Jesus_Crix swp venge
00:12:09Zemirk y
00:12:41Jesus_Crix jesus$
00:13:03Maxy care swap
00:13:17Maxy go axe
00:13:17sebralane ss mid
00:13:18Wrrcy so shit xD
00:13:32Wrrcy lol go in
00:13:47Maxy you go to early
00:13:52Maxy fucked up
00:13:54Zemirk omg almost
00:13:55Maxy it
00:13:57Maxy you should run
00:13:59Maxy he would follow
00:14:02extremewaari sorry i am into to phone
00:14:06Maxy =/
00:14:07sebralane u should had swapped earlyeer
00:14:12Zemirk range is lame
00:14:16Zemirk lvl1
00:14:20sebralane ohh then y
00:14:25sebralane 600 rannge
00:14:28sebralane less that blink :O
00:14:31Zemirk :P
00:14:36Jesus_Crix go
00:14:54extremewaari i heak u
00:14:56extremewaari heal
00:15:08Maxy cd tp
00:15:35Maxy make space
00:15:37Maxy sltih to farm
00:15:40Maxy and we win
00:15:55Wrrcy i missed so much creeps
00:16:25Zemirk dunno how i died
00:16:27Zemirk -ma
00:17:02Zemirk come
00:17:25Wrrcy lol how?
00:17:44Wrrcy we lose ^^
00:17:59Zemirk lemme
00:18:31mamyka venga go
00:18:36mamyka w8 me
00:19:06Jesus_Crix omfg
00:19:07extremewaari ty
00:19:08Jesus_Crix bs
00:19:13Jesus_Crix done ur silence before
00:19:19Jesus_Crix wp
00:19:21Maxy Bited.
00:19:43Zemirk yup
00:19:57Wrrcy no sharpel?
00:20:05Wrrcy smniper
00:20:08Jesus_Crix w8 me
00:20:19Wrrcy back
00:20:37mamyka care1
00:20:53Zemirk twr
00:20:58extremewaari 4 bot
00:21:09Maxy i can tp
00:21:10Maxy when you go
00:21:29Jesus_Crix ffs team
00:21:31extremewaari bot ss4
00:21:50sebralane random
00:21:52Maxy Idiot.
00:21:53Jesus_Crix srsly?
00:21:57sebralane it stoped on animation
00:21:57Maxy Are you fucking blink.
00:21:57Jesus_Crix no one carry tp?
00:22:01Zemirk mana
00:22:03Jesus_Crix that's such a nap team
00:22:09Maxy Blind.
00:22:10sebralane ulti mid aa
00:22:14Zemirk it took quite long to tp
00:22:40mamyka ?????? ??? ????????
00:22:48NwC.CooL-T ?? ? ??? ?????? ??????
00:22:56Banana :D:D
00:23:05mamyka ???????? ?? ??? ??????
00:23:05Zemirk omw
00:23:17Maxy oh venge
00:23:24Maxy just wish you dont play vs me
00:23:25Maxy next game
00:23:46Wrrcy dead
00:24:07Jesus_Crix up chick
00:24:10Jesus_Crix wards pls
00:24:14Zemirk y
00:24:35Jesus_Crix go kill
00:24:41Wrrcy come fight?
00:25:32mamyka cerf
00:25:45mamyka ?? ?????? ??? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ???????? ????
00:25:49mamyka ?????? ??????
00:25:50Maxy WTF
00:25:51Maxy RETARDS
00:25:53mamyka fuckin noob bs
00:25:59Maxy I SHOULD
00:26:01Zemirk should have bcd
00:26:08Jesus_Crix damn noob
00:26:11Maxy IF HE DID
00:26:15Maxy i would leave
00:26:16Maxy 100%
00:26:18Maxy you 3 guys
00:26:20Maxy walk next to us
00:27:05sebralane god i love bronze
00:27:12mamyka god
00:27:18mamyka pick bs
00:27:27mamyka its rly good
00:27:30mamyka bs viper
00:27:32sebralane i know
00:27:59Wrrcy care
00:28:29Jesus_Crix sk
00:29:16Wrrcy sniper what for items?
00:29:24Wrrcy dominator?
00:29:38NwC.CooL-T go rosh
00:29:41NwC.CooL-T and i go divine
00:29:50Wrrcy we need wards
00:29:57Maxy y
00:30:03NwC.CooL-T ????
