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Chat log

00:00:00Banana [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... GottHasstMich with 63 seconds.
00:00:21Jerkku ban phoenix ban tb and get naix?
00:00:21geth_prime they have first or we? and go carry? :p
00:00:21GottHasstMich uhmm
00:00:21GottHasstMich imo not that interested in naix
00:00:21Jerkku they
00:00:21GottHasstMich -naix
00:00:21geth_prime -phoenix
00:00:21geth_prime phoenix tru
00:00:25GottHasstMich i wanna lame some shitboring
00:00:25GottHasstMich :P mhm not really many hereos i can help u with though
00:00:46GottHasstMich play what u want dude ;)
00:00:53Banana pick me axe theres actually nothing really basically
00:00:57Banana somebody kk
00:01:08geth_prime tide
00:01:09geth_prime and
00:01:11geth_prime krobe Banana showed quite good side of him few days for now so i cando that favour in deed
00:01:18GottHasstMich get
00:01:20GottHasstMich bane krobe mmm
00:01:25Jerkku tide
00:01:25Jerkku y
00:01:29GottHasstMich nekro good too i cant play krobe, and hate bane.:D
00:01:31Chinaski and me?
00:01:33GottHasstMich or eza if u wanna push some mby huskar?
00:01:35geth_prime bane
00:01:35Jerkku hmm
00:01:37Jerkku y
00:01:39Banana huskar ok?
00:01:40GottHasstMich y go husk
00:01:41TrustNoGoblin bane useles
00:01:42Chinaski necro myb? k go -swap 4
00:01:45Banana -swap 2
00:01:46GottHasstMich bane
00:01:47Nickless necro
00:01:48GottHasstMich last one
00:01:49Jerkku or
00:01:49Nickless good
00:01:50Jerkku cent
00:01:52Jerkku ?
00:01:53geth_prime bane is fine
00:01:55GottHasstMich huskar top gott
00:01:58GottHasstMich axe woods
00:02:02TrustNoGoblin znao sam da ces magnusa :)
00:02:02Jerkku imo cent
00:02:03geth_prime ... kick that guy bottom lane
00:02:04GottHasstMich bane magnus bot
00:02:08geth_prime cent
00:02:09geth_prime y
00:02:16Jerkku necro bot
00:02:16geth_prime get chick
00:02:20GottHasstMich magnus
00:02:20GottHasstMich bot eoe eo Inos bot
00:02:22In0S a ti sto igras tajda u 90% slucajeva protiv mene
00:02:31TrustNoGoblin cap rekao
00:02:42GottHasstMich get some wards
00:02:43GottHasstMich pls
00:02:43GottHasstMich asap
00:02:47bbstone i have
00:02:47GottHasstMich and tell freaking misses
00:02:48Chinaski ima i nasih a? y
00:02:51In0S CARE MISS UP
00:02:52In0S CARE MISS MID
00:02:53TrustNoGoblin da
00:02:54geth_prime necro mecka
00:02:56TrustNoGoblin in0s me ortak
00:02:58TrustNoGoblin mi
00:02:59GottHasstMich ur funny guy
00:03:03Nickless shareaj prane
00:03:04In0S u are not
00:03:08Banana hotkeys for misses?
00:03:09geth_prime tide dagger
00:03:12Jerkku i can pull necro
00:03:17geth_prime abba
00:03:18Nickless zavaljujem
00:03:20Jerkku ?
00:03:20geth_prime vladi
00:03:20GottHasstMich pro lag
00:03:22GottHasstMich pro block
00:03:22GottHasstMich ._.
