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79% | 1441 X | 1361 TS

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66% | 1308 X | 1349 TS

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44% | 1165 X | 1267 TS

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46% | 1145 X | 1269 TS

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96% | 1791 X | 1433 TS

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27% | 994 X | 1301 TS

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Chat log

00:00:21Maxy danza kuduro
00:00:22sIMAmARS i will woods xD
00:00:22moods ban what?
00:00:22moods wishes?
00:00:22HuaRong mort oe spec
00:00:22HuaRong or
00:00:22HuaRong ban
00:00:22moods spec
00:00:22Aleks875 rolls royce
00:00:22moods some1 can play ud?
00:00:22HuaRong i can
00:00:22moods kk
00:00:22moods u go ud
00:00:22Maxy omni
00:00:32HuaRong what u want
00:00:36moods we ll see
00:01:01Aleks875 can i mid?
00:01:04moods no
00:01:06Aleks875 i will get towers fast
00:01:10moods dont care
00:01:13Aleks875 ok
00:01:14moods rhasta is imba lane support
00:01:17Maxy RUSSIA
00:01:26moods gimme slardar
00:01:26Aleks875 Russia pawn u
00:01:31HuaRong k
00:01:31sIMAmARS i wont woods\
00:01:33Maxy <3
00:01:42moods -swap 4
00:01:47HuaRong -swap 1
00:01:59Maxy gl with sima and aleks
00:02:01Maxy !!!
00:02:13moods thx..
00:02:29moods btw im not a moods faker
00:02:35moods just my nick before i knew wicked moods
00:02:43Maxy so you want to say
00:02:46Maxy that moods copied you
00:02:47Maxy ;D
00:02:49moods nah
00:02:50moods :D
00:02:55moods i just didnt know
00:02:57Maxy me drayich
00:03:18Multi_Ljep creeps
00:03:19Multi_Ljep rhasta
00:03:21moods ?
00:03:21Marhalt afk 1
00:03:21sIMAmARS ?
00:03:22Multi_Ljep anyone curier?
00:03:25moods not my prob
00:03:32sIMAmARS i will
00:04:24Momdsiw ohlol :D
00:04:48Momdsiw sry
00:04:50Momdsiw forgot i joined game
00:04:50Momdsiw :D
00:04:54Maxy dont bring
00:04:57Maxy ring of protection
00:04:58Maxy only
00:04:59Maxy also i need
00:05:00Maxy bottle
00:06:07Marhalt lemem upgrade
00:06:50Maxy ss
00:07:07Marhalt oom
00:07:11Momdsiw dotn use wards
00:07:14Momdsiw we coudl have now kills
00:07:17moods ss mid
00:07:19Marhalt ok
00:07:25HuaRong slow?
00:07:30Maxy LOl
00:07:32Maxy WTF BOT
00:07:34Maxy dont bring
00:07:36Maxy items you can but
00:07:37Maxy there
00:07:38Maxy wwttagskdagkldgs
00:07:44HuaRong ss2
00:07:48Kanpu3a ss 1
00:07:58Maxy ss
00:08:01moods invis bottled amgnus
00:08:28moods ss mid
00:08:40Momdsiw y
00:08:45Momdsiw go
00:08:45Momdsiw veno
00:08:54moods care
00:08:54Marhalt oom
00:08:54moods ss mid
00:08:55Marhalt !!
00:08:55moods invis
00:08:56Momdsiw ahh
00:08:56HuaRong no slow
00:08:56Marhalt told u
00:08:58Momdsiw you want double
00:08:58Aleks875 put wards
00:08:59HuaRong noooooooooooooooooooooob
00:09:17Marhalt ok now iu have
00:09:56Aleks875 no mana
00:10:26moods ss mid
00:10:26Aleks875 ..
00:10:31Momdsiw nice missing xD
00:10:33Momdsiw 40% chance
00:10:34HuaRong trax slow man
00:10:42Aleks875 4 hits all missed
00:10:51Aleks875 its 100%