00:30:03Wrrcy back care
00:30:04Banana they rosh
00:30:17Wrrcy go go roshan
00:30:28Maxy crazy
00:30:28Maxy sk
00:30:29Maxy crazy
00:30:55mamyka noob
00:30:56Jesus_Crix haha
00:30:57mamyka ahaha
00:30:59Maxy cool story bro
00:31:01sebralane not a singel aa ulti was given
00:31:03Wrrcy np ;)
00:31:10mamyka bs picker
00:32:03Wrrcy we can win
00:32:11Maxy are you
00:32:13Maxy joking me?
00:32:35Wrrcy go gather
00:33:15Wrrcy ur
00:33:16Wrrcy urn
00:33:30Jesus_Crix ffs
00:33:31Zemirk I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:32Jesus_Crix this team
00:33:34Jesus_Crix is dumb
00:33:34mamyka I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:53Jesus_Crix bad loss
00:33:56Zemirk y
00:34:04Zemirk wait
00:34:05Zemirk all
00:34:13Zemirk bs!!!
00:34:36sebralane axe jumo
00:34:56Wrrcy no raxes
00:35:01Maxy cuz you chase
00:35:03Maxy like a boss
00:35:05Wrrcy true
00:35:09Maxy s&y
00:35:11Wrrcy ^^
00:35:13Maxy interesting choise
00:35:15Maxy we really
00:35:17Maxy might lose
00:35:26NwC.CooL-T ?????? ?????
00:35:45Wrrcy we need wards?
00:35:45NwC.CooL-T go
00:35:48mamyka ???? ? ???? ?? ????? ???????
00:36:07NwC.CooL-T ???????
00:36:09NwC.CooL-T ? ??? ????
00:36:12Wrrcy sniper bad guy
00:36:12Jesus_Crix mana pls
00:36:17NwC.CooL-T ? ??? ?? ???????? ????
00:36:20Maxy so?
00:36:24Zemirk P
00:36:24Jesus_Crix thx
00:36:26Maxy at least he has better item choise than you
00:36:29Zemirk b
00:36:31Zemirk to base
00:36:37Wrrcy s&y is not bad
00:36:38Zemirk or hmm
00:36:48Maxy for potm
00:36:50Maxy mb not
00:36:54Jesus_Crix just play together once
00:36:56Jesus_Crix 5v5
00:36:57Maxy for rest
00:36:58Maxy yes.
00:37:00Jesus_Crix and focus krob
00:37:03Wrrcy lets go gather
00:37:05Zemirk y krobby
00:37:06Maxy not bad
00:37:07Maxy but worse
00:37:08Maxy sure
00:37:11Jesus_Crix b
00:37:12Wrrcy come?
00:37:17Maxy t
00:37:18Maxy y
00:37:37Jesus_Crix b
00:37:38Jesus_Crix b
00:37:39Jesus_Crix b
00:37:39Zemirk b
00:37:39Zemirk b
00:38:00Jesus_Crix oups
00:38:10Jesus_Crix prefect ck
00:38:15Jesus_Crix just amazing player
00:38:22Wrrcy urn
00:38:27Jesus_Crix we all go help you
00:38:30Jesus_Crix but you go tp
00:38:48Zemirk wait
00:38:50Zemirk us
00:38:58Zemirk yy
00:38:59Zemirk gogo
00:39:02Zemirk no ulti
00:39:11Wrrcy fuck lol
00:39:12Wrrcy hgaha
00:39:15Wrrcy was dchickn
00:39:17Wrrcy was chicken
00:39:19Maxy Basher?
00:39:21Maxy divine?
00:39:22Maxy Radi?
00:39:29Maxy all 3?
00:39:30NwC.CooL-T or your mom
00:39:34Jesus_Crix just dmg?
00:39:38Maxy Wow.
00:39:40Maxy Retard.
00:39:46Maxy You really are fucking brainless
00:39:51Wrrcy sniper does sharpel on magic imunet creeps
00:39:55Jesus_Crix no he rocks
00:40:00Maxy He is moron.
00:40:03Zemirk swap inc
00:40:09Maxy And next game with me he is going solo rosh (with me in team)
00:40:13Maxy Kid.
00:40:13Wrrcy :(
00:40:23Wrrcy why lol?^^
00:40:24mamyka ????
00:40:27mamyka PUSH
00:40:29Wrrcy coem to base
00:40:42Maxy cd tp
00:40:45Wrrcy ..
00:41:15Maxy go
00:41:16Maxy go
00:41:28Wrrcy I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:41:39Wrrcy sniper why so bad.
