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Chat log

00:00:20Bollitsch riki ?
00:00:20Wrench illgo alch or sk
00:00:20VictoriaJrocks -riki
00:00:20JihadKebab i can ogre or aa
00:00:20Bollitsch good choice !
00:00:20VictoriaJrocks aa
00:00:20Bollitsch riki
00:00:20Fxx. slark is my hero this game
00:00:20Wrench mmh
00:00:20VictoriaJrocks not
00:00:20Fxx. y
00:00:20VictoriaJrocks not
00:00:20P3PSI il go lion
00:00:20Fxx. so i pick some other shit , if u pick me it
00:00:20Fxx. naix , riki , slark , alche
00:00:20Bollitsch is he afk ?
00:00:20Fxx. u cant pick all :-)
00:00:20VictoriaJrocks boring,boring,fun,boring
00:00:20P3PSI pink ? ?
00:00:20Wrench 8)
00:00:20Fxx. dota is booring after 5-6k games
00:00:20VictoriaJrocks naah
00:00:20VictoriaJrocks i have over 5k
00:00:20VictoriaJrocks not boring
00:00:20Fxx. i have too
00:00:20Wrench --
00:00:20Fxx. and its booring
00:00:20Fxx. but i dont know , what do
00:00:20P3PSI why u play ? ?
00:00:20Bollitsch how much time we give him ?=
00:00:20Fxx. cause i have got pause in work
00:00:20P3PSI and then u go do somthing u dont like ? ?
00:00:20P3PSI smart man !!
00:00:20Fxx. and i rly dont know , what other do
00:00:20Wrench cmon =)
00:00:20Fxx. rly dont know
00:00:20Fxx. i try steal cash bank ? :-)
00:00:20P3PSI try learn English ?
00:00:20Fxx. i dont need better english
00:00:201m4n5h0w re
00:00:20P3PSI sure
00:00:20Fxx. not my language
00:00:201m4n5h0w roof
00:00:20Bollitsch :-P
00:00:20Wrench wawawiwa
00:00:201m4n5h0w roof
00:00:20Fxx. i using this only in dota
00:00:28Fxx. hate u victoria :-)
00:00:36VictoriaJrocks no fun ranged agis
00:00:36VictoriaJrocks so
00:01:07JihadKebab more carreis gogo
00:01:09JihadKebab i get riki
00:01:11Wrench get lesh with me top mby
00:01:13Wrench imbashit
00:01:15Fxx. :-)
00:01:26Wrench good against naix too, just max edict
00:01:26Fxx. i think , they pick him
00:01:28Wrench goes thru shield
00:01:39Wrench -_-
00:01:42Fxx. i go 1. blood
00:01:43VictoriaJrocks youre seriouslyn ot taking riki against 4 stuns
00:01:46pWny- -hhn
00:01:47pWny- -di
00:01:48pWny- .-don
00:01:49Bollitsch what u need me to pick ?=
00:01:50pWny- -don
00:01:52pWny- -ii
00:01:52Wrench leshrac
00:01:56pWny- go tripple top
00:02:01Wrench mmm
00:02:07pWny- or tripple downlane
00:02:10pWny- with lesh ogre and ES
00:02:10Wrench bot
00:02:11pWny- rocks
00:02:13Wrench y
00:02:20JihadKebab first time this
00:02:29pWny- lesh
00:02:30Bollitsch not much exp with lesh
00:02:30Fxx. why 2 down ?
00:02:31pWny- come with us botlane
00:02:32P3PSI share ?
00:02:35pWny- play push
00:02:36Bollitsch k
00:02:37JihadKebab not two melee down
00:02:39pWny- skill your demonic
00:02:39Bollitsch what to skill ?
00:02:41Wrench max stun + edict
00:02:44JihadKebab than
00:02:45JihadKebab x
00:02:46pWny- no
00:02:48pWny- max edict
00:02:52pWny- and 1 time noly stun
00:02:53pWny- u will hit
00:02:56pWny- i start stun
00:02:57pWny- ogre
00:02:58pWny- and you last
00:03:01JihadKebab shti z hotkey sucks
00:03:04Fxx. so let worst % player with 1. rubick solo down
00:03:21JihadKebab im lucky np
00:03:22Fxx. haters :-)
00:03:32pWny- ^^
00:03:53pWny- attack creeps
00:03:59Fxx. 3 line down
00:04:12Fxx. 4 stuners
00:04:14Fxx. 3
00:04:29pWny- got basi
00:04:40JihadKebab es gone
00:04:47JihadKebab re
00:05:06JihadKebab ss ogre
00:05:06Fxx. ogre miss
00:05:07Fxx. care mid
00:05:28pWny- ogre come
00:05:29pWny- we need you
00:05:33najk y
00:05:34najk wait
00:05:58pWny- ogre
00:06:01pWny- dont do that again
00:06:05najk FFS
00:06:07najk shut the fuck up
00:06:13pWny- just dcome lane
00:06:15pWny- dont suicide
00:06:15najk don't do what
00:06:16najk ?
