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Chat log

00:00:17epicmount why?
00:00:17NutZ ban magina?
00:00:17edgarass why?
00:00:17Banana bans
00:00:17edgarass me captain ?
00:00:17edgarass ff
00:00:17j22koer :D
00:00:17Banana :D
00:00:17NutZ its just 1 ban?
00:00:17massivepats hahaha
00:00:17Banana yep
00:00:17NutZ np
00:00:17NutZ goo..
00:00:17epicmount dont ban sand king
00:00:17NutZ Just do it fast
00:00:17NutZ it doesnt matter
00:00:17NutZ ban MAGINA
00:00:19j22koer troll
00:00:19NutZ -.-.
00:00:19SMEGMAPLEKK antimage?
00:00:19edgarass ck ban
00:00:31edgarass me mid
00:00:32Doomy omg
00:00:35Doomy edgarass capt
00:00:35SMEGMAPLEKK aspyn slark?:D
00:00:38Doomy :D
00:00:40NutZ Doomy
00:00:41Banana :D:D
00:00:42NutZ Can u solo top?
00:00:45NutZ then we trilane bot
00:00:48NutZ we are 3 mates
00:00:54Banana massivepats asspyn? :D
00:00:55j22koer sk thrall
00:01:02Doomy i can
00:01:10j22koer dazzel
00:01:14edgarass say ss pls
00:01:16massivepats ah
00:01:23SMEGMAPLEKK go slark:D
00:01:34j22koer we need slark
00:01:41massivepats no worries
00:01:44edgarass no more carries pls
00:01:49epicmount ofc
00:01:52Nickless can u play slark or want to swap?
00:01:52j22koer dazzel
00:01:55j22koer wtf
00:01:56massivepats i can
00:01:56j22koer dude
00:01:58edgarass take lion for support or smth
00:01:59j22koer yurnero
00:01:59edgarass gj
00:01:59j22koer cmone stupid fuck wtf
00:02:02edgarass who goes top buy warfds and ward neutral creeps
00:02:04j22koer ffs
00:02:14j22koer just lost a game for use
00:02:16j22koer us
00:02:28SMEGMAPLEKK miks nii arvad?
00:02:31Asger i will get wards later
00:02:33j22koer miks ma nii arvan
00:02:35SMEGMAPLEKK jh
00:02:35Asger after headress
00:02:36massivepats fix
00:02:36j22koer et sa vakking sitt lastpickid carry
00:02:39edgarass nutz fix your connection
00:02:42SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:02:42j22koer mid meile vaja ei ole
00:02:43massivepats miks sa maginat ei bannind
00:02:44massivepats :D
00:02:49epicmount it will stop
00:02:49SMEGMAPLEKK ongi
00:02:59j22koer magna tharll seer dazzel
00:03:01j22koer dazzel
00:03:02edgarass lion top
00:03:04j22koer ole
00:03:07epicmount no trilane
00:03:08NutZ nope :)
00:03:09j22koer ks pidaud opickima
00:03:10NutZ we trilane
00:03:10Asger no trilane
00:03:16Nickless PULL UP
00:03:17epicmount look chat dude
00:03:21edgarass ok
00:03:25Asger no trilane = we trilane
00:03:54SMEGMAPLEKK lol
00:05:10edgarass ss
00:05:15Banana mine pulli
00:05:18SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:05:18edgarass re
00:05:38Doomy ss
00:06:00Banana wtf
00:06:01Asger ss
00:06:08Doomy slark top
00:06:16Doomy still jug ss
00:06:29edgarass ss
00:06:33Nickless akasha gonem id
00:06:38Doomy 3 top
00:06:42Asger w9
00:06:48Doomy 3 top
00:06:56Doomy ss 2
00:07:00Doomy re 3
00:07:04Banana pull
00:07:22j22koer ss
00:07:25j22koer re
00:07:34Doomy ss
00:07:35Doomy sss
00:07:54Asger argh
00:07:58Asger ulti?
00:08:04edgarass no
00:08:08edgarass only now lev 6
00:08:18Doomy 3 top
00:08:56j22koer ss
00:08:59j22koer re
00:09:01Nickless ss
00:09:03Nickless lion
00:09:39edgarass ss
00:09:45edgarass bot care
00:09:56edgarass go go
00:09:58Asger krob?
00:10:07j22koer ss
00:10:44Nickless oom
00:11:05edgarass wtf akasha
00:11:08edgarass we were 4
00:11:11edgarass wjhy no go??
00:11:14Asger lol you are dumn
00:11:23edgarass it was not dum 4v1
00:11:34Nickless miss 2
00:12:46massivepats hahah so epic game
00:13:22Banana b
00:13:22Banana b
00:13:34Nickless place some wards
00:13:34massivepats 0 farm
00:13:50Banana tra
00:13:59Banana mis su vigastus on?
00:14:04Nickless kunkka
00:14:45NutZ 4 bot :(
00:14:48edgarass ss aa?
00:14:49epicmount k
00:14:51NutZ but we got tower.
00:14:54NutZ they didnt deny
00:15:01edgarass help bot
00:15:43edgarass mid go
00:16:10Nickless take it
00:16:50Banana b
00:17:21edgarass gj
00:17:50edgarass akasha b
00:17:58edgarass me farm top
00:18:05epicmount k
00:18:22SMEGMAPLEKK mana zeus
00:18:34epicmount lol :D
00:18:36edgarass b
00:18:38edgarass b
00:19:23SMEGMAPLEKK nicee
00:19:55j22koer best pick eks
00:20:01SMEGMAPLEKK mhhhm
00:20:03edgarass krobe make hood
00:20:12Doomy i make what i want
00:20:16NutZ :0
00:20:23edgarass me first
00:21:50massivepats selline ylejooks
00:21:52Nickless damn so much fail from u guys
00:21:54massivepats nice ban j22koer
00:21:59j22koer well
00:22:13massivepats why the fuck u ban troll < magina
00:22:14j22koer that is not my fault
00:22:20j22koer that we are losing
00:22:30epicmount b
00:22:33Banana two ultimate feeders in team
00:22:41epicmount s
00:22:42Asger stay here
00:22:43Banana and failpicks
00:22:48Doomy push mid tw
00:22:51massivepats you and?
00:23:12Banana massivepats sa spyn v?
00:23:16Banana aspyn*
00:23:17massivepats ei
00:23:32massivepats ma ta vend
00:23:47massivepats kes sa
00:23:50epicmount b
00:24:43NutZ O_Q
00:25:05edgarass all dead how so?
00:25:32massivepats kuuled banana kes sa?
00:25:36Banana ema
00:27:03Nickless def btm
00:27:11Asger lol
00:27:12Asger ?
00:27:48edgarass where is fucking chick?
00:27:56Doomy lol
00:28:00Asger in base lol
00:28:00Doomy in front of you
00:28:53epicmount y
00:29:05edgarass remember to silence krobe
00:29:14massivepats FUCK
00:29:25Banana bb
00:29:25Banana b
00:29:30massivepats kes see banana on yldse arekas?
00:29:38SMEGMAPLEKK ei tea
00:29:47SMEGMAPLEKK I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:50Banana I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:52j22koer I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:29:52massivepats kust ta aspyni teab:D
00:29:57massivepats i surrender!
00:30:02SMEGMAPLEKK dnno pane ff
00:30:09massivepats I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:30:13Nickless impossible with these pearls in team
00:30:14Nickless gg
00:30:22epicmount thx nate
00:30:31Nickless I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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