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+16 TS

93% | 1474 X | 1623 TS

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69% | 1442 X | 1228 TS

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+1 TS

20% | 978 X | 1237 TS

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+8 TS

20% | 1071 X | 1127 TS

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27% | 1017 X | 1256 TS

Chat log

00:00:57casper cnet you woods
00:00:59casper _
00:01:01casper `?
00:01:05Tonyboi nope ur better
00:01:08Tonyboi i go lane
00:01:15Momdsiw i go woods
00:01:18Wrrcy ds chicken
00:01:26Wrrcy retar
00:01:28casper no
00:01:33Wrrcy -ii
00:01:33Tonyboi warlock ur better at a lane
00:01:36Momdsiw this is best wood hero
00:01:37Tonyboi i can handle mid np
00:01:37Momdsiw of game
00:01:39Wrrcy report
00:01:48geth_prime 3 wood :D
00:01:51geth_prime gogoo
00:01:54OrokuSaki im mid?????
00:01:58OrokuSaki ...
00:02:00SmF~Yoissue obvious
00:02:02Tonyboi ty
00:02:07Momdsiw axe go bot
00:02:09geth_prime b axe
00:02:09Momdsiw techi solo top
00:02:14casper om
00:02:16casper omg
00:02:19xenix- just dont die
00:02:47casper wait
00:03:29OrokuSaki cent ss
00:03:56Tonyboi ss
00:04:01Tonyboi ss
00:06:33geth_prime miss ds
00:06:36OrokuSaki centy ss
00:07:04geth_prime miss top
00:07:05geth_prime ds/
00:07:07geth_prime re
00:07:09geth_prime bara miss
00:07:19OrokuSaki axe mid
00:07:23geth_prime bara re
00:07:24geth_prime -.
00:07:24OrokuSaki 2 mid ss
00:07:27HD_Overlord lane swp?
00:07:59Tonyboi ss mid
00:08:02Tonyboi re
00:08:09geth_prime miss ds
00:08:23OrokuSaki mid ss
00:09:00Tonyboi ty
00:09:41OrokuSaki mies?
00:09:51Momdsiw ¨
00:09:56Momdsiw you were slow techi
00:10:05Wrrcy reuse
00:10:13xenix- i come xin ok ?
00:10:32HD_Overlord axe wood
00:10:49Wrrcy piss pff
00:10:49SmF~Yoissue fuck off bara
00:10:54HD_Overlord miss 2 up
00:11:10Momdsiw go put mine under ds
00:11:24Momdsiw wait me to duel
00:11:24Momdsiw ffs
00:11:26Tonyboi ss
00:11:28Momdsiw i get + dmg
00:11:40HD_Overlord go
00:11:42casper go ulti
00:11:43Banana ulti cd
00:12:50Tonyboi ¨ss
00:13:01Tonyboi mid need a gank
00:13:31Momdsiw coming mid
00:14:03OrokuSaki 2 mid ss
00:14:33geth_prime are u asleep?
00:14:33casper how the fuck :D
00:14:36geth_prime so many mines
00:14:38geth_prime and u dont use them
00:15:06Tonyboi imba panda
00:15:12Momdsiw he has lost 1 game on gc
00:15:16Momdsiw like 20 games
00:15:28Momdsiw mean the player
00:15:30Momdsiw not the her
00:15:34Tonyboi whoom
00:15:38Tonyboi panda or wr
00:15:41Momdsiw panda
00:15:45Tonyboi k
00:15:49Momdsiw he won hes first 15 games
00:15:53Momdsiw lost 1 and now winning spree again
00:16:22geth_prime nearly force staff
00:16:25geth_prime then even with gem
00:16:28geth_prime they will die
00:16:47SmF~Yoissue ss
00:16:53Wrrcy +noiob
00:16:58Wrrcy noob
00:17:11HD_Overlord miss
00:17:12HD_Overlord 2
00:18:03geth_prime rdy
00:18:15Tonyboi ty
00:18:17geth_prime we should push now
00:18:20Momdsiw i go duel
00:18:22geth_prime a bit
00:18:39Tonyboi 200 gold bloink
00:18:49Momdsiw got lothar
00:19:00Tonyboi b
00:19:10Tonyboi fuck