00:06:16pWny- vs slark mid
00:06:18najk try to gank?
00:06:20najk stfu
00:06:24pWny- it was suicide
00:06:27najk ??
00:06:27pWny- lvl 2 tower dive
00:06:34NwC.CooL-T go
00:06:45najk stfu, when u don't know what ure saying
00:06:55Bollitsch ss naix
00:07:03pWny- noq kill rbubick
00:07:04pWny- i stun again
00:07:11pWny- creeps wsill take tower
00:07:27pWny- DIAB LOIC
00:07:36Bollitsch ^^ clicked...
00:07:40najk rune top
00:07:40pWny- go to tower and make diabolic
00:07:42pWny- -.-
00:07:53Bollitsch it hits towers ?
00:07:55Bollitsch cool
00:07:57pWny- sure
00:07:59pWny- it makes imba dmg
00:08:00pWny- u can
00:08:01Fxx. 3 ss down
00:08:02Fxx. care
00:08:03pWny- if our creeps tank tower ok
00:08:06pWny- go here
00:08:07P3PSI ...
00:08:10JihadKebab they no hp
00:08:11pWny- near tower
00:08:14pWny- activate
00:08:17pWny- dont attack tower
00:08:22pWny- and push very well
00:08:43pWny- tripplelane you see panzer rainhardt vs wdt
00:08:54Fxx. OMG
00:09:21pWny- mom cd fissure
00:09:39NwC.CooL-T go
00:09:45Wrench tp gang
00:09:54pWny- b
00:10:04JihadKebab naix
00:10:05najk don't ever talk to me about suicide
00:10:06pWny- ohoh
00:10:07JihadKebab free kills
00:10:08najk EVER
00:10:09JihadKebab if u came
00:10:15JihadKebab no hp es no hp torment
00:10:18NwC.CooL-T gj
00:10:19Wrench buy teleports ^^
00:10:20P3PSI gj
00:10:34P3PSI ss top
00:10:36pWny- we was chasing downlane
00:10:42Wrench yy
00:10:44Wrench noticed
00:10:55VictoriaJrocks mid miss
00:11:08Fxx. not smart
00:11:10Fxx. rubick
00:11:15JihadKebab just come when needed
00:11:18JihadKebab and stfu
00:11:35Fxx. so bye bye now
00:11:39Fxx. hate players like u
00:11:39Bollitsch ss
00:11:42NwC.CooL-T gj
00:11:56JihadKebab dont eego puck naix when we have slark
00:11:58pWny- lesh port top
00:12:06Wrench omw
00:12:07VictoriaJrocks wr top
00:12:09pWny- oom
00:12:15VictoriaJrocks wr top
00:12:20VictoriaJrocks re mid
00:13:17Wrench thios lesh is good
00:13:30Bollitsch haha...coudlnt cancel it
00:13:34Bollitsch after he stunned me
00:13:34JihadKebab worth it really?
00:13:45JihadKebab -ma
00:13:51pWny- who was mid btw??
00:14:03Wrench slasrk
00:14:08pWny- in our team
00:14:10Wrench wr
00:14:15pWny- we need some wards
00:14:17pWny- dust etc
00:14:18pWny- vs slark
00:14:19pWny- guys
00:14:20pWny- ffs
00:14:28Wrench ss top
00:15:01Wrench rly
00:15:02Wrench =D
00:15:04Wrench hit some stuns xD
00:15:07Bollitsch ^^
00:15:16Wrench !
00:15:29Bollitsch thx
00:15:37VictoriaJrocks gank top
00:15:49Bollitsch what build on lesh ?
00:16:131m4n5h0w life mana items
00:17:36pWny- hlp
00:17:41Bollitsch +omw
00:17:48Fxx. :-)
00:17:53JihadKebab nice rune
00:17:59pWny- think so,too
00:19:08pWny- hlp
00:19:15Fxx. what ?
00:19:25Fxx. ulty not work on my creep ?
