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Chat log

00:00:07PinaryB ahaha, again.....
00:00:10PinaryB gg ff
00:00:13moods ?
00:00:17PinaryB these sentinal top 2 new players
00:00:17zonskass valera
00:00:17moods sd
00:00:17aLtekas co
00:00:17zonskass musu tas antras jau 11 zaidimu iseiles laimejo
00:00:17moods y the blue is sick
00:00:17moods just dont feed him
00:00:17moods think he will do carry
00:00:17aLtekas as 5
00:00:17zonskass o tas pirmas ziauriai gerai losia
00:00:17zonskass krc laimesim
00:00:17aLtekas sian dar neprapisau
00:00:17zonskass atsipute
00:00:17zonskass bl mldc
00:00:17aLtekas :DD
00:00:17zonskass mano rekordas 9
00:00:17Momdsiw he has 0 lose in gc
00:00:17Momdsiw 9 wins
00:00:17aLtekas mano 5
00:00:17zonskass :D
00:00:17moods i know
00:00:17PinaryB ban
00:00:17Momdsiw so hes win % is only 100
00:00:17aLtekas SMF
00:00:17moods so pwn him
00:00:17Momdsiw we can do it
00:00:17aLtekas Ffs
00:00:17zonskass SmF
00:00:17zonskass go ban
00:00:17moods blue..
00:00:17moods ban pls
00:00:17SmF~Yoissue yy
00:00:17zonskass spec
00:00:17Momdsiw dazzle imo
00:00:17aLtekas padarom kad jis 12 karto nelaimetu ?
00:00:17SmF~Yoissue bara
00:00:17zonskass :DDD
00:00:20smokedope -hhn
00:00:32zonskass slardar
00:00:38zonskass for that rat
00:00:39SmF~Yoissue do you want slardar?
00:00:41zonskass no
00:01:01Momdsiw youre so doomed with that
00:01:03zonskass i want thrall
00:01:05moods nah
00:01:12zonskass or...
00:01:21najk fuck, thrall
00:01:22najk ...
00:01:23moods y
00:01:25Wrrcy who goes mid?
00:01:29zonskass kunka?
00:01:32zonskass mb
00:01:38SmF~Yoissue get viper mid
00:01:38aLtekas me thrall top
00:01:47SmF~Yoissue orange
00:01:51SmF~Yoissue what do you consider to pick
00:01:53moods aba
00:01:55SmF~Yoissue can you handle mid?
00:01:57moods clock
00:02:00tanelli no
00:02:03aLtekas i can handle mid
00:02:05moods atro
00:02:10Wrrcy thrall top
00:02:12zonskass y
00:02:14aLtekas me
00:02:14PinaryB he got vnege already
00:02:20zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:21SmF~Yoissue kunkka mid
00:02:22najk hmm
00:02:25najk where do i go?
00:02:27najk i could
00:02:27SmF~Yoissue ghost bot
00:02:28najk top
00:02:28moods well need a pipe and a meka
00:02:31SmF~Yoissue thrall sk top
00:02:32zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:33Momdsiw imo bot
00:02:36Momdsiw they have kunkka slard lane
00:02:39aLtekas /w DotaKeys: You control Sand King [e,r,c,s]
00:02:39Momdsiw its kinda hard
00:02:43najk k
00:02:48moods think kunkka mid
00:02:51zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:53zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Far Seer [c,d,e,r]
00:02:54Momdsiw or knukka mby mid
00:02:55Wrrcy pause
00:02:56Momdsiw so both gets farm
00:02:56Wrrcy -ii
00:02:56zonskass kunka and slardar friends?
00:02:56PinaryB reason?
00:02:56Wrrcy no chicken
00:02:56najk who are they? wrrcy and SMF
00:02:56PinaryB lol
00:02:56najk good players?
00:03:01Wrrcy orange?