00:03:23Jerkku i will
00:03:24geth_prime or at least basi
00:03:25geth_prime k SS TOp CARE MID GANG
00:03:39TrustNoGoblin dont leht sniper farm or its gg
00:03:39Jerkku 'warded BBOT CARE
00:03:57TrustNoGoblin we got no dps
00:04:00Nickless lets try getting towers early
00:04:01TrustNoGoblin so finih before 30 top re
00:04:19Nickless ss
00:04:23TrustNoGoblin nope
00:04:25TrustNoGoblin they pull
00:04:31Nickless u dont know that
00:04:37TrustNoGoblin i see
00:04:39TrustNoGoblin creeps noob
00:04:47Nickless this is 3rd wave
00:04:55TrustNoGoblin y lsoe 50 procent hp
00:05:00Nickless y talking to noob
00:05:48TrustNoGoblin axe woods
00:06:19geth_prime rune bot
00:06:22geth_prime come gank
00:06:43TrustNoGoblin silence
00:06:44TrustNoGoblin noob
00:06:50TrustNoGoblin noob gj
00:06:51TrustNoGoblin rly
00:06:54Banana u 2 top ss kro
00:07:25GottHasstMich go gang mid axe try gang with rune
00:07:43Banana ye
00:07:48GottHasstMich up chick
00:07:48GottHasstMich s1
00:07:49GottHasstMich pls
00:07:56geth_prime mid miss
00:08:00geth_prime re
00:08:07TrustNoGoblin we hharas him
00:08:10TrustNoGoblin and now try to kill
00:08:13geth_prime MID MISS
00:08:27GottHasstMich w8 bane
00:08:31Chinaski ss
00:08:37Nickless prebacio mi se na stjepkin screen
00:08:40GottHasstMich w8 that lane
00:08:42TrustNoGoblin i didnt even atack him and he speen
00:08:43GottHasstMich o
00:08:48Nickless ..
00:08:53TrustNoGoblin ss top 2
00:09:10TrustNoGoblin bit ss bottom 2 ss top
00:09:11TrustNoGoblin i see
00:09:11geth_prime ...
00:09:11GottHasstMich ty 2
00:09:12geth_prime gank
00:09:12geth_prime ?
00:09:15TrustNoGoblin 1
00:09:24TrustNoGoblin huskar lvl 7
00:09:25TrustNoGoblin ur zeus
00:09:27TrustNoGoblin and u ask to gank
00:09:28TrustNoGoblin !ff
00:09:31TrustNoGoblin man u should gank
00:09:33TrustNoGoblin fucking cap retard
00:09:48TrustNoGoblin ovaj nas je debil ff
00:09:50TrustNoGoblin z
00:09:52geth_prime u fed him
00:09:52TrustNoGoblin zeus
00:09:52geth_prime -.-
00:10:04TrustNoGoblin non form top came mid u tard
00:10:05TrustNoGoblin so stfu
00:10:13TrustNoGoblin axe hsukar top
00:10:19geth_prime and let sniper farm?
00:10:24GottHasstMich come axe
00:10:33Banana sec
00:10:33TrustNoGoblin anyway
00:10:35Banana dagger
00:10:35TrustNoGoblin huskar farm
00:10:36TrustNoGoblin so gg
00:10:39TrustNoGoblin and we got no dps
00:10:40GottHasstMich no need
00:10:41GottHasstMich for him
00:10:42GottHasstMich he has no boots
00:10:52TrustNoGoblin ss top
00:11:07TrustNoGoblin magnus free farm 2
00:11:11TrustNoGoblin so gg for sure
00:11:11GottHasstMich b
00:11:22bbstone reg bot
00:11:30GottHasstMich ulti
00:11:33geth_prime come all mid
00:11:34GottHasstMich WHY NOT GO ?
00:11:37GottHasstMich jesus
00:11:38geth_prime just push some tower krobe ss top
00:11:41In0S lvl 5?
00:11:44In0S maybe?
