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+26 X
-2 TS

80% | 1408 X | 1426 TS

-30 X
-5 TS

67% | 1334 X | 1326 TS

-45 X
-3 TS

64% | 1297 X | 1342 TS

-5 X
-4 TS

40% | 1084 X | 1315 TS

+25 X
-11 TS

32% | 1180 X | 1142 TS

+9 X
+2 TS

96% | 1711 X | 1549 TS

-24 X
+5 TS

71% | 1388 X | 1332 TS

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+2 TS

55% | 1177 X | 1366 TS

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+4 TS

20% | 970 X | 1238 TS

+21 X
+20 TS

16% | 1021 X | 1135 TS

Chat log

00:00:17JasonStatham gayshow must lose
00:00:17JihadKebab we got wrench again
00:00:17JihadKebab oh shit
00:00:171m4n5h0w dont like pool :/
00:00:17Wrench =9
00:00:17Wrench dont worry
00:00:17Wrench ill rape diz one
00:00:17JihadKebab shut up
00:00:17zonskass luna!
00:00:17Wrench u shut up
00:00:17Fxx. ban luna
00:00:17Wrench :)
00:00:17Wrench please
00:00:17zonskass i know who will pick it
00:00:17Marhalt kebab shut up
00:00:17Fxx. vs victoria
00:00:17VictoriaJrocks it might be bnaned
00:00:17JihadKebab let him have luna
00:00:17JihadKebab he fails it
00:00:17JihadKebab rahter luna than anything else
00:00:171m4n5h0w u play luna the 4th time today?
00:00:17VictoriaJrocks cause they whisper to him
00:00:17Marhalt ban sd
00:00:171m4n5h0w i ban sd
00:00:17zonskass :D
00:00:17VictoriaJrocks spec
00:00:17Wrench dont talk with 33% win prc
00:00:17zonskass nooooooooooo
00:00:18Wrench :)
00:00:18JihadKebab let him get luna and pick lardar
00:00:20JihadKebab slardar
00:00:26zonskass my sd
00:00:35zonskass now i am angry
00:00:37Fxx. :-)
00:00:381m4n5h0w :D
00:00:39zonskass i focus you
00:00:43VictoriaJrocks 15% luna of course i play it
00:00:49JihadKebab someone play slardar? or pick him for me?
00:00:51JihadKebab and omni there too
00:01:13Fxx. can i go mid ?
00:01:17JihadKebab ofc not
00:01:181m4n5h0w ähm
00:01:181m4n5h0w no
00:01:23zonskass who want omni?
00:01:27Fxx. again u fail
00:01:281m4n5h0w ff
00:01:281m4n5h0w ^^
00:01:31Fxx. u allways dail
00:01:33Fxx. f
00:01:421m4n5h0w thats why i am captain
00:01:44Marhalt we lost
00:01:461m4n5h0w cause i always fail
00:01:48moods oh i see doom target :D
00:01:49VictoriaJrocks :D that sfunny after you get lion
00:01:52VictoriaJrocks who instas me till level 11
00:02:151m4n5h0w we play 4 bot
00:02:19VictoriaJrocks also cent and alch to tank all i have
00:02:20JihadKebab give wards for top
00:02:201m4n5h0w cent go up
00:02:24JihadKebab plz
00:02:24JihadKebab enigma
00:02:29JihadKebab give wards
00:02:31Marhalt will we lose?
00:02:33Marhalt tell me
00:02:341m4n5h0w enigma !
00:02:39JihadKebab he afk...
00:02:39VictoriaJrocks ;D and arent you a ONE MAN SHOW
00:02:40JihadKebab enigma
00:02:44JihadKebab give wards for top!
00:02:451m4n5h0w not
00:02:54JihadKebab dude afk.........
00:03:03zonskass lucifer get stun
00:03:07JihadKebab u idiot
00:03:27JihadKebab ah we got wards for top
00:03:34Marhalt wake up
00:04:03Fxx. share chick
00:04:17Fxx. cent
00:04:18Fxx. !
00:04:20VictoriaJrocks bot rune if any
00:04:25OrokuSaki nope
00:04:27zonskass i took
00:04:37Fxx. SHARE CHICK !!!!
