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Chat log

00:00:00GottHasstMich [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... with 72 seconds.
00:00:12Multi_Ljep bigpandapro
00:00:13Multi_Ljep u here'
00:00:15TOo_LaZy pentium III ?
00:00:16bigpandapro ?
00:00:17gangstar1990 me spec mi dplz
00:00:18bigpandapro ye
00:00:19Multi_Ljep u know rules?
00:00:19bigpandapro ofc only thing my new comp shouldnt be is stoneaged the fuck
00:00:19bigpandapro no Probably better computer than yours. Some bullshit striked
00:00:19Multi_Ljep u need to buy curier
00:00:19TOo_LaZy dont feed buy chicken
00:00:19bigpandapro axaxa
00:00:19Multi_Ljep y
00:00:19bigpandapro ?
00:00:19bigpandapro why
00:00:19bigpandapro me buy
00:00:19Multi_Ljep rules
00:00:19sebralane rules
00:00:19bigpandapro i play
00:00:19TOo_LaZy jaja
00:00:19sebralane faking read rules
00:00:19bigpandapro only
00:00:19sebralane for fake sake
00:00:19bigpandapro ok
00:00:19bigpandapro i buy
00:00:19bigpandapro chik
00:00:19Multi_Ljep ok,let me explain you go for carry as usula
00:00:19GottHasstMich luci like slark or something
00:00:19bigpandapro but i wil only i take ogre magi and boost u
00:00:19bigpandapro cary bro
00:00:19sebralane let me explain u, me tarxan u jane
00:00:19gangstar1990 get me spe cplz
00:00:19TOo_LaZy dont pick banned heroe
00:00:19Multi_Ljep tis server works like this,u dont follow rules,u get ban for some period or spectre
00:00:19mamyka take me plz ogre naw
00:00:19GottHasstMich today pls ill play
00:00:19bigpandapro you mad i play suport ?
00:00:19TOo_LaZy who fp ?
00:00:19Multi_Ljep :)) ur turn
00:00:19GottHasstMich I BAN DOOM
00:00:19GottHasstMich GO
00:00:19TOo_LaZy -tree
00:00:19sebralane ban spec
00:00:19TOo_LaZy -roof
00:00:25gangstar1990 get spec!
00:00:30TOo_LaZy u get it
00:00:34gangstar1990 i wil get
00:00:39massivepats take ogre for me+
00:00:42massivepats ?
00:00:43Doomy omg
00:00:43massivepats any1
00:00:43gangstar1990 can i mid?
00:00:45mamyka for me!
00:00:45Doomy want u read
00:00:46TOo_LaZy who want wl ? No i'm playing it
00:00:49gangstar1990 or wl me up?
00:00:50Doomy teal take ogre
00:00:52massivepats oky
00:00:53Doomy ffs
00:00:57TOo_LaZy any1 can play wl ?
00:00:58gangstar1990 wl support me nicefarm
00:01:00sebralane u go girl doomy u could be omni
00:01:01mamyka swap?
00:01:02massivepats take omn and insta win
00:01:04gangstar1990 -clear
00:01:05massivepats take omni we win
00:01:08TOo_LaZy ok me mid
00:01:10massivepats n1
00:01:14massivepats tiny
00:01:15GottHasstMich 2 ranged
00:01:16gangstar1990 wl go with me up
00:01:19TOo_LaZy no
00:01:20gangstar1990 for nice farming
00:01:20TOo_LaZy i wont babysit u
00:01:20GottHasstMich get thd
00:01:21massivepats il take gyro
00:01:22mamyka ogre swap?
00:01:22gangstar1990 lol
00:01:29massivepats shit
00:01:30TOo_LaZy its lastpicks joba that guy is an real idiot
00:01:33massivepats zeu?
00:01:37Doomy y
00:01:38GottHasstMich THD
00:01:40GottHasstMich JAKIRO
00:01:44Doomy jakiro
00:01:48Doomy should be good xD
00:01:57TOo_LaZy /w DotaKeys: You control Warlock [f,w,e,r] if he can ward that aint bad either
00:02:01mamyka shold be good take me ogre
00:02:01gangstar1990 some ranged up plz
00:02:01TOo_LaZy -ma
00:02:04Doomy well pugne not bad
00:02:07TOo_LaZy spec
00:02:10massivepats what lane am i
00:02:11gangstar1990 bs? pullida oskad?
