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78% | 1417 X | 1402 TS

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Chat log

00:00:00Tough [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Laier with 94 seconds.
00:00:05Laier sorry folks
00:00:25Maier -ii
00:00:25Maier -water red
00:00:25Maier -weather rain
00:00:25Laier booring pool
00:00:25Wrrcy ?
00:00:25Tough lycan
00:00:25Wrrcy k
00:00:25Laier ban naix
00:00:25McNabb naix
00:00:25Laier any1 wants anything?
00:00:25Tough any1 want mid?
00:00:30McNabb i go ns
00:00:31Jesus_Crix i can
00:00:35McNabb oh
00:00:37Tough with?
00:00:38Laier someone wants something?
00:00:38McNabb es anyone_
00:00:40Laier fast.
00:00:42Jesus_Crix lina i think alche
00:00:49Tough hmm
00:00:49Jesus_Crix depends on them
00:00:50Laier hell no k
00:00:53Tough y then nty
00:01:04McNabb can anyone play es?
00:01:06Wrrcy k
00:01:10Wrrcy stalker no mid? i'm not good with it
00:01:17McNabb so i got solo team
00:01:18McNabb ?
00:01:23Wrrcy ??
00:01:23mansikka WHAT U WANT
00:01:26McNabb leo
00:01:27Jesus_Crix i can mid
00:01:29Wrrcy hm
00:01:30Jesus_Crix but ns good too
00:01:30mansikka -swap 1
00:01:30McNabb -swap 4
00:01:31McNabb ty
00:01:35Wrrcy let him decide
00:01:37Laier maier mid me leo bot
00:01:41McNabb potm mid
00:01:42Jesus_Crix omG
00:01:46Maier roger that
00:01:49Jesus_Crix the damn useless riki
00:01:59Laier take range top
00:01:59Wrrcy riki
00:02:00Wrrcy get chicken
00:02:01Mercury riki is good hero.. player is useless
00:02:05Wrrcy chicken!
00:02:05Tough ff
00:02:10Wrrcy bala mid?
00:02:11Tough is this silver
00:02:13Jesus_Crix wow
00:02:14Tough or bronteß
00:02:15Laier whats wrong?
00:02:18Wrrcy riki me top
00:02:19Maier this is aleks league
00:02:25Wrrcy stlaker mid?
00:02:29Tough y
00:02:32Maier sheeri kama
00:02:33Jesus_Crix sad
00:02:34Maier lox
00:02:36Tough dont want with this pickls
00:02:37Tough on lane
00:02:39Tough bullshit
00:02:42Wrrcy i go top
00:02:43Tough lina top
00:02:44Wrrcy me woods
00:02:45Tough only one
00:02:45Jesus_Crix i am
00:02:47McNabb abba u pull?
00:02:47Tough who picked well
00:02:50Jesus_Crix go farm bot alchi
00:02:54Wrrcy na need woodz
00:03:13Mercury no pullward bot gg..
00:03:13Wrrcy i wanted to pick naix :D
00:03:17Tough GET FUCKING wards
00:03:21McNabb abba pull
00:03:24Wrrcy riki wtf items
00:03:34Jesus_Crix ban him for ruin,
00:03:35Jesus_Crix soon
00:04:37Laier kill riki @ lvl3
00:04:43Jesus_Crix go es?
00:04:47Wrrcy k
00:04:48McNabb Zzz
00:04:57Jesus_Crix u 1st
00:05:03Tough GET WARDFS
00:05:20Tough ff
00:05:21Wrrcy so ofc
00:05:28Maier MISS
00:05:31Wrrcy go give items and leave riki
00:05:39Tough GET WARDS
00:05:41Tough BITHCES
00:05:44Tough suck my dick
00:05:48Tough i play my own game
00:05:49Maier MISS
00:06:00Wrrcy guy riki sucks
00:06:24Wrrcy o
00:06:25Wrrcy m
00:06:25Wrrcy g
00:06:29Wrrcy now i lost 2 int?