00:04:54zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:05:07zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:05:09zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:05:12zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:05:17zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Omniknight [r,e,g,h]
00:05:40JihadKebab lionhit the heroes
00:05:44JihadKebab u are ranged
00:05:45JihadKebab they not
00:05:59JihadKebab harash
00:06:02Marhalt omg shut up
00:06:08JihadKebab u just autoattack
00:06:18JihadKebab ht heroes
00:06:28JihadKebab .............
00:06:56Marhalt i harrass but u should lasthit something man
00:07:32OrokuSaki lets go find teal
00:07:41JasonStatham low hp
00:07:49Marhalt ss1
00:07:58JihadKebab hurt doom
00:08:351m4n5h0w bad idea
00:08:381m4n5h0w to dive
00:08:39VictoriaJrocks :D i dont run
00:08:431m4n5h0w and not to tank
00:08:43Wrench yy soz
00:09:04VictoriaJrocks enigma top
00:09:10OrokuSaki gank purple
00:09:13OrokuSaki hes getting fat
00:09:19Marhalt warded
00:09:22VictoriaJrocks cant before boots
00:09:27OrokuSaki kay
00:09:57Fxx. venge miss
00:09:58Fxx. care
00:10:28VictoriaJrocks i hope eni doesnt have dagger yet
00:10:36Wrench soonish
00:10:48VictoriaJrocks mid miss viepr
00:10:51VictoriaJrocks re
00:11:02OrokuSaki need gank bot
00:11:07OrokuSaki weve got 2 stun
00:11:11VictoriaJrocks omw
00:11:11JihadKebab come
00:11:12VictoriaJrocks soon
00:11:15OrokuSaki kk
00:11:15JihadKebab let me denie
00:11:16JihadKebab u...
00:11:17Marhalt wow luci
00:11:19Marhalt ulti on me
00:11:30VictoriaJrocks do you feel special?
00:11:31Marhalt nice one
00:11:33Marhalt i do
00:11:35Wrench omw
00:11:35Wrench got ult
00:11:42VictoriaJrocks i start playing normally after 10min
00:11:44VictoriaJrocks so no egos
00:11:46JihadKebab i tp top
00:11:56VictoriaJrocks viper mis
00:12:00OrokuSaki zzz
00:12:06VictoriaJrocks i cant risk egos
00:12:16VictoriaJrocks zonskass knows what im talking about :@
00:12:46OrokuSaki dont
00:13:42Marhalt ss luci
00:13:44zonskass i came by time :D
00:13:47VictoriaJrocks yea :D
00:13:51VictoriaJrocks soo dead
00:13:55zonskass :P
00:14:09JihadKebab wtf
00:14:14VictoriaJrocks its called stick
00:14:23zonskass :
00:14:26VictoriaJrocks AND
00:14:31zonskass kebab doesnt know
00:14:31VictoriaJrocks 330 BASE MOVEMENT SPEED
00:14:37Marhalt uber agank top
00:14:38VictoriaJrocks higher than ck :D
00:14:55JihadKebab sec ened chicken
00:15:03VictoriaJrocks wrong oen
00:15:04Wrench omw
00:15:09VictoriaJrocks WRONG ONE
00:15:19zonskass coming
00:15:24VictoriaJrocks hi im luna i have no cd
00:15:251m4n5h0w that ulti was mega useless
00:15:26Marhalt wake up
00:15:38Marhalt soz
00:15:44VictoriaJrocks gj
00:15:46Marhalt OH WAKE UP
00:15:481m4n5h0w whats the cd on it anyway?
00:15:51VictoriaJrocks 6s
00:15:55VictoriaJrocks seems like 3s when chased :D
00:16:00Marhalt idiot kebab
00:16:08JihadKebab autoattack lion
00:16:12Marhalt :D
00:16:12JihadKebab who cant stun heroes
00:16:24Wrench stop whining already
00:16:27Fxx. lucky
00:16:29VictoriaJrocks 1500-25% says hi
00:16:49JihadKebab ss
00:16:51VictoriaJrocks def mid