00:42:27sebralane b
00:42:33NwC.CooL-T go fast
00:42:37Wrrcy true
00:42:38Wrrcy lets go
00:42:43Jesus_Crix mana pls
00:42:58Jesus_Crix then
00:43:30Jesus_Crix hate you :/
00:43:31extremewaari asddsa
00:43:32extremewaari asd
00:43:36sebralane and
00:43:37NwC.CooL-T bitch
00:43:38extremewaari tookdivine
00:43:39sebralane that divine
00:43:40sebralane wp
00:43:42Wrrcy why ö.-.-
00:43:43Wrrcy ...
00:43:45NwC.CooL-T suck my dick
00:43:49NwC.CooL-T lowbob
00:44:00mamyka ??? ? ? ???????
00:44:06Jesus_Crix wp
00:44:07mamyka ??? ???????? ? ???? ?? ??????
00:44:17Zemirk says rapier idiot
00:44:19NwC.CooL-T nr ,
00:44:21sebralane where da fak is dvine
00:44:21NwC.CooL-T ??? ?????
00:44:24NwC.CooL-T ??????? ???????
00:44:26sebralane on krove
00:44:27Wrrcy can u drop it?
00:44:28NwC.CooL-T ???? ????? ???????
00:44:29NwC.CooL-T ?????
00:44:31extremewaari no :/
00:44:34Wrrcy .
00:44:37Zemirk why u went divine
00:44:39Maxy lol
00:44:40Maxy divine
00:44:41NwC.CooL-T ????? ?????? ??? ?????
00:44:41Zemirk omg
00:44:41Maxy XD
00:44:43extremewaari yea
00:44:43sebralane cuz hes retard
00:44:43Maxy go die
00:44:44mamyka ?? ?? ? ???? ????
00:44:45Maxy to creeps
00:44:46Maxy imo
00:44:48Wrrcy ^^
00:44:50Zemirk -ma
00:44:50Wrrcy how .P
00:44:52extremewaari have hot -.-
00:44:52Wrrcy hot
00:44:54Maxy ah
00:44:55Maxy y
00:44:55Zemirk now stay base and def
00:44:55Maxy XD
00:44:57Zemirk ill swap krobe
00:45:01mamyka ???? ?? ???? ? ???? ??????? ?? ? ?????? ?? ??????? ??
00:45:01Maxy nvm
00:45:02Maxy just hit
00:45:02Maxy ;D
00:45:06extremewaari :P
00:45:08NwC.CooL-T ???????? ??
00:45:10NwC.CooL-T ??? ??????
00:45:12Wrrcy i wish i would have divine
00:45:12Zemirk AND get wards
00:45:12Wrrcy .
00:45:16extremewaari yea :/
00:45:19Maxy i get one
00:45:21Jesus_Crix take rhem
00:45:21Maxy like np
00:45:22Wrrcy ^^
00:45:23Jesus_Crix in chick
00:45:28extremewaari lets push mid?
00:45:29mamyka ??? ???? ?????
00:45:34Jesus_Crix take wards in chick
00:45:34Zemirk aa place wards
00:45:36Jesus_Crix no slot
00:45:36Zemirk u have room
00:45:36mamyka ? 1500 ??
00:45:38NwC.CooL-T ?????? ???? ???
00:45:41Maxy you can report
00:45:43Maxy that fucktard
00:45:44mamyka ??? ?????? ? ??? ? ???? ???????
00:45:46Maxy for ruining game
00:45:48NwC.CooL-T ??????? ????? ?? ????? ???????
00:45:50Wrrcy whop?
00:45:53Maxy ck
00:45:54Maxy ;D
00:45:55NwC.CooL-T ??? ? 2?
00:46:02Zemirk b
00:46:03Zemirk base
00:46:12Zemirk AA
00:46:14Zemirk place ward
00:46:15Zemirk s
00:46:16sebralane i will report this ck
00:46:17Wrrcy go go
00:46:17Zemirk u have room
00:46:17sebralane for sure
00:46:20Zemirk on chick
00:46:23Maxy first
00:46:25Maxy slith ulty
00:46:27Maxy than sk count
00:46:29Maxy his ulty
00:46:30Maxy ;D
00:46:31Maxy and cast
00:46:33Maxy how much secs
00:46:34Maxy ulty
00:46:35Maxy 7/
00:46:44Jesus_Crix krob
00:46:51Zemirk y
00:46:53Zemirk swap onc
00:46:54Wrrcy urn
00:46:55Jesus_Crix and take divien
00:46:56Wrrcy urn
00:46:57Jesus_Crix fst
00:47:05Jesus_Crix need wards$
00:47:05Banana how long your ulti?