00:06:30Tough sec pls nice one
00:06:30Maier MISS MID
00:06:30Laier sec for what+
00:06:30Jesus_Crix bah game' over
00:06:30Jesus_Crix i think
00:06:30Wrrcy to kick brown
00:06:30Tough thx
00:06:46Wrrcy go
00:06:51McNabb 3 bot
00:06:56Aleks875 looool ss top 1
00:07:21Tough let me the runes..
00:07:25Tough AND GET WARDS
00:07:39Wrrcy me?
00:07:40Wrrcy xD
00:07:40Maier wtf was that :D
00:08:06Wrrcy silencer
00:08:10Jesus_Crix b
00:08:11Mercury abba ss
00:08:13Wrrcy ^^
00:08:22Mercury re
00:08:24Laier go riki
00:08:33Tough ss mid
00:08:46Aleks875 loooooooooool
00:08:49Wrrcy su
00:08:50Aleks875 miss
00:08:54Laier mcnabb faster next time: )
00:08:55Aleks875 loooooooooooooooooool misssssssssss
00:09:12Maier ns gonna gang now
00:09:13mansikka miss
00:09:14Maier care
00:09:26mansikka alche miss
00:09:27McNabb wards
00:09:36Tough omw with gangs
00:09:37Laier ill buy after boots
00:09:41McNabb k
00:09:41Tough u fat bastards
00:10:22McNabb ss bot
00:10:25Laier 2
00:10:30mansikka :D:D
00:10:33mansikka wtf
00:10:34Maier MISS MID
00:10:51mansikka miss alch + ns
00:11:12Jesus_Crix go sil?
00:11:20Jesus_Crix come gang top
00:11:36mansikka b
00:11:41Wrrcy i need 6
00:11:51Laier push tower
00:12:13Maier CARE TOP
00:12:27Wrrcy gj gi gj gj
00:12:36Jesus_Crix well you got 6
00:12:37McNabb oom
00:12:45Jesus_Crix i'll go bot
00:12:57Tough ahja
00:13:01Wrrcy ^^ ...
00:15:26Laier mcnabb waiting for xmas? y
00:15:38Laier fucking retarded shit
00:15:40McNabb dude
00:15:42McNabb was oom
00:15:43Wrrcy wp
00:15:45McNabb what u want me to do
00:15:47Laier and potm havent skilled ulti
00:15:51Laier and he goes to suicide :D
00:15:52Laier wp
00:16:06McNabb wards
00:16:07McNabb sile no money
00:16:40mansikka loll
00:16:51Wrrcy go?
00:16:54Jesus_Crix y
00:17:00Jesus_Crix blue
00:17:02mansikka oom
00:17:07Laier care
00:17:08Maier TULKE
00:17:33Wrrcy b? miks me üldse lä'ksime türa küll
00:17:42Maier oleks sul silence
00:17:45Maier oleks rangega ära omand
00:17:49Wrrcy oom
00:17:56Jesus_Crix b mul on silence aga 2 sec aitab aint ju
00:18:50Wrrcy fuck
00:18:55Wrrcy we had to go back
00:19:02Wrrcy ...
00:19:03Jesus_Crix srsly
00:19:07Jesus_Crix bad ppl playing there
00:19:59Laier fuck off sile i just need xp pfft
00:20:17Tough lol
00:20:46Wrrcy loool
00:20:54Laier -ma
00:20:54Wrrcy go base riki
00:21:03Wrrcy riki go base
00:21:08Wrrcy lool leo so nice farm
00:21:35Laier dead soon
00:21:38mansikka no
00:21:40Laier go def bot
00:21:41Laier all
00:21:46Laier 4 bot
00:21:49Laier 5
00:21:53Jesus_Crix where is es?
00:22:01Wrrcy tped
00:22:02Wrrcy get tower
00:22:05Jesus_Crix ah
00:22:50Jesus_Crix cool
00:22:56Wrrcy blue so mch farm o.o Useless maier sure palun siis fair diil
00:23:17Jesus_Crix just b
00:23:24Aleks875 loool
00:23:30Wrrcy o
00:23:31Wrrcy m
00:23:31Wrrcy g
00:23:34McNabb Zzz
00:23:43Laier why the fuck you guys run away from me and leo
00:23:45Laier how stupid <.<
00:23:47Maier ära nuta lits kerge starfall ja situb täis läheb minema eii
00:24:59Wrrcy b?