00:02:18gangstar1990 down plz ja ära kana unusta osta
00:02:20massivepats ofc
00:02:21Doomy come zeus
00:02:22sebralane down dog
00:02:23sebralane ok
00:02:25TOo_LaZy get diffusial bs ill take him
00:02:28TOo_LaZy spec
00:02:29TOo_LaZy i mean
00:02:29TOo_LaZy :D
00:02:37Doomy i got mamyka :(
00:02:38TOo_LaZy dont radi
00:02:39sebralane nice items gyro
00:02:40sebralane will rape
00:02:40TOo_LaZy diffusial
00:02:41bigpandapro me jungle
00:02:42gangstar1990 i try radi well decre + heal is massive
00:02:45TOo_LaZy no pls
00:02:48TOo_LaZy they got omni
00:02:49gangstar1990 when good farming i go radi
00:02:51TOo_LaZy k
00:02:53mamyka i got dommy
00:02:56Multi_Ljep suck it sebra
00:02:56Multi_Ljep pls
00:02:57Multi_Ljep :D ma proovin ruttu mana bootsid meile farmida s apulli
00:02:59sebralane :D
00:03:01mamyka i was pwn 2 day
00:03:02sebralane i cant suck u
00:03:06sebralane u have tiny cock :(
00:03:06mamyka you
00:03:08mamyka with bat
00:03:12Multi_Ljep not me
00:03:15Multi_Ljep suck somthhg warditud
00:04:54massivepats tra kus need creebid on
00:04:54GottHasstMich ogre mid soon ma midi gangima
00:06:06sebralane this lane fun :D they have wards
00:06:16Multi_Ljep when uhave nice teammate also blie
00:06:17Multi_Ljep it is blue
00:06:23sebralane lul
00:06:25Multi_Ljep always fun go
00:06:29sebralane u dunt harass
00:06:35Multi_Ljep ?
00:06:35Multi_Ljep i do
00:06:40Multi_Ljep i dont...
00:06:41Multi_Ljep :D
00:06:46GottHasstMich WHY NOT ATTACK ?
00:06:52mamyka coz wanna steAL no
00:07:02Multi_Ljep nice to leave him last hjit
00:07:03GottHasstMich ...
00:07:04mamyka AHAHA obviously
00:07:06mamyka ????
00:07:08mamyka NOOB
00:07:08TOo_LaZy s
00:07:09TOo_LaZy ss
00:07:09GottHasstMich but not when he has heal on him
00:07:10GottHasstMich ._:. why didintu come blue ?
00:07:12GottHasstMich dude the fuck
00:07:15GottHasstMich i came i was tanking straight under tower stupid play by both of us
00:07:37TOo_LaZy come mid
00:07:57massivepats oom mhm
00:08:38massivepats creebid mhm
00:08:48gangstar1990 go enigma
00:08:50TOo_LaZy SAY FUCKING
00:08:50TOo_LaZy ss
00:08:52TOo_LaZy please?
00:08:55TOo_LaZy second time
00:09:09mamyka GANG? ss botm
00:09:12mamyka OMNI?
00:09:28mamyka U RDY?
00:09:32GottHasstMich ss mid
00:09:35Doomy sec
00:09:40Doomy ok
00:09:51mamyka go wood
00:09:56Multi_Ljep gj
00:10:06massivepats gank bot
00:10:06gangstar1990 miss
00:10:07massivepats easy kill
00:10:56GottHasstMich ä.-
00:10:56GottHasstMich bb
00:10:56GottHasstMich next time heal
00:10:56GottHasstMich first
00:10:56GottHasstMich then repel
00:10:56GottHasstMich when im next to him
00:10:56sebralane this bitches faking stonk
00:10:56sebralane why didnt u make any spells b4 u died?
00:10:56Doomy u missed ur jump :( His out
00:10:56sebralane thats shit
00:10:56GottHasstMich y
00:10:56GottHasstMich thats why i say
00:10:56GottHasstMich b
00:10:56sebralane i woult have gotted 1
00:10:56Doomy y
00:10:56TOo_LaZy its rmk
00:10:56TOo_LaZy anywya
00:10:56massivepats gg?
00:10:56gangstar1990 ?
00:10:56sebralane y but still
00:10:56gangstar1990 ewhy rmk
00:10:56Multi_Ljep FUCK THIS FFS
00:10:56TOo_LaZy leaver?