00:47:09Wrrcy 7
00:47:10Jesus_Crix i bought therm
00:47:12Maxy count
00:47:12Maxy ;P
00:47:13Jesus_Crix so planbt them ffs
00:47:17Maxy i push you in
00:47:17Wrrcy ^^
00:47:18Maxy slith
00:47:19Zemirk RDUY
00:47:57extremewaari divine
00:48:01Wrrcy 7
00:48:02Wrrcy ^^^
00:48:04Wrrcy and we lost xD
00:48:04Maxy destroyed it
00:48:05Wrrcy hahaa
00:48:05Maxy like np
00:48:06Zemirk good
00:48:09Wrrcy is it dead?
00:48:10Wrrcy no
00:48:10Jesus_Crix cool
00:48:16Maxy sh
00:48:17Maxy ffs
00:48:19extremewaari bs have it
00:48:29Wrrcy yea ^^
00:48:33Maxy slith chase
00:48:35Maxy 2much
00:48:36Zemirk go in mid and then bot
00:48:42Wrrcy ye
00:48:42Zemirk oh
00:48:45Zemirk theres twr
00:48:50Wrrcy i was not nessasary to kill axe
00:49:01Zemirk bs
00:49:02Zemirk just go
00:49:06Wrrcy use skills.
00:49:15Maxy sk with blink
00:49:19Maxy would be awesome
00:49:20mamyka go back bvs
00:49:26Zemirk b
00:49:33Maxy also sniper ;P
00:49:35Maxy lothar
00:49:35Jesus_Crix gang them
00:49:36Maxy kinda
00:49:37Maxy ...
00:49:39Zemirk gather
00:49:41Zemirk need all
00:49:43Maxy they have bs...
00:49:45Jesus_Crix b
00:49:46Jesus_Crix hide
00:49:46Maxy if you dont know
00:49:48Maxy just ask
00:49:50Maxy we dont eat
00:49:51Maxy people
00:50:03Maxy come
00:50:17Maxy swap
00:50:18Zemirk wait here
00:50:18Maxy a lot range
00:50:19Maxy care
00:50:20Zemirk lanes push
00:50:29Jesus_Crix 1 go top?
00:50:31Zemirk now go'
00:50:31Jesus_Crix aa?
00:50:46Maxy inc
00:50:47Maxy inc
00:51:34mamyka go naga
00:51:39Wrrcy no
00:51:41Zemirk naga :D
00:51:51extremewaari aa
00:51:55Wrrcy ^^
00:51:59Wrrcy smart today
00:52:33Maxy ofc
00:52:33Jesus_Crix wp bs
00:52:38Jesus_Crix go push bot
00:52:40Jesus_Crix you all
00:52:44Jesus_Crix i push top
00:52:49Jesus_Crix they won't def 3 lanes
00:53:06Zemirk -ms
00:53:09Zemirk -ms
00:53:14Wrrcy set wards
00:53:27Maxy wow
00:53:29Maxy still no wards
00:53:30Maxy ...
00:53:32Wrrcy yes xD
00:53:37Maxy not these
00:53:38Maxy wards
00:53:40Maxy blue one
00:53:48Maxy visiblility
00:53:55Wrrcy gem?
00:53:56Wrrcy ^^
00:53:59Maxy y
00:54:05Wrrcy toalte lol
00:54:45sebralane wp
00:54:47sebralane axe
00:54:48Wrrcy fuck this npw
00:54:48Jesus_Crix why you fight
00:54:49sebralane wp
00:54:51sebralane well now its lost
00:54:58Maxy sell stick
00:54:58sebralane naga got divine
00:55:02Jesus_Crix y you rock
00:55:05Wrrcy omw
00:55:06NwC.CooL-T why not bitch?