00:19:29pWny- leshrac
00:19:32pWny- just let ogre first stun
00:19:32JihadKebab not this lvl
00:19:34pWny- and then
00:19:34JihadKebab wait one more lvl
00:19:36pWny- stun you
00:19:37Fxx. haha
00:19:44najk lesh
00:19:45Fxx. its not good :-)
00:19:46najk i have
00:19:47najk dust
00:19:50najk nvm
00:19:54pWny- nice meka on WR
00:19:56pWny- great job
00:20:07najk pwny
00:20:10najk who the fuck are u?
00:20:10NwC.CooL-T any radi?
00:20:18najk mek is good
00:20:20pWny- i like the meka we will make the next clash
00:20:22P3PSI any item for wishes ?
00:20:26pWny- it was not ironic
00:20:34najk oh
00:20:35najk then
00:20:36pWny- sry
00:20:36najk my bad
00:20:38pWny- that was bad
00:21:19najk FUUU
00:21:28pWny- nice rune
00:21:32najk FUUCK, i should have used mek earlier
00:21:36najk dust*
00:21:531m4n5h0w b
00:21:53pWny- OMFG
00:21:57pWny- are u CRAZY =????
00:22:02pWny- slark kills me while you just farm mid
00:22:03pWny- really nice
00:22:151m4n5h0w we pushed
00:22:161m4n5h0w twer
00:22:181m4n5h0w dude
00:22:18pWny- ya
00:22:23pWny- while i get chased by slark
00:22:251m4n5h0w you should have been with us
00:22:271m4n5h0w u die
00:22:291m4n5h0w we get tower
00:22:321m4n5h0w thats more than fine
00:22:46pWny- anyway
00:22:52pWny- we could kill slark easy
00:22:561m4n5h0w y
00:23:121m4n5h0w b
00:23:18Wrench def
00:23:39VictoriaJrocks tc starts
00:25:09VictoriaJrocks tc
00:25:19pWny- alchi nice stats ;)
00:25:21Wrench uy
00:25:22Fxx. alche wards
00:25:29Wrench verybad
00:25:34JihadKebab noto
00:25:36Bollitsch no chance to react..sry
00:26:09VictoriaJrocks :D:D
00:26:19VictoriaJrocks DARK PACT DARK PACT LOLO
00:26:29Wrench imbashit
00:26:39pWny- let me
00:26:41pWny- dagger eradd
00:26:431m4n5h0w k
00:26:551m4n5h0w you guys suicide
00:26:56JihadKebab ff gogo new gae
00:26:561m4n5h0w too much
00:27:04Bollitsch sorry...really
00:27:09Bollitsch but this was a fine trap by naix
00:27:19pWny- -.-
00:27:27VictoriaJrocks no wards here
00:27:37pWny- 300 for dagger
00:27:38Wrench -ms
00:27:39pWny- hm..
00:27:56pWny- he got my fiwssure
00:27:58pWny- care
00:28:26VictoriaJrocks tc needs to start or no dice
00:28:38JihadKebab naix noob take hast
00:29:01JihadKebab ff new game ggogo
00:29:02Wrench I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:05Fxx. 25min passed
00:29:12Fxx. u can ff now
00:29:13JihadKebab you always get spell out of cooldown with my ulti?
00:29:21JihadKebab thats insane
00:29:21pWny- wtf we can win
00:29:23pWny- im sure we can
00:29:261m4n5h0w y
00:29:31pWny- i need dagger
00:29:33pWny- thats all
00:30:07VictoriaJrocks b naix
00:30:08VictoriaJrocks or you dead
00:30:091m4n5h0w protect me
00:30:12pWny- k
00:30:141m4n5h0w gem in
00:30:241m4n5h0w searching wards
00:30:45pWny- lesh
00:30:46VictoriaJrocks 200 to bkb
00:30:46pWny- go back base
00:30:47pWny- and get sman
00:30:50pWny- m<n<
00:30:51Bollitsch :)
00:30:52pWny- mana
00:30:58pWny- u are totally oom
00:31:12pWny- sxmoke run?