00:10:56Doomy 7 = remake
00:10:56TOo_LaZy this thought i dont really want that. :D
00:10:56sebralane 10 minute rule
00:10:56TOo_LaZy was our game
00:10:56Multi_Ljep y mm
00:10:56gangstar1990 i ahd nicefarm omg No it wasnt. :P
00:10:56Multi_Ljep lol it is
00:10:59Multi_Ljep IT WILL BE How because u got 30 cs?
00:11:01Multi_Ljep :)
00:11:01Doomy b
00:11:02Doomy ool
00:11:02gangstar1990 eniogma giv eme you ring
00:11:06gangstar1990 i utl BIGpanda, dont tabb
00:11:10gangstar1990 ring
00:11:20gangstar1990 ahh k
00:11:24massivepats bot miss
00:11:29bigpandapro sory
00:11:33bigpandapro my pc XD we need wards
00:12:16sebralane ss zeus
00:12:36Doomy and a upgraded chick
00:13:16gangstar1990 eigam come!!
00:13:29bigpandapro 1
00:13:41Multi_Ljep dead repel
00:13:43Multi_Ljep not
00:13:46bigpandapro sry
00:13:49sebralane b?
00:13:52Multi_Ljep y
00:13:52gangstar1990 np
00:13:59mamyka spetr dont ban and he have freefarm
00:14:01TOo_LaZy soon ult cause u suck
00:14:11mamyka yes
00:14:12sebralane i tp back
00:14:14mamyka mr ogre
00:14:24Multi_Ljep dont heal
00:14:31mamyka 1-2 ogre zero asists
00:14:33mamyka wp
00:14:39GottHasstMich stop it
00:14:52gangstar1990 mana plz OMNI? PLANNING TO SUPPORT S TODAY?
00:15:02gangstar1990 and go
00:15:07bigpandapro cd
00:15:11GottHasstMich omw bot
00:15:16gangstar1990 ahh kthx Kind of starting to belive in lost also
00:15:18GottHasstMich warded -.- If sucks so bad
00:15:23GottHasstMich go
00:15:24GottHasstMich wl
00:15:45gangstar1990 gj and thx
00:16:04mamyka gang spectr?
00:16:05Multi_Ljep lagg
00:16:20GottHasstMich phase on omni
00:16:21GottHasstMich suxx
00:16:21GottHasstMich btw
00:16:22massivepats repel
00:16:31GottHasstMich GO
00:17:00Multi_Ljep FFS LAGG
00:17:09gangstar1990 help ffs twr we go on
00:17:19GottHasstMich mana
00:17:20bigpandapro i come asap
00:17:23TOo_LaZy u cant farm if we get tower
00:17:35mamyka FREEFARM NOOBS
00:17:37GottHasstMich rdy ? y
00:17:47GottHasstMich nvm
00:17:50GottHasstMich too much
00:17:51GottHasstMich go spec
00:17:51GottHasstMich top
00:18:19bigpandapro go
00:18:21bigpandapro puch top has radi ijndeed soon
00:18:22Multi_Ljep whats up with that ulti dude
00:18:24Multi_Ljep rex but shit farmer either way
00:18:27Multi_Ljep nvm now
00:18:31mamyka no one come gang
00:18:33Multi_Ljep you confused me
00:18:38GottHasstMich omw
00:18:40GottHasstMich but 0 mana
00:18:49Multi_Ljep but it sure did nice feeling killing like that
00:18:50gangstar1990 sac rdy
00:18:52Multi_Ljep -.-
00:19:01mamyka mnoob see oli rottimine shouldve
00:19:27Multi_Ljep ffs
00:19:34Multi_Ljep that man is everywhere
00:19:53gangstar1990 soem wards üz7
00:19:56massivepats FUCKING REOEL
00:19:59massivepats REPEL
00:20:02massivepats is it soo hard
00:20:03Multi_Ljep lvl 12
00:20:07massivepats u dont have to wait enemy around
00:20:12Doomy i did all my spells on u
00:20:12gangstar1990 wards
00:20:15Doomy u just didnt b
00:20:19massivepats :/
00:20:22mamyka yes noob zeus use ulti on 10 hp? not tard?
00:20:24massivepats was waiting for repel
00:20:32Doomy u w8 repel with 10hp? pugna u have no right to talk
00:20:55GottHasstMich attack rocket
00:21:16sebralane gg
00:21:18sebralane ff
00:21:23Multi_Ljep ff
00:21:25sebralane no change
00:21:29gangstar1990 radi soon
00:21:31sebralane u have 16min agha
00:21:32gangstar1990 an di polay with you
00:21:37TOo_LaZy and ?