00:17:10Fxx. 4 miss down
00:17:45OrokuSaki ty
00:17:50JihadKebab we should have gotten that omni
00:17:54VictoriaJrocks what kept me stunned in repel
00:18:07VictoriaJrocks def mid
00:18:09VictoriaJrocks sven go stun
00:18:29VictoriaJrocks seriously?
00:18:31VictoriaJrocks seriously?
00:18:37VictoriaJrocks .............
00:18:39VictoriaJrocks I DONT WANT TO FARM
00:18:42VictoriaJrocks DO IHAVE TO FUCKING FARM
00:18:56VictoriaJrocks yes i do
00:18:57VictoriaJrocks farm it is
00:19:03VictoriaJrocks you can sock cock for 30min
00:19:10OrokuSaki :(
00:19:20Marhalt mana boots its ok?
00:19:20VictoriaJrocks everyones so scared to go in
00:19:28JihadKebab sure but wards is better
00:19:28VictoriaJrocks just go and rape
00:19:33JihadKebab top tower
00:19:48VictoriaJrocks youre all str
00:20:41VictoriaJrocks -.
00:20:42VictoriaJrocks -
00:20:44moods sry
00:20:49moods thought u wont get him
00:20:57VictoriaJrocks easy
00:20:58VictoriaJrocks -ms
00:21:01Marhalt me oom
00:21:03JihadKebab luna far from lothers D
00:21:22Wrench ive new ult soon
00:21:24Wrench get rdy 2 teamfight
00:21:30VictoriaJrocks anyways try to survive without me i have to farm shit loda
00:21:33Wrench omw top
00:21:36Wrench GATHEr
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks YOURE NOT FUCKING
00:21:45zonskass b
00:21:451m4n5h0w :)
00:21:45Wrench omw
00:21:45Marhalt oom
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks SEIROUS
00:21:45Marhalt oom
00:21:45Wrench blink ult
00:21:45Wrench soon
00:21:45Wrench ahh
00:21:45Wrench b
00:21:45Wrench 3on5
00:21:451m4n5h0w DIEEE
00:21:45Wrench i just stu
00:21:45zonskass B
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks of course i wil
00:21:451m4n5h0w 5 more sec cd
00:21:451m4n5h0w :D
00:21:45OrokuSaki k
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks i hope fxx
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks drops
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks so
00:21:451m4n5h0w he got 4k gold
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks 4k divided
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks 4k
00:21:45JihadKebab sya for viper
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks divided
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks =shit
00:21:451m4n5h0w only joking
00:21:451m4n5h0w he has 300
00:21:451m4n5h0w ^^
00:21:451m4n5h0w ^^
00:21:45Marhalt ^^^^
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks dont
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks ever
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks try
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks t
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks o
00:21:45zonskass ^^^^^^^^^^
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks run
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks from
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks viep
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks viper
00:21:451m4n5h0w kick omni then ;)
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks nope
00:21:45Marhalt if u kick omni