00:11:45GottHasstMich still
00:11:46TrustNoGoblin krobe is no t lvl 6
00:11:47GottHasstMich just nova
00:11:47TrustNoGoblin u cant push
00:11:50GottHasstMich and bane live leap
00:11:51GottHasstMich i ulti
00:11:52GottHasstMich hes dead
00:11:55geth_prime she has a nuke
00:11:57GottHasstMich 1000dmg
00:11:58GottHasstMich to a zeus
00:11:59GottHasstMich lol
00:11:59TrustNoGoblin im lvl 52
00:12:05GottHasstMich reuse
00:12:06TrustNoGoblin so krobe come mid
00:12:10geth_prime just push
00:12:12geth_prime that tower
00:12:13geth_prime ...
00:12:15TrustNoGoblin y
00:12:17TrustNoGoblin krobe come
00:12:25GottHasstMich come axe
00:12:33GottHasstMich go
00:12:42TrustNoGoblin dagger
00:12:45TrustNoGoblin lvl 8
00:12:48TrustNoGoblin min b
00:12:50TrustNoGoblin min 8
00:12:56geth_prime u did well top
00:12:56geth_prime rly
00:13:02TrustNoGoblin he was woods and ganked
00:13:05TrustNoGoblin u didnt gank
00:13:06geth_prime then get wards?
00:13:06TrustNoGoblin so gg
00:13:07TrustNoGoblin no dps
00:13:11TrustNoGoblin how?
00:13:15geth_prime -.-
00:13:16geth_prime dude
00:13:22geth_prime ur first time dota?
00:13:24TrustNoGoblin dude we DONT HAVE CARRY
00:13:27TrustNoGoblin U ARE IMBECIL
00:13:32TrustNoGoblin !mute prime
00:13:35TrustNoGoblin !ignore prime
00:13:51GottHasstMich bane
00:13:52GottHasstMich pls
00:13:52TrustNoGoblin nemamo dps
00:13:55TrustNoGoblin pametni cap :)
00:13:57In0S :/
00:13:59GottHasstMich can u fucking dont use ur skills to last hit ?
00:13:59GottHasstMich ...
00:14:02TrustNoGoblin znao sam da ne treba vise da igram
00:14:05geth_prime tide
00:14:08geth_prime learn the game
00:14:09geth_prime plz
00:14:12TrustNoGoblin sure
00:14:15GottHasstMich SAP ?
00:14:16TrustNoGoblin teach me tard
00:14:17GottHasstMich SRSLY
00:14:19geth_prime get ur freaking dagger
00:14:21GottHasstMich ARE U SO STUPID ?
00:14:21geth_prime AND STFU
00:14:25TrustNoGoblin gg
00:14:28TrustNoGoblin !ff
00:14:29TrustNoGoblin ff
00:14:30geth_prime leave
00:14:31geth_prime lz
00:14:35geth_prime damn noob flamer
00:14:40TrustNoGoblin sure
00:14:43TrustNoGoblin retard cap
00:14:46TrustNoGoblin with zeus farming mid
00:14:48TrustNoGoblin on lvl over 6
00:14:51geth_prime farming
00:14:51TrustNoGoblin insteed gank
00:14:51geth_prime -.-
00:14:53TrustNoGoblin carry;s
00:14:57TrustNoGoblin fucking noob
00:14:59TrustNoGoblin now u came
00:15:17GottHasstMich so
00:15:19GottHasstMich fucking retarded team
00:15:20GottHasstMich axe
00:15:20GottHasstMich srsly
00:15:24GottHasstMich what are u waiting for
00:15:26GottHasstMich some christmas shit ?
00:15:27GottHasstMich ...
00:15:32Banana .(
00:15:33GottHasstMich how fucking much i love bronze games thats y we are both farming
00:15:52TrustNoGoblin ss top arent we?
00:16:10geth_prime why
00:16:11geth_prime u take
00:16:19Banana ffs
00:16:21Jerkku cause u feed
00:16:41TrustNoGoblin zeus ulty
00:16:45geth_prime used :D
00:16:50TrustNoGoblin gj fuck sakes
00:16:53TrustNoGoblin u came
00:16:56GottHasstMich idd
00:17:05Chinaski reg
00:17:07geth_prime ty hows ur farm mate?