00:21:37sebralane use ulti omg
00:21:42TOo_LaZy FUCKING CD
00:22:03GottHasstMich lol that agha
00:22:05GottHasstMich im so stupid :P
00:22:15GottHasstMich tp
00:22:16GottHasstMich fast ill go for force for u
00:22:37massivepats he rocket
00:22:45GottHasstMich rocket wont cast fast enough
00:22:46GottHasstMich for tp
00:22:55GottHasstMich nvm
00:23:00TOo_LaZy go mid
00:23:02TOo_LaZy in 1 minute
00:23:03gangstar1990 radi rdy
00:23:15mamyka noob spectr wsoon get radi
00:23:19TOo_LaZy gather his still too stupid hes
00:23:32gangstar1990 needs boots i am so slow
00:23:38GottHasstMich gogo
00:23:40GottHasstMich with 5
00:23:43gangstar1990 ulti soon
00:23:44TOo_LaZy wait
00:23:46GottHasstMich reoek
00:23:47gangstar1990 i iwl ulti thzen
00:23:48GottHasstMich repel
00:23:55gangstar1990 5 sec ulti rdy
00:24:33TOo_LaZy fucking ulti cd
00:24:34sebralane y use heal only on urself
00:24:38TOo_LaZy and we lose every fight
00:24:40TOo_LaZy rexxar
00:24:42mamyka spectr you can kill only me?
00:24:44TOo_LaZy u really that retarded?
00:24:45mamyka right?
00:24:49mamyka right?
00:24:49sebralane seems soo your worth it
00:24:55TOo_LaZy i used heal at it was cd ill go for pipe also
00:25:00Doomy dont just incase no repel
00:25:03Doomy i make it
00:25:11mamyka ogre take wards
00:25:15Doomy i make pipe ogre
00:25:18mamyka wards
00:25:19TOo_LaZy ok guys go mid
00:25:20Doomy make meka if u want
00:25:23TOo_LaZy spec
00:25:25TOo_LaZy i asked
00:25:26TOo_LaZy for diffu u make it
00:25:27TOo_LaZy :/
00:25:27gangstar1990 ?
00:25:28Doomy but not pipe easyer not to fail with that
00:25:33gangstar1990 i go diffu now
00:25:33TOo_LaZy see now they rape with repel
00:25:37gangstar1990 lol
00:25:45gangstar1990 its not cuz no diffu
00:25:52gangstar1990 b all
00:26:20TOo_LaZy b
00:26:25gangstar1990 twr an db
00:26:33Multi_Ljep FUCK THIS
00:26:33Multi_Ljep FFS
00:26:50bigpandapro lags
00:26:50GottHasstMich sup with leaps today
00:26:52bigpandapro lags
00:26:53GottHasstMich always lags in that moment
00:26:53bigpandapro ffs
00:26:53GottHasstMich ffs
00:26:55bigpandapro -clear
00:27:03Multi_Ljep same here
00:27:04Multi_Ljep its gc im getin wierd lags today also
00:27:06Multi_Ljep god damn it
00:27:09gangstar1990 lvl 19 lol
00:27:10sebralane no its not
00:27:14sebralane its ur russina internet
00:27:15gangstar1990 feeded
00:27:16TOo_LaZy 0 lags
00:27:18Multi_Ljep y it is
00:27:28bigpandapro i from
00:27:31bigpandapro uzbekistan
00:27:32gangstar1990 gogo
00:27:34bigpandapro bro muli Multi* Still sure?
00:27:43sebralane :D
00:28:01TOo_LaZy ulti in 30 sec
00:28:02TOo_LaZy wait pls
00:28:08TOo_LaZy go
00:28:16GottHasstMich bait
00:28:16GottHasstMich zeus
00:28:17GottHasstMich dont
00:28:17GottHasstMich .-.
00:28:20GottHasstMich guys
00:28:21GottHasstMich srsly
00:28:21GottHasstMich ffs
00:28:23TOo_LaZy WHAT THE FUCK
00:28:23gangstar1990 i ulti
00:28:23Multi_Ljep fu spec
00:28:26GottHasstMich are u fucking bnet palyers ?