00:03:02Wrrcy report
00:03:04aLtekas tameli
00:03:04SmF~Yoissue tanelli you ahve to buy chicken
00:03:06aLtekas go sell items
00:03:08Momdsiw smf is good
00:03:11aLtekas and buy checken
00:03:12moods y
00:03:16najk weaver
00:03:17najk reg bot
00:03:20moods kk thx
00:03:22tanelli crap sry
00:03:25aLtekas go
00:03:26aLtekas BACK
00:03:27Wrrcy fuck u
00:03:29aLtekas and buy it
00:03:31aLtekas go
00:03:32aLtekas to base
00:03:33aLtekas now
00:03:34smokedope enemy mana bar so cheat
00:03:40zonskass zjbs lainas
00:03:44aLtekas u get banned
00:03:46zonskass grausim
00:03:55aLtekas musu geresnis
00:04:14Momdsiw sec i out hoteky
00:04:51Wrrcy oprange buy chikcen!
00:04:58tanelli ye asap
00:05:28aLtekas nx
00:05:29najk gj
00:05:41tanelli can you activate?
00:05:48Wrrcy who?
00:05:49Wrrcy retard
00:06:07tanelli nvm
00:06:19smokedope maybe walk in
00:06:20smokedope block him
00:06:22smokedope and kill him
00:06:23smokedope <<
00:06:29PinaryB sk was 1 hit..
00:06:34moods ss mid
00:06:47smokedope rather 1 nuke u meanb
00:06:52PinaryB no 1 hit
00:06:53PinaryB 10 hp
00:06:55aLtekas tu mana boots?
00:06:59smokedope what
00:07:00zonskass jo
00:07:05aLtekas o man
00:07:08zonskass yu ir
00:07:11zonskass tu ir
00:07:13najk slard
00:07:15najk please
00:07:17najk ;(
00:07:31Momdsiw he out plays you easy
00:07:33Momdsiw hes good
00:07:38najk easy++
00:07:39najk lol
00:07:43Wrrcy chicken
00:07:55Wrrcy upgrade
00:08:01tanelli never!
00:08:04Wrrcy fuck u!
00:08:09aLtekas :DDDDDDDDDD
00:08:11tanelli you were so rude
00:08:11SmF~Yoissue dude
00:08:12SmF~Yoissue atr
00:08:13aLtekas what a noob
00:08:13SmF~Yoissue yo
00:08:24SmF~Yoissue first of all
00:08:28SmF~Yoissue dont steel creeps
00:08:29SmF~Yoissue then
00:08:32SmF~Yoissue upgrade chicken
00:08:46zonskass b
00:08:47tanelli well i needed 200 for chiken
00:08:48tanelli ahh
00:08:53moods ss mid
00:08:54aLtekas heal
00:08:55tanelli dont make me rage:P
00:08:58SmF~Yoissue and 3
00:09:00SmF~Yoissue third
00:09:01SmF~Yoissue thing
00:09:02SmF~Yoissue use mana
00:09:04SmF~Yoissue iof you have full
00:09:06najk rune top
00:09:26aLtekas nu nahuj
00:09:28Wrrcy back
00:09:29Wrrcy back
00:09:30Wrrcy weaver
00:09:31Wrrcy back
00:09:33zonskass paimk man hp
00:09:35Wrrcy go
00:09:36Wrrcy hgo
00:09:37Wrrcy wtf
00:09:37Wrrcy noob
00:09:47Momdsiw slard getting fat
00:10:00aLtekas jau buvo
00:10:01aLtekas batai
00:10:05zonskass :/
00:10:25smokedope sigh
00:10:26smokedope krob
00:10:28smokedope really
00:10:42smokedope ya
00:10:44smokedope i saw it
00:10:48zonskass my salve noob
00:10:51smokedope walk at the edge of it
00:10:52zonskass bring it
00:10:52moods ss mid
00:10:58smokedope so u wont get blocked.
00:10:59Momdsiw punt int and go
00:11:10Momdsiw int treads
00:11:20zonskass ash0ole atropos
00:11:24tanelli ty for slave
00:11:37aLtekas kill
00:11:40aLtekas go
00:11:41zonskass no mana
00:11:54smokedope sry
00:11:56smokedope wanted to let ui
00:11:59Wrrcy ff
00:12:05smokedope next one ^^
00:12:20SmF~Yoissue b
00:12:23najk ss slard
00:12:24najk bot
00:12:42Momdsiw weaver care
00:13:06Momdsiw wait
00:13:08smokedope oom
00:13:25Wrrcy ff
00:13:52najk venge
00:13:56najk don't try to get twr
00:14:15SmF~Yoissue -ms
00:14:45SmF~Yoissue ulti her
00:14:51smokedope stick with me
00:14:51smokedope omfg
00:14:54smokedope we can kill sk
00:15:02smokedope are u blind dazzle?
00:15:07Momdsiw he killed thrall
00:15:08zonskass regen
00:15:10smokedope yes
00:15:11smokedope sk was same hp
00:15:13najk hmm
00:15:15najk i paniced
00:15:16najk i dunno
00:15:17smokedope it was one for one
00:15:18najk whatever man
00:15:20smokedope not 1 for 0
00:15:32zonskass varomzudyt
00:15:33smokedope just WATCH
00:15:34smokedope all i want
00:15:38smokedope and some common sense
00:15:40aLtekas ulti
00:16:03aLtekas leave
00:16:21Wrrcy wtf attropos
00:16:22Wrrcy u noob
00:16:33tanelli really?
00:16:35smokedope heal us ^^
00:16:39najk cd
00:16:46najk i know my job
00:16:50najk stop telling me what to do
00:16:57smokedope last time u didnt :P
00:17:01najk yes i did
00:17:03smokedope n
00:17:06Momdsiw We want to take your virginity smf
00:17:06smokedope u shouldve came to me
00:17:10smokedope and either disable sk
00:17:13smokedope or grave me
00:17:23SmF~Yoissue ?
00:17:27SmF~Yoissue 'dont talk
00:17:31Momdsiw 0 lose
00:17:36Momdsiw you have
00:18:06Momdsiw lemmee
00:18:10aLtekas omg
00:18:13aLtekas i was
00:18:15aLtekas fucking full
00:18:23PinaryB wtf
00:18:24najk well that
00:18:25najk was bad
00:18:27najk rly bad
00:18:28najk wtf
00:18:30Momdsiw this fucking
00:18:31smokedope yap
00:18:32smokedope happens
00:18:32Momdsiw venge took the haste
00:18:35smokedope yes
00:18:37smokedope since u had no bottle
00:18:39aLtekas -ma
00:18:39smokedope i checked b4
00:18:44Momdsiw i had my firefly ready
00:18:51Momdsiw you know its good with haste?
00:18:55smokedope n
00:18:58smokedope its good with skill
00:19:07Momdsiw it is skill
00:19:14smokedope man u talk to much
00:19:18Momdsiw share
00:19:20smokedope no
00:19:22Momdsiw whY?
00:19:25smokedope u talked too much
00:19:29Momdsiw its bannable to unshare
00:19:31smokedope unless i see u play well
00:19:41Momdsiw well im on i request you right away
00:20:10smokedope cd
00:20:19smokedope oom
00:20:24PinaryB ty
00:20:35najk mana
00:20:37najk for the people
00:20:48smokedope waaaait
00:20:51smokedope TT
00:21:51smokedope wow bat
00:21:54aLtekas kunka
00:21:54smokedope that was superbad
00:21:56aLtekas rat
00:21:59Wrrcy lol
00:21:59Momdsiw ?
00:22:04smokedope u couldve killed sk
00:22:04aLtekas y no help
00:22:07smokedope b4 i die
00:22:08Momdsiw it died?
00:22:11Momdsiw how?
00:22:11smokedope ofc
00:22:13smokedope swarm
00:22:17aLtekas 0-5
00:22:19aLtekas np
00:22:20aLtekas sorry
00:22:26Momdsiw how i could have killed him?
00:22:30Momdsiw yyou didnt stun when he ultis
00:22:31Momdsiw retard
00:22:32Wrrcy lol no help xD
00:22:34smokedope i did
00:22:35smokedope watch
00:22:35Wrrcy u didnt come to gank
00:22:36SmF~Yoissue trhall i farm
00:22:37SmF~Yoissue thx
00:22:41smokedope fucking turn rate
00:22:42smokedope count it in
00:22:43smokedope <<
00:22:51Wrrcy back
00:23:23aLtekas all
00:23:34Momdsiw another?
00:23:38PinaryB ult rdy
00:24:01aLtekas :D
00:24:48najk only me?
00:24:55tanelli y
00:24:57smokedope before u ask: for calling me a retard after i granted u share again
00:24:59smokedope now live with it bat
00:25:10Momdsiw dont care
00:25:13Momdsiw i already did request you
00:25:14smokedope even better
00:25:17smokedope okay
00:25:52PinaryB go bot tower
00:26:02moods mana pls
00:26:25Wrrcy orange u suck
00:27:04najk should we focus slard
00:27:05najk or
00:27:06najk zup
00:27:09moods nah
00:27:12Momdsiw thrall
00:27:13zonskass kunka use x on veaver
00:27:14moods thrall
00:27:15smokedope thrall
00:27:16moods and atro
00:27:18moods and sk
00:27:20smokedope y
00:27:22moods slard last
00:27:25najk anyone but slard:)
00:27:39SmF~Yoissue +
00:27:42Wrrcy orange u know how to pay your hero?
00:27:42moods whos meka whos pipe?
00:27:45Wrrcy plauy
00:27:48Wrrcy play
00:27:49PinaryB i go pipe
00:27:50najk >meka
00:27:52tanelli maybe
00:27:56SmF~Yoissue atropos
00:27:58najk will take a while
00:27:59SmF~Yoissue try to get the book
00:28:06SmF~Yoissue i farm top
00:28:07SmF~Yoissue sk
00:28:21aLtekas got agha
00:28:24tanelli can you micro them for me then?
00:28:24smokedope go rosh
00:28:52aLtekas use 4th skill on weaver
00:29:33tanelli d
00:29:34tanelli aseipfjseifjawes
00:29:35zonskass b
00:29:45najk VENGE
00:29:46najk FUCKING
00:29:47najk <
00:29:47Wrrcy omg
00:29:47PinaryB get
00:29:47najk 3
00:29:49Wrrcy lost
00:29:49zonskass how veaver not died?
00:29:52smokedope yaya
00:29:53PinaryB 130 hp tower
00:29:53smokedope i know
00:29:54smokedope :3
00:29:55Wrrcy denie!
00:29:57najk haha
00:29:58najk fu
00:30:01Wrrcy ...
00:30:01najk go get bot twr
00:30:04SmF~Yoissue i focused krobe not weaver
00:30:06aLtekas tanelli use 4th skill on weaver
00:30:12zonskass ok
00:30:15smokedope liked that swap kunkka
00:30:18tanelli i cant play if someone is palying my hero
00:30:19smokedope seemed u were a bit mad after it
00:30:21tanelli !
00:30:28najk oh
00:30:41tanelli quite easy to cancel ulti if someone else casts it
00:30:47aLtekas just 4th skill on that annyong bug
00:30:53aLtekas be aside
00:31:00najk hey
00:31:02najk kill?
00:31:07najk haste bot
00:31:08moods cant
00:31:17smokedope go rosh
00:31:24tanelli btw, who played my hero?
00:31:34tanelli so i can share with others
00:32:06aLtekas ahhaa
00:32:15moods better u get kill than slard :D
00:32:26aLtekas u could run away easily
00:32:29moods nah
00:32:30Wrrcy thrall
00:32:31Wrrcy OMG
00:32:35aLtekas just run top river
00:32:54smokedope just do better urself
00:33:00smokedope 7-6 sk.... LOL
00:33:01moods me pls farm
00:33:04aLtekas WHAT LOL
00:33:10aLtekas i am not flaming u retard
00:33:12aLtekas just talking
00:33:13Wrrcy atropptos give share
00:33:17smokedope u got non fade invis aka projectile dodge on demand
00:33:18aLtekas fucking moron
00:33:20aLtekas STFU
00:33:24smokedope and*
00:33:29smokedope mad?
00:33:34tanelli who played my hero and then i share with others
00:33:37smokedope mad cause bad?
00:33:45smokedope drop b4 use next time
00:33:52zonskass gerai taskau? :D
00:33:58aLtekas kai visad
00:34:02zonskass good
00:34:06aLtekas o ka :D
00:34:10SmF~Yoissue atropos share
00:34:17tanelli i said
00:34:30Wrrcy b
00:34:32Wrrcy b
00:34:33Wrrcy b
00:34:34Wrrcy b
00:34:35Wrrcy back
00:34:37Wrrcy bavL!
00:34:39Wrrcy back
00:34:40Wrrcy bat there
00:34:41zonskass share man
00:34:45zonskass dont be like banana
00:34:49tanelli i said
00:34:54smokedope lets go rosh
00:34:55smokedope got mov
00:34:56smokedope moc
00:34:59tanelli tell who played and then i share
00:35:01zonskass you are not father, you cant say
00:35:01smokedope for ages..
00:35:03Momdsiw i go shopping
00:35:07SmF~Yoissue new wards
00:35:10SmF~Yoissue buy wards
00:35:11smokedope krob tank#
00:35:12moods warded
00:35:12smokedope gogo
00:35:16najk hurry
00:35:17najk bat
00:35:21Momdsiw no chicken have to walk
00:35:30SmF~Yoissue need all
00:35:33SmF~Yoissue b
00:35:35SmF~Yoissue its warded
00:35:39smokedope FINISH?
00:35:40smokedope OMFG
00:35:41smokedope IDIOTS
00:35:42zonskass go go
00:35:45smokedope check hp
00:36:15SmF~Yoissue b
00:36:15SmF~Yoissue b
00:36:16SmF~Yoissue b
00:36:16SmF~Yoissue b
00:36:36Wrrcy hehe
00:36:39smokedope really
00:36:40smokedope REALLY
00:36:44smokedope mb stay iniside rosh
00:36:45aLtekas ninja aegis steal :D
00:36:45smokedope and finish
00:36:45zonskass noone dead
00:36:47zonskass ?
00:36:47smokedope no
00:36:49smokedope moron team
00:36:53smokedope he has 1/3 hp
00:36:55smokedope and they run out
00:36:56Momdsiw venge mad :<
00:37:00smokedope we needed like 10 more s to finish it
00:37:02zonskass kaip tu nupisai aegio bote? :DDDDD
00:37:02smokedope YES I AM
00:37:02aLtekas why u think somebody wants to talk to u ?
00:37:17aLtekas roshui buvo 10 hp
00:37:18aLtekas :D
00:37:21zonskass lol
00:38:53aLtekas kai tau ulti
00:39:02zonskass :D
00:39:05zonskass o kai tau?
00:39:05moods again fokus slard
00:39:10zonskass uzdariau visus
00:39:16smokedope almost worked out :x
00:39:19aLtekas irgi gerai
00:39:21moods no
00:39:23smokedope they have no heals
00:39:23aLtekas mes abu si faita laimejom
00:39:25zonskass del to ir istaskei
00:39:27smokedope so its not that dumb to pick him off
00:39:29moods atro and trall 1,2k hp
00:39:29SmF~Yoissue im top
00:39:31aLtekas jo jo
00:39:37aLtekas cia tu
00:39:40aLtekas uzdarei
00:39:43Momdsiw but bkb makes him fast
00:39:43aLtekas po mano ulcio
00:39:44aLtekas :D
00:40:03Wrrcy b
00:40:04SmF~Yoissue b
00:40:04SmF~Yoissue b
00:40:04SmF~Yoissue b
00:40:05SmF~Yoissue b
00:40:05SmF~Yoissue b
00:40:05SmF~Yoissue b
00:40:14zonskass b
00:40:15zonskass b
00:40:15zonskass b
00:40:16zonskass b
00:40:16zonskass b
00:40:16zonskass b
00:40:17zonskass b
00:40:17zonskass b
00:40:17zonskass b
00:40:17SmF~Yoissue invi+
00:40:18zonskass b
00:40:18zonskass b
00:40:18zonskass b
00:40:18zonskass b
00:40:19SmF~Yoissue chill
00:40:19zonskass b
00:40:19zonskass b
00:40:20zonskass b
00:40:21zonskass b
00:40:26smokedope ward
00:40:29smokedope and river prob too
00:40:31smokedope get outa here
00:40:37zonskass thought we will kill with kunka
00:40:41Momdsiw Sir, yes sir
00:40:50smokedope take
00:41:04Momdsiw they smoked
00:41:05Momdsiw care
00:41:05zonskass batrider always baiting them
00:41:06aLtekas smf my next item ?
00:41:14SmF~Yoissue radi or hot or linkens
00:41:26zonskass my next item?
00:41:32Momdsiw buy your radi
00:41:33zonskass ethernal?
00:41:34SmF~Yoissue book
00:41:38SmF~Yoissue atr didnt manage to
00:41:39SmF~Yoissue get it
00:41:45zonskass k
00:41:52aLtekas tu gi feilinsi
00:41:54aLtekas su ta knyga
00:41:54aLtekas D:
00:41:59tanelli i asked, can you micro it for me
00:42:03tanelli no answer
00:42:39tanelli asd
00:42:39tanelli d
00:42:44smokedope push
00:42:45Wrrcy why u dont use stick?
00:42:48najk how can we not own slard
00:42:49najk :O
00:42:53smokedope bkb sprint
00:43:00najk we had
00:43:02najk 3-4 sec
00:43:06zonskass deff
00:43:07zonskass mid
00:43:10smokedope dw his bkb is empty now
00:43:23Wrrcy orange buy items.
00:43:28PinaryB should i bkb? they always focus me
00:43:29Wrrcy push
00:43:32Wrrcy buy get tp
00:43:33SmF~Yoissue b
00:43:55smokedope ty for killing me
00:43:57smokedope bat
00:43:58zonskass X
00:43:59zonskass X
00:44:05Momdsiw np
00:44:05smokedope and weaver
00:44:07zonskass laimesim? :D
00:44:09smokedope ty for losing our game bat
00:44:15smokedope how retarded can u be
00:44:18Wrrcy OMG
00:44:19smokedope pulling him towards me
00:44:28PinaryB base
00:44:34zonskass b
00:44:34SmF~Yoissue b
00:44:35SmF~Yoissue sk
00:44:40zonskass sk b
00:44:50Wrrcy b
00:45:02smokedope -ii
00:45:25SmF~Yoissue b
00:45:37zonskass plan?
00:45:47zonskass regen and push bot?
00:45:48SmF~Yoissue gang 1-2
00:45:50SmF~Yoissue push bot
00:45:56SmF~Yoissue place some wards
00:45:58SmF~Yoissue and kill
00:46:13SmF~Yoissue ward it
00:46:19Wrrcy come
00:46:29najk ROSH
00:46:29najk alive
00:46:39smokedope WHA
00:46:40najk uh
00:46:40smokedope WHY
00:46:41smokedope alone
00:46:41Momdsiw but youre not
00:46:42smokedope ....
00:46:46PinaryB cant
00:46:55Momdsiw gg
00:46:56smokedope seriously?
00:46:56Momdsiw go solo more
00:46:57moods I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:46:57Momdsiw 1vs5
00:47:05smokedope why i let dumb faggots carry
00:47:15smokedope gg
00:47:26Momdsiw smf never loses
00:47:30smokedope ya
00:47:31smokedope cause u
00:47:33smokedope fuck up
00:47:37smokedope such a freewin
00:47:57zonskass me and crixalis won the game
00:48:05Momdsiw oh
00:49:02smokedope !
00:49:03smokedope :D
00:49:13aLtekas I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:22smokedope COME?!
00:49:23Momdsiw ¨need to go shop
00:49:27Momdsiw no chicken
00:49:30smokedope ok
00:49:31smokedope ban
00:49:31smokedope him
00:49:34zonskass need em
00:49:36zonskass gem
00:49:43smokedope dumb
00:49:45smokedope asshole
00:49:49Momdsiw use share dumb asshole
00:49:51smokedope u play dota to fail on purpose
00:49:53smokedope MAYBE ASK
00:49:54Momdsiw so i dont have to
00:49:56smokedope QUICK SHARE
00:49:57smokedope OR BRING ITEM
00:49:57Momdsiw go base shop
00:50:06smokedope masterquestion
00:50:11aLtekas b
00:50:12smokedope why i unshared u
00:50:13smokedope THINK
00:50:14smokedope FUCKTARD
00:50:19Momdsiw tahts why i have to go base shopping
00:50:21zonskass nike dead
00:50:25SmF~Yoissue i go top
00:50:26zonskass where adidas?
00:50:26Momdsiw not my fault you unshare
00:50:42PinaryB go b they alaiv
00:50:44PinaryB alive
00:50:52PinaryB go b omg
00:51:31aLtekas smf what after linken
00:51:35SmF~Yoissue hex
00:51:41SmF~Yoissue or radi
00:51:43zonskass shiva
00:51:47SmF~Yoissue how you want
00:52:49smokedope funny
00:53:09Wrrcy tp
00:53:09Wrrcy tp
00:53:10Wrrcy tp
00:53:12Wrrcy tp
00:53:13Wrrcy tp
00:53:13Wrrcy tp!
00:53:20najk dd
00:53:21SmF~Yoissue kmill
00:53:22Momdsiw b
00:53:22SmF~Yoissue kill
00:53:23Momdsiw b
00:53:23Momdsiw b
00:53:26Momdsiw slard inc
00:53:27Momdsiw i think
00:53:27najk dd
00:53:31smokedope dd
00:53:31smokedope weaver
00:53:40moods mana pls
00:54:41zonskass push
00:54:48smokedope wow
00:54:51smokedope kunkka freekill
00:54:51zonskass go mid
00:54:55smokedope weaver are u blind?
00:54:55SmF~Yoissue no dont mid
00:54:57SmF~Yoissue go top and bot
00:55:01smokedope he had 20ish hp
00:55:04zonskass from mid you can bot
00:55:08Wrrcy down
00:55:33Wrrcy rax!
00:55:39moods ?!
00:55:39smokedope BAT AFK
00:55:39Wrrcy and?
00:55:39Wrrcy lol
00:55:39SmF~Yoissue -afk
00:55:39zonskass autoban
00:55:39smokedope o
00:55:40smokedope k
00:55:41Wrrcy there is no rule
00:55:42smokedope sry 1st game
00:56:31smokedope HAHAH WEAVER
00:56:31smokedope HAHAH
00:56:33Wrrcy win
00:56:45Momdsiw I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:57:07zonskass buy gem pls
00:57:27najk rosh alive
00:57:33smokedope now or never
00:57:33smokedope go
00:57:41smokedope no thrall
00:57:47zonskass slardar rapier?
00:58:20zonskass viewer :D
00:58:56smokedope go weaver
00:58:57smokedope get top
00:58:59smokedope we push mid
00:59:01najk top or rosh
00:59:02najk something
00:59:04smokedope get top
00:59:05najk together
00:59:07najk and fast
00:59:07smokedope then rosh
00:59:13moods now rosh
00:59:17Momdsiw no time for top
00:59:28smokedope stuffon chicken
00:59:31smokedope someone use it
00:59:41zonskass no my ulti and all dieing
01:00:07zonskass fast
01:00:32SmF~Yoissue -ms
01:00:37smokedope someone take wards and smoke
01:00:42smokedope im full
01:01:38Wrrcy tp
01:01:57najk venge
01:01:58najk run
01:02:00najk go with weaver
01:02:02najk we got this
01:02:02aLtekas u cant win
01:02:05moods +
01:02:16Momdsiw why so
01:02:17zonskass rush racks?
01:02:23moods 2 lanes pushed? :D
01:02:32smokedope we have 0 pushing power
01:02:37smokedope if u dont count krob
01:02:37Momdsiw throne is still up
01:02:40smokedope bc she defs
01:02:41smokedope :P
01:02:43zonskass rush all mid, focusonly throne
01:02:52smokedope krob u should go push
01:02:54smokedope rest def
01:02:55aLtekas rush yourself noob
01:02:56smokedope or w/e
01:02:58aLtekas oi
01:02:59aLtekas :d
01:03:22smokedope all b
01:03:36smokedope smokegang them
01:03:38PinaryB b
01:03:41moods we need to def :D
01:03:43smokedope they wont expect
01:03:55smokedope care
01:03:57smokedope nvm
01:03:58SmF~Yoissue we go mid
01:04:03SmF~Yoissue and kunk top
01:04:07smokedope b
01:04:08smokedope now
01:04:09smokedope prepare
01:04:09SmF~Yoissue but wait
01:04:14SmF~Yoissue so we enter at the same time
01:04:15moods all b
01:04:21zonskass b
01:04:21Momdsiw go smoke
01:04:22Momdsiw fight
01:04:44Momdsiw take smoke i cant
01:04:45Momdsiw no share
01:04:55moods b
01:04:56smokedope b
01:04:57smokedope inside
01:05:25Momdsiw krob go
01:05:59SmF~Yoissue so sad
01:06:04PinaryB mid go
01:06:07smokedope one def
01:06:07tanelli bo?
01:06:09najk i stay
01:06:16najk can't do much def
01:06:17najk but
01:06:18zonskass need bot
01:06:21PinaryB one lane
01:06:24Momdsiw heal creeps
01:06:24najk :)
01:06:27najk yeye
01:06:31zonskass dont die
01:06:39tanelli should i buyout?
01:06:45SmF~Yoissue go with ulti in sk
01:06:46Wrrcy omg
01:06:46Momdsiw now you share at 64min
01:06:48Wrrcy who used
01:06:49Wrrcy it
01:07:07moods go thorne
01:07:08Momdsiw top also
01:07:08PinaryB b intsa
01:07:13Wrrcy ulti
01:07:34aLtekas atropos
01:07:35aLtekas noob
01:07:37aLtekas use ulti
01:07:52Momdsiw you still think we cant win?
01:08:00aLtekas u cant win
01:08:03zonskass valera iju respa
01:08:14smokedope can bb
01:08:15smokedope dw
01:08:26SmF~Yoissue x
01:08:32smokedope WHY
01:08:33smokedope WHY
01:08:33smokedope WHY
01:08:35smokedope WHY
01:08:35smokedope WHY
01:08:36smokedope WHY
01:08:37smokedope WHY
01:08:38smokedope WHY
01:08:40smokedope TELL ME
01:08:41Momdsiw norebuy gg
01:08:42smokedope U FUCKING MORON
01:08:43smokedope WHY
01:08:44Wrrcy go top
01:08:47smokedope WASTE 65 MIN OF MY LIFE
01:08:51najk ¨stfu venge
01:08:56najk he made us this far
01:08:56smokedope AND FAIL
01:08:57najk fu
01:08:57smokedope NO
01:09:01smokedope this was nonsense
01:09:03smokedope total bullshit
01:09:05smokedope plainfail
01:09:06smokedope suicide
01:09:08smokedope FOR WHAT
01:09:11smokedope 65 min waste
01:09:12smokedope d
01:09:16najk bat come
01:09:18najk just try
01:09:20najk we have to try anyway
01:09:23Wrrcy gg
01:09:51smokedope WP WEAVER
01:09:55smokedope #1 suicide
01:10:01najk gg wp
01:10:03moods gg wp
01:10:06smokedope FUCKING BAD GAME
01:10:12smokedope only one wp was slardar
01:10:14smokedope u failnoobs
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