00:17:17Nickless dok igram altabam da stjepki namjestim seriju jbg
00:17:22Nickless stoga ovo je rezultat
00:17:22TrustNoGoblin we need finish fast
00:17:28TrustNoGoblin coz in late lost for sure
00:17:31GottHasstMich not good
00:17:33GottHasstMich ill focus on it
00:17:38geth_prime against who?
00:17:39geth_prime sniper?
00:17:39GottHasstMich gang him
00:17:44TrustNoGoblin huskar nisper thee fuu
00:18:02geth_prime top tower
00:18:08geth_prime and now plz
00:18:09geth_prime all in team
00:18:32TrustNoGoblin omg
00:18:33TrustNoGoblin w8 i heal
00:18:35TrustNoGoblin ffs
00:18:44GottHasstMich sap
00:18:46GottHasstMich omg why is jerkku freefarming bot?
00:18:46TrustNoGoblin me b
00:18:54TrustNoGoblin i go base heal and tp top JUST GO omgg
00:19:04geth_prime abba
00:19:06geth_prime can u plz
00:19:09geth_prime join the team...
00:19:14geth_prime we can get 6 towers fast
00:19:15geth_prime if we go all
00:19:19Nickless sniper inv
00:19:21Nickless care
00:20:02geth_prime we lose cause of abba farming
00:20:07Banana this kind of diving no good :D they just spellpower need lvls + some farm and qq
00:20:28GottHasstMich go
00:20:28GottHasstMich zeus
00:20:31TrustNoGoblin b
00:20:40GottHasstMich .....
00:20:45TrustNoGoblin go now all
00:20:48TrustNoGoblin i got ulty
00:20:59GottHasstMich go
00:21:01GottHasstMich fuck urself
00:21:02GottHasstMich bane
00:21:03TrustNoGoblin gj
00:21:08GottHasstMich ur the worst player
00:21:10GottHasstMich ever seen on gc
00:21:11GottHasstMich so far
00:21:12GottHasstMich srsly
00:21:19GottHasstMich reaction time like a tank
00:21:19bbstone srsly
00:21:20TrustNoGoblin i farm now dagger
00:21:39geth_prime tower and back
00:21:40geth_prime then mid
00:21:44Banana no mana
00:21:51TrustNoGoblin b
00:21:53TrustNoGoblin no ulty
00:21:55geth_prime b
00:22:08Jerkku 300 to vlads plant the wards
00:22:16geth_prime mid now
00:22:37bbstone dd bot MAGNUS GO
00:23:16geth_prime mid
00:23:16geth_prime mid
00:23:17geth_prime fast
00:23:29In0S wp
00:23:30In0S man
00:23:31TrustNoGoblin 2 for 4
00:23:32TrustNoGoblin :)
00:23:42TrustNoGoblin tower and b
00:23:45TrustNoGoblin then we go bot
00:23:50TrustNoGoblin they used glyph
00:23:51TrustNoGoblin nice
00:23:56TrustNoGoblin after i re
00:23:58TrustNoGoblin go all bot
00:24:01TrustNoGoblin go heal our late is way better so
00:24:03TrustNoGoblin take items
00:24:05TrustNoGoblin and go bot
00:24:07TrustNoGoblin we need mekka
00:24:07geth_prime then we go rosh
00:24:09geth_prime after bot
00:24:11TrustNoGoblin for pushing
00:24:12Chinaski i got mekja
00:24:29Nickless reuse courier
00:24:29TrustNoGoblin maybe me better pipr?
00:24:33TrustNoGoblin pipe?