00:11:00Momdsiw hitted once
00:11:01Aleks875 mega shit
00:11:06Aleks875 y
00:11:09Aleks875 5th
00:11:35HuaRong well
00:11:38HuaRong trax noob
00:11:41HuaRong no slow
00:11:44sIMAmARS why you heal you
00:11:49HuaRong gg
00:11:53Multi_Ljep FFS
00:12:01Marhalt ups
00:12:01Multi_Ljep IDIOT
00:12:03Marhalt so u died
00:12:06Momdsiw i got back to game!
00:12:06Marhalt wasnt lookin
00:12:09Momdsiw Was first 2 mins afk
00:12:18HuaRong gank down
00:12:21HuaRong or gg
00:12:33Multi_Ljep comeing
00:13:08Marhalt i go mek?
00:13:12HuaRong put slow man
00:13:16HuaRong wtf
00:13:21Maxy ok
00:13:25HuaRong we can kill them always
00:14:17Multi_Ljep mana
00:15:55HuaRong gank down
00:16:27Momdsiw :D
00:16:37Aleks875 eat it
00:16:41Aleks875 XD
00:17:23Maxy go
00:17:29Momdsiw wait
00:17:32Kanpu3a lol
00:18:13Marhalt did u like my ulti guys :D
00:18:22HuaRong traax now slow
00:18:35HuaRong nothing to display
00:18:35Momdsiw drow
00:18:36Aleks875 trax no boots
00:18:40Maxy he can see
00:18:43Maxy at my monitor
00:18:43Maxy ;D
00:18:46Momdsiw ok
00:18:58Multi_Ljep LOL
00:19:13Momdsiw riki so boring
00:19:16Momdsiw just played
00:19:19Momdsiw and got random riki again
00:19:51Marhalt not my best day :D
00:20:07Momdsiw how the fuck you can be so bad with gale
00:20:12Multi_Ljep mana?
00:20:17Marhalt i know sry
00:20:18Multi_Ljep pls
00:20:27Marhalt wont happen again
00:20:34Momdsiw happened like 3 times already :D
00:20:39Marhalt :d sry
00:21:34Maxy bite
00:21:35Maxy them
00:22:27HuaRong ff
00:22:29Multi_Ljep FU TRAX
00:22:31Multi_Ljep GOD DAMN IT
00:22:34Marhalt too easy kill the poor veno eh!!
00:22:47HuaRong look rasta
00:24:23Momdsiw every tiem you kill watch for gem drop
00:24:41moods all mis
00:24:42moods s
00:25:07HuaRong b
00:25:39HuaRong 4
00:25:41HuaRong def
00:25:46Momdsiw you saying to him when we gonna gank him :D?
00:25:58Maxy no
00:25:59Marhalt secret5
00:26:00Maxy he sees
00:26:50Momdsiw Fuck D:
00:26:55Multi_Ljep gj
00:27:36Aleks875 go mid all
00:27:51Marhalt go
00:28:13Aleks875 all mid
00:28:17Marhalt ..
00:28:32HuaRong b
00:28:47Multi_Ljep GATHER
00:28:48HuaRong goooo
00:28:48Multi_Ljep all
00:29:09Multi_Ljep IDIOTS
00:29:22Maxy go towers
00:29:22HuaRong noobs
00:29:25Maxy all go heal
00:29:26Aleks875 noob team ff
00:29:26Maxy and take
00:29:28Aleks875 I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:34moods ahh love him :D
00:29:35Multi_Ljep :D
00:29:42Marhalt :D
00:29:45Momdsiw i randomed stupdi irki
00:29:47Momdsiw riki*
00:29:56Aleks875 look them
00:29:58Momdsiw Lol
00:29:59Aleks875 stupid noobs
00:30:01Momdsiw fucknig islence D:
00:30:36Marhalt nice farm mort btw
00:31:25Aleks875 all tanks stay back
00:31:28Aleks875 just lol
00:31:29Aleks875 ok
00:31:57HuaRong look
00:31:58Multi_Ljep MR CARRY
00:32:09HuaRong agi treads
00:32:16Marhalt buy me some wards
00:32:19Multi_Ljep MR AGILITY
00:32:21HuaRong lvl 1 slow
00:32:31Momdsiw you should buy :D?
00:32:33HuaRong at 25 m in
00:32:35Multi_Ljep MR
00:32:42Marhalt there is crysis
00:32:46Multi_Ljep 30*
00:33:01Multi_Ljep who makes vlads?