00:28:27gangstar1990 you know
00:28:46Doomy im not there ffs yeah cause u dont come
00:28:53TOo_LaZy mid
00:28:54GottHasstMich CAUSE U SUCK
00:28:55gangstar1990 gogo
00:28:56Doomy i was oom
00:29:00Doomy t_t Fuck u
00:29:00mamyka ohhh
00:29:03mamyka ohohoho Dont make phase then
00:29:07GottHasstMich i told u
00:29:08mamyka omni said i was oom
00:29:09GottHasstMich phase on omni
00:29:09GottHasstMich gg and now we lost the game. :D Well played doomy well played
00:29:19gangstar1990 re xit Omni wins. :D Gg I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:32GottHasstMich go in
00:29:34GottHasstMich wiht repel
00:29:35GottHasstMich u idiot
00:29:35GottHasstMich GO
00:29:38GottHasstMich REPEL
00:29:38GottHasstMich NAD GO
00:29:42bigpandapro atack :D:D
00:29:45bigpandapro atack
00:29:51GottHasstMich DEF
00:29:51bigpandapro i come
00:29:51GottHasstMich GO
00:29:52bigpandapro i use
00:29:55bigpandapro mekasnm
00:30:03gangstar1990 gj
00:30:04gangstar1990 b now
00:30:11TOo_LaZy tnx rexxar
00:30:12TOo_LaZy :d
00:30:13gangstar1990 camikaze rex xD
00:30:15sebralane uw
00:30:18GottHasstMich bl me
00:30:19mamyka noob omni
00:30:21sebralane was worth it yep
00:30:26TOo_LaZy y tell us something we dont know
00:30:34sebralane have necro 2 too now
00:30:37TOo_LaZy soon refresher
00:31:22TOo_LaZy all
00:31:23TOo_LaZy top
00:31:51gangstar1990 b all
00:31:54gangstar1990 we die all by one
00:31:58TOo_LaZy no
00:32:00TOo_LaZy slark with repel
00:32:01gangstar1990 omg
00:32:02TOo_LaZy pwns us
00:32:09gangstar1990 why no teamplay
00:32:11gangstar1990 1ny 1
00:32:12massivepats gj guys
00:32:17GottHasstMich u dpush mid
00:32:19GottHasstMich stay mid
00:32:19Multi_Ljep wl why did u go into alone like that
00:32:23gangstar1990 no teamplay wthats reason not repel or somethning
00:32:26TOo_LaZy u were near me
00:32:26Multi_Ljep i mean i was only with u
00:32:28gangstar1990 diffu soon
00:32:30Multi_Ljep so?
00:32:41mamyka me miff oke?
00:32:43Multi_Ljep us two cant defeat slark ogre pugna omni and zeus
00:32:44TOo_LaZy me not a pussy
00:32:44GottHasstMich b
00:32:46GottHasstMich after tower
00:32:49GottHasstMich b
00:32:49GottHasstMich b
00:32:49GottHasstMich b
00:32:52TOo_LaZy me stupid
00:32:54TOo_LaZy :d
00:32:55mamyka me diff oke?
00:32:55GottHasstMich fair enough
00:32:58Multi_Ljep not that
00:33:01Multi_Ljep its just
00:33:02GottHasstMich y
00:33:11Multi_Ljep lets repeat this fight here
00:33:16GottHasstMich gonna rape
00:33:17GottHasstMich see
00:33:18Multi_Ljep enigma
00:33:18Multi_Ljep b
00:33:19GottHasstMich watch it
00:33:20gangstar1990 wards
00:33:21Multi_Ljep send bird
00:33:24Multi_Ljep rex :D
00:33:33GottHasstMich OR NOT
00:33:35GottHasstMich HAHAHAHAHHAA
00:33:38GottHasstMich go b
00:33:40TOo_LaZy go now
00:33:43GottHasstMich well 2 ultis on me
00:33:44gangstar1990 gogo i ulti then
00:33:45GottHasstMich i got rebuy
00:33:46GottHasstMich np
00:33:47gangstar1990 i ush little mhm we can use that buy out on last moment :p
00:33:58TOo_LaZy go rosh
00:33:59GottHasstMich let them come first
00:34:01GottHasstMich but dont die now
00:34:01TOo_LaZy for speca
00:34:01gangstar1990 soe has tp?
00:34:02GottHasstMich ._.