00:24:35geth_prime first dagger
00:24:37TrustNoGoblin k
00:24:38geth_prime if magnus enters
00:24:39TrustNoGoblin 21 min
00:24:40geth_prime we need u
00:24:40TrustNoGoblin amn
00:24:41TrustNoGoblin man
00:24:48TrustNoGoblin we need finish
00:24:49TrustNoGoblin fast
00:24:55TrustNoGoblin they farmed well
00:24:58Nickless huskar going for tower up
00:25:30geth_prime wards
00:25:31geth_prime i guess
00:25:32geth_prime or luck
00:25:41geth_prime axe has only dagger
00:25:44geth_prime he cant tank
00:25:52In0S b
00:25:53In0S b
00:25:53In0S b
00:25:55In0S me dagger
00:26:05geth_prime Go top
00:26:06geth_prime axe
00:26:06geth_prime is
00:26:08Banana :S
00:26:08geth_prime in wood
00:26:08GottHasstMich where is your tp ?
00:26:09Nickless low mana
00:26:10geth_prime k
00:26:16Banana wanted to
00:26:26Nickless b
00:26:29geth_prime come
00:26:31geth_prime to bot
00:26:52geth_prime first
00:26:53geth_prime tower
00:26:55GottHasstMich all 5
00:26:56GottHasstMich this time
00:26:59geth_prime to ceep lanes pushed
00:27:01GottHasstMich gather
00:27:14GottHasstMich w8
00:27:15GottHasstMich ulti tower
00:27:16GottHasstMich go so bad
00:27:46geth_prime rax
00:28:17Jerkku b
00:28:20Nickless mana
00:28:20geth_prime rosh
00:28:21geth_prime now
00:28:31TrustNoGoblin i got dagger
00:28:32TrustNoGoblin now pipe
00:28:49GottHasstMich I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:52TrustNoGoblin ty
00:28:53geth_prime ok
00:28:54geth_prime no rosh
00:28:55In0S !ff
00:28:58geth_prime only 3
00:28:59bbstone -ff
00:29:00Jerkku just mid
00:29:01bbstone I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:03Chinaski oom
00:29:05geth_prime tide
00:29:06In0S -ff
00:29:08TrustNoGoblin y
00:29:08TrustNoGoblin y
00:29:10GottHasstMich just write ff
00:29:11GottHasstMich ...
00:29:12GottHasstMich morons
00:29:16GottHasstMich without -
00:29:16GottHasstMich .
00:29:17TrustNoGoblin il top
00:29:17GottHasstMich !
00:29:18GottHasstMich 217321321
00:29:20In0S i see you are use to it
00:29:23geth_prime we have to hurry
00:29:23In0S i didn't
00:29:26bbstone ;D
00:29:27GottHasstMich srsly
00:29:27geth_prime mid
00:29:28geth_prime now
00:29:28GottHasstMich u talk ?
00:29:34GottHasstMich fucking go bnet where u came from
00:29:36GottHasstMich and belong to
00:29:38GottHasstMich and learn playing
00:29:39GottHasstMich b4 talk
00:29:41GottHasstMich your jugger
00:29:42GottHasstMich sucked as
00:29:43GottHasstMich last game
00:29:45Nickless tide come
00:29:49Jerkku wait
00:30:01geth_prime now end
00:30:10TrustNoGoblin i w8
00:30:13TrustNoGoblin to jumpo in
00:30:15geth_prime y
00:30:16TrustNoGoblin when magnus engage
00:30:17In0S you really outpicked them with sniper
00:30:21bbstone well midas on snip vs mass caster isnt gr8 either
00:30:48TrustNoGoblin krobe
00:30:51TrustNoGoblin 1
00:30:59Nickless ?
00:31:05In0S sta si ono pricao? well actually
00:31:15Banana I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge] this moment just proved
00:31:20geth_prime top how good u are magnus
00:31:21geth_prime and end
00:31:21Jerkku gg I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:31:28bbstone I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:31:32Chinaski oces jos?
00:31:32TrustNoGoblin heal me Hass yet agian
00:31:35TrustNoGoblin da
00:31:35Chinaski oom we are loosing to complete idiots
00:31:59In0S I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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