00:25:02Wrrcy ye
00:25:12Laier go
00:25:13Laier hunt irki
00:25:33Wrrcy b
00:25:36Aleks875 gem
00:25:37Wrrcy wtf riki
00:25:42Maier -ms
00:25:52Aleks875 leo have gem
00:26:02McNabb why dont u wait
00:26:11Laier mid tower
00:26:40Jesus_Crix ouf
00:26:48Wrrcy riki share chicken
00:27:47Jesus_Crix loll why we run away from blue? blue runs away from us lol
00:28:16Jesus_Crix only ns helpful
00:28:20Jesus_Crix rest rly sucks
00:28:27Wrrcy ?
00:28:32McNabb Zzzz
00:28:34Jesus_Crix you are uselss alchi
00:28:48Tough FUCKJ U ALCHI
00:28:52Wrrcy ?
00:28:56Jesus_Crix he's a nap
00:28:56Maier NERDRAGE
00:28:58Wrrcy k
00:29:00Wrrcy k report
00:29:02Tough GO FARM
00:29:05Tough ALL THE GAME
00:29:12Wrrcy xD i was out of life and mana
00:29:12Tough GO
00:29:13Tough FARM
00:29:15Tough FAAAAAARM
00:29:16Tough MORE!
00:29:18Tough DIIDOT
00:29:23Laier top tower?
00:29:24Wrrcy kk
00:29:26McNabb ward runes
00:29:39Jesus_Crix b
00:29:44Tough AND NOW
00:29:50Tough u all can suck my dick
00:29:55Tough have fun 4 vs 5
00:29:59Tough ah sorry alchi -
00:30:01Tough 3 vs 5
00:30:16Jesus_Crix dude it's 2 on 5
00:30:23Tough ah
00:30:23Tough y
00:30:24Tough aleks
00:30:25Wrrcy leo too farmed
00:30:41Maier -ms
00:30:42McNabb cant
00:30:42Tough go team farm woods
00:30:49Wrrcy go
00:30:59Jesus_Crix i'm not tank imao
00:31:17Laier b
00:31:23Tough TP
00:31:24Tough HAHAHA
00:31:28Tough nah
00:31:29Tough why fight
00:31:34Tough run alwa<ys better
00:31:55Wrrcy u do not fight bastard
00:32:06Wrrcy u are a shit noob
00:32:13Laier oom
00:32:16Jesus_Crix me?
00:32:18Tough should i care after ur fuck movebot?
00:34:06Laier got pipe for us
00:34:19Laier they rosh?
00:34:42Wrrcy n
00:34:43Wrrcy ...
00:34:44Wrrcy dont go
00:34:51Maier -ms
00:34:51Jesus_Crix LEO BKB
00:34:54Maier -ms
00:35:09Mercury b
00:35:26Laier dd bot
00:35:31McNabb k
00:35:42Jesus_Crix b
00:35:55Jesus_Crix care riki
00:35:56Jesus_Crix gem
00:35:59Aleks875 LEO ROSH
00:36:04Aleks875 or not
00:36:13Laier tele top
00:36:14Laier someone
00:36:21McNabb b
00:37:12McNabb oh comon
00:37:19Jesus_Crix zzz
00:37:30Aleks875 fgast
00:37:46Jesus_Crix kill gem
00:37:47McNabb i cant catch them:-/
00:37:48Jesus_Crix rilki
00:37:57Aleks875 i need vs mirana
00:38:03Jesus_Crix srsly?
00:38:10Jesus_Crix u wil die
00:38:35Laier go with 5
00:38:47Wrrcy ?
00:38:48Aleks875 b
00:38:48Mercury anyone goes vlads or i go?
00:38:50Aleks875 they gang
00:39:25Wrrcy ^^
00:39:27Laier wait sk
00:39:45Wrrcy back
00:39:50Jesus_Crix srsly?
00:39:59Laier no, we kidding
00:40:48McNabb cant
00:40:52Laier fucking tard I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:03Laier you really can suck that bad?