00:21:45Marhalt we kick
00:21:45Marhalt kebab
00:21:45Marhalt for free
00:21:45JihadKebab or "can i manaboots" lion?
00:21:45JihadKebab who couldnt harash two melee heroes on lane
00:21:45Marhalt cant read soz
00:21:45JihadKebab unfair shit
00:21:45JihadKebab our carry
00:21:451m4n5h0w and now phoenix comes
00:21:451m4n5h0w and dives
00:21:451m4n5h0w and i cant attack
00:21:45JihadKebab take sya viper
00:21:45moods :D
00:21:451m4n5h0w just watch
00:21:451m4n5h0w i see him
00:21:45moods hes on his way
00:21:451m4n5h0w coming
00:21:45VictoriaJrocks -ii
00:21:45moods w8
00:21:45moods is this omni ?
00:21:45JasonStatham -ii
00:21:451m4n5h0w so who shuld?
00:21:45moods right behind luna?
00:21:451m4n5h0w leave
00:21:451m4n5h0w omni is top lane
00:21:451m4n5h0w ;)
00:21:45zonskass kill lion
00:21:45moods :D
00:21:451m4n5h0w 3 top lane
00:21:451m4n5h0w 1 dead
00:21:45zonskass cenge sve
00:21:45zonskass venge
00:21:45zonskass sven
00:21:45zonskass kill
00:21:45OrokuSaki yeah
00:21:45zonskass lipon
00:21:451m4n5h0w who should
00:21:45OrokuSaki lion
00:21:451m4n5h0w leave
00:21:451m4n5h0w ?
00:21:45JasonStatham oom
00:21:45OrokuSaki i stun in like 2 secs
00:21:45zonskass k
00:21:48zonskass b
00:21:48zonskass b
00:21:48zonskass b
00:21:48zonskass b
00:21:48zonskass b
00:21:48JihadKebab use alche
00:21:48OrokuSaki lol
00:21:48JihadKebab whereever he is
00:21:481m4n5h0w i will
00:21:481m4n5h0w use him
00:21:481m4n5h0w now
00:21:48VictoriaJrocks moods balance i want his items
00:21:481m4n5h0w and autoattack viper
00:21:48moods kk im out
00:21:481m4n5h0w ok
00:21:48moods :D
00:21:48moods bb
00:21:48VictoriaJrocks im so pissed off
00:21:481m4n5h0w bb
00:21:48Marhalt bb
00:21:48moods hf guys
00:21:48VictoriaJrocks at this gae
00:21:48JihadKebab bb
00:21:48VictoriaJrocks game
00:21:48VictoriaJrocks sorry
00:21:48VictoriaJrocks i want items no matter the cost
00:21:48moods np take midas gogo
00:21:48VictoriaJrocks yea
00:21:58VictoriaJrocks might not be the wisest but i fucking need items
00:22:051m4n5h0w :D
00:22:13VictoriaJrocks all items are MINE
00:22:19JasonStatham selfish bitch
00:22:23zonskass venge what you making?
00:22:261m4n5h0w i take sy
00:22:271m4n5h0w of alch
00:22:27JasonStatham deso
00:22:31zonskass omg no
00:22:47JihadKebab care
00:22:50JasonStatham nice team captain
00:22:57JihadKebab have dagger
00:23:05Wrench lion give mana
00:23:14VictoriaJrocks im pissed off
00:23:20Wrench ive ult
00:23:23Wrench wait
00:23:25Wrench i buy treads
00:23:26JihadKebab lets go omni
00:23:46OrokuSaki niceone
00:23:59VictoriaJrocks leave it
00:24:191m4n5h0w go
00:24:211m4n5h0w base
00:24:26zonskass 2 dagers
00:24:34VictoriaJrocks use doom to doom
00:24:37Wrench cent can bait
00:25:21Wrench ahh lucyy
00:25:28Wrench not nice :((
00:25:31Wrench doom fucked my lt
00:25:56VictoriaJrocks plus we still
00:25:59VictoriaJrocks HAVE DOOMS ULTI
00:26:05Marhalt victoria run behind me *_*
00:26:091m4n5h0w i made diffu for omni
00:26:13Marhalt honoured
00:26:19VictoriaJrocks -ms
00:26:371m4n5h0w we will need to end fast
00:26:421m4n5h0w wards are essential
00:26:421m4n5h0w now