00:55:06sebralane i rock
00:55:09sebralane indeed
00:55:13sebralane ur faking alone top lane
00:55:15sebralane and i rock
00:55:18sebralane oke sir
00:55:22Maxy get gem
00:55:23Maxy krob
00:55:23Jesus_Crix zzz
00:55:31Jesus_Crix just had to stay bot
00:55:33Jesus_Crix for a while
00:55:34Maxy give dust
00:55:39Jesus_Crix but you
00:55:44sebralane have to stay
00:55:45Wrrcy go go
00:55:47Wrrcy no tp
00:55:48Wrrcy for top
00:55:48sebralane when they attacking us
00:55:49sebralane emm
00:55:50Jesus_Crix engaged
00:55:51sebralane oke sir
00:55:54sebralane u make sence
00:55:54Wrrcy go mid
00:55:54Zemirk wheres chick
00:55:55Maxy wait
00:55:56Jesus_Crix just b
00:56:13Maxy let me
00:56:13Wrrcy wait
00:56:13Zemirk and what comes to that last fight... out of ulti range bs sry
00:56:15Maxy or vladis
00:56:16Maxy and go all
00:56:17Maxy together
00:56:35extremewaari go heal
00:56:38extremewaari and then push
00:56:40Maxy all heal
00:56:42Maxy and go mid
00:56:42sebralane aa ulti bottom
00:56:42Maxy all
00:56:46Maxy tree
00:56:51mamyka y
00:57:15Wrrcy lets go
00:57:22Wrrcy all mid
00:57:24Maxy care
00:57:24Maxy btw
00:57:28Wrrcy for axe
00:57:29Maxy be ready
00:57:31Maxy to cast ulty
00:57:32Maxy slith
00:57:34Maxy always
00:57:41Maxy also
00:57:43Maxy dotn spend ilus
00:57:44Maxy like that
00:57:51Jesus_Crix b
00:57:51mamyka plz guys use bkb after naga ulti
00:57:57Jesus_Crix focus krob
00:58:07mamyka swap
00:58:09Wrrcy go in?
00:58:10Zemirk y
00:58:15Maxy dont start with ulty
00:58:16Maxy fight
00:58:19NwC.CooL-T gem
00:58:25Maxy wtf
00:58:36Maxy wtf
00:58:37Maxy man
00:58:37Wrrcy rax
00:58:48Wrrcy fail :D
00:58:53Maxy you suck
00:58:56Wrrcy rlöy
00:58:56Maxy fucking suck
00:59:00Wrrcy rly so hard
00:59:04Zemirk got dibine?
00:59:07Maxy I FUCKING TOLD O
00:59:15Maxy didn't notice you
00:59:15sebralane u should have killed divine
00:59:16Maxy LOL
00:59:19Jesus_Crix o_o
00:59:24Maxy would ulty
00:59:25Jesus_Crix snipe out carry me :/
00:59:26Maxy or blademail
00:59:26Wrrcy fuck so shit
00:59:28Maxy xD
00:59:29Wrrcy im soo noob
00:59:30Wrrcy omg
00:59:31Wrrcy -.-8
00:59:33Zemirk who has divine now :D
00:59:39Banana ck
00:59:39Wrrcy i just had to go on rax
00:59:41Wrrcy withj ulti
00:59:44Maxy WHY?
00:59:45Maxy WHY?
00:59:46Maxy WHY?
00:59:55Maxy FUCKING RAX
00:59:55NwC.CooL-T father who
00:59:56Maxy IS NOT WIN
00:59:59Jesus_Crix who got divine though?.
01:00:00mamyka me
01:00:02Maxy ALSO
01:00:05Maxy kaOSgjoadagdjogadjoagsjogasjogasjoagjos
01:00:06Maxy pasgj
01:00:07Maxy agsjopagsjoagsjogasjogasjogsajogasjaogsjoags
01:00:10Maxy uotweutw ijm46438643634
01:00:12sebralane divine on noitems ck
01:00:20mamyka w8 all and go push top or bot right?
01:00:22Maxy NEXT TIME?
01:00:23Wrrcy ^^
01:00:25Maxy OR YOU WANT TO LOSE?
01:00:30Maxy Cuz i dont.
01:00:36sebralane ck urn vs omg
01:01:05Maxy xD
01:01:05Maxy XD
01:01:22Maxy why ulyu?
01:01:28Banana I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:01:31Wrrcy because i suck
01:01:35Wrrcy so hard
01:01:36Wrrcy !ff
01:01:37Wrrcy I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:01:38Maxy Idiot.
01:01:39Wrrcy I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:01:46Maxy he lost this on purpose.
01:01:51NwC.CooL-T ??? ?? ???!
01:01:52Maxy Fucking retarded man.
01:02:02Zemirk blue
01:02:02Maxy i report this
01:02:03Maxy no way
01:02:06Maxy you are so stupid
01:02:08Maxy there is no fucking way
01:02:10Zemirk enter from mid
01:02:16Zemirk -.-
01:02:25mamyka gg viper
01:02:36Jesus_Crix look this army^^
01:02:57Jesus_Crix sk likes blade mail?
01:02:59Jesus_Crix :=)
01:03:14Zemirk wp venge
01:03:15Zemirk ty
01:03:50sebralane turnaround
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