00:19:11Momdsiw centa didnt wanna come
00:19:13Momdsiw hes retard
00:19:34Tonyboi ¨didn't know u where soooo strong
00:19:36Momdsiw why the fuck
00:19:41Tonyboi sry
00:19:42Momdsiw im legion for godsake
00:19:44Tonyboi my bad
00:19:49Momdsiw oh rly?
00:19:53Tonyboi onnly seen poor players play him
00:20:02Momdsiw i just want the +0 dmg from duels
00:20:03Tonyboi but know i know i can count on u
00:20:05Momdsiw + dmg
00:20:09Tonyboi ? know
00:20:16Momdsiw go bot
00:20:18SmF~Yoissue go ds
00:20:29SmF~Yoissue give shild soon
00:20:32Momdsiw woods
00:20:33HD_Overlord shell on you
00:20:38SmF~Yoissue go vie
00:20:39SmF~Yoissue give
00:21:04Wrrcy noob
00:21:13Momdsiw :
00:21:19Tonyboi blink rdy
00:21:20Momdsiw )
00:21:28Momdsiw good
00:21:30Momdsiw we are good combo
00:21:34Tonyboi ;)
00:21:53Momdsiw i go deso next
00:22:03Momdsiw gang bot
00:22:13Tonyboi frst
00:22:24Wrrcy wr get gem
00:22:44SmF~Yoissue GO
00:22:44SmF~Yoissue fIGHT
00:22:45SmF~Yoissue ´fUCK
00:22:50Momdsiw oh 4
00:22:51Momdsiw :D
00:23:02Momdsiw we could need team also
00:23:14geth_prime why u didnt go tower first?
00:23:19Momdsiw we ganked
00:23:20Momdsiw panda
00:23:21xenix- care
00:23:23Tonyboi he needs dmg
00:23:24Wrrcy back!
00:23:31Wrrcy back!
00:23:34casper heal
00:23:39geth_prime farm
00:23:40geth_prime someone
00:23:50OrokuSaki ds can you ward
00:23:51casper ty
00:24:07Momdsiw lemmee farm
00:24:25HD_Overlord miss 2 up
00:24:34geth_prime wl
00:24:34geth_prime get
00:24:35geth_prime some
00:24:36geth_prime wardds
00:24:38geth_prime plz
00:24:44geth_prime ty
00:25:06SmF~Yoissue get commander
00:25:08SmF~Yoissue focushim#
00:25:08Tonyboi last second
00:25:12Momdsiw ^^
00:25:15Momdsiw wl was down hill
00:25:30Momdsiw shredder has bloodsotne
00:25:31Momdsiw hes imba now
00:26:27Momdsiw invis bototm
00:26:28Momdsiw man
00:26:40geth_prime gem on wr
00:26:45Momdsiw k
00:26:46Momdsiw get him
00:26:47Wrrcy kill mines
00:26:47Momdsiw move with 5
00:26:49casper why didnt you ultied when they was standing on bomm
00:26:54casper bomb
00:27:09Momdsiw jump on wr
00:27:09geth_prime cause i was running for my life
00:27:11Tonyboi y
00:27:14geth_prime b wl
00:27:18geth_prime -.-
00:27:35Momdsiw go wr
00:27:37SmF~Yoissue bara come top
00:27:45Wrrcy bara lol!
00:27:55Wrrcy bara basher :D
00:27:58Momdsiw rdy centa?
00:28:01Tonyboi ?
00:28:01Momdsiw ^:DDDD
00:28:13OrokuSaki gem
00:28:19Tonyboi ¨gem
00:28:35Momdsiw Gg wp wrrcy
00:28:38Momdsiw I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:45casper wtf hero :D
00:28:47Wrrcy go and fuck bara
00:28:47Momdsiw this techi lost the game
00:28:51Wrrcy basher lol
00:28:55geth_prime :)
00:28:57xenix- why not ?
00:28:59Momdsiw it wont do use on late
00:29:02Momdsiw and youre fp
00:29:03Momdsiw :)
00:29:06HD_Overlord useless
00:29:07OrokuSaki doesnt stack ?
00:29:10geth_prime w8 see and learn
00:29:14Wrrcy wtf xD?
00:29:14xenix- no stack
00:29:17HD_Overlord look basher
00:29:19Momdsiw this wl and axe can nearly play the game
00:29:28xenix- does not stack
00:29:30xenix- ^^
00:29:38xenix- n ow ?
00:29:56OrokuSaki all bara need is a bkb