00:34:06gangstar1990 for defing up soon
00:34:13GottHasstMich if i rebuy
00:34:15GottHasstMich directly go they rosh
00:34:19GottHasstMich dont wait for me
00:34:24GottHasstMich go
00:34:27GottHasstMich GO
00:34:32gangstar1990 they come
00:34:35gangstar1990 do and b t´õmba ulti sisse zeus
00:34:38TOo_LaZy I SMOKE ULTI
00:34:57Multi_Ljep OMG
00:35:00Multi_Ljep OMG omfg
00:35:33massivepats FUCKI
00:35:34Multi_Ljep :D
00:35:34TOo_LaZy :DD
00:35:39massivepats retard creep
00:36:05mamyka omni u szux dead agaimn
00:36:44Multi_Ljep tnx
00:36:46bigpandapro i buy gem
00:36:47bigpandapro now
00:36:49sebralane no need
00:36:52sebralane book 3
00:36:54Multi_Ljep y
00:36:59bigpandapro kk
00:37:18Multi_Ljep carry tp
00:37:19Multi_Ljep enigma
00:37:21Multi_Ljep for slark
00:37:33TOo_LaZy better buy ghost
00:37:36GottHasstMich we need more wards
00:37:37massivepats get wards some1
00:37:41Multi_Ljep no sina peaks neid ostma
00:37:44Multi_Ljep ogre and pugna
00:37:45TOo_LaZy come here
00:37:46TOo_LaZy i smoke all
00:37:48massivepats ma just ostsin
00:37:52massivepats a praegu raha otsas
00:37:53mamyka havent money but got difff
00:38:05Multi_Ljep its 200 gold
00:38:13Doomy smoke us
00:38:15Multi_Ljep LEAD!
00:38:18Doomy and gank?
00:38:21gangstar1990 i utl
00:38:22Multi_Ljep wl
00:38:27GottHasstMich gr8
00:38:28GottHasstMich ...
00:38:39TOo_LaZy down
00:38:49bigpandapro go fown
00:38:51massivepats gome b slark
00:38:51massivepats help
00:38:54massivepats nm
00:39:09sebralane book cd
00:39:12sebralane dont go
00:39:27bigpandapro bb
00:39:29bigpandapro ?
00:39:30TOo_LaZy no
00:39:30bigpandapro wait
00:39:31GottHasstMich perma repel me
00:39:34bigpandapro book
00:40:13TOo_LaZy yes
00:40:15TOo_LaZy b was better
00:40:16TOo_LaZy :D
00:40:28TOo_LaZy wee need focus slark
00:40:33gangstar1990 was 4to 3 kill
00:40:33TOo_LaZy we need difu
00:40:34gangstar1990 it sk
00:40:36massivepats take wards some1
00:40:41gangstar1990 diffu rdy
00:40:45massivepats i bought
00:41:51Multi_Ljep FU REX
00:42:05TOo_LaZy ok
00:42:05TOo_LaZy go mid
00:42:16gangstar1990 brb shop
00:42:18GottHasstMich srsly that 10000000000000 slows and mana burn each second
00:42:20GottHasstMich unbelievable
00:42:22GottHasstMich go
00:42:23GottHasstMich ffs
00:42:24GottHasstMich GO MID
00:42:25GottHasstMich HE HAS NO ULTI
00:42:26gangstar1990 k gogo blue dead
00:42:26GottHasstMich U FEAR HIM ?
00:42:28GottHasstMich OMG
00:42:29GottHasstMich 4
00:42:30GottHasstMich VS 1
00:42:32GottHasstMich NO ULTIS THERE
00:42:35GottHasstMich THEY HAVE 0 ULTIS 0 ultis i c
00:43:18GottHasstMich U WAITED
00:43:19GottHasstMich 5 MINS
00:43:21GottHasstMich .............. and u solo
00:43:25gangstar1990 gg ffs
00:43:28GottHasstMich y
00:43:29GottHasstMich and kill 2
00:43:30GottHasstMich and u die
00:43:31GottHasstMich to 3
00:43:31GottHasstMich gg yeah Because your our carry
00:43:45mamyka gg dommy To take out theirs
00:44:13GottHasstMich well i cant carry 3 idiot players
00:44:13massivepats we could have won it if u blue didnt die
00:44:17mamyka one noob and game over well we actually lost to serious retards
00:44:25GottHasstMich we could have won it if u could play one fucking bit dota
00:44:35massivepats whts wrong how i played
00:44:39bigpandapro XD
00:44:41GottHasstMich 3:11
00:44:43GottHasstMich any questions?= u used ur ulti to last hit
00:44:49GottHasstMich and a omni that supported like shit
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