00:41:11McNabb i would die
00:41:12Laier you rush in 1v5 and use bkb so i cant even shield/heal you
00:41:25McNabb cant rush them
00:41:26Aleks875 kill waqrds
00:41:29Laier you just did
00:41:35Laier you fucking run in behind tower
00:41:37Laier alone
00:41:38mansikka fuck
00:41:42mansikka forgot agha
00:41:49Jesus_Crix omw this is gg lets just ff
00:42:07McNabb prob
00:42:12Mercury i ask again.. anyone going vlads or i go?
00:42:13McNabb sucky sile pick
00:42:16Jesus_Crix you sucky sk play
00:42:24McNabb nah
00:42:27Laier i agree
00:42:31Laier you have played shit last 2 fights
00:42:47McNabb wards
00:42:48Laier you focus guys whoe doesnt do shit
00:42:52Laier meanwhile bala kills our team
00:42:56Wrrcy gem
00:43:02Wrrcy he has got gem
00:43:28Jesus_Crix tired
00:43:43McNabb I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:04Jesus_Crix i'm just a piece of food
00:44:08Tough nah
00:44:16Jesus_Crix they all on me
00:44:17Jesus_Crix always
00:44:23Jesus_Crix can't do shit
00:44:37Wrrcy riki share
00:44:39Wrrcy i need chicken
00:44:54Wrrcy riki share pls
00:44:58Laier tho
00:45:00Laier maier failed also
00:45:08Aleks875 if u will control agaiin
00:45:11McNabb dude
00:45:12Maier i'm not focused on this game at all
00:45:14Aleks875 i cancel forever
00:45:22McNabb we dont have enough stuns ans nukes
00:45:33Laier thats not my fault :)
00:45:37McNabb nope
00:45:40McNabb just saying
00:45:45Tough deso or hot hmm
00:45:48Laier well es is useless
00:45:48Tough lina what u mean?
00:45:49Laier no blink
00:45:50McNabb cant push 5 carrys with no nukes
00:45:52Laier and sile is just shit
00:45:52Aleks875 hot
00:45:55Jesus_Crix ?
00:45:55Aleks875 better
00:45:59McNabb agree
00:46:01Tough hot or deso
00:46:06Jesus_Crix hot
00:46:10Laier norm last pick players try to carry
00:46:13Jesus_Crix you need to chase
00:46:14Wrrcy okay lets end I wasnt going for carry Just for silence
00:46:23Jesus_Crix not dmg vs leo or aba
00:46:32Jesus_Crix i getr force staf
00:46:33Maier same as i took riki for invi scout
00:46:36Jesus_Crix hope i'll survive
00:46:38McNabb sile no nukes
00:46:40McNabb leo no nukes
00:46:42Wrrcy we need medalion ;) Same as you go mid and suck?
00:46:43McNabb abba no nukes
00:46:44Wrrcy lets end
00:46:47Tough wait me
00:46:47McNabb ggff
00:46:48Tough all b why you guys whine once its over just ff go on
00:47:03Maier I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:07McNabb I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:11Wrrcy go go?
00:47:17Jesus_Crix rdy
00:47:19Wrrcy wait
00:47:21Wrrcy bala
00:47:29Jesus_Crix need wards
00:47:30McNabb alch over fat
00:47:31Jesus_Crix w8
00:47:48Jesus_Crix b
00:47:51Wrrcy go go
00:48:12Laier good bkb
00:48:22McNabb does it matter
00:49:47Tough CMON
00:50:11Jesus_Crix creeps bot are smarter
00:50:11Maier -st
00:50:19Wrrcy thats true
00:50:22Tough were going to lose this
00:50:22Laier go
00:50:24Laier for fun
00:50:26Laier ff after
00:50:28McNabb y
00:51:31McNabb I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:34Laier ALEKS TOO PRo
00:51:35McNabb gg wp
00:51:35Laier I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:37mansikka I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:39Wrrcy GG
00:51:41Tough FUCKER
00:51:44Tough U ALL
00:51:45Tough FWEHFWEOPI
00:51:46Wrrcy L:D
00:51:46Wrrcy jhaha
00:51:50Wrrcy love ya+
00:51:54Tough WP LINA
00:51:55Tough <3
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