00:30:00SmF~Yoissue ward
00:30:09SmF~Yoissue wr come
00:30:19Momdsiw ward woods os i can go solo gank
00:30:32SmF~Yoissue WARD
00:30:33SmF~Yoissue WR
00:30:41geth_prime they kill all our wards
00:30:43geth_prime with gem
00:30:45Momdsiw goes roshan
00:31:27SmF~Yoissue b
00:31:28SmF~Yoissue b
00:31:28SmF~Yoissue b
00:31:29SmF~Yoissue b
00:32:19geth_prime top miss
00:32:19geth_prime care
00:32:22Momdsiw axe vcall ffs?
00:32:40Banana wtf
00:32:40geth_prime -.-
00:32:42geth_prime i told ya
00:32:43geth_prime top mis
00:32:44Banana stunned ftw
00:33:38geth_prime rosh
00:33:38geth_prime now
00:33:46geth_prime or waiting for ambush
00:34:46Momdsiw go ff
00:34:50Banana I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:50Tonyboi -ff
00:34:50casper I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:53geth_prime nah
00:35:23Momdsiw you made linkens coz of my duel :D?
00:36:14geth_prime axe
00:36:15geth_prime wtf
00:36:17geth_prime are u blind?
00:37:48Wrrcy dead
00:38:39Momdsiw :D
00:38:41Momdsiw hit more!
00:39:03xenix- tp ?
00:39:30geth_prime now they will get another gem
00:39:46SmF~Yoissue bara
00:39:51xenix- y
00:40:05SmF~Yoissue your cranium basher doesnt stack with your skill bash
00:40:09SmF~Yoissue do you know that?
00:40:14geth_prime b
00:40:16Tonyboi wl observer wards in my circle can u plz place
00:40:17xenix- y
00:40:29SmF~Yoissue ok so the next time you go bkb instead
00:40:33SmF~Yoissue buzt no basher
00:40:36xenix- ok say
00:40:39geth_prime told ya
00:40:40geth_prime they have
00:40:41geth_prime gem
00:40:41Wrrcy back
00:40:51Momdsiw :D
00:42:20Momdsiw Figght
00:42:29geth_prime def top
00:42:45geth_prime denie mid tower?
00:42:49Banana nope
00:42:50Tonyboi nice stygian
00:42:53Tonyboi jummy
00:43:43Wrrcy n
00:43:48Wrrcy back
00:44:26HD_Overlord ok... i know
00:44:33HD_Overlord pls say nothing
00:44:47Tonyboi fuck
00:45:16SmF~Yoissue autotaack
00:45:16geth_prime command
00:45:19geth_prime the only reason
00:45:22geth_prime we still in game
00:45:23geth_prime is me
00:45:24geth_prime -.-
00:45:27Momdsiw ye
00:45:29Momdsiw but we cant push
00:45:37geth_prime cause u fail to fight at my mines
00:45:37Momdsiw or do proper teamfight
00:45:41Momdsiw anywhere else than yourminefield
00:45:51geth_prime i see that
00:45:52geth_prime ...
00:46:07Momdsiw but its lost anyway
00:46:16Momdsiw you just make this game longer
00:46:23Momdsiw and its so borign game anyway
00:49:03Wrrcy ...
00:49:03casper lag
00:49:05Wrrcy his mother cut internet
00:50:00Banana I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:50:02casper I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:50:05casper !ff
00:50:07Tonyboi -ff
00:50:09Momdsiw I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:50:11casper -dd
00:50:12geth_prime yes
00:50:12Tonyboi !ff
00:50:14geth_prime axe and wl
00:50:15geth_prime u are the reason
00:50:17geth_prime why we lose
00:50:18casper -ff
00:50:18Banana ?
00:50:20casper haha
00:50:25HD_Overlord -ma
00:50:29Banana your pick is shit
00:52:10geth_prime missclick -.-'
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