00:26:43Marhalt y
00:26:55Marhalt i complete mek and then i buy all the wards u want
00:26:59VictoriaJrocks take it
00:27:00VictoriaJrocks kill ancients
00:27:31JihadKebab shit
00:27:33zonskass :D
00:28:19VictoriaJrocks push mid
00:28:21Wrench b
00:28:23Wrench luna bb
00:28:25JihadKebab shit couldnt see vs
00:28:38VictoriaJrocks i dont ermember when im this pissed off
00:28:461m4n5h0w why
00:28:52VictoriaJrocks lunas supposed to be 0 problems
00:28:52JihadKebab dont talk lets just win
00:29:01VictoriaJrocks b
00:29:10VictoriaJrocks b
00:29:13zonskass no mana
00:29:56Wrench inv sven
00:29:57VictoriaJrocks dont trust invi
00:30:02JihadKebab let me chicken
00:30:03VictoriaJrocks gank boit
00:30:06VictoriaJrocks OMNII
00:30:14VictoriaJrocks cank bot got ulti
00:30:17VictoriaJrocks need more
00:30:31VictoriaJrocks let bot go
00:30:42VictoriaJrocks cant help you
00:30:44OrokuSaki its k
00:30:46OrokuSaki o gppfd
00:30:48OrokuSaki goof
00:30:49OrokuSaki d
00:31:031m4n5h0w lion !
00:31:08Marhalt comoin
00:31:11Marhalt warded
00:31:24JasonStatham i ulti soon
00:31:27VictoriaJrocks k
00:31:42VictoriaJrocks umm
00:31:43Wrench ove ult
00:31:44Wrench ive
00:31:46VictoriaJrocks not outside
00:31:48Wrench just gotta watch for doom
00:31:48Wrench again
00:31:49VictoriaJrocks base
00:31:55VictoriaJrocks at that
00:31:56VictoriaJrocks you can
00:31:56VictoriaJrocks swap
00:31:57VictoriaJrocks not before
00:32:00zonskass who dead, control doom
00:32:01JihadKebab alche goes top
00:32:02JihadKebab def
00:32:39VictoriaJrocks too focused on doom :D
00:32:42JihadKebab viper went in alone
00:33:251m4n5h0w so i go farming with alch if you ulti doom
00:33:261m4n5h0w ^^
00:33:30VictoriaJrocks its allowed
00:33:32VictoriaJrocks i love doing that
00:33:34VictoriaJrocks actually :D
00:33:351m4n5h0w ^^
00:33:36zonskass :D
00:33:38VictoriaJrocks cause +gold for whole team
00:33:57VictoriaJrocks you think its too strong to use :D?
00:34:101m4n5h0w wards
00:34:111m4n5h0w plz
00:34:131m4n5h0w all over
00:34:151m4n5h0w enemy woods
00:34:37JasonStatham badass
00:34:49JasonStatham what happend
00:34:50JasonStatham :d
00:35:01OrokuSaki oh boy
00:35:16Marhalt fuck this
00:35:17zonskass :D
00:35:17OrokuSaki lol nice
00:35:17VictoriaJrocks ddnt know ethereal gives that much dps
00:35:20VictoriaJrocks physical
00:35:23VictoriaJrocks mid
00:35:25Marhalt let us win
00:35:29VictoriaJrocks NNNO
00:35:31VictoriaJrocks im on 8 streak
00:35:50VictoriaJrocks heaal mee
00:36:28JasonStatham ret
00:36:51JasonStatham Awwww
00:36:56VictoriaJrocks push
00:37:18JihadKebab bad
00:37:19JihadKebab sorry
00:37:34VictoriaJrocks mid
00:37:35zonskass :D
00:37:44VictoriaJrocks you too strong as omni <3
00:38:01zonskass y y
00:38:02JihadKebab b aclhe
00:38:08JihadKebab tp him
00:38:11Wrench def aclcjh
00:38:15JihadKebab need alche
00:38:58Wrench I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:39:05JihadKebab wrench u are fucking clueless again
00:39:10Wrench lol
00:39:16Wrench u are =)
00:39:17Wrench tbh
00:39:28Wrench wp anyway
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