00:35:01moods all bot
00:35:08moods rhastsa tp
00:35:48HuaRong noob
00:35:50Multi_Ljep OMG
00:35:54Multi_Ljep RHASTA
00:35:55moods cool rhasta is chilling top :D
00:35:59HuaRong :d
00:36:01HuaRong :D
00:36:10Multi_Ljep CREEP
00:36:26Multi_Ljep LOL
00:36:28Multi_Ljep YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
00:36:42HuaRong slard u need blink
00:36:47moods y
00:36:51moods i normaly go blink
00:36:53moods but cant in this game
00:37:00HuaRong u neeed now
00:37:01moods need to carry this
00:37:11Multi_Ljep y
00:37:15HuaRong u have to stop magnus
00:37:18moods y
00:37:22moods but not with blink
00:39:10HuaRong go rosh
00:39:17moods magnus will 1 man u
00:39:21moods if u stand together
00:39:45Marhalt mort
00:39:47Multi_Ljep COME
00:39:48Multi_Ljep WITH US
00:39:49Multi_Ljep MAN
00:40:58HuaRong why did i try
00:41:13sIMAmARS dunno theres no help xD
00:41:31HuaRong i dont play with u anymore
00:41:40HuaRong u ruin game
00:42:32Marhalt ups
00:43:13Momdsiw why not ulti?
00:43:15Momdsiw or waited more
00:43:20Momdsiw to come
00:43:41HuaRong I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:44Aleks875 imba team
00:43:51Marhalt fuck off
00:43:57Multi_Ljep y
00:44:14Momdsiw push?
00:44:16HuaRong dead
00:44:48Maxy fake moods
00:45:04Momdsiw book lvl 3 :<
00:45:44Kanpu3a -4
00:45:53Momdsiw magna should mvoe with us
00:46:07Momdsiw ^^
00:46:08Marhalt CHEESUS
00:46:08Kanpu3a )
00:46:10moods thats what i said
00:46:16moods hell 1 man us
00:46:17Aleks875 pro team
00:46:20Marhalt gogogogo
00:46:24Aleks875 magnus killed 4
00:46:40moods :D
00:46:59Aleks875 magnus stop kill noobs
00:47:01Aleks875 come to me
00:47:12Marhalt u said stop killing noobs
00:47:34HuaRong well, rasta is a pro
00:47:38HuaRong pro noob
00:47:40Aleks875 well
00:47:47Aleks875 betetr than u 100 times
00:47:58HuaRong i won game i see
00:47:58Maxy when i get ac
00:47:59Maxy go finish
00:48:01Momdsiw lies
00:48:13Maxy go all mid
00:49:04Aleks875 use blade mail
00:49:06Aleks875 bobos
00:49:19sIMAmARS critical so bad
00:49:28sIMAmARS one hit and i wanish
00:49:32Maxy Vanish*
00:49:45Aleks875 no u Vanya
00:49:54HuaRong i think sIMA plays for u
00:49:58Aleks875 1 hit and u Vanya
00:50:00Maxy he sucks
00:50:06HuaRong y
00:50:26Maxy go all mid
00:50:39Maxy noob mag no boots
00:51:00Maxy go
00:51:01Maxy bre
00:51:03Maxy i cant go first
00:51:05Maxy you have to bite
00:51:15Momdsiw pa has aegis
00:51:36Marhalt gj aleks
00:51:42Aleks875 ty
00:51:45Marhalt at least he kills some1
00:51:47Marhalt :D
00:51:53Aleks875 10 times
00:51:59Aleks875 sorry for u
00:52:02Aleks875 u got 1
00:52:02Marhalt like 2 or 3
00:52:04moods why are u all running into melee range?
00:52:07moods kidding me?
00:52:12moods u know he got dagger
00:52:16Marhalt y but now im winning
00:52:18moods stay fuckin b and disable him
00:52:18Marhalt so..
00:52:20Marhalt su
00:52:58sIMAmARS I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:53:02Multi_Ljep I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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