00:31:181m4n5h0w with all
00:31:20VictoriaJrocks bkb you can ff
00:31:211m4n5h0w lesh def bot
00:31:24NwC.CooL-T -ms
00:31:32Bollitsch k
00:32:00pWny- smoke
00:32:01pWny- come
00:32:01pWny- all
00:32:01Wrench omw
00:32:03pWny- lets make smoke
00:32:12Bollitsch omw
00:32:16JihadKebab do it
00:32:17JihadKebab got acid
00:32:18pWny- they are near
00:32:20pWny- use dust
00:32:261m4n5h0w i got gem
00:32:29JihadKebab got acid
00:32:30JihadKebab he dies
00:32:301m4n5h0w base
00:32:31pWny- smoke candelx
00:33:17pWny- gogo
00:33:21Fxx. sry
00:33:24P3PSI np
00:33:24Wrench es jump lion
00:33:28VictoriaJrocks es blink
00:33:29VictoriaJrocks lets keep that in mind
00:33:40pWny- oh didnt see naix
00:33:441m4n5h0w mkb fucker
00:33:45P3PSI gem
00:34:03pWny- -.-
00:34:05Fxx. :-)
00:34:08Wrench I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:14VictoriaJrocks throne
00:34:23pWny- we need some disable
00:34:26pWny- hes
00:34:28pWny- hex someone?
00:34:40Wrench i wonder where u gonna farm hex
00:34:44Wrench :)
00:34:57pWny- why i cant cast?
00:34:58pWny- whyß
00:35:25Bollitsch dead
00:35:25VictoriaJrocks hel
00:35:25VictoriaJrocks p
00:35:25JihadKebab i do that too
00:35:32Bollitsch nah...ogre afk
00:36:56pWny- b
00:37:47Bollitsch all oom
00:37:49pWny- and you sreport someone
00:37:51pWny- for buying wards
00:37:55VictoriaJrocks of course?
00:37:57pWny- and pump your stats like this
00:38:02pWny- with killing us but no finish
00:38:04pWny- hahaah
00:38:06pWny- cool story bro
00:38:12VictoriaJrocks do ff
00:38:17VictoriaJrocks i cant push alone
00:38:18pWny- done
00:38:22VictoriaJrocks not done
00:38:23pWny- !ff
00:38:24pWny- sure
00:38:24JihadKebab just ff fools
00:38:26pWny- i ffeda llready
00:38:28Wrench I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:30VictoriaJrocks all not
00:38:32pWny- yeah
00:38:51JihadKebab my gem
00:39:06VictoriaJrocks its you whos keeping the game going
00:39:14JihadKebab press ff
00:39:26pWny- we need hex
00:39:33Wrench we need ff
00:39:37pWny- or ff
00:39:41Bollitsch we need a better alch
00:39:42pWny- but
00:39:44pWny- if we turtle
00:39:46Wrench cant have
00:39:48Wrench cant turtle this
00:39:52Wrench theyve naix + slark
00:39:56Wrench we got wr
00:39:57VictoriaJrocks theres no prolong cause you dont ff ^^
00:39:59JihadKebab sick build lion 1100 hp blademail
00:39:59VictoriaJrocks simple as that
00:40:06P3PSI :P
00:40:10Fxx. its bad
00:40:11JihadKebab reuse
00:40:11pWny- see
00:40:14Fxx. my creep die :-)
00:40:14pWny- we got imba much stun
00:40:15Wrench see what ?
00:40:17pWny- we need more disable
00:40:18Wrench we can kill 4on1
00:40:19Bollitsch someone gem ?
00:40:20Wrench yeah
00:40:20pWny- xD
00:40:22Wrench i have gem
00:40:24P3PSI not important what i build
00:40:27P3PSI blue and naix won'
00:40:461m4n5h0w rosh
00:40:471m4n5h0w fast
00:40:50Fxx. w8 for all
00:40:52Bollitsch omw
00:40:53Fxx. and go end this shit ?
00:41:06Fxx. farmed alche its not funny
00:41:08najk gj
00:41:09pWny- yeah lvl 15
00:41:11pWny- 16
00:41:18pWny- guys
00:41:19pWny- buy ghost scepter
00:41:20JihadKebab lucky he sint farmed
00:41:20pWny- and its fine
00:41:24JihadKebab famred rubik yes
00:41:45Fxx. papa coming
00:42:01pWny- see
00:42:02pWny- ownage
00:42:03Fxx. come to me
00:42:04Wrench :D
00:42:05JihadKebab ah that was a b
00:42:08najk idd
00:42:10najk just
00:42:12najk care
00:42:13najk tc
00:42:17najk when we stand together
00:42:37JihadKebab now ff yes eys
00:42:39Fxx. im bad boy :-)
00:43:18JihadKebab -ms
00:43:351m4n5h0w jump
00:43:37pWny- no ulti
00:43:50Fxx. gg
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