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Chat log

00:00:13Banana lastpick hast to buy chick
00:00:13edgarass nice pool
00:00:13NutZ Eh guys?
00:00:18Banana eheh
00:00:18NutZ can u answer me a question?
00:00:19Banana :D
00:00:20epicmount why?
00:00:21Banana nope
00:00:24epicmount why last
00:00:24NutZ About Dota GC
00:00:24Banana rule
00:00:24NutZ Im completely new here
00:00:24Banana read rules
00:00:24Banana lastpick buys chick
00:00:24edgarass read rules
00:00:24NutZ Me and epicmount joined together as "group"
00:00:24epicmount who support and who carry?
00:00:24NutZ Why did we get on different teams?
00:00:24Banana :/
00:00:24Doomy brown dont forget to buy a chicken
00:00:24NutZ ???????
00:00:24Banana did u both add as friends?
00:00:24NutZ Yes
00:00:24Banana weird
00:00:24Banana some bug i think
00:00:24Doomy :/
00:00:24epicmount -switch 3
00:00:24NutZ ok
00:00:24edgarass it was the way to balance teams in this game like that
00:00:24PriMo roof
00:00:24edgarass take ud for me
00:00:24epicmount will someone switch?
00:00:24NutZ why is the game paused?
00:00:24Doomy u cant switch
00:00:24Doomy xd mode is like rd mode
00:00:24NutZ -gameinfo
00:00:24edgarass pause is for bans
00:00:24Doomy but captains
00:00:24Doomy bans
00:00:24Doomy one hero each
00:00:24edgarass dotn pick banned heroes
00:00:24NutZ Its RD but still with bans? weird
00:00:24NutZ whats the difference to CD then?
00:00:24Doomy just 2 heroes banned
00:00:24Nickless dont pick heroes whose names are witten in red on top of the screen
00:00:24NutZ what are we waiting for ATM?
00:00:24edgarass take ud for me
00:00:24Banana scourge cap to ban
00:00:24NutZ lol
00:00:24NutZ Must be hard :P
00:00:24Banana primo u here?
00:00:24epicmount ban someone
00:00:24Banana i think he is afk
00:00:24PriMo roof
00:00:24Doomy blue didnt banned
00:00:24Doomy its not pink
00:00:24Banana oh
00:00:24edgarass capt ban
00:00:24Banana srry
00:00:24zonskass roof banned already
00:00:24NutZ BLUE?
00:00:241m4n5h0w ups
00:00:24Banana :D
00:00:24Doomy cmon
00:00:24NutZ can we resume this shit?
00:00:24Banana nub
00:00:241m4n5h0w i ban ud
00:00:361m4n5h0w just made my burger at mcdonalds
00:00:381m4n5h0w ^^
00:00:40NutZ :D
00:00:43Nickless take it easy nut, its all the part of the game
00:00:44Doomy xD
00:00:46epicmount who u gonna pick?
00:00:54zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:00:54NutZ Well, okay. i just tried to get playing for 15 mins now
00:00:59zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Butcher [t,r,d,x]
00:01:03NutZ and then some dude go afk :D
00:01:05Doomy pick veno or lich
00:01:09zonskass make 1 carry 1 tank and 3 suports
00:01:14epicmount I play lich np
00:01:16Nickless happens
00:01:30Nickless asger u buy courier dont foget pls
00:01:41zonskass tiny would ne nice
00:01:46epicmount who is carry?
00:01:48zonskass or lich
00:01:57epicmount give me lich
00:01:58edgarass nuz u are idiot
00:02:04edgarass why u took medusa?
00:02:05NutZ i had to pick 2 heroes fast
00:02:08edgarass u know how to play it?
00:02:10zonskass tiny
00:02:11NutZ Ofc.
00:02:13Banana pick smth now
00:02:15edgarass u will have 0-20
00:02:17zonskass or invoker if can
00:02:18NutZ Jakiro
00:02:24NutZ Im the only carry on this team
00:02:24Doomy random invo
00:02:26Doomy :D
00:02:26zonskass invoker
00:02:28epicmount -swapall
00:02:29NutZ And i know how to play itr
00:02:34edgarass we will see
00:02:37zonskass invoker
00:02:39epicmount y
00:02:39edgarass 0-9 is coming for u
00:02:40epicmount ?
00:02:44zonskass just learn EMP and tornado
00:02:44NutZ it depends on the team
00:02:47NutZ if u can support me
00:02:51zonskass thats all
00:02:55NutZ bara which lane?
00:02:57Doomy buy the chick
00:02:57NutZ jakiro let me boot???
00:03:051m4n5h0w i am mid
00:03:07Nickless im top then
00:03:131m4n5h0w dont care for rest
00:03:15zonskass have slow veno?
00:03:17Doomy y
00:03:23Nickless thats the spirit
00:03:26NutZ guys can we pause 30 sek??
00:03:28NutZ i need a pause
00:03:30edgarass for waht?
00:03:31zonskass 3 lvl kill
00:03:35NutZ asger is AFK
00:03:38NutZ he is my mate
00:03:47NutZ just 30 sejk
00:04:16Nickless ss
00:05:04NutZ let me lasthit
00:05:06NutZ just harras
00:05:45Banana phone srry
00:06:24Nickless asger wtf
00:06:42Nickless ss
00:06:43Nickless pudge
00:06:49zonskass kill
00:07:08zonskass hlol
00:07:11zonskass how
00:07:14zonskass yuo could miss
00:07:16epicmount gj
00:07:16Doomy fucking creep block
00:07:17zonskass slow
00:07:22zonskass omg
00:07:42zonskass now its gg line
00:07:47zonskass we lost it
00:07:54PriMo ss
00:07:58zonskass our line was favorite
00:08:07Nickless miss
00:08:09edgarass ss2
00:08:10edgarass re
00:08:26NutZ -il
00:08:26epicmount -il
00:08:33zonskass veno be rdy
00:08:35zonskass kill
00:08:49NutZ jakiro
00:08:50NutZ harras
00:08:52NutZ dont lasthit¨'
00:09:21PriMo ss
00:09:34Doomy ss
00:10:05Asger sorry so bad
00:10:10zonskass -st
00:10:12zonskass 3/3
00:10:27Doomy ss
00:10:35edgarass gj
00:11:16zonskass care top
00:11:18edgarass ss2
00:11:21edgarass re
00:11:44PriMo invo nap
00:12:05Doomy chick?
00:12:08zonskass its lost
00:12:08epicmount dead
00:12:09zonskass ff
00:12:10Doomy ss lich
00:12:18Doomy re
00:12:20Nickless frost nova
00:12:30NutZ -il
00:12:32Asger gjk
00:12:33epicmount -il
00:12:36Nickless gj
00:13:13PriMo omg
00:13:19Doomy we need wards
00:13:39zonskass ss 2
00:13:521m4n5h0w porting
00:14:161m4n5h0w ...
00:14:29zonskass b
00:14:30Banana bõb
00:14:30Banana b
00:14:30zonskass necro
00:14:52epicmount gj
00:14:59PriMo dusa gg
00:15:04PriMo gj imvo
00:15:09PriMo invo
00:15:44PriMo retard
00:15:47PriMo fickin
00:16:04Doomy hit him
00:16:19Doomy buy wards ffs
00:16:37zonskass invoker get tornado and EMP lol
00:17:02PriMo fuck
00:17:09zonskass -st
00:17:12edgarass b
00:17:56PriMo n1
00:18:22epicmount b
00:19:58PriMo fuckin team
00:20:02PriMo no tp
00:20:03edgarass pudge coming
00:20:14Nickless veno charged
00:20:22PriMo get vards
00:20:27edgarass bara b
00:20:30zonskass invoker job
00:20:31Banana i bought
00:20:34Doomy invo got
00:20:34Banana invo should have
00:20:39edgarass alll top
00:21:20Nickless if u w8 till i die to come and help dont bother
00:21:361m4n5h0w if you fight without 5 being there dont bother it
00:21:50Doomy invo place wards plz
00:21:50Nickless oh we were there
00:21:51Banana care
00:21:53Banana linc
00:21:55Banana lich
00:22:08PriMo nap
00:22:11edgarass ogre there
00:22:19edgarass and necro
00:22:47Doomy still just one ward on the map
00:23:01zonskass here ward
00:23:02zonskass pls
00:23:271m4n5h0w come
00:23:46zonskass ogre why not going with me
00:24:03Doomy b
00:24:05Doomy 5 here
00:24:13PriMo fuckin bitch
00:25:29Asger damn
00:26:12Doomy b
00:27:041m4n5h0w go mid
00:27:08zonskass go rosan
00:27:08zonskass they rosan
00:27:09Asger !ff
00:27:171m4n5h0w mid
00:27:38Asger sorry
00:27:39PriMo omg
00:27:39Asger hehe
00:28:24PriMo I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:37PriMo I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:37epicmount its gg
00:28:38Banana I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:40zonskass y
00:28:41epicmount !gg
00:28:42Nickless hey
00:28:48Nickless u can fool me twice
00:28:51NutZ !surrender
00:28:54PriMo gj invo
00:28:54NutZ !i surrender
00:28:55edgarass top nopw
00:28:56Nickless but third time ut testing your luck
00:28:56NutZ i surrender
00:28:59epicmount thx mate
00:29:00NutZ -surrender
00:29:03NutZ !IS
00:29:07edgarass top
00:29:08NutZ how do i surrender
00:29:09zonskass yuo randomed invoker"?
00:29:57PriMo go ff
00:30:00NutZ how do you surrender?
00:30:00edgarass meka rdy
00:30:08edgarass type ff
00:30:13epicmount !ff
00:30:15epicmount I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:19PriMo ff all chat
00:30:27epicmount I surrender!
00:30:31Banana I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:36epicmount I surrender!
00:30:45epicmount I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:47epicmount I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:49epicmount !ff
00:30:53edgarass b
00:30:58zonskass you did it
00:31:06zonskass you just cant see
00:31:11epicmount ok
00:32:51PriMo lols
00:33:04epicmount -il
00:33:20edgarass wp rhasta
00:33:57